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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 15, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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lots of -- i remember moms trying to push their strollers, carry their children or get their babies to safety. people were running in every direction. >> more about the victims, two of which are american, a father and his 11-year-old son from texas. according to a family representative, sean and brody copeland among the dead. the family is heartbroken over this, shocked. and the state department has confirmed these two deaths but has not released their names. we have got a team of coverage on the ground in france, and here in new york. we have all the angles and we begin with nbc chief global correspondent, bill neely, with the latest on the investigation from nice. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. last night this street was filled with thousands of people enjoying and gazing up at a fireworks show when a truck -- it's still there -- plowed into them at high speed and kept going. we now know the driver was of
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tunisia origin, but we don't know who he was linked with. this was an act of pure terror. at the wheel of a 20-ton truck, a driver on a killing spree. there were celebrations on this sea front. now there's terror as he drives towards dozens of people. eye-witnesses say he zigzagged from the road to the boardwalk, plowing through men, women and children, for about a mile. there was panic, thousands scattering, running for their lives, including american kayla repan. >> we just booked t. i grabbed my fiance and we started running. >> reporter: eye-witnesses recall bodies every ten feet beside dolls and strollers. as many as 200 hit by the truck. dozens died. among them, two americans, a father and son from texas, sean copeland and his 11-year-old boy, brody. the truck was finally stopped by police bullets.
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the windshield riddled, the driver killed. amid it all, a mother and daughter from california. >> it was all very close to each other, very, very fast. he was -- pop, pop, pop, pop. >> i was terrified. i put my hand on the baby's mouth so she wouldn't scream. >> reporter: officials say the driver fired shots from a pistol. he's been confirmed as a 31-year-old man from nice, a petty criminal, known to police, but not to french intelligence. for france's president, another day of terror. all of france, he said, is under the menace of islamic terrorism. president obama sent a message, we stand in solidarity with france, our oldest ally. france is reeling from yet another massacre. the streets early today almost deserted. >> doesn't seem safe any more in france. >> reporter: there's no claim yet from any terror group,
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france mourning amid more horror. well, it is a terrifying new twist here, using a large truck as a weapon of war. french security forces had been on high alert for this bastille day holiday. but they were stretched and nobody saw this coming. back to you, thomas. >> no responsibility for this attack yet, and police investigators there in nice are trying to figure out whether or not this 31-year-old acted alone. joining me is ryan hubs, an american living in london, vacationing in nice, and eating dinner with a friend last night on the promenade when he saw the truck speed by. so ryan, first off, when did you realize something was wrong with this vehicle? >> sure. i mean, it all kind of happened at once, you know. the area was crowded, everybody was kind of having a good time. then buses of people coming into the city that we had seen earlier in the day, young people that came in for the celebrations.
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and i was actually sitting across the street outside on the sidewalk having dinner with a friend of mine. and saw people kind of all registered at once. you saw people starting to run, people screaming, people running away from the beachfront. around the same time, there was a large white truck that was going the other direction, that was, you know, going pretty rapidly, which was odd, considering the -- you know, considering the traffic and how many people were out. that it would be moving that fast. and you heard kind of thumps or either shots -- it was hard to tell what. and then it became pretty clear, pretty quickly, that something was, you know, horribly off and not -- you know, not where it was supposed to be. >> ryan with such confusion around all of this, were other people like you who were having dinner and around, were they just as caught off guard by this? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, nobody really knew what to make of it. nobody really knew what was happening. it wasn't until we knew something was wrong. everyone was running away screaming, but it wasn't until
