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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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here's more of what he said earlier tonight. >> i decided that the state of emergency that was supposed to end on july 26th will be extended by three months. a bill will be presented o parliament by next week. . . . . . he fired into the crowd as he drove that vehicle into the crowd was killed by police according to french officials. both sources speaking to nbc
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news, ie paper were found in that truck. investigators found arms and explosives in multiple reports. the bodies of those killed, the chaos of the attack caused those in the crowd running for their lives and some reportedly ran tout the beach and into the sea. security council released a statement tonight on the attack of merit and cowardly. president obama released a statement. i condemn of a horrific terrorist attack in nice, france. we stand in solidarity as they respond to this attack. joining me now is our correspondence, what's the latest in terms of what's
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unfollowiu unfolding right now as it turns from night to morning. >> we have to remember this is the third time that this attack like this had been targeting france civilians in the last year and a half. it is a point you made earlier. the fact that you know this is the third time that the president of forensic had to address the public and making the same kind of commitment doubling down on the fight of terror and deploying more soldiers to the border. and the really important point here as you mentioned is that he said he's going to extend this state of emergency for another three months. what's interesting and what has not struck and has not been discussed all that much during the reporting throughout the evening, earlier in the day, president olon made another speech where he said he was going lifting that state of
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emergency in just two weeks and then of course everything changes hours later when this terror attack occurred. he's going to keep it for another three months. basically, this is a law that exte extends police power and allowing police -- allowing them to launch searches without warrants. civil rights groups have been cam planing about this law. i imagine that a lot of french people are going to be as they are experiencing the dread and the regrets and the terror of this attack, they're going to be casting a weary eye of this emergency and continuing to perpetuate out of fear of continuous attacks. >> live for us in london. thank you for that. joining us now from the phone
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for our daily fix. i want to pick up the after math of the attack and two very important developments particularly in the speech that was made by the french president. talk to us a little bit about the important point of that speech and talk to us about the extension of the emergency law that matt was talking to us about, something that many french people thought going to be whining down towards the end of july now has been extended another three months. what does that tell you both the emergency law extension and the air strikes in the wake of the attack. >> when it comes to the emergency law, i think that those people in france are not going to object to that. obviously, it is a concern of people and we are looking at debates and issues.
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but, the truth is people want to be secure and i think it is a popular measure and nobody wants this kind of thing to happen. the question is going to come up again and again and even with this place, you have this attack and you have 80 or more people dead. how can you create a situation with a law that deals with people who are truly ready to die. that's one question. stepping up military strikes in syria against isis, is that going to make a difference? >> you know, it might. there were talks after november 13th attacks about really trying to raise the capitol lockdown and killing as miss people as it took to set isis back on its heels. the problem with that is as you well know is that that's what
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isis wants. isis wants a war with the west. it gains stature by saying look, the west is coming after us and we are standing up for islam and we are the representatives. you have again -- it is going to have an impact or are we just going to fall in the game that i just want to play. probably there is no choice at this point for the president got to take symbolic measures and he will take effective measure as possible >> let me ask you about the issue and again obviously, we are learning more of the individual who carried out this attack, french media is reporting and we are also learning that he's a french national decent and some of the initial reporting that we are getting and suggesting that he had a criminal background. what is this going to do in temple
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terms of -- how he deals with the muslim population. are we going to hear the kind of rhetorics inside france as we are hearing in the united states where officials are saying lets have a law test to see if muslims are loyal to the united states as we heard earlier this evening by former speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> that's on the wish list for the so-called islamic state. their ideology says they can create the civil war of the west when it comes down to it. france had the largest muslim population in europe by far. their motion is facing things like this and you will have a situation where there is real conflict and not just political hostility but physical hostility between muslim groups in this country and the population.
