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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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good saturday to you. i'm ari melber. we're here live in cleveland. after week ises of speculation, it is today official donald trump's running mate indiana governor mike pence. that formal introduction was a few hours ago, as you may have heard in new york city. trump quick to shoot down reports he had any second thoughts about his pick as late
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as thursday night. >> indiana governor mike pence is my first choice. i've admired the work he's done. especially in the state of indiana. >> we have reported that all three states covering today's developments. katy tur in new york, kelly o'donnell in indianalanding, an in cleveland where trump will receive the big nomination two days from today. we'll start, of course, with the big news. trump officially announcing his running mate mike pence. >> the strength of indiana has been incredible, and i learned that when i campaigned there. and i learned that when i won that state in a landslide. with that, i would like to introduce a has been wman i bel be outstanding in every way. that will be the next vice president of the united states.
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governor mike pence. >> and governor mike pence was quick on the draw as an attack dog. that's a role trump said he wanted. blasting hill on sever ining hi several issues. >> where donald trump wants to cut taxes, hillary clinton plans to raise taxes. on working families, small businesses, and family farms. where donald trump is committed to repeal obamacare lock, stock, and barrel, hillary clinton looks at obamacare as a good start and wants to take bernie sanders' path down to single payer socialized medicine. hillary clinton must never become president of the united states of america. >> nbc's katy tur has been with the trump campaign since the start. it didn't seem at every point it was exactly the roll out they wanted but they got it. what jumped out for you today?
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>> well, certainly, he spoke for 30 minutes before getting to introduce governor pence. donald trump spoke about hillary clinton bashing her for her e-mail servers, bashing her for being in his words corrupt. he also talked about his own successes, his primary victories, and even his d.c. hotel at one point bragging at this point it's coming in under budget. this is all before he got to governor pence, and when he did finally get to governor pence, he threw shade at not only governor pence a little bit, but the establishment and ted cruz saying that governor pence initially endorsed ted cruz out of pressure from the establishment. tremendous pressure. but that he was talking about trump the whole time calling it the best nonendorsement he's ever received. when he did finally get to talking about governor pence's achievements, he called them highly respected. i can tell you behind the scenes the family, donald trump's aids,
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and donald trump himself were ultimately impressed with governor pence's ability to go on the attack against hillary clinton. they were certainly impressed with him. the other day when he was in indiana introducing donald trump. the way he was so forceful in his attacks on hillary clinton. they were worried that he would be a little too quiet for the donald trump campaign that their personalities would not mesh. but they got past that and decided that he, in fact, was the person that would help balance out this ticket. so far this roll out, though, not as they would have hope. rumors about the decision to choose governor pence came as early thursday. before any official announcement from the campaign. governor pence today saying that donald trump told him on wednesday that he would be the running mate. this contradicts, ari, what donald trump told fox news thurs night he hasn't decided. it was among three contenders. either he was telling governor pence one thing but wasn't truly
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decided or telling the immediate yaen and the american public another trying to maintain some suspense map we have now is an official ticket. donald trump and indiana governor mike pence 2016 >>well, you make a good point on the discrepancies which raise the question what is worse lying to your running mate or fox news? thank you for your reporting, katy tur. governor pence will be back in indiana in two hours. he'll have a welcome home rally. kelly o'donnell is in zionsville. what do you expect from the rally back home? >> reporter: we're here ahead of time, ari. we don't have any crowds here yet. we're at a small private airport where a private plane can land. and the governor and his wife and daughter will get a chance to come back to indiana officially on the republican ticket, and a big change in their lives. of course, governor pence was in the mist of a campaign running for re-election. now he's going to scale that up to being a national campaign. his life will change
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dramatically. here things are quiet at the moment. we expect that because the governor did so well here in indiana in terms of getting the support behind him when he had that visit with donald trump, that there will be sort of a sense of hoosier prize to be with donald trump and their own governor mike pence. that's going part of it. of course, we think from what our sources are telling us, the governor will probably have a quiet day tomorrow and to cleveland, ohio to get ready for the convention and the big convention speech. so there's a lot on his plate. there will be a lot to do, and coming home is the first part of that. ari? >> kelly o'donnell in zionsville, indiana. thank you. from new york to indiana to cleveland which is the center of the political universe. trump and pence will be nominated at the rnc convention in two days. hallie jackson is a few blocks away from me covering it. it's a thing in tv we go to different places but we're not that far apart.
