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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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in this alteration. i want to bring in jim cavanaugh and eugene o'donnell. both, perts and analysts for us. that is a reset of what we knee and authorities thing with the caveats that brings change in an active and open investigation. your thoughts, jim, having been through so many of these live action scenarios? >> they're working back from the shooter they have to see who he is. is he a member of one of these hate groups? like the new black panther group? right after dallas, the black lives matter movement issued a condemnation of all violence, but hate groups, like the black panther party and other black extremist groups have called for
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mrd of all police officers. and there's a conspiracy. is he tied to one of these groups? like we talked earlier, ari, they already broke up a conspiracy of four men who were breaking into a gun shop, stole eight guns in a plot the kill officers. we don't know if they are members of a group, but they were in conspiracy to kill officers. they then had the lone wolf who was reading from the black hate groups on the web. >> we know, jim, we don't know at this juncture where this fits in. baton rouge is the shooting of alton sterling which the justice department is investigating. tensions are high around the counted, and i want to emphasize
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what nbc has confirmed. we don't have reports from elsewhere. we know and we are covering it in part because of the possibility of interest and we don't know what was in the mind of these suspects. we adodon't know if it was susp or suspects. one thing is that white house officials say that the president has been briefed on this shooting of police officers and is looking for updates and the white house has been in contact with local officials in baton rouge and offered any assistance and i want to tell you i'm broadcasting in here in cleveland and i spoke to a senior trump campaign official who is monitoring this and they plan to acknowledge it tomorrow in the program. we are in the middle of a campaign season. before you toss it back to new york, your thought on what political and government leaders should do when we don't know
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what kind of multiple homicide this was? >> you're right. and with the commanders on the ground, we're discussing mange lead categories they have to follow. if they have hate groups and you have multiple police officers murdered, they have the follow that. dwoef the answer and we don't know. they're going to start there. they're going to follow the category of, is he a member of the known hate groups? is he acting by himself? is he acting with others locally who are not members of the hate group like the four conspirators that have arrested this week? we don't know where it's going to go, but the commanders have to follow those threads if they're going to get the answers. as far as the political issue, we have never had a campaign in
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conventions with open carried laws like we will have now. we have never had it with this much political strife and violence in the world, in the nation. except for the '60s that i recall. we have had officers killed. this is a different climate than we're used to. we have protests. protests against trump and black lives matter. we have a lot of things swirling around trying to secure that thing with open carry and with all these groups and it's a real challenge there. but right now baton rouge has a challenge and that is to find out if there is any other actors with this shooter. and that's their critical task for the next few hours. >> i think you put your finger on it. there's no avoiding the season we're in. the convention's upcoming, the
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announcement of the vice presidential pick yesterday. this is up front and center and you have to go back to 1972 and the law and order emphasis and the '68 convention when tensions were this high. i'm going to toss it back to frances rivera. >> i'm getting new information here in new york on the situation in baton rouge with the three officers killed and others injured with the louisiana governor john bel edwards announcing he is going to have a press conference there on the latest on what he knows and that is expected to happen at 3:00 p.m. local time and 4:00 p.m. eastern. he is calling it an unspeakable and unjustified attack. the president has been briefed and he is asking for updates throughout the day on the situation there. there is also an update we did
