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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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conservatives. that bill was accused of being discriminatory against lgbt people, saying that businesses had the right to deny services to them, based on their sexual preference. he backed away from that, after he got quite a bit of outcry from those groups. and then social conservatives accused him of being a turn coat. so far, the campaign believes this is a good choice. it will balance out the ticket in a way that newt gingrich or chris christie would not have. thomas. >> katy tur reporting outside trump tower with this breaking news. that does it for this hour. i turn it over to tamron hall, who picks things up right now. as you know, we are following breaking news here in new york, donald trump has made it official. mike pence is his running mate. the governor of indiana. the news was supposed to come down today, this very hour, live from new york. donald trump, after the devastating attacks -- attack in nice, france, tweeting out he would delay the announcement.
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things change, as they say, in a new york minute. and now donald trump is releasing or has decided after his campaign criticized a number of leaks regarding his decision. and now the presumptive nominee for the gop, making it official that governor mike pence is his running mate. we'll have much more. and you see there, there's a news conference scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. kelly o'donnell standing by for us. kelly, to catch our audience up, i think people certainly saw many of those political junkies, as we refer to them, saw yesterday donald trump was expected to come out of the hotel and make this big announcement regarding his running mate after the devastating attack in nice. the campaign said that they would put it off until an undetermined time. and now here we are, at 11:01 eastern time, the exact thing that was supposed to happen today has happened. the announcement. >> reporter: well, tamron, i think this is driven by some of the pressure that is on mike pence that you might not find
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with the other top contenders who were not up for re-election, as we have talked about indiana governor mike pence, has been running for a second term. and the deadline is noon today for him to withdraw from that office, because under indiana law, he is not eligible to appear on the ballot for a statewide and a federal office. and so, if he were to take that move without having been formally, publicly announced, that would be politically very dangerous. and really, it becomes unfair to mike pence if he is the choice of the candidate, at some point, he needed a little backing here, so that he could take steps back in indiana to signal to his constituents something about his own future. because now, presuming he will withdraw, that is the expectation within the next hour, he's got to tell through that, indiana voters what his future will be. so for mike pence, much more complicated. and then you add to it the fact that he got on an airplane, traveled to new york, without this being public yet. and my reporting tells me that
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donald trump, who was in california for a planned set of fund raisers, was in his home, watching news coverage, and was not pleased to see early reports, hours ahead of when he thought there would be any sort of leak related to this decision. irritated by the fact that was coming out. and i think that from my reporting, there was a sense that this had gotten away from trump himself, and from the campaign. he was not surrounded by family who are often his closest advisers, his oldest children. not really staffed in a way that a presumptive nominee would be. he was just out doing fund-raising business, planning to come back to new york and have this all move forward today, in advance of the convention. and that's why we're here in cleveland. so for trump, he then had to wrestle this back, after sort of taking a breather, seizing on the moment with the tragedy in france to say i'm going to put this off. but then the sort of exigencies of today, politically, mike pence couldn't be hanging out there any longer. so they have made this announcement, they will defer a
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public display of the two men together until tomorrow. and this is so different than any kind of traditional vice presidential rollout. it is normally a big rally, and arms in the air kind of moment. this has not gone that way. perhaps no surprise, because it's an unconventional year. but that's where we're at at this point. >> thank you very much. let's bring in nbc's katy tur outside trump tower. you heard kelly owe do believe use the phrase we hear over and over when it comes to donald trump and his campaign. that it's unconventional. is it also disorganized and perhaps some behind the scenes disarray regarding how this is playing out, even with the vp selection? >> reporter: you know, that is the accusation. and it was certainly -- they have been -- they have been hearing claims of disorganization now for months. actually, since they started this campaign. it reached a fever pitch a couple months ago when corey lewandowski was nearing his end at the campaign. and now it's reached that way again. i can tell you that behind the