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after a minute after the truck had gone by and you were looking and you could see there were bodies down on the sidewalk across the street that you kind of got a sense that something was really horribly wrong. >> and ryan, as we look at the graphic that demonstrates the geography of the coastline there, and the seaside city of nice, and that this driver was able to go all the way from where the children's hospital is on the left of people's screens down the promenade, you know, over a mile, do you think that's what was -- that lent to the fact that he was able to go so far, the fact that people were confused, maybe security forces didn't understand what was happening. >> well, i think -- yeah, i think people in general didn't know what was happening right away. but the fact is, a big broad walkway all along the water front, and it's kind of -- if there is a semi truck going down that at speeds, what are you going to do? >> we know there were four lanes on the promenade. >> people were obviously focused on the fireworks and
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festivities. and you know, the truck apparently was running without lights and just going down the sidewalk. and i think it caught everybody off guard. >> do you have -- do you have a deeper sense, ryan, for your own safety? you're living abroad now in london, obviously, traveling through europe. you're on holiday in nice when this happens. do you have a greater sense of safety as you're living abroad? >> i'm sorry. can you repeat the question? you broke up there just a little bit. >> since you're living abroad, do you have a greater sense for your own personal safety? and being more self-aware? >> well, i think this strikes home that things can happen anywhere. you know, things have happened all over the place. over the past decade, 15 years. and i think, yeah, it does make you really feel aware, makes you feel fortunate that you were one of the lucky -- that i was one of the lucky ones last night that wasn't personally harmed. but i think it's -- just a
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reminder that this doesn't really -- this type of thing doesn't really know, you know, specific territorial boundaries or, you know, have any civility in terms of how it acts or treats people. it can really happen anywhere. >> yes, as we know and as we have been covering for far too long now. it can. ryan hubs, thanks for joining us. we appreciate your insight and you making time for us. stay safe. janet shamlian has been on the scene in nice after the attack happened and has been talking to survivors ever since. and janet, i know you were there on holiday with family. and you went right into work mode, because of having been so close to this. and people there, they just remain in shock. to have lived through. >> reporter: so i didn't actually come down for the fireworks, as we have many times before. we always come here in the month of july to visit family.
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yesterday we stayed up at the residence and watched the fireworks from afar. it wasn't long after that i got the call that we heard about the devastation is that happened here. and when i arrived about 2:00 in the morning, people were walking around literally just in shock. it was very empty, but people who were there were traumatized. we're on the promenade right now. i want to give you a look here at the crowds that have gathered. they have pretty much blocked off the street here, the media has been allowed in. but people are here, and they -- they really are just looking around. and kind of wondering what's happening. we've got the world's media here. as you can see, reporters -- i'm hearing so many different languages from all over the world. people covering this story in france, yet again. and here we are on really the edge of the crime scene. if you can see beyond where -- a real zoom-in here. if you can see beyond the fence
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with the white sheeting, there is the truck protruding above it. it's still an active crime investigation. so you're now kind of seeing all of what's going on here. as authorities continue to comb this scene, there has got to be 1,000 police officers along this couple-mile strip of the promena promenade. it's going to be a long time we think before they're able to open this avenue again. >> looking at that truck, we can see the bullet-ridden windshield. just utterly amazing. we are learning more about the identity of the driver in all of th. our janet shamlian on the scene in nice. we want to talk more about that, the identity of this 31-year-old, and nbc has been following the developments from the start and we hear about the suspect. they were able to get his name and nashnality from an i.d. card found in his truck. >> he has been identified according to sources we have been speaking to, as well as
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french media reports that he is known as -- he is a 31-year-old known as mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel, tunisia descent. there is still some confusion as to whether or not he is a french national or a french resident. so that would be the equivalent of being a green cardholder, perhaps, or having permanent residence in france. we know according to various reports out there right now online, he was born in tunisia, made the move over to france at some point and now had residency and staying there in france. >> so on that i.d. card was an address. investigators are over at the apartment, which is in nice. >> exactly. we saw overnight some video breaking this morning of police forces, you know, special forces going into home and escorting a woman away from that apartment. it is believed to be the ex-wife of the attacker. we know that, again, according to reports that we haven't independently verified, but he was previously married, father of three children, some of the neighbors have been giving
