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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  July 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at >> if you look at one of the big reasons that i chose mike and one of the reasons is party unity. i have to be honest. never trump, never trump. they got crushed. boy was that something. did we show them something. i dominated with the evangelicals. a lot of people were surprised. i had so many great leaders up in my office. religion's voice has been taken away and we're going to change that. back to mike pence. >> i accept your invitation to
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run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. >> good morning, i'm al sha sharpton. we're on the eve of two of the biggest weeks in american politics. the rnc convention tomorrow followed by the democrats next week. trump's vp process was unusual to say the least but it's clear both he and mike pence are on the same page when it comes to hillary clinton. >> a lot of difference between crooked hillary clinton and mike pence. mike pence will never be afraid to speak the name of our enemy. radical islam. radical islamic terrorism.
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>> hillary clinton plans to ignore the supreme court reimposed executive amnesty and would increase, increase our refugee program by more than 500%. >> outside the convention security is high. we're expecting to see thousands of protestors. inside a different tension. with a party still divided over it's presumptive nominee. the last four gop presidential nominees won't be there. instead, trump gets some congressional leaders and formal rivals like ted cruz, chris christie and scott walker. but can that roster compete with the democratic line-up? president obama? the first lady, former president bill clinton, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. but that's next week.
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for now trump can celebrate finally winning the support of his own running mate. a man who endorsed ted cruz in the primary. >> governor pence under tremendous pressure from establishment people endorsed somebody else, but it was more of an endorsement for me. it was the single greatest non-endorsement i have ever had. indiana governor mike pence was my first choice. >> yesterday's low key dimly lit event for the vp announcement is also raising questions about what the convention will look like. and drawing some negative comparisons to mitt romney's first appearance with paul ryan four years ago on a retired battleship. nbc's halle jackson is live from the rnc in cleveland. halle, how are republicans
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feeling about the week ahead and first of all, how are they feeling about this vp roll out yesterday. >> the week ahead and the weekend that was. in having conversation with folks here in cleveland, there's a sense that, listen, everybody acknowledges or a lot of folks acknowledges, maybe it's not how you might have planned it had you been the one planning it. that said there's a sense that they're ready to turn the page to move on to put the craziness 72 hours behind them and look ahead to the convention. it's been a very tough 72 hours for donald trump with questions raised about his presidential process and vice presidential process and how he decided to roll out governor pence. the fact that he talked so much about himself in that introduction and the comments he made as well. it's time to look ahead to an important week for trump and frankly for trump's campaign
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also. the idea being that trump insiders want to come out on thursday night and make the turn into friday morning and be able to point to the convention and say we are unified. that was a well organized well unified convention with no major issues or hiccups. we're ready for the general election because trump himself said to me and others he believes this campaign doesn't get started until after the convention. so if that's how he feels about it, this is the starting line. this is him getting ready to go so the question is can he unify the party and can he bring together people in cleveland over the next four days. it all starts tomorrow with milania trump taking the stage and we see the week unfold. the vice presidential speech happens wednesday and donald trump speaking thursday. >> we're going to see it's going to be quite interesting. i'm going to dig deeper into that as the show goes on. thank you. now let me bring in nbc's jacob rascone outside of the
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convention center. what's the latest on security preps. we're hearing a lot about the expected protest. what's the latest? >> the final security preps are complete after more than two years of planning you now. what you're seeing outside of the arena is 3.7 miles of steel fences in the wake of different attacks like in dallas, san bernardino and orlando that the entire security team reviews the plan and makes enhancements and adjustments to that plan to make sure that there's no vulnerability. what you're looking at here is one of three checkpoints to get into the queue, what they call it. this is a secret service credential checkpoint and you're going to be wanted and go through a medal detector and such and there's some 5500 officers including local officers from the cleveland police department including some 2,000 from outside agencies and
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local agencies around the country and 3,000 federal officers. 73 different agencies. we're talking about cameras all around the city and an operation center where they can monitor those. there were the 123 permits given out for groups to protest the four different spots where they can do that. there's a parade zone. the worry is that of course some of these groups are hostile toward one another or could be pro and anti-trump groups. really they get underway starting tomorrow and through thursday. tomorrow there's a high chance of rain but they're ready and working a long time for this and they're excited they say for cleveland to shine. >> nbc's jacob rascon in cleveland. thank you. joining me now, michael steel,
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former rnc chairman. he is in cleveland. >> thank you for having me. >> before we get to the convention. let's talk about the handling of the pence announcement. how do you think it went? >> i think it was sloppy. a bit choppy and i think it reflected some of the internal discussions that just weren't completed and i think that the roll out began before the candidate apparently had really finally settled and it makes this such a campaign.
