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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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secretary of state john kerry condemning the attack during counterterror meetings in moscow. >> we certainly join with you in expressing our absolute importance for the incredible carnage that took place in nice yesterday. the problem is that you and i and other foreign ministers and leaders of countries are now doing this almost on a weekly basis. and the apprentice, after leaving mike pence twisting in the wind for 24 hours -- >> i haven't made my final, final decision. i mean, i've got three people that are fantastic. so, you know, but i haven't made a final, final decision. >> donald trump finally does make it official, elsewhere? on twitter, today. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington where we are watching the latest developments out of nice. french officials gave an update
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into the attack. here's what we know at this hour. 84 people are dead, ten of those are children and teens. hundreds more are injured, 52 critically. after an attacker rammed a truck into a crowd of thousands watching beachside fireworks for bastille day. the attacker is aftered as a 31-year-old mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel from tutunisia. officials are moving the truck from the scene. we have our team of reporters and experts covering every angle of the story. we are on the ground in nice, and we begin with nbc chief global correspondent bill neely who has the latest on the investigation, bill. >> reporter: good afternoon, andrea. you join me on the street where this atrocity began. the truck about 300 yards behind me where it came to it's final resting place. as you said, the french
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prosecutor, the main prosecutor has just finished a news conference in which he gave all the latest detail us. summarize a few more, 84 dead, among them ten children or teenagers, 202 injured, 52 of them critical. the french president said, those people were hovering between life and death. the driver, mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel rented the truck three days. he picked it up yesterday just a few hours before he got in behind the steering wheel and started to come up this street. francios said he drove two kilometers, well over a mile, mile and a half, on the way he shot at three policemen at a hotel just there. they responded and pursued him. eventually shot and killed him. and he was found in the passenger's seat. also in the vehicle were found a fake handgun and two fake assault rifles. we've discovered also that the suspect was sentenced to six
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months in prison for violence this year, but he still hadn't managed to go to jail or may have been an appeal. we wornt told about that. he was not under surveillance from french intelligence. and the prosecutor was saying obviously they are trying now the to find out if there were any accomplices to that man. i've also come from an interview about half hour ago with the mayor of nice. phillip tredell, he's been with french president hollande today. he said the truck at one point was driving at around 70 miles an hour. so when you hear that detail, and you know that it's plowed into hundreds and hundreds of people, you can see why the death toll is so high. the mayor said he believed between 15 and 20 children and teenagers were dead. so an absolutely appalling event and many, many people, andrea, clearly fighting for their lives here. >> horror story, indeed.
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bill neely, thank you, janet khanly, i understand you were not far away. your reporting overnight and again today on what you found when you got to the scene. >> reporter: u, having watched the fireworks from a small village in the foothills above nice, and then hearing of the devastation and the carnage and this terror just hours later, andrea, i got here at about 2:00 in the morning and people were still walking around in shock. the streets were deserted, there were hundreds of police officers still on the streets at that time. and people just sitting in a hotel lobby where the hotel had brought blankets and put them around these folks. not because they were injured, just because they just were staring off into space. and needed a quiet place to collect their thoughts. and now the thousands who have come out on such a gorgeous day, but an area of tragedy and
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darkness hanging over it all. now we know there are two victims from texas. they are sean and brodie copeland. they are from the austin area, community called lakeway. and we heard from a friend of theirs just a short time ago, here's what he had to say. >> sean had that always had a smile on his face. he had a bubbly personality. always upbeat. it's a tragedy what's going on in our world today. it is unbelievable. and for it to hit as close as it did last week in dallas, ft. worth, and then this week to his prosper, it's devastating. >> reporter: and that was jason dixon, a friend of the family, he also told us offcamera that this family had actually been on kind of a three hop vacation in europe and they had just come from running with the bulls. and the other folks from the united states we've talked to, probably like me, getting text
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messages and e-mails and calls all day from friends who know that we are here. and that we come here every july. and are we safe? and, you know, it's just after orlando and i missed dallas, but now here, it's almost too much. it's just one after another in terms of the coverage lately. we're following it from here what you see behind me is still an active crime scene investigation. they just in the last 90 minutes moved the vehicle, it's still in the area, but not in the original place and there is a lot of investigation going on behind me. andrea, back to you. >> janet khanly, thank you so very much. and a man in new york, what do we know? there's been no claim of responsibility, people are supposing isis because of what else has happened in france and the last two years alone. and because nice is a departure point from foreign fighters going to syria for training and for returning. >> yeah, andrea, we're learning more about this attacker and in
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fact we've been able to confirm these images. this is the first time we're putting on air the photo of this attacker that nbc news confirmed. we know that the suspect or attacker, the dead attacker now is known as mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel. a man of tunisia decent, we believe he's carrying a french residency status which is the equivalent of a green card or permanent residency within france. what we've learned about this individual just in the last couple of hours, he's a 31-year-old and according to to the french prosecutors, we are hearing there from bill neely, no known ties to foreign terrorist organizations that would have put him on the radar of french and european intelligence officials. that is according to to the french prosecutor who gave a briefing a short while ago, but we've also learned that given his tunisia heritage, his name has been given to tunisian security officials for them to cross reference with any data bases and intelligence information they have. so far, nothing has come up.
