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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> where are we going to begin? >> day one. >> where else? >> it was bare bones, nerve-racking. >> i can't believe it's been 20 years. >> msnbc was such a cutting-edge place. >> wow. favorite msnbc memory. >> she does not have a short memory. i have a short memory. >> thank you so much, reverend. >> thank you. good to be with you this morning. i'm frances rivera in new york. three big stories, breaking stories this morning. first in turkey, a declaration from the president today that a coup attempt has failed. there is plenty of new information out this hour on what's happening. in france, new questions about the suspect in the deadly truck attack. did he have ties to isis? word from that terror group a short time ago. in politics, for the first time since the donald trump announcement, we are hearing from his vp pick. new reaction this morning to the latest in the presidential race.
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we begin with breaking news out of turkey where tensions remain high after a night of explosions, air battles and gunfire. the prime minister says 161 people died in overnight clashes and nearly 3,000 detained. these images broadcast around the world showing dozens of soldiers walking monk tanks surrendering to government forces. lucy, tell us about the situation on the ground right now. >> reporter: good morning, frances. now, i've been working my sources all night, all morning. i can tell you right now the streets are calm, deserted in istanbul. knoll like the mayhem we saw through the night with the tanks, demonstrators on the streets. we kept hearing the sound of gunfire, the overwhelming roar
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of military jets drowning out our conversations. mosques were blasting messages through the loud speakers, calling on supporters of erdogan to take to the streets. and erdogan addressing the media on facetime. yilidrim vowing that those responsible will pay a heavy price for their trees on. heavy words there. people i have spoken to in turkey were stunned by this, terrified really. nobody saw some coming. turkey no stranger to coups. erdogan was seen as having brought the military under his control. he had appointed senior commanders who were loyal to him, purging the higher ranks of those he felt were a threat. a statement from the military last night said they were act to go restore democracy and human rights. mr. erdogan, who has been in
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power nearly 14 years now, has been accused of taking on a authoritarian streak, jailing critics, shutting down newspapers, dogged by corruption allegations. a very divisive figure. there is almost no in between there. so the danger that we have here is even though the coup appears to be contained, you have a divided public. according to turkish media, calling through sms for people to take to the streets in a show of strength. containing these emotions will be critical not just for the stability of the country but of the region. frances. >> we know that president erdogan called for people to
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take to the streets. is he still at the airport? >> he apparently left the airport in the last hour. we have heard reports he was hiding in the lounge, the vip lounge overnight. again, just to emphasize the bizarre images we saw, this is very much a 21st century coup. never before in the history i think of these kinds of events have we seen a sitting president speaking to the nation villa via facetime. it would traditionally been broadcast and controlled by the military. here we saw the bypass through the really stunning videos of erdogan using facetime to communicate with the people. it wasn't just that. we saw mosques calling on people to take to the streets in parts of the country. that leads to the religious
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versus secular divide, which is also an issue in the country. the military traditionally seen as a secular defender of secular values. er juan more . >> we heard the twiced address they were blaming it on a military. nic, what has been the administration's reaction to this coup attempt? >> nobody was more surprised at this coup attempt than the u.s. government, including president obama and secretary of state kerry, who is meeting with counter parts in moscow. even the russians were taken by total surprise. there was a frantic call to the u.s. government from some of the turkish officials, government
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officials, who said, look, we're under attack by portions, a small portion of our own military. and we need a pledge of support for the u.s. so it was a very short time after that that both president obama and secretary of state kerry released statements pledging allegiance and support to the democratically elected government of turkey. now, we are told by u.s. officials that it appears it was a very small part of the turkish military that launched this coup attempt and there were no senior military chiefs on the side of those rebels i guess you would call them attempting to overthrow the government through a coup. at this point u.s. military officials and government officials are pretty satisfied that the coup has been suppressed.
