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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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tomorrow to hear what senator dole thinks now about trump, now that he is the party's nominee and standard bearer. dole is the only former republican nominee who will be attending this convention which tells you a lot. that does it for this very special edition of "andrea mitchell reports," we love it here in cleveland, stay with us at msnbc all day for the latest developments from cleveland as the convention is about to officially gavel in just down the street at the queue. craig melvin picks up our coverage right now. and good monday afternoon to you, i'm craig melvin, coming to you live from the corner alley here in cleveland, ohio. we are as andrea just said just mere moments away from the official start to the republican national convention here at the quicken loans arena in downtown cleveland, the call to order for delegates happening any second now.
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meanwhile, anti-trump delegates may be plotting their last stand in an effort to stop the presumptive nominee from clenching the party's nomination later this week. and while all eyes are here on cleveland for the drama that could unfold at the convention, hillary clinton's not slowing down. presumptive democratic nominee holding not one, not two, but three campaign events as she gears up for next week democratic convention in philadelphia. rooe yens priebus at the podium, let's listen in for a bit. >> everyone please raise for the presentation of colors. the colors will be presented by the veteran's, including two world war ii veterans. let's give them a warm welcome.
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>> left, left, left, left right left, left, left, left, right, left. left, left, left, right, left. clapz halt. >> please remain standing for the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, and the innovation.
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thank you. it is my privilege to introduce students from northeast, ohio, who took the gop red, white, and blue challenge, t. williams, celia heads, jazmine, and jeff will lead us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> all right. performing the national anthem, please welcome the singing angels.
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[ applause ] ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag
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was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ [ cheering and applause ] >> offering today's invocation, please welcome rabbi ari wolf. rabbi. [ applause ]
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>> please join me as we pray for god's blessings for our success of our mission. our heavenly father, we acknowledge your grace and your ben if i have sense. we ask for your blessings upon this republican national convention and all those gathered here. we ask for your blessings of our country and our people. and we seek your guidance and continued protection. lord, god, we live in pearless and dangerous times, today our beloved country is under attack. our family values, our moral principles, and even our very democracy is threatened. we beseech you for your continued watchfulness and
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protections, as we renew our covenant of faith with you and with each other. lord, protect our leaders, protect the members of our armed forces who serve so valiantly. bring them home when the noble missions are done. lord, god, watch over and safeguard our police officers and all of our first responders who work each day and night in every city, town, of our great nation to protect us and our freedoms. we ask you of this, o lord, not because we have merit, but because we rely upon you and your merciful grace. lord, please bless all those engaged in this convention. and that thy will be done, in their deliberations. [ speaking foreign language ]
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may god bless you and keep you, may god shine his confidence upon you and be gracious to you, may god lift up his face to you and give you peace in a world of peace, and let us say, amen. please. >> the colors are retired.
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>> left, left, left, left right left. left, left, left, right, left. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> and there you have it, the 2016 republican national convention is officially under way here in cleveland, ohio, four days that will define the party, four days that will define the tone of the election season. what's left of the election season, four days of speeches, lots and lots of speeches, and likely four days of protests as well. kelly o'donnell inside the q, she has followed the ups and
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downs of the race for more than a dozen candidates to now, just one candidate, donald trump, who is going to be we're told going to be newlyweds the q tonight as well, introducing his wife. set the stage for us, if you can, kelly o. we've also heard that the never trump folks are likely going to be making another stand at some point this afternoon. that will be followed by tonight's first round of speakers, what's the scene like? what's the mood like? >> reporter: well today, craig, this is where the show meets the business for what donald trump is so known for. trying to make a big place and the show business side of politics that he wants to invigorate this convention with some attention-grabbing themes and some of the star power of his family to try to draw attention for people who may not otherwise be typical viewers of the convention. so part what have we will see is the work of delegates, that's sort of the more mundane going through the proper sequences,
