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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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plus does he think mike pence will help the gop ticket? and we're going to take you to one precinct in cleveland. it's remarkable in it's exclusive voting record. we'll explain that for you. as we bring you live coverage of the republican national convention just 28 hours before it's official start right here in cleveland. >> let's begin with the new nbc wall street journal poll. it shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump 46% to 41%. those numbers are unchanged since last monthful when you ad in 3rd and 4th party candidates, trump gets 41%, donald trump 35%
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and the poll was conducted after james comey criticized clinton over her e-mail practices but did not recommend the fbi bring charges against her. it was conducted after yesterday's first joint appearance by donald trump and his new running mate. here's what mike pence told supporters after returning to new york for the announcement. >> we couldn't be more humbled and honored. let me say from my heart having spent some time with the next president of the united states, donald trump is a good man and he will make a great president of this nation. >> of course governor pence will be speaking at the gop convention this week. also on the list, melania trump will speak on monday. tuesday house speaker paul ryan, senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell as well as dr. ben carson and governor scott walker. on wednesday, governor mike pence will speak. former top contender newt gingrich and ted cruz will also speak. >> halle jackson is also in cleveland not far from where we are. let's talk about the fall out after trump formally announced the running mate. what's been the reaction on the ground? >> listen overall reaction has been positive toward pence among the conservatives that have gathered in cleveland so far. there was a sense that the roll out didn't go as well as everybody had hoped. we talked repeatedly about the wry brow raising moments in that speech. there's a feeling of let's turn the page and get past not just saturday but the wild 72 hours we have seen so far when it came to donald trump and his selection and let's head into the convention trying to bring together the party and look at party unity and on that topic
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alex, we're diving deeper into our brand new nbc news wall street journal poll out just moments ago. >> that is the number that the trump team and the rnc is hoping to change or adjust over the next five days in cleveland and it's part of the reason why donald trump selected mike pence as his running mate as trump acknowledged. here's a little bit of pence speaking to a crowd in his hometown talking about what this selection means to him. listen. >> to our kids, to charlotte, to michael and audrey for your
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unflinching love and tireless efforts throughout your life to support mom and dad on all their adventures, you make us so proud. >> mom, thank you for always being there. you're my hero. >> a very emotional mike pence as you saw. we expect to hear from him as you mention on wednesday night and in front of a national primetime audience. now pence will take the stage. you mention the other folks that will be speaking? what about who will not be here? you have the bushes and people like rice and mitt romney. not surprising that they wouldn't show up but also sarah palin that endorsed trump back
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before the republican primary. the stage is set for a very interesting week here in cleveland alex and everybody is ready for show time. let's get through the weekend and get past tonight and let's see how tomorrow kicks off. >> i don't know one more day to get through and then off and running big time. thank you for that. >> joining me now former presidential candidate dr. ben carson also a trump supporter. thank you for joining me sir. >> pleasure. >> let's get your reaction to the new nbc wall street journal poll. hillary clinton maintaining a five point lead despite a tough week for her after the fbi e-mail revelations. do you think donald trump should have picked up ground? and is that a concern to you? >> well, you're talking to a person who doesn't put a lot of stake in these polls. they're going to be all over the place. and the real poll will be the one in november and also you look at the way that polls are done, you should look at the way the questions are asked. look at the demographics of who
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is being asked the question. these don't mean a lot but this is a time when people, both parties will have an opportunity to really present their vision for what the future of america should be. >> i respect what you're saying and there's interpretation with questions from time to time but that said it's consistent that mr. trump trails senator clinton in terms of an overall general impression from the numbers do you have any concerns? >> i believe as the months go on and people have the opportunity to hear what's going on is traditional politics and status quo versus the change. the majority of them feel we're not on the right track and i feel that that is really -- if you want to look at a poll,
