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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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find your walk near you at >> a good day to you, i'm coming to you like here in cleveland, ohio, lots of energy. it is a city, obviously, in the spotlight. the political capital of the world right now gearing up for the rnc convention just two days away, today, of course the political world learned governor mike pence of indiana will be here next week, donald trump made it official naming pence his vp pick. >> i found a leader who will help us deliver a safe society and prosperous, a really prosperous society for all americans. indiana governor mick pence was my first choice. i have admired the work he has done, especially in the state of
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indiana. >> now, we have reporting today on how the choice was made and insiders were saying on the ground in cleveland. also, a heightened alert around the ren new ramping up. what are authorities doing especially after that terrible french truck attack. also trump and pence making headlines, what about hillary clinton as she narrows down her running mate selection. we begin right now with trump's running mate, the big announcement coming after days and days of speculation. >> the strength of indiana has been incredible and i learned that when i campaigned there. and i learned that when i won that state in a landslide. with that, i would like to introduce a man who i truly believe will be outstanding in every way and will be the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. >> and then it happened, indiana
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governor mike pence hitting the stage, becoming trump's few right-hand mavenl he wasted no time unvaming his attacks on hillary clinton. >> history teaches us that weakness arouses evil. hillary clinton and barack obama's foreign policy of leading from behind, moving red lines, faining resets with a resurgent russia and the rise of isis is a testament to this truth of history and we must bring a change to america's stand in the world. >> reporter: nbc's katy tur was this when it started last summer and was at that athounsment today. it felt like two speeches, two different styles and to some degree different messages. >> reporter: they were very incongress, donald trump's speech was basically is ramally speech, what he says on the trail every day talking about his primary wins, also talking
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about hillary clinton going on the attack against her. it almost seemed like an afterthought that he was introducing mike pence. but he did. and during that introduction, he justified mike pence's endorsement of one of his competitors during the primary season. that competitor being ted cruz, saying that it was a tepid endorsement and that he was praising donald trump during that endorsement. so it was the best non-endorsement he had ever had. governor pence, getting on stage and being markedly different than donald trump was as roaming as donald trump was during his speech. governor pence was focused and on message. he read from notes. he attacked hillary clinton. he talked about his record in indiana. he praised donald trump, two very different styles. if donald trump is the anti-politics, governor pence is the consummate politician. from here, governor pence will be going back to indiana, where he is expecting to have a welcome home rally and wire going to continue to monitor that as of now, there are only
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about a couple hundred of people, couple hundred people who are gathered to welcome governor pence home. >> it remind me of that old politician question, the only thing better than a non-endorsement is an actual endorsement. nbc's katy tur, thank you very much. it will be trump and pence. we know that here in cleveland. halle jackson has been in the action and talking to party leaders about how this is faring. who do you got, halle? >> reporter: leadership overall, ari, happy with this pence pick. 48 hours ago it was looking likely to be pence and confurmd by sources it would be him, you started to hear reaction, people say, hey, listen, especially on capitol hill. we like governor pence. he had risen to a top leadership position before he ran as that tea party conservative and rode that tea party wave back in 2013 to the governorship in indiana. so people know him. he is somebody who as paul ryan said when trump officially named
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pence as the vp, he's somebody that comes from the heart of the conservative movement. >> that said, he is not widely known to a general electorate necessarily. people know him most likely through his controversial stance in that religious freedom law in indiana and sort of the uproar that came from that. that is something he is trying to introduce himself, get his biography out there. here among republicans, these are dal ge are delegates for the choice of pence, he is safe. he is steady. he is not going to make waves necessarily. he is somebody who in their view could compliment trump. >> that said, i'm not sure it's enough to sway people who are on the fence to get on the trump train. at least on a significant number. we'll see how it goes next week. >> halle jackson, thanks for that. to get into all the headlines, we have two big chairman on set in cleveland. steel and msnbc analyst, you are
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known for saying you have to keep it real about reality. so i want you to be real about some of the visuals we saw. we will put a photo up on screen that is thought what you usually see in a running mate announcement. this i want everyone to see governor pence, look at that, all alone, what do you see? is that problematic for an announcement like this? >> no, i don't think so. you know why? it's outside of what we are used to seeing. it's actually conforming i think to what trump has done. here's pence on the stage. he's got the singular moment. he is making the case, getting them in the moment. you are seeing him. he doesn't necessarily need to have trump, we know he is on the ticket. >> wouldn't that be more bromance? >> donald trump different. this whole cycle is different, look at the primaries. a lot of us didn't see this coming. so there is a vice presidential nomination. donald trump, have they ever made any big difference?