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quotes to media oh outlets, describing him as a loner, having financial problems, not very religious. so again, these are some initial indicatio indications. we are working on confirming the reporting ourselves. but it does give a sense of who may have been behind this deadly attack. >> to remind the viewers at home, there has been no claim of responsibility, there is no lead in certain directions about isis direction. currently investigators are seeing if he acted alone on. this one thing we should point out to everyone, we know that francois hollande who visited nice there in the early morning hours today, dedicated the next three days of national mourning and also said they will continue this security and defense measure that has been in place since the friday the 13th attacks in november. that was just about to expire. >> that's right. it was the state of emergency put in place in france, following the theatre attack, meant to give french authorities, police authorities, greater powers and surveillance
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in eavesdropping and tracking people, monitoring, particularly on issues to do with the privacy and individual liberty. that was set to expire july 26. they had already passed their version of the patriot act in french parliament, meant to address some security concerns. but following last night's attack, two things that came out of that francois hollande statement. one, the extension of the emergency act now for another three months. and the intensification of attacks by the french air force against isis in iraq and syria. why that's important, even though the french authorities haven't come out and said it, even though isis hasn't claimed responsibility, they are drawing a link between what has happened in the theatre of operations between iraq and syria, and what this attack symbolized. they have made the calculation in their head, at least on a political level. whether or not then it translates to there is an actual operational link between isis or whether this individual was somehow inspired or as we continue to learn about him, maybe somebody who is completely deranged on the mental spectrum but carrying out this attack cloaked in the shroud of
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radicalism or extremism, that is something we have seen happen, as well, in the past. >> eamon mohyeldin. >> this does seem to be increasing, and what is france trying to do to prevent more of these tragedies? >> it was complete chaos. people were running, people were on their phones, trying to call loved ones. there were lots of families out, lots of -- i remember moms trying to push their strollers, or carry their children or get their babies to safety. people were running in every direction. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. and
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[ speaking in french ] >> he was removing inside like this, and this. and i saw he is like holding something like a cell phone. i thought he would call the -- this is what they told. this is all what we thought. and in one second, i saw him taking out his gun. so -- >> it was a gun, a rifle? >> no, a gun, pistol. and even though i was still naive to think that maybe someone is attacking him from the other side, to defend him -- until i saw the police, he started to shoot the police, because he saw the police was going in a circle around. out the window. in that moment, the officers asked me and -- to run, because it was gun shooting.
7:18 am
we were in the middle of the gun shooting. >> so listening to eye-witnesses explain exactly what they saw, as the security forces tried to take out this driver, now identified and confirmed through nbc news and the mayor's office in nice, 31-year-old mohamed bouhlel. investigators trying to determine this morning if that driver of the bastille day attack had any links to terror groups. was he working alone. forensic teams there examining the truck, which remains on-scene and last hour the mayor of nice talked about this 31-year-old. they were able to find out more information about him, because of a national i.d. card found in this truck. so far, no terror group has taken responsibility. and an eyewitness described the horrible scene. >> he was just mowing people down. and so i can't even tell you how many people i saw die in front of my eyes. you have to understand, the crime scene itself is like two miles long. and it's -- there is just a pathway of bodies. >> so joining me now is intelligence expert and msnbc
7:19 am
terrorism analyst, malcolm nance. as we get these first clues about who this person is, the 31-year-old who had a residence in nice, as eamon mohyeldin explained, maybe has a current wife now. but is this a link that helps us establish the investigative profile of potential terrorism? >> well, all of that information will be important. it's a question that -- of do all of these little facets of his life spell out a path of radicalization in some way. it's very interesting. i mean, he's 31 years old, which is a little older for most of these guys. he was a petty criminal, which as we have seen with many members of -- who join isis and al qaeda, they tend to come from this petty criminal class, where they meet people, get radicalized as a form of salvation of their lives. also to use the skills that they had within the group. they also tend to ostracize their families and cut away from their families.
