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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is "msnbc live" at 8:00 eastern time. three major stories. coup attempt in turkey, noois terror attack and donald trump introduces his running mate. msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin with breaking news out of turkey. a much calmer after the president declared an attempted military coup failed. overnight explosions, gunbattles and air fire that killed 161 350e people. it all started when unidentified faction rolled into the streets claiming to take control. it was quashed by those loyal to the government. tens of thousands of protesters, nearly 3,000 people were detained. lucy cavanaugh with development from the bureau. lucy, update us on the situation
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now. >> reporter: good morning. i've been speaking to people on the ground saying the streets right now are early deserted. almost like nothing happened. minimal security presence, nothing like the mayhem overnight with tanks, soldiers, demonstrators in the streets. i was phone with friends of mine overnight and we kept hearing the sign of gunfire, deafening roar of military jets drowning out our conversations. mosques blasting messages calling on supporters of president erdogan to take to the streets to defend gebs the coup attempt. we saw, of course, incredible footage of erdogan addressing the media on face time, something we haven't seen in history. the president back in control, prime minister vowing those responsible for this coup will, quote, pay a heavy price for their treason. we know president erdogan spent the night at ataturk airport. he flew there from a turkish resort town saturday.
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he hid out, we're hearing, inside the vip lounge. he left about two hours ago, destination unknown. that airport now reopened but many flights -- not all flights resumed. many passengers stranded. u.s. embassy warning americans security has significantly diminished at the airport instructing employees not to go in and out of ataturk airport. >> talking about surprise. certainly united states didn't know about it, knowing how fast and quick this developed with the president. not even there. were there any signs at all this was going to take place? >> no. i mean, people i spoke to in turkey, analysts i spoke to were stunned, terrified. nobody saw this coming. turkey is obviously no stranger to coups. military toppled four civilian governments in six decades but erdogan seen as having brought the military under his control. his appointed senior commanders loyal to him, purged higher
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ranks he thought were a threat. we don't know the full scale of the coup, although we did see a statement from the military last night saying they were acting, they claimed, to restore democracy and human rights. mr. erdogan who has been in power democratically elected. he has been accused of taking on an authoritarian streak, subverting judiciary, jailing critics, shutting down newspapers and also dogged by corruption allegations. a very divisive figure reviled by his opponents and very much loved by his supporters. of course the danger here is even though this coup has been detained, you have a divided public. erdogan hours ago sending sms for people to take to the streets, turkey, frances, as you know key nato ally in the fight hosted 2,000 american soldiers. this will be critical for stability not just in turkey but the region. >> this the united states also weighing in on their support of
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the public. lucy kafinov from our london bureau. thank you very much. i want to bring you jim miklaszewski from the white house, the reaction to the coup attempt and support given publicly. >> reporter: the white house was very quick to react when word first came out there was a coup attempt under way there in turkey. secretary of state john kerry was meeting with his russian counter-parts in moscow and all of them were taken by total surprise. but the administration, despite all the problems that they have had with erdogan, despite problems with the people, corruption and the like, the white house and state department were very quick to react and issue statements of report as requested by turkish officials. there was one call placed by a frantic turkish official pleading with the administration to please issue a statement of
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support on behalf of erdogan. the president and john kerry, the secretary of state, did issue statements proclaiming their support for the, quote, democratically elected government, unquote, of turkey. you know, the democratically elected part was far more important to this administration at this point than any of the charges and accusations against erdogan and his government. >> talk about the united states with military forces on the ground there in turkey, air base in southern turkey from where air attacks against isis have been launched and the measures they took while this coup attempt was happening and how that may complicate a relationship between two countries and our placement of forces there. >> well, intriguing or interestingly enough, just before i came out here for this live shot, i got a call from a u.s. official who said that for the second time in 24 hours, the
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turkish military has, again, suspended all combat operations, u.s. and coalition combat operations out of the air base, critical air base in southeastern turkey to launch strikes gebs isis in both syria and in iraq. the officials who we talked to this morning, moments ago, could not really explain what this suspension was for. but during the coup itself, those flights were suspended for only 25 minutes before the base commander lifted the suspension and those flights resumed routinely overnight according to the u.s. officials. we're keeping track of that situation there to figure out what the latest problem or issue may be, frances. >> a heightened level of security there. thank you so much, jim miklaszewski for us. outside the white house. appreciate it. >> reporter: you bet.