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anyone that's involved in local community affairs knows about the robert's rules, and these delegates who have a real job to do here, they're not just representing their states, not just enjoying a republican party in terms of all the entertaining and social things that are going on, they have a job here. and it may be the last gasp of those who have been behind what's been referred to as the never trump movement, they will, we believe, try to show in one final way, some of their discontent about what has happened here. that's something for us to watch. at the same time, top officials from the trump campaign have been working very hard to squash that. that happened earlier in the week when there was just that kind of preshow of meetings. and part of what needs to happen too is there will be a recess, then they'll come back, there'll be the sort of approval of the rules that will define this kme committee. that's the business that matters to the party and to those attending. not as much for the larger
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audience, but then tonight, this theme of national security, which was planned more than a month ago, but certainly seems relevant with all of the things that have been happening in the world in recent days. and it is also become much greater part of the theme that donald trump has been talking about. we know his big slogan, make america great again, they're switching out great for safe tonight. and he's been defining himself as the the law and order candidate. we'll see that reflected as well. and then, what will really be unusual tonight is his wife, melania, who has had a very limited role in the campaign, very limited role publicly, just a few interviews, not a regular fixture on the campaign trail, which is notable and different, she has said in part that's because they have a ten-year-old son to raise. tonight, she gets this stage. and she will be able to attempt to introduce the country to the man she knows as her husband and the center of their family. to really try to personalize donald trump in ways that perhaps is more bombastic, big, bold personality that he puts
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forward, perhaps ways we are not accustomed to seeing him. that's the part of the goal tonight, we'll see how well she does. it's a big stage for someone who's not typically front stage, craig. >> all eyes will be on melania trump tonight. we know donald trump after introducing his wife reportedly going to head back to new york city and he'll return to cleveland later in the week as we continue to watch these opening ceremonies. jacob is on the floor there inside the q, are you with the colorado delegation, is that right? >> reporter: guys, hey, it's jacob, i'm here with kendall, she's one of the delegates from the delegation. i can't hear you at the moment, but i'm with kendall, she is one of the leaders of the stop trump movement, free the delegates movement and they are organizing here today to still do their last best effort to stop donald trump from becoming the nominee. you think it'd be late, but kendall, how will you do this today? >> actually right now we've developed a team of different people that have different
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motivations to overturn the rules package and make sure we vote no and that rules package, that was a complete overreach of the establishment taking away the voice of the grass roots, that's what we're all convalesced around. so our faction of this has actually helped to collect the signatures necessary from the majority of seven states of the delegations in order to submit to request the role call vote. right now we have somebody that's doing that submission that had to bring a body guard, we know that most likely it's going to be attempted to be stopped. so we have prepared for that. and we know that this is hardball politics, we know which candidate we're dealing with and we've run up against it in the earlier portions of the delegates getting elected and what not. just the very strong-arm tacticed utilized. we prepared and we have a plan, right now we're voting down the rule's committee and there's 1,100 delegates have have signed on to do this -- >> reporter: let me let delegates through here. i want to translate for everybody that's watching. what kendall is saying, there
10:15 am
was a rules committee, the rules of this convention were approved, the rules nor convention were approved late last week. she's trying to overturn those rules in order to do what is unbinding the delegates that are on the floor of the convention if they can vote for whoever they want. and kendall thinks with that as the substitute rule or the previous rules from the last convention, the delegates here may vote for someone other than donald trump. when you're talking about intimidation, when you're talking about the trump campaign trying to stop you, be more specific, people out there -- that's a serious charge. >> sure well actually the delegates have faced that all along. when you come public and you don't show your support for donald trump that the retaliation is severe. and there's not trump surrogates, but we do have one instance of threatening a delegate physically, but the supporters and the defenders of donald trump have levelled the tax both on social media and drive byes of people's homes and attacks, you know, threatened attacks against family members and even the school that i'm employed by has suffered just a lot of direct attacks.