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>> i miss you. >> i miss you. we have every angle covered. you have been looking at what republican leaders and grassroots activists are thinking this week. >> reporter: it's a lot of praise for pence, but there is a sense among people who don't support trump and simply not going to be enough to pull the never trump folks on board the so-called trump train. you're seeing it from trump's remarks today as he unrolled his vice presidential pick. in one breath he talks about the need for party unity and talk about how he crushed the people who are trying to stop his candidacy. that kind of language unlikely to be a selling point for why they should, in fact, try to unite around him. that said, the trump campaign is feeling confident it's going to come out of the convention that next week is going to show a unified front. top advisors will say we'll have this week. you'll see an argument laid out. not just from washington insiders and politicos, but from people who know donald trump the
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best friends, family, business associates, et. cetera will be taking the stage at the convention. how does mike pence play into this? he's an insider. you know trump run his campaign as an outsider. as trump today acknowledged explicitly explained one of the reasons he chose mike pence to be able to make that connection to the party to try to bring the party together and to have an inside man as he makes the turn to general election. >> hallie jackson in cleveland. we'll be coming back to you. thank you very much. for more reaction we have with me on set robert and a former bobby jindal campaigner. good evening. >> welcome to cleveland. >> happy to be here. optics matter in politics. you didn't always see intoday's roll out the big moment of the two of with their hands up gripped arm and arm. you didn't see as much of that indeference to the situation
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there's a somber mood given the terrible news around lately. why did you make it was a different type of roll out? >> i think it was for two reasons. i don't think trump and pence get along. >> you don't? >> they don't know each other yet. i think it's still -- you can tell by the body language. they are trying to understand each other with respect to the nonverbal communication. second, there's a lot of stuff going on. but the reality is it's not atm vice presidential roll out plan. donald trump has got probably one of the most -- someone he knew and trusted. mike pence has to earn that trust over the next couple of days. >> you talk about dating. the other question, whether it was an arranged marriage. here is some sound from donald trump talking about the political ingredients that this was partly about unity. take a listen. mike pence will never be afraid to speak the name of our enemy.
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radical islam. now, i think if you look at one of the big reasons that i chose mike, one of the reasons is part of unity, i have to be honest. so many people said party unity. i'm an outsider. i want to be an outsider. it's one of the reasons i won in landslides. this was not close. that's not the usual rationale people give. >> no the reason you should be choose your vice presidential pick you die in office and is that person qualified to be president. the answer is unequivocally yes, mike pence can do that. i think, you know, to play the political game, pence is going to be effect nif the rust belt. from a humorous standpoint, usually your vice presidential pick is the bad cop, and the presidential pick, trump, would be the good cop. here it's totally reversed. >> right. >> pence is known as a nice guy. he's nonattack dog.
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he has to be somewhat. we have the vice presidential pick as the good cop and trump out there attacking people being the bad cop. it's interesting. >> just a guy on cops who wants to be on a tv show. he may not be a cop. >> the reality is pence was picked for one specific reason. an evangelical conservative which is a well known brand that trump needs to get over the finish line. >> and democrats in the rust belt. >> trump is not a conservative and a lot of conservatives out there have some sneaking suspicions about that. putting pence on the ticket to donald trump's point unifies the ticket. >> one other funny thing, i don't know if you noticed. it seemed like mike pence was giving a speech that would work for today or 2020. was that just me? >> no. i'm sure he's laying the foundation. ted cruz is going to be giving a speech this week. it's politics, baby. >> here is the political reality. donald trump is a perfect
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primary candidate. we tonight know whether or not he can get to the finish line. what mike pence is doing because he has his own admissions. he's going to play the loyal soldier between now and november. he's going to be broad and open-minded when it comes to 2020. the reality is the outlook looks better for 20. >> we learn about the governor who put up issues that he's been known for in reproductive rights. he signed a law banning abortions around genetic. religious believes as a defense against discrimination suits. it was a state-level issue that ricochetted. there was a backlash. he revised the law to exclude lgbt discrimination. in fairness, there are advocates who say their focus is religious freedom and not discrimination.