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it did with lyndon johnson and jack kennedy for sure. so, no, it's a compliment to it. it denies to have more pomp and circumstance and balconies of people yelling and shouting. but no paul ryan, nor joe biden. i haven't seen that lately. >> yeah, i think that this -- look, we still want to put donald trump in a conventional political box. so if all of a sudden you know he's not doing this is the way you roll out a vice presidential nominee. well, there must be something wrong here. what has he done that has been conventional this entire cycle? so this didn't surprise me. i got to see the visual and i listened to it on radio. and it sounds safe. the difference was you saw him by himself. you saw him with those flags behind him. i thought it was an appropriate looking picture. >> i must have been looking at a different announcement. i saw donald trump come out to introduce mike pence and talk about himself and the never trump movement and talk about
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the non-endorsement. who cares about the non-endorsement? sometimes you get that i'll give you that, unconventional and different. sometimes you feel donald trump is his own worst enemy because the only person thinking about whether mike pence didn't endorse donald trump a while ago, was donald trump. nobody else was thinking ab it. he's the nominee endorsing mike pence. why go backwards like that? >> mike and i were talking about it off stage. if donald trump starts making washington politician happy and political pundits happy, we probably really will lose this race. >> it's try you. it's true. >> what's attractive to the folks in the audience that's watching us now, the people surrounding all this hoopla is the fact that we've never seen anything like this. it doesn't make sense. >> that's true. >> there are disqualifiers in donald trump daily, but you know what, it seems to add to the vote count. >> before we let you go, i got something else we never seen before the logo the original
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trump-pence logo, up on the screen, we will get michael steel on this, the original logo, it's coming. okay. this is the pence-trump logo, it's got, do we, there it is, there's the original. then we will show you the new logo, it's different. michael steam, what happened here? >> about 24 hours of what the heck is that? that's what happened here. >> i guess it will be a bumper sticker. >> no, this is like what the -- really? are you sending us a signal? no. so they got it. thank god they got the message. >> you think it's good they can recalibrate. unconventional. i can guarantee in campaigns past, that would have been pa two, three-day process of talking about, we don't understand why everybody is upset. why this is a problem. donald trump, no matter what you say about him, gets it. he gets the vibe off the street and he responded to it.
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>> they're swifter because they're a leaner eerpgs operation? >> i'm saying they are connected. in the moment, they realized this wasn't in the fly. >> about most of it. it's -- >> it is different. if -- >> they made a mistake. >> we hear donald trump presidential, my goodness, he is presidential. we have lost that race. i don't know if this is the most important segment of the day, it was definitely a fun one. it was food. >> we will see you again. stay with us. we will give everyone a live look with everything we are watching with the news in zionsville. after officially becoming the running malt. we will bring that live to you when it halls. straight ahead, ramping up security. look at the efforts to keep everyone here safe and exercising their first amendment rights. that's when our live coverage
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continues. stay with us.