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and that he means is a lot of folks are ready to move beyond that. it's not the way it's been done in the past but nothing about this campaign is the way we have done it so here we are. >> how do you think of the roll out? >> what i was looking for is a preview not just of the convention but what the debates might look like and for me the big takeaway was that trump just can't stay on script. he was supposed to introduce his running mate and instead he went into another ego fest where he's just talking about how great he was. wandering, wandering, rambling, rambling and if he does that in the debates where you'll have record viewership he will blow any chance he has of being
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elected so a lot of this is about how disciplined donald trump can be. and a b list show. he talked about a big ring master. he'll put on a great show with great celebrities. i don't think there's going to be a lot of conflict. >> let me ask you this, michael, mike pence wrote a book criticizing negative campaigning. here's what he said when he was asked about the tone of trump's campaign. let me show you this. >> a good man that's been talking about the issues the american people care about. >> but name calling, saying it hasn't been negative. >> a congress that sun able to balance it's budgets.
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>> but what about the negative side. he apologized for being a negative candidate. >> i understand that. >> will mike pence be an attack dog for donald trump. and it's turned off so many voters. so some of the name calling and the other attributes that you heard referenced there are problematic and don't move the voters the way you'd like them to move. but the traditional role of a vice presidential pick is to bring a little bit of the hammer and frees up the candidate to be above it all. the dynamic here is all different. you have a candidate that brings the hammer himself and then some. >> jonathan addresses this, what
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kind of tone do you look for in the convention? what tone do you look for? what tone do you hope for? >> well, i hope for an even tone. i think there's a lot of value in what jonathan said about how this comes off given some of the hiccups that we run into and the type of convention it's going to be. all of that doesn't matter if he lays out a vision for the country and lays out a pathway toward that vision. if not there's other stuff that people are talk about so i expect a level that will be toned and even keel and expand on that. what does that mean for all americans so we'll see. >> should he stay on a prompter? >> no, i think he should -- most do. i don't know anyone that gets up and wings that speech in front of the country. >> well donald trump is doing
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it. >> he's not your usual candidate. >> let me ask you something jonathan. one of the things that i have been watching. i remember when i was a kid and we had a lot of antiwar as well as other issues. richard nixon won that lost for governor of his own state and lost for president as a law and order candidate and now trump has begun casting himself as a law and order candidate. he doubled down on that claim yesterday. listen. >> we need in our country law and order. we are the law and order candidates. and with the law and order party we're going to change things around. there's going to be respect again for law and order. >> what is he trying to communicate with this law and order candidacy and can it work and will he continue that theme do you think throughout this
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campaign? >> well, richard nixon used law and order in 1968 as co-words for race. >> right. >> and trump useds that and also uses nixon's silent majority. he has borrowed a lot from the nixon play book. he has roger stone that's a nixon aid in his camp. the key thing to look for here is whether demonstrators. antitrump demonstrators are peaceful or get out of hand. if they get out of hand they'll playwright into his hands and may elect donald trump. >> they'll make sure that they work in the streets. working in the streets just helps trump. >> unless it's not violating -- >> but you have this
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distinguished history as a street protestor. my argument is this is not the year for street protests and people need to get to the polls. >> i think non-violent protest is certainly different than the disorder we saw in '68. let me ask you michael, hillary clinton is really leading in the polls and all of the battleground states except ohio. explain to me then how the fact that you don't have the governor of ohio coming, that there is clearly some tension there on the local level and poll further ahead in ohio. >> yes. the sense is he is being swamped
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by hillary clinton and that's not the case. a lot of polls have them virtually tied but at this point the biggest margin was 11 and that was an outlier poll. this race is going to be a tight race all the way through. this convention can be an opportunity for both but i don't think the balance will be that great coming out of here. the media and others will talk about that in big context but the reality is the voters have not settled on this campaign as we can see from these polls, ohio and florida, pennsylvania, these states are going to be big, big states coming up this fall and that's going to be
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important for donald trump. he cannot waste that opportunity as we have seen other opportunities wasted up to this point. >> thank you for your time. >> thanks, rev. >> you got it. coming up, why some republicans are literally leaving the country instead of attending the convention. we'll talk about it in ohio's former governor ted strickland. plus what hillary clinton is up to this week. and donald trump's long, strange journey to cleveland. >> you have said that if you ran for president you'd win. >> i think i'd have a very good chance. i like to win. when i do something i like to win. i like to do well and i would probably have a pretty good chance. >> we're previewing the republican national convention where gop stars soar and stumble on the big stage. >> read my lips, no, more taxes.