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scenes, there has been some federation about aides speaking in donald trump's mind out of turn, saying things that he doesn't necessarily agree with. claiming that he's going to back away from certain positions. and then those aides coming and getting a dressing down from donald trump himself. he's even said so publicly, so-and-so is often misquoted. or so-and-so got that wrong. i'm going talk to him. he's done that publicly in news conferences. so there is a level of disorganization within the campaign. and that is because this is an untraditional candidate, a nontraditional candidate, who has refused to do things the normal way. and he's actively refused to do them. he's been very vocal about his belief that he doesn't need the same apparatus as everybody else needs. that he's able to drive a message on his own. he's able to garner free media attention, which is true. on his own, without having to rely on the traditional ad campaign. and we have seen that even since the general election has
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started, he hasn't been making very many or any at all ad buys across the street. but i want to tell that you governor pence and donald trump do have quite a few differences, tamron. if you give me a second, i'm going to run through them. the muslim ban, governor pence called it offensive and unconstitutional. as for building a wall he says i think it's absolutely essential we have border security and supported that through my career but dodged whether or not he thinks there should be a wall. >> katie, i've got to interrupt you and take our audience to nice, where we're getting an update from french prosecutor. let's get the latest there. >> the action of the first responders neutralized this individual and avoided other victims being hurt or killed. i would like to thank all the services of the state that were involved. the security force, the firemen, the first responders, doctors and associations for helping
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victims. but also all the citizens, the city of nice, who have shown an exemplary sense of solidarity and of duty. i would also like to underline the mobilization. if the forensic teams of nice and all doctors and personnel, who have offered their assistance. so the identification of the victims could start as soon as possible. this process of identifying the victims is very necessary in order to have a certitude about the identity of all the victims. i would like the whole prosecutor's office, the whole -- everybody in the prosecutors will participate in this waiting period, and will be involved in any assistance we can give. the interministerial assistance to victims was activated immediately following the attack, and it can be called at
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0143175646. this unit is to provide individualized assistance to all victims and their families, whether it's psychological help, simply listening, or other forms of social assistance. i would also like to indicate that a public communications office has been established. it can be reached at 04-96722222. with regard to the investigation in close relation with the prosecutor of nice, john michele pat, who did the first steps in the investigation, called us this morning, activating the anti terrorist unit of the prosecutor's office of paris. four magistrates from my office went to nice this very night, and have been leading the
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investigations by the police, and the justice department. the investigation has also been given to the ministry of the interior for assassination, criminal organization in relation to a terrorist ban, attempt to assassinate a member of the public authorities in relation to criminal organizations in relation with terrorists. and the attempt to -- attempt to organize terrorist attacks. these are the first facts. the first data that we have been -- we have from the first witnesses. so on -- at 10:45, on the 14th of july, a man acting alone in a refrigerator truck, who rented the truck at duval who would
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have given it back today, went on the promenade in the neighborhood. he drove for two kilometers between number 11 and 147 of the promenade, and violently impacted very large crowd of spectators who were there for the traditional 14th of july fireworks display. the terrorist shot three policemen at the hotel negresco. the police responded and pursued the truck, which unfortunately managed to keep going for 300 meters. the police managed to neutralize him with shot. the passenger found dead in the passenger seat. the cab of the truck only had a bicycle inside, and eight empty transportation pallets.