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>> turb to presidential politics, reaction from mike pence tweeting for the first time since donald trump announced he chose him for his running mate. issues they disagreed on in the past like banning muslims. >> i'm very supportive of donald trump's call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorist influence and impact represents a threat to the united states. i have rejected throughout my career amnesty, but i believe we need to focus first and foremost, as donald trump has done with such force and passion on border integrity, building a law, internal enforcement. >> later this morning trump will formally introduce governor pence at a news conference in new york city. meanwhile on democrat side hillary clinton has met with three potential running mates housing secretary julian castro be, also senator elizabeth warren and colorado governor
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john hickenlooper, whose name had not been previously floated. i want to bring in hallie jackson. the first joint appearance trump and pence in manhattan. what can we expect from that? do you expect at all for them to address this rollout and how it came about, this announcement? >> the indecision or apparently the tla in this dramatics of wild ride the last 48 hours, we will see if either one of them addresses it. what i do expect from the event in manhattan is an introduction of who governor mike pence actually is. he's a name that may be familiar to people in indiana. he's familiar to those in tea party circles but the vast majority of americans are waking up over the last few days. hey, mike pence, donald trump's new running mate, what's it about. you address the introduction, pence who did not endorse donald trump in the primary, a ted cruz
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backer prior to his states voting in the primary. he disagree on the muslim ban. what we have seen over the last 24 hours pence has done a public interview, a softening of the position on both topic, seeming renegotiating, for example, tpp, something he differed with "triumph." here is why pence says he backs trump and decided to join the ticket. listen. >> donald trump understands the anxiety and aspiration of the american people like no leader since reagan. he's given voice to that. people have rallied around him and i believe will continue to rally around him. i expect next week at our convention you're going to see our party and leaders in our party rally ash this good man who will ab great president of the united states. >> so donald trump himself, has not addressed political rollout that was mishandled. when you do something like this, this is the biggest decision of
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the campaign for donald trump so far, one of the biggest decisions hillary clinton will make when she picks her vice president and you don't want to mess it up. what you'll see today donald trump and mike pence head out to the campaign trail together for the first time. >> interesting to hear what they say and how they share the stage together, the chemistry, how they interact together. thank you. so which candidate offers americans a better life? that's an issue addressed in a poll. 36% say they would benefit more if hillary clinton wins the white house. 29% think they would fare better with donald trump. i want to bring in matt, chairman of the ohio republican party. matt, thank you for being with me here. just before ohio and the republican primary you told national memo, connie schultz, donald trump can be, quote, a transformative figure for gop.
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just use his powers for good, he'd be unstoppable. has he shown he can use those powers for good, as you said? changed your mind at all? >> certainly brought a lot of new people into the party and process, added a lot of excitement and generated a lot of additional enthusiasm for this year. we're excited about having him in cleveland for the convention. >> when it comes to that, using powers for good, is there an example where you've seen that happen, something tangible? >> obviously i thought his statement he made after the tragedy in dallas was right on. we have said all along it needs to be the kind of campaign it takes to win a state of ohio. no republican that ever gotten to the white house without carrying ohio. he's going to have to win ohio.
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we know what it takes to win here, know the kind of message to win here. we're looking forward on winning the state and getting to the white house. >> do you think his chances increased with mike pence as his running mate? >> yeah. i think he's brought a conservative message, a conservative record of accomplishment as the governor of indiana, where he's created jobs and been an effective administrator. so he will help us and i'm looking forward to hearing him when he gets to cleveland next week. >> looking ahead of down ballot races latest nbc poll, ohio seat, that is tied. is that at least part of a thanks to trump? what kind of impact do you think it will have on those down ballot races. >> last poll had rod portman up 5 points, ted strickland. i think that race trending in the right direction.