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>> we heard talk about liberals leaving the country because of donald trump but what about republicans? several house republicans are choosing to go on overseas trips instead of going to cleveland this week and some of the party's biggest nails including both former president's bush and the last two presidential nominees have also said no the list of top republicans not attending goes off and on but the ohio senator will be there. >> he endorsed me and he's been terrific but rob portland has
5:22 am
been good to me and i appreciate it. >> but it's been reported that he plans to keep a low profile and keep his distance from trump. and from former ohio governor ted strickland this november. the two are tied in the polls. it's a race that could help shift the balance of power. >> he has a run against ted strickland that's not done a good job for ohio. so you're going to do what you have to do come november. >> joining me now is former governor strickland. >> it's great to be with you. >> trump is bashing you and praising your opponent. is that good for you in this race? i mean, maybe that's not a bad
5:23 am
thing. >> oh i love it. i absolutely love it. i mean, donald trump says pagers are too high in america. he calls women pigs. he disparages prisoners of war. he is against women. he and my opponent can spend as much time together as they want but the fact is rob portman is trying to have it both ways. he embraces donald trump and says he's going to support him and vote for him and on the other hand he's a little ashamed of him. there's nowhere he can go in chooefld and he can't hide unless he finds a rock somewhere to divorce himself from his relationship with donald trump. we're going to be in cleveland this week. it's going to be a great week in
5:24 am
cleveland this week because we're going to hold them responsible for their irresponsible positions. you said portman is trying to having it both ways but governor of ohio kasich will be in cleveland but will not set foot in the convention center. what does that say to you? >> that governor kasich has personal integrity and he will not sell his soul and will not put his party above his parcoun. and i think governor kasich is ashamed of donald trump as the leader of his party. i just wish rob portman had the same kind of intestinal fortitude and courage and guts as a matter of fact that john kasich is showing and jeb bush is showing and the two bush presidents are showing. there's so many republicans across this country that are
5:25 am
ashamed of their party's nominee and we're seeing that plaid out this week. bad a lot are staying as far away as they can. >> you look at the polls in ohio and you see hillary clinton at 39% and donald the trump at 39%. what will be the difference for voters in ohio? >> the difference is going to be that hillary clinton has a message for economic development and a message on how she's going to keep this country safe from terrorism. all donald trump has is a lot of hot air. you don't know from one hour to the next what he believes and what he stands for. it's self-centered and arrogant and that's going to become
5:26 am
increasingly clear during the next three or four months and i'm convinced the people of ohio are going to give hillary clinton a devicive win in november and i'm going to defeat rob portman and we'll have control of the senate as a result of mien win here in ohio. so i'm feeling really good. i'm not just blowing smoke here. i feel like because of what the republicans have done in selecting donald trump as their nominee, people like rob portman that's twisting himself into a political pretzel because he's trying to have it three or four ways, i think he's going to go down to defeat and it's going to be a good november for democrats. it's going to be a good november for the country i believe. >> governor, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. bye bye. >> hillary clinton's big plans for trump's special week. how she'll try to grab the spotlight during the gop convention.
5:27 am
also how will trump handle the big stage? we'll talk to his biographer and get some clues from trump's past. stay with us as we look at the best and the worst from gop history. >> i love those hockey moms. they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, lipstick. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet?
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5:31 am
it's the level of quality that i put into the building and the money we spent on the building. >> it's been great. it's been fantastic. >> take care folks. >> but starting tomorrow it's a different kind of stage. it's not a casino or a golf course it's the presidency. an idea he's flirted with for years. >> you have said that if you ran for president you'd win. >> i think i'd have a good chance. i like to win. >> have no intention of running for office or politics. >> no interest in politics. >> people want me to all the time. >> what about you. >> i don't like it. >> can you imagine how controversial i'd be. >> i would be a great president if i decide to do it. >> joining me now is the author of never enoughful donald trump and the pursuit of success.