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in the cab of the truck was an automatic pistol, 75 millimeters, a charger, and explosive bullets and nonexplosive bullets of the same caliber. a second automatic pistol. two copies of assault rifles, an m-16. a hand grenade. a mobile phone, various documents that are still being investigated. we have also discovered also in the cab of the truck a map, a bank card in the name of mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel born 3 january 1985 in tunisia and a resident in nice. the fingerprints and other genetic material has confirmed his identification. he was a deliveryman of tunisia
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nationality, married and the father of children. his wife has been called in to the police department this morning. he had already been under police interference because of menaces, threats. he had been condemned the 24th of march, 2016, for 16 months of imprisonment for intentional violence committed in january of 2016. he had, however, his -- completely unknown to the information services, or in any national database, and was never part of any surveillance. the first video surveillance showed the truck used by the terrorist in the neighborhood in
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the east of nice, where it had been parked since the 13th of july. the truck was picked up on the 14th of july by mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel, who arrived alone, by bike. the bike which was found in the truck. he then went to the west side of the city. the truck then reappeared at 10:30 in the neighborhood and then headed toward the promenade. searches were conducted at two addresses where various materials, computer material and mobile phones were taken, as well as several documents. these -- these findings are being investigated. these are the only elements that i can share with you. the investigation has just started, as i said. and in order to make the work of the investigators easier, in order to use the weapons and the
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materials and all the very bountiful data found in the video surveillance and in the telephones. we are researching the source of the weapons found by the criminal and we are trying to find out whether there are any accomplices. and we're also trying to determine if there are any possible links between mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel with organized criminal bans that are islamic, the attack yesterday was not claimed by anybody to date. however, i must remind you that this type of action is very much within the framework of the permanent call for murder by terrorist organizations. they permanently call for in their various publications and videos. thank you very much for your attention. and i'll keep you updated with any developments in this investigation. thank you very much.
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>> we received more details, as you heard there, on the investigation. the individual french authorities say carried out that heinous act. right now what we to know, and let's talk about those who lost their lives. at least 84 confirmed killed. ten of those children. and teenagers. the french prosecutor giving more information on mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel. he described him as a delivery man, a married father, who on july 14th, went to a facility and rented the refrigerator truck, according to the prosecutor, alone, traveling by bicycle. around 10:45 p.m., that is when this individual plowed through the spectators celebrating bastille day, in that rented truck. again, the authorities there confirming they found several weapons, a map, a bank card they
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used to identify the suspect. he shot three policemen before they were able to ultimately take him out. and he was found behind the wheel of that refrigerateded truck. the identities of the people killed in this act of terror, they're coming in right now. what we do know is at least two of the victims were americans. that is according to the state department. we have a family spokesperson now who identified them as 51-year-old sean copeland and his 11-year-old son, brody. they were visiting nice like so many others around this time of year. let me bring in msnbc contributor and daily beast news world editor, dickey. those who remain in critical condition, christopher, we're looking at some of the information on this man's background. he served, the prosecutor says, 16 months behind bars for a violent act. he didn't go into great detail.
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but one of the highlights here as far as the information. he was not on a database. he was not under surveillance. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. frankly, that has them disturbed, the counter terror people here in france. because they have seen in the past cases, although they fumbled the ball, and they didn't arrest or didn't cover closely enough the people in the charlie hebdo massacre and the brussels massacre. those were at least people that were at some point on their radar. this guy was never on their radar. he was just a criminal with violent proclivities who had been in and out of jail. there was no indication that he had any kind of jihadist connection, as far as the intelligence services were concerned. and yet here he's killed 84 people, and wounded seriously scores more. was he acting for isis?
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was he acting on his own? that's what they're trying to figure out by going through his telephone and by looking at whatever documents he had in his apartment. in the truck. and also by interrogating his wife, the mother of his children. >> christopher, this attack comes as the french president, francois hollande, was actually, as we understand, considering lifting this state of emergency that so many people have questioned whether it was still necessity point. but also mindful of the possibility of something like this happening. and here we are, again, discussing this and looking at the mass casualty, which includes children who were there with their parents, who were in the sights of this madman. >> reporter: tamron, it is hard
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to overstate the horror of what happened last night. men, women, children out for a good time. watching fireworks. you know what it's like when you've got thousands of people watching fireworks in a beautiful locale. think of the beautiful mal in washington, for instance. people are happy, about to go their own way, whether it's to bars, restaurants, their homes. all of a sudden, this refrigerator truck comes barreling down the sidewalk, just above the sea and starts to take them out, zigzagging back and forth. i don't know if you can see behind me. but there is a dome back there, the hotel. that's where this guy started shooting at the police. he shot three police back there, around the hotel. before coming about another 200 meters toward us to that sort of modern hotel with the square columns. that's a little bit closer. and that's where he finally was taken out. the truck has been there all day.