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how and when things return to normal, is is anybody's guess. >> when you look at the united states and turkey, talk about that and the position the president was in and having to support the government during this coup and the implications in the fight against isis. >> well, if you talk to u.s. government officials, this was a no-brainer. this was a democratly-elected government. despite previous issues that the u.s. government with erdogan, his reluctance, for example, to allow u.s. military aircraft to fly out of that base in the far southeastern part of turkey, to aid in the war against isis in both syria and iraq. but ultimately erdogan did give in on that issue and has been more supportive in the past in terms of u.s. and coalition efforts in the fight against
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isis. there were brief moments of tension. the u.s. military went to the highest death con alert, delta. that is considered to be the highest threat against military forces, as a precautionary measure. and the turkish base commander shut down all base operations, including u.s. and coalition aircraft operations for 25 minutes. understandably, according to military officials, because that commander had to figure out what was going on in his own country. but after 25 minutes, those air operations continued and continue today, including some of the bombing missions and some of the air support for the iraqi forces in the northern part of iraq. and in efforts to support those coalition or the rebel forces taking on isis there in syria.
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so everything according to the u.s. military. there was very little impact. 25 minute delay. everything was back to normal. and those operations continue as we speak. >> no doubt some tense moments even with the u.s. embassy urging u.s. citizens to shelter in place and is stay put. thank you so much, reporting from the white house. >> you bet, frances. >> new reaction from indiana governor mike pence. he is speaking for the first time since donald trump tweeted he had been chosen as his running mate. he aligned himself on issues they disagreed on in the past, like trade deals and the iraq war. >> i think when we elect one of the best negotiators in the world as president of the united states, i'm open to renegotiating these trade agreements. >> i think reasonable people can differ on whether or not we should have gone into iraq. where donald trump and i are in
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strong agreement, is barack obama's precipitous withdrawal from iraq. >> the vp announcement comes two days before the start of the rnc convention in cleveland. while they were inside wrapping up last minute prep like blowing up balloons, protesters, including the group stand together against trump, were directly across the street holding up banners like this one. stop trump, stand against racism, anti-immigrant and anti-muslim attacks. on the democrat side, hillary clinton met with three potential running mates. senator elizabeth warren and john hippen looper. shane gold macker is a senior political reporter for politico.
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appreciate you being with me as we get started. one poses it this way, asking this question. did trump just make a huge mistake in choosing pence as his running mate? what's the reaction from insiders about donald trump's vp selection? >> insiders have been very pleased with mike pence. conservative republicans, servicing the house. what insiders don't like is is how donald trump made this decision. they feel like it has been botch. yesterday they did very little to defend mike pence. the public was learning he was going to be on the national ticket. they didn't have surrogates about him. they didn't talk about the highlights of his record. he was left defenseless by the trump campaign. >> sources telling nbc news, later in the midnight hour he was working the phones, upset
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is, not happy with the way this rollout came about. i want to play an interview he gave katy tur. let's listen to that. >> while the news was leaking, was he frustrated by it? >> the news wasn't leaking. people were making educated guesses. but nobody knew. >> trump sourcing says the pick was pence. >> they were making educated guesses. those who said pence were correct. >> so the sources were guessing? >> nobody knew who he was going to select other than him and one or two people. i wasn't telling anybody. >> when was it official? >> it was official today when he announced it. >> so you have all of of readiness. do you get a seasons with pence on the ticket he will be able to force the campaign to be more structured? >> picking a vice president is
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considered the most important decision a presidential nominee makes. and donald trump signaled unsteadiness around this decision. multiple news outlets reported after midnight when it was reported pence would be picked, he was on the phone talking about could he possibly get out of the pick. first, the fact that it was leaked is is remarkable. there are discussions about you having second thoughts. yes, he could bring structure to the campaign. his own team based in indiana and washington. he has had so many years of political service. but the campaign is is ultimately run by mr. trump. he does not appreciate too much structure in his life when it comes to decision-making processes. >> it worked so far him in this sense. that may continue. i have to ask you about this rally. governor pence returns to indiana for that. trump will not be in attendance.
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is that unusual to say, yes, there is an announcement but they're not even together after the announcement. is that odd? >> there's so many things about this, like i said, that have raised questions for republican operatives and insiders. i was getting unsolicited e-mails yesterday about the idea he is going to indiana. one place he doesn't need an in troe deduction is indiana. you're going to see presumably swing states with hillary clinton, joint appearances. instead, he is rolling him on out in indiana and then on his own. >> shane, thank you so much.