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the worse things get, the more you exacerbate the situation and the happier isis will be. that's what they are aiming for. there is certainly competitions on ward who'll play into that game. >> chris, stay with us, i want to bring in malcolm, our former counter terrorism intelligence and now our msnbc contributor, malcolm, emergency law are already in place, it is possuppd to expire january 26th. both. >> reporter: helping their efforts and feeling secure and felt they were getting the upper hand on a wave of terrorist attack in that country. this is obviously a major setback. what is that tell you about a, the hacker and b, the resources
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of counter terrorism. >> no one should get comfortable in the environment they are operating in it and certainly in france, much less all over europe. >> that's just one person carrying out an attack which is clear clearly adapted to the security environment of france. i was there two weeks ago, there was a lot of manpower on the streets. when you have a lot of manpower on the streets and you have people looking for explosive devices and small teams and as we saw the french attack in november. that's ambiguous and that's everywhere by taking a truck. that truck, you did not know that person had a gun until he already done his two run in nice. they over come all of the security by going through a similar form of attack. that's the fundamentals of terrorism, what that really
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shows us, lets talk about the attacker whether it is one man or thought this up himself or a group of people, it does not matter, you cannot get into that mind if they don't communicate this with anybody else. unless there is some intelligent communicator of sources of guns or grenades, this could all take place inside a mind of a shooter like we saw in orlando. >> christopher, let me bring you back to this discussion, we are paying a lot of attention to france that's once again attacked. we lose sight of the fact that this comes on the hills of deadly attack in istanbul and iraq and bangladesh, what does it tell you about the nature of these attacks.
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it may not be linked operationally but some what inspired by one another. >> i think what it tells us is that people who are doing this are creative especially. they use whatever means they can to achieve their goals and their central goals is to divisions. hold on, one second -- topping the will and the moral of our country and creating the situation that we were talking about before. i think you can look back to 9/11 and see this pattern. remember weapons were used were box colors that were used to turn airplanes of enormous weapons that took down the world trade center.
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you see that pattern again and again and the 9/11 report of greatest failure of the u.s. government at the time was the failure of the imagination, they did not see terrorists doing this kind of thing. that's the pattern that we see again and again. >> chris, thank you very much for getting up early and staying up late with us here. let me finish on this if i can. the rate of acceleration of attack globally. you know the fbi or london and you are looking at what is just happening in the last six weeks, the last three months, the last six months, how concerned are you at the rate of how this is happening and what can be done to slow the tide if you will? >> well, the attacks are concerning but they are indicative of how much pressure isis is.
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there is a lot of talk about how damage isis is and whether the united states is having an impact or we hear people saying we do nothing. callow fit is crumbling and under attack from all points. they're being attacked from the northwest and now we are on outside of mosul. we killed 80% of all of their senior leadership. last year and a year and a half of a physical structure. if you place those pressure down on them, they don't bring in recruits from other countries. they tell us to stay home and we have this term, jihads in place. we need to be prepare for attacks and the type of attack
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that we saw in orlando which may or may not inspired isis attack but despite of the fact that the person claimed it at the end. >> if you are looking f explosives, you can track them. if you are looking for somebody who is traveling over seas and coming back to the united states, you can possibly track them. what if there is none of those intelligence indicators or fire bombs get triggered, what do you do? >> well, to tell you the truth and this is a problem i had to deal with for the last ten months and certainly here in new york state where we had to push a lot of information down to the lowest levels of law enforcement, that point that christopher made earlier of a lack of imagination and a failure, you have to train imagination into counter terrorism officers and law enforcement officers.
