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tv   A Country Chooses  MSNBC  July 16, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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zionsville, indiana. he met the deadline at the last possible moment selected by donald trump. he's walking out here to it. it's quite a homecoming, isn't it? >> it really is. and as i talked to people here in the crowd who have been waiting for a couple of hours, which in our security age required for people who want to attend events like this, many people have known mike pence, worked with him over the years, had supported him and other campaigns and are genuinely excited to see this. i heard a few say they would miss him as their governor but excited that donald trump has tapped him for this role. again, this is a crowd that has political interest and many of them were doing their own analysis for me about how they believe that this kind of
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pairing that trump and pence would bring a lot to the republican party and christian conservatives have been uneasy about trump and his personality and the kind of campaign he's run and they think this will bring a bit of the hoosier heartland spirit and maybe no state that has quite the self-identity of indiana where they embrace being hoosiers and one of the special days in politics where it's mostly about good fun. most of the other days are hard, hard work. >> stay with us here on the ground. i want to bring back in michael steele as we look at these pictures, you know the pageantry matters and visuals matter. what does it mean to see governor pence here separate from donald trump earlier today? >> it's a connection to
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grassroots. it's exciting to see a hang gua ar full of people in his own backyard. it's americana in many respects. >> we'll go back to the feed as governor mike pence here takes the stage. a final hug as he prepares to give this address, this welcome home rally as a governor, but also as the republican party's running mate in what's been an unusual year and quite a ride for him. governor mike pence. let's listen in. >> indiana. to the best governor's staff in the united states of america, to my great lieutenant governor,
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eric holcomb. to susan brooks. i look across this crowd. i see friends of so many years. people who've carried my little family on their shoulders, in their hearts and in their prayers, my fellow hoosiers, i'm here to announce that today in new york city, i accepted donald trump's invitation to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. >> we couldn't be more humbled and honored by the confidence he and his family placed on us. i can say spending with some time with the next president of the united states, donald trump is a good man and he will make a
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great president of this nation. [ applause ] the last few days have been pretty overwhelming. but this is the best part. karen and i will treasure this hoosier homecoming for the rest of our lives. thank you for being here today. there really is no place like home. you know, before we head home to pizza night, a few words. i want to pay a debt of gratitude to those who have made this moment possible. this unimaginable moment.
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to karen. a schoolteacher turned mom turned first lady who i know will be a great second lady of the united states of america. to our kids. to charlotte, to michael, and audrey, for our unflinching love and tireless efforts throughout your life to support mom and dad on all their adventures. you make us so proud. to my mom. [ applause ]
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the daughter of an irish immigrant who always believed in every one of us saw more in us than we saw in ourselves and taught us to love this country. mom, thank you for always being there. you're my hero. to my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and all of our big disastrous family, thank you for always loving us. and standing with us. and lastly, to my fellow hoosiers. thank you for the opportunities
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that you've given our family to serve a state of indiana. your support and indiana's example has carried us to this moment. our state is inspiring the nation and i'm going to take hoosier ideals to washington, dc. as we begin this journey, our thanks. thank you for coming out on a beautiful saturday to welcome our little family home. people often say to my, i'm praying for you.
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but i'd like to ask you to pray for my family as well. that we might, as a family, do you proud, as we represent our state all across this nation. i'd like to ask one more thing. for the sake of our troops who have our back, for the sake of hard working americans and businesses who deserve a president who will give washington, dc off their back and the sake of a supreme court of the united states will uphold our constitution and our god given liberties.