5:32 am
thank you for being here. trump has been talking about this for decades. how do you think he's feeling now on the eve of the convention? >> he was probably shocked in february when he started to pick up steam but he has adjusted. he is now in the mode of seeking the white house. he knows he's the nominee and he knows that he has at least a fighting chance to win. >> i have been waiting to ask you this because you are the one that did the biography on him. 16 years ago he talked about who his ideal vice presidential pick would be. let me say it wasn't mike pence. >> who would be the ideal running mate for donald trump? >> oh, i think oprah would be
5:33 am
great. >> seriously. >> i think that probably that would be serious actually. >> i mean, he likes razzle dazzle. were you surprised that he picked someone as low key as mike pence? >> his family probably feels that he needs someone as low key as mike pence. you may not agree with his politics but he treats people with respect and dignity and that's 180 degree difference from donald trump. so now you might have a course more down the middle. the comment you showed with him wanting to pick oprah as his vice presidential running mate reminds me that much of donald's life has been like a tv show. he has yet to think of him as producer, director and star of a tv show and then you start to understand him. >> you know, it's interesting because when i look at a quote
5:34 am
from your book, something revealing that trump said about himself. >> when i look at myself in the first grade and i look at myself now, i'm the same. the temperment is not that different. does that mean he can change and hopes that he can pivot in the election might be disappointing? is he saying he had the same temperament as the first grade? >> you're right. this is a big challenge for him. he doesn't believe people change or that he's going to change. you can see that he's uncomfortable. this is a guy that's completely convinced that in his core he's right about everything and the
5:35 am
reason he is right is he's donald trump. how do you argue with that. >> thank you for your time this morning. >> thanks reverend. >> coming up, can hillary clinton trump the republicans during their big week? also donald trump made big promises about his convention. >> the convention is going to be terrific. we have great speakers. we have fantastic speakers. >> but will it be more fizzle than sizzle? that's ahead. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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even if you're not a customer. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> hillary clinton is the embodiment of corrupters. 100%. crooked hilary. >> you'll hear a lot of stuff like that. what a terrible president hillary clinton would make but of course trump didn't always
5:39 am
think that. here's a trip from a radio show he did in 2008 from the obama clinton primary fight. >> he's focused on winning the nomination although at least one member of his team said clinton would make a good vice president and i know her and she would make a good president or vice president. >> she'd make a good president coming to a clinton ad near you soon. also trump's flipped a bit on bill clinton as well. the new york times reports that this week trump convention will include, quote, a presentation detailing former president bill clinton's sexual conduct but back in the day, trump thought his own transgressions would be a bigger problem. >> why didn't you run for president. >> people want me to all the time. >> i don't like it. you think about him with the
5:40 am
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to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. >> do you want me to tell romney? he can't do that to himself. i can't do that to myself either. >> clint eastwood talking to a chair. a defining image of the last gop convention. among the critics of that convention is donald trump. he called it, quote, the most -- the single most boring convention i've ever seen. and he has promised this time will be different. >> the convention is going to be
5:44 am
terrific. we have great speakers, we have fantastic speakers. we have so many people that want to speak. they give us the -- oh, we have so many people that want to speak. i have so many enemies saying i can't make you do it. >> but will the event live up to it? trump floated names like don king, tom brady and bobby knight as possible speakers but none are confirmed. tim tebow was a reported speaker but he is denying it. trump thought about using the convention to announce his running mate. but that's not happening. he even considered speaking on each of the four nights. instead, he'll speak once the final night. at that point, is the trump convention shaping up to be more fizzle than sizzle? joining me now is republican strategi
5:45 am
strategist, thank you for being here. trump promised the convention would be showbiz. what happened to that plan? >> well, i think he's learning the hard way that the convention is a series of events that have to be well timed and you can't just simply have surprise guests. you can't just assume people are going to want to necessarily speak and especially at a controversial convention. there's been a lot of business leaders that have opinion shy in supporting the convention financially so donald trump is going to make this the convention of trump. >> yeah but when he advertised or he promoted that there were going to be all of these stars and celebrity speakers, instead, here's who will be there. the 48th ranked female golfer. a former calvin clien model the president of the ultimate fighting championship and a
5:46 am
star. was he unable to get the bigger names? >> clearly he didn't get the names he wanted to get but it's not the worst thing to do something traditional since he has been anything but traditional and maybe he thought some of the other speakers would out shine him and now thursday night he will own it and there will be a lot of people tuning in for that. >> let's talk about thursday night and get beyond the celebrity side. he, you know, let me show you what he said when he was asked about his pivot and about his tone. let me show you what he said. >> i'll give you a terrible answer. i don't think so. i want to be myself. it got me here. if i ever walk into that crowd of 8 or 9,000 people and had a teleprompter in front of me and read a speech, i think you'd probably lose most of them by the time i was finished. >> so which trump are we going to see thursday night. >> i think we're going to see a combination of both actually. he will not be able to help