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welcome back. i'm frances rivera in new york. there are a lot of new developments in the bastille day terrorist attack. now to my colleague chris jansing live in nice, france. chris. >> we do have breaking news that developed overnight on the east coast of the united states, which is that five people have now been detained in the investigation to exactly what happened in nice. four are men. three taken into custody just this morning. one last night. and the ex-wife of the attacker, mohamed bouhlel is is being held for questioning. you can see what is going on here. along the road exactly where this happened. as i step aside, you can see
4:19 am
that the crowd has been growing throughout the morning. it is now afternoon here in nice. 84 people they are mourning who died here along this. 202 remain in the hospital. 25 of them are in intensive care. among those who were injured are three students from uc berkeley. and as of last night, that university out in california was reporting that one student remained missing. there's also claims of responsibility by isis. and we want to talk more about that. joining me now is malcolm in answer with the a similar metrics. they are calling him a soldier is of the islamic state. what do you make of that? >> when isis uses the term soldier of the caliphate, that
4:20 am
means they recognize that individual was either working for them or carried out an act in their name. san bernardino attackers acquired that term. and so do many others, like the paris attackers. so that tells you that isis is at least taking responsibility for the aftermath of this. the question is how did they inspire him. what exact role did isis play in this? >> well, we have seen they have gone into two different apartments. one is the apartment he shared with his ex-wife and his three children. the second apartment, the one where he has lived, according to neighbors, since she kicked him out. they will look at computers. did he go to any web sites. what kind of communication he had. he was not on the radar, no terror lists and french officials weren't aware of him.
4:21 am
>> there are two types of lone wolf terrorists. there are known wolves, they have had a relationship with terrorism or people supporting extremism. and this guy who is an unknown wolf. someone who has carried out an act. that's why the french police are doing these raids on the residences. they are trying to build up a biographical and intelligence picture of who he was and at what point did he decide to make this decision and was this enabled by another group or someone externally, or was it all in his mind. >> we have heard from french officials that he was a petty criminal. apparently one of the charges against him was wife beating. that's why his ex-wife or estranged wife kicked him out. nothing that would rise to the level of thinking someone like
4:22 am
this could happen. talk about some of the things they might be asking of the wife and the four people they have detained in the last less than 24 hours. >> well, french law enforcement and french intelligence will have two entirely different sets of questions. law enforcement will do what we call gum shoeing, finding out all the events around the incident and work them back warz, back to who did he have contact with? where did he have contact with those individuals? how was he behaving? what was he doing? french intelligence on the other hand, is going to have a series of questionsis of the ex-wife and the other associates about who was he related with? what did he look at on the internet. did his behaviors suddenly become more erratic? also, the psychological profile of this individual. there's been some speculation in the media that he had a psychological problem.
4:23 am
was he enabled by a group externally who put him up to this incident by letting him use a vehicle that he knew how to operate. those are very sophisticated trucks. you have to know how to drive these things. each of those two groups is going to have different methodologies and questions about what they want. >> malcolm nance, thank you for that. this is the first of three days of official mourning declared by president francois hollande. you see the crowd that is behind me, just imagine on bastille day, crowds all up and down here. an 11-ton truck going through. among the victims, as we have been reporting, a father and son from just outside austin, texas. sean copeland, his 11-year-old son brodie. his family released a statement
4:24 am
saying, our lives, along with so many others in france, have been changed forever. the overwhelming support we have received from friends and strangers has been comforting, and we deeply appreciate your condolences and prayers. the austin newspaper reporting two brothers of the dead are coming here to bring the bodies back home for their funeral. >> so heartbreaking. knowing the family was there to celebrate the mom's 40th birthday. leaked to the media. announced on twitter, being introduced today. donald trump's campaign chair reveals what was going on behind the scenes to announce mike pence as the vp pick.