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let's make indiana the first state on the board to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states and send another hoosier to the vice president's office. thank you and god bless you. >> we've been listening to indiana governor mike pence there speaking in zionsville, indiana, plane touched down and took to the lectern. you can hear the music and by 6:09, he was off the stage. he spoke there at the end. you heard him reference another hoosier in the vice president office, a reference to his previous holder of that office, another hoosier in dan quayle, the last vice president from indiana. he spoke about thanking his wife, his mom and the state that put him in this position. he talked about prayers and said to his constituents, don't just pray for me but my family but talked about the troops and the
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supreme court. all issues he sees as front and center in this race between donald trump, the ticket and the hillary clinton ticket yet to be completed and kelly o'donnell on the scene. what is the mood and what did you think of what we just heard? a brief, i would say, and at times, humble speech in marked contrast to the addresses earlier in the day? >> here, he is among friends and people who know him as governor. people who know him personally. people who have been around pence and the pence family for years. so i think he was able to let his guard down a little bit and be a bit more personal talking about his family and how kind of extraordinary these last few days have been, and i think he saved just enough muscle for the kind of fight he could take against clinton and so important in the role he's been asked to serve for donald trump to be able to litigate a case against hillary clinton and he did that
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in just enough. it will serve the media's purposes. it gave those who attended here a sense of that spirit. but it was much more about kind of taking a deep breath after what they've been through for the first few days in this new role as donald trump's running mate. a lot of changes ahead. but i thought he did weave sort of what i had predicted. sort of the heart of it. the faith of this man. devoutly christian. that's very important to him and one of the features of his personality that attracted the trump team in being able to speak with authenticity to evangelical voters and talking about his family. so this is the kind of thing where it can be a bit more personal. indiana is typically not a state where the general election is waged, so there might not be many opportunities to speak on home turf. >> and kelly, i wonder if i detected from here and while you're there, at times, a plaintiff note as he is ending in some sense his indiana government and political career.
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this is a huge opportunity but speaking to that crowd as you say who knew him, at times, sounded mournful about that chapter closing. he did withdraw for running from reelection in indiana. >> and i heard that from some of the people who waited hours to see him. it is a risk. he chooses not to run for reelection. he had an active campaign up and running. if trump does not win, then he will be out of a job come january. he could have waged a fight to be reelected for a second term. there's risk in that. there's obviously a great deal of change. mike pence did serve in washington in congress for 12 years. that is not new to him. but it is part of the human dimension of politics especially for running mates because we've seen those who competed for the nomination, for more than a year fighting it out week after week. this is in process and a run to the finish.
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>> thank you for reporting from the field. i want to say briefly, folks here in one word or sentence, what jumped out to you about that address? >> it was humble. wow. just told you why he's running for vice president. supreme court, women, the military, and business. he just told you why. >> everyone here, thank you for spending time with us, for having fun. it's going to be a great convention week. i now want us to hand it off to my colleague, chris matthews, msnbc original documentary, a country chooses. you're watching msnbc. as primary season began in early 2016, among the crowded field were two candidates who
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have known each other a long time and voters knew too. >> they created isis. hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> he was referring to the original backing of the 2003 invasion of iraq. >> donald trump cultivated outrage, that's his brand. >> that's a pretty disgraceful situation. >> the united states is being ripped off. >> reporters can make things up and as you know, they do because they're a vile lot. >> hillary clinton has been controversial in her own right as well. >> donald trump to make money off of people's misery. >> donald trump has successededn getting in the heads of republican opponents and i don't think that will ever happen to hillary. she's not letting him phase her. >> nothing funny about the hate he is spewing. >> it seems hillary clinton and donald trump might be heading for a political showdown.
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but to understand how they got there, we need to know where they came from. >> she was a daughter of a republican. >> hugh ellsworth recognized his daughter's extraordinary intelligence and urged her to compete for positions previously limited to men. >> he also taught her that any show of emotion was a show of weakness. and that's one of the reasons why she is so buttoned up when she's performing. and off stage, so much more open and friendly and charming. >> i'm so happy to see you. thank you. >> clinton said her mother fled an abusive background as a teen, a tale that resonated with her daughter.