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that's the one that's really important and one that should be of concern to both parties. why are we not on the right track? why are the american people not filling fulfilled? that's what we need to be working on rather than demonizing each other. >> let's look to mr. trump's vice presidential pick. governor pence is a very good choice to firm up the conservative base but can he attract greater portions of the electorate republicans are going to need in november such as women minorities. >> this is a ticket that will attract those people but it's not so much the personalities that will attract the people as it is the policies that will be put forth. the concept of trying to put the people first putting america first. looking at our manufacturing industry and asking what is the effect of all of the regulations to the point that a small manufacturer has to pay about
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$34,000 per employee which makes them noncompetitive in the world. these are the things that are important and as they're explained to people they'll begin to understand as people begin to understand that the unemployment rate is not truly 4.7%. you have to look at the labor force participation rate. those kinds of things as they are explained to people will make a difference. >> what about how everything involved with governor pence. mr. trump was apparently second guessing even after he told pence he was the choice. what does that reveal about donald trump's decision making process? >> it reveals that he understands that picking a vice president is an extraordinarily porn part of being successful. he also recognizes that he doesn't know washington as well as a traditional politician
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would and it is important to have a goodrasp of what's going on so having governor pence there, having newt gingrich and some of the other people who really understand the ends and outs. >> will make it more successful going forward. >> do you believe there's a volley back and forth in the final hours? >> i know that he was considering everything very carefully and talking to a lot of people. >> so when he was told he was the selection as vice president
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was that not the case at that time? >> i think that would be a good question that you can ask donald trump when you have him on the next time. >> i will do that, then. let's get to a bit more on the electorate that you're talking about. this poll found that mr. trump is still struggling to attract african american voters. clinton leads in the numbers 84% to 7%. given that number do you think donald trump should have accepted an invitation to speak at the naacp convention. it's not too far away from here this week. hillary clinton will be speaking and mitt romney addressed that group four years ago. >> i think that as the campaign unfolds there will be opportunities for mr. trump to explain to the african american community his intentions. i had many discussions about this and how he plans on
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offering economic empowerment. not one specific group but to raise the tide for everybody and it's going to make enormous alt of sense the things that are being done and the african mesh community and many other communities will recognize and understand that and also recognize that the way we have been doing things, both democrats and republicans has not been beneficial to those communities. >> what i'm asking is what does he have to lose? couldn't that have been seen as an important outreach to go to the naacp convention? >>. >> again, that would be a good thing to ask him rather than to speculate on why he is speaking here and not there. >> this one says that 83% of respondents want the next president to put especially major focus on improving race relations. is donald trump positioned to do
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this? and what would you advise him to do first? >> i want them to talk about the things that are important them and the things they know work to empower people and talk about his vision and how this is going to empower people rather than keep people in a dependent position. that would be a very important conversati conversation. >> today hillary clinton spent more than 15 times what donald trump has on campaign ads. i'm going to play one of them.
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let's take a listen. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. >> when mexico sends it's people they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crimes, they're rapists. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes -- blood coming out of her where ever. >> you have to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> i'm curious about your reaction to this ad. is there some truth to it? >> you know, i think the ads that come out on both sides are not the kinds of things that i would engage in. i think the issues in this election are so incredible important to be getting into personal issues and demonization is just cameraflauge. these are issues that are critical to america. what kind of nation are we going
6:14 am
to be? forred of and by the people or of for and by the government. that's what we're talking about. a fundamental change in who we are or what we have been that lead us to the pinnacle of the world. this is what it's about. it's not about democrats or republicans. >> may i ask you, sir, can you give us a preview of what your message is going to be when you get on the convention stage on tuesday? >> it's still in the process of evolving. you know, i listened very carefully to what is going on around me and craft what i have to say based on that but basically you just heard me say that this is not about democrats and republicans it's about the direction of our country. it's about the future for our children. and it's about us stopping trying to destroy each other when we have radical islamic jihadists out there trying to destroy us and probably just sitting back and laughing. we have got to be smarter.
