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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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two americans confirmed dead, a father and son from texas. >> he was mowing people down. i can't even tell you how many people i saw die. >> people fleeing for their lives, the driver firing randomly into the crowd. >> he was moving to the side like this and like this. i saw him take out his gun. he started to shoot the police. >> the attackers identity now known as france is now reeling. i'm stephanie here in cleveland, ohio. new security fears ahead of the republican national convention. they have weighed in on the terror attack overnight. >> this is war, a very different kind of war. >> mike pence gets the call as donald trump's vice president but trump delays the official announcement. >> we are covering these two big stories this morning. we begin abroad in southern
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france to get a scope of what we are talking about. after this truck started hitting people it kept going plowing along the beach front and french sz riviera. we have a team of correspondents. i want to start with bill who has the latest for us from nice. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. last night this street was filled with thousands of people enjoying and gazing up at a fireworks show when a truck, it's still there, plowed into them at high speed and kept going. the driver was of tunisian or general but we don't know who he was linked with. a driver on a killing spree. there were celebrations on this sea front. terror as he drives towards dozen of people. eyewitnesss say he zigzagged
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from the road to the board walk plowing through women and children. there were thousands scattering, runs for their lives including american kayla rapin. >> we just started running. >> reporter: as many as 200 were hit by the truck. dozens died, among them two americans, a father and son from texas, sean copeland and his 11-year-old boy, brodie. the truck was finally stopped by police bullets. the windshield riddled. ami amid it all a mother and daughter. >> all very close to each other, very very fast. it was like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop and this. >> i was terrified. i put my hand on the baby's
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mouth so she wouldn't scream. >> reporter: the driver fired shots from a pistol. he is confirmed as a 31-year-old from nice. he is known to police but not french intelligence. for french's president another day of terror. all of france he said is under the menace of terrorism. president obama said we stand in sal da solidarity with france, our oldest ally. the streets today almost deserted. >> it doesn't seem safe anymore. >> reporter: no claim yet from any terror group. it is a terrifying new twist here using a large truck as a weapon of war. french security forces have been on high alert but they were stretched and no body saw this coming. back to you, thomas.
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>> thank you. repo the truck weighed 25 tons and was refrigerated. they say it was obviously a terrorist attack and the man was armed and ready to kill more people. >> in one second i saw him taking out his gun. >> it was a gun? >> no. no. no. a pistol. he started to shoot the police because he saw the police. >> so janet was on vacation with her family in nice a few miles from where all of this happened. explain what you're seeing now and what you're seeing now. >> reporter: thousands of people have come out here along the boulevard which has been shut down far stretch of several miles. behind me is continuing an active crime scene. they have set up a temporary fence with white sheeting over it to protect the evidence that
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is beyond it to keep people from seeing photographs to see what that is. the people are here last night and they are telling their stories in a variety of languages. some people still walking around shell shocked, waiting for french president who has just landed here and is expected here at any moment. this is a scene of devastation. the death toll stands at 84 at this hour. >> janet roeporting in nice for us. here is more of how some described the scene as they witnessed it. >> we didn't know if there was a shooter or multiple people. >> i was in panic mode. i just ran as fast as i could. >> allen is a professor at the national conservatory of arts in
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france. does this look like the work of isis? it is not confirmed this is isis directed or isis inspired at this point. >> well, the nature of the attack, the use of a weapon by taking a vehicle and using a 25 ton vehicle to go through the crowd, that has the hallmarks of isis. in 2010 al qaeda was the first to put out a call for people to use cars as weapons. isis may have decided to take this exact same tactic but bring it up on a much larger scale. >> and no one claimed we responsibility for this attack. it appears the investigated d
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they say nbc news was able to confirm he was of tunisian decent. can you hear me? >> oh, yeah, sorry. i hear you now, yes. what we know now about this guy is that he was a criminal. his identity was found in the criminal registry. we call them gangsters. most of them are known for criminal activity but not such a reason. they go to terrorism for various reasons. we have a multiplicity of terrorism which ends the cases.