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>> her mother taught hillary so much by her strength, her ability to get back up, and hillary often says, i'm still standing. they've come after me for 20 years and i am still standing and she credits her mom. >> i can still hear her saying, life's not about what happens to you, it's about what you do with what happens to you. so get back out there. >> with her parents' encouragement, hillary rodham worked from suburban illinois to wellesley where she became the first to deliver a commencement speech in 1969. >> the challenge is to practice politics, the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible. fear is always with us but we don't have time for it. not now. >> from wellesley, she went to yale law school, met bill clinton. >> boys always intimidated by her. she was just so smart and saw
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very early they could make a great political pair. >> in fact, clinton's drive at that time can be compared to that of a young donald trump. >> if there's anything that links the two of them together, it would be ambition. >> born just a year before clinton, grew up as the favorite son of a new york real estate developer. >> i grew up with a wonderful family. >> in eighth grade, trump's parents sent him to the new york military academy where he attained a rank of captain and toughened and shaped him. >> he knew how to set goals for himself. >> i want to keep the cost down to a low coin. >> notice the knot on the tie. this is something he learned to do in the military. it's an even "v." it's ingrained into us. it's the same thing with the outer. it's ingrained into us. >> i think that when somebody signs an agreement, they should live by that agreement. >> if you are having a quarrel
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with somebody, you can't go home to mommy and deal with it that way. you have to take on these other people. you have to be a winner: or you're going to be a loser for life. >> i do look at the world as being a tough place. i look at people as being, in many cases, pretty vicious. and unless you're going to have a certain way, you're going to be eaten alive. >> like clinton, trump graduated from the ivy league. whar ton school. and focused on the bright lights of manhattan becoming a national personality as he altered the city's skyline. >> one of the interesting things about any national convention is the surprising people whom show up on the floor and here tonight is real estate tycoon and best selling author, donald trump. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. in 1988, appeared at the republican national convention offering a window into his
3:19 pm
future ambitions. >> you said if you ran for president, you'd win. >> i like to win, and i think i would probably have a pretty good chance. >> when bill clinton was elected president in 1992, trump was quick to publicly applaud the voter's decisions. >> i think they made the right choice. he's got energy. >> also a fondness for hillary clinton who quickly set out to redefine the role of first lady. >> she was a first lady who got involved in policy discussions and policy debates in the white house. >> there was bill clinton himself who championed his wife's future. >> when i asked him, what do you see in the future after eight years of bill clinton? he said, eight years of bill, eight years of hill. >> become the junior senator from new york. and despite the fact she was a newcomer, clinton won at the lexx as well as reelection in in
3:20 pm
2006. among her donors, donald trump. in 2008, clinton lost to barack obama who rewarded her support in the general election by appointing her secretary of state. >> thank you for this honor. >> she was a very unusual secretary of state. particularly one who had a large potential political future in front of her. there was an extreme obsession with her popularity, her staff was constantly sifting through polling data. it says that hillary clinton is at heart, a politician. she's always calculating the odds. >> by contrast, trump is largely viewed as a political outsider. in 2013, michael caputo tried recruiting him to run for new york governor. and andrew cuomo. >> when i showed up in trump tower, one of the first things he said, i think i would rather do that big thing. he called it the big thing.