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receive from the local hospital. that we understand that they say that the our lady of lake hospital has received five people. three deceased, one in critical condition, and one in fair. three of the patients have been deceased. this is a situation where three officers are dead as many as seven others who were wounded in this shooting are in the hospital. one suspect has been deceased. they are making sure it is safe can that is on going and that is happening now and calling it an active situation. the police officer from baton rouge, l. jean mckneely and
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here's more of the conversation. >> it's an active scene out here. as soon as they get here. [ inaudible question ] >> as far as times and specifics, i don't have it. we're trying to get the message out. we asked them to hurry up. they are taking their time. >> he has teams ready to roll. >> that is the update that we received from baton rouge police officer mckneely when speaking to the press earlier, updating us the priority now is getting
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to the public and finding the possibly two other suspects remmre related to the shooting on the loose. if they see anything suspicious or odd, wearing masks tell the police. their details are limited at this point in what started shooting and what happened. the circumstances leading up to it, when we spoke with the ma r mayor, he said this started with a call of shots fired. the mayor in his words called it an ambush style attack and he said there were no words exchanged and just simply shots fired. three officers killed with a few others injured with the local hospital saying there is one in critical and one in fair condition. we also know that there are some areas around this portion
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further down the road here from airline highway that has been secured. that is where police say that the one shooter who has been killed in the gunfire is down, and where they are currently checking for explosive to make sure they are safe. there has not been any other explanation that they are looking into or getting tips. this is information on a tactical sense that they want to keep and not tip anybody off. especially if there are these possibly two or other multiple suspects out on the loose. continuing to follow this at the top of the hour with the president now aware of the situation, the governor of louisiana expected to have a briefing at 3:00 p.m. local time from baton rouge. that happens at 4:00 p.m. eastern. i want bring in jim cavanaugh. when you have the atf also
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involved here. the priority is making sure the area is secure, but also trying to find these other suspects as we see barricades here. how is that done knowing that you want to keep the public as safe as possible, but yet you have a two possible suspects that may be out there and possibly may want to inflict more harm to the public and our police officers? >> that's right, frances, and the description by the pio, that the public needs let them know if anyone is dressed in black or camouflage or a mask, it begs the question, is that what the shooter was wearing? do they have a reason to believe their many shooters that is credible? we have reports, but a lot of times, it turns out not to be credible. you think about dallas. there was firing from multiple
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locations, but it was one shooter changing his location. detectives have to narrow that down fast. is the report credible? if it is, they were acting to secure that zone. where they could be. if they were on foot or in hiding or could they have fled if area? or could they have established that is not credible? they acted alone and they located an eyewitness who thought they saw someone running and it was a plain clothes officer or another citizen trying the get away. they have to narrow those facts down and we'll see a search warrant within the next few hours at the house of the deceased shooter. whether it's local or in another state. they will get into that person's location and secure, you know, whatever facts are in their computers and phones and such.
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>> do you think at this point they know the identity given that the priority is using this robot to see if that suspect has explosives on him in or around the area? >> they used it to make sure there are no explosives, bombs, hand grenades, and then they want to go for his id. just go for his wallet. who is he? pull out his drivers license, and phone. likely everyone has one. who is he? if neither one of those are there, then it's fingerprints. you get them immediately and they are put into the national identification system rapidly, and who is he? does he have a criminal record? was he in the military? do we know who he is? the firearm. atf will trace the firearm. all that teamwork, and if he is known to the police, they will have a dossier on him.