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we have got to use the brain that god gave us. >> well, i think, sir, you have given us a preview right there. d. ben carson, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> a cleric that lived in pennsylvania for years is being accused of triggering friday's in turkey. we'll ask about that next. ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies, available in the altima, sentra and maxima. now get 0% apr for up to 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ the search for relief often leads here.s, introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices.
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>> turkey's president walked through the streets of istanbul yesterday after he returned it seems to have bolstered his grip on power.
6:19 am
aman with a long distance good day to you. what's the mood like there today? >> yeah, good morning, alex. well to quote the country's prime minister and use his words, he is saying life is returning to normal in turkey. this after the government now says it's failed. all the plotters have been defeated and derailed. mow the country is really operating on two fronts. as you mentioned the country's president is enjoying popularity right now and feels comfortable enough to be moving about istanbul. he was addressing the nation on facebook to get them to go to the streets. the country was also mourning those killed in that. 161 people were killed. some of those funerals took place today. he and several high ranking officials from his party and the government attended those funerals and he was able to address the crowds and reiterated what he was say chg is that the government is going to continue with a purge of
6:20 am
cleansing the institutions from all of those that participated in the coup. that includes members of the judiciary. it's now reached about 6,000 people according to the justice minister that made that statement on television today. that's the extent of how this crack down is taking place for all of those that participated in the coup. among those, a senior commander that was in charge of the air base in the southern part of the country. that is the base where the united states has been flying missions against isis in neighboring syria and iraq, alex. >> speaking of u.s. involvement, the president is calling for the united states to extradite a turkish cleric who resides in pennsylvania. they may have been acting at his direction. >> they're alleging him and accusing him of being the mastermind behind this coup saying not only him but his
6:21 am
followers inside the country and state institutions. this is something that the president of turkey reiterated. he is calling on president obama and said specifically his justice minister was going to be sending an official extradition request to the united states to have him return. he is in his mid 70s and had a close relationship with him at one point but they have had a falling out and since then he's been very critical of the turkish government. widely popular across the muslim world. >> thank you for that. with a welcome to you. let's talk about this turkish cleric living in pennsylvania 20 years now. should the u s. send him back? >> well, clearly he represents a
6:22 am
threat to turkey's existence as a democracy. this man and his organization have penetrated all aspects of the government and military. they have been held responsible in turkey for a series of false trials that decapitated the general staff in 2008 and put his folks into power and in the united states he has 150 charter schools. and some of that money ends it's way back into turkey. he's massively involved in political activities at the united states and he brings over turkish teachers that are not qualified generally and then takes their income about 15% and uses that and other funds to make a massive level of political donations in the united states i gave an
6:23 am
interview there and said he was a danger to democracy. frankly not only in turkey but the united states and his islam is not moderate. that's something else that people need to understand. >> it has been described as being very western leaning but robert we should say that the cleric himself denied any involvement in the attempt and i also want to talk about secretary of state kerry. he spoke with turkey's foreign minister yesterday and voiced supporting assuring the rumors of any u.s. involvement were false. did the president ever express to you that he thought there was u.s. involvement in the coup attempt? >> i'm not going to get into discussions i had with the president but what you need to understand is on the street in turkey that given the belief and for years he's been shielded. they see the political donations and they see him working with
6:24 am
with american politicians there was just this week sponsored through his pr organization and and advised him and there's real anger in turkey about the u.s. role in not investigating it because clearly if you read search warrants from the fbi if you look at the evidence that we lodged in respect to the them, there's fraud on its case. we documented it and the united states is not active. >> so then are you not denying that the u. s. has some sort of a role in the coup attempt? >> i'm not going to go there.