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>> so after what happened with the friday 13th attacks in november we know that the president said that france is at war with yoois. they have been ever since it was soon to exspire. is this the new normal? this is the heightened state of security what does that say about how isis is able to capitalize? >> i caution from being called new normal. it is just now what we are seeing is terrorist attacks is starting to evolve, the individual soldiers, so to speak as isis likes to use as opposed to the large coordinated attacks. so any individual can create on a weekly basis. >> we had the shooting that
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happened in orlando, the situation on the holy holiday at the holy sites. this continues to kind of gain attention. you know, it dies down a little bit in terms of idolology and then something else happens. it seems we cover it and it goes i way. >> thei need to say this is an example of what happens as we are placing direct core pressure on isis. this type of terrorism, certainly with this group, is like stepping on a ball of mercury. you press it and it breaks up into 100 different little balls. when you left the pressure they roll back together again.
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they made a decision to diversify their attacks. france had hundreds and hundreds of followers. they have been flowing them back. europe is becoming the new battleground. we have media that an individual can transmit information that a billion people can see and we are following it much more closely. >> and they are being able to follow it. thank you very much. we have chaos and tragedy striking france. two eyewitnesss were there as this attack were underway. how they survived, next. >> we are not local. we didn't know where we were going. it seemed like we were running away from something. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber.
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so more now on what we know, 84 people killed after the large truck mowed through a stretch of the french riviera in the seaside town of nice. t this was after bastille day celebratio celebrations. it was utter chaos as people were confused on the noises, whether or not they were part of any fireworks demonstrations. this driver now being described, after an i.d. was found as a 31-year-old french tunisian does have an apartment in nice.
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joining me was an eyewitness who was there along the promenade in nice. kevin, you were on the scene of the attack last night. explain the moment you knew what was going on or that it clicked in that this title wave of people is coming towards you. there is a truck coming at you, how did you know? >> reporter: well, y-- >> well, you know, the fireworks went until about 10:20. there was a bottleneck getting out. we waited a little while and ended up getting up around 10:30 or 10:31 or so. i had my head down in my phone catching up on texts and whatnot and i saw a massive wave of people screaming and with a look
6:16 am
on fatheir faces. i'm a surgeon in the u.s. this was very different. i saw mothers trampling their strollers. we heard gunshots go off. we bolted not on the promenade luckily but into one of the side streets. clearly the people in front of us had no idea what was going on. we were pushing them telling them to go home. i don't speak french but they were asking me what was happening? what is happening? we were like it's a terror attack. go home. i still didn't know what was going home. i called my friends in the news agencies. that's when the news slowly started trickling in and luckily i got away safe. it was the luckiest moment of my life. >> i have video running off of
6:17 am
the promenade, some taking to the side streets like you did. but when the original, you know, truck started to plow through -- and again, a mile long down the mediterranean there, when you came in and thousands were there what type of security presence did you see as you were making your way to the beach to see these fireworks? >> so earlier in the day there had actually been a military procession. we had come down to watch that. the person was interested in watching the military procession. we stayed for the whole thing. it lasted about an hour. it lasted until about 7:00 p.m. and the fireworks started at 10:00. we noticed that a lot of military personnel were just sort of lingering in the streets, hanging out around the
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promenade which made us feel very, very safe. everyone had assault rivals and pistols. i mean clearly there is a tactic we have never seen before. they stopped him quicker than anticipated given he had a truck full of ammo and grenades and whatnot. one of the first people i saw when i turned to run away was a police officer who was bravely charging towards what was going on as we all scattered the streets. >> we know there are at least according to the ministry, 18 critically wounded. moms were grabbing their children out of strollers. you offered your surgical services to local childrens
6:19 am
hospital there. have they taken you up on that offer? >> that's funny you ask. i was almost there when i realized i almost missed this video but it is actually on the promenade. it is about a 20 minute walk. i will see whether they need me. vast majority is gone to a hospital about 15 minutes from here. i have always made contacts here at the childrens hospital. i think i might be better off heading in that direction. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. i'm sure the folks will appreciate your offer as well. president is in nice. he just spoke about the terrorist attack saying nothing will shake us. back here at home we have donald
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trump announcing in the light of what happened in nice, he will delay the announcement of his running mate. we have the convention starting on monday. we'll go back to stephanie for the very latest on that next. crowd sounds ] oooh! [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. this dog treat called max and dentalife.covered it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) purina dentalife. for life.
