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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, coming to you from the coffee cafe in cleveland, ohio. we're a hop from the site of the big republican national convention. we've got two days to go. of course, it's going to be one of the biggest events in a matter of hours in the campaign. back in new york donald trump will make it official to announce mike pence from his running mate. you've heard from pence and he'll try to explain ar some of the past differences he's had. it's crowded with security a reality check on the safety concerns obviously very real right now in cleveland. also the anti-trump movement that you've heard so much about, it has had its last stand. we're going to show you why one delegate calls what happened, quote, a crime, behind the scenes look at what's going down and into the convention. all that as we are here live
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from what is the political capital for the united states of america all the through next week. cleveland, ohio. we're going to turn now to presidential politics right off the bat. new reaction from indiana governor mike pence. he's speaking now for the very first time since donald trump tweeted in the first twitter announcement ever of a running mate he did choose mike pence. in this new running mate, he aligned himself on issues they had disagreed on in the past including trade and iraq war. >> i think when we elect one of the best negotiators in the world as president of the united states, i'm open to renegotiating these trade agreements. i think reasonable people can differ whether or not we should go into iraq. where donald trump and i are in strong agreement barack obama's precipitous withdrawal from iraq created a vacuum where isis was
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created. >> pence wasting no time to get his message out. joining him for the first conference. that will be out in new york of the much anticipated vp announcement comes two days before the start of the rnc convention. while volunteers were inside the convention site working on last-minute prep, blowing up balloons to setting up chairs, protesters against the grand prix against trump out here, directly across the street holding up this banner, stop trump, anti-imgrabsch grant and anti-muslim attacks. gearing up for a big rally monday. on the democratic side nbc confirmed hillary clinton met with three potential running mates, julian castro, elizabeth warren, john hickenlooper. his name had not previously been floated. we have the team of reporters coming all angles of rnc. katy tur in knock, jacob roscoon. we're going to start in new york city. nbc's katy tur has been awaiting
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what has been a delayed noubsment on governor pence. what will come out today, do you think, in this joint appearance there's so much anticipation about that's so different from what we've already heard? >> this is going to be the first introduction, first official on stage, together, in person introduction of governor mike pens as donald trump's running mate. this does not go as planned for the trump campaign. they were hoping to do this yesterday at 11:00 but donald trump said he delayed it because of the attacks in france. before that there was a number of leaks. a blizzard of confusing leaks you could call it about who the running mate was coming as early as thursday morning. governor pence named as the presumed running mate but donald trump's campaign trying to push that back throughout the day even as more leaks were coming in. donald trump himself going on fox news later that day saying he hadn't decided. it was still down to newt
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gingrich, chris christie and governor pence. this was after governor pence flew to new york city. there was some worry behind the scenes that he could change his mind late thursday night and choose somebody else even after governor pence was already here and potentially deal a humiliating blow to him. donald trump is denying that, saying that governor pence was his first choice all along and so is his campaign chairman. listen what he told me yesterday. >> while the news was leaking, was he frustrated by it? >> the news wasn't leakg. people making educated guesses but nobody knew. >> educated guesses, strong pick was governor pence of a a lot of people who they were sourcing was wrong where it was coming from. they were making educated guesses. those who said pence were correct. >> the sources were guessing. >> nobody knew who he was going to select, other than him and the governor and one or two people. i wasn't telling anybody. >> when was it official, final?