6:25 am
it's been two or three days essentially and there's a lot of investigation that has to take place. >> how about this. he appears in the wake of this to have strengthened his position there. has this coup attempt given the president license to crack down on antigovernment protestors? have i keep hearing this. what this coup has done has demonstrated not only that he's a democratically elected president that respects the elections last year both when he lost and when he won a majority but he is somebody widely popular with the turkish people. it's something that we need to understand and our media needs to stop delegitimizing a man that's probably the most popular figure in turkey. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> first look at the wall street journal poll and whether the e-mail controversy has any
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see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at >> what we're talking about is traditional politics and the status quo versus a change and when you ask the american people are we on the right track, the majority of them feel that we're not on the right track and i feel that is -- if you want to look at a poll, that's the one that's really important. >> that was my interview with dr. ben carson. and joining me on the set in cleveland, a good day to you both. let's get to these numbers what's the biggest takeaway? >> how stable this poll is. it's unchanged from a month ago.
6:30 am
going into a lot of the demographic groups and it's very stable and consistent. one hillary clinton and donald trump are your two most unpopular candidates going into the convention. donald trump the most unpopular ever and only 38% of republicans are satisfied with donald trump as their nominee as we head into cleveland it will be interesting if that changes. that's compared with 54% of democrats that are satisfied. >> are you surprised that donald trump didn't take a bigger advantage on the fbi's conclusion about the e-mail server and that he didn't harp further on that one? he was playing it up as it was still in investigation. >> it's the fbi going out
6:31 am
against your rival and donald trump took the bait. he went off and started talking about decade's old bankruptcies. it should have been easy for donald trump to hammer in on this issue. >> i spoke to dr. ben carson a short while ago. i want to talk to you about his standing in the african american community. let's look at the numbers. he is at 7% support there in the african american voters. and that's that 84% right there. he declined an invitation so it's going on right now. it's not that far away. it's the kind of thing hillary clinton will be speaking there. that mitt romney spoke there as well when he had a chance. is it the kind of thing that he should have done? take advantage of an opportunity just to start that conversation. >> yeah.
6:32 am
after republicans lost against obama it was we need to be better with latinos and african americans and what the whole strategy is i want to win over white working class folks in places like pennsylvania so it's really contrary to a lot of the advice that republicans seem to actually go after and if you do believe that demographics is destiny heading into this presidential election you're donald trump and you need to do better with latinos and african americans and at noon today we'll introduce our sample in this contest and those numbers are just a little bit less than three hours. and we'll be fascinating. >> you know the answer right now. >> i know but i can't say what they are. >> let's talk about women with you. clinton beating trump 57, 52. since trump announced pence as his running mate, she ruled out an ad about pence's record there on women's issue. what kind of a sense are you getting with how the trump campaign is going to overcome the difficulties it's had so
6:33 am
far. hillary clinton totally on the attack and he liz belg warren yesterday her tweet was just out there. >> look to this week. the speak area's list has a lot of women and what they're going to do is push forward women that like donald trump. wil that say he helped me in my career and boosted me. there's women out this that are like that. there's two women on this speak area's list and you look to that to see how they're going to spin this and say donald trump is an advocate for women. ivanka will be out there as much as possible. >> with regard to governor pence, how will he help the case with women? >> he is actually farther to the right than donald trump on a lot of women's issues, women's health. abortion and those are important to a lot of women but they're not important to all women particularly conservative women and i think that mike pence, his tone, his demeanor, he's a lot calmer and more level than donald trump. and i think that might help with women. a lot of women that we see in focus groups say he sounds like
6:34 am
a bully in these debates when he speaks to women or men and i think that mike pence might help sure up some of that support. >> do you think they'll have an effect at all? >> possibly. but i will say those numbers in that four way race, they seem to be inflated. let's see how the race ends up going and ends up making the debate and there's the issue of ballot asset. she's not going to be there everywhere but the numbers are inflated but we'll see as it goes on. >> thank you for joining me. >> convention security, a method you may have never expected is being used to keep tens of thousands of people safe here at cleveland. using winter weather equipment. we'll explain.