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so always hard to get it down to one bullet point. where do you think the issues play out in an general electorate. put it on the ticket or it doesn't matter? people vote the top of the ticket. >> they vote the top of the ticket. donald trump needs the social conservatives to come out in ohio. there's a reason we're here in cleveland. pennsylvania, ohio, florida, michigan matter and trump needs mathematically those evangelicals to come out. >> he also needs democrats. and mike pence increased choice in the state of indiana. they would be wise to play that up in this campaign. >> the other issue is branding. we hear a lot about that in politics. the logo issue, as a brand, has become a big thing. meme. there's the original logo. say what you will. here is the new logo. okay. what i see -- i'm not a logo branding expert.
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can we go back to the old logo and the new logo. this is the pop quiz for you guys. what is different and why? >> well, listen, i'm glad there's not an exclamation point in there. >> it's cleaner. trump's name is bigger and prominent. i think the t and the p -- i don't understand what it means. i get the fact it's their initials. it's cleaner than the other one. the reality is trump's campaign is almost like the b-list, if you will. a lot of a-list professionals are not working his campaign. they're making it up as they go along. it heart attacken e harkins bac david thing. >> they didn't attach pence's twitter handle to the announ announcement. they did the social media faux pas. i agree with you. >> almost a little bit of fun as we see the low go shift. it goes to something serious in the campaign. is it ever going to staff up and be professional as to handle the layers of a general election or
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not it remains and open question. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. going to be a lot of fun out here. i know you'll have fun. up next, we have other news to report with the recent terror attacks at home and abroad. there's a massive operation to keep everyone here safe in cleveland's convention. >> we're ready and prepared to host this event in our city. ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies, available in the altima, sentra and maxima. now get 0% apr for up to 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. welcome back tour live convention congress in cleveland. as you probably heard, there's a heightened urgency, obviously, to try to keep everyone here safe. that's especially after following the deadly attack in nice, france. jacob rascon has been following it and joining me live. what do you got for us?
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>> reporter: behind me what is going on is the first protest we've seen since this weekend and since the cleveland police department went live or operational with the final phase of their security plan. it's a small protest. this one lead and cosponsored by the new black panther party. their favorite chant is "black power." we've seen officers ride by on bikes and other vehicles. we've seen them standing by. we've seen a chopper overhead. a big police presence. we've seen undercover officers. so we know they're aware. this is just a taste of what is to come. we know there are 123 different groups that have received a permit to protest during the convention next week in four different locations. and one parade route. there's an event zone, there's a secure zone. this is a plan that has been in the works for nearly two years now, and the deputy police chief shared with me after every major attack like one in dallas,
11:20 am
orlando, or france they review their plan and make adjustments. here is some of what he said. it was a wake up call and cold slap in the face but particularly to law enforcement. it exposes our vulnerability as law enforcement in this day and age. it's a challenge. what has been happening across the country in the last, you know, 12 months has been all during this planning process. we just keep changing our plan, enhancing our plan. >> reporter: and a lot of the officers we talked to in cleveland grew up here. it's a part of pride for them. they want to make sure their security plan goes up well. they are confident it will. >> jacob, briefly, the protest you're at today. is it peaceful? >> reporter: it is in the sense they're just standing here. they've marched in a circle.
11:21 am
but, you know, they've also called for, they say a warning across america. they've had enough with police brutality. one speaker said "our blood is getting spilled. your blood is also going to get spilled." >> jacob rascon, thank you. among those expected to gather for the rnc are armed protesters including legally armed. ohio does permit citizens to carry firearms openly and visib visibly. it raises concerns among some. heightened sensitivity we've seen at some rallies in the past. joining me now is sean spicer. a lot of law enforcement worry about the presence of firearms but say that people who carry openly generally are not the high et. ceteest threat because see it and plan for it >>well, law enforcement and security in the area is going to be high, ari.