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>> it was official today when he announced it. >> the trump campaign is trying to put them behind them, coming out with governor pence trying to press retart button and go forward as a united front. they are hoping governor pence will be able to solidify the base of conservative republicans in states like ohio an michigan, potentially pennsylvania, wisconsin, those swing states, rust belt swing states that donald trump is hoping to turn red this coming election. whether he's able to do that, we're going to have to wait and see and whether he's able to potentially woo in voters who wouldn't have necessarily chosen trump. as for voters, pence is a conservative voter in his own right, donald trump's platform will be enough to get moderate and independent voters. >> i appreciate it. you're back and forth with mr. manafort, sometimes educated
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guesses are spot on the money. katy tur, thank you. checking back with you throughout the day. in ohio, start of the convention in two days. nbc's hallie jackson nearby, east 4th street. hallie, one of the things leading up to the queconvention how will it be different and the tensions between the donald trump wing of the party. walk us through what you think the pence pick does for unity? >> reporter: listen, i think the pence pick is explicitly intended to try to calm waters in the gop, have them say to conservative grassroots movement, listen, we've got your pack. we're picking pence, calm and steady. he's got conservative credentials. seeing this from messaging putting out, we know donald trump is instructing surrogates, rnc instructing sur gas to talk about he's had ultraconservative guy, job creator, pointing to indiana. that is a goal of what they are hoping to do.
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the question is, is that going to work among people gathering in cleveland republican national convention that starts monday. just hearing conversations from delegates that have already arrived, people are fine with the pick. seems like so far a bit of a tepid response. not all delegates have got be into town starting next week. also note the pence pick is a target for democrats. we're seeing this brewing over the last 24 hours or so. last 20 minutes, hillary clinton team slamming donald trump for what transpired, katy, talking about donald trump on the phone late into the night, couldn't decide, talking to aides even after governor pence had felony to new york for the announcement. now, what are we going to see later in new york? will either of them address this hanging moment that's been happening. this idea donald trump may not have wanted governor pence at least up until the last minute like you heard paul manafort
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talk about. here is what pence had to say in his first interview about why he decided to join the ticket. listen. >> donald trump understands anxiety of american people like no leader since reagan. he's given voice to that. people have rallied around him and i believe will continue to rally around him. i expect next week at our convention you're going to see our party and leaders in our party rally around this good man who will be a great president of the united states. >> here is one thing that trump insiders like about governor pence. is the idea he can rally crowds and bring energy like they saw earlier in indianapolis. let's see how that plays out on the stage just a couple hours from now. >> right. he's certainly positioned as a complimentary force to trump's rough edges. you mentioned trump out brand-new, so let's go ahead and take a listen to that.
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♪ >> are you willing to hold up this entire budget over defunding planned parenthood? >> well, of course i am. >> i long for the day that roe versus wade is sent to the ash heap of history. american people don't want comprehensive immigration ref m reform. >> hallie, what jumps out to me, every policy line is actually something republicans are very proud of, nothing misleading or off the mark. that's what donald trump is running on. >> reporter: listen, you're seeing as you head into the convention week, it's a good point, democrats are doing everything they can to steal some of the spotlight and go after, attack donald trump and republicans as they turn in this very important week. essentially trump has to come out on thursday night. they have to turn into friday
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with a party that is more unified than it has been. the trump team is incredibly aware of this, pushing back very hard against any suggestion there is disunity in the party. you saw that, you were out here, covered the rules, issues we've been seeing over the last couple days. the trump team feels they have a handle on what they consider disgruntled delegates and they are moving forward to bring the party together. >> they have been handling it. hallie jackson, thank you. we'll check back during the day. here in cleveland with me ben ginsburg, political analyst, supers lawyer, former romney adviser. you've been through this rodeo before. your thoughts today as trump reaches out and puts mike pence on this ticket. >> mike pence is a great choice for dealing with the desperate parts of the republican party so that this is part of the theme of we're going to have a unified convention. a very good rules committee meeting, the platform went off without much of a hitch. that's going to mat sessions in the hall much better, i think,
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from the trump campaign point of view. >> regular, normal people care about outcomes and politicos tend to carry about process. i'm for the sure process matters but political unit at nbc observing about this selection process, messy message isn't a good starting point for trust among the two men at the top of the ticket. we've had power struggles in the trump team likely to linger throughout the remainder of the campaign, that from lid report and discussion with paul manafort, convention chair. the idea he was at the last minute, i had a republican aide tell me at the last minute there was even pushback whether he would take back the offer and pence said new york city, we're in it. we're together. you can't do that. does that matter? does that go to how donald trump makes decisions or something only insiders care about? >> at the end of the day it doesn't make a difference because there's going to be a
