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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. the rnc is officially underway and cleveland rocks with this taking place in ohio right now. a live picture of what's happening on the convention floor as we speak. so the convention is in recess as committees meet in side rooms to discuss the rules as well as the party platform. that's where the never trump movement staked a last ditch effort to keep donald trump from the republican nomination. party disdownty dodged trump and the campaign is explaining away divisions like the bush family. while we would have liked to have the bush family, they are part of the past. we're dealing with the future.
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>> where's kasie hunt? is where's john kasich? he's the governor of the state. >> he's making a big mistake. he's making a big mistake. >> only one former republican nominee or president will be attending this convention. that being the nomination of bob dole. his running mate governor mike pence was chosen to inspire party unity, but even that may not be working. he is headed to cleveland from indianapolis. but the show must go on and donald trump is planning to deliver. working off a theme of make amersafe again, trump is expect ed to introduce his wife to focus the party on threats at home and abroad. kelly o'donnell and our delegate hunter jacob soeb rof is in cleveland. he's on the floor trying to rangel the never trumpers and find out what they are doing. those last ditch efforts to keep donald trump from getting the nomination. i want to be with kelly
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o'donnell. what's the message the rnc and trump campaign are hoping to deliver on this first day. >> it's to reenforce safety and security. something that donald trump will be a big part of his campaign going forward in a way he can distinguish himself. to give us a sense of where we are right now, the plaque card for ohio, the host state happens to be my home state as well. now typically that is an honor that would allow a delegation to have prime seating. instead they are the formalities of the convention of the cheap seats. why is that? let me give you a sense of the setting. typically the host state would have really prime real estate. instead ohio is over here kind of squeezed in the corner.
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it's the undercurrent that has been happening across the season. ohio was won by governor john kasich. we have heard a lot about john kasich not attending this convention. he's embarrassing himself and his state for not playing a more central role as the host governor. that tension is real. it is one of those sort of last stand moments. it gives you a little flavor of how there are things the trump campaign can do to curry favor with those supportive and there are ways they can send a message to those who are not. >> they tonight keep donald trump from getting the nomination. i think you're with one of those that are spear heading the
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effort there. >> that's right. we have gone from the floor up to the fourth floor conference wro room. now down to the concourse where the leader of the free the delegates movement is on her way back down to the floor to continue in her effort to file a petition to stop donald trump. >> the petition is being filed right now. so now what it does is goes sbo the hands of the delegates, which is where we want it. we want it in the hands of those alienated and mitigated in this process. we had to get the voice back to the people. we had to take it from the hands of the establishment and from the hands of the party bosses that made sure they had power and control. in between conventions, what they added into the rules is the ability to make stuff up as they go along with no accountability
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the votes we have. it's a a matter of the recognized. that's the key here. as you know, the shenanigans the rnc has pulled in the past is even when you have the votes, they ignore that. that's why the petition vote submitted from the ten states are going to demand a roll call vote. they can't play games then. it's not a voice vote they are going to ignore. we are prestigious to be submitting that. we understand they brought it in. >> we have ten. so the point being that if we're going to have the noes to carry it, it's a matter of is it going to be recognized by the chair. >> do you expect him to recognize it? >> when we have these prominent people making the motion to be
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heard, we heard that they brought in the technology expert to shut the mikes down. >> let me interrupt you. i have asked you this before. but live on msnbc, millions of people voted for donald trump. you guys are the minority when it comes to the popular vote. a lot of people are tweeting me and looking at this saying, this is unfair what you're doing. >> this is part of the process. this is a representative government in action. it's our job and our duty and our obligation to make sure that we do our job and the primaries are a preference poll. we don't have a democracy. so right now you're seeing the process in action. it's the best process on the earth. scent to the poll, there have been things that donald trump is reflective that he's not the face of the party. it's our job right now. the voice of the people needs to be heard. we're representing the majority that did not vote for donald trump and the 48% of the republicans that have e showed they don't want him as our nominee. so you're going to see that in
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action. this represents others back home that do not want to have them as the face of the party. >> i know you need to go down there and get this position. this is a history teacher from colorado. her husband is a chiropractor. >> jacob, ask her is this a vote of conscious that she's petitioned for? >> thomas wants to know what you're petitioned for, is this a vote of conscience? >> if i didn't love my country so much i wouldn't be doing this. there's a lot of people that are wanting this to happen. it's not just the people involved in the conscience vote and not just the people that are involved in the biending and unbinding movement. the very fact that donald trump ran on a platform that he's a populous and will of the people and voice of the people and the course of action he took was he crushed the voice of the people. so right now we have taken the