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donald trump's appeal to democrats in the mahoney valley and coal country is going to help us bring new voters spot process. he already has done that. we have a million new registered republicans in ohio because of what happened in the primary. even when john kasich won the primary and donald trump second he got more than hillary clinton did. we're in very good shape to win this year and i'm looking forward to helping us do that. >> hillary clinton's pick, brown her running mate, could florida be a problem for trump? >> i think he'd hurt her ears. we'll see what he decides to do, what she decides to do with the running mate. we'll control things we can control and work hard. i think the fact ohioans think she's a liar. she's proven time and again she's been dishonest about e-mails and all these different barely avoiding prosecution, that's not what americans are looking for in terms of a leader so we'll try to go in a
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different direction in the fall. >> very quickly, sir, in the time we have left, john kasich, why is he not going to be at the convention in cleveland? >> he'll be in cleveland. we're having an event around the corner at rock hall. >> at the convention, sir? >> he'll be up in cleveland and be participating up here. so i'm looking forward to seeing him. he's our great governor and we love him. he ran a great campaign and we're proud of the effort he put forward. i'm still proud he's our governor and i'm looking forward to seeing him next year. >> chairman of the republican party, thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> in a moment the nice truck attack, a prosecutor says five people are now detained. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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the development on the terrorist attack chris jansing live for us in east france. chris. >> reporter: good morning. there is breaking news overnight. french prosecutors say there are five people they have detained overnight in connection with this investigation, what happened in nice, 84 people killed. one of the people they have detained and have been questioning, we knew about this, is his wife or ex-wife, estranged wife. four of them are friends or acquaintances. we also know they have gone into two apartments he was in. one is where he lived with his family, including three children. the other where he went after reportedly he was told by his wife to get out. he's known to authorities as a petty criminal, frankly but never anything that would lead them to believe something like this could happen. he's certainly not on the radar of officials who look into
5:20 am
terrorism, any officials here. it's caused a lot of problems, frankly, for president francois hollande, who has declared an official period of mourning, three days. that begins today. i think you can see from the pictures there the horror that unfolded when he drove that refrigerated truck down the streets, 282 injured. according to french officials, there are still 25 people who are in critical condition in the intensive care. two of the people who were killed, americans, and at least one american a student at uc berkeley is missing. frances. >> chris, in this otherwise happy tourist seaside community, can't help but notice all the people behind you, they have been gathering there to pay your respects as well. what are they telling you? what can you hear from them? >> an extraordinary scene. just to my right the waters,
5:21 am
gorgeous blue waters of the mediterranean, some people when they were trying to get away from the truck jumped over what is a small raised area onto the beach. some people even went into the water to try to escape the terror. but you see right behind me, and this street reopened very quickly, less than 24 hours, in that one center median, you can see that's where the memorial has been growing. i can tell you it's grown significantly overnight. just this morning on my way over here, i saw young man who had a huge spray of flowers he was bringing here. a couple of other women, one had white roses, another one a beautiful bouquet. some walking away, one woman in tears. we see families coming here, many lighting candles, leaving notes. it's a shocking juxtaposition because just a couple blocks off here is a pedestrian area. there last night and again today
5:22 am
the cafes are open, people are sitting outside. it's lunchtime here, people are sitting outside and eating and having a glass of wine. not a lot of activity i will say that i've seen on the beach so far. this the height of the tourist season, one of the most beautiful cities along the french riviera has really for a lot of people made them stop and pause. so far from the people i've talked to, i would say there's either an air of defiance, we're not going to let what happened here stop us, have our vacation or at least acceptance. this is a part unfortunately of life in 2016, so onward we go. i have not spoken to anyone who has left here, frances, or anyone who was planning to leave because of what happened here? >> a lot of heavy hearts and something they know all too well in france. nbc's chris jansing for us in east france.
5:23 am
chris, thank you. back to politics and vice presidential picks. how does mike pence help donald trump and how can he hurt him? that's next. >> very humble. >> what are you going to be speaking to mr. trump about. >> looking forward to meeting mr. trump and talking about our plans for tomorrow. ing like one real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love.
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and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at in just a few hours donald trump will make his first noubsing noubs announcing or tweeting his vp pick. the other finalists are weighing in on the pick. >> i think he's a great choice. mike is an old friend of mine. we share ideas in common. he's described himself as reagan kemp republican, hard to complain. he's had a good record as governor. before that he was the number four leader in the house of the republican party. i think he'll be a really good
5:27 am
bridge bringing republicans together. >> joining me now is paul singer washington correspondent, also political reporter at the washington examiner. to both of you, good morning. paul, we start with you. we just heard from newt gingrich there. do you agree pence is a unity pick, is he going to be what republicans need who are skeptical about trump? >> that's the idea. donald trump does not have a long record of ideological conservative christian positions that are important to the base of the republican party. mike pence certainly does. that is mike pence's brand. the issue, of course, normally we think the vice president has to accede to the wishes of the president, not the other way around. it's a little questionable can mike pence say to president donald trump, no, you're wrong. let me take the lead on borinabn or gay marriage or something he feels more strongly about that
5:28 am
donald trump does. voters will have to see the benefit. >> the process of how this plays out, your take on that, rollout on vp announcement, delay because of what happened in nice. what does it tell you about his decision making style? >> well, this is really an opportunity for donald trump to shift a positive -- put a positive media spotlight on himself before the republican convention gets under way. many people, to be honest, feel as though he bungled that opportunity. we saw him postpone the event due to the attack in nice. he then went on fox news and told them he still hadn't made up his mind by thursday evening. by friday morning he was tweeting out his pick. so a lot of people saw this as donald trump losing control. now, that being said republicans i have spoken with who are really happy to see him choose mike pence as his running mate said the vetting process that chose him to choose mike pence was thorough.