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if he is in the penitentiary, there will be all kinds of information on the shooter and they have to walk that back through his family, co-workers and associates or conspirators if he is part of the a larger movement, you know, to want to kill officers, and that's where you have to make the cut. there are people who want to kill officers. they say it on the web and speak it for years. they want to do it, and when they see the climate they think they can do it and they will get broader support, then they act. and that's what's hurting the country right now. so it's smart that all of us condemn that kind of talk no matter where it comes from and when it appears. it should always be condemned and any calls to violence or acts of violence at demonstrations and also bad business. that's where we are in the public mind. the police today in baton rouge,
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they are really on this task. you're going to see different responses to shooting calls, frances, to shots fired and reports of man with a gun. you're going to have to go into those differently and smarter. all kinds of police tactics can be used and around the country, some of those will be put in play. two-man cruisers. plain clothes cars and maybe drones. whip out the binoculars and star looking before you go in and see what you are dealing with to prevent an ambush. >> we know they are looking for one other or two possible suspects who got away. given we don't have details of how the shooting went down, or whether one got away by foot or vehicle or a car, how do they go about beginning that search? they have been asking the public to provide them with any other information, but how do they go
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about it? vicinity or searching door to door? >> it's a lot of what you discussed. they will be looking at perimeter. if they have a report of one or more persons running on foot with the a rifle or firearm, and they don't have a report of them entering a vehicle, they are trying to set a perimeter up and to search and see if they can be secreted in a building or in the business in the bushes. they do that because they don't have other information. investigati investigatively, y investigatively, you walk that back to is there more than one? what was their dress? where are they going? if you can root that out and establish that was a plain clothes officer she or he saw. if that was a citizen. if you can locate that citizen,
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or if that was, in fact, a shooter. if it is, you have to have this search and that makes everything more tense, so detectives and the commanders at the command post in baton rouge they want to run that down fast. that's what they're doing now. we don't see it because it's happening behind the scene and they have to find out if it's real that other actors got away. who is he? why did he do it? where does he live? who is his family? friends? co-workers? all that is work and they have to be aall right for other threats. police departments around the country have been getting threats and officers have been shot. bristol, tennessee officer was shot. milwaukee officer was killed last night. baltimore officers were fired on
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with an ar-15 this week and they killed a shooter and there are a lot of attacks around and of course, we know about the horror in dallas. this is giving a tense climate to the country around the police if we want to live in a free democracy, we have to have the police. everything else, the courts, you know, our criminal justice system reply on the police. >> when you have a manhunt like this, investigators have to be careful as far as what they do know and put out there to the public, the press to not jeopardize their search in finding these two guys in one or two. >> that's correct, but they can leverage that and their public statements to help them. it really smart commanders can get out there, and hold back
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certain information. sacred that they're not going to put out that only us and the actors will know. that's over here, but usually, that's a small amount. if you can get that down to the smallest amount and put out the rest of the amount, you can leverage the public. find out what's sacred and keep it close. they want to make everything sacred and that's a recipe for failure because the you need the public to help you. i wanted to get that down as small as i could, and the rest, let's put out and get this rolling. the leverage that the public can give you in helping and stopping these things is tremendous. you have to get it out early. the more you sit on it, it doesn't help you.
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if you can put that out. it takes time for agents and s detectives to uncover this information. >> thank you for being with me as we continue to follow this breaking news on msnbc at this hour. police involved shooting in baton rouge with three police officers killed, three injured and two other suspects possibly on the loose. take st stay with us. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at i'm frances rivera here at msnbc headquarters following breaking news out of baton rouge where that had been an officer involved shootout leaving three police officers dead, three injured and one suspect killed in the exchange of gunfire and police there looking for possibly two other suspects who they say is on the loose. they are securing an area around this part of airline highway on
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the left of your screen, an area where that one suspect has been killed. a robot has been brought in, being used to secure and check the area for explosives to make sure that the one suspect who was involved didn't leave other explosives in the area. but there has been desperate calls for help from the public. if they spot or see anything suspicious. when it comes to the other people they believe are out there, please contact police. you're looking at areas of places locked down. other law enforcement agencies coming in in this search who are heavily armed. i spoke with the mayor this afternoon, initially. officers were responding to calls of shots fired and when officers arrived, they were met