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the first book i ever wrote was a 200 page book that was global intelligence concentrated for street policemen. after 9/11, the operations we were doing over seas and counter terrorism had come to the streets of the kwieunited state. you have to teach law enforcement. tankers can be used rammed in the side of a pilot or bridge as a weapon systems. it requires guts and determination on the part of the terrorist. we need to understand that. if you see a truck that's breaching a security perimeter, first, you should look at barrier anyway. that vehicle, could that be somebody in the opposition doing a terrorist attack no matter how simple it looks. it could be a start of a complex attack that's using a simple system. >> all right, stay with us, we have much more still ahead, we
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welcome back everyone, if ru joining u it has been a tragic night and early morning o f the country of france for the people in nice and for many people around the world after an
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individual rammed his truck through a crowd of people part ta participating in a celebration known as bastille. this just happened. this is being concluded along the promenade there in that city. it was a festive atmosphere and now marks with tragedy and deaths. we understand 80 people have been killed. t many are include of families and children as well. we spoke with a witness along that promenade who went simply by the name jack, he did not want us to use his last name, this is what he saw. >> it was the 14th of july in our country. we have 140 people sitting down and eating and drinking and
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enjoying themselves and suddenly we saw a huge, big van driving all over and it is incredible. >> hef was driving fast and you can see people were shouting and crying and everybody was - was -- suddenly we heard bullets and everything was very, very fast and suddenly, i would see hundreds of thousands of people running around and sort of a big mess. and people were on the floor and some people were crying and it was terrible. we didn't know what was going on. we realized it was a terrorism
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inside the van just trying to kill people. >> and jack, how long did this take place from the time you saw the truck moving towards people to the time you first heard the shots that might have been the shots that stopped the driver, how long was that? >> it was less than a minute. he was by the police about less than about a meter away from us. from all of us -- that was very, very fast, he was purposely trying to kill people of 1.5
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miles. we realized everything was happening. people all went down in the restroom and we tried to close the doors. and all that was very, very fast, less than a minute. we heard of 40 or 50 bullets and that was very quick. we are not even certain that guy was shooting on us. i just heard on the french news that some people was in the hospital with bullet holes. >> and jack, did you see any people actually hit by the truck? did you see that happen? >> oh yes. >> oh yes. that was like a big bowling party. i saw people and children and
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mother going under that truck. he was very, very quick. it was after nightmare, yes, yes. we have blood everywhere and pieces of bodies everywhere. it was a nightmare, i am very sorry. >> the people in your restaurant could also see this. >> people were sitting on the terrance. all of that happening less than about -- we were less than three meters away. >> what were the sounds you heard? did you hear people screaming or any reactions from the people? >> screaming and running and it was a mess. i tried to tell everybody inside our place. we tried to take a look and rush
10:26 pm
as many people as we could making them safe. it was a mess. it was a real mess. people were on each other. actually, the second trouble was people walking on each other. >> they panic. >> jack, i want to go back to what you actually saw of the truck. you were seeing the truck coming towards your restaurant, right? you were seeing the front of the truck as it approach, right? >> well, we did not realize when we saw the front. we realize when we saw the side running in front of us. basically, i did not see the front of the truck. i saw the side of the truck because it was passing in front of us. that means basically, we saw the people. it was running people with him. >> and as the truck passed by,
10:27 pm
did you see the truck leaving bodies behind? >> oh yes, dragging all the the bodies. >> the streets were very, very busy. it is like bourbon street. the street was packed. there was fire works and holiday here and the streets was very, very packed. >> how long did it take to get ambulances or help who were injured on the streets. it took about five minutes. everything came very, very quickly because like you know, france, at the moment is on
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special emergency state. everything was very quick. the policemen were very quick. everything was very, very fast. >> that was jack of a nice restaurant owner talking to my colleague. much more is still ahead, stay with us. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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france is also very strong and will be always stronger. i can assure you that we'll always be stronger than it takes for this person trying to attack us >> that was french president tonight of the death toll of the nice attack risen to 84 deaths. joining me now is long time nice resident, dana kennedy, thank you very much for unionijoining. >> a lot of people are familiar with france, and nice, talk to us about the community in nice and the composition of the city of what we are expecting this. >> there are two sides of nice,
10:33 pm
to go there and seeking that same region. the most beautiful stretches of the sea front in the world and about five blocks away is a tran that leads you to another nice. muslims they are the two worlds and they never see each other the real nice is happening more. what see of the beautiful nice and the beaches and the iconic blue chairs, that's nice a hundred years ago. the heal nice is a couple of train stops away. how important or critical are they to the french government ability to tackle what is becoming an increasing concern for them.