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you can see bullet holes all the way through the front of the -- all over the front of the wind screen. and he was found slumped, finally, in the passenger seat in the front of the truck. so it was a really bloody scene. was this guy acting alone? had he had any kind of training? is this something he had planned for months or years, or is this something he planned almost on the spur of the moment? the day or two before he rented the truck? probably not. because the big question, if they're looking at right now, is where the hell did he get those arms? i mean, this is not alabama or south carolina or texas. you just can't go buy automatic pistols in any old store in town by showing your driver's license. you have to get them on the black market, and if you're going to work in the black market, you're going to be connected, especially in this town, with all kinds of shady people. >> and that's -- >> reporter: whether terrorists, whatever. >> christopher, that's the interesting point. i was there last year celebrating bastille in that very location where this took place. and when you look at the
8:21 am
security and the climate of nice, and many ways, yes, paris has been on alert. i have read a number of op-eds from parissans who say it could never be the same there because of the tension and fear. that's not what people describe as the feeling in nice. how would you describe, at least from your estimation, how security was treated? how the possibility of something like this was treated in that part of france? >> reporter: well, look, tamron. everybody is always solving the last terrorist attack. and the terrorists always come up with new approaches that somehow bypass everything that happened before. terrorists -- successful terrorists, are very imaginative and creative. we should never forget that 9/11 was carried out with box cutters that turned passenger airplanes into flying bombs. that is an extraordinary thing. this is an environment where the
8:22 am
police were looking for bombs, they're looking for people with guns, they're looking for all kinds of things. they weren't looking for a refrigerator truck that would just blast through the barricades along the promenade and start to mow down civilians, innocent men, women, and many children. >> christopher dickey, thank you so much. let me bring in eamon mayhew dean regarding this familiar and family in tunisia. >> we know according to officials in france, he is a french resident or at least has french residency status, perhaps something equivalent to an american green card, allowing him to live and work in france. but not necessarily a french citizen and national. that led french authorities to contact their counterparts in tunisia, the country of birth and origin. and we understand, according to tunisian sources, his extended family are being questioned. you mentioned his wife, according to the produce cuter is being questioned in france
8:23 am
and extended relatives also being questioned in tunisia. officials believe he had traveled to france in 2005, he had obtained the french residency status by way of marriage. so that was something that also substantial it's a claims we're hearing that he was previously married and his wife being questioned by officials. so obviously, this is going to be very interesting to know. if any of his extended family members knew about his plans, knew about his intentions, knew about any radicalization that may have taken place. you know, the point brought up in the press conference that was pretty significant, he was not on any intelligence agency raiders. that is significant. it means if he traveled to syria or iraq, he would have probably been picked up at some point on the way back into france. it would have flagged -- radars would have gone off. it doesn't seem in this early stage of the investigation. it also suggests he may not have had any direct links to terrorist organizations. and it raises the question, how
8:24 am
quickly does the issue of radicalization happen from the time of conception or inception to the time of carrying out an attack. the other problem to all this, tamron, he could just be a mentally deranged individual who shrouds himself in this cloak of radicalization to give this attack a different meaning. just look at the way the world is reacting to it. >> absolutely. eamon, thank you. i know you'll continue to work on your sources. the french prosecutor confirming 250 people injured, 52 in critical condition. 84 confirmed dead. ten of those children. and teenagers. we'll have much of more, including -- i will speak with someone who was there on the promenade last night as the attack happened. what he says he saw. and we have new images, as well, coming in this morning. new video taken by someone not very far from where that refrigerator truck stopped after police fired an unknown number of bullets inside to stop the terrorist from continuing to take out more lives. we'll be right back. ♪
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of the attack on bastille day in the heart of nice, france. and joining me now on the phone is andy mccarty, manages a restaurant on the promenade, actually there last night. andy, thank you so much for joining me. considering all that is going on right now, how are you? >> okay. it's been a long day after the events of last night, and, of course, lots of information has been coming through, slowly, on the french press and also on the internet on the english press. and they have just removed now the truck that caused all of the mayhem last night. but the biggest question that everybody is asking here now, where was the security? where -- why wasn't the promenade and everybody there protected? and apparently even the police have admitted now, they asked the guy why the van was parked