10:24 am
with what he described as an ambush style attack against the officers. again, we know three of the baton rouge police officers were killed in the shootout and from a representative, in his description of what happened, initially, there were no words spoken and it was all shots fired. still trying to figure out details what led up to it and what happened in this exchange. for past hour since this broke the heavy penresence of police d security vehicles along the area. we know that the president, president obama has been briefed on this shooting, and has been asking for updates and we know that the governor of louisiana is going to be giving a briefing at 3:00 p.m. eastern time from baton rouge, so john bel edwards will be speaking and we have
10:25 am
that for you at 4:00 p.m. eastern time and he tweeted and said, this is an unpeekabspeakad unjustifiable time at a time where we need junety. i'm asking all louisianaens to join donna and me to pray as the details continue to unfold. baton rouge has been in the news lately with a lot of news and the shooting of mr. sterling by police and we have seen the recent funeral as he was laid to rest on friday. on this sunday in the middle of the day, word of this shooting involving officers from the baton rouge police department with three of them killed. the hospital closeby has been reporting they received five
10:26 am
patients. three deceased, one critical. i want to bring in marquez claxton. the dallas chief was quick to respond sending his condolences, you can imagine in the town of baton rouge and dallas and other cities and other departments of law enforcement, this news weighing he have heavily. >> absolutely. this is a police officer's nightmare and they will be both civilian and populations of police in mourning. the impact is going to be, you know, heart felt and long standing as a matter of fact. especially on the heels of what occurred in dallas. this is this, you know, regardless of what anyone says, there is a fraternity of the brotherhood in policing. when you lose one of your brother, you mourn hard and
10:27 am
long. they continue to do the work of policing. that's what separates this profession from any other. even in the midst of such avoidable tragedy, you have to continue to do the work you swore to do, and look at other professions if you will and think what would happen if there was this level of violence in the work place. the next day, the office would be closed. there would be grief counseling, et cetera, and in the profession of policing, and in the midst of your own anger and frustration and at the extreme danger of yoou yourself and your colleagues and brothers and sisters, you have
10:28 am
to continue to do it and you will be asked to do much more than you were doing prior to these incidents. >> it's a heavy burden as we heard in light of the dallas shooting. we heard from david brown speaking to that and how tough it is already for police departments with their load carrying so much and the burden there is. and you consider in doing that, in the daily jobs of policing and the risks that are taken. with the unrest and tensions we have been seeing with the rhetoric and hatred for woantin to do harm to police or kill them. and the safety of the publicjeo. >> we have to be mindful and it's important with the comments of david brown and dallas that other people have said there is a tremendous amount of responsibility placed on police officers and also danger. that's what you do. when you sign up for it, there's
10:29 am
a danger inherent in law enforcement and policing. and it's something you feel on gat on obligated to do. not everyone should and it is multifaceted. sometimes you will be a sociologist or a psychologist. you will have that warrior mentality and endwgage with enforcement of law and rent aid to individuals. that is policing. i for one have never been comfortable with people saying, you have been asked to do too much. they are volunteers and not victims. >> it is a danger and a risk that we have seen turn deadly too many times. marquez claxton, thank you. as you have been sticking with us as we continue to cover this story, but for now, a quick break and we'll return on the other side.
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we are covering breaking news out of baton rouge, a situation that is fluid, but we can confirm three officers killed, in an early morning attack that began around 9:00 a.m. one suspect deceased according the authorities and they have been searching him with a robot to try to ascertain if there were explosives. they have been conducting what they call a widespread manhunt because there is the possibility of more than one other suspect in the area. i'm reporting to you live from cleveland where the national convention begins tomorrow. many eyes now of course, on baton rouge, and security here has been its own heightened level situation as there is a presidential set of events and throughout the country. i want to bring in jacob rascon who has been following security
10:34 am
here. tell us what you are sighieeing the ground, and second, if you have anything regarding today's events and reaction from authorities here. >> reporter: i can answer the second question best. the chief has told me this. any time an attack happens domestic or abroad, they look at their plan and look if there are vulnerabilities whether it's in france or dallas or orlando. they make enhancements they call them to the plan. they did that to the attack in france and they looked at their plan and made some changes to areas that were public that they were deciding that they weren't going to make public. it's too soon to do that now. we don't know a lot of the details of what's happening in louisiana, but we know they will look at it. they always look at it.
