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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> hey, good afternoon, everyone. i'm steve kornacki live in new york. 1177 days to go until the election and also less than 24-hours now until donald trump is due to reveal his choice for a running mate. that is at the very top of our agenda at this hour. all the eyes of the political world at this hour, scarily on the governor of indiana speculation now at a fever pitch that mike pence may repeat, may be trump's choice. >> i truly do believe that donald trump has the right vision for america. i think he will provide the kind of strong leadership at home and abroad. it is going to make america great again. >> all sorts of rumors swirling right now but sources inside the trump campaign insisting to nbc news that a final decision has still not been made. but that final call of course expected imminently.
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we are following this closely all day and night right here on msnbc. also on our agenda, if not pence, then whom? another vp finalist opening up this afternoon with an exclusive interview right here on msnbc. >> i'm ready. no matter what happens. and if it doesn't happen, i'm ready for whatever is next too. >> but word this afternoon from one of trump's family members, now urging him not to go with chris christie. we will tell you who is saying that and why in just a minute. that's another msnbc exclusive. this time with katy tur. and the last harrah for never trump. high stakes convention in cleveland does not turn out the way trump's enemy's hoped. >> thank you for your cooperation today. obviously we did not stand for three hours because after jam here.
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>> going nowhere fast but only one of several headaches trump is facing as his culmination in cleveland approaches. we will get into that and a whole lot more. but we begin with our top story. has trump already made his pick. all sorts of reports circulating at this hour that trump is poised to pick indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. new york times reporting quote mr. trump's advisors told national republican officials that they are preparing it make an announcement with mr. pence. but the trump campaign officials telling nbc news that any talk of final pick is premature and that no decision has been made. he already announced he will hold an event to unveil his running mate at 11:00 eastern time tomorrow morning right here in new york city. that is just less than 19 hours from now. a very volatile situation. but for the moment, mike pence
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is squarely in the spotlight. that remain the keyword. if trump turns to mike pence, what would he be getting? let's take a look here. obvious pro, if you're donald trump looking at mike pence, you shore up the base. social conservatives, christian conservatives who maybe have doubts. let's go back to that for a second. who maybe have doubts about donald trump. they could be reassured by mike pence and can we good back it that for a second? there's a picture there i want you to see. look at that. paul ryan standing there with mike pence. paul ryan in a very uncomfortable position right now. a lot of republicans like paul ryan in a very uncomfortable decision supporting donald trump. but they like mike pence. they are close with mike pence. that could bring ryan in the fold. this is controversy. if you remember, that's not what we are looking for but there is controversy around mike pence as governor of indiana. there it is. if you remember anything about mike pence as governor of
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indiana the past few years it was the freedom bill he passed that saw there is a choice to serve as gay weddings and that controversy would go into a big way which may be the down side. pence maybe one of four finalists in the mix at this hour. another one of them is new jersey governor chris christie and just hours ago, christie broke his sigh leps on the veep stakes and gave an exclusive one on one to our own nicole wallace. >> when you checked your blackberry, you heard any news? >> no. >> you still do not know? >> no. >> you think donald trump made a decision? >> don't know. >> you really don't know -- >> i swear, i don't know. i don't know. >> your role is his adviser, what would you tell him? >> i wouldn't advise him on this. because i'm biassed. >> and also in the final round, newt gingrich, gingrich said earlier he expected to get word from trump by early this
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afternoon. if he would be the pick or not. but as of about 2:30 in afternoon gingrich told kelly o'donnell that it has been radio silence from trump world. he still hasn't heard anything. and of course there is also a potential wild card hanging around in all of this, alabama senator jeff sigs sessions. he was called to indiana for a last-minute meeting with trump yesterday. that got a lot of people talking. he may be in the mix. and since this is trump, the man who likes to pull the rabbit out of the hat, there is a possibility that all of this is one big misdirection an he will pick someone who has been on no one's radar. always got to consider that possibility with a showman like donald trump. all sort of chatter right now. all sort of rumors whizzing around. kelly o'donnell has been all over this. so kelly, lots of rumors, lots of speculation, what do we know right now? >> you laid it out well, steve. what we do know is that donald
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trump himself has been wrestling with this decision. he understands there are those within his own inner circle and family who are pulling for different picks among the contenders. three i'm told. pence, christie and gingrich. and within the family, there are these competing views. at the same time, trump i'm told is sort of going with his gut versus what people are advising him. it is a very big decision. big ramifications for his campaign going forward. it could ultimately tee up a future nominee for the party. there is a lot riding on this. and trump who has relied so heavily on his family and close aides, always a small campaign. it is difficult one would presume for imnot to have a few nan mouse ruling from those he counts on and because of that, we wait. and that's the indications we have. all of this has to be filtered through the idea there might be different sources who support one candidate over another to be the vice presidential nominee.