3:21 pm
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trump rallies don't feel like political events. at all. the music is blaring. people are dancing. people are in trump gear. it feels like a sporting event more than a political rally. >> most politicians has supporters. donald trump has fans. >> primary season, the candidate from the other side challenging the order. and getting a similar reaction from his crowd. >> it is not just about electing
3:25 pm
a president. it is about creating a political revolution. >> i don't think anyone thought bernie sanders was going to make it as far as he has with young people. >> says the wealthiest people with largest corporations have to start paying a fair share of taxes. >> never seen two taxes tap into the anger that's out there in the country, a group that thinks the political system is rigged and both bernie sanders and donald trump talked to that group. >> the republican side, trump started out with 16 opponents. all representing different ideologies and agendas but united on one issue. >> no matter what ted cruz was saying, marco rubio, what happened throughout this entire primary process, they continued to attack hillary clinton. >> you put me on that stage against her in september. >> i continue running for
3:26 pm
president. no way to elect hillary clinton to continue the policies. >> before any republican candidate could fully concentrate on a democratic opponent, there was the issue of winning over it. >> jeb bush looked like he was the front-runner to be the nominee, had $100 million committed in super pac donor money and boy, did not pan out. >> donald trump decided, he had to get rid of jeb bush and he had to get rid of him by belittling him. >> he's a total stiff. if he weren't in government, you wouldn't hire him to do anything. >> and the longest while, jeb bush didn't fight back. >> don't fall asleep when i mention the name, please. >> low energy jeb. >> he's a low energy person. >> he's low energy. >> people didn't think he actually wanted it and didn't think he had the strength to be the president of the united states in very difficult times. >> we're going to keep winning, winning, winning, and we are going to make america great
3:27 pm
again. >> you can tell how he's going to attack someone because he nicknames them. it was little marco. marco rubio who he just sort of brushed off as impotent and weak. >> i look at little marco and say, there's something happening with him and he's like, melting. >> of all the republican candidates, ted cruz initially appeared to have the most civil relationship with trump. >> ted cruz was largely on the sidelines saying, i like donald trump. i'm not going to mud sling with him. >> we have lying ted cruz. >> we saw how quickly that changed. >> lying ted. >> very specifically. >> l-y-i-n with an apostrophe. >> it hit the mark when random people in the crowd would start chanting lying ted. >> so terrible. he's a liar. >> by contrast, the democratic contrast got off to a respectful
3:28 pm
start. at the first debate on cnn, sanders emphasized he had no intention of pouncing on clinton for using the private e-mail account of secretary of state. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too. >> he got what's called candidate's disease. we think, darn it, i never thought i could win, but maybe i can. he started saying some tough things about secretary clinton. >> i don't believe she is qualified. taking her super pac. >> she never left the spot as democratic front-runner, but sanders' message was gaining traction and clinton was fighting back. >> it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. >> by this point, trump was including some of sanders'
3:29 pm
rhetoric in his arsenal. >> hillary is a disaster, folks. she has bad judgment. that was said by bernie sanders. he's giving me a lot of my best lines. >> trump was making inroads with traditional republicans, but sanders attracted constituents the clinton campaign expected to rally for them. millennial women who didn't remember the days when the thought of a female white house nominee seemed impossible. >> young women carrying more student debt than men and specific health care needs that are expensive and bernie sanders has very strong responses to both of those issues. >> there is no economic reason for women being underpaid. it is just old fashioned sexism. we will end that. >> after trump vanquished his republican rivals, sanders by early april had taken 15 states and more than a thousand
3:30 pm
delegates. >> bernie sanders put a scare into hillary clinton. someone who showed an ability to excite voters the way she hasn't and draw big crowds and come off as a more authentic movement than so far. >> if you don't have the guts to defend your ideas in a free election, get another job. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weight is so good... and low-calorie.