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so it's, it's just an environment in which we're working because you have a candidate that is incited this type of thing because it benefits him to demagogue the anger and the angst that are in the electorate and he hasn't shut it down. in fact he's encouraged it and incited it and run on a campaign to be squashed. and the very first course of action to show that he is truly favorable to the grassroots and favorable to the conservative movement, he took the course of action where he revealed that he is a -- an elitist insider establishment person. >> reporter: kendall, donald trump had said in tweets and paul manafort his campaign manager said in tweets that you were crushed. the movement was crushed. what does it feel like to hear kendall from donald trump himself and from the campaign manager saying that he crushed your movement? >> well, it's still alive and well. but we need to figure out where
10:17 am
those presentations are. >> reporter: and you're going to have to submit these presentations and that will happen in the next couple hours, craig, again, i want to tell you, having a hard time hearing you down here, but we will be back as soon as we have an update. i'm going to send it back to you over on fourth street. >> all right, jacob there on the floor with some stop trumpers. dana waters, the leaders of delegates unbound, they're trying to change the rules to allow delegates to unbind themselves from the results. you brought this envelope to the set, and i want to ask you what's inside? i see some states listed. are these seven states where we just heard kendall talking about we have the majority of the support? >> we ended up -- >> i can open this? >> you can. this is the first time they've been seen. but no, we were able to get the signatures, majority of delegates in 11 states, ten are located in there. enough signatures to require a role call vote on the rule's package. once we get the vote takes
10:18 am
place, we'll are confident the rules will get struck down. go back and negotiate to get some true reforms for the party. >> so that's what we're going to see unfold this afternoon? >> you're going see that unfold probably in the next two and a half hours. i believe so. >> and if and when that effort is unsuccessful, then what? >> well, it's going to be successful. come on, man. don't count us out. >> if that effort is unsuccessful, then what? >> well no, what's important to know is that everything that we're doing aesht reforming and reviving the republican party does not end when cleveland adjourns. donald trump and the rnc -- this is not something that's going to end today or tomorrow or next week. this is going to keep going on for the next two, three, four years. >> you say power grab, critics say once again you are trying to overstep your bounds. and by that, meaning, we've had a number of folks in primaries all over this country who have spoken and donald trump won the
10:19 am
majority of those voters. >> listen, donald trump, 54% of the voters voted against donald trump. donald trump only received 9% of all the registered voters in this country. and when donald trump is in a poll up against himself, 52% of republicans still don't want him. donald trump, there's no mandate, but at the end of the day, the rnc is a private association. they have the right to nominate anybody they want to, the delegates take that under consideration but they also should take under consideration whether or not the candidate represents the values of the party and whether or not they're electable. everything that we have done is within the rules that have been established, we're not changing any rules, and donald trump is not the nominee yet, so we'll see what happens in the next few hours. >> come thursday, you support him? >> i personally will not be able to support donald trump, nor will i vote for hillary clinton, i'll make that clear. >> so you won't be participating? >> i will be voting, my goal as i've told my friends, let's get to the end of the convention and then i can address it then. >> good to see you. delegates unbound. thank you.
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when we come back here in cleveland, we'll talk about this political match, perhaps not one made in heaven. donald trump picking mike pence as his presidential running mate. you'll see, they're having a bit of trouble getting on the same page. can trump and pence overcome what was an awkward debut to say the least? also a quick reminder here, be sure to catch our special, prime time coverage of the rnc, 7:00 eastern tonight, right here on msnbc.
