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tv   Hardball Weekend  MSNBC  July 17, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i'm chris matthews. good evening i'm chris matthews. is republicans events is days away and the party is running the most unpredictable some would say the democratic nominee is facing a major trust deficit, only 37% of voters condition her trust worthy and the country seems polarized on race. clinton says america needs more
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love and kindness? with me for the full hour bill mar. he is also hosting a series of four special episodes all live during the republican and democratic conventions. those are air wednesday and thursday nights. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> if you had to explain this to somebody you know living overseas what would you explain is going on on racial issues right now? >> it depends what country the person i was talking to was from. some countries don't have a racial problem like we do because they don't have a history of slavery like we do. we never really got race right in this country. it is original sin of this country. it is a fault line we have tried to cover up. every time something racial happens people act sprieszed. i wat
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surprised. i just watched the o.j. simpson documentary. they were shokd. >> we were all shocked. >> okay and black folks were all applauding not because i thought they were really that innocent but for once, for one time, a black guy beat the system after the system had beaten black folks so many times. that's the beginning of it. when it comes to police there's never any excuse for what happened. for shooting a policeman, we all condemn that. i don't condone it but i do understand it. >> you understand that guy? >> well, i understand the mode va motivation. how many years can go by when this is going on, when black people are brutally assaulted? he was on the ground and he put a slug in him.
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i'm surprised so many didn't fire back sooner. >> what do you think are the motives? i think it's different in every case. what do you think causes all of this? i see the common nature, white police officer kills black person apparently without justi justificati justification. what else is going on? is it prejudice? >> i interviewed a man. he said when i worked in the black neighborhood i hated all black people. when i worked in the latino neighborhood i hated all latino people. when i worked in the white neighborhood i hated all white people. you deal with criminals. there is something very wrong with police culture. once again, we are not indicting all of the police and certainly without the police this country would look like that movie the purge every night. >> i was a capital policeman for
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a while. one thing they taught us in the short training we had wlias whe you go to approach a stopped car you never stand directly next to the driver seat. you don't stand at the drivers seat. you always approach from the back door and go in sideways. so police are basically worried when they stop anybody about who is in that car. >> yes. >> that may explain some of this! b >> but it is a dangerous job. i don't think it cracks the top ten. i think cab drivers are killed more than policemen, electricians, fishermen, i don't think it's a not a dangerous job but you have subscripted into it. your t answer can't be just to shoot. again, is it most cops? probably not.
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it gets on film a lot. >> that's what i want to ask about, when you see a guy running across a field and he plugs him from behind -- >> that's cowardness. >> are we missing something in the tapes some times? zbli don't think so. i don't think think we we were were miss missing much much in the rod rodney diking tape. once you have him on the ground it cannot be justified. >> or the choke hold guy. >> yeah. and again, this is a job you volunteered for. it says protect and serve on the side of the car. that's to protect and serve us, not you. we are not protecting you. you to understand, yeah, there is an element of danger in this job and you have to accept that if you want to do it. by the way, i think most policemen like their job. yes, there is danger in it and there's also a lot of perks.
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>> donald trump tweeted look what's happening under the weak leadership of obama and people like crooked hillary clinton. we are a divided nation. do you think the president has any influence on the immediate situations of black and white? do you think the leadership does anything to forstall this kind of presidency? >> i think he is awfully good about talking about them and about racial issues. lots of black folks say he doesn't do it enough. people like michael eric dyson. >> yeah, i hear it. >> and we know the right wing is perhaps he is an illegitimate president. >> i think he is really trying to be -- i'm not saying not black but to be someone who was seen as an overall leader.
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>> yeah. >> it is almost an impossible position that he is in. but as much as a president can calm the nation, he is calm. all of these people who think trump will be great for his pocketbook, he will be horrible because he is the opposite of calm. the stock market hates more than volatility and he is walking volatility. they all pretend because he is a socialist. he was great for the stock market because he is calm and they love calm. >> you know the old line, if you want to live like a republican vote like a democrat. >> i don't but i'll remember that. >> let's watch him. >> too many americans are trapped in fear, violence and poverty. we must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country.