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trump/pence team and they will play to strength. in terms of the process what donald trump is doing making his weakness a strength. voters are out there seeing two packaged politicians who have not delivered. he's sort of presenting a refreshing difference in the way this vice presidential pick turned out, i think from their point of view. they are not going to worry about what the press is saying about the process. they are looking at the team and the picture and the excitement they will be trying to generate in the hall. >> last thing big picture i ask you ask you looking to the convention. there's a saying in passover, i don't know if you're familiar with it, why is this night different from all nights. as we ramped up for this convention in cleveland, a lot of stuff going on, it does feel already like this convention might be different from all other conventions. why is that? what are you seeing from the ones you've been to. >>ening there's a couple of differences. number one, donald trump would be a different candidate. we've seen that and talked about i. number two, the republican party
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at this point, if you add up the sort of tangible factors is less unified than it's been going into the convention. >> here now already. >> mostly by the absence. if jeb bush comes down from a chandelier and starts talking at the convention, that will ab sign of great unity. but i think that also allows the convention to be more of a pivot point and to show a unified front where there hasn't been. fundraising will be another issue where the party has less money in its coffers that it ever has at this point, same with the campaign. the convention and a good convention is a launching appoint to get those numbers up. >> we'll be seeing more of you throughout this convention week. thank you. we do want to get everyone caught up, of course, on the other big news story. all these breaking developments out of turkey, there will be, quote, a heavy price for those behind this attempted military coup that began late last night. the president was basically on a
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vacation when tanks rolled into the streets in istanbul, claims of having taken care of the country, a military coup, tens of thousands of supporters taking to the streets in support of the elected government. it was a calmer scene this morning across that nation. overnight we should note 161 people died in those violent crashes. nearly 3,000 military personnel reportedly detained. it's a rapidly unfolding scene. nbc's lucy kafanov reporting developments from london bureau. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning, ari, i've been working my sources all night and all morning and i'm telling you i'm hearing streets in istanbul are early deserted, almost as if nothing happened. a stark contrast with tanks, soldiers, demonstrators out in the streets. i was on the phone with people and kept hearing the sound of gunfire, roar of military jets drowning out conversations. friends were hiding in bathrooms afraid windows would shatter from sonic booms.
6:16 am
mosques blasting messages through loud speakers calling on supporters of president erdogan to take to the street. we saw incredible footage of him addressing the media on face time, a truly 20th century coup. heads have been rolling now that they insist erdogan in control. 3,000 or nearly 3,000 suspects detained. turkey's state run news agency also saying dismissed across the country. there's definitely a reaction now. we do know president erdogan spent the night at ataturk airport. flew there from turkish resort town, hid out in vip lounge. left three hours, reopened, live mayhem, overbooked canceled flights. that was the same airport target of the coordinated isis suicide attack earlier this month. very difficult times for turkey. ari. >> lucy, reporting from london. thank you. we'll be checking back with you, of course, throughout the hour.
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we are back here live on 4th street in cleveland, ohio. a little bit of rain but apartments patience building in the city for republican convention that kicks off officially monday. back in new york in less than two hours donald trump will make it official announcing good night -- governor pence as his running mate. coming up new developments in bastille attack. five people detained in connection to thursday night's
6:21 am
attack in nice, the ex-wife, the other friends and acquaintances. the big question for authorities why the french resident from tunisia rammed that large truck through a crowd celebrating bastille day celebrating along waterfront in nice thursday night. that deadly rampage left people murdered and wounded, including two americans. a third student from uc berkeley is missing. he was known as a petty criminal, not known on the radar as a terror threat. chris jansing in nice with the latest on the investigation. chris, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, this investigation is intensifying. this is exactly what terror officials in the united states an here in france have talked about. these lone wolves, someone not at all on the radar and it's clear muhammad bouhlel was not. here is what's happening over
6:22 am
the last 24 hours. they have been going into two apartments, one where he had been living with his wife and children, another the apartment he went to after they split up. among the charges against him, he never went to jail, he had beaten his wife. people in the neighborhood described him as surly, in responsive. his father who has given interviews to newspapers say often when he debate take medication became vile en. all these things, investigators are looking at them. they also picked up this morning three men, one last night. those four being questioned. described as friends and acquaintances of his. i want to bring in now -- let me just show you before i bring in bob, some pictures before we get into these. i took still photos. this is along the beach.