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and that may influence the kinds of things we're hearing and what's happening. and i'm told that the reports related to governor mike pence are premature but that that should not be interpreted as somehow he wouldn't be the choice or that would be in some way counting against him. so as you said, is this the ultimate misdirection? is this simply wanting to take more time? because there is more time? is this creating the cliff hanger of the campaign? any of those things could be true. but repeatedly i've been assured that there is no decision. that the people involved, top contenders have not received a equal from trump to say a decision has been made. and until that happens, we're in a holding pattern. now donald trump jr who spoke with katy tur came out and backed up a lot of what i just reported. we had been talking about it from a range of sources before that. he, too, said it is down to three. a decision is expected today. and we wait. at this point, i think all of
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the people who are rooting for one contender over another are on pins and needles and donald trump who lwas on the west coas for scheduled fund-raisers may be taking in some sunshine to contemplate this decision before he makes the call. steve? >> kelly o'donnell in cleveland. thank you. kelly mentioned donald trump jr, son of donald trump, spoke with our you own katy tur moments ago. let's show you what he said about all of this. >> what's the most important factor forhim? >> i think there are many factors. someone who has some d.c. experience and political experience in this way. i think that's big factor. i mean, my father is good at everything he has ever done in his life but this is also a new game and we recognize the gravity of the situation and getting in on day one and start implementing the changes we want to bring to this nation. that's critical pu have to have an understanding of how it works. and how that dynamic will work between the two of them. personality and my father has a
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unique personality. an incredible guy. but some people can't handle it. they don't know how to deal with it. you can't appease everyone. doesn't work in a country with 300 million and you can't appease everyone. we don't want our children and grandchildren to deal with the mess we have right now. >> what does he say to the kids? >> my father will speak to everyone. his entire career. he spend the time with the door man, hanging sheet rock, pouring concrete, he values their opinions. sometimes more than the quote unquote experts. we have seen what the experts, based on their prognostication, and you see what their opinions mean, which is very little. he speaks to everyone. but he will always come up with his own decision. >> is he speaking to advisers? >> he speaking to his advicers.
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>> foreign policy advisers? >> of course. there are other politicians. guys, competition we speak to regularly. developed a great relation with rance at rnc and those guys there. >> donald trump jr opening up about his father's final deliberation. one other important piece, we heard from kelly o'donnell, there is relevant reporting from her about chris christie and his prospects of being donald trump's running mate. jarod kushner, married to ivanka, that jarod is pushing against the idea of chris christie being running mate for personal reasons. what we presume that is all about is that chris christie when he was a federal prosecutor about a decade ago the u.s. attorney for new jersey, he
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prosecuted and threw in jail jarod kushner's father, who was a real estate mogul in new jersey. so what will ultimately tip the scales, you have donald trump ason-in-law according to kelly o'donnell's reporting now advocating against chris christie. that's the question. who has donald trump's ear in these critical final minutes. . let's discuss more about what goes on here in the end stages of the veep stakes with former congressman tom davis. republican from virginia. served with mike pence in the house for a few years. let me start with that question. you know mike pence. you've seen the reporting out there. if mike pence is the pick, what would he bring to this ticket? >> first of all, this is donald trump's first policy decision. no one knows how he would govern. this is the first major decision to see what kind of president would he make. pence brings stability to the party base.