11:22 am
and, you know, those that are carrying openly, they're authorized under state law, but the authorities are looking for significant threats coming from the whole host of areas. they'll be looking at peaceful protests that might potentially turn violent. if people are armed, what is the situation there. but there will be multiple layers of security around that quicken loans arena. in that inner security perimeter where the secret service and police will be monitoring, no guns in that particular area. >> right. i can say i was at some of the official proceedings that began the convention over the last couple of days. rnc meetings and they were held in facilities that have a standing ban on guns. there's that plus a perimeter you describe. walk us through what is different as your conventions are always, as everyone understands, secret service level events. but trump rallies, i would say, have had more than what we might
11:23 am
call the average number of protests and disruptions than a presidential campaign. we're showing videos from past events, as you're speaking. >> right. this event, the convention, both of them, actually, are national special security events. secret service will lead this, but it'll be done in coordination with multiple federal agencies. the fbi, dhs, and other agencies as well as state and local police there in cleveland. they'll be looking at and have been looking for many months secret service is very good at collecting intelligence. specifically those types of threats against candidates and sitting officials. and they'll be vetting that for people who may be coming into the area. they certainly will have -- be tracking people who they consider to be potential threats to the candidates in this convention and in philadelphia later this month. and they will also be coordinating with the other federal agencies from a terrorist perspective. based on what we've seen in
11:24 am
brussels, paris, and nice. what are the threats, what are the risks? how can we look forward using the intention to try to disrupt any potential attack, ari. >> sean henry, thank you for your expertise. we'll have more from cleveland in a bit. and more politics. we're going to get you catched up on the events in nice, france. authorities have detained five people. that's in connection with thursday's deadly truck attack. we're following turkey, where the attempted military coup apparently, at least we can say, apparently failed. the fighting has taken more than 150 people's lives. it's a big geopolitical story in the middle east. we'll get you caught up after a break. oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing]
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just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors, indoors and in the car. you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet? as our coverage continues from cleveland, we're watching developments overseas. thousands welcoming president erdogan earlier today. after an attempted military coup, which appears to have been quashed. erdogan was on vacation and
11:28 am
tanks rolled into the states of ankara. they were trying to overthrow what was an elected governor. more than 160 people were killed there. more than a thousand wounded in those clashes all over overnight. authorities arresting thousands and erdogan quoted that those responsible would pay a heavy price for their tremendoason. what do we know about what was behind the attempt? >> in the past few hours, the turkish government and many members of the senior turkish government pointing the fingers at the united states. a distend has been living in pennsylvania since 1999, actually. you're looking at video of him there. he was sort of uncovered in 2013 when there was a plot, according to the president, president erdogan accusing him of being part of a corruption scandal. so he's been on the president's radar for many years. the concern here is that the reprisals in what was a military
11:29 am
mute any that took place last night in turkey will have long and wide ranging effects. we heard that the air space over the air base that is a key military insulation. that's where we base our drone warfare against isis. that air space has been closed. so that air base is really under sort of a state of lock down. and turkey is now saying the u.s. needs to hand over gu lane. that's going a complicated scenario. the treat streets of turkey in an uncertain place as erdogan was able to return last night in large part because he face timed into the state television. the irony there really thick. the president has not been champion of civil liberties. someone who cracked down on civil liberties in recent years become more conservative in recent years. and all of this, of course, ari, swirling around after recent terror attacks in turkey specifically at the airport in istanbul. >> and the united states generally looked at turkey as a very stable partner they can
11:30 am