6:23 am
this is why people come here. this is why it's so crowded. this is why it's one of the most beautiful beaches you'll see anywhere, certainly along french riviera. not as crowded as i have seen it in the past in the summer. the second peaches down street from me, the memorial that's growing. i think when you see the crowds, imagine this on bastille day, on that night, people packed in, fireworks just ending. then he drives this 19 ton truck into that crowd. among the people nearby bob franken, longtime msnbc contributor. bob, good to see you. take us back, because i know that a lot of people have told the story. the more i hear it, the more it's incredible to understand that people were just running for their lives with no idea, in many cases, why they were even running. >> first, what you have always
6:24 am
is a sort of a mob psychologist, for want of a better term, where people will stampede. they yu others were yelling in agony, screaming in agony. those had been the victim of a big truck that rolled over pedestrians in the big truck. we're a mile and a half where where it happened. >> where it started. it ended up very close to us. >> it ended up close to us in a hail of police gunfire. >> you were here on vacation. >> we were here on vacation. we rented an apartment, as we always do, overlooking promenade, mediterranean beach paradise. we were here for bastille day, not by design we were watching fireworks display from our balcony, not down there, which was a good decision. we heard the screaming, saw people running away in panic after the fireworks display had just been over. we had gone to the back of the apartment. of course we immediately,
6:25 am
reporters that we both are, headed to the scene and saw one of the most gruesome scenes i've ever seen in my personal or professional life, bodies strewn all over the place and the track had ended a mile and a half away. >> last night and this morning, you and i were talking about this, in spite of the fact this memorial is growing and i've seen people in tears, it's very much business as usual. people out in cafes, no fear. >> as a matter of fact, the area of this pedestrian walkway where, in fact, they had it blocked off yesterday because they were still surveying this large crime scene, now there are people, bicycles, rollerblades, going to the beach. there's as if a normalcy has returned. that's symptomatic of what we have in the world. we have these grotesquely awful terror attacks and quickly return to normal. it's almost so sad, that's almost the saddest part of it but that's become the normal.
6:26 am
>> bob franken, thank you very much. you have been very busy on your supposed vacation. one thing a lot of americans will understand this has become highly political. francois hollande under attack on many levels. were they really for this, heeding warnings, what were the warnings about bastille day. he's up for re-election. as you know, ar issuing, thi, t part, a discussion of attacks, what you're there in cleveland for, the presidential election for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> chris jansing thank you as always for international reporting. we'll chaek back to you. we'll go to president of cloud services, former executive assistant director of the fbi with a specialty in cyber, also msnbc contributor. let's start with disentangling some of the spectacle from the facts. we have murderous terror attacks
6:27 am
around the world, overall the rate of terror attacks globally is lower this year than other years. they have been so much more massive and understandably more attention. walk us through what these attacks mean from your perspective having worked with the fbi and having prevented these things. >> what we have been so concerned about for years are lone wolf attacks that chris just mentioned. those people that are not necessarily affiliated with the specific organization or group but perhaps inspired because they are very, very difficult from a law enforcement perspective to identify in advance. of course any time you're looking to disrupt one of these types of incidents, you've got to understand who might be attacking why, where, how, et cetera. what we've seen with groups like isis in the last two years are the attacks on what we call soft targets. those areas that are not necessarily well patrolled, areas where families, people out congregating, paris and brussels, attacks on movie
6:28 am
theaters and restaurants. just here in nice, the attacks along the riviera, where they are out celebrating the holiday. those attacks have the opportunity to be very, very devastating. they have not only the physical impact but the psychological impact. that is absolutely the intent of these terrorist groups to impact people. >> when you look at this, though, one of the questions around lone wolf threat, is it easy? how is it someone with no training can act in a deadly manner. >> for the hard to rent a truck and drive it down a pedestrian walkway, ari. that is low tech, the common level, the lowest area. you don't need a lot of resources, capabilities. >> right. >> we've seen incidents where police officers are attacked with hatchets, people who have been attacked with knives on the
6:29 am