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10:24 am
with trump and his new running mate, mike pence as we continue to watch the live events under way on the floor of the q center here in cleveland. 200 feet behind me, pence of course a man with whom trump says he has quote very, very good chemistry. looking for a strong bounce out of cleveland after they got poor marks for the way they rolled out the vice presidential candidate. most national polls still trump still lagging behind clinton. here's a look at a handful of those polls. i want to bring in hugh hewitt, also analysis, ken blackwell, previously advised the anti-trump pack. we won't have time to get to the all of that. let me start with you, the interview last night with mike pence and donald trump, how would you characterize that? >> it doesn't matter what donald's allocation of time is and doesn't matter mike's allocation of time is, the campaign is about donald trump. mike pence gave a great speech
10:25 am
in indiana. i love mike pence. mike pence is me. he's 59, i'm 60, he's a lawyer from indiana, i'm a lawyer from michigan, he grew up in indiana, he's a perfect pick for the party and it doesn't matter how much time he has, it matters that donald trump will govern as a conservative. it was a perfect pick. >> i want to call your attention, i'm sure you've seen this, the columbus dispatch, the paper of record there in the capital, not backing trump with any enthusiasm, they put out information today, more than one. five, 22% said in a dispatch survey they will not vote for trump. another 44% said they would not, they would vote for trump, but not actively work on behalf of his campaign. fewer than three-fourths of ohio gop delegates say that trump will win in november. perhaps even more stunning, 85% say that trump was not the best candidate to lead. is that what you're hearing or saying? >> i spend a lot of time with
10:26 am
coal miners, long shoreman, i spend a lot of times small business owners and they are dissatisfied with the status quo. and i think that what you're going to see is that more and more folks are moving in that direction. i also saw the balance in particular between ronald reagan and george bush. so this balancing out -- >> reagan/bush is akin to trump/pence. >> i think in balancing out philosophies and given the comprehensiveness to the ticket, yes, i do. >> here in light of what's happening, the shooting in dallas, police shooting in baton rouge as well yesterday, the protest, social unrest. now you've got donald trump insisting that he is the law and order candidate. you work for a law and order candidate, richard nixon, already out of the white house, he said someone himself painted himself as a law and order candidate. similarities between trump, he and nixon. >> well the '68 strategy, the
10:27 am
southern strategy was absolutely predicated on bringing race into the equation and winning the south. that is not the trump candidacy. trump's candidacy is on bringing on, you know, only half of america votes. he wants 60% of america to vote. he got a million democrats in the county, he got a million democrats to reregister as republican. ken blackwell would have governor if that happened in 2006 or to a bad year when he ran for governor. terrible year for republican. trump is appealing to people who don't appeal to the system to come back to the system. he could pull that off. it's not 1968, but law and order is a message that completely different context now, it's safety. as opposed to elites and southern strategy, this is a safety issue. and i think it resinates. >> i do too. you know, mothers, fathers, everybody wants not only in their neighborhood, but outside of their neighborhood and there is a sense of unease and what they're looking for is strength.
10:28 am
and i think president obama, i think president obama's quote that he was leading from behind, is something that will come back and bite hillary clinton because she was part of that effort. trump, love him or like him is a strong leader and he leads going forward, leaning into the action, and i think that's going to make a difference with a lot of voters. >> i wish we had more time, i wanted to get your take on the kasich stuff this morning. but we ran out of time. we'll be seeing lots of you in the next few days. we'd like for you to join the conversation as well. here's today's microsoft pulse question, did donald trump make the right move by selecting mike pence as i had running mate? the spuls live, join the debate right now. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve.
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♪ the earth needed to find a new waytury, to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything? everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond. you look at so many different fronts, you know, radical islam, and by the way, he seems to be a member of that group also. seems to be something going on there, but it's very sad what's
10:32 am
happening. >> nation of islam. >> donald trump there earlier today talking about the police shootings in baton rouge, louisiana, trump saying he is the law and order candidate. let's head now to louisiana for the latest on that ambush. chris jansing remains on duty for us there, chris. >> reporter: thanks very much, craig, and there are new developments in this investigation to what happened right behind me, and in fact, right behind me there is a little memorial that has sprung up with some flowers. of course i'm talking about the deadly ambush in louisiana. the state police superinteent tells me the gunman had been in the city days ahead of the sh t shooting. police are looking for anyone who may have seen or spoken to gavin long before the shooting. police now say long did not lure police in the 911 call, that emergency call came from a resident in the area. a sheriff's deputy is in critical condition and fighting for his life at this hour. he suffered gunshot wounds to his head and his torso, two other wounded officers are
10:33 am
hospitalized, although their injuries are not life threatening. they are recovering now. louisiana's governor urging the nation to pray for the victims. >> we're asking people to join their prayers to our police officers who were injured. one of whom who is fighting for his life in the baton rouge hospital now, but also for the family members of those who were injured and killed. and for our community and our nation as a whole. we simply have to do better, clurs, we're going to find a way to do that. >> reporter: tammie lightener is in kansas city for us, and she is just outside the home of the alleged gunman. tammie, you've been knocking on doors, talking to family and neighbors, what are you learning? >> reporter: chris, we're just down the street from where his mother lives. we spoke with the aunt of gavin long last night, and she tells us that he did stay here with his mother and brother when he would come through town which wasn't that often. he was in the marines for five years and traveled a lot. he would come here periodically.