work with while also criticizing a lot of authoritarian tendencies. you mentioned some. in is a case where the criticism is going to dry up because they want stability. >> yes. the lesser of two evils. this is the story of the region right now. this is the buffer between isis, between the horrible conflict that we see in syria, with the horrible violence we in iraq and europe. in the coming days i think you can expect the united states to stay with erdogan. >> thank you for keeping us posted. we turn to another international story. the investigation and attack in nice, france which left more than 84 dead and 200 wounded. questions remain why mohamed lahouaiej ran that large truck through a crowd celebrating bastille day. the french prosecutor's office said five people have been contained. one is his ex-wife. nbc chris jansing has been all
11:31 am
over the story. have the authorities learned anything more about moetives here? >> reporter: that's the big question. why would somebody do this? as i was walking over to the memorial a few minutes ago, i noticed how many tiny stuffed animals there were. a reminder that among those killed were ten children. many children remain hospitalized. among the 202 injured, 25 in intensive care. there was one french official at a press conference today who indicated perhaps he had become very quickly radicalized, but there is nothing they have put out there that would suggest that. and certainly nothing in extensive interviews that have been done with his neighbors and friends that suggest that. however, among the five people who are being held, one, as you said, is his ex-wife who neighbors say he beat and who kicked him out. they looked at both apartments. the apartment where he lived with his family, including his three children, as well as the parent where he was living on
11:32 am
his own. the our four described vaguely as friends. for the people who are here, though, it is the shock of what happened here they are still trying to process. including a california woman i spoke to who now lives in paris, but says after the attacks there, she came here because she wanted to vacation in a place that she felt was safe. here is part of my interview with rebecca shaker. >> we got here two days before the attacks, and we came here for some peace and sun and this happened. >> reporter: where were you when the attacks happened? >> about 100 meters at my sister's place. we saw people running back and forth. we were going to almost come out to watch the fireworks. because my sister said you can watch the fireworks up here we didn't come down. we saw -- we heard people running back and forth and we heard plates breaking and things like that. you don't want to leave your house anymore. you are too scared to go out. in paris we take the metro and the bus and we're cautious already. in the beautiful city of nice
11:33 am
we're scared as well. waiting for maybe another attack. hopefully not. they have police on the streets now. we never know. >> reporter: even people who say they are nervous felt compelled to come out. you can see behind me the crowd has been huge all day long. it's been growing as the nighttime has begun to fall. officials are saying anyone who was here on that night may have taken video or photographs, anything that could help them with this investigation they're being asked to provide it to police. ari. >> chris jansing reporting from nice. thank you very much. we're going to turn back to some politics after a break. we're going to look how hillary clinton's campaign is reacting, of course, to trump picking sides. picking team members today with mike presenence. what can trump do to address a looming gender gap? we'll ask the cofounder of the women vote trump super pac. live coverage from cleveland as we gear up for the republican convention continues here on 4th
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welcome back. we've coming to you live from our fourth street location in downtown cleveland. the republican party prepares to celebrate the convention in the coming days. hillary clinton, meanwhile, continuing her search for a running mate. she held a series of meetings in her washington home. nbc news learned that colorado governor john hickenlooper, elizabeth warren, and john castro were there. beyond the meetings, what else can we intu it about her process which has to come to a close soon. >> ting will come to a close soon, ari. no doubt about that. likely after the republican convention. tim cain has been the frontrunn frontrunner. all indications he's still at the top of her list. senator from virginia. someone with foreign policy experience. they campaigned together in virginia the past week.
11:38 am
a lot of focus on the chemistry there and praise from campaign officials about their chemistry. secretary clinton very comfortable with tim kaine. she has her eye on tom vilsack. he helps her in the key swing state of iowa. he goes way back with the clintons. in fact, one source telling me that he is like family to the clintons. tom perez, labor secretary, someone helping with latinos but someone helping with progressives. so he is someone to watch in these final days and secretary clinton makes her decision. you mention she did have a series of meetings yesterday. so clearly elizabeth warren someone who has been in the running all along. i wouldn't necessarily put her at the top of the list, but she's there. governor hickenlooper interesting. governor from colorado. someone who would help her in that critical swing state. and she has a good relationship with him as well. that's an important quality for secretary clinton.