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he has some governance experience in indian. he was a congressional leader. one of the elected leadership. i think he brings a lot in terms of bringing that together. he doesn't hurt trump. i think he helps him on the margins. >> we showed a minute earlier this picture of pence, paul ryan together a few years ago. paul ryan had favorable things to say about pence. when you look at paul ryan and paul ryan's style republicans who have been very uncomfortable with donald trump so far, would mike pence change the way they look at this ticket? >> i think that -- look, it gives him a conduit into it. a vice that they feel they don't have tlat point. a comfort level with mike pence. who started out in the house pretty conservative. stayed pretty conservative. as he grew into leadership i think he basically expanded his base of contacts within the house. high confident level in mike pence among house leaders. he is in a tough spot.
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a party leader. he has to support the nominee and you can see the discomfort on policy issues. >> he seems extremely uncomfortable. cornered on things that donald trump has said. >> you're in washington. i'm just curious when you talk to republicans around there today, what's the reaction to the word it might be pence and to the identities of other finalists. >> i think with pence, numbers that know him and serve with him, it is a -- a very good feeling about that. i think with gingrich it is mixed. but those of us that served with newt know his pluses and minuses and what he brings to the ticket in a debate format and the like. i've seen mike pence is a very favorable draw among house republicans and people who follow capitol hill and understand the way government works. >> today as we go through the veep stakes and sort sort of the final fever pitches there, trump
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trying to come up with a last ditch effort on the convention floor. doesn't look like they got anywhere today. what kind of convention are you expecting next week? >> i know what kind of convention donald trump needs. he neds a good convention, people singing in unison. he needs to come out of this convention with a little bit after bump where this is a process where he looks like a leader that can govern. not divisive leader. if he comes out of that given the last week that hillary had, he would come out with a nice bounce and lead which is what he needs coming out of the convention at this point. you will find a lot of republicans in washington have stayed away from donald trump because he doesn't look like a winner. and they are nervous about what this does to the political prospects. i think a lot of that momentum changes. >> finally, have you seen one or two of these vice presidential searches before. there have been surprises. dan quayle a surprise. sarah palin a surprise in 2008.
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when you look at how donald trump handled this thing, leaks that have come out, how do you think trump handled this search? >> it makes it look like a family powwow. i think what is the product at the end, who is the running mate. and we are talking about the process now because that's all we know. very few in washington have a window into donald trump's mind. he operates kplicompletely difft than than the usual washington rules. we are looking at outcomes here. pence is a good outcome i think given the options he has going into this. >> former virginia congressman, tom davis joining us from washington. appreciate the time. bring in chris from the washington post. these are exciting days, chris. what is your read on this situation? it looks like it might be pence but maybe not so fast. >> maybe sort of, maybe. i think that steve, you and i have done this all before. i think that vp picks and when they are announced are always
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fraught from a reporting perspective. there are so few people who really know. we have seen mistakes before. near mistakes. i witnessed near mistakes in terms of reporting. i think it has made even more difficult by the fact that donald trump's inner circle is effectively his family plus paul manafort. and he says one thing he thinks we need more is unpredictability. that's why i think you see so much hedging. i know the people. when the indianapolis star reports, it's mike pence, that has real weight to me. they know a ton of people in indiana. they know all the pence people in indiana. so the pence people seem to believe it is them. that doesn't mean though it's him for sure. so you know, my guess is pence because usually most of the time the reporting is right. but it's trump, right? and i feel like anything with him, i'm not willing to say a
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hundred percent until i hear him say the words. i think that's one of the reasons people are hesitant right now to say yeah, this is it. because trump has instincts of a showman and that's the potential knock on pence. just the question of, is he flashy enough? would trump think he is exciting enough to add it a ticket? >> and you know, to the point congressman davis made, i think it is really -- it is hard to get into the mind after politician generally. but like hillary clinton for example, we know she values governance. she is cautious by nature as a politician. she will make a traditional orthodox pick. that's why you think of tim kaine. with trump, how would you crawl into that brain and figure out what he prizes? maybe steve, i don't know, maybe he want an opposite of him. he wants a more serious guy. he wants someone who is not anti-establishment. he want someone who is solid. and that is at least as believable it me as if he wants someone who is more excitinging and more theatrical.