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>> this is msnbc live in cleveland on the eve of the republican convention. security is a top priority. jacob has been tracking the measures being put into place. so good morning. the attacks in dallas and now france. it all shadows over the events here. so talk about that and what's being done. >> after every major attack like in dallas they review the security plans and make enhancements among the final security preps and 3.7 miles of fencing and these security checkpoints. to get there you have to pass through a medal detector and show your secret service credentials. >> a taste of what's to come. >> the first of many protests, this one sponsored by the black
6:39 am
panther party. the rnc convention is all but locked down. the final layers of fencing are going up. to get past this point during the convention you need a credential from the secret service and to pass through a medal detector. >> we're ready to go. >> the deputy chief says major attacks like those in france and dallas brought last minute enhancements to the security plan. >> actually what's been happening across the country in the last, you know, 12 months all during the planning process and we keep changing our plan and enhancing our plan. >> 123 have been granted to demonstrate inside the event during the convention at four locations and along one par raise route. this city is preparing for the worst. 500 law enforcement officers from around the country. including 100 from california and pennsylvania sworn in today. and deploying on horseback and
6:40 am
motorcycles and they're keeping the city safe is personal. >> i have been on the job now for 18 years so this is, this is, you know, what i really like to do. protecting and serving citizens here in cleveland. is what i'm here to do. >> here's the passes that you would need to get past into the arena and then on the left you're going to see a list of prohibited items including firearms, baseballs umbrellas, cooler, strollers, even whole fruits but in the event zone where we are, the 1.7 mile area where protestors will be even though a lot of those items are still prohibited guns are allowed for state law. alex. >> okay. jacob, right in the heart of things for us. thank you so much for that. >> we have new developments from france's health minister. 85 remain hospitalized.
6:41 am
18 of whom remain in a life threatening condition. at least 84 were killed. 200 wounded when a man drove a large truck through a crowd gathering along the waterfront there to watch the bastille day fireworks. janet is in nice for us. we understand two more people were detained overnight. what can you tell us? >> alex there's a wealth of new information in terms of the investigation that's just come out in the past two hours so i'll go through it very quickly for you. you are correct about that. that makes the 6th and 7th individual arrested in connection with this attack. they were acquaintances of the attacker. also there's reports that the ex-wife of the suspect previously in custody has been released and prosecutors confirm to nbc news that text messages were sent to acquaintances of the suspect. one of them, the night of the attack referring to the words more weapon's needed. additionally prosecutors are now
6:42 am
saying that the suspect scouted out this route that he was there july 12th and july 13th captured on closed circuit television cameras scouting out the route where that attack took place. additionally we have been showing you these memorials that have spouted up and there's a new one today we haven't shown you yet. it is where the suspect was killed by police. people are leaving rocks, angry messages, burning things like burn in hell and you savage assassin. we talked to you about and you mentioned the number of injured the death toll has not risen from 84 people. there's a new sentiment here in france and that's one in anger and people are saying how did this happen? this country was on a state of emergency. several previous attacks in the past 19 months. this was their bastille day.
6:43 am
not enough security in place. a lot of anger at officials here. how they let it happen, alex. >> yeah, can i ask you quickly about the student from u.c. berkeley still missing? any word on him? >> he is from delmar california and a u.c. berkeley student. no word on him. his parnls have arrived here and you have to assume the worst at this point but there has been no confirmation at all of his death. his parents are here looking for him as are some of his friends. >> what a difficult time. >> thank you so much from nice. >> we will get back to politics in just a moment. search for republican voters in cleveland's ultimate democratic strong holds. >> hillary clinton. you're looking at me like i'm crazy. jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing]
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>> donald trump faces a steep climb in a few ohio precincts that have effectively become republican free zones. well, you went to check all of those out. what did you find? >> can you believe it? first of all good morning. you'd think in the city where the republicans were holding their national convention would be republican politics. as i found out there's certain districts in this city there's districts where they're not welcome. >> one man will take center stage. >> in this precinct and several others tonld trump didn't get a single vote. he shouldn't take it too personality and neither did another republican. as the cleveland plain dealer discovered and east of downtown only a solitary voter cast a ballot in each. >> what's the deal with too many
6:48 am
donald trump fans around here? >> people are looking for someone that's going to speak to them to their needs and their issues. he preaches in the heart of this democratic strong hold. have you ever met a donald trump supporter that's coming to your church or in this neighborhood? >> not one. not one, no. >> do you have the best barbecue in town. >> in the world. at the barbecue restaurant at cleveland's mount pleasant customers have their own theories about why republicans got shut out around here in the primary. what are the issues most important to you? >> the school and things like that. he's going to their president and it's going to be must have harder for them. >> who did you vote for. >> hilary. >> you look at me i'm crazy. >> i'm not going with trump. he's not the right material. >> what makes hilary the right material? >> she's already been in politics, you know? >> then she might not be the right one but she's the best one we got going now.