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100% we will cease to have a country. i am the law and order candidate. >> that's what nixon said. >> yes. '68. >> yeah. >> what do you think he is doing? >> actually crime has been down the last 10 to 20 years. that's not what it looks like on the evening news. >> you can feel it in new york city. >> you can feel what? >> that crime is down. >> right. of course but that's not what the media likes. so people think things are actually worse. things are probably better. statistically they are shown to be better. that's not how you see votes. trump can only win by scaring people. >> when you have kids living in new york you feel better. >> of course. i lived here in the 70s and early '80s. >> he says the black lives
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matter is racist. he says black parents should teach their kids to protect the police. >> really? he really said that? >> yeah. >> republicans wonder why they don't get the votes of minorities. black looifs matter is not inherently motivated. when they are not deserving of that is it not obvious that some movement had to rise up? >> and newt gingrich who is on his best behavior, he said it's more dangerous to be black in america. he put it together, both for black youth? >> these republicans, many of
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them are apalled, what did they think was going to happen? it was conspiracy theories. when a donald trump immerges they are surprised about it? we have had people who followed that strategy. we have never had anybody with this kind of temperament. if he became president every day it would be about tweeting and getting even with people who didn't do exactly what he wanted. >> do you think the call to obama was the product of a strange personal conspiracy by his mother that she was a white american. she some how got it posted that
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her baby was born and gave him the name, barack obama and he is a mixed race kid and did all of this -- why did he say that? >> of course not. this is why he sued me. this is the issue i was making fun of him about. that is racism. that's the one thing they hate to hear and i would never say all republicans are racist but if you're a racist and you're looking for a political party -- >> this is the mouse trap at least. it's not just trump. if you watch the republican debates they all follow the script of restore america. i want my country back. it is subtle but not even that subtle. they talk about obama and his presidency as if it never even existed. to me there's something racist there. they say we have to put america
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back to work. yeah, did that. that actually happened. we have to rebuild our depleted military. it went up under obama like it did every president. >> he wasn't really -- >> exactly. >> when kid rs first learning about civics and they all looked white and then you get to this guy. they want to say like -- >> they don't like the idea of a black family eating off of the white house china. they can couch it any way they want but it bid not go down well with them. this is their evidence. they were hoping he would be a
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terrible failure. he stood there and said we want you to succeed. that was not the attitude of most relubly cans. >> i think he is in the top couple. >> i do too. >> and we have much more coming up with bill maher after this. you're watching hardball, a place for politics. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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we have to be so strong. we have to fight so viciously and violently because we are dealing with violent people. >> folks, there's something going on that's really really bad. it's bad and we better get smart and we better get tough or we are not going have much of a country left, okay?
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muslims are the ones that see what's going on. muslims are the ones that have to report them. if they don't there has to be -- >> he criticized others for not using the phrase radical islamic terrorism. i'm back with bill maher. they seem they think have on the look there by not using radical islamicti islamicti islamic terrorism. >> can you defeat the war on terror without reforming the religion itself. that's a question i think americans need to ask themselves? i think you have to reform the religion itself before you get to the war on terrorism.
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every time somebody says islamapho birks a it is making live miserable as opposed to many who want to live in the 7th re century. we have to come down on those that want to live in our values. donald trump is a fascist. i think the answer like when they elected a muslim mayor of london. i said that's a great thing. when muslims are in places like that they have to speak out plainly and come out plainly for the values that we share, separation of church and state, freedom of speech, equality for women. >> what about the argument about the language? democrats don't want to use the phrase for some murky reason.
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you know what he is saying? that they are some how on their side. >> of course. the language is not the main thing but it is part of it. i have been saying this for a long time. if there's an attack in the month before the election i think it will probably help donald trump. he has an ability to sabotage his own cause. >> what are the odds right now? >> here in july. >> i want to scare people! how many out of ten? two out of ten? five out of ten? >> people say this to me all of the time, can he win? yes. i want people to be very scared until november 8th. anything can happen in this country. people have dumb ideas about what makes a president. they say things like we immediate to run the country like a business. she he is a businessman. a terrorist attack could help him. they don't like hillary clinton.
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be scared. be very scared. the zombies are in the mall. go out and vote. >> 50/50. >> i don't believe that. i want them to be scared. >> what do you think? one in ten? >> no. i think it will be higher than that. the more people see him the more they hit him for obvious reasons. >> his one strength fraet is he is out and he will win. it took people a long time. we are not really that quick. back with more bill maher. you're watching hardball, the place for politics.
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we're back again with bi bill maher. bill, what do you most hope happens on these conventions? >> i hope it's a challenge to donald trump. it would be great. we need a republican party. we need at least two.
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maybe they could find their soul again. if they were to challenge this man hopefully -- i don't want him to get hurt, but i would like to see some fists in cuffs down there on the floor. shut me up. >> thanks for coming. that's hardball for now. chris hays now. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles
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good morning. coming up on your business a family owned business that creates decorative ponds after a disaster almost destroyed it. a company that makes foub tans credits it all. that and much more coming up next on your


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