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they are interviewing his family in tunisia. according to a senior tunisian source, they believe that he has travelled to france or travelled to france in 2005, obtained his residency through marriage. that again is according to a tunisian official who is working on that this case from his end of the investigation. but as you noengsed and as i bill neely there was also reporting, the as i tackers background, his profile is slowly coming into light. some of these this based on reporting that nbc has not yet independently verified that he was a father, previously divorced, some of his neighbors have been quoted in both local french media saying that he was not known to be a religious man. that he had a financial problems and was not known to belong to any particular radical group. and you brought up the question, is there any claim of responsibility? so far, there has not been a credible claim of responsibility, what we have seen a lot of isis fan boys, if you will, celebrating this and
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encouraging this, but no credible claim of responsibility from either isis or perhaps other groups capable of carrying out similar attacks on europeans like al qaeda and what have you. >> thank you so much. and joining me now is the ambassador from france to the united states, mr. ambassador, our condolences. >> it's devastating. >> it is devastating. i know you cancelled the best deal celebration last night of course, but the fact that this happened on a holiday, this is obviously a plan, this does not sound like a lone wolf. what do we know about the investigation? you've confirmed that he was tunisia with a green card, not a french citizen by any means. and that his spouse is also being questioned, is under arrest. >> his face is questioned now. you know, you know, just had
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suspended sentence for violence three or four months ago. the part now we are investigating is computer. to see whether he has been in contact with isil or he has not been in contact with isil to know whether he was, what we call self-radicalized. because for us, in terms of intelligence, it was totally unknown from our services. and in a sense he's the most danger fright for us. you know, these self-radicalized guys who suddenly decide to kill. >> and killing with a 19-ton truck in the middle of a celebration with families and children, i mean the horror of all of that on your national holiday. a four-day weekend in fact. let's talk about the military response because what president hollande announced last night was that three month extension of the state of emergency. >> yes. >> but also a military
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riization, tell me about the calling up of what we would call the reserves. >> yes because, you know, our police, and our armed forces actually sees the last attacks in france have been extremely active. they are protecting a lot of sides and especially all the jewish sides in france because -- >> another place. >> and recently there was, you know, the big you're row soccer tournament throughout france. so in a sense, we are nearly, our secretary forces are tied. are exhausted. so since we have to keep the same level of emergency, we are going to call some reserve to reinforce them. >> it would be as though we are calling up the national guard. you are calling up the military. they're not police. >> exactly. >> they're not like the civilian police. >> yes. >> and you are calling them up. you are military rising borders
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presumably as well as public spaces. >> no, we have been doing it since november, last november. unfortunately when you go to a lot of french cities you see french soldiers in the streets. in front of the synagogue, you see french soldiers. so we have a very high level to ensure the sec security of our citizens. the reserve would be, it will be easier to face this challenge. >> you spoke about how hard it is to identify this self-radicalized or lone wolf if he wasn't directed and we don't know this at this point, nice has become a hot spot because of immigration and because of the access, the location in the south of france. let's talk about that. >> it's a fact that, you know, we have identified in nice a sort of, you know, really --
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some agitators and sending young guys from nice to syria. so there is a very significant numbers of youth who went from nice to syria. as you know, we have two threats in terms of terrorism. the guys who are in syria, when they come back radicalized, military rised and the second one, self-radicalized people. after what happened yesterday, it was the self-cad radicalized model. we have to check whether this terrorist was in contact with the other groups. >> and do we think there's an isis correction. what is the french intelligence telling you. >> for the moment, we have no hint about an isil, isis connection, but what we see is that he has acted the way, you know, really isis was calling the people to do. you know, using a track, using a car to kill innocent passer
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byes. >> ambassador, thank you very much, and again, we are so terribly sorry and we grieve with you and the people of france. >> thank you very much. it's endless. and it's very tough, but we are resilient, we overcome. >> you are, if anything, resilient, indeed, thank you. >> thank you very much. and coming up, well it's official, donald trump tapping indiana governor mike pence as his running mates. the latest and the reaction next here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. out nut, am i right? i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut.