8:29 am
where it was, and he just said that, oh, i'm going to be delivering some ice cream. really? on a state of heightened security? they accept that kind of response? and five minutes later, all these people are dead? incredible. >> andy, talk to me about the security. i was there last year, around the aim area. and we could not park, the entire area was shut down by early in the afternoon, late morning. in the anticipation of the crowds. it seemed to be very tight. security last year. do you believe that things were not at the level it should have been, considering what's been happening in france? >> no, i think that the problem is that everybody believed that it was on a high level of security. i mean, i've been here 18 years and sane many july 14th festivals and the prum party as they call it here with everybody relaxing on the promenade. there was no -- you could feel a
8:30 am
little bit of security during the day before the actual parade of the police, and the army and the navy. the 6:30 in the evening parade. but after that, i mean, you didn't see anybody. there was nobody. there was no feeling of any kind of extra security to protect all of these innocent people. and so it begs the question, if that was france on high alert, i would hate to see them on low alert. >> we are looking at images, andy, you cannot see, but we have live pictures of authorities now finally removing the white refrigerator truck. >> that's it. before i took this call from you, i could see them raising that up and starting to take it, which means that they might open the promenade, this part of the promenade, which has been closed all day. >> andy, tell me where you -- when did you realize that something was -- had gone terribly wrong there? >> basically, it all happened so very quickly. but all of a sudden, we heard people screaming and shouting.
8:31 am
we heard some pops. and because it was directly after the fireworks display, people could have mistaken those for just an extension of the fireworks. but i mean, very quickly you realized that was not a fire work display and by people screaming. this guy, it was almost at the end of his journey and he was firing randomly into the crowd. and that's when people started running across the road. running into the restaurants and coming in here to hide. >> when you hear that the number at least right now confirmed ted, 84 people, ten of them children, and -- >> yeah. >> you have painted the picture i think so clearly of what this fess activity activity is about, and you would see elderly people, people with their children. it's a family celebration, it's a celebration with tourists, as well, all around that area. >> well, that's it. of typical of this particular night, of the 14th of july. it's a very much a family event.
8:32 am
and people were there, enjoying themselves with the families. we had a lot of them inside here, having dinner and then going out to the fire work display. and they were all coming back in when this terrible event took place. >> and back to the security. how do you again compare it to what was there, and you said in the decade or so that you have been there, considering that france was still under a state of emergency? how lacking do you believe the security was? >> very. very lacking. i mean, we have been talking about it today. i mean, the place is full of police, full of crs, the special police today. and, you know, people have been asking them, where were you last night? and there's no response. >> we're looking at pictures. you were able from your vantage point to see this earlier, the removal of this refrigerator truck, the entire front windshield resultsed with bullets. when you saw the truck, you were very close to when the truck came to a stop.
8:33 am
and the exchange of gunfire took place. were you able to ever see the individual in the truck? >> no. no. it had gone too far past. even though it's only 50 meters or so past, you couldn't see what was happening. there was too much panic, everybody rushing in, and everybody forced back. so there was no real view of the promenade. the only views are the people that were actually physically in buildings and filming going down on to the promenade. >> in some ways, andy, people associate the south of france as a different world than, say, paris and some of its problems in dealing with people who have become radicalized. individuals who may want to carry out acts like we saw with the batta clan. do you believe that -- because this is a tourist destination, a place of of -- that's associated with honestly great luxury and relaxation, that it was taken for granted, that nice could be a target for one individual or
8:34 am
multiple individuals? >> well, i think, unfortunately, i was speaking to some people who live here, and also live in istanbul, and i was saying, this must be terrible for you, because you have just come from sbooug istanbul where you have had these terrible terrorist attacks. and she said to me, just remember, the threat was made after the paris attacks, they will get you on the beaches in france. there is no hiding place. and that terrorist attacks, they threatened to attack tourists destinations. and they have hit one of the most famous in the world. and the most famous promenade in the world. >> we're looking at images right now. it is 5:34 p.m. in france. we're speaking with an eyewitness who was there, andy mccarty, and we're looking -- it appears the authorities are moving this vehicle after many hours of it being there. and people have lined the street to get a glimpse.