5:47 am
himself in reacting to the roar of the crowd. one of the largest crowds he's ever spoken to. he's going to have to have a message so he's going to have to somehow practice with a teleprompter and since he's not very familiar with it learn how to pause for the applause. it's going to be a technical exercise for donald trump but he definitely will need a teleprompter to keep him on message and to keep his narrative and to basically out tps line his base. >> let's talk about the message because the rnc platform is probably the most conservative one that we have ever seen. it reflects limits on ar 15 rivals. it calls for a border ball and deportation. it condemns abortions no exceptions and disapproves of same sex marriages. with trump on the ticket would the gop have been better served with a more inclusive platform
5:48 am
than this? >> probably. that's what donald trump wanted to see. he wanted to do something to be more inclusive. >> inclusive of the far right. >> yeah, basically of the conservatives that he didn't have on board or still doesn't have on board. he's hoping that will solidify the republican base. >> stay with me. more ahead with you. coming up, hillary clinton set to make big news on her own on this week. we'll dig into that coming up. stay with us. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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>> you could see there was blood coming out of here eyes. blood coming out of her where
5:52 am
ever. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. i don't remember. >> the latest ad from the clinton campaign. using trump's own wordsgainst him. she has been pummeling him on the airways. outspending trump when it comes to tv ads and during the rnc, hillary clinton will do her best to stay in the spotlight even though it's supposed to be trump's big week. tomorrow she'll be in ohio as well. then she will head to minneapolis before moving on to las vegas speaking to key constitue constituentcies at each stop and then will unveil her running mate. perhaps as early as friday. casey has been tracking the clinton campaign and she joins me on the phone.
5:53 am
casey, what are clinton's main goals this week? >> hi, rev. well it's unusual as you know for a candidate to cam pain this way during their opponent's national convention. it can be hard to break through. especially in the case of trump but for hillary clinton this is an opportunity to talk to these constitue constituentcies that are important to her. in ohio she'll be talking to the naacp and she's going to get credit for speaking to both of them regardless of whether or not she gets national media attention from it. you can look for her to take some interview opportunities. this will be a situation where she could probably use something that they don't. it's a tool they don't always employ. she's not doing interview after interview so when she does step into that space it gets attention. she could potentially use that as well and otherwise they're focused quite a bit on mike pence. that's a new set of information
5:54 am
that they can introduce to voters and particularly with women voters they focused a lot on mike pence's reputation and what he has done on antiabortion issues. for example that's been something very important to him. he has courted evangelical christians over the course of his career that's almost a member of that kmcommunity. i think you can see them focus on that. they have a lot of work to do on the vice presidential pick as well. >> are you hearing that the vice presidential pick is imminent? that maybe as early as friday? what are you getting on that? >> our understanding probably from clinton aids and looking at schedules and things like that is she'll select a vice presidential pick friday or saturday most likely ahead of her convention in philadelphia but after the main festivities have shutdown in cleveland and trump has wrapped up and at this point it's not a done deal although most of the sources that i talk to still put them
5:55 am
near the top of her list but she has been doing very intensive prep, reviews, meetings. she had hours worth of meetings at her white haven home on friday going into the weekend. he met we liz beth warren and some others so they clearly want to make sure that they're sending the signal that the list is longer than maybe it's often portrayed in the press. i think two other people to watch. >> thank you for your reporting. >> thanks, reverend. >> let's bring back susan. of course it's trump's big week but, you know, there's ads and his own voice. can can hillary clinton be on
5:56 am
his side. >> she will take the attention away from the convention and i think that they have a much more well tuned operation and it will be interesting to see right now the trump pence team is a disjointed. will they be able to gear up and respond to that? >> thank you for your time this morning. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next sunday. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
5:57 am
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plus does he think mike pence will help the gop ticket? and we're going to take you to one precinct in cleveland. it's remarkable in it's exclusive voting record. we'll explain that for you. as we bring you live coverage of the republican national convention just 28 hours before it's official start right here in cleveland. >> let's begin with the new nbc wall street journal poll. it shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump 46% to 41%. those numbers are unchanged since last monthful when you ad in 3rd and 4th party candidates, trump gets


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