10:34 am
now neighbors said they didn't really know gavin long because he didn't spend a lot of time here. described the mother and brother as good neighbors, good people, but they didn't know him personally. chris. >> reporter: thanks so much, tammie lightener reporting to us from location. meantime -- and i think that's going to doed it from here, let's go back to craig who is joining us back in cleveland again, craig. >> chris, thank you. cleveland has beefed up security here at the convention following attacks at home and abroad. the quicken loans arena surrounded by concrete barricades and check points as well. it is to say the least an unprecedented police presence here, i can attest to that trying to get here is difficult. let's look at the members behind rnc security. $50 million federal security grant given to the city of cleveland for hosting the rnc. and estimated 50,000 people
10:35 am
expected to attend, 5500 officers are assigned to that security. that includes a mix of federal, non-federal, cleveland police officers as well. 58 different groups have been granted permits that allows them to protest, to parade, to march during the convention over the next few days. nbc's jacob rascon covering that part of the story, he is the first rally, we'll get to him in just a moment. we just lost it, but we'll try to get back to him in just a moment. we have this tweet from donald trump, trump tweeting just a few moments ago, he is expected to be here this afternoon. there's the tweet, looking for the being at the convention tonight to watch all of the wonderful speakers, including my wife, melania, place looks beautiful. we'll continue our coverage from here in cleveland, ohio, right after this.
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convention under way on the left side of your screen there as promised, nbc's jacob rascon is at the america first interview rally. television a pro-trump event, being held outside the convention security zone. jacob as i understand it, there were reports of folks who were exercising their second amendment rights so to speak. a number of folks taking advantage of the open carry laws here in cleveland. have you seen that as well? >> reporter: yeah, we have seen that. just a couple of people. but you can tell there are only two to 300 people for the actual rally, the other 100 or more are members of the media. and then beyond, where you can't see up above the grassing area, there are dozens of police officers. and we have seen a few people exercising that fight. the police have said of course there is nothing that they can do to restrict them, though they will make sure and watch for anybody who might be brandishing or using a weapon in any threatening way. those people will not be permitted to do in addition of the sort. i want to bring in one of the
10:40 am
founders of bikers for trump. chris cox who is one of the, one of the groups heart of the this rally. what is the purpose of the rally? why did you come here today? >> thanks jacob, we've come here hopefully for a victory dance, demographics, demographics working hard for the last year on behalf of donald trump. and truckers for trump, teachers for trump, and so on, and we're just here to celebrate and having a good time. we haven't had any disturbances, and that's a good sign. >> reporter: and how does it feel that your candidate, a year ago or so was when you picked him, he's the nominee. >> he will be. >> we couldn't be more excited. this is the fastest growing demographic on both sides. and just six or seven months we have over 90,000 members. our facebook page of bikers for trump 2016 is reaching 6 million people a week, our go fund me
10:41 am
page is blowing up and we're raising money to push donald trump narrative forward with bike'sers for trump. they are a demographic that's before been used in a presidential campaign. we're citizens who go from all walks of life. >> reporter: this is one of the most if not the most unconventional conventions. trump is that kind of a candidate. are you worried at all that a lot of senators, for example, gop senator are choosing not to come, even the governor of the state has chosen not to come? >> well, jai, he's a sour puss, and that's no secret. we weren't expecting him to be here anyway. as far as this convention, that's why donald trump is so popular because he's outside of the establishment. the problem with this government is the establishment. they're pandering to the herd. the herd holds the party's line. the party is telling each team, hold that party line, go red team, hold that party line, donald trump's coming outside of the establishment, and he's
10:42 am