8:35 am
i cannot imagine the level of still disbelief. you can see the video, certainly you were right there. but the disbelief associated with how this individual could take out so many lives behind the wheel of a rented truck. >> it's incredible. i mean, it's just -- it's just completely unbelievable. and, you know, it's going to be -- we're going to be in a state of shock here for a very long time. we just hope that people pay attention now and ask themselves some security questions as to why this place was not secure when so many people's lives were at risk, and then so many people's lives were taken. >> andy, you managed a restaurant at the promenade. when you spoke with or have spoken with people about the state of terror in france and what we have seen just in the past two years alone, starting with the charlie hebdo and brussels, the list goes on and
8:36 am
on. is it a common conversation that's had, as we do, quite honestly, in the united states, the worry that we could be next, or this place is a soft target? here you are, managing a restaurant when the terror attack happened at the batta clan and at restaurants where people were casually dining. >> i think the people were worried. i think that's what had everybody worried last night. because they didn't realize that the guy was shooting to the seaside, and not on to the promenade side, the streetside, where all the restaurants are. i think that's why people panicked. because they were obviously thinking about what happened in paris, back in november. but i -- it's hard to say now. because people -- the city is in shock. >> well, the world is in shock along with nice, and hearing, again, the details of families looking for children, struggling to get out of the way.
8:37 am
there is also the concern of if there is anything to follow, was this individual, in fact, acting alone. the prosecutor in his news conference said this person, this terrorist, as he called him, went alone to the rental place to get the truck. he was on a bicycle, bicycle was found inside the refrigerator truck. they are still investigating whether he has connections to any organization or any other individuals. but right now, andy, it appears that this one individual motivated by what we do not know. but the prosecutor referred to as a terrorist. that one person so far has been named responsible for such devastation that you witnessed. >> i know. it's quite incredible. but it does appear from what we're seeing here and what we're hearing, is that it was a lone attack. and they -- from what we understand, there's no immediate threat of a follow-on act of any
8:38 am
description. >> andy mccardy, conferring everything you have gone through in the past few hours, we greatly appreciate you joining us, and our hearts are with you. your staff at the restaurant. and obviously, those who went out for a night of enjoyment and now have lost their loved ones forever. thank you so much, andy, for joining me. >> thank you. my colleague, janet shamlian, she is standing by in nice. janet, you were there with your family, your mother-in-law lives in nice. we spoke with you earlier on the "today" show. just from the perspective of a journalist, but as a mother, to see what was carried out there, how do you describe it? >> reporter: i mean, it's heart breaking. i've been down with my children, we weren't here last night. but we have been here on many occasions. and what's so easy about it is it is very family-friendly. because they do block off this
8:39 am
street. so it's not super crowded, along the boardwalk right next to the water. you have the entire boulevard des anglais to walk on. and there are strollers and musicians and people selling food. it's a great event. we chose not to come down last night, mostly because we just didn't want to deal with the crowds. we were supposed to be leaving very early this morning. and so glad that we made that decision. you saw pictures of the truck, the vehicle that was driven, as much as a mile breaking down barricades, mowing down people. just within the last few minutes, tamron, i wanted to give you an update and let you know they have begun to move that truck. it's still on the boulevard behind me, but it's been moved slightly from its position. we have some videotape of that. also, the suspect identified as mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel. he's 31 years old. he was known to local law enforcement, tamron, for petty crimes.