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we just don't know. i think he is kept everyone, republicans, media, democrats, on their toes and off balance for this whole campaign. so it is not stunning to me that in one of the big decision moments we find ourselves in that spot. >> in terms of politics, we just heard former congressman say he thinks pence probably does the most for donald trump politically. do you agree with that? >> yeah. i wrote a thing on that with all the caveats included on the fix saying if it's pence, here is five reasons it makes sense. and pence is the most traditional orthodox pick. the pick that if donald trump was operating based on what sort of political gathered wisdom would suggest, he is the i go who makes the most sense. he is from the midwest. that helps. he is a governor. he served in congress. in leadership. you talked about the important point he is close with paul ryan. mitch mcconnell said he is being picked today. koch brothers world is close to
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him. you don't know that that frees up any money. finance reporter for us reporting that it likely won't. but it certainly gives him a better chance at big money. there is a lot of ways that pence makes sense. more disciplined. that's not high volume but more disciplined on message than trump is. newt and christie feel like approximations of the appeal of trump very free in terms of message discipline speak their mind run against orthodox at a party. more after doubling down. pence is more after complimentary piece than a let's double down piece. so he does make traditional sense which i may have just argued against for why trump will pick him. these are variables that only apply it a donald trump vice presidential search. >> right. >> and i think it is important, this is unique, right? you cannot govern it based on the ways in which we think the things work in the past. if it is pence then what we knew
1:20 pm
about how vps get picked, that makes sense in this regard. there is trump. >> and we are waiting right now. a lot of signals. we will see what the next twist is. after the break, that last effort by some republicans to stop trump in cleveland. msnbc's delegate hunter jacob is staking out the rules meeting in cleveland. >> you're telling me that approximately 2,000, 2500, almost 3,000 delegates can do what they want, pick the republican party? >> well oddly enough, those are the rules of the republican party that have been in place since 1856. >> trump forces making any headway? they didn't. but they still have the potential to disrupt donald trump's coronation next week. we will talk about that as speculation grows for trump's
1:21 pm
number two hillary clinton. she is holding auditions of her own. just moments ago in the swing state of virginia with one of her potential vp picks. >> we were ready for hillary because hillary is ready for us. hillary is ready for virginia. hillary is ready to be president. hillary is ready to be our leader. hillary is ready to make history. the earth needed to find a new way to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything? everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond.
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count down continues. even before the action starts, a key effort under way, and this
1:25 pm
is the last shred of hope for anti-trump republicans who still think they can deny him the republican nomination. today the long-awaited republican national committee rules committee meeting. it sets the rules as the name suggests for next week's convention and the primaries in 2020. next time republicans are going to have to pick a presidential candidate and the light republicans want to make sure they don't pick a donald trump again. rnc chairman reince priebus is leading the charge for unity. he wants a peaceful union. he wants people coming together in cleveland but there are two factions working against priebus. they want to take all of the commitments, delegates tied in, their state voted for trump, they are supposed to vote for trump because of that. they want to unbind delegates. that's how they think they can stop trump on the floor.
1:26 pm
they didn't seem to get anywhere today. then cruz supporters are trying to avoid another loss in 2020 if ted cruz were to run again. their goal is to have closed primaries in 2020. remember all this talk about independence voting in republican primaries? cruz forces are saying only registered republicans should be able to vote for the nominee. they want to change the rules for the the future. they are thinking ahead bat of the 2016 election. right now it looks like neither one of the forces on either side there would have the vote it needs to go ahead with this but that doesn't mean it'll be an easy day for reince priebus. jacob soboroff coming out of retirement, on the ground in cleveland. has the task of making something of this mystery. jacob, you followed all the state convention nets spring. they lined up the delegates that would come to the convention and the meetings like the one we are talking about today and make life as difficult as possible
1:27 pm
for donald trump. what were they trying to do today and what can they do after today? >> and they are still trying to do it, i should say, steve. let me show you quickly where this is all going down. i will walk you to the edge of that escalator. you see that blue, called pipe and drake, and in a theater world, come on, you can go down the escalator, go ahead. you were talking about in a normal year at the committee meeting, like you are talking about changing the first four primaries. whether they are opened or closed or things they are doing now and whether or not to let lobbyists sit on the national republican committee, rules committee, would be the big story out of here. but the big story as you have said is whether or not several efforts to unbind delegate are going to succeed which would allow a floor vote about donald trump and whether or not he should be the nominee. you will remember when i was in north dakota and colorado, i met unbound delegate that come out of the states. pennsylvania as well.