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new reaction from manafort. here's what he told nbc's katy tur outside trump tower yesterday. >> did they talk about the delay at all? >> no. they both agreed the appropriate thing was to not do the press conference this morning out of respect to the tragedy that happen. and both are ready to make the announcement tomorrow. >> governor pence agreed with him on the muslim ban. did they discuss a way to go forward. even though they are at odds on it. >> they are not at odds on it. >> he called it unconstitutional. >> they agree we have to have conditions in terrorist areas for people who are coming over here. so there's actually a lot more agreement than disagreement. >> did governor pence say we can't use that strong language? we have to be careful with the
4:29 am
words we use on that? >> because he did say it was unconstitutional. >> both agreed we have to have tighter security measures than exist right now. both agree that president obama and hillary clinton have standards too lax and won't protect the country. >> will he have any influence over mr. trump's platform? >> the platform has been adopted. it is very significant this in having the trump stamp on it. we have appeal of the johnson amendment, talks about building the wall, talks about trump's trade position, cutting of taxings. we're very pleased about the platform. >> can you categorically say donald trump was not making phone calls talking about changing his mind? >> the only cause yesterday related to rescheduling things that had to be rescheduled. >> when did he decide on governor pence?
4:30 am
>> he decided in the last couple of days. >> so when governor pence came to new york he knew he was going to be the nominee? >> i don't think he was here for shopping. >> and donald trump knew that he was going to officially pick him? >> yes. >> so why did last night he say he was down to three still? >> because in the process, that's where he was going. he didn't want to announce in advance of today that he had made a decision. >> paul manafort to katy tur on the timeline of donald trump's vp pick. we will talk to katy in a live report later this morning. law enforcement in cleveland on high alert. how the city is preparing for a possible protest and concerns over open carry gun laws. ♪ and these are the lungs.
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welcome back.
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turkey's president is vowing there will be a "heavy price for those behind an attempted military coup which began last night. the president was on on vacation when tanks rolled into the streets, claiming to take control of the country. tens of thousands of supporters heeded calls to take to the streets in support of the government. it is a much calmer scene now across the country. over 100 people were killed during overnight clashes and nearly 3,000 military personnel detained. i want to bring in mustafa, a writer for the "new york times" based in istanbul. thank you for being with me this morning. as we look at this and see the president wasn't there when this coup attempt took place. the united states didn't seem to know about it. how big a surprise was it? >> it was a huge surprise. it started 10:00 p.m. approximately. we saw tanks taking control of
4:35 am
the big bridges. we didn't know if it was a terror alarm. that was the first rumor. it quickly turned out that something else was going on. the prime minister announced a group within the military is trying to take over. and it just lasted for several hours. by morning it turned out that indeed a clique tried to manage a coup. the last thing something like this happened was in 1980. so we thought the coup era was over. but they still tried that. but ultimately the military, the rest of the military was loyal to the government. the police and the whole intelligence and other institutions. plus, the people. millions went out in the streets to protest to the coup makers to get on the tankers. and actually to fight with the soldiers. some people died. we have more than 100 casualties in turkey.
4:36 am
the soldiers fired their guns on police. in some cases, the protesters. but ultimately coup attempt has been diverted. and the military itself, police, they are arresting people affiliated with the coup. 2,000 people arrested right now. the government is blaming a certain group behind this organization. and the members of that group will probably be also arrested, key members, in the days ahead. >> i want to ask you about that. you have president erdogan blamed a cleric imprisoned here in the poconos. >> the government believes, and a lot of people believe in turkey that that group has a lot of people in the police and judiciary and the military. and they were allies until a few years ago.
4:37 am
but then they turned against the government. the government demonized them. and the people involved in coup are expected to be from that group. plus, maybe some hard-core secular nationalists, the gold guard as well. but that group is right at the center of attention. honestly that group should come clean about its covered presence within the turkish bureaucracy, whatever that is. these dark things going on in the state. sometimes it sounds like too much of a conspiracy. and erdogan sometimes does speak in a long wapblg which is paranoid about the world as well. but last night's events prove some were not that wrong. >> well, you have a multi-faceted reasons why. and you have those criticizing president erdogan.