street. what isis has proclaimed and inspired their followers to do is to go out and fight where you stand. that means to have whatever impact you can have on nonbelievers. >> reporter: we're going to extraordinary measures to keep cleveland safe, the city where i am today. walk us through what fbi and services do with authorities for events like this, of this magnitude. >> the convention will be a national special security event. secret service will have the lead but coordinating across federal agencies including intelligence community, the cleveland police and neighboring police agencies, state police in ohio will be actively engaged. their concerns are multiple. while they will certainly be worried about terrorism and focused on that as a specific threat they are looking at peaceful permit that turn vile en. ohio is an open state, people can wear weapons.
6:30 am
there will be a secure perimeter where they cannot carry weapons. >> shawn henry, as always, appreciate it. we'll be hearing more from you. next up we'll talk about the mike pence pick. we're within two hours of that announcement. you're watching msnbc. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at take a look at the other thing i want to show you, the shot inside the hotel room, flags on the trump side. this is where history will be made again. the room where reagan announced his vp pick and donald trump departed from using trump hotels for campaign practices. just under 90 minutes away. joining to break it down, political reporter for real
6:34 am
clear politics. kale in starting with you, whato you expect to see from the announcement? >> he has had a rocky start, delayed it because of france. yesterday rethinking his decision until the wee hours of thursday and finally announcing on friday in a very anti-climatic way that pence would be the vp. >> you didn't feel it was exciting? >> remember, trump is a very unlike trump nominee. pence is a traditional candidate as far as republicans are concerned. a lot of conservative activists are pleased with this choice. he's able to fill some of the gaps trump needs. he's a trusted conservative, has relationships in congress, executive experience. we'll see, this is really their first time together. remember, these two candidates don't really know each other
6:35 am
that well. so we'll see what the chemistry is like, talk about recent attacks as a way to present a united front. this is really important as we're a couple days from the opening of the convention. >> kate, i think it's fair to say aspects of the rollout and sloppy or disorganized. i think that's true. on the other end if you want to give trump credit, he said he was going to do a certainly, said he wanted a political insider that could handle washington and be a leader. mike pence someone in a non-trump year i think fair to say would be considered potential running mate having served in house leadership and served as red state governor. >> exactly, ari. for donald trump to choose mike pence, yes, it's about unity, but also showing he was trying to turn the connection away from the vice presidency. he wants to keep it on himself and clinton. if you had chosen newt gingrich
6:36 am
or chris christie. i think if he picked his own he would have chosen a firework pick. >> what do you mean picked his own? >> he had a lot of advisers, ivanka pro-mike pence, he's sturdy -- >> let me be clear. you're saying as a reporter your analysis here is he didn't get to do his first choice, on the first governing decision of the trump campaign administration he bowed to other people's preference? >> reporter: i don't think he bowed but he definitely had people around him. what shows that like kalin was saying in the wee hours of friday morning he had some hesitancy and going back and forth deciding did i go with the right pick. that showing definitely people around him, safe reliable pick like mike pence or newt gingrich, chris christie, have
6:37 am
more firecracker headline. >> i've heard from some trump advisers and supporters saying it's a good thing he basically took in a lot of other people's views, because it shows he'll be more responsible making decisions as president than people might think from some of the reality show bravado on the trail. >> reporter: right. as you know, the vice presidential pick is really important because it is the first decision, presidential-like decision a candidate makes. pence has got an lot of positive reviews. house speaker paul ryan says he's a big fan of pence, happy with that pick, majority leader mitch mcconnell is important as well. this is really important because trump's big hurdle is uniting the republican party. that's where pence can play an immediate role in terms of establishing that relationship that he has with congress and calming some concerns among republicans heading into the convention. >> right. it's going to be very
6:38 am
interesting brian doing coverage as we see these two men together in this capacity. thank you both. as cleveland does ready up for the protests, there's a lot of security in town. republicans tangling over some rules. yes, that so-called never trump movement, well, it's never going to be a thing. we'll explain why up next. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at see what the power of points can do for your business. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weand low-calorie... keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love.