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and more breaking news today in new york donald trump ending all of the vice presidential speculation in true trump fashion with a tweet. he said quote, i am pleased to announce that i have chosen governor mike pence as my vice presidential running mate.
9:18 am
news conference tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. joining me now is katie tur outside trump tower, kelly o'donnell in cleveland and chuck todd moderator of "meet the press" here with me. katie tur, trump tower, now the location. donald trump is in in new york, mike pence is in new york. might we see or hear anything from either of them today after this, shall we say, unseemly rollout yesterday where mike pence was on, it was off, and then the candidate himself on television last night phoning in and saying well, not so fast. that not have been comfortable for a sitting governor who flew to new york and had a deadline to withdraw from his governor's race today. >> reporter: no, certainly. uncomfortable and awkward few hours, waiting to find out if donald trump would in fact announce what he was expected to announce, that it would be indiana governor mike pence. of course as you said, going on
9:19 am
fox news last night and saying that he was still deciding well past the time that he was allegedly, allegedly already decided. we are getting a first look, andrea, at the new logo, it's trump/pence, make america great again. including a campaign ad showing governor pence talking about making america great again and being forceful in the favor of donald trump. will we see them today together? that is the big question. i don't belief we will see them together, outside, on the street, or at a public event, but there is a possibility that governor pence will show up here at trump tower at some point today. there are rumors of a 2:00 p.m. meeting here at trump tower. so he could be walking in here to meet with donald trump privately as of now, the announcement is scheduled, the official announcement and the rollout and the appearance together is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. tomorrow in midtown manhattan. >> and kelly o'donnell, you're
9:20 am
reporting from cleveland on what was happening last night all of the networks, we were all reporting it was going to be mike pence, he was seen on the plane landing at the private airport coming into town. and at the same time, donald trump having lost control of this rollout is watching it, you know, from los angeles and is getting increasingly annoyed, for instance, by the head lionels in the indiana newspapers in indianapolis, clearly from the reporters in the political coverage group who have long known the governor and before that congressman, getting annoyed by the leaks. >> reporter: well my reporting andrea says that donald trump found himself in an unusual place, and that's not the one in control of the media news cycle. he had agreed to be in california for fundraising, and he was watching the events unfold from his beverly hills home. and i'm told he was irritated by the leaks and the fact that this had gotten away from him. i'm even told that there was
9:21 am
more to it in terms of still some resistance on his part to nail down pence as the choice. great respect for pence, sees the benefits of it, but had not really bought on himself. and so, that's debatable now, the major is set. they are going forward, but there was apparently real distress over not being able to tell the story himself and also some, some concern as it's been described to me about a very conventional choice for an unconventional candidate. and that there was some concern that that didn't fit his brand. and there were others in the party who said that's exactly what he needed. and so i think this will be a real question to watch going forward, how often will they appear together? will they campaign together? will they be on the same page? andrea? >> all of that questions for chuck todd. chuck, let's talk about this rollout because there was clearly a division in the ranks for the heart and mind of the candidate, donald trump, and also an awkwardness because he
9:22 am
felt some loyalty to his surrogates, newt gingrich and chris christie, and he had not yet called them to say they didn't get it when this was all being leaked. >> i find who's fascinating about this, and this is why so many republicans are relieved or happy about the pence pick is that this is the first time that political strategists, in trump's orbit have convinced him to do something that he initially wasn't instinctive. not just manafort, off lot of professional people, reince priebus who looked around, here's how mike pence can help you. looking for somebody that's been in washington, social conservatives like. he fit the profile of what republicans believed are trump needed to unite the republican party, but his own kids knew, i think know that there was, there is this friction between head and heart. and trump knows what worked for him was running against people
9:23 am