going to help change the policies from that down. >> reporter: thank you for your time. one of many voices we'll hear of course throughout the week. the only pro-trump rally we're expecting, the rest, anti-trump rallies. >> jacob not far from where i'm sitting in clooenld. we also, jacob, we saw a few protesters outside the q as well. where again the underconvention's under way. and protesters walked by me as well. assault weapons ban, calling for an end to money in politics as well. as promised, a number of protests have kicked off here. the republican party kicking off that convention amid some pretty serious racial tensions, donald trump's big weeks coming on the heels of another deadly ambush in police officers. this one in baton rouge. with the nation on edge, can he set a tone that shows had ke unify? she is a donald trump supporter, she is also, was also, vice
10:43 am
chair of the national diversity coalition for trump, i say was because there's some breaking news to report. you've been named director of african american outreach, correct? >> i am the director of african american outreach for donald trump, very proud to serve in that role. it happened this week. but it's really an extension of work that the coalition's already been doing. and so i'm happy to take up that cause for donald trump. >> let's talk about this work because i want to put some information on our screen, recent polls out of pennsylvania, recent polls out of ohio as well, you're an ohioan from youngstown. shows your candidate in the pennsylvania poll, and the ohio poll, 0%. 0% of the african american vote, it would seem as if you have your work cut out for you. >> i'm wondering who they polled because i just -- >> the numbers are bad. is that your thought? >> i just spent an amazing weekend with african americans for trump, about 300 of them. i'm just wondering who they called because those numbers would be flawed according to to the people who have come out to
10:44 am
support, amazing faith-based service yet with african americans who support donald trump, had an amazing reception yesterday evening with african americans who support trump. so i look at data, but my reality is that i'm surrounded by people who to want see donald trump as the next president of the united states. who are african americans. >> why? >> because donald trump really has an incredible vision for this country. more importantly, our community, you know, i grew up a youngstown, ohio, 40 minutes down the road, economically we're suffering. we're hurting. i went to my family reunion this weekend, and i know family members who are still unemployed who are still looking for jobs. looking for ways to fill their gas tank and fill prescriptions for their family. donald trump is focussed on improving the economic conditions of african americans in this country, let me just finish because let me tell you, unemployment in african american communities is at an all-time high. and particularly in youngstown where i grew up, this is the highest. this is after seven years of the democratic administration. >> you would conceive that there are things that your candidate
10:45 am
has said over the past year or so that has not unified this country? there has -- you would concede that point he has said things -- and she's said things that he has walked back a few times. considering that, what gives you the confidence that he has the temperament to lead this country? especially in a time right now where you could argue that chasim between black people and white people is not great. >> it is a difficult time, but the good thing i know, i know donald trump as a friend, his heart, i've known for him 13 years, you may read the headlines, i know his heart, i know the person he is and i know what he can do in this role to lead this country to a better, better place. >> you're watching this speech tonight with the family. >> i'm going to go ahead and enjoy the family suite and watch melania who is amaze pg. >> speaker list is void of a number of people that look like me and you, why wsht you invited to speak? >> first of all, i work for the
10:46 am
campaign, i don't think there are any campaign staff who are speaking at the convention, but there are some amazing folks who are speaking. glenn who has worked for this family for the last 15 years, she's an african american woman, who has been very close to them, but she has a story to tell about being an executive in the trump organization, jared scott is incredible pastor, he's a part of our coalition, will also speak, mark barnes will speak. there is representation on the speakers list, craig. >> ohio's own, thank you so much. i hope you'll come back throughout the week. >> any time, any time. >> jacob inside the convention hall. we'll go to him next.
10:47 am
trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller.
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look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool.