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live in cleveland. heralding the end of the never trump movement crushed last night in cleveland at the rules committee by a vote of 87-12, maga. delegate hunter jacob soboroff there. fact check, trump is right. overwhelming decisive vote killing any last chance to do this. >> he sure is right. that was embarrassing defeat for never trump movement we both sat
6:42 am
in this room for hours on end and watched them make their very best effort to stop donald trump. i followed these delegates a long time colorado, pennsylvania, not just some but all of the delegates at the convention, now that they have failed in that effort, what are they going to do? met up with the leaders unbound movement to see what their plan is. will there be some form of protest by delegates inside? >> well, given what rnc and trump campaign will do, it's not wise to tell you what we might do. through intimidation and everything they have done, it's important we don't talk about the specifics. >> reporter: i'll ask you one more time, do you think there will be some form of protest. >> some form of protest, no doubt. the delegates are angry. they are angry, outraged about what happened. what we're there to do is make it clear to the rest of the world they are ourned, unhappy, a -- outraged, unhappy.
6:43 am
what happened is an assault to democracy, in my opinion. it flies in the face of everything the republican party stands for and can't be allowed to stand. yes, will the delegates show how they feel about this? there's no doubt about it. we'll have to see monday night what that looks like. >> tell me if either in the realm of possibility, will people walk out? >> possibly. >> people going to show their support by being vocal and interrupting? >> possibly. >> t-shirts, uniforms, things like that, visual sign of protests. >> all of the above. that's the thing. this is not a one-dimensional thing. one thing we have to contendw rnc makes it consistently difficult to do things. we're trying to address issues about where they will allow us to come in, get to microphones, what we can do to protest. they are holding the nomination monday night, trying to truncate this to the point of stopping to even protest. >> a view from anti-trump delegate there. as a matter of rules, the show
6:44 am
is over and donald trump will be the nominee here. as a matter of the election, do you find people you're talking to in that movement will be voting against trump in november? >> in november i think a lot of them are thinking very seriously about it, maybe not voting or voting for somebody else. i think what they are so focused on, making a show they are unhappy with the process of the rnc, the trump campaign. i think what they are going to try to do is make some show of that inside the convention, what it is. they are not revealing it yet. that's on the floor, up close and personal with them. >> will you be hunting? >> i'll be hunting. >> jacob soboroff, nice to see you. what happens in turkey after that failed coup attempt, a message to people in that country from their president who is holding on. more international news and convention news. stay with us. you're watching msnbc.