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. there is a new urgency in cleveland after those attacks in dallas and france. just a short time ago, more than 400 police officers were sworn in as temporary police officers, just for the rnc. jacob rascone is here, who they are, where they come from and what they will be doing. >> reporter: so those officers you saw are from california and pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it was the last of a few of those training and swearing in classes they had today. they'll have others tomorrow, in total, they have about 2,000 officers that are coming from around the country. they're sworn in as temporary police officers for the cleveland department and that
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gives them authority to make arrests and do other things that an officer of the cleveland department would do, which, of course, they have to do while they're here for the convention. we are standing in what is called the public square. i want to show you these snowplows. they're new and a part to block off this area. as i spin around here, i will show you, it's a big open area. it's one of three areas where the protesters and demonstrators have permits to be during the convention. it's where we expect a lot of people and where people from pro trump and anti-trump groups can all come together. they're all able be here at the same. of course, we seen at different trump rallies around the country. it's where sometimes it gets heated as you notice. so we'll have, of course, a giant law enforcement presence, biotic officers doing crowd control, other officers on foot. then, okay, officers everywhere at all times that are not seen ari. >> jacob rascone, thank you very much. for safety reason, security
2:17 pm
people have banned mace, umbrella, bottles, rope, even tennis balls, not on that list because of state law is guns. there is an open carry like like here in most states in the united states. we are joined to walk through this let me start with what we are seeing on the ground here. which is so far a very orderly and open environment. obviously, the convention hasn't started. we are seeing a lot of officers, security, free movement of people it does not feel overly restrictive at this point. walk us through how they prepare for what could be what you see in some place, a lone wolf attack or something that's hard to predict. >> well, as you say, it's hard to pediatric. but for the most part, what they do, as this is a national security operation, it takes a lot of law enforcement agencies and federal agencies come together into a massive joint terrorism tack force. they've put in rings of security
2:18 pm
that you probably siee right no, you see rings of security and layers, including all of these police officers they're bringing from around the united states. so within that, they have to be able get enough security in each checkpoint, at street intersection, in order to see the start of any type of operation that when one individual could try to perform. >> one of the things that is central to the way we organize authorities in the united states which is called federalism. we have federal law, state law, federal and state and local officials we are had a report as you heard about the notion of some other local officials being sworn in so they have law enforcement powers here. walk us through how that works when you have a secret service level event and that federal authority overprotecting the nominee plus all the local officials and coordination and how difficult that is for our
2:19 pm
men and women in uniform. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. it is difficult. it's a massive operation. as you know the lead agency on this will be the secret service because of the protective details around the candidates. around the nominees. they are the absolute principle layer of security. we want to go out from there and consent trick circles building on other agency, then federal and local law enforcement who are succumbed to this and they are deputized and brought out in concentric security. all of these things will be blowned so it's optimized for the area they are trying to protect and the number of people come income and out of these venues. >> malcolm nantz, thank you for your expertise. we will go lack to zionsville, indiana, governor mike pence now
2:20 pm
trump's rung ma it to arrive for that welcome home rally. what happens, you will see it in a live shot. people gathering. his constituents, also ahead, what we are learning ability a major geopolitical development. this was an attempted military coup in turkey. turkey's president now back in his country and taking charge. what happens next? les the mystery in nice, what motivated that man to carry out such a horrific truck attack in france. we have updates on the investigation as well. you are watching msnbc. ♪ ♪
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i'm not a discover customer but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it to me. give it. oh, sure! we give it to everyone for free. oh, well that's nice. (to dog) go get it! you can go get it yourself online and see your fico credit score right there. great! (to dog) that's a good boy. thanks? oh, and you can even see how your current card compares to others out there. wow. convenient. ooh. somebody wants a belly rub. what, now? get your credit scorecard at free for everyone, even if you're not a customer. welcome back. we have been bringing you all the latest from the convention in cleland. we have been watching developments from overseas. turkish president erdogan has been implicated in playing a role in the coup. a claim is that the cleric is
2:24 pm
strongly is denying. on msnbc cal perry has bee explaining all day. walk us through this guy literally in the poconos in pennsylvania could have had enough influence to pull off a military coup inside turkey according to erdogan. >> reporter: realistally i don't think he could. this is an opposition to president erdogan. overnight you saw elements have a failed coup, what is turning into a mutiny. this is erdogan now not only cleaning house inside the country. going after those who are involved inside the military, but going after those that are opposed to him politically. you mentioned this cleric. he lives in pennsylvania. he moved here in 1999, in 2013, he was declared corrupt by erdogan. he runs a group called heshet. it's aligned with the united states.