10:34 pm
the security challenges posed particularly in the wave of several attacks and french nationals and obviously, they must be looking at these communities and i am curious to know someone living there is creating a device in french society that french nationals are turning on each other and looking at each other. >> it is a hard and complicated situation. one hand you have the racism of the french who believes them to be going back and the third and fourth generation and children who have been there for many, many years. it is not an excuse but they don't treat them very well. france has a history of denouncing people. they did this during world war ii, they drop dimes on french and jews or should i say white forensic are dropping dimes on
10:35 pm
musli muslims. there is been more than 7,000 invasions of homes by police who don't need a warrant or need anything to go in someone's home either having beef with somebody and the cops will turn the place upside down and telling the person they cannot do go to work anymore. it is happening. there was already a divide between this people of algerian -- i do get a text from one of my friends and he knew before anybody who it was. >> in what sense do they do it was? >> they knew the age and he was from tunisian. it is a loose list that the france keep of people under suspicious of many, many things, mostly of people of north
10:36 pm
african decent. >> some of the attacks that we see of brussels or paris and we talk about the alienation and the muslim community and how problematic has that alienation attachment in some of the areas you are talking about. what is it going to take? are we oftentimes talk about it here in the united states with the sense that the muslim communities are doing better integrating and you hear it from law enforcement officials that muslim american communities have to be active. do you hear that kind of rhetoric from leaders from the french community? >> here is the problem. there is no narrative about racism in france, there is no martin luther king or mandela. there is no muslim lives matter or movement in france. when i talk to people, i call them as african decent, they
10:37 pm
don't throw their religion in my face. they're not isis, they'll tell me when i question them what they go through. you cannot run apartments - apartments -- that's a real thing, they internalize it and they don't fight it. it is weird to have this awful new kind of affection which i calls mercenaries and they're the ones calling it isis. >> the fall out of this attack is felt on one front which is french's war, that was something the president francois hollande announced today. given the sense how this war plays out in france of the periods of the last several months of the attack and what we are seeing today. you know in the media after math of the theater attack, there was
10:38 pm
strong support for it, the french military putting out videos of aircraft taking off and a rally booilooind behind t. are we going to go back to our people this time around saying it is not going to work, or is it working? >> i don't think it is going to work. i don't think it is going to help. it is one 31 years old punk can do this. what difference does it make what france does or do not do in syria. >> pirates are all over france right now. it did not do any good tonight. my one friend almost got mowed down tonight in front of hotel negresco. i cannot imagine how it got passed the barrier, it is very strange. i don't think there is a perfect solution right now. i don't see one except for the fact that france has been around
10:39 pm
for a long time and it will survive this. >> dana kennedy, long time residence of france, thank you for being with us for your insights. we'll be right back after this break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. welcome back everyone, i am here at world head quarters as we have been hearing throughout the night of the death toll of that attack that took place in nice has risen to 84 people dead. french officials are continuing their investigation to see if there were any other accomplices in the preparation and execution of that deadly attack. we are seeing some of the implications of the attack back here in political level in the united states. we heard from u.s. officials offering their condolences condemning the attack and offering assistance from the
10:43 pm
obama administration. one notable comment came out from newt gingrich and this is now he address the attack in nice. . >> we should test everyone here who's of a muslim background, if they believe of sharia, they should be deported. perfectly happy to have them next door. we need to be fairly relent less about defining your enemies. anybody going on the website favoring isis or other terrorist groups, that should be a felony and they should go to jail. any organizations hosting such a website should be engaged in a felony and close down immediately. >> joining us now is cal perry, and steve clemons and msnbc's in
10:44 pm
military analyst, it is great to have all of you here. >> steve, i was going to go out of the limb asking me what a mod learn muslim is, are you taking on that question? [ laughs ] >> well, i want to ask the foreign minister of cutter what the difference was between a good one and a bad one. it was extremely uncomfortable with that question. i was trying to say how when you look at a certain brand muslim faiths, you find a lot of wahabis who are not out there that's not radically -- it was uncomfortable because for them the shades of gray within the religion which you understand much better than i do are complicated. modern muslim is someone able to
10:45 pm
carry faith along with secular motion how society works. they can understand how there is stake holders in society so when i look at modern muslims that i know they understand stake holders are different from them and they embrace that is the way the world works. >> the notion of gingrich of western civilization is at war, is that an accurate description of what we are seeing unfold? >> no. what newt gingrich regrettably, i understand where it comes from and it is a frame that many people use. his framing is so counter productive because what is at war is a war within islam and a war that's not dissimilar from what christians went through, you know in the 17th and 16th enindustrie
10:46 pm
skelet centuries. i think right now we have brands of islams at war at each other. it is animating and the tensions sb the rage and frustration at one level and the most portion of this is hijacking in my view frustrated young men looking to feel valuable and to feel as if they have purpose some where and it is taking a diabolical form. >> kevin, let me ask you, first of all, practically speaking, do you think that's a tactic that would prove efficient in countering terrorism and securing the united states by having a religious bait test? >> these questions are almost too easy. >> i know that they sound easy because i am wondering -- you know, i will give you a serious
10:47 pm
answer. from gingrich, you would expect somebody from outside of government that's looking for a big change of policy, something to get your hands on this problem and the reality of executing this policy recommendation. it is new and ridiculous to say. but, your earlier question of what makes a good muslim or bad muslim, perhaps, the question should be what makes good american or bad american, that's what newt gingrich is calling for. this is a country where you can have any believes you want and you can go on any websites you want. and the supreme court will defend that. so it literally is a police type of recommendation to try to weed out muslims. there is a lot of problems of
10:48 pm
what he recommended. we understand where it is coming from. it is not exactly what government and law enforcement officials would want to do as a real policy recommendations. i will end by saying if you want to know what that is, look at homeland security committee where the secretary's homeland security and counter terrorism directors all testified a laid out point by point exactly how the u.s. government is trying to prevent terrorism groups like this happening to reach out from the muslim community. stay with us, we'll take a quick break, we'll be joined by cal perry after. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck.