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6:48 am
topple the country. the president vowing there would be a heavy price for the coup. before we get to the coup for people just catching up with this story, why is turkey considered, despite, perhaps, authoritarian tendencies, a relatively stable force in the middle east. >> it is a democracy. erdogan was elected with 52% of the vote. it's one of the largest muslim democracies in the planet and a gateway between europe and asia and a critical ally of the united states in terms of military bases and the fights for hearts and minds in the muslim world in the wake of iraq and afghanistan and everything else. so washington views what happens in ankara and istanbul very, very closely. >> while military intervention is not completely unusual throughout all of turkey's modern history in the more recent area, it is concerned unusual. walk us through the power dynamics within the country and for americans who often look at
6:49 am
this region in the context of terror and isis, where did that fit into what we know about disruption. >> if you look at the history of modern turkey in the last 100 years, it was founded on secularist principles, really person facing under ataturk, founder of history. here you have erdogan riseing to power in 2003, he wanted to make turkey a more, quote, pious state, the fact there are 75 miles per hour muslims there. historically checks and balances consist of secular miller checking a too strong prime minister. erdogan served out his time as prime minister, not only did he become a powerful president but he's consolidating control, almost a cult of personal under presidency. i think his castle is like personally four times the size of versailles in france. he keeps rooting people out of the military putting in loyalists. so that check historically has kind of been weakened over the
6:50 am
last 12, 15 years. last night you saw one faction of the military, certain people from the air force and military police try to stage a coup, however half baked it was and the company largely and the cou repelled it. >> right. thank you for the context on the big news. up next, a former insider who is going to tell us why he's not coming to the convention just like his former boss. we are live in cleveland. stay with us. max and i just discovered this dog treat called dentalife. it's really different. see? it's flexible...
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6:54 am
sarcastic based on the joy you bring to the discussion. your thoughts issue first, on pence pick. >> it was a good pick for donald trump. he brings a a lot to the ticket, executive experience, experience in washington, and he's somebody who is trusted by conservative and probably the best pick that donald trump could have gotten, and i think he's lucky that he was willing to accept it. >> this sort of a jerry mcgwire pick where he says, pence, you complete me, because you bring me the things i don't have? >> they certainly compliment each other. pence is more measured, certainly, than donald trump. >> that's not hard to be more measured. >> no, it's not, no. in contrast, someone like gingrich would have been as bombastic on the ticket with trump. >> right. >> pence is measured, somber, sober individual complimenting trump's strength well. >> in politics, we spend so much
6:55 am
time, some say waste so much time on the data, the analytics, trying to pretend everything is measurable when, as you know, from working campaigns, there's a huge human element. mitt romney did not win, but paul ryan gave excitement, they clicked, talk about that and whether that builds between the two men and how that works on the human side of the campaign. >> well, chemistry's very important with the two candidates running on the same ticket. govern governor romney took a long time, and he picked paul ryan in his mind several weeks before he actually announced it. it was a long process. this trump pick came about last minute the night before -- >> a little bit last night. >> yeah. seems that way. we'll see how the chemistry develops. they are not, i don't think they have app existing relationship as trump and christie or gingrich might have. we'll see how they click and come together on the campaign
6:56 am
trail. >> why aren't you here with me in cleveland? it's raining, but it's beautiful. >> i'm in boston in a much better place, nicer up here, the weather's better, and i don't feel the need to go this yearment i don't have a purpose. i'm not with the candidate, so i'd much rather avoid crowds and stay up here. >> no one needs to read into that? republicans say things like that but actually, they disagree with aspects, likely to loose, and they don't want to be on record to be a part of it. is that you? >> i don't agree with a lot of what donald trump says. i'm not voting for hillary clinton. i want to see more from donald trump. i think the pence pick is a good first step, but we'll see how it goes the remainder of the campaign. >> anything that happens to bring your form boss, mitt romney, back into the fold by november in. >> no. he made it clear he's not voting
6:57 am
for donald trump. >> ryan "sunshine" williams, thank you for joining this us, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that's our hour, and back at 2:00 p.m. eastern. don't go anywhere because "a.m. joy" is straight ahead and live coverage of what we've been talking about, this big donald trump press conference with mike pence and a lot more. stay with us. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. there's a more enjoyable way cato get your fiber.ness. it's a fiber supplement that helps support regularity,
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♪ ♪ i just want to pick somebody that's very good, who is solid, who is smart. i'm not looking for an attack, a high quality person, wonderful guy, always been very respectful to me and really appreciate, you know, i think, appreciates what i've done. politically. >> i often joke you'll be calling up mike pence. i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the hell knows. >> welcome to


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