5:29 am
>> is this going to matter in the next couple of days when he takes to the stage to accept the nomination? >> certainly the process doesn't really matter will the fact there were some hiccups in the process, no one will remember that except us in the news business. the real question is will conservatives see mike pence as a reason to come out for donald trump and vote in november if they weren't certain they wanted to vote for donald trump before because donald trump does not have that history of being a conservative activist. mike pence certainly gives them a reason to go to the polls if that's what they were looking for. we'll see how that stick depending what the top of the ticket does, depending how donald trump behaves over the next few months. >> i'm not hsure how long you'v been in cleveland, when you landed, not sure of the opposition. >> the never trump had their opportunity at the rules committee yesterday and basically fell flat on its face. donald trump will come out of here as the nominee.
5:30 am
there's no other way. republicans are trying to get someone else on the ballot but that's a long shot. donald trump is what they have, donald trump and mike pence. that's it going forward. let's see if that's enough to beat hillary clinton. >> especially when it comes to money. we're talking lopsided when you look at the tally. hillary clinton and super pac, $57 million to donald trump's $3.6 million. hasn't spent out of his own campaign. he's gotten that far without that. can he continue and make that work? >> no. he got away with this in the primary, but a primary against 16 omonths versus general election against somebody who has the backing of the president and vice president are two different battles. donald trump we're seeing him poll pretty close to hillary clinton in a number of these key battleground states like ohio and pennsylvania, where if he really wants to put himself over the edge, he's going to need to not only bolster his ground
5:31 am
operation but start to push out attack ads not just in swing states but coastal battle grounds as well as and rust belt where he's close to her. >> also how it plays out when she chooses her running mate. quickly, paul, who do you think it's going to be and when do you think she'll nouannounce? >> i think the pence makes it easy for tim kaine. he's not in favor of government interference he calls it. it will be interesting to see them on stage. that will roll out over the next few days. >> do you have someone else? >> no, paul stole my pick. i was going to say tim kaine. i imagine hillary clinton will reveal her pick friday morning in order to steal as much attention away from republicans as possible. >> i was thinking about that. strategy going in, not only who
5:32 am
she will pick and when that announcement will come in contrast with that of donald trump. to both of you, thank you very much. paul and gabby, as always, thank you. >> thank you. to san diego, racing for protest. how ready is cleveland for demonstrations? that's ahead. now you can't spell nutriam i right?t nut, i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition.
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5:36 am
coup plotters. they say the situation is completely under control. here in the scud i don't, author of foreign policy. what happened, the description there is that everything is calm, the government has full control when it comes to the president but what disblg coup mean for u.s.-turkey relations? >> i think there's a restoration of calm but i think what we're seeing over the next couple of days is a country that is going to see what the president erdogan will do. i think many people were surprised by yesterday's coup, which happened not by the top generals in turkey but the rogue fashion in military brass. it's unclear who was behind them leading that. i think there's going to be this sense of a witch hunt in turkey. that's already started. there have already been reports of numerous arrests around the country of military officers and individuals.
5:37 am
i think that the one thing we need to be watching out for right now, particularly from the united states, but also from european union, is, you know, what will president erdogan talk about? he talked last night about sprss and acvaluations but there was no sense of talk about unity and what sense of justice there will be in turkey. >> where it goes from here. you have this president erdogan seen an an autocrat, leaning towards islamic law, not a friend of turkey's secular part of the army and military, so what might we see come from that as far as resolution or to prevent maybe another attempt from happening again? >> i think the categorization of erdogan trying to take turkey more in an islamic direction is not entirely correct. i think what erdogan has been doing, he's been becoming much more autocratic and stamping down on press freedoms and jailing journalists and
5:38 am
democratic freedom throughout turkey. ening he takes the mantel of elections and uses that in a sense to actually rule as he sees fit. what his larger plan to do, he would actually like to change turkey's constitution, which came about, ironically, after the 1980 coup after turkish generals overthrew the government then and reestablished a democratic state. i think what he would like to do is reestablish the constitution and change turkey from a parliamentary system to a presidential one in which he has unprecedented control. >> it is also crucial when it comes to our fight against isis and how united states uses the airfield for those strikes. how might this affect them and our relationship militarily with them? >> i think right now the focus within turkey is going to be erdogan's gaining control over the military. certainly this does not bode well for turkey which has been having a lot of problems on its border with syria and iraq.