2:25 pm
the "new york times" calls him a pro western cleric. he is a threat to erdogan. this is why we heard the turkish president lash out at him and calling out the state of pennsylvania saying you cannot run a coup from pennsylvania ari. >> right. that might be a bit of a new saying there he has coined. the other pickle that policy makers in the u.s. say is there isn't a clear way to respond. we saw hillary clinton and president obama broadly say while they support turkey, you and i discussed early in the day, they have been critical of the authoritarian leanings there, donald trump didn't put out a formal statement immediately but addressed mike pence's announcement, he says he hopes things work out there. it doesn't seem like any u.s. policy make irwants to say anything that precise about this situation. >> no, there is no good answer. you have been talking about the all day. predecessor erdogan cracked down on civil liberties, he's cracked
2:26 pm
down on the internet and free speech and freedom of the press. but he has stood strong against isis. he's been the barrier between isis and europe and the west so he's the devil that the united states knows. keep in mind, interlicht airbase is in turkey. this is where we run the united states' drone program against isis in syria. keep in mind, there are 30 tactical nuclear weapons that belong to nato on this airbase. so the u.s. is exited to turkey and make no mistake ab iout it, the u.s. needs turkey, they need the united states as well. we are looking at a slight diplomatic rile. >> cal perry in new york, thank you. we turn to the other big story, the investigation into the deadly terrorist attacks in nice, france. authorities are trying to physical out why this 31-year-old mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel slammed into 84 people
2:27 pm
bastille day. we are learning the french prosecutors office is detaining five people around the attack. one is the suspect's ex-wife. nbc's chris jansing is in nice with the latest. what have authorities learned about motives here? >> reporter: well, they're keeping it very close to the vest if they've learned anything and there is tremendous prsure, ki tell you, to answer that question that everyone is asking, which is why? they have those four people. three taken into custody this morning. one last night, described only as friends or acquaintances of mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel and as you said his ex-wife, who reportedly, kicked him out of the house, divorced him because he beat her. he is somebody who was known to police since 2010, including recently given a six-month sentence for road rage. we seem to be learning more from family members who have been giving various interviews to french press to european press. his father said that he had been on medication that he had had a nervous breakdown at one point.
2:28 pm
his sister said he had deep psychological problems. no one who lives near the air apartment where he lives now suggesting he was anyway religious on went to the mosque but what we do know is he sent people just 48 hours ago running for their lives along this street among them, a state of the union from the the university of georgia, who described what it was like to be here on bastille day. when did you realize something was very wrong? >> we saw four police cars speed past us at high speeds in a pedestrian area. we looked where they were going and saw hundreds of people running towards us. so my friend started to film. we realized two seconds later, that was a very bad idea and which started running in the same direction. >> how does this make you feel about traveling and even about staying here? >> like i said, i have been to a couple places that have had explosion and terrorist attacks
2:29 pm
and you can't let it not let you do things you love. that's the aim of terrorism. it's not like the u.s. is much safer as far as violence goes. so i'm going to keep traveling and doing what i love. besmart, vigilant. not let it shake me too much. >> reporter: you heard brandon mention in that video only a few seconds long because as you heard him say, he stopped filming. he started running. but they are putting out a request. police are here. anybody who has video who has photographs, that might be useful to them and their investigation. they're asked to turn them into the police and, in fact, there is going to be a much heavier security presence all across france. of course, this is a place that has been hit so hard, two attacks if paris at charlie help do and followed by the bataclan and here in nice so they put out astoni astonishing numbers. they are calling it essentially the reserves of the military, including 10,000 additional military. there will be a big show of
2:30 pm
force in paris even as the french president francois hollande continues to mount questions about whether or not enough security was in place here and whether or not they have the intelligence in place to keep attacks like this from happening again. ari. >> nearing mid-notice in france to. chris jansing, thank you for staying on this story all evening. we appreciate it. up next, what does hillary clinton say about mike pence pick? we are also continuing to await for governor pence to arrive back if indiana, of this live welcome home rally. we will begin, continuing from fourth street live right here in cleveland. stay with us.
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2:34 pm
thousands of residents, attendees and protesters to flood this whole downtown area where we are. this afternoon, up with of the protests began, a few black panther party doing a march protesting police brutality as well as donald trump. any minute as we have been telling you, governor mike pence is going to be coming back to indiana for the first time's the vice presidential until knee. he hit the ground attacking his opponent head on. >> where donald trump wants to cut tax, hillary clinton plans to raise taxes, on working family, small businesses and family farms. where donald trump is committed to repeal obamacare, lock, stock and barrel, hillary clinton looks at obamacare as a good start and wants to take bernie sanders' path down to single payer socialized medicine. hillary clinton must never become president of the united states of america.