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msnbc headquarters in new york city. just moments ago, indiana governor, mike pence, addressing the people of his home state for the first time there since joining team trump. thanked hoozers for support and to pray for his family to make everyone proud on the campaign. vice presidential candidate announced earlier today officially. trump said he believes pence will help deliver a safe and
3:34 pm
prosperous society for all americans. now, back to "a country chooses." >> trump, trump! >> hillary rodham clinton. >> the race for the presidency, donald trump and hillary clinton emerge as the front runners of their respective party but victory no guarantee just yet. >> i never found any chickens before they hatch. >> a contested convention looking like a real possibility. >> donald trump is not getting to 1237 before cleveland. we're going to a contested convention. >> and in the other party, clinton was feeling the bern. >> you may have heard senator sanders say i'm unqualified to be president, well, seriously, i've been called a lot of things over the years, but unqualified
3:35 pm
has not been one of them. >> tuesday, april 19th. a big prize at state but gave both donald trump and hillary clinton a home field advantage. >> let's be the people that we know we can be. >> and yet, the votes in it, it was a sweet homecoming for both candidates with deep ties to new york. >> today, you proved once again there's no place like home. >> i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump scored decisive wins in a pivotal week butt putting their competitors on the ropes. >> god bless new york. >> a complicated history. a collision course with each other. >> i think this election is between two americas. >> if the battle would eventually come down to clinton versus trump, it would be important to note the war would be waged in the same
3:36 pm
geographical areas and also with what seemed like two opposite americas. >> hillary clinton and donald trump won in similar states but won different constituencies within those states. >> in their primaries, facing each other, both candidates conquered 15 contiguous states from louisiana and mississippi but drawing from different bases. >> clinton will win women. trump men. clinton more educated. trump uneducated. >> i love the poorly educated. >> trump will win more down scale voters. >> why clinton and trump are winning different constituencies within the same states is that he's winning whites in areas where whites are feeling a lot of racial threat from the rise of minorities and she's winning minorities within those same states. >> it's all about race. >> google, for example, looked
3:37 pm
at heat maps of racist searches for racist jokes, it seems to strangely or perhaps tellingly overlay quite well with donald trump's support. so it is possible that he's winning among whites who feel racial tension with the blacks and hispanics that hillary clinton herself is winning. >> her strongest support is actually african-american women. women who see in hillary who have withstood a lot and still standing and feel connected to that. >> and once and for all, guarantee equal pay for women. >> you believe punishment for abortion? >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> it was a declaration he was forced to retrieve. but for people who see the bluntness as a detriment, wonder if it may be one of his greatest
3:38 pm
assets with voters. >> water board is fine but not tough enough. >> he's totally the opposite of being politically correct. he says what he means. and he means what he says. which is refreshing. >> on a personal level, it's interesting. donald trump wins among people who say he tells it like it is. hillary clinton does poorly on authenticity. a lot of voters think she's lying a lot of the time. and as a result, bernie sanders has had tremendous success winning constituencies that she won eight years ago. >> there is nothing we cannot accompli accomplish. >> nbc producer covering the trump campaign since august 2015. the demographics from trump and sanders are different but a hunger for change. >> it's the electorate of the campaign that was different. he was taking on a system that
3:39 pm
made them largely in the past feel marginalized and expanding the base of people who would have been republicans except they didn't feel like anyone was talking to them. >> we are going to make america great again. >> i will stand for and fight for you. >> as the weeks raced by, clinton and trump each continuing to amass the delegates they would need to win their parties. heading toward what seemed like an inevitable showdown and becoming more apparent that this was one of the most unusual match-ups in modern political times. >> i think this election is going to boil down to who do voters fear less in the white house? >> andrew wienstein is a lifelong republican. this year, he will vote for hillary clinton.