5:39 am
also the june 28th bombing apparently by isis, though isis is not claiming responsibility for that. i think what you're starting to see now is a lot of rogue factions in turkey. i think what you saw june 28th with the bombing of istanbul's airport, because there's less freedom and so much repression, there's this need for outlet for democracy and people to speak. >> thank you for your perspective and thank you for being with me. just two days until the republican national convention organizers are trying to fill a funding gap. nbc news found they reached out to billionaire for a donation of $6 million. they wrote a letter to adelson due to corporate donors opting out because of donald trump. days after they unveiled a list of speakers, ivanka trump's
5:40 am
rabbi not offering a prayer because of mounting pressure from students. tim tebow saying he would not be speaking at the convention calling it rumor he was scheduled to do so. former presidential candidate john kasich not attending the convention, four hours away giving remarks to naacp national convention in cincinnati tomorrow. donald trump turned down the invitation marking the fourth time since 1980 when a major presidential candidate has not and at the convention. final preparations are under way for monday's official kickoff to the republican national convention and security is a top priority. nbc's jacob rascone in ohio. talk about these enhancements, the fence going up, and some of the challenges facing them. >> reporter: some of the challenges come because there are tens of thousands of people expected here. we're right outside quicken
5:41 am
loans. you can tell they are putting up the last layer of fencing around. this is inside the secret service secure zone and event zone outside of that where the protesters will be. every time there's been a major attack like in france, like in dallas, like orlando or san bernardino, they make enhancement to the plan, review the entire plan, see where they might be vulnerable. different changes they don't usually share. yesterday i was talking to deputy chief ed tomba, here is what he said. >> we have extra measures in place to keep everybody safe because that's a concern. we have visitors from all over the world. we want them to know they are safe. to see something like that happen is quite a challenge for us. >> reporter: back here live, you can tell, look at all of this fencing. there are miles and miles of these steel fences. we also have concrete barriers and such.
5:42 am
part of it for traffic flow, part of it for crowd control. then when you do have protesters and the first protest is today, you're going to have thousands of officers, many seen, many unseen on bikes, motorcycles, horseback. the cleveland police department says in conjunction with 73 other law enforcement agencies they are ready. of course we'll see when the different hostile groups come together for and against donald trump. back to you. >> nbc's jacob rasconous the convention in cleveland. thank you. catching up with the chairman. next, trump campaign adviser weighs in advantages of having mike pence on the ticket.
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trump will announce mike pence as his running mate. of course he announced yesterday in a tweet. how does pence help trump. help deal with party leaders and lawmakers on capitol hill and beyo beyond. >> does bring great relationships, a great relationship with speaker ryan, others in the party, the governor. yes, he brings a deeper dimension to it but he doesn't bring anything new. >> tell me what it was like upstairs in their first official meeting as running mates. >> they spent a lot of time together in the last month or so. it was very comfortable. talked about a range of issues, talked about schedule things, things we do in the course of the convention. it was very warm, very relaxing and personal. >> manafort said trump decided on mike pence last several days and implied manafort came to new york knowing he was the vp
5:47 am
choice -- actually, mike pence came to new york and paul manafort knew it. former candidate in ohio john kasich is sticking by his decision to not attend the decision. want to bring in ken blackwell senior fellow at the council and senior adviser to our our principles political action committee, anti-trump pac. thank you for being with me. you have governor kasich, who is not going to be attending the convention. shouldn't he be speaking as a presidential formal candidate after all? >> well, look, he has to make that decision. primaries are brutal, feelings are hurt, egos are bruised. sometimes it takes time to heal. look, i ran many statewide races in ohio and had primaries. look, sometimes it takes time to heal. but this is going to be a great convention. i think as paul manafort said, there's doing to be a midwestern
5:48 am
governor that will network with the governors as well as somebody who is in pence who is actually respected by the leadership and congress. john will -- his voice will be missed, but it won't be a detriment to what's going to happen here in the state. >> missed but also symbolically knowing his party, how popular he is and how ohio is so crucial to donald trump. so a talking point to democrats, symbolically with actions? >> let me just tell you, what's important is that coal miners in the southeastern part of ohio, longshoreman up here in cleveland, shop keepers in cincinnati and small business owners in columbus, these are people who have family interest that trump will be speaking to. that's the important connection.