11:39 am
her personal relationship with the potential pick. but the number one quality that she's looking for is someone who could replace her as president if that becomes necessary. we're in the final days of the decision but no decision yet. a lot of focus on the top con senders. >> i know you're over it. if she picks someone, give us a call. >> i will, indeed. >> nbc's kristin welker. our nbc wall street poll showing donald trump struggling with women voters. how would it fare with mike pence? joining me now is amay cramer, cofounder of the women vote trump super pac and a former chair of tea party express. welcome to cleveland. >> thank you for having me. it's beautiful here. >> it's great. a lot of people are excited to be here. live television. let's start with your super pac. does it exist because donald trump has some kind of problem with women voters? >> no. it had nothing to do with donald
11:40 am
trump or the campaign. we did it because we believe he is the best person to be president. he's going take us out of this financial crisis we're in. he's going to stand strong. we're concerned about security. security for our families, security for our nation. so that's something that is important to women. i think across america if you talk to women that is one of their most important issues. of course, the jobs and the economy. >> i think there's no doubt those are policy priorities and there may not be such a gender gap. one of the questions about trump is does he seem to address women in a different way? whether you look at his past and the apprentice, you've seen the videos and clips, or look at his present and the way he took on megyn kelly over several months. many people, not just his critics, but conservatives and republicans said it's an inappropriate way to address a woman. in other words, is that a problem for him? >> he's got women in his organization and he's had them there for years. and in positions of leadership. but i would say more than anything, i don't look at somebody by the way, i mean, by
11:41 am
things they say. nobody is perfect. nobody says the right thing every time. we know donald trump is not politically correct. i think the best way you can judge somebody by is his children. look at his children. they obviously could not have turned out the way they have if they were -- did not have good parents. so something is good there. but at the end of the day, like i said, nobody is perfect. and i'm looking for somebody, i think most women when they make that decision, they're looking for somebody who has the capabilities to make the right decisions with all the correct information. >> you mentioned politically correct. we hear the term a lot. donald trump has bore down on it. isn't there a difference between the emotion of being politically correct as a mechanism to prevent debate over issues over policies. and when i hear sometimes being referred to which is that means he can beat up on a certain religious group or say disrespectful things. what about that? >> no. but, you know, i mean, i don't think it's okay to beat up on
11:42 am
everyone. i don't care what the reason is. but, also, i don't think it's right to box somebody in and we should be afraid to express ourselves the way you truly feel. i don't want somebody who is fake. i want to know how you feel. i may not agree with you. i may not like how you feel but i respect that as an american. it's your right. it's my right to, you know, have my differing opinion. it's your right to have yours. so, you know, i think at the end of the day, it comes back to respecting each other and treating each other well. my mother taught me to live by the golden rule. i try to do that. i think we need to get back to more of that. treat others the way you want to be treated. if you're not politically correct, it's okay. but respect each other. >> when we talk about constituencies there's polling out that shows mitt romney won college-educated white voters. there are different ways to cut up the voting blocks. trump is trailing badly with those voters map do you make of that? >> trump has had -- there were 17 candidates in that field, and it takes awhile to bring everybody together.
11:43 am
and i think we're headed in that direction. i don't think there's going to be a problem. i think the republicans can win this. i absolutely do. and i don't think that the democrats should -- they have it put away because they have hillary clinton. as a matter of fact, i think that they should be concerned. >> all right. amy kremer thank you for joining us. it will be a good week. >> absolutely. up next we'll check in with our delegate. why some of the delegates say their never trump movement isn't dead all though it was voted dead yesterday. trump poised to accept the republican nomination. we'll have live coverage continuing after a quick break. ♪ ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies,
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11:47 am
basically, he's referring to the fact they had a ruling meeting that totally ended the movement. nbc's jacob rascon is in -- >> my mother doesn't know my name. >> it's jacob silver -- you've been inside the room. you've been following it around the country. for folks catching up it might be a thing and donald trump said it's over. as a matter of rules it's over. break it down. >> they got their clock cleaned in a vote, basically. it was a voice vote. their defeat was so bad vocally they didn't do what was called a standing vote. you're in the room with me and count people by head. the only other option for the folks to stop donald trump from becoming a nominee would be through, again, as you know the minority report, which required 28 signatures to get. 1,231 delegates necessary on the floor to pick someone for donald trump. the movement is saying we're not going do that. we got beat badly. now we can protest. some delegates might walk out, they might wear t-shirts against
11:48 am
trump or other things. >> in fairness, it is something we have seen before. a lot of things are different but there was a lot of discussion around the ron paul folks they did walk out and there were fights. some was they were treated unfairly by the rnc. now it's looking like protests from a tiny minority. we can say that factually as reporters. we counted them in one forum. as what point does it become ho hum? >> i think it's ho hum now. if it's any consolation to them, i think what they're pointing to is look how hard the trump campaign organized. look how rnc the came out against them. there was an opposing rule put forward to say we're going to bind the delegates. it there's any question whether they're bound or unbound. that vote did win by a large margin. at this point, they are out of options other than to go in there and make a scene starting on monday.