7:20 am
they call this mental hidra to immigrate from the land of believers. we see abandonment from their mothers and fathers. we see he was in the process of divorce. that's another indicator. >> what about the words of president hollande. he visited nice today, and during that time, he said we are facing a long battle, the world is watching. also talked about how they're going to ramp up strengths. and, again, we have no claim of responsibility or that this is isis-inspired or isis-directed. is that a tip they have better credible intelligence that would say that, yes, we have been able to put the pieces south, and we feel that this is actionable and there is a direct link or it is expired by isis? >> certainly, french intelligence, the dgse and other organizations are going to have far deeper intelligence than we would have access to in the media. but president hollande is looking at this as a strategic battlefield, as france now with a 1,500 to 1,700 members who have gone to syria, and some of hundreds of whom may have
7:21 am
returned to france. he now understands his country is now a set piece battlefield in this clash of civilizations that isis and al qaeda want between the west. and they're willing to return french nationals to go there and kill to do -- to do it, to create this battle space. >> what if this is a one-off, malcolm. if we get out of the analytics of potential terrorism and think about this. what if this is just a person with mental illness that took a moment to challenge society in a horrific way, and we're not talking about that? >> yeah, well, we have seen that. you know, we call them edps, emotionally disturbed persons. we had a case last year where a man beheaded his supervisor and claimed he did it in some form of radical jihadism. however, that is also a facet of the recruitment process that groups like isis and al qaeda do. they don't care if you're emotionally disturbed.
7:22 am
if you're willing to carry out an october, they will even take claim for that act, even if you had had no political component as part of that. which is, in fact, terror, to terrorize the rest of the world on the basis of your attack. >> and we're seeing secretary of state john kerry, there to lay flowers. we know he was part of some bastille day festivities that were taking place in france, outside of nice. again, on the scene to lay flowers at a memorial for those lost, at least 84 people have been killed in those beachside attacks. over 50, according to president hollande, are in life and death situations right now, as we have confirmed earlier through french media that there were at least 18 people listed in critical condition. malcolm nance, thank you for your insights. we'll have more about this, the coverage of the bastille day terrorist attacks from nice. coming up, what we know this morning about the attacker and any background. what was his motivation?
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so presumptive republican nominee, donald trump, in just 35 minutes from now, was formerly scheduled to announce his pick to be his vice president. but that was postponed. the announcement after the terror attack in nice put off. he weighed in on the attacks with a declaration of war. >> would you go to congress and ask for a declaration of war? >> i would. i would. this is war! if you look at it, this is war, coming from all different parts. and frankly, as war, and we're dealing with people without uniforms. >> so nbc's katy tur is outside of trump tower. is the expense over? are we going to know today or not? >> reporter: you know, i don't know. maybe we will, maybe we won't. donald trump is, as we keep saying, notoriously unpredictable and now as his campaign is learning, even when
7:27 am
they decide on somebody, they're worried their candidate is maybe going to change his mind. but we are hearing that donald trump will make an announcement today about when he will make the announcement. that could come as early as tomorrow. as of now, there is still a stage set up at the hilton, presumably for donald trump's announcement. s with as we know, he was supposed to do it today at 11:00 a.m. right now it is still there, unclear if he will able to stay there for tomorrow or if this location will change to somewhere else. potentially another trump property, either here in new york city or new jersey or westchester. he has a few of them around. but right now the speculation still points to governor pence. that's the best information we had yesterday and today again. that is the best information we have at the moment. the campaign and the candidate seeing pence as somebody who would balance him out, somebody who has what they need, which is legislative experience, and goodwill in washington.