5:49 am
and so all of this drama as to whether or not the governor speaks here or doesn't speak here will be a lot of hand waving and distraction but, in fact, won't mean anything. >> some would say, yes, just again by not appearing speaks volumes. i want to ask you your own words you wrote back in march about donald trump saying he's arguably one of the most divisive figures in modern political history. his candidacy represents not only a threat to the republican party, donald trump is dragging the nation into the political gutter. fast forward four months later, how do you feel about donald trump now? >> i think -- well, let me put it to you this way. that was somebody else's quote. i slow walked my embrace to donald trump. i was questioning and i continue to question, you know, how much of a conservative he is. but when he makes moves like put out his potential nominees for
5:50 am
the supreme court, when he picks a conservative like pence, when, in fact, he works closely with tony perkins and others on the platform, i, in fact, see that he can be a team player and a team leader and that's all that matters. we're going to focus our campaign on drawing the contrast with hillary clinton, and that is going to be the winning formula for donald trump. he is a strong leader. she is not. she, in fact, wants to reconstruct america. we, in fact, want to make sure that we refresh america's greatness and its exceptionalness. >> all right. ken blackwell, thank you for being with us in cleveland. i appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> a decision for the percentage of americans who already know who they will vote for come november. if you love crab and who doesn't then seize the day already. crabfest is back at red lobster with so many kinds of crab
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back to politics and voters in the battleground state of ohio. joining me jeff johnson long time cleveland city councilmember. sir, thank you for your time this morning. as we know, you were in cincinnati, in part for naacp convention. one of the speakers not addressing in convention, talking about governor of ohio. any surprises by that and what does that say as far as his absence at the convention? >> well, i'm not surprised. you know, i paid attention to what was going on in the republican primary. i understand, i know my governor kasich. i know he has a lot of pride and i know when he doesn't agree with something, he's going to stick to his position. i think it does send a signal, given the fact this is a significant state for anybody to become president. the fact governor kasich is not supporting mr. trump, particularly putting energy into it, i think it says a lot. >> what does it say about donald
5:55 am
trump passing on the invitation to speak to naacp? >> well, you know, it is clear from us, those of us who know that the african-american vote in ohio particularly is very significant. the fact that donald trump thinks it's not important enough to come to naacp when it's in ohio, a significant state, that just sends a continued signal to african-american voters inside ohio, he doesn't get it, he's not tuned in, not focused, doesn't care about our vote but our vote is going to make a difference. we really believe hillary clinton, as she's done through the democratic primary, will get significant amount of votes from african-americans in the state of ohio. >> we've heard from him who said he does have a priority when it comes to african-americans. i want to show you this poll you were just talking about, donald trump and hillary clinton tied in ohio. hillary clinton and her super pac millions already in battleground states in ohio. donald trump's super pac spent
5:56 am
almost nothing when it comes to that. so does that tie concern you at all? >> well, at this point i'm not surprised by it, because of the fact that donald trump has gotten a big bump in his effort to pick his vice president. i think it makes us have some anxiety, and that's good. it helps us to work hard. i'm focused totally on getting african-american vote along with my colleagues. we know that if we can turb that vote out just like it did for president obama twice, we will be able to get the state of ohio for hillary. clinton has never lost ohio because the african-american vote has been there for them. >> when it comes to donald trump and looking how there is a lack of support from african-american voters at least when it comes to certain polls here, we were talking about 88% support hillary clinton. for donald trump that is zero. why do you think it is so difficult for donald trump to appeal to african-americans?
5:57 am
>> first of all, you can't keep talking about things like we want to exclude people, we want to discriminate whether because of muslims, build a wall. african-americans understand a history of exclusion and discrimination. you can't sound those themes and expect african-americans to stand with you. we also are very much involved with trying to understand what's going to be the urban agenda. we hope during income of rnc this week they look at cleveland at a whole, not just downtown. that's what donald trump is not going to be doing, urban planning, urban adhering to what we need in urban areas. we know that. we know that. >> we are out of time, sir, but i appreciate you're being with me, weighing in. jeff johnson, cleveland city council. thank you. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." i'm frances rivera. ari will join us from cleveland, examine mike pence and donald trump in rust belt states.
5:58 am
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