10:49 am
back live from the rnc convention here in cleveland. on the left side of your screen, a bit of police activity here outside the q arena where the festivities have just gotten under way. we are making some calls on
10:50 am
precisely what's happening there. but again, some police activity. we have not seen any arrests or anything like that. we're keeping a close eye on that. we'll report back as soon as we learn more. meanwhile inside, jacob standing by for the rules committee meeting with the very latest on efforts to stop trump. jacob, what do you have? >> so if you can look down the hall here. they are now inside the rules committee meeting here on the fourth floor of the cue on the event level, the suite level. they are trying to ratify the rules that were passed in the rules committee meeting here in cleveland on thursday. what's going to happen is to report on what happened inside. our cameras are not allowed inside, but if you come back to me in a second, coming off the phone, what's happening inside
10:51 am
right now is they are talking about the rules. once they come out, they are going to come down to the floor. what they hope is that she has 50% of seven states. if that happens, it's going to require a roll call vote. to allow everybody in the room to vote on the rules. if that happens, it's the last gasp to stop from becoming nominee. i'm going to go inside the meeting and see if i can bring you anything. >> let's update you on the pulse question. the question was whether you think donald trump made the right move by selecting mike pence as his running mate. here's your response so far. 71% of you say no. the pulse still live.
10:52 am
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. 55 minutes into the republican national convention and the mermaids have arrived. one of the dozens of groups protesting here. they walked by our set just a few moments ago. this particular group protesting the amount of money involved in politics. we have seen them walk up and down a number of times. again, one of a number of groups here. donald trump promised a showbiz feel to this week's convention. the speaker east list includes scott bao and a former known for his roles in "happy days", "charles in charge." the latter in "general hospital"
10:56 am
and "melrosetonio joins me live. >> how are you guys? cleveland is awesome. >> cleveland is awesome. what's with the neck gear? >> these are hawaiian fans that came all the way from hawaii and gave me this beautiful lei and that's it. they are all over. there's people from all over the world here. >> let's talk about the man you're supporting, donald trump. why trump? >> that's the only choice. there is no one else. trump should just win it now so we can move on and get our country back on track. >> you don't think there should even be an election? >> i don't think so. we have seen enough. enough is enough. >> antonio, there had been promises of lots of folks like you, lots of celebrities. so far we have seen "duck
10:57 am
dynasty" willie robertson. why not a lot lot of celebrities? >> i can speak for myself. i'm very thankful. i thank christ every day for giving me the opportunity to be here and speak. i believe that our president will be donald trump and i'm excited because we're going to get this nation back to where it should be. hopefully we'll forget the last seven and a half years. >> it would sound you might be considered a evangelical voter. what about donald trump's faith do you find appealing? >> i support donald trump in every way. i believe that what he's been talking about is the truth. nothing but the truth. and i've been supporting him for over a year now. i have watched and heard. i also met him several time oefrs the last 20 some years and
10:58 am
he's the same guy. i don't have to worry about if he's fake or lying to me every time i talk to the guy. he's a real american. he loves his country. >> which policies specifically most excite you about a trump presidency. >> the security of our country. >> you want the wall? >> i mean, listen. the question always goes back to you guys. do you have a wall at your house? why don't i just bring 40 people and just open up the door and we'll just come in and use your house for the next yore. that's how it is in this country. i came here from europe legally. i had to wait in line. me and my family had to pay a lot of money and finally got a green card and e eventually became american citizens. so what's been going on the last seven years is quite the opposite. it's open doors. everybody can come in. no questions. >> i would point out that even objective numbers point to a record number of arrests and
10:59 am
record number of folks that have been deported over the past seven years, but you're speaking tonight. >> there's a lot more coming in. >> what do you plan to say? >> i'm going to talk honestly about my u faith. why i respond to so well to donald trump. and express my opinion. that's it. >> antonio, thank you so much for your time. good luck with the speech tonight. >> god bless you. coming up, lots more from cleveland. also the latest on the investigation into the deadly shooting, that ambushed that ki killed three police officers in baton rouge. plus thomas roberts will talk with two survivors of the 2012 benghazi attack and why they chose to speak a the tonight's convention here in cleveland. i'll see you tomorrow.
11:00 am
hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. the rnc is officially underway and cleveland rocks with this taking place in ohio right now. a live picture of what's happening on the convention floor as we speak. so the convention is in recess as committees meet in side rooms to discuss the rules as well as the party platform. that's where the never trump movement staked a last ditch effort to keep donald trump from the republican nomination. party disdownty dodged trump and the campaign is explaining away divisions like the bush family. while we would have liked to have the bush family, they are part of the past. we're dealing with the future.


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