7:28 am
and somebody who will be able to not make headlines that go against donald trump's own headlines. what we're seeing with newt gingrich this morning is that very scenario, that he's coming out, he's talking about potentially a religious test, and finding if anyone believes in sharia law, they should be deported from this country. that's what he said last night. this morning on twitter, he's saying his words were misconstrued, even though people are taking what he said verbatim from fox news last night. that is creating a headline, a headline that has nothing to do with donald trump. and that is something that the campaign and sources close to the candidate tell me is not what they want in a vice presidential pick, at least at the moment. >> and meanwhile, katie, for indiana governor pence, he has 90 minutes to properly file the paperwork to stay in the mix, to run for re-election as governor. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. he has to file the paperwork with the elections board in indiana, by noon today, saying he is dropping out. if he doesn't do so, it's pretty
7:29 am
unprecedented. but the elections commission needs to know, so that they can formally transfer his candidacy to another republican. that's the way it works. so one way or another, governor pence is going to have to do it by noon today, and that should be a very clear indication that he is or is not the nominee. after all, thomas, he's here in new york city right now, holed up at a midtown hotel, awaiting the news, just like the rest of us. >> yeah, and as i was doing some research on this, the fact that the indiana state republican party will take some weeks to put together their next candidate, it doesn't mean he could go away indefinitely if he chose to bow out now. they could bring him back. but there could be collateral damage to his political career as running for re-election, if that were to happen and put him back on the ballot later this summer. nbc's katy tur at trump tower. keep us posted if you get any new information. again, we're supposed to have this announcement from donald trump in 30 minutes. but also we have this new
7:30 am
reaction from hillary clinton this morning, about the nice attack. in a statement, she said in part, quote, we will never allow terrorists to undermine the fwal taran and democratic values that underpin our very way of life. this cowardly attack only strengthens our commitment to our alliance and defeating terrorism around the world. we go back now and give you new details about what happened last night in nice. and what we know this very minute. mohamed bouhlel killed after a firefight with police following the mile-long drive of death. france extending its state of emergency for three more months that's been in place since the paris attacks of november last year, and allows for warrantless searches and detaining of suspects as they try to crack down on terrorism in their country. of joining me now from nice, msnbc contributor, christopher dickey, world news editor for the daily beast. chris, let's talk about what this means. this was set to expire in france, the state of emergency, i believe, coming up on the 26th.
7:31 am
and now they will go through another three months of this. in that time period, since november, what has enhanced and changed that is the new normal for france moving forward? >> reporter: well, it is a new normal, and it's a major infringement on civil liberties, at least on paper. the french have always been pretty ruthless in fighting terrorism. and while they do observe the letter of the law, sometimes they fudge it a little bit. the fact is, they feel right now that they have got to pull out all of the stops. that they have got to round up the usual suspects and find suspects they never thought of before. one of the things that really worries them about this attacker here on the promenade last night is that although he had a criminal record, lots of people have criminal records. unlike the people involved with charlie hebdo or the november 14th attacks or brussels attacks, they didn't have any
7:32 am
files on him with terrorist connections. so they don't know what possible links he may have to terrorist organizations, or really frightening prospect, was he just a delivery driver who flipped out and decided to carry out this horrific act that's killed now more than 84 people. >> it was a 25-ton refrigerated truck. the national i.d. found in this vehicle says he's 31 years old, mohamed bouhlel, who has a residence nearby there in nice. a french tunisian, basically and trying to figure out whether or not he was living in france under a green card or permanent resident. but chris, talk about the deconstruct between communities, and how someone within french society, and is as you talk about, this person could have flipped out and who knows what. but can still feel marginalized in a country that was just yesterday celebrating its liberty, bastille day.
7:33 am
>> reporter: well, you know, thomas, in france, there is not supposed to be any difference between french citizens, whatever their race, creed, background. everybody is supposed to be just french. but, of course, things don't work that way. there are some 6 million people of muslim extraction in this country, mainly arabs. they are very often treated as second-class citizens. although there is no official discrimination, by their name or by their religion, sometimes you see there's discrimination just by the neighborhoods they come from. the number of the postal code around paris. in the case of nice, north nice, where is a big arab community here, and it is to a large extent isolated from the city we see around us right here. this guy went and rented a truck. he had done a lot of deliveries in big trucks before. he went and rented a truck, apparently specifically to carry out this attack. how are you going to stop something like that? you can't go and penetrate every
7:34 am
one of these communities, every one of these arab and muslim communities. you've got to work with them and hope people there spot lunatics like this guy, whether they're radicalized or just dangerous, and talk to the police about them. right now, relations between the police and these communities are not that good, and as a result, intelligence is not that good. and that's a dangerous situation. >> we continue to follow the pieces and links to this. again, no claim of responsibility from any type of terrorist organization and no information whether this was inspired or directed by one. our christopher dickey reporting there with the daily beast in nice for us. thank you. i want to give a look at what is taking place, the omni hotel, downtown dallas, which used its lights to display the colors of the french flag last night. that city still reeling from their very own tragedy just one week ago. the woman who snapped the photo said, i wish we didn't have to show support so often. when we come back, the latest on the father and son from texas that were killed in
7:35 am
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neutrogena. two of the 84 people killed in last night's terror attack in nice, france, were americans. it is a dad and his 11-year-old son from texas. they were in the french rivera on a family vacation. the family just released this picture of sean and his son brody copeland. you can see other members of the copeland family with sean's wife and two other children. charles had lock joins us from dallas. what more have we learned of the family. >> reporter: among the 84 killed, 2 u.s. citizens, a father and son frommous tin, texas. sean copeland and 11-year-old son brody were run over by that truck. family members issued a statement overnight, saying, quote, we are heartbroken and in shock over the loss of brody copeland, an amazing son and brother, who lit up our lives.