10:35 am
the plan is constantly evolving and a lot of things they change, the enhancements and adjustments are things we don't see. we can talk to you about what we see out here. that's dozens of officers on bike. there are a total of 5,500 officer assigned to the rnc. that's 3,000 federal officers, 2,000 officers that are not federal from out of town, from as far away from florida and california who have been sworn in as temporary police officers here. and in this park and public square, we'll see a lot of protesters tostarting tomorrow. you have children playing in the water, and on this far end and in the opposite end, large city trucks or snow ploplows blockine entrance to no one can drive in. those are in place and thought in mind before the france
10:36 am
attack, but that kind of attack with a truck, that's something they have thought about before. in addition, we had a couple of men with open carrying. it's legal here. if you are licensed to do that, they were open carrying their rifle and handgun to make a statement. we expect to see some of those throughout the week and the chief said of course, they will support folks doing that and keep an eye on anything getting out of the hand. >> thank you. and for folks watching the split screen, jacob rascon is reporting on arrangement for tomorrow, and now what you see is baton rouge, louisiana, a different scene there after reports of three officers shot in an iter occasialtercation th.
10:37 am
and we have gary grooaves from louisiana. what do you know so far? >> around 8:30 or 8:45. 911 dispatcher received phone call that there was a masked man walking with an assault rifle and within minutes of that phone call, there were frantic reports of officers down and at least two have been killed, and three other officers have been shot and all of them are at the hospital right now. >> and what have you heard from authorities regarding what happens next in we have been told the governor will hold a press conference at 3:00 p.m. what else is happening on the scene? to your knowledge is it still an active manhunt? >> they are trying to stabilize thing and it's believed that a shooter has died.
10:38 am
there are roumors of two other folks possibly involved shooting and the sheriff's office and federal officials are all there trying to stabilize the team and they were in the store to try to determine if there were explosives and they know what was going on there. >> there has been much talk in the country, and obviously, there's immediate political ponces responses to these events. do you have a sense of what kind of crime this was this morning? and whether there was the explicit targeting of officers? >> based on the things i have had with the state and local police, at least the initial independen indication is that it appears it was on officers. and it was, you know, they were an intended target. there were allegations that
10:39 am
there was another shooting that took place prior, but that has not been confirmed yet. >> what would you like to to see your community do? there has been excessive force and there was a terrible shooting according the authorities killed in the line op duty. what do you want your constituents to do now? >> you talk about our community in the immediate aftermath with the sterling, you saw peaceful protests by our community. you didn't even see police officers near the protest. you saw agitators come from out of town and that's where it began erupting and it of the hand. we have had numerous dialogues crossing political parties crossing ethnicities, religions and everything.
10:40 am
talking about next steps. we filed bipartisan legislation. i'm a white republican. looking at additional nonleadables to for our law enforcement officer. we have to work together to prevent the type of violence and it's unbelievable that you would have a guy to target police officers like that. but we need to make sure you also have an understanding of the role of law enforcement. according to the rule of law, people are compliant with the officers. >> you mentioned your political affiliation and your party. it's beginning its party tomorrow. we're in cleveland, and reporting the biggest story out of the louisiana. what do you want to see your party do on these issues as you gather this week? >> in regardo policing, i think that insuring that the law
10:41 am
enforcement community is respected for the role that they play in regard to enforcing the rules and protecting our freedom and stability in the country. looking at laws to make sure wlefr there's attacks on law enforcement, look, we have got to come together in the community. some of these eruptions are based upon deeper seated issues in our community, and we talk about them, and they're under the new agenda we are talking about in regard to a new way. i think we are now talking about how to rise up the middle class and talking about how to address poverty and other issues facing our nation. >> our hearts and prayers are with you today. let's toss it back to frances rivera in new york. >> thank you.
10:42 am
as we're monitoring this situation and trying to gather as much information. those officers are securing the area as one suspect is down and as many as two other are on the loose. again, hearing from that state representative that you just spoke with that initially, it came as a call from somebody describing a man armed heavily with an assault style rifle dressed in camouflage through the streets and then shortly after, there were reports of this shooting. i want to read to you the response from louisiana governor john be john bel edwards who said, this is an unspeakable and unjustifiable attack on all of us who need unity and healing. rest assured, all resources will
10:43 am
be used to bring this to justice. join donna and i in praying for the police officers. a briefing will be given along with louisiana state police. that's 4:00 p.m. eastern time, which of course, you will see here on msnbc. we continue to follow this and take a quick break. do on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet? msame time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized.