11:49 am
>> and the only other thing we saw was senator mike leigh has been a critic of trump did use the meetings and he said trump has to prove it. he has to earn it. we shouldn't shut down. that was interesting. not because it's going to change the outcome. >> and who is behind it. everyone was wondering what mike leigh is going to do. he came out in support of this. they shut down any debate or comment on this, even, inside of that room. it was -- i was in colorado. i went to see one of the leaders of the free the delegate movement. a history teacher. her husband is a akchapter. the folks running the rules committee and convention are long time republican operatives and lawyers. they know what they're doing. it was said to only fight balgts they've won. they were the experienced warriors and the other folk were trying to make it up as they went along.
11:50 am
th they did lose. mike pence, as we know, is the official running mate. the governor signed a controversial religious freedom law. that was one of the things he was most known for. next up join by the president of the log cabin republicans to discuss lgbt issues in this year's gop race as our coverage in cleveland rolls on. y into yo, y into yo, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish.
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welcome back. there's one thing we know when mike pence accepts the vice presidential nomination he'll be cheered by social conservatives and evangelicals and opposed by many in the lgbt community. 13 years ago, he cosponsored an amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage in congress as indiana governor he signed a very well known religious freedom bill last year. they ultimately amended it because of the backlash. now catch up to today. the gop platform was drafted for next week's convention. it has religious freedom acts like the one passed in indiana last year.
11:54 am
it poses same-sex marriage adoption by same-sex couples and supports the so-called bathroom bills which are efforts to restrict public restrooms access based on people's gender at booth. we're joined by president of the log cabin republicans to make sense of it. what is your view of the addition of mike pence to this ticket on these issues? >> the sooner we can get mike pence out of the governor's office in indiana, the less damage he can do to the lgbt community. in your introduction governor pence signed one of the most discriminatory pieces of legislation in recent history into law during his tenure as governor. if you're looking a the bright side, i would see governor pence being far less danger to the lgbt community in the largely symbolic role of vice president that than he ever could with executive powers as the governor of the state of indiana. >> but from a log cabin republican perspective, you're
11:55 am
talking about the fact that vp doesn't always do everything. which we know. does it concern you with his record and the indiana bill he's on the ticket or is that what is expected because that's where the main stream of the party is? >> it's definitely a concern. i mean, you know, you talked about the gop platform in your opening of the segment. the gop platform i'm on record as saying is the most anti-lgbt platform this party has ever had. i don't think that the selection of mike pence and the gop platform are unrelated, these are reactions from an evangelical christian base that feels its strangle hold on the gop weakening because of the more forward thinking positions than mr. trump has taken on lgbt issues. so -- >> let me ask you this, do you think trump personally in his heart is against gay americans adopting people? do you think he believes that or saying that? >> i'm not getting into trump's head. that's the unknown here.
11:56 am
trump said so many things on the campaign trail. he's one hand expressed his support and solidarity for the lgbt community in the wake of the orlando terrorist attack. but at the same time turned around and said he approves of this gop platform and tapped mike pence to be his vp and spent a considerable amount of time of paling around with guys like pat robinson. i'm not coming on to be an app gist for mike pence. we've had a long standing invitation to the trump campaign and mr. trump to have a serious and thoughtful discussion and open-minded discussion things important to us. >> final question. on the so-called religious freedom bills, ocourse, are complex. what does it take, in your view, to make them respectful variation of religious views out there without being an excuse to allow more discrimination? >> i'll tell you. it takes balance. log cabin republicans long said that the fight between religious
11:57 am
liberty and lgbt is not a zerosome game. it's possible for people to come together and strike a balance that recognizes lgbt people face higher rates of discrimination in this country than hetero sexual counter parts. >> thank you for joining us this hour. i'll be back here at k58 p.m. eastern. up next -- ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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