6:49 am
>> with ohio in a dead heat donald trump might need these voters to win the white house and despite the convention taking place miles away when it comes to politics it feels like a world apart. >> they're all going to be watching closely this republican convention. what will be interesting to see is what happens in these neighborhoods and mitt romney got shut out against barrack obama in 16 cleveland precincts. >> i wish people could have seen my face. i was like not one. >> it is surprising. not one in all of those but i think the truth of the matter is its a very heavily democratic city, democratic mayor and city council and that's part of the season. it's neck and neck and like i said, no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. >> i still can't get over not one. >> okay. >> we'll go there later. >> we are here in the buckeye
6:50 am
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the speakers for tomorrow's opening session will be in the q. arena with entries and exits. one who wouldn't be there is kasich. let's bring in rosie gray and jeff, your governor here in the area but not allegedly setting foot inside of the arena. >> he is probably planning to run for president. he probably expected donald trump to lose and part of the i-told-you-so faction and that goes better if he disassociates himself with trump and he wants to go, not as far as kirk in illinois and he is trying to
6:54 am
find a middle ground and that goes by not showing up or speaking at the convention. >> so that is a fine line to walk. do you think there will be fallout from that in november? >> maybe a little bit. but if trump does lose, then kasich is probably going to be in a pretty good position for 2020. and the question is can he ride that line of disassociating him w from trump without alienating himself from those who supported trump. >> and casey, a headline from washington, saying mike pence could worsen trump's problem with women. one of the polls released back in may shows 41% of women disapprove of pence. is this something the campaign overlooked. >> they had a big problem with women particularly, college-educated women. so i'm not sunshiner clear on --
6:55 am
super clear that would involve pence. and i think that was the i having behind that. >> and how about candidates who had concern with donald trump at the top of the ticket, how do you think the choice of mike pence will play out and help, if at all. >> i do think this does make some people on capitol hill more comfortable with trump. and i do think it is potentially some conservative candidates who are up for re-election this year might feel more comfortable allowing themselves to be tied to trump even more and some are trying to keep their distance. >> let's talk about that. tough race for the senate. we have ted strickland and portman, how about that play out. >> it is a tough race. and incumbents tend to win. they tend to win easily. rob portman is in a more
6:56 am
difficult position. senators face tougher re-elections and rob portman is in a difficult position and facing a tough race because of experience. ted strick land has been out for a while -- >> [ inaudible question ]. >> we don't really know. donald trump could win but he could drag down some of the incumbent's more difficult positions. he could drag down portman. we just don't know at this point. >> what about the amount of money being spent in the clinton ads. she is spending 1.5 times the trump change. >> it is heavily overstated. if you look at the 2008 campaign, barack obama was able to decline federal matching funds because he was able to raise so much money. john mccain had to take federal
6:57 am
matching funds. so barack obama has far more money in the campaign but he did not overperform given the state of the economy. he got 53% of the vote which is expected. so the affect of money is pretty much overstated. >> rosie, do you think that trump will spend a lot of money on campaigns or do you think he's set the tone already at the sadds. >> there is only four months left so he doesn't have time to spend that much money and important donors who have not come around so i don't think this relies on tv advertising. >> thanks for the conversation. that will do it for me on the eve of the republican convention. stay with me for "am joy" in republican copvention. a boom town now a vast land of dollar stores. i'm alex witt. have a great sunday. i bought all the fruit...
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