4:38 am
it alienated secular turks. did that play much of a role in this coup attempt? >> there is a big secular position. but the interesting point last night and the positive point is the secular position sided with the government. the main opposition party, chp, the kurdish movement, cnn turk, for example, which is a mainstream news channel, they sided with the government. they said we are with democracy. and i think that's an important thing. i think they gave a good test there. and i think the government, by the way, should understand that, yes, there is a threat in turkey to take over. and the responsible for that should be pursued and brought to justice and punished. but also erdogan should stop seeing half of the country as enemies within.
4:39 am
maybe this is the time for reconciliation and building a more democracy in which will not be defined as a coup attempt. we had the coup attempt, the real attempt. and the government did not go for that. >> mustafa, thank you so much for being with. >> you're welcome. to cleveland ohio, the site of the republican national convention starting two days from now. there has been mounting security concerns particularly in light of the attack in nice, france. jacob, i understand there are plans to enhance security even more now. tell us how. >> reporter: so we talked with the deputy chief yesterday, and he said since two years ago when they won the bid, there have been of course many major attacks. after every one they sit down and review the entire plan and make enhancements according to
4:40 am
what they learned from that specific attack. they did the same thing yesterday morning after the attack in france. they sat down and reviewed their plan. they will make some enhancements. they don't tell where they are, what they are. exempt some areas open public will be closed. some traffic patterns may also be changed. we're just outside quicken loans arena you can tell they are putting up some of the fencing. what we are seeing here is they just met in the middle here. they're going to set up a checkpoint. this is right in front of the arena, which is down the street, which might be able to tell over there. fencing goes miles in that direction. the other direction goes all the way around the secret service secure zone. and around the larger event zone. and inside the secure zone for secret service, no guns are allowed, no weaponry of any kind. and where the protesters will be, guns will be allowed per
4:41 am
state law. but other things like whole fruit will not be allowed, b.b. guns, or steel-tipped umbrellas. to finish it off, i have a couple of good workers who have been setting up this fence all night. as someone from cleveland, what does it mean to have the convention in town? >> good exposure for us. a lot more jobs. >> are there any worries that you have this time around? you have a lot of people coming in. >> no. none. zero. >> all positive for cleveland. >> thank you so much for your time. appreciate it there you have it. last minute prep going up. every night they put up new fences. they will be done by monday. >> jacob rascon in cleveland.
4:42 am
according to that worker, cleveland will shine. homeland security secretary jeh johnson had this to say. >> i am concerned about the prospect of demonstrations getting on it of hand. i am concerned about the possibility of violence. we have within dhs some 3,000 personnel that will be dedicated to the security of the republican national convention and the democratic national convention. >> i want to bring in a member of the council safety committee. sir, thank you for being with me. as we are talking about this, we just heard from a reporter there talking about the increased enhancements when it comes to security. in light of lone wolf attacks, we are talking about dallas. even just recently in these. how do you prepare for that kind of threat? one might not offer any clues or
4:43 am
warnings. >> well, it's hard to prepare for anything of that kind of disaster. here in cleveland, we're readily -- our security is heightened. law enforcement has been beefed up with federal, state, local, county. and we're all hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. >> i have to ask you especially when it comes to the big issue that's been talked about for convention security, especially dealing with ohio's open carry laws. how do you ensure people's safety there when law is working against you in some degree there with the open carry. >> just because we're an open carry state and everybody has the constitutional right to that doesn't mean that you can walk around and brandish that weapon. i can assure you if anybody comes into cleveland exercising their second amendment right, eyes will be on that individual.