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>> reporter: kili o'donnell is at the rally, ready too hear from that man you just saw once again. what do you think we will hear when he arrives or will he give a different speech? >> reporter: we'll see if he is more personal. we are at a hangar here. i'm struck by this is the merging of a truck experience and a mike pence experience. by that i mean the staff here, so much a part of these events, they work for donald trump. the music that's been make is the exact same music that plays at donald trump rallies. it's been consistent for months and months, yet the crowd here is decidedly mike pence. i talked to a lot of people, many of them not a traditional voter crowd. many have known the governor over the years, they have worked with him. they have had some kind of professional interaction with him. it feels more personal in that sense. we are at a private airport. it's about 20 minutes outside of indianapolis. so an aircraft paid for by the
2:36 pm
trump campaign will come here and bring mike pence, his wife karen pence, who many in the crowd have been talking about that she would be someone the country will enjoy getting to know, they say, of course, these are friends of the pens's, they describe her as an educator and someone who could perhaps actually be one woman i was talking to said she might be great with melania trump as two different women that can work toke on some of the projects that tend to fall into the lap of a first and second lady of the united states. so i think, ari, what i'm getting from this is a more personal experience. it might be the only times, really, that that happens, because the campaign trail will be unrelenting. it will be about the bruising fights against hillary clinton and over the next few day, mike pence's life will be formed. it will be a day off and getting to work on that speech for the convention. he becomes officially the vice presidential nominee on wednesday. and he will be in cleveland, we
2:37 pm
believe, in the early part of the week. although, i don't expect public event, he might be meeting with delegates or doing behind the scenes thing. even if he does, i think if he repeats some of what he says, this crowd, his supporters will be happy to hear it again. >> kelly o'donnell, you mentioned, he will be down, he will be prepared for the biggest speech of his life. kelly o'donnell, thank you. meanwhile, many are wondering, okay, what is hillary clinton's response? what about her own running mate process? nbc's kristen welker has been all over that story. kristen, a lot of people are interested in what the first woman nominee of any party ever is going to do with the first governing decision. it is fair to say, other than elizabeth warren, there are mostly men we are seeing on the short list. many seem like relatively safe moderate picks. what do you hear? >> reporter: okay, here are the top three, we are focusing on. tim kaine for one, senator from
2:38 pm
virginia, a former governor, someone who has foreign governor experience. he seems to be the front runner right now t. two had hasn't event this past week in virginia. i've spoken with clinton campaign officials who say they feel as though they had good chemistry. this is someone who allowed secretary clinton to shine, quite frankly, during that event. also, we are watching closely tom vilsack who is, of course, the agriculturing is. he also served in an office in iowa. he could deliver that swing state, someone who helps with men. we know secretary clinton has a deficit when it comes to men, particularly white working class men and voters. so he could help there. then have you labor secretary tom perez. someone who would help her with latinos. someone who secretary clinton, by the way, thinks a lot about, things he has accomplished quite a bit. he helps with progressives. tom vilsack is an interesting potential pick, ari, because the clintons go way back, decades,
2:39 pm
withing is vilsavi with secretary vilsack. >> that matters. her working raleigh. how will she be able govern. the other thing she has focused on, is will this person will able to lead? will this person be able to take over the mantle of the presidency, if necessary. >> i hear of perez being being with progressives. i feel that's true in theory, he has a progressive background, i don't think it's true yet in that nobody has heard of perez. >> reporter: you raise an important point. name rec in addition, how many people are familiar with his body of work. that will be a real challenge. the campaign will have to re-introduce him or introduce him to voters. this same could be said of a tom vilsack as well. tim kaine, likely more well known when it comes to voters. of course, he would help her deliver the critical swing state of virginia.
2:40 pm
she is currently up in the polls there. we are watching contenders, including senator elizabeth warren at secretary clinton's home this d.c. for a meeting yesterday. she also met with julian castro as welas colorado, those seem to be in the second tier of potential candidates. >> elizabeth warren, she was on fire on twitter going after trump and pence, whether she is a running mate or fought, nbc's kristen welker in washington. thank you for your reporting. >> reporter: thank you, ari. we are, as i told you, minutes away from governor penn's landing in indiana. we will bring it to you live. also the so-called trump movement defeated this weekend. does that mean the drama is over and it's a clean convention next week? not necessarily, halle jackson has the latest when we come back. ♪
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>> welcome back. you are looking at zionsville, indiana, where any moment governor pence will speak, this will be his first address since becoming donald trump's vice presidential pick. we are two days away from the start of the republican convention, halle jackson is in cleveland to tell us what to expect at the big show, halle, let's start with this idea. there was a lot of talk about this being a very different convention. and at this point it seems like a somewhat different convention. what do you think? >> well, i think that's fair, ari, when you look at the breakdown of the speakers we will see next week. it's about half and half, washington insidery-type politicos and donald trump friends, family member, business associates. the idea, though, is to present a different donald trump or at least to help redefine donald trump at least a bit by hearing from those that are closest to him. he has this reputation. he is you know very sort of open about who he is when he speaks in public.