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6:24 am
dealing with people without uniforms. >> nbc's katy tur is live covering the trump campaign. nbc and other news outlets said pence will be trump's pick but we don't know that officially. any idea when it will come? >> reporter: we are supposed to be getting a paper announcement as to when trump will be making the official announcement. all the campaign is telling us they will announce the v.p. pick. so presumably it is some time this week. we are also getting word that there is caution out there that trump could change his mind. it is the same thing we were reporting yesterday. right now all signs point to governor pence. that is what a number of other sources were telling us in our organization. they all do caution that donald trump can be mercurial and he could be deciding to find
6:25 am
somebody, not necessarily pence but gingrich or -- but that he is just taking his time in making the announcement. >> you mentioned gingrich. he was calling for a muslim ban. take a look. >> western civilization is in a war. we should frankly test every person from here who is of a muslim background and if they believe in sheria they should be deported. it is incompatible with western civilization. >> reporter: gingrich is saying that his words were taken out of context. is he trying to go to the right of trump in order to try out for his v.p. pick?
6:26 am
other folks are saying that likely is the case. the issue that gingrich has and governor pence does not have is he has a tendency to outshine people. he doesn't want somebody he will have to comment on. he will want people to comment on him, not the other way around. that's where governor pence that has upper hand. >> all right. thank you. katy tur outside new york stich city. clinton also talked abiliou being at war. >> we are at war with these terrorist groups and what they represent. it is a different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it and win it. so i think we have to look at all possible approaches to doing just that. >> tech tear clinton saying greater intelligence is not
6:27 am
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♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. and he was moving like this and like this. he started to shoot the police. he saw the police across the window. >> so there is an eyewitness talking about what they witnessed last night as one lone driver plowed down and killed over 84 people. this was a crowded day on the b bastille. a man behind the wheel of this truck was shot and killed by police, identified as a 31-year-old from nice described as a petty criminal known to
6:31 am
police but not intelligence. the president saying the world is watching and supporting france. he said despite many tasks the country will prove to be stronger than its enmys. i understand you have an eyewitness with you now? >> reporter: i do. i am with eric. he is an attorney that is in london but has been here from the bay area. you're here with your wife. what happened last night? >> we were at a beach-front restaurant having dinner. we were wrapping up about to pay our bill. we heard screaming and pop, pop, pop, pop. my wife who is ironically daeaf recognized the gunfire.
6:32 am
we ran back there with a bunch of people and went to a toilet stall. >> what did you think it was? >> didn't know. didn't know. it seemed with gunfire it had to be some sort of terrorist attack. >> your wife is deaf? >> yes. >> reporter: and she knew what it was? >> yes. >> reporter: did you have any concerns coming to bastille day? it is a very young, festive atmosphere? >> yes. >> our plan sunday night was to go watch the euro final between portugal and france. it was a huge cue not to get in. we chose not to enter because people are more likely to be
6:33 am
hurt in a stampede. we went to a bar and watched the match. last night we had no concerns. >> reporter: none? >> no. we thought if something were to have happened it would have happened. >> reporter: what now for you? >> go back to london tomorrow i hope. it is pretty devastating and pretty shocking. i got about two hours of sleep. my wife did get hurt last night. >> reporter: she did get hurt? >> yes. there were people jumping from the promenade to to beach level. a guy jumped off and landed on her arm. >> reporter: and you're like me. i'm here on vacation as well. our phones are nonstop. >> yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: what are people asking you? >> a lot of people i work with and the company models catastrophic risk including
6:34 am
terrorism. i have been talking to people in my office about what happened. we have terrorism experts on staff and giving them live information. >> reporter: orlando, dallas, nice, you're an american hero. are you going to go to a venue again? >> yeah. can't let them win. can't let the terrorists win. >> reporter: best to you and your wife. i hope she is okay. >> thank you. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: you can see the raw emotion. you can just feel from him what he has been through in the last 12 hours, what this city has been through in the last 12, 17 hours now. hearing his story is one that we are hearing in so many different languages. they were in different areas. i have heard spanish and french
6:35 am
and italian and dutch. we know now there are 84 casualties. there are likely to be children and teens among the number of casualties. we'll keep you updated from here. >> 84 dead and we can confirm the 31, the mayor's office saying it is mo hrngs ame amed lagouaiej. they were taurkilking about how portions of europe have been effected by this.