4:44 am
we're doing everything we can in order to prepare for that. >> after the situation in dallas, we kno that there are concerns when it comes to certain police departments. and i'm sure you're preparing for that. but you also have the city's police department that's been under federal monitoring for nearly a year here. i want to give you their quote. there has been a pattern and practice of using unreasonable violation in violation of the fourth amendment. are you concerned about police themselves being a security risk in cleveland? >> sure. in light of what happened in dallas, not only do we have the potential republican nominee to protect, but now anybody who is walking around with a badge is a target now. and that's something everybody needs to start being aware of. >> in light of concerned groups saying they will act as vigilantes like the skaul bikers for trump, who say they will be out and armed to protect trump supporters, how will you handle
4:45 am
those groups? >> well, everybody has the right to come in and protest and parade. however, they don't have the right to come in and be unruly or induce panic. although we're going to allow individuals to come in and voice their opinions, they need to do so in a lawful manner. >> all right. cleveland city councilman talking about preparations there in the coming days before the convention. thank you so much. >> thank you, frances. questions about the timing of donald trump's big announcement. will the campaign be more structured moving forward? . i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton
4:46 am
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4:49 am
for a welcome home rally. i want to bring in republican strategist and former with us aide to george w. bush. to both of you, welcome. we get started with you, susan. talking about this, this rollout, we know in reporting that donald from trump was not happy with siding the nice attacks, postponing, and then making the announcement on twitter. was it more about really respect for what happened in nice, or a sign of some unreadiness on the trump campaign? >> well, there was a sign of unreadiness in that rumors were already leaking before what happened in the attack in nice occurred. donald trump was frustrated with the internal leaks. some think it was from mike pence's team. some think it was in donald trump's team. and that really started to aggravate him, from what i've heard. and the nice attack certainly was a good reason to postpone
4:50 am
the attack -- excuse me, postpone the announcement. but at the same time you had a campaign already stirring around, trying to fix things because donald trump was concerned was concerned about t leak and what that means and race concerns about mike pence himself. >> let's talk about that, mike pence and what it will do when it comes to him on the ticket. your take when it comes to governor pence as the running mate here given the fact moments after you had hillary clinton campaign went about and rolled out a minute long video using penced words. how much will that hurt him and how much will pence actually make this ticket a stronger one and filling gaps trump has. >> certainly for the base it will help donald trump. having a guy like mike pence, solid, former republican chairman in the house of representatives, who understands
4:51 am
the legislature, legislate i have branch of government so well really helps him. mike has been a chief executive as governor of indiana. a solid guy. certainly gives conservatives in the party a lot of comfort so that ought to open up the flow of money from conservatives for the trump campaign having mike on the ticket. for purposes of the clinton campaign attacking, not unusual when dan quil nominated for vice presidency he was taking back our neighborhoods also. dukakis campaign spent millions of dollars attacking dan quayle, to no avoile, of course. many times they go after vice presidential candidate it doesn't do the damage they think to the candidate. >> what was kind of shocking on that note, they weren't ready -- the trump campaign wasn't ready to roll out mike pence. they didn't do the positive video, the surrogates to fight back. i think that shows how close they were cutting it.
4:52 am
>> how will this hurt them to both of you in the sense of having to play catchup in terms of they weren't prepared. >> it won't matter. thursday night donald trump will become the party's nominee. the real importance of the vp choice an effective surrogate and do well on the debate in the fall. that's their main job, and i think governor pence will do that well. >> we were just asking about hillary clinton videos, new one showing children watching donald trump's words. less play a little bit of that. >> i love the old days. you know what they used to do what guys like that in a place like this? they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they are bringing drugs, they
4:53 am
are bringing crime, they are rapists. >> joe, what kind of impact will ab ad like that have on him? does trump need to overcome it? >> it's certainly early for an ad like that. certainly looks to be an effective ad, a smart ad on the part of the clinton campaign. at the end of the day, what really matters are who is important battleground states of ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, virginia, and florida, and then whether or not it moves the chains, numbers, that is, in any of those states. right now those are the key states to watch. the battle is close between hillary clinton and donald trump in many of those states. if you see the number changing in those states, the ad is effective. >> talk about money here. hillary clinton outpacing spending by $56 million. how hard is that going to be to play catchup. >> it is hard. donald trump hasn't spent money on ground game operations. that's where he has to make it
4:54 am
up, especially in a few battleground states where governors might not be eager to help donald trump like in ohio or wisconsin, because they will be more focused on u.s. senate races. the trump teams need to raze money to get their operation going because time is running out. >> we'll see that especially with all eyes on this ticket to be formally announced 11:00 eastern time. susan, thank you very much and joe watkins, to both of you, thanks. five people detained, plus one with a close tie to the driver of the bastille day attack and emergency meeting of the leaders being held today.
4:55 am
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the ninl preparation with two days to go. what's being done to keep the city safe? plus more reaction to donald trump's vice presidential pick. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo!
4:58 am
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