7:39 am
and shawn copeland, a wonderful husband and father. they are so loved. the father and son were with other family members on a european vacation, celebrating a birthday on bastille day in nice. they were avid baseball fans, and in fact, brody was on a little league team that his father coached. and that photo of them standing on the baseball diamond was just released by the family. jason dixon, who coached the pee-wee league with sean, said sean always had a broad smile and bubbly personality. someone posted on the team's facebook page saying no one deserves this type of fate. you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. rest in piece, brody and sean. you will be remembered forever. >> that picture of them on the baseball field, just heartbreaking. dad and son. charles, thank you. appreciate it. charles hadlock reporting in dallas. three days before the rnc begins in cleveland. so how is that city planning to
7:40 am
keep people safe after what we witnessed last night in nice? and that terrorist attack? >> i remember looking up and seeing a wave of people with completely panic-stricken faces, running towards me at full steam, screaming at the top of their lungs, trampling baby strollers and my first instinct was to just run in the exact same direction. as soon as i took off, we started hearing the gunshots. that made me run even faster. i turned around to make sure i was with the person i was traveling with, and luckily we got away safe. but it was -- my instinct told me immediately, something was terribly, terribly wrong. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse,
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7:44 am
nbc's jacob rascon is in cleveland with more for us on the safety plan there. and, again, jacob, we remind everybody, the secret service is directly in charge of this, because this is a national special security event. >> reporter: right. and in any large-scale event like this, they are always worried about the lone wolf style attacks, the violent extremists that attack with little or no notice. that notice has been on the department of homeland security's sight for a long time now. in the wake of these attacks, of course, fresh in mind, they're going to have to relook at some things. we know that after dallas, they relook at some of their security measures and made some changes that they didn't want to share, i think for obvious reasons. now we have the secretary of homela homela homeland security here. he's going to tour the operations center, where they have all of their screens, video cameras where they monitor different things during the
7:45 am
convention. that was already in the works. that was already planned before the attack in france. but, of course, now with that in mind, he'll keep that in mind as we know, looking at everything. what you're looking at here are steel fences that were already in place. we have seen these at past conventions. just to separate the event zone, from the rest of cleveland. and over here, you're seeing some of the concrete barriers that are standard, that they're now bringing out that will be in place over the next couple days, as the first protests are scheduled for this weekend. >> jacob, have you been observing -- i got into the city yesterday. i thought i was going to be there longer than i was before coming back to new york. this is a fluid preparation. it seems as if they are not just there yet. they were still doing work at the airport, in terms of paving some of the streets. so do they anticipate cleveland is ready for the thousands, tens of thousands of folks that are going to be showing up? >> reporter: they say they're ready. the plan was to wait until lock
7:46 am
downtown cleveland down until the very last moment. they have had these fences out and still have some of them that are just stacked, ready to go. and they -- overnight, will set up new sections of downtown. they were showing off some of their bike officers yesterday. they have thousands of officers that have come in. they're going to swear some of those in from out of town to make them special officers, make it lawful for them to do what they're going to do here. the city says they're ready, they have been preparing for more than a year now. the hospitals, the courts, the judges doing extra shifts. it's just that they didn't plan to lock everything down until last-minute. >> jacob rascon in cleveland for us. thank you, sir. as we have been talking about these new details from france today, that is a country attacked several times over the past two years. so what makes it such a ripe target for terrorism? how vulnerable is the u.s. in comparison? those questions and more for our terrorism expert, when we come back.