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you're watching breaking news on msnbc, while we are reporting on a triple homicide in baton rouge, louisiana. three officers killed according to authorities and several more injured and several are in quote, serious condition. we turn now to the hospital where a wafb reporter is there. what can you tell us? >> a lot of police activity and several officers checking every vehicle that comes into the hospital.
10:47 am
we know that the governor, chief of police at baton rouge and the sheriff, the mayor are all inside the hospital right now with the families of the fallen officers and deputies and those that are still in critical condition. at least one of them still in critical condition, and we're hearing it's not looking very good for the fourth officer. for a fourth officer. there are five officers total at the hospital where i am and there's another one elsewhere in the city. that's six total there were shot. three of them have died, and one of them is very critical is one of them is in fair condition. >> stay with me. graham, stay with me on the phone. i want to tell our viewing audience. we're looking at live shots of police activity there in that area around baton rouge with a makeshift perimeter.
10:48 am
we have gone from showing police cars on the move to cars themselves. we're getting what you are getting and that's live footage. we saw a police car in transit and police officers moving with long guns. this is a bit more activity than we have seen previously. you can hear some of the audio on the ground as the officers are signaling to one car. this is a perimeter area that has been kept around the original site of the shooting which was on highway road. an airport highway road. you see them direct traffic. some of this may be the normal course, but again, we see live footage of another squad car there. an suv squad car moving quick lip as well as another one there. so we're monitoring that, and
10:49 am
obviously can't and won't tell you more than we know and can confirm. it is, what we have seen over the last several hours, more active. and in a press conference, they consider it an active manhunt because there's a prospect of potential suspects. i want to give the audience that context. you see the officer getting into another suv. i don't want to add to any confusion or alarm. we're not suggesting why they're on the move. there has been a perimeter set for some time. i want to give that context, graham. where you are of course, very different scene, you mentioned five officers there in that particular hospital. what else is the scene, and what do you expect we might hear in a couple of hours? >> reporter: the governor is
10:50 am
obviously going to be talking about the officers. he is meeting with the families right now. he will have first account of what it's like. i can tell you the several police cars left here not long ago going back going back towards the original scene with lights and sirens going. so as you are saying is it is still an active scene. they have at least three suspects, one of those suspects shot and killed. the other two were said to have gotten away. there are some reports they may have gone into a local wait a minute and changed clothing. we know a couple of people were detained after they were seen leaving that. so still following up those leads but still here at the hospital. as standing here talking to you, about four more police cars just a came into the hospital. so it is very active in several areas of thesy on this sunday. >> graham ulkins from baton rouge on a tough day. i appreciate you sharing your reporting with us and of course we wish all of the officers the best possible recovery at that
10:51 am
hospital. i want to turn back to jim cavanaugh who's been covering this story for us from the start. former atf agent and jim, with unof the things happens this these kind of stories is we get generally information from the police first. they tried to share with us what they know. and they try to in my experience do it accurately but often the story does change as new information comes in. i want to speak with you specifically about what we know and don't know about the original scene. because authorities have described it as a, quote, ambush-style attack. and certainly they have confirmed the three deceased officers which suggests at least is at some point it became a direct fire fight between police and at least one suspect. talk to us about the spectacular or the range of what that can mean from a law enforcement perspective. say at the very extreme of a targeted assassination ambush to something more in the middle where there may be a fire fight or other action that then turns into a shooting at police. >> well when you are a uniformed
10:52 am