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let's go forward. let's weigh the nomination. >> it was a pivotal day for hillary clinton. she won four out of five eastern states including connecticut and pennsylvania. the winds pushed her in the delegate territory that the times seemed difficult for bernie sanders to beat. >> we have to keep winning. we have to win more. >> all five. >> eight days later after trump also carried indiana, all the talk of a contested republican convention was silenced when his only two remaining competitors, ted cruz and john kasich dropped out of the race but even as the political rivals rose within their parties, they continue to encounter intense anger. >> there are hillary haters just as there are trump haters. >> the hillary clinton, the most
3:44 pm
brutal campaign organization i've encount everyday. >> donald trump brings hate to every speech. he brings hate to this country. >> very polarizing figure. >> even ones who don't particularly care for hillary clinton are absolutely frightened at the notion of a trump presidency. >> i think most people undecided right now are undecided because they hate both candidates and try to decide which they hate less. >> the dubious distinction of being the most unpopular in u.s. political history. a poll showed results similar to early counts. 59% unfavorables for trump and 54% for clinton. >> they are unprecedented at least in terms of how far back we can go with polling data. >> john believes it will be tough for trump and clinton to reverse negative numbers. >> i think to a large degree, they're really not going to be able to change their image very much. they are very well known
3:45 pm
characters. >> judgments about health care too often seem divorced from common sense. >> there's no one in the history of country who's been on center stage in the american political life as long as hillary clinton has been who's actually being considered for the presidency of the united states. so when you're center stage for that long, you become a divisive figure. >> torture works, okay, folks? >> donald trump, the method by which he secured the nomination, while successful, certainly raised his negatives higher than any other successful nominee for president in the history of either party. >> he is a deeply insecure narcissistic juvenile man who is blatantly dishonest. >> elise jordan, a former aid to republican senator rand paul among those who just can't bring themselves to embrace their party's front-runner. >> he needs to stop the offensive language and behave
3:46 pm
like a statesman, not a carnival barker and until that happens, i think there are a lot of people who can't, you know, get on board with him. >> in march of 2016, 60 prominent republican former national security experts vowed to actively oppose donald trump. among their concerns? trump would jeopardize national security. major republican politicians including george bush, lindsey graham and mitt romney either refuse to endorse or spoke out against their party's front-runner. >> this recklessness is recklessness in the extreme. >> we shouldn't accept ugliness as the norm. >> seven weeks after slamming trump's campaign style, speaker of the house paul ryan and other gop leaders met with him in an attempt to unified their fractured party. >> we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> encouraging but fell short of endorsing trump. not only were there some republicans having trouble
3:47 pm
stumping for trump, they were actually crossing into enemy territory. >> the problem is that one of the candidates actually is qualified to be president, although i disagree with her on almost everything and the other is not and actually remipresenta much more fundamental risk. >> andrew wienstein made his living as a republican strategist. he decided to join the reluctantly hillary block. >> hillary clinton is a migraine headache, but will be gone in four years. donald trump is a like a cancer that could do lasting damage to the institution. >> there's rancor and fury on the other side as well. >> all the smart people have decided before the campaign began, it was actually over and hillary clinton was the nominee. >> democratic rival bernie sanders was tapping into the same emotion trump was fueling. overwhelming anger.
3:48 pm
but unlike trump's rival, refusing to throw in the towel. >> big percentages of the bernie people are going to vote for trump. you watch. >> what bernie sanders and donald trump represent is this temperament, i don't have to rely on political allies. i don't have to rely on the status quo. >> harlin hill is a supporter and like andrew wienstein, can't back his own party candidate. >> hillary clinton's negatives are sort of informed by 30 years of lies, decreteit and fraud. we're not beholden to restrictions of the past. >> donald trump and bernie sanders are running against some of the economic policies of the '90s. trade, wall street deregulation, things like that. does that concern you? >> they're not running against 23 million new jobs and incomes going up for every american, not just those at the top. >> she was pandering to
3:49 pm
corporate interests and wouldn't release the transcripts. >> bernie sanders said she's not qualified because she suffers from bad judgment. >> donald trump continued to use sanders to his advantage, clinton tried to direct the negative attention back to trump. >> i said he was unqualified to be president. i believe that deeply. i do not want americans and good thinking republicans and independents to start to believe this is a normal candidacy. >> it's safe to say this has been one of the most unusual elections in modern history and the biggest question remains. what will this country look like after november? ♪
3:50 pm
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jeb bush, we call him low energy. lying ted. >> it was spring. donald trump had become the presumptive nominee on the republican side and the general election in sight. throughout the primary year, and slapping with insulting nicknames that stuck. >> you go to his rallies and people say lying ted. they know his lines because he drills it home again and again and again. >> we were all waiting for the hillary clinton brand to come out. >> when i can focus on hillary, crooked hillary, when i focus on hillary, she'll go down easier than any of the people we just beat. >> and crook hillary is what he's come up with. >> we all go against crooked hillary clinton and beat her.