7:47 am
>> everybody, one on top of the other. and with our hands on the head like this. >> i was terrified. i put my hand on the baby's mouth, so she wouldn't scream, because i thought if the shooter is close, hopefully he thinks we're dead and we're not alive. so he won't come and shoot us. the streets were close to empty. people had already ran, and at that point, that's why we went on the floor. we were like we're sitting ducks. it's not like there is a bunch of people and we can run with the crowd. everyone had realized what was going on way before we realized what was going on. and at that point, the smartest thing to do, hope.
7:48 am
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all right. so we continue to follow the breaking news out of nice. this is a live look as investigators continue their work, where it's almost 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon there, after a lone driver, driving
7:51 am
that white truck that is now ridden in the windshield with bullet holes, plowed through a crowded street along the seaside town of nice last night. at least 84 people are dead, more than 50 injured. and now we have new information from a senior tunisiaen security official saying that the family of the driver of that vehicle, 31-year-old mohamed bouhlel being questioned back in tunisia and the attacker believed to have moved to france in 2005 after obtaining his french residency status through marriage. no terror group has claimed responsibility yet for this attack. investigators were easily able to i.d. who the driver of this vehicle was, because of a national i.d. card that was found in the front seat that led them to a address in ce, where he was living. also, according to chris sticky who we spoke to, he rented this 25-ton refrigerated truck shortly before this attack. not something that we have been able to make a connection to of
7:52 am
whether or not this was a work-related vehicle that he had access to before. joining me now is brian levin, from the study of hate and extremism at california state university. let's talk about this link, the fact that he has tunisian descent, residency through status of marriage, are we seeing pieces of the puzzle coming together? >> i think we are. but here is the interesting thing. first, tunisia, of all the countries that were involved with the arab spring, it was the first one -- actually, the most successful with regard to having a democratic conversion. but what i think we have here, is more related to france. and that as we have a large unassimilated population, france has approximately 66 million people, almost 6 million are muslim, and from north africa, places like algeria have had during the '90s a terrible
7:53 am
experience with regard to civil war and terrorism, among the worst of the 20th century. and these immigrants are socially and residentially segregated. they're not as assimilated. next, the prison system there, disproportionate number of muslims and immigrants in the system, and that has been a fertile recruiting ground for extremism. we have radical preachers. on top of that, the syrian conflict, which has not only been a catalyst, but an incubator where we have 1 to 2,000, 1,500 to 2,000 people who have come into theater and come back. and a last footnote on the syrian conflict. just this week, isis admitted that omar al sha manny, minister of war was killed in an ally strike earlier. so all these thingorking together. the last thing i want to say, terrorists often act i had osin
7:54 am
accurately. something catapults them to it. people who have psychological issues, seeking personal benefit or revenge and it ties into an ideology that directs and amplifies their anger. >> brian levin, thank you, sir. appreciate it very much. we want to go to breaking news we just got. information about what we had expected to come up six minutes from now, donald trump announcing who his pick would be as vice president. he just tweeted it a few moments ago, 7:50 a.m. this is after he appeared at fund raisers. saying i'm pleased to announce i have chosen governor mike pence as my vice presidential running mate. news conference tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. he decided to push that off as the picture ceremony of making the announcement where they will appear together. but he has chosen mike pence. for indiana governor mike pence, it was coming down to deadline for him out of the three people alluded to, to be part of the people vetted, and chosen by
7:55 am
donald trump. we had indiana governor, mike pence, also chris christie and newt gingrich. but mike pence needs to file by noon today in indiana if he wants to run as governor of indiana, run for re-election once again. so this was all coming down to a very frenzied time line to make sure it fit nicely into what they were going to be doing as a team together and making sure there wouldn't be any type of collateral damage for an indiana governor mike pence running for re-election if he wasn't chosen as donald trump's running mate. now the confirmation coming from trump himself it will be mike pence. and tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., more on those two men together. it had been widely speculated after mike pence appeared with donald trump in indiana last week, that the trump camp was very pleased with the indiana governor's performance, and making him a little more comfortable with donald trump, because of the relationship that mr. trump already has established with chris christie and already has established with