like mike pence. that's the irony here. mike pence is the epitome of who trump is, former leader in congress, governor who's gone along with bad trade deals, tdp, gone along with bad military advice -- >> criticized him on the muslim ban. >> this is in some ways pence represents every republican he ran against. you can bring on an uncomfortable and find successful. that friction can show itself on the trail, and that's obviously what they want to show. spence the only member of this ticket that you'll see campaigning with senate candidates in florida, colorado, so i do believe that's why republican officials are so relieved. >> he can also go to wall street in the donor place. >> very close with the koch
9:24 am
brothers, i don't know if they're going to change their tune. >> and the clinton reaction is he's doubling down on planned parenthood and other liberal progressive groups already bouncing. they have shown the whole record of mike pence on lgbt issues, they're trying to gin up their base. let's talk quickly, she's been having vice presidential vetting meetings at her house in washington today, we know others are there, the cars going in and out last night, the tryout with tim kaine. you've got tim kaine, the possibility of tom vilsak. looking for someone who would not cost them a senate seat. >> right. >> we're told it's dynamic because there's no perfect candidate. there never is. >> i think it's fair to say there's kaine and vilsak and everybody else. i think the campaign says okay, yes, i get the case for kaine and vilask, but i'd like to
9:25 am
expand the horizon. you get the sense that she is pushing, get me more ideas. that's why ken salazar -- >> and tom paris. >> and i think, as i was told, look, she doesn't -- you guys all think boring and steady is what she's going to do. she doesn't necessarily want to come down to boring and steady, she might want to be provocative. who knows? we'll see. can you imagine if trump goes conventional, and she goes unconventional. >> i'm out of the prediction game. >> yeah, there you go. you and me both. >> chuck todd, see you in cleveland. we'll be there. and up next and on all of that, and up next, of course a shell shocked france reeling from it's third major terror attack in 19 months. this time targeted at families, families with children, celebrating one of the country's biggest holidays. we'll have more next coming up, you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. ♪
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attacks with vehicles with trucks like this is becoming far too common a ritual for me. just recently belgium, turkey, now france, and we need to rededicate ourselves to combatting the terrorist threat to all of our countries. >> homeland security jeh johnson outside the french am baa si here this morning on the challenges of stopping attacks like the one in nice and he was then going to cleveland to serve a security there at the rnc. joining me now is the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, california congressman adam schiff. congressman, thank you very much for joining us up. i mean, the horror of this, we don't know if it's isis or isis-inspired or some other terror group, but it has all the hallmarks of an inspired isis terrorist. >> it certainly does look that way. we had a lot of advance warning that there were foreign fighters returning from iraq and syria to places like france and belgium,
9:30 am
but no warning of a truck-based plot. this may have been someone who's life was falling apart, was inspired by isis, it may have been only an looseness of terms, but nonetheless, enormously devastating. now we have to be worried about copy cats using trucks in the united states and other countries. >> we know that in washington, sadly, since 9/11 and subsequent years, you can't walk on to capitol grounds. you can't drive very easily, you can't walk or drive, you know, very close to the white house or other monuments. we have all of the protections, but what about a 19-ton truck at maximum speed racing through those areas? >> that's hard to stop. it just points out the enormous vulnerabilities when you're in a free and open society. there's no way to harden every target. i think the best we can do is try to make sure we have the best intelligence that we're sharing that information. that we're addressing some of the causes of home grown
9:31 am
radicalism, good relationship between the law enforcement communities and muslim community so we get some notice when people are aware that people are becoming radicalized. you're never going to harden every target. >> and this was the reaction from newt gingrich, i want to get your reaction from what he said last night on fox. >> let me be as blunt and direct as i can be. western civilization is in a war. we should, frankly test every person from here who is of a muslim background, and if they believe in sri ya, they should be deported. it is incompatible wl western civilization. modern muslims, glad to have them as citizens, perfectly happy to have them next door, we need to be fairly relentless about defining who our enemies a are. >> how does that reaction impact the broader muslim-american community in terms of their reactions and their willingness
9:32 am