1:28 pm
what the movements want to do is unbind all of the delegates. one is led by kendall unra from colorado leader of free the delegates movement. what she want to put forward is a conscious clause to rule 16. doesn't mean anything most liningly to anybody at home. but that clause would again unbind delegates and allow them to vote on the floor next week for whoever they want. curly hoffman said you don't need that rule, just go to the floor and do it. who would they pick? here is what curlily told me earlier today. >> you're on the precipice of doing something, and some say odds are stacked against both of you. what are the odds that nominee picked by the people is not the nominee picked by the party. >> as you have probably heard me say before, i have always advocated for a contested convention, right? but you can't have a contested convention without contestants. takes more than one horse for a
1:29 pm
horse race. >> who is that person coming? ? >> i don't see any horses in the chute. i don't know. >> so it might still be donald trump? >> of course. someone has to come forward and run against him. you can't have a horse race against two horses. >> do you anticipate this being an acrimonious rules meeting? >> of course. can't you tell? look at me. come back. rock and roll. >> if curly is wrong and you do nooeds need votes at the rules committee to unbind delegates you need 28. i've been texting with kendall, from colorado, leading the free the movement on the stage. i asked are you still optimistic about the 28 votes that would force the minority report and floor vote to get 1,237 delegates to vote for anybody, even if it is not trump. she wrote back yes because i have star power and it's not me, winky face emoji. what that means, who that person is, maybe mike lee from utah.
1:30 pm
we're not sure yet. doesn't look like the vote will happen today so we will stick around for the rest of today and into tomorrow to see what happens. >> i think curly has the line of the day, you can't have a one-horse race. that's been what the never trump forces have been trying to pull off for months now. never been able to answer the simple question, if not trump then who? we will see they are not fully out of time yet. jacob soboroff delegate hunting in cleveland. now donald trump is as we have been telling you going to announce his running mate less than 20 hours from now. and his campaign says he has not yet made a final decision. that's what donald trump jr told our own katy tur moment ago. he said his father could make the call in a matter of hours. supreme court justice ruth baiter ginsburg said she regrets her criticism of trump. judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office in the future.
1:31 pm
and i will be more circumspect. hillary clinton meanwhile on capitol hill this afternoon. meeting with senate democrats over lunch. they said there was a positive image democrats want to make on the lives of americans. now the 1500 or so mourners paying their respect during a funeral per session going on today in st. paul, minnesota. castillo was shot and killed during police officer during traffic stop last week. this caused protest nationwide. if you missed last night's espy award, you missed a very emotional, very memorable speech by tnt sports broadcaster craig saying sager. sager a long time sideline reporter p. he is now battling leukemia. he was the recipient of this year's perseverance award. >> i will never give up. and i will never give in.
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i will continue to keep fighting, sucking the marrow out of life as life sucks the marrow out of me. >> still to come, president of syria tells bill neely that u.s. isn't serious about beating isis. we'll bring you that exclusive interview, that's next. or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ words panera lives by. no artificial flavors,
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now to an msnbc news exclusive. the syrian leader is telling nbc's bill neely that u.s. is not serious when it comes to fighting isis. >> isis has been set up in iraq since 200 of while the u.s. was in iraq, not syria. so it was greing under the supervision of the americans. they didn't do anything to fight
1:36 pm
isis that time. so why fight now? >> that was filmed by sir wy sy press office. no changes have been made. so the headline bill seems to be that he says the u.s. is not living up to its end of the bargain. >> yeah, that's right. unsurprisingly perhaps he was critical of president obama saying u.s. air strikes are ineffective and counter product ifr. this is not just a defiant president assad the great survivor after five years of war. a war in which hundreds of thousands of his people have not survived. this was a very confident man. predicting to me that he would be victorious within months. remember, steve, just a year ago, he was saying he was short of troops. saying i've lost land.
1:37 pm
and that's something i regret. but we have to do it. then russia came into the war. i asked him if that was critical, and he said, yes, absolutely. that was the tipping point. and he drew a clear distinction, steve, between u.s. air strikes and russian air strikes. one effective u.s. missions not effective according to him. take a listen to what he says. >> do you welcome american air strikes against isis? >> no. because it is not legal, first of all. not legal. >> legal for russia to do it, isn't it? >> no. they are invited legally and formally by the syrian government. it is the right of any government to invite any other country to help. so they are legal in syria. of course all of them are not legal. this is second since the russian division, terrorism, has been let's say, regressing.