8:40 am
but the french government didn't have any sort of link on him to terror. they have been looking at his apartment here. he's of tunisian french background and lives in the northern part of nice. here at the scene now, besides the active investigation going on behind me, and the movement of the truck, as we just mentioned, i want to let you know that there are still people here by the thousands. and they just are here, because it's -- it's what else do you to, and it's so sad. and we are waiting for word on more of the victims. we are told that at least ten of the 84 dead are going to be children and teens. >> yeah. that's what we're -- >> reporter: it is heart breaking news. we know that two of the victims are from texas. and just awful here today in nice. >> all right, janet. thank you very much. and coming up, what we know about the two americans reported to have been killed in the attack in nice, france. we'll also have the reaction
8:41 am
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on homeowners insurance. some new video in today, it shows police shooting at the truck moments after it drove down the promenade in nice, france. the man who filmed, it was actually walking in the middle of the street at the time when he turned around and saw the truck barreling towards him. here's how he described that moment. >> i was walking among the people, and suddenly we hear screaming and we saw a truck coming just to us. and i was -- an accident in the middle of the street, just facing the truck. me and some people around me. so that truck just stopped in front of me, like one meter, one-and-a-half meter maximum. i saw the truck smashing a girl
8:45 am
under, and i noticed that behind the truck there was a lot of people down on the earth. i kept waving to him, stop, stop. there is people under your truck. and i saw him moving like this in a very nervous way. and taking something up, it looks to me like a cell phone. i thought he is going to call the ambulance, because it is an accident. and the police started to scream and to shout. and when he saw them come close to the truck, i saw him taking out his gun. i was down, but i was still filming, so he saw me again, so he came to me again screaming, [ speaking in french ] which is i understood literally, it's run, run, and hes asking people on the beach to run. because i think maybe he thought maybe the truck has a bomb or something or maybe he is a suicide guy, and he could
8:46 am
explode himself. when i was talking to my friends before i come, i was saying to them, like, we have violence in the middle east in it general. and now there is a violence everywhere, u.s., europe, everywhere. so no place is safe any more. we cannot guarantee. >> again, that is the man who was able to capture the final part of the showdown with authorities. and the terrorist behind the wheel of that refrigerator truck, describing what he saw in the moments when he was able to capture that video. we continue to follow also the breaking news out of new york, where at the top of the hour, donald trump tweeted out, confirming news that was released yesterday by a number of sources that his selection for the vp slot, his running mate, is indiana governor, mike pence. we have the new reaction to the trump tweet, as well as what both donald trump and hillary clinton are saying today
8:47 am
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8:50 am
back to our breaking political news at the top of the hour. donald trump confirmed on twitter that he has chosen indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. trump postponed the official public announcement in new york, he said after the attack in france and joining me now from trump tower in new york city is increase's katie terr. we just got a tweet in, you've seen it as well, i believe from mike pence. >> reporter: yeah, continuing the theme of announcing things on twitter, governor mike pence says he is honored to jo join @realdonaldtrump and work to make america great again. he's pleased to announce that governor mike pence will be his running mate. this is after a lot of speculation and a lot of drama behind the scenes. yesterday, a number of news
8:51 am
outlines including msnbc news reported that the pick most likely to be pence, almost all but sure to be pence with the caveat that donald trump is unpredictable and could change his mind at any moment. that being said, pence was on a plane to new jersey. he stayed overnight in new york city, all signs were pointing to him regardless, donald trump was refusing to name him officially saying that he did not believe it was appropriate after the attacks in france, instead of the ceremony he was going to have today to announce governor pence, he instead decided to send it out on twitter. the ceremony has now been postponed until tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. here in new york city. so far, a good amount of applause from republican leadership about this choice. feeling that -- governor pence is the person that will balance out the ticket for donald trump. that's what they need right now. they need somebody who knows how to legitimate, they need somebody that can smooth relations in washington. they need an anchor to this ship if you will.