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power back to the people. now they have a chance to vote on it. >> how much do these rules differ from 2012? >> 2012 was not perfect, but at least we maintained some power of control. this one we have none. >> thank you. we're going to follow her in a minute. but let's go this way and follow where she is is. how the rules differ from 2012. in 2016 pro trump forces decided to bind the delegates. under the rules of people the delegate from north dakota, he argues they are unbound. all delegates are unbound when they get to the convention here in cleveland. the truth of the matter is and you can see here we're back into the arena. the truth of the matter is that's up for argument. so even if kendall succeeds here, the question is will the chair recognize them and secondly, are the delegates
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truly unbound. i've been saying this all day. this is a long shot, but this is a thorn in the side of the donald trump campaign and the republican national committee. >> when it comes to what they want to e see, is it just the fact of being noticed within the process that is going to make them feel involved. because donald trump might have the wind at his back through all of this. what is kendall -- if she can't get the nomination, does she want to be recognized. >> that's exactly right. they have been touted as a success. dane waters, the co-founder of the delegates unbound movement have been touting it as a success. the fact that donald trump's campaign manager is talking about them that he says they crushed them in the rules committee meeting. donald trump in the middle of introducing mike pence as his vice president did a very donald trump. here goes kendall again in order to say, this is elaborate, she has to get down there if she wants to make this happen.
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she took a moment out of the announcement to say he crushed the stop trump effort. the fact that donald trump, the fact that paul is talking about a history teacher from colorado whose husband is a chiropractor to select the leader of the free world, that's what they consider a success. >> while you have had this access to kendall, what's the access to other delegates who are excited about a donald trump nomination? >> well, that's the thing. even within her own delegation, there are pro trump delegates. they are sticking their elbows out with this media attention. they don't want this to continue to be a story. the donald trump campaign doesn't want this to be continue to be a story. those delegates insist this is a small but vocal minority. the reality is donald trump did win the majority of the votes in the primary election process. and in those caucuses. but this movement continues to fight back even on day one of
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the republican convention when the odds are stacked against them. >> our delegate hunter, great work. thank you for asking those questions to kendall. i know that was hectic, but you did a great job. >> we'll get back down on the floor. >> want to bring in contributor and political analyst ben ginsberg. i know you didn't hear the entirety, but she was able to file this petition including ten states to get this roll call vote on the floor. what do you make of the drama playing out? we're over an hour into the gavel of the rnc 2016. >> it's really different from what we see. there's not been a minority
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report filed since 1976. so that's a great deal of difference in the procedural realm. >> when it comes to 2012 to 2016, you were a part of the romney team that crafted the rules of the rnc then. what e with all witnessed is a country then. she said it wasn't perfect. when you think about the comparisons of today to back then, what are the biggest differences other than this minority report that she's put in? >> well, i think one of the differences is that romney on a smaller field and donald trump has had a much bigger field. there are pockets of resistance. people who don't like donald trump and people in the conservative philosophical community who have seen the issues that they fought over for many years. basically not embraced by the nominee of the party. so there's always going to be some opponents to one candidate. this also brings in the
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philosophical dimension of republican conservative thought. so that's why i think you're seeing much more stirred up this year. >> we're going to check in with you later in this hour. want to go back to the floor and kelly o'donnell is standing by. >> and he is a fixture in iowa and because it's iowa, he's always an integral part of this process for republicans to choose a nominee. thank you for being with us. what's your sense of the mood within the party now. it's been a tumultuous year. is there a willingness to? >> i think americans and republicans realize this is a dangerous world. look what's in the world in the
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last week. what's happened in our country. our theme today is make america safe again. and i believe we know so much at stake. we have a $19 trillion national debt. and we have police officers being cakilled in cities around our country. we have islamic militants on a rampage killing people all over. so we need strong leadership that makes america great again. and i think republicans are going to come together. i think americans realize we need new leadership and we cannot continue to have the failed leadership we have under the obama/clinton regime. >> you know there are other office holders who are not willing to participate here. we know ohio governor john kasich is sitting this out. other who is have tough reelections who aren't here. what's your advice to republi n republicans who are in a
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position to either help the party or perhaps help trump himself? >> so much is at stake in it this election. we need to work for the entire team. we need i think pence was a great choice. $2 billion surplus, we need to do that for america as well. so i think as people really look at it and as they analyze the situation, we cannot afford hillary clinton. we see what's happened in the world. and quality job opportunities for all.