6:36 am
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6:40 am
front. the attackers name is 31-year-old mohamed logouaiej and the attack there killed at least 81 people. some 50 are hanging in the balance between life and death. the crowds of people racing out of the way. sheer chaos, people just running for their lives. bob witnessed the aftermath of that attack. you were in your apartment and after that you went out on the street. what did you see first? >> reporter: well, what i saw were bodies all over the place and grieving relatives. the truck, by this time, had pulled up maybe a kilometer away where the driver met his demise
6:41 am
in a hail of police bullets. he wreaked havoc on the promena promenade. the pedestrian walkway to the promenade which is a four-lane highway that they closed down for special events like the fireworks display that had been just completed when this terrible incident occurred. people were running from the area, screaming. police were trying to get them to go down into the water. there were steps down there. they were worried about a follow-up attack. there was not one and the people finally escaped and were told to stay into their homes as they sort out this tragedy in benean. >> they reported seeing the
6:42 am
driver zigzag down the promen e promenade? >> reporter: there was very little question in most of their minds. many of them i'm talking about maybe 100 people who had witnessed this or had fled from it. they all seemed to feel that this was hardly a chance that it could be an accident. they say the man in fact jubed the sur b and he revs up the product. in any case the carnage did not stop until he had gone about an hour or so. >> describe what they have lived through, what they have witnessed. how are they feeling? >> reporter: well, it's very interesting. first of all, what happened on this road is that it was completely shut down overnight. the evidence people very
6:43 am
methodically went through trying to find any sort of clues they could. some of the bodies were there for several hours. the sun rose before the last ones were removed. they were covered in these blue body bags. the mood is very interesting. it is obviously very solemn last night or people were consumed by fear in many, many cases. if you go a black a you have of this promenade you find people who are here to celebrate independence for france. >> and the roads there start to wind along and the little restaurants that kp back there away from the promenade it deems that? do you notice a large security
6:44 am
presence in the area now? >> reporter: well, yes. you have police everywhere. they have been here since this accident occurred -- not in accident, this incident occurred. overnight they were blocking off all of the side streets. when i say blocking off i mean they were standing there with automatic weapons. if anybody got too close sha could point the weapons at them. it was until they had cleared this crime scene. >> it is great to see you. thank you, sir. as we continue to try to make sense how vulnerable are we in this country? j jim himes will join me next. from over 30 billion connected devices.
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so we have been following all morning all of the details. we have several new ones about the deadly truck attack. we have the driver's name. he is mohamed lagouaiej. it was used to kill at least 84 people and at least 50 are in critical condition. i want to bring in jim now. no claims of responsibility yet but what are you hearing on the hill about where you can trace any type of source material or links to whether or not it is isis inspired or directed? >> reporter: well, it is too early to say. isis has been quick to claim responsibilities for killings they have inspired or inspired to agree with. some they didn't want to take
6:49 am
ownership of. they haven't made the claim of responsibility yet. we don't know it does appear to be a french citizen of nofrth african decent. you know, where i serve in the house of representatives there are two portraits, one of george washington and one of lafayette who helped us become a country. the democracy set off on the same kind of journey. this one hits particularly hard here. >> this was bastille day which is the liberty and independence we celebrate on july 4th. talk about what it means for domestic security? how vulnerable are we to something like this at home? >> reporter: we are not invulnerable to this but i would
6:50 am
point out there are significant differences where france is, where europe is, where belgium, where we saw attacks. first of all, our fbi, security second to none. they are -- i spent a lot of time with them. they are absolutely remarkable, which doesn't mean they are infallible but certainly compared to intelligence in europe. absolutely first rate. and secondly, we -- there is an issue in france in particular, but throughout europe, with a failure of the immigrant population to assimilate in a way that makes a lot of them feel like they have got a real stake in their own society. feeling in france like they're really french. this, of course, is exacerbated by an time immigrant rhetoric, and you understand where that's coming from when an eventuality like this occurs. the reality is, here in the united states, we have a very substantial arab population that is well assimilated, comfortable. going to rotary luncheons, running small businesses.
6:51 am
and that is something france needs to think about addressing. and then open borders. it's not clear that open borders contributed to yesterday's events but in the previous attacks on france, the ability of some terrorists to jump national border was disconcerting, to say the least. >> just because someone gives the signs or symbolism of assimilation, as if they're going to a rotary club lunch doesn't mean you have successfully extinguished any ideology that could be baked into their world view of what an ongoing war with the west means. so how do you tamp down the ideology spread of isis, and at the same time, giving people the safety they need to feel like they can go to a fireworks demonstration or go to the movie theatre or go to a bar or club and know they'll come home alive? >> yeah. of i would push back a little bit on that, thomas. i think there is a dramatic difference between the assimilation that has occurred in the united states and what has not occurred in france.