2:45 pm
the idea is to bring people around him that can help add some dimension to his perception, if you will. the big opener on monday fight, melania trump will be speaking. this is interesting as we set the stage in the 48 hours to come. we don't often see pell lania trump on the campaign trail. she is not as high profile as a spouse, heidi cruz would hold her own fund raising events and rallies separate from her husband. >> that is not what melania trump. shelves not there. trump's family members were there. not unusual. perhaps a little eyebrow raising given what a high pro foil day it was in new york. we have lots going on, ari, not just from the speakers, but from sort of the people who are not on the stage as well. john kasich is not going to be speaking, for example, the governor of the host states. it's remarkable. you are also seeing the bushes not coming and others. yeah, it's, by the way, this is
2:46 pm
ohio. this is a key swing state. this is a major battle ground state. you know, it's sort of up with of those things where you go, man, kould would there be a surprise in store? coming up. >> halle, i hard you do that thing where you put the espresso inside the coffee and you just don't sleep for five days. so good luck to you. >> reporter: four shots and the tea. >> we'll get to you soon, thank you very muchch when it comes to those never trump delegates you heard about, washington post reports rnc officials are concerned some delegates might make a show of leaving before trump accepts the nomination. joining me is the co-founder of the trump superpack, mystery, california, superpack to governor schwarzenegger. you guy versus gotten so much press for something you ultimately didn't have a lot of support when it came down to brass tax in cleveland. which is the idea there are republicans and activists who
2:47 pm
really want to stop trump. there weren't many this week, you have to admit that? >> i think that's fair t. stop trump movement has its genesis factor in the primaries. here in california, we had hoped we were going to be competitive to the extent there are delegates, went to have that minority report for rules on the floor to allow for a conscience clause. that was very organic. there was not a whole lot of orkstration to that. i think those are delegates from the states that are troubled by him as the nominee, trying to speak out and do what they can do to stop him. >> reporter: when you look ahead through this convention, one of the pro trump arguments would be okay there are fewer elected republicans involved, halle jackson was just reporting on that and the trump folks would say, ye, that's good, guess twa, elected republicans in congress are very unpopular. let's try something different. what do you sa i to that? >> reporter: well, they can try something different. it hasn't been working very well. he has been two-and-a-half
2:48 pm
months now as the presumptive nominee. he is failing to unite the party, one for continuing to be petty, you just talked about how governor kasich isn't going to speak, his delegation has been pushed back to the convention center all out of spite. the campaign has been incompetent. he can't raise money. we have been hearing for months since paul manafort he will shift. newt gingrich tells us he is not trying yet. we will see this week when they show us the donald trump that maybe can get rid of these miserable polling numbers and make the american people like him for starters and unite the party and go on from there. >> do you think what are you casting as his problems or inability to run a professional campaign is bad for him politically the campaign may be at a disadvantage or does it concern you about his ability to run the government? >> both, it concerns me about the ability to run a competent
2:49 pm
campaign, republicans and other offices for other races will suffer that, very concerned about that. then i think there is obviously an open question as if he can be competent as commander-in-chief. >> that one qualified and two whether or not you have the tumerity to have the control as commander in chief. >> as a critic, what is the most important thing you would like to hear him do in his address to the country next week, donald trump, when he accepts this nomination. >> i would like to see some type of huh mill, some indication that he can put others before himself, that this isn't just all about himself. i don't have any confidence in that, but i would be delighted if we can see any genuine example of donald trump showing that he can lead from that type of population of strength, where he doesn't have to be obsessed with his own ego. >> well, i heard him say he is the most humble person in the country.
2:50 pm
it's a joke, rob. >> yes, i know, he is confident that he is. >> rob, thank you for spending time with us out in california. we appreciate it. i want to tell viewers who have gotten our update. they're running a little late. pence to welcome home for the rally and you'll see it here live. join us after the break with a little more from cleveland. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ turns out my curlsthe needed to be stronger.