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>> we were trying to imagine what this would be like. here it is. is this year anything like you expected in this candidate. i didn't think this was going to last when donald trump came and gave rides on his helicopter. i said this is different. and i was wrong. so were a lot of other people. they underestimated donald trump. i think the underestimated the amount of americans that are really upset about the direction of this country. they are mad at the establishment in d.c. they are mad at and they want change. they want real change. they want somebody that's got the guts to take on the establishment and it's not afraid o of being politically incorrect and will restore american greatness. so i think it's going to be a very interesting election. we have already seen it. the turnout at the iowa caucuses was bigger on the republican side than 50% more than any time
11:17 am
we have ever had. we see people that have never been active in republican politics before that are coming up and saying i want to get involved and help donald trump. so my son is serving as the state director for trump in iowa. he says he's getting support from people he never anticipated. >> we appreciate your perspective. and what message you may have for others in the party. great to see you 37 governor of iowa, thank you. >> kelly o'donnell, great work. they are off and running with the rnc in cleveland. we'll take you back there later this hour. but we're ate waiting a news conference from louisiana's governor expected to speak in the next our about the ambush on offers in baton rouge over the weekend. this as investigators learn more about the gunman and his motives. did he act alone or did he have help and direction? chris jansing picks up our coverage in louisiana, next. with's range of properties, rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea's wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is.
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so much to cover in the last 24 hours in louisiana since that attack on police yesterday in baton rouge. it was a deadly attack that killed three people. i want to send it over to chris jansing, who is covering the developments. we expect the governor to speak shortly. >> we are just an hour away from that press conference that is going to be with the governor of louisiana as well as law enforcement officials. the latest on the investigation into that deadly ambush on police officers that took place right behind me along airline highway here in baton rouge. but a state police official already told me that the gunman had been in the city days ahead of the shooting and looking for anyone who might have seen or spoken to before the incident. so that's one of the details
11:22 am
we'll be looking for in the presser. the deputy remains in critical condition fighting for his life after suffering gunshots to his head. two officers are hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. in fact, we're told just within the hour one of them has been released. the sheriff would like officers to patrol in teams for their safety. >> two-man units, two officers in a unit. >> in new orleans they are going to the two-man system. this just in. take a check of this. we're getting a look at gavin long's yearbook photo when he attended high school. we have this developing story covered from all angles with our team of reporters. i want to start with nbc's pete
11:23 am
williams. pete, one of the questions here was is he a member of a group with these extreme ideological views? what are you learning? >> a follower, but law enforcement officials say they don't believe that played much of a role here. so what federal agents and police are doing in addition to what you have talked about is they are interviewing family members in kansas. they are searching for his electronic media as well as his online postings, which are voluminous. he rebted a car in kansas city and drove to dallas last week and went on to baton rouge from dallas. but still unknown is when he decided to attack. what he was doing in that area where you are where the shooting broke out. was he on his way to the police station which was a mile away. he made a court filing that the group gives to its members.
11:24 am
he filed in county court. he followed the movement's recommendation to get this document in court. the group claiming up separate your real self from your legal self and followers believe they can further insulate from government control. that's what they say he was doing. but they don't believe that his membership in that group or black separatist groups or anything else with a driving force. ned they say a combination of some mental trouble and his growing anger. >> he might be this troubled. nothing in his police record, which there wasn't one, as i understand it. nothing from his time he spent in the military including a stint in iraq. >> five years in the marine cor corps. got in 2010. got out for six months. he was computer specialist. but you're right, no criminal record.