to be cooperative and rooting out terrorists. >> it's a terrible response. and i think every counterterrorism official will tell you that's exactly what isis wants to hear. they want this to be a clash of civilizatio civilizations. they want to make the case that islam and muslims aren't welcome in the west. and this, you know, i think hail mary pass by gingrich begging for the vice presidential position is exactly the wrong message and deeply destructive. >> now, i do want to ask you, i know off meeting scheduled this afternoon, the committee has a meeting this afternoon, and there has long been a controversy over the saudi allegations of official saudi complicity in 9/11, 28 pages that are going to be declassified, depending on the vote today. the saudis have been briefing us and we've been talking about it. what do you expect? allegations from the former head of the senate intelligence committee, senator graham, whoez been arguing strenuously there
9:33 am
was official saudi involvement and these pages should be released. >> we have, we have received the 28 to 29 pages now from the dni's office, the director of national intelligence and i do expect we'll have a vote later this afternoon and i expect those released after that vote. they don't contain proof of high level saudi involvement. there are more allegations than the police report. they were investigated by the 9/11 commission that came after and they were able to corroborate the information. they were able to show high level links to the saudi government, certainly a lot of smoke, certainly a lot of financing from saudi individuals, but those who are hopeful that those pages contain a smoking gun will be disappointed. >> congressman adam schiff, as always, thank you very much. >> thanks, andrea. and up next, more on the horror in nice. 84 people dead, ten of them children and teens. we'll go live there next right here on msnbc. after a long day,
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everybody having a great time. >> we heard what i thought was fire crackers, and there was a surge of screaming people headed in the opposite direction. >> it was quite a harrowing scene to be honest. i saw one guy sobbing, crying, people holding babies, mothers, it was horrendous. >> updating now the terror attack in nice. here is what we know at this hour. the police have identified the as i tacker at mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel born in tunisia, living in france. not being investigated by frenchs intelligence, he was known as a pet advertise criminal with a suspended sentence we learned for some violence. from the french ambassador telling us this hour.
9:38 am
so far there's been no claim of responsibility for the attack. joining me now is the white house correspondent, and christopher dickey, msnbc contributor and world news editor of the daily beast. christopher, what do you know from nice as this investigation continues at the scene? >> well, i think they're curious to know what kind of inspiration this man had or may have had from abroad. collecting jihadist literature. obviously whether he was in touch with anybody who's part of an organization like so the-called islamic state or al qaeda. so far, we don't have any indication that that's the case. the people that have been talked to in his neighborhood so far are saying no, this was just a troubled guy. he was a very violent, had a violent temper, may have been involved some talk he may have been in the middle of a divorce with his wife. the mother of his children. all of that suggests that he was
9:39 am
not only a lone wolf, but what some terror analysts call a stray dog. just a guy out to commit violence and go out and in a blaze of glory, or at least his idea of glory. but, if he was working in any fashion with the islamic state or al qaeda, the french want to know about it. and there are little concern that he was never on their radar as a terrorist at all, and he's carried out an act here killing 84 people. that's about as bad as any in the history of france. >> and in fact, your information is that they were warnings of some sort of a beach attack and the question now is, is that this attack or is there something else planned? >> yeah, the french intelligence was warning us about the possibility of an attack on the beach like it happened a couple months ago in tunisia where someone took a gun and began to fire on people on the beach. so they don't know if it was an attack because we don't know a
9:40 am
lot about this man. what we know, if i can give you this information, two years ago, he had a kind of verbal altercation, a verbal dispute with someone in the street, and he took a wood stick and he began to strike the person and he was arrested, but it was not at all involved in any type of terrorist activities. >> and accordingly, they don't know enough about him, he wasn't on their radar. so french intelligence now are dealing with the possibility that they don't know if there is a cell or if this is, as you said, a stray dog. >> well, yeah, they really don't know. and that, that disturbs them. the people in french intelligence and counterterror that i've been talking to, they're worried that there'd be a guy who could this violent, this destructive, this deadly, and they never would have had him, they never would have had