7:56 am
newt gingrich. also, because of the fact that someone like speaker ryan looks at indiana governor, mike pence as a man who is dedicated to the conservative movement, feels that that will be a good pick to a nod of conservative republicans on this choice to them. that this actually helps balance out a donald trump with not much political experience at all, except what he's picked up recently over this campaign, and running to be the gop nominee. mike pence comes with a background as having served in congress, with the fourth-highest position within leadership there on the hill. and then going on to be in his first term as indiana governor. now, that first term was not met without some wrinkles, because of the rivera he tried to push through, and give to the people of indiana. that was the religious freedom restoration act. certainly met with a lot of
7:57 am
backlash over that, as many businesses felt that it was something that left lgbt people out. a lot of businesses discriminating too easily. he had to capitulate on that. katy tur, here we are three minutes before 11:00 a.m., and we don't have a visual, but we have the tweet. >> reporter: we have the tweet. donald trump is now officially saying that indiana governor, mike pence, will be his running mate. he was going to announce it tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. this, of course, 24 hours after he wanted to do it. the attack in france delaying his decision. this morning, his campaign chairman saying it was an emotional reaction he had to france, and that is why he didn't feel it was appropriate to make the decision today. but as we reported yesterday, and as all signs are pointing to now for a few days, the decision is mike pence. i can tell you behind the scenes, the thinking behind
7:58 am
pence, he would be able to balance out the ticket in a way that newt gingrich or chris christie potentially would not be able to. governor pence is a earnest man. he is a on-message man. he is somebody that will come out and not making headlines of his own. but instead, serve as an attack dog for donald trump. and then also serve as a surrogate for donald trump. perhaps his strongest surrogate on the campaign trail, the optics of them together on stage in indiana, i'm told by sources within the campaign, looked right, they sounded right, and also behind the scenes, the two men got along quite well. the families mesh. they were worried that governor pence might be a little too quiet. that the personalities would clash, because donald trump is such a unique person. that's exactly how his son described him, a unique person. that not everybody gets along with. but governor pence and he did seem to find some common ground. they were able to connect behind the scenes, in a way that surprised everybody, including the candidate. i can tell you when they saw him on stage, and they saw him act as the attack dog to go after
7:59 am
hillary clinton, donald trump himself was impressed. he wasn't sure how he would be able to perform on that stage. and in indiana, he certainly owned that room in a way that donald trump himself did not do that night. that could be because he was over an hour late to the rally. but governor pence got a strong reaction from his home crowd team, if you will. hometown team. hometown crowd. governor pence, of course, has disagreed with donald trump from time to time, he disagrees with him on the muslim ban, calling it unconstitutional. i asked donald trump jr. what that would mean going forward yesterday. having somebody on the ticket who doesn't agree with donald trump in all cases. he said, well, that's behind them. now they're going to move on. but ultimately, it is donald trump's platform. as for governor pence, he is a social conservative. he's an evangelical. he created a little bit of controversy in indiana for signing the religious restoration act. he was praised by religious
8:00 am
conservatives. that bill was accused of being discriminatory against lgbt people, saying that businesses had the right to deny services to them, based on their sexual preference. he backed away from that, after he got quite a bit of outcry from those groups. and then social conservatives accused him of being a turn coat. so far, the campaign believes this is a good choice. it will balance out the ticket in a way that newt gingrich or chris christie would not have. thomas. >> katy tur reporting outside trump tower with this breaking news. that does it for this hour. i turn it over to tamron hall, who picks things up right now. as you know, we are following breaking news here in new york, donald trump has made it official. mike pence is his running mate. the governor of indiana. the news was supposed to come down today, this very hour, live from new york. donald trump, after the devastating attacks -- attack in nice, france, tweeting out he wo


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