11:25 am
there's nothing that would have prevented that sale. you never get anywhere with peaceful protests. you have to act and he says if we sit around and do nothing, we're going to be like native americans exterminated. he's been following this throughout. thank you. i want to get an update on the police officer still hospitalized at this hour. >> remember these officers were wounded by gunfire. but there are still an officer here who was in critical condition. e he took several gunshots including one to his head. he's been identify and is being
11:26 am
surround surrounded by family and friends. then just a short distance away from here at baton rouge medical, there is officer bruce simmon. he apparently has been in and is now out of surgery and is in stable condition. this is not only impacting officers, but their families as well. we had an opportunity to speak to one of the wives of one of those officers who was willing to talk us to with not showing her face. this is what she had to say. >> i feel safe for me. >> i'm married to a police officer. >> so you don't feel safe if your own home now? >> no. >> because you feel possibly targeted? >> if they will target the police, they might target their
11:27 am
families as well. >> for us everything is completely turned upside down. >> so there you can see that this is impacting the daily lives of those who are married to police officers and disrupting their lives. i did get a chance to speak to that woman's husband, who is an officer, who said he really doesn't have a timetable. he thought that his family was going to come home the day that the shooting happened here. he thought that was going to be the day. the reason they left is because of what happened in dallas. >> how far reaching this is. thank you. let's send it back to thomas in new york. >> chris, thanks. we'll come back to you later this in hour. we turn our attention back to politics. we have the republicans gathering in cleveland.
11:28 am
not too far away hillary clinton also took the stage in ohio. she talked about race and policing before the naacp. >> watching the news from baton rouge. my heart broke. not just for the officers and their grieving families but for all of us. >> kasie hunt will join us from cincinnati where clinton will speak again coming up in minutes. stay with us.
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i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. this is where our republican national convention is underway. jacob is out on the floor. it's the anti-trump delegates trying to get this roll call vote. you spoke to the person who filed that petition.
11:32 am
>> i'm here with her. she's looking for suzy hudson, who is the secretary of the republican national convention committee. that person needs to accept the petitions that kendall and her allies here in the stop trump movement want to give her to force that vote, which would make everyone stand up to void the rules of the convention, have a vote here from each delegation. currently, they can't find her. she's a delegate from the state of vermont. she's nowhere on the floor. she said that you think she's hiding from you? >> of course, she's hiding from us. >> as we watch her go off here, the name of the game is find the secretary of the convention. they don't know where she is. this is something we have heard before. something floated to us from sources that knew what might happen in this kind of a situation. high level sources with knowledge of what goes on in the republican party.
11:33 am
>> so just so we understand this, again, kendall the last time said they had what they needed in terms of the petition and had delivered it. now she's saying that the secretary of the convention doesn't have the proper paperwork and without giving it to her, filing it with her hands, it's not really counting? >> that's exactly right. not only does kendall insist they have ten states, which is more than the seven states who have signed this petition, but those petitions need to be sent in to the secretary. they need to be delivered to the secretary in order for that to take place. this is something they feared that the secretary was going to hide. she wasn't going to be in a place to accept those petitions. that's exactly what's happening right now. >> with the convention gavelled in, is it part of the rules to be in the cue during all
11:34 am
activity? >> i would imagine the secretary is in the building. there are all kinds of passa passageways behind here. >> and i want to swing around so you can see what's going on the stage. the executive director of an organization called turning point is on the stage now. the convention is fully in progress. what it doesn't mean that the officials need to be on the floor. >> we know that kendall is looking for her. you're looking for kendall. we'll have it for everybody. great work. as trump heads to cleveland, we have hillary clinton taking her campaign to cincinnati, ohio, in a presidential
11:35 am
counterprogramming. in a few minutes the presumptive nominee will be attending a voter registration event for ohio democrats. it was earlier this afternoon where she addressed attendees of the annual national naacp convention. this is where she announced a 3 million voter registration drive. she also spoke about the recent shootings of officers and african-american men while attacking her republican opponent. take a look. >> times like these we need a president who can help pull us together, not split us apart. i will work every single day to do just that. and what i'm about to say i say with no satisfaction. the republican nominee for president will do the exact opposite. he might say otherwise if he were here, but he declined your invitation.