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some breaking news. we are looking right now to a live shot on the left-hand of your screen. that's the plane is carrying governor mike pence of indiana who is now, of course, the running mate for donald trump. carrying the plane ride here because this is going to be very interesting. he's touching down and you can see on the right side of your screen, you can see the rally for the first time as running mate. he's returning home his entire
2:54 pm
political career. indiana, obviously, is what got him to this national position. as a private charter, elboi bel. and a live report as we watch governor pence for him and political career, a huge day and as he addresses the crowd, we'll carry that live on msnbc. as we watch that, i'm joined here on set by great republican colleagues. kate, michael steel. we're here in cleveland on 4th street but keep an eye on this. michael steel, your thoughts on governor pence. this moment for him as we watched this plane touch down. >> i think in the words of bernie sanders, this is yuge for him. because it's a fundamental shift in front of us. donald trump is slowly but carefully bringing the party together. bringing the base that was
2:55 pm
suspicious of him in some of his policy positions, i think a lot of that is now aif i weffirmed selection and a level of stability we haven't seen in the campaign yet. and certainly, since paul manafort came on board. i think you're going to see a different kind of campaign with a different voice. and i think that's good. we're seeing the plane here, wheels down here. 5:55 p.m. this is indiana. kate, you've worked with so m y many. it was the handling of the religious freedom bill in indiana. there was tremendous blowback including from conservative and business groups. they tried to pivot. there was talk that he wouldn't be a 2016 person because of that. walk us through from your experience working with state
2:56 pm
republicans, what it means for a governor like this who had his ups and downs and now with all cable news superlatives having the biggest up of his career today right now as he gets off that plane? >> he's got several things to do today. he loves the state of indiana. he's the governor. he's the sitting governor and will remain that. he's going to have to explain a few things when he gets off today but 24 hours ago, he was running for the governorship of indiana. now he's moved to the vice presidential seat. when you unpack mike pence, he does a lot for the republican party in this ticket and social conservatives, religious conservatives, religious right and the base that's been uneasy the entire time, donald trump has had his fair share of evangelicals but he's a pretty solid pick. they're really different. probably not going to be best friends, but they'll be campaigning together. this is a personal moment for him to talk to the state of indiana first and the united
2:57 pm
states second. the other thing about the running mate that's different from other promotions in national politics is there is no oj time. on the job training. it is immediate, national, intense scrutiny. having worked with him, you first, is he ready for the scrutiny? >> i do think he is ready. an example of how well thought of mike pence is in washington, it's a good chance he'd be speaker of the house. he has a network of friends all over the country and colleagues. i think he's ready from the radio show, talk show they're going to pull up and take from being in congress, being a governor, running a state. i think certainly he's ready for the national stage. now, getting ready to run against the clintons. that's a tough go. so we'll see. i'm not worried about the big arrows of mike pence making that. >> i think he's ready. i think he's more than ready. i mean, certainly serving the
2:58 pm
crucible as governor was a huge opportunity for him to sort of expand his knowledge beyond the congressional world today. and for him, it's going to be an important opportunity to have that first conversation with the people of indiana and then come out here on wednesday and lay out a national message. >> we look at the plane that's landed here. and started frrt start. a >> there's a lot of excitement here. people who have been waiting for a couple of hours to see governor mike pence come home after a very big turn in his
2:59 pm
life. they were taking photos and excited. the music from the movie, i believe, air force one. it's a regular when it rolls as part of the set for the political event and we know he was traveling with his wife, karen, and daughter charlotte. and they have had a whirlwind day in new york from the very public sort of debut of the trump/pence ticket and some personal time and the door is open. we'll see the welcome home that will begin. and i imagine it would be running for reelection until just a day or so ago when he was willing to welcomeonald trump's invitation. >> we see governor mike pence getting off the plane to thunderous applause in
3:00 pm
zionsville, indiana. he met the deadline at the last possible moment selected by donald trump. he's walking out here to it. it's quite a homecoming, isn't it? >> it really is. and as i talked to people here in the crowd who have been waiting for a couple of hours, which in our security age required for people who want to attend events like this, many people have known mike pence, worked with him over the years, had supported him and other campaigns and are genuinely excited to see this. i heard a few say they would miss him as their governor but excited that donald trump has tapped him for this role. again, this is a crowd that has political interest and many of them were doing their own analysis for me about how they believe that this kind of pairing that trump and pence would bring


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