3:54 pm
>> when he started calling her crooked hillary, we knew we reached a point he was looking towards the general election. >> shortly after trump debuted crooked hillary, he added another line of attack. >> the only card she has is the woman's card. nothing else going. >> mr. trump accused of playing the quote, woman card. well if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. clint >> clinton had the woman card web site. >> we came up with the idea of a woman's card which, unfortunately doesn't give you a discount even though we don't get equal pay for the work we do. >> running against hillary clinton is different than any one of those people that we ran against in the primary. and it's going to be a very difficult battle. >> we're going to wage a positive campaign. i'm not going to respond to
3:55 pm
anything he says about me. >> hillary cannot get down, dirty and the trenches with donald trump. if she responds, she runs the risk of being marco rubized. when you go down, you're the one who comes down with the sewage. >> in early june, including california and new jersey, had not won enough delegates but seemed to turn her attention from the direct democratic opponent to trump. launching a blistering attack on the presumptive nominee. >> donald trump's ideas aren't just different, they are dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas. just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies. >> as clinton went on the attack, trump accused the mexican american judge in the lawsuit against his failed
3:56 pm
university, trump u., of having an absolute conflict because of what trump said about crossing the rio grand into the united states. the judge who happens to be mexican, i think that's fine, they ought to look into judge curiel because what he's doing is a total disgrace. >> it's indefensible. >> paul ryan joined others in his parties strongly condemning the presumptive nominee. the same week, hillary clinton was making history. >> hillary clinton pulled up a monumental win in the state. the cap of her historic achievement. june 7, the big primary win in california gave her a decisive lead over bernie sanders in both the delegate count and the popular vote. >> thanks to you, we've reached a milestone. first time, the first time in
3:57 pm
our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> during the victory speech, a restrained trump used a teleprompter, something he'd like to ridicule. >> those bernie sanders who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. >> but sanders was not ready to give up. july 12th, more than a month later stood alongside clinton and offered his formal endorsement. >> i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. >> and it seemed the battle between trump and clinton would continue to escalate. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> he's written a lot of books
3:58 pm
about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> hillary clinton is in a much stronger position now than eight years ago. more experienced candidate. donald trump has to convince that hillary clinton is the wrong type of person to be president right now, that her past makes her unacceptable. >> i hope, in the end, the american voters will say to themselves, all this back and forth, all of these charges and countercharges, sort of fun to watch as a spectator sport but it's now time to get serious. >> what's the stake in this election is one word. everything. >> who will be the victor? during this year, even seasoned professionals are unwilling to hazard a guess. >> i'm not going to. because i've tried to before and only god knows and she's not talking. >> the 2016 battle features two
3:59 pm
candidates with very different weapons. clinton offered something more familiar. conventional policy. stronger background in foreign relations and more professionalism across the board. she promises to be simply better than what we had before and better than what we have now. trump offers something about the country itself. his ideals run along nationalism, in trump's eye, it's us against mexico that won't stop illegal immigration, a china that manipulates currency to steal american jobs, against europe, the middle east and asia who benefit but refuse to bear their fair burden. it's about this country getting shoved around and donald trump ready, eager to shove back. one less exciting but more assuring. the other, seemingly the opposite. firming up the system and the other on shaking it up. come november, the country will choose. i'm chris matthews. thanks for watching.
4:00 pm
plays hardball. good evening, i'm kristen welch matthews. the republican convention days away and the party's nominee is running the most unpredictable, some would say confounding campaign in modern timeles. the democratic nominee is facing a major trust deficit, only 37% of voters consider her trustworthy. on top of that, the country seems polarized on the issue of race and policing. donald trump said he is the law and order candidate


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