11:36 am
>> what's the significance of the announcement giving the timing? >> that's right, thomas. it's a challenge for anybody who is trying to run the week of the opponent's convention. so hillary clinton is trying to breakthrough the noise but they can't count on the grass roots supporters to be watching the convention with a sense of horror. they are trying to capitalize on that by reaching out to those kinds of voters. so she's obviously here in ohio today. but if you look down the list of where this drive is going, it's going to be at an islamic cultural center. the eastern market in detroit. if you think about the types of voters they are going to be finding there, they are clearly constituencies that the clinton campaign believes the trump c
11:37 am
campaign has offended over the cows of this campaign. they are trying to use the fact that trump is so far in the spotlight that they can try to get some of those folks off the sidelines. and as for the naacp speech, this was one of the more powerful speeches i have seen clinton give in recent weeks. she clearly identified with the crowd who was there. it was size to see why many members of the obama coalition in the african-american community had stuck with her through the primary are likely to vote with her in the fall. and she talked both about those police officers and their families, but also about african-american men who have been killed at the hands of police in recent years. and she spoke specifically to the fear that many of the african-americans in the room have about the killings of police potentially quieting down conversations that were starting to happen between police forces and communities about how to do better policing. so she's obviously had to walk a
11:38 am
careful line over the course of the last few weeks. we have seen her do that and acknowledge that she risks angering both sides. but this clearly a chance for her to talk to a key constituency. that will matter to them even though the focus is in cleveland. >> kasie hunt reporting with the clinton campaign in cincinnati, thank you so much. want to get everybody back to cleveland. jacob has been able to get progress about the petition from the never trump folks. what do you have? >> i'm here with senator hum fri from the state of new hampshire who said he delivered the petitions to the secretary of the convention. is that correct? >> e we delivered them to a man who represented himself as the secretary's representative, yes. the secretary would not come out. >> out of where? >> wherever she is. she's not out here in public doing business. she's in the back somewhere. >> so you're a long time republican, former senator. . have you ever seen anything like this representative from the republican national convention committee hiding from petitions?
11:39 am
>> i don't know that's the case. it could either be something legitimate or a dirty trick. but let me say this. that is not the greatest concern. the greatest concern is that it the rules over which my opinion take away the powers of the delegates are going to be rammed through without debate at all. that would never happen in the senate. if someone rammed through without debate and on a voice vote, no recorded by name, they would be outraged. and yet these party bosses are planning to do just that. >> we are supposed to be following the rules of the house of representatives. are you saying those rules are not being followed currently? >> we are presently under the temporary rules chrks means the rules left over from 2012. we are about to take up the rules proposed to govern this conventi
11:40 am
convention. the only thing is the secretary of the convention is not out here doing her job. we have had to deal with a representative of the secretary of the senate. beyond that, i have no complaints about the moment except the serious complaint that the leadership intends to ram through these rules, which is next to the the presidential nomination the most important single piece of business without any debate whatever. that's outrageous and undemocratic. >> how does this reflect on donald trump, the presumptive nominee? >> donald trump is so ignorant of anything. he has no clue of what's going on here in general or in detail. >> that's the ex-senator. the papers have been delivered to a representative of the rnc. we're going to follow this closely. >> great work, thank you. we're joined now by the former governor of ohio ted strikland. governor strickland running
11:41 am
against rob portman for that seat. good to have you with me. i know you were listening to jacob there talking to the former senator of new hampshire. you know a lot about con vnvents yourself. you were a hillary clinton supporter in 2008. have you seen anything like this go on before? >> no, but i'm enjoying it. a lot of democrats are enjoying the disunity within the republican party. there's a reason why ohio governor john kasich isn't at this con ves. there's a reason why most of ohio's political leadership are shunning this convention. i believe they are ashamed of their party's nominee. and i congratulate governor kasich because they understand that this man is toxics, intolerant and unfit to be the president of our country. that ought to say a lot to the people watching this convention when the governor of the state of ohio with this convention is being held the republican
11:42 am
governor has chosen to stay away. >> one thing we know as we look back over history of what it means to make it to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio. obviously, yes, this is a big deal that the rnc is being hosted in ohio. and governor kasich, who run against donald trump in the primaries, hasn't endorsed him, not e showing up to usher in all these folks that have come to cleveland. we had trump's campaign manager stating today about john kasich and the reaction of paulman fort is interesting about kasich not showing up. take a look. >> except for one or two republicans not coming to town, this city is -- >> where is john kasich