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now get up to a $90 rebate by mail. when you purchase glasses and sunglasses featuring select brands. ask your eyecare professional or visit for details. welcome back everyone, before we broke to commercial break, cal, we are talking about what this means in the united states and of what politicians
10:52 pm
can suggest things decembomesti. not a lot of change in the status quo and not a lot of positive change from a lot of these societies. explain or tell us in terms of how it is happening in that part of the world is feeding in the european here and the united states. >> it is hard for americans to imagine what's going on in syria and what's going on in places like libya and iraq where we saw 300 people killed on a massive bombing. >> but, this is what isis said is going to happen in their rhetoric or magazine. america will start to come to a divided community. they'll be ostracized. this is how they recruit these lone wolves. find better meaning in our lives and join.
10:53 pm
we saw that in orlando, the gunman took two hours and called 911 and pledge allegiance that he knew nothing about. you have a system here where there is vast in equality seen by the middle east around the world. this is in the frame of political election, this is the man who's trying to become the vice presidential nominee of donald trump. it feeds into the hand of isis which is trying to recruit people around the world. >> steve, you brought up an interesting point about where there is a war within islam itself. i follow it as closely in terms of religious scholars out there trying to push, you know, different interpretations and trying to bring people out of that fall, what do you think is going to take within these societies that cal was talking about within the region to give
10:54 pm
those voices the upper hand in combatting this definitively for once and for wall. >> i don't know the best answer i can give. right now very few of those religious leaders who could influence the process in a constructive way. the ones that matter and the ones that are animated by government forces on both sides of the shea divide don't have the incentive to really solve this riddle. right now because of what cal described in syria of the horror and trauma and the starvation and displacement, the nightmare of people lives are one element of this. another element is many zuni mulu
10:55 pm
muslims are not fighting for them. that's the only capability and capable force that's fighting for their interests. that had to be detoxified. >> you got to basically bring the drivers of this together. >> kevin, can you possibly solve this radicalization issue, counter terrorism issue without addressing the ongoing war in syria and iraq definitively? >> well, we have to do both. the military war in one hand looks like it is going very well and looks like a fairly big tractor here, syria has to be
10:56 pm
sawed and there has to be a new government installed and some way out of this war into a very long reconciliation and rebuilding of that country. that's one side. the other part of this as he was talking as well the motivations for anyone to become a terrorist to join these organizations. that's the unemployment and education and that's every factor you can think of that leads someone to be disenfranchise that this is the better option for them. i am not hearing and hearing from nato leaders who pledged to do this two years ago. a lot of questions and few answers. i am afraid to say that it may happen again. cal perry, steve clemons, thank you very much. msnbc covering attacks in nice continues after this.
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i this may end up being the largest attack by a single terrorist that's dependant upon of what we learn of this individual of his ties and who influenced him and what we learned of what was in the back of that truck. weapons expert who knows french laws and customs are saying that things like grenades and long weapons which are so difficult to get in french society may indicate a connection to


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