1:38 pm
while before that, and during the american illegal intervention with their lives, isis was expanding. tourism is expanding. and taking over new areas in syria. they are not serious. >> now john kerry is in moscow today talking to vladimir putin and there are reports they may cook up some kind of deal that could harm assad. he he told me he wasn't worried about that and said putin never discussed with him the idea he might step down. i also asked him quite a lot about presidential politics, about hoinlt, donald trump. he said he wasn't worry about donald trump's lack of experience in foreign policy. he said look at obama. look at bush. lock at clunton. they didn't have any experience. he also said that was dangerous, not just for middle east but for the world that a president could have so little foreign policy experience. i pressed him quite hard on a number of other things. for example, his bombing ofcy rilian areas.
1:39 pm
use of barrel bombs which he denied. use of chemical weapons, which he denies. killing of american journalist and he said they had nothing to do with that although pointed out she was in the country illegally. i asked about the first draft that paints him as a brutal dictator with the death of hundreds of thousands on his hands. he said look, imagine a doctor has to cut off a limb to save the life after patient. you wouldn't call him a brutal doctor. you know, steve, he is personally a charming man but that is a chilling comparison. when you think he is talking about the lives, deaths of hundreds of thousands of syrians. it was a fascinating insight. interesting interview from me. i asked 81 questions, no-holds barred and a rare interview by president assad.
1:40 pm
steve? >> very interesting window into his thinking. bill neely in bay route. thanks for that and make sure to watch "nbc nighty news" later on this evening. more of bill's interview with al-assad. a very rare interview. check that out. straight ahead, how about this, a brand new poll. and it contains at the same time the best news that donald trump has gotten in weeks. and the worst. how can that be? that subject of our most important number of the day. i'll explain it, next. stay with us. for lower back pain sufferers,
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1:44 pm
today. brings us to our most important number of the day. let's show you what it is. it is zero. why is it zero in check this out. hillary clinton's lead is down to zero in a brand new poll. remember over the last month there were stories she was building a double-digit lead. she might be running away with the race. now brand new this morning this brnd new cbs poll showing dead even. 40 for clinton. 40 for trump. no gap between them. why has hillary clinton taken a hit the last few weeks? looks like everything to do, it looks like, with the e-mail story. fbi says he won't recommend charges but took issue with the way she had that private server as secretary of state. look what the poll found. 46% of voters say they think what hillary clinton did with the private e-mail server was illegal. that's nearly a quarter of the electorate saying it wasn't illegal but it was improper. you add that up, that's almost 70% of voters saying they have a
1:45 pm
problem with how hillary clinton handled the e-mail issue. her numbers came down, tie race in the new poll. that's great news for donald trump when you consider where he was a few weeks ago. but there is bad news for donald trump too. think about that for a minute. 40/40. that's what the polls show. check this out. this is every poll that's come out in the last couple of weeks. clinton on the left. trump on the right. what do you notice? clinton is down to 40. up to 47. up at 48. 46. another poll right before this that had her own 50. she is down right now but proven she can bring her poll numbers up high. donald trump look at this. 40. 44. this is highest he has been. 39. in the 30s abunch of different polls here. not above 44%. this is at one moment both good news and bad news for donald trump. it illustrates the central challenge of his campaign. good news, bad news, bad news for hillary clinton can bring letter numbers down and can make donald trump competitive.