9:41 am
an s-file on his as they call it. a suspicious person file as a part of a terrorist organization. so, i think that there's a lot of concern, and there's also concern that even if this guy acted alone, even if he was just a nut case who got it in his head that he should do this horrible act, it can inspire other people. they see that this is the kind of thing that gets a lot of attention, and you can use a truck, you can use a vehicle to kill a lot of people. in fact, there was an incident like this, several months ago or a year ago i think it was in leon where there were a lot of people injured, no people killed. and there's been many presences of this in rally. once you have a precedent like this, there's a risk that there'll be a lot of copy cats. >> and just briefly, you were so speaking so eloquently last night with brian williams on our air about what this means on the bastille day weekend. this is attacking the french as
9:42 am
they're celebrating their national holiday and -- >> yes. it has been a tough year for the french. and there was sigh of relief that maybe the stuff here was going to be over there there were multiple attacks in france, bataclan, "charlie hebdo," brexit, demonstrations about the economy crisis, and yesterday, for july 14, there was a sense of it's going to be over and summer arrives and we're going to celebrate liberty and equality. and it was not the case. and tonight, when i spoke with some french people because it's already almost 6:00 in paris and all over france, the french are very sad. what's next? what's going to happen? are we at war? is it going to be fronts? nobody knows, and the french intelligence people are extremely worried.
9:43 am
>> thank you both so very much. and donald trump. he has selected indiana governor mike pence to be his running mates. the ticket will appear together at a rally in new york city tomorrow. more on that coming up on msnbc.
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and reaction to the breaking news today from the trump campaign, indiana governor mike pence joining the republican ticket after 24 hours of rampant political speculation. former mississippi governor haley barber served as chairman of both the republican governor's association and the republican national committee. haley, great to see you, thank you very much for joining us from cleveland. >> thanks, a andrea. >> we'll be heading there tomorrow. let's talk about the way this was rolled out. you had governor pence sitting in a hotel room. the candidate, drup going on fox last night saying well he wasn't quite sure, hadn't really decided, hasn't notified newt
9:47 am
gingrich or chris christie, they were both great guys. awkward? in the least? >> well, look, i just take it in face value. he had kind of a hard deadline because today is the day that pence would have to get out of the governor's race if he were the vice presidential nominee. so we knew as long as pence was in the running the likelihood is today would be the day and of course had to be the day if pence was the choice as he has been. >> and what about the choice and what does it tell you about donald trump's priorities and what do you think as a great judge of politicalness of the team now? what does pence bring that the other two would not have brought? >> pence has been in state government and the federal government. he was a congressman, a well-regarded congressman for a number of years. successful governor. indiana's got the strongest economy of any of the industrial
9:48 am
midwestern states. and of course that's, that's an important thing, but i think the biggest thing that trump probably picked him for, i mean, i'm not privied to his thinking, but he is a religious conservative who is very well known, very well regarded in that community, and that was a place, perhaps, that trump thought here's somebody that can really be a very active and effective spokesman for me and a symbol for me in that community. >> governor, what about the compatibility issue. clearly he was closer to both chris christie and newt gingrich, both of them would be better, quote, attack dogs, going after hillary clinton and getting you should the skin of the democrats. what about the not having that factor in the equation? >> well, it's a very personal choice. you say, and i think rightly that trump has known christie for many, many years, and gingrich, he knows much better,
9:49 am
i believe, than he knows mike pence, but obviously saw something in pence that he thought would be an effective positive for his campaign, and as i say, to me, not knowing his inside thinking, that probably is attractive to religious conservatives could be very effective in that community. >> now this announcement was made on twitter. rather than having the joint press conference with all of that, does that take away some of the impact? what do you think of the use of social media and twitter to announce your vice presidential choice? >> there's much more, that's not just trump who uses social media. when the clinton administration has everybody knew they would immediately starting started attacking pence, they did a lot of that on social media. so it's the world works that way. but look, here's the thing that struck me about all of this as really unusual in my career in politics. the clinton campaign didn't wait