8:52 am
donald trump has been nothing but controversial, or anything but, very controversial i should say. the entirety of this campaign. and governor pence is the exact opposite in terms of staying on message. that is not to say that he hasn't had his own controversies. he is a controversial figure himself in indiana at only a 43% approval rating because he signed a controversial religious restoration act bill there that allowed bids to discriminate based on sexual identity saying that if businesses did not agree with that, they didn't have to serve gay or lesbian couples. it was a wedding bill especially for the most part. a lot of lgbt groups pushed back on that in response, governor pence seemed to back away from that and then he got the accusations of turncoating from the religious rights. so he himself is controversial in indiana, but the campaign believes that that will not be a problem going forward afterall,
8:53 am
this is a national campaign, not a local campaign in indiana. >> all right, katie, thank you, and by the way marco rubio tweeting out great choice. critical of donald trump and there the bad blood between them pretty extensive actually. coming up, family and friends member the two americans that are reportedly killed in the niese attack. we'll have the latest on their identity and heart breaking story, we'll be right back. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science.
8:54 am
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amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. these are live pictures from the promenade in nice, france, 5:56 p.m., not long ago we witnessed the white refrigerator truck used in this terror attack. we watched it be removed by authorities from the area. you see there, it looks like police standing by on the corner very different scene than what we all witnessed in the video
8:57 am
that's played out over and over in the minds i think of everyone whose seen it at this point. and today, friends and family members are remembering the american father and his little boy. they were killed last night. sean and brodie copeland. nbc's charles hadlock joins with more on this family and the devastation they face now. >> reporter: hi yes, 51-year-old sean copeland and his 11-year-old son brodie are from near austin. they were on a family vacation to france and they were walking along the promenade last night when that truck ran over them in that mile-long road of death along the seashore. family members issued a statement overnight saying, quote, we are heartbroken and in shock over the loss of brodie copeland, an amazing son and brother who lit up our lives. and sean copeland a wonderful husband and father. they are so loved. the family also posted this photo on facebook of the two
8:58 am
standing on a baseball diamond. they were avid baseball fans. in fact, sean copeland was the co-coach of his son's little league team. jason dixon who coached along with sean on the hill country baseball team is in shock over his friend's loss. >> sean had that, always had a smile on his face. he had a bubbly personality, always upbeat. every time we were around, his attitude and personality was infectious. and it rolled off on me as an adult, but obviously the kids. and he was a natural when it came to youth sports. >> reporter: and tamron, someone posted on facebook today, no one deserves this type of fate. you were in our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers, rest in peace, brodie and sean. you will be remembered by many. tamron. >> all right, charles, thank you very much. and a programming note, lester holt has just arrived in france and will host nbc nightly news live from nice tonight. that is on your local nbc
8:59 am
station. and thank you so much for watching this hour of "msnbc live" i'm hatamron hall. we're going to turn it over to andrea mitchell. both of breaking news, one out of obviously nice and the development of donald trump selecting his running mate. let's turn it over to "andrea mitchell reports." >> thank you so much, tamron. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," terror strikes again. france suffering it's third major terror attack in less than two years. on a family day bastille celebrations that turned into a killing day. >> we heard shooting and saw people that were all running this way. >> i saw mothers picking up their baby, trampling their strollers just to get out of the way as quickly as possible. and then we started hearing gunshots go off. >> can't let them win. can't let the terrorists win. >> the world responds.
9:00 am
secretary of state john kerry condemning the attack during counterterror meetings in moscow. >> we certainly join with you in expressing our absolute importance for the incredible carnage that took place in nice yesterday. the problem is that you and i and other foreign ministers and leaders of countries are now doing this almost on a weekly basis. and the apprentice, after leaving mike pence twisting in the wind for 24 hours -- >> i haven't made my final, final decision. i mean, i've got three people that are fantastic. so, you know, but i haven't made a final, final decision. >> donald trump finally does make it official, elsewhere? on twitter, today. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington where we are watching the latest developments out of nice.


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