6:52 am
we don't have communities of algerians or what have you north of our capital city seething with anger and a sense of not belonging to our society, which sadly, they do have in france. and that matters. and it matters for a couple reasons. number one, it shows maybe a better path of assimilation and people feeling like they really belong in their new homes. but really importantly, thomas, and this is why i do need to push back. the temptation, of course, as the former speaker of the house suckumed to last night, the sem thanks is to point -- paint with a very broad brush and say this is a muslim problem. there are hundreds of members of the nypd who keep me safe when i'm in new york city who are muslim. how do they feel when newt gingrich proposes a religion test. how are we going to work with communities where there might be some radicalization if the rhetoric of our political leaders makes the fbi or makes the government seem like a really scary force. you're right that this could be an issue. we saw this in san bernardino, we saw it in orlando. but my point is simply that if
6:53 am
we're not working in partnership with communities that could be radicalized, we are making the problem worse, not better. >> congressman jim himes, we'll let you get back to work. thanks for making time for us. in light of the tragic attack in nice, is the cleveland police department adjusting its tactics for next week's republican convention. we take you back to stephanie ruhle, holding down the fort in cleveland and will examine that part of the story. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. jacob rascon is live in cleveland with more. jacob, yesterday you were showing us the increased security here, bicycles, more police officers. given what we saw happen in france last night, does the police force need to change course and amp it up? >> reporter: so just yesterday
6:57 am
the homeland security secretary, jeh johnson, said he was worried about cleveland. they always are with large-scale events like this. today he is supposed to be here. that was already in the works. he's going to tur the operation center. we will see if they make any announcements. we know the wake of attacks, for example, dallas, they did make some changes. but those are not changes they want us to report. they have to include like where they're going to play certain personnel and how much personnel will be where. so there are changes, they always keep those in mind. briefly, i want to show you some of the new things that have happened overnight. they're bringing out the signs like this, road closed. much of downtown cleveland will be pretty much on lockdown, these concrete barriers. this where we are is the barrier for the event zone where the protesters will be. and among other things, you're going to have miles of this fencing, these steel fences,
6:58 am
eight-foot tall are going to go all around the event zone. and inside and around the convention center, that secret service secure zone. if they have any immediate updates they have already made because of these, they haven't shared them, and probably for a good reason. >> what's the biggest specific concern for security officials? >> reporter: so the fbi has said they have uncovered no specific credible threat to the convention. no evidence of any large-scale attack. but they are worried about lone wolf style attacks, like in dallas, orlando or san bernardino. and now nice. we know that this has been the case for the last six months or so, the department of homeland security came out with that notice that said they're very concerned about home-grown, violent extremists who may attack with little or no notice. that has not changed and, in fact, we know that sense is heightened now after what has happened. >> all right. jacob, thank you. joining us here in cleveland, taking a look at the heightened security. let's go back now to new york
6:59 am
and my colleague, thomas roberts, for much more on the bastille day attack in nice. i'm stephanie ruhle, from cleveland, ohio. >> hi, everybody, good morning. i'm thomas roberts, 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 4:00 p.m. in nice, france. we learn more about the attacker, and the american victims involved. the mayor of nice just identifying the attacker as 31-year-old mohamed bouhlel from tunisia. he was killed after a firefight following his death. the attacker drove a truck into a crowd of thousands, watching beachside fireworks for bastille day. 50 people are in critical condition, many children. according to an american witness, a night of celebration turned into a night of horror. >> it was complete chaos. people were running, people were on their phones, trying to call loved ones. there were lots of families out,
7:00 am
lots of -- i remember moms trying to push their strollers, carry their children or get their babies to safety. people were running in every direction. >> more about the victims, two of which are american, a father and his 11-year-old son from texas. according to a family representative, sean and brody copeland among the dead. the family is heartbroken over this, shocked. and the state department has confirmed these two deaths but has not released their names. we have got a team of coverage on the ground in france, and here in new york. we have all the angles and we begin with nbc chief global correspondent, bill neely, with the latest on the investigation from nice. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. last night this street was filled with thousands of people enjoying and gazing up at a fireworks show when a truck -- it's still there -- plowed into them at high speed and kept going. we now know the driver was of


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