9:50 am
ten secos, they had obviously been prepared to attack pence. and i think the message there is that clinton's campaign knows she can't be elected because people want her to be president. she can't run on her record, she can't run on the results of the obama administration's policy in a general election like she did in the democratic primaries. so what they're going to do, and you saw it today, attack, attack, attack, attack. this campaign for the clinton campaign is not going to be about why hillary clinton ought to be president, it's going to be why donald trump ought not to be. because she can't win if the campaign is about her record and her results. >> well, by the same token, i'm reporting now as well that they're about to announce that former president bill clinton, obviously, but president obama and joe booiden and michelle obama, these are all big political names speaking at the democratic national convention. at the republican national
9:51 am
convention, you've got 60% or more are family, friends, and trump friends and relatives. and no former presidents coming to the republican national convention? doesn't that tell you a lot of the former candidates, the governor, governor kasich of ohio, not coming tote rnc. it tells you that the republican convention party is divided still over donald trump. >> well, it tells you there's going to be a very different kind of convention, and let's face it, a lot of the american people want a big, big change in washington, two-thirds of americans say our country's going in the wrong direction. so maybe having a new kind of convention, a different kind of convention is a smart thing to do because the american people are looking for change. this is an election about change, and there's hardly ever been a candidate for president in my lifetime who is less about change than hillary clinton. >> okay, thanks so much, see you out there in cleveland. >> thank you.
9:52 am
>> see you this week. thank you, governor. and coming up, protecting the homeland, security jeh johnson visiting cleveland today. reviewing the convention security measures. we'll get an update right here on msnbc. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners.
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9:55 am
the tragedy in france placing a renewed emphasis on the security at next week's republican convention. nbc's jacob rascon is live in cleveland, jacob. >> reporter: and andrea, of course as we know this is top of mind for security officials. today, jeh johnson is visiting cleveland. he wants to overview the security preparations they have among those things, they have the steel fences you're going to see behind me and overnight, new barriers to the concrete barriers you're going to see across the street. eventually this will connect and be for some of the shuttles that are going to be going back and forth. we are right on the barrier of the border where the secret service secure zone will be. one thing to keep in mind is that in cleveland, they've been
9:56 am
prepared for all sorts of scenarios. the clinic, the hospital we just visited said they were prepared for mass casualty events from gunshot wound victims to a blast to even radiation. and as well, we know the officers have been preparing for all types of scenarios. something like mace, this attack in france, while it's fresh in mind and while of course it makes it more real, they've been preparing for something like that, the possibility of that kind of an attack for some time. andrea. >> jacob on all of the reparations, thank you so much. and much more ahead right here on "andrea mitchell reports." we'll be right back. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier.
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better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tonight tune into a special edition of nbc nightly news, lester holt live from nice. starting monday, we'll be live from cleveland with full team coverage of the republican national convention. brian williams is up next right here on msnbc.
10:00 am
dallas. nice. you're an american hero, are you going to go to a venue again? >> yeah. can't let them win. can't let the terrorists win. brian williams with you here from new york. one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline anywhere in the world. the promenade that goes along the mediterranean in that beautiful city last night of course, after the fireworks turned into bedlam and we now know, we knew more with the first light in nice and we know with the passage of several hours as we look at video of that white refrigerated truck as it made it's way down over the prompter which was closed to vehicular traffic. the death toll stands at 84, 202 injured, 52 o


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