1:46 pm
but the bad news for donald trump is he is still has not shown that he is capable of building his own numbers up to the level they need to be to actually beat hillary clinton. so donald trump gets a jolt of good news today. but he still has a big challenge. he has not proven he has not proven that he can overcome. so our most important number of the day today is zero. we have a dead even race and major poll. but a billing challenge for donald trump coming out of it. coming up, we continue to monitor donald trump the veep stakes down to the final hours. maybe the final minutes before we get that pick all the latest and more still to come. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city,
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1:50 pm
we continue to watch and wait but still at this hour, no word from donald trump on his choice for a running mate but the name that has everybody chattering right now, indiana governor, mike pence. lots of reports circulating at this hour that he may be donald trump's choice but still lots of mystery, lots of suspension. another one of the finalists. chris christie, governor, sat down with our own nicole walls this afternoon and talked about mike pence. let's take a listen. >> mike pence who is reported to be one of the other people in the running, good man and good governor, but he endorsed cruz. so what do you think the calculation is and how does he
1:51 pm
rise to the level of someone who's literally and figuratively had his back since the beginning? >> i don't think that's a determining factor. i think if we want to bring the party together, listen, donald trump want my first choice for president. i was. right? so i don't think we should hold that against mike. he made a judgment at the time. would you have to ask mike why he made the judgment that he did. mike pence is a very good guy. i've known him for a long time. he is a good man. he is smart and a very able governor. you have to ask him why he endorsed ted cruz at the time. i don't know. if you had a different choice earlier in the 17-person race, you had a different choice. i did. it shouldn't preclude you from considering who is best to win the race and serve the country. i dent think that should preclude him. but donald trump's calculus will be his calculus. he's the winner. the winner gets to choose.
1:52 pm
anyone who bemoans that or cries about it doesn't understand politics. i understand politics. winners get to pick. so he is going to get to pick. that's fine with me. i'll be comfortable with whatever decision he makes. >> we also mentioned this earlier. trump leaning on his inner circle. mainly comprised of his immediate family. that's a complication for chris kissty. because one of those people who has donald trump's ear is jarod kushner. he is married to trump's daughter, ivanka. add a prosecutor, christie pud kushner's father in prison. he was ask bed that dynamic as well. >> there is reporting out that one of the things standing between you being what is obvious to a lot of people is this family dynamic that there may be people, you know, throwing obstacles in your way for personal reasons. do you think donald will make a decision based on his
1:53 pm
son-in-law's objections or reported objections to you? >> first of all, i don't know if any of that is true. let's start with that. i want to believe that it's not. i think all of us that are close to him, his family, myself, mary pat, we worare working hard to him elected to president of the united states. i think that's the first important goal of all of his family members. so and i also to donald trump, he makes his own decisions. he will make his own decision. i don't really believe the stuff i read. i'm not in every room where every conversation is going on. i can't warranty it to you. but i can tell you what my personal experience has been in interacting with jarod and other members of the family, the children. it's been nothing but really good professionally. and very cordial personally. and with some of them very warm personally. listen, i'm known ivanka and
1:54 pm
eric and donnie jr for years. our relationship goes way way back. donald's sister and i, who is a judge, we've been friends for years. it is a delicious thing to write about and talk about. but i just haven't experienced it. >> a very interesting, very complicated set of personal and family connections there in the trump kushner and christie world. you can see nicole wallace's full interview with chris christie as he awaits word whether he will be donald trump's running mate. that's tonight at 6:00 eastern time here on msnbc. here is susan lee with the cnbc market wrap. >> we are looking at five straight days of gains in the s&p. longest since march. strong numbers and stocks rose close to 2%. that's business worldwide.
1:55 pm
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and hillary clinton holding a veep stakes audition of her own this afternoon. she was at rally in annendale, virginia with tim kaine, former governor of that state. casey we saw dronald trump doin a buchbnch of these. now hillary clinton. how was the action? >> this is an audition for senator tim kaine and the staff here. seems to me they addhad a prett
1:59 pm
good rapport on stage. it is still came across i think that he is mr. nice guy on the list. but that said hillary clinton picked up some of the talking point that he used and added them into her standard stump speech. so she was pretty quick to adopt things that he had said. i'm told that while kaine didn't spring from a script, the campaign saw an outline of what he was going to say so possibly she had a heads-up there. but it seems that things still put kaine very near the top of that list. there certainly was nothing that happened today, steve, that would indicate any sort of problem. >> all right.
2:00 pm
kasie hunt in annandale, virginia. we are continuing to monitor here at msnbc. the key story of the day. who will donald trump turn to for his vp slot? no word yet. we will let them know all the details as we though them. i've steve kornacki. chuck todd will pick it up next on mtp daily, that starts now. >> if it's thursday, the suspense is killing us. is the countdown on or is the decision already been made? number one, has yet to announce who is going to be his number two. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. >> i've already got people mocking my puns. i've got two pence for you on that one. i'm chuck todd here in washington. welcome to mtp daily. is this the


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