officer, i was a uniformed officer. you get a report of a man with a gun, for example. and when you respond to that you don't know what you are going to get. you might have the basic information. the report of a man with a gun. report of shots fired. and as you are rolling up to that you are trying to make assessments based on the information that your dispatch has given you. and of course you are rolling up with other cars. if it is an ambush, the ambush actor can just fire his gun, fire his gun in the air. that is going to draw reports to 911 as shots fired. when you showed a video earlier this morning, it was clearly rifle shots. you could hear them. and they were timed and aimed. i could hear at least five on the video and it was a slowly timed and aimed rifle shots. we don't know if that's ambushers or the police. but, you know, it really looked
10:53 am
like someone who was taking their time to shoot. the reports that you just had ari about a couple of suspects on foot maybe in the walmart is probably consistent with the way the perimeter has been held so strongly all day because they have these they think credible reports of other actors and if they get them in the walmart, then what they have do is go in get the security cameras. if they are changing clothes look at the clothes they change into and then put that description out. and some of the rushing around could be, you know, people now meeting the description of new clothing are spotted and they are trying to apprehend them. we don't have all the facts but the police know, have real strong reason to believe at this point from their witnesses that there is other actor, maybe two in the area and that is what seems to be holding that perimeter right now. so you also have a report of a man with a mask. and the p.i. clearly describe the clothing as all black, possibly mask, camouflage. so they are getting that either
10:54 am
from witnesses or the shooter that is deceased was wearing clothing similar to that. and they believe the other actors may have had it as well. >> jim you mention the pio, the public information officer for the baton rouge police and baton rouge officer lj mckneely did make that public statement. i want to read it so we quote the police precisely with regard to the profile of a potential suspect as you mentioned. impb mckneely saying if anyone is wearing army fairway teaktig. all black. anything, please give us a call. that is a profile after person they might still be looking for and i want to repeat we don't know whether there are multiple suspects or not. we only know the police as an investigative matter are conducting that kind of search. take a listen to this.
10:55 am
[ distant shots ] >> you hear there jim cavanaugh. you hear the shots fired that were captured on a camera we live in a world where we get slices of video of things. and you and i both know a slice of video doesn't tell you much. and sometimes can tell you the wrong thing. with that caveat in mind though, what do you take from the shots fired that we do have on video of this incident this morning? >> well i hear rifle fire. i see people reacting to that rifle fire in the vehicles like that white truck backing up. probably reacting to the sound of the rifle fire. and it is time -- in other words, there is distance between
10:56 am
the shots. which would indicate to me that the shooter is aiming the shots. there is about seven. there might be eight. you have to play that a few times and carefully listen. but there might be seven or eight shots now in that video. you have six or seven officers shot. so somebody could be timing and aiming at arriving officers. it is possible. also it could be police shooting. we don't know for sure. but somebody is aiming and shooting very methodically. it is not a staccato, rapid pulling of the trigger like we heard in dallas where the shooter was rapidly pulling the shooter and aiming at a toorgt. this is timed, aimed shooting and probably some distance shooting as well. >> right we don't know the a source of the shots but to your point from an atf perspective it is not indiscriminate shooting. it is the timing and the pace that suggests at least aimed shooting. that is one piece of information we have. a lot of information we don't have as we look at the shots
10:57 am
here, the video, of still a very active police scene and a perimeter there in baton rouge, louisiana. we're going to take a break and update at the top of the hour with the latest from baton rouge, louisiana, where three officers were killed today according to authorities. several more injured in serious condition in a local hospital. you are watching mississip iniif ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. mississippi n bbs 0 bonus cash. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at i'm francis riviera at msnbc headquarters in new york following breaking news out of baton rouge where three officers have been killed in a shoot out there. now a massive man hunt under way as law enforcement are looking for possibly two suspects involved in this shooting. another suspect has been killed in the shootout and law enforcement and other detectives and investigators are trying to secure this area dpournt the scene from the video you are looking at, in making sure that one suspect didn't leave behind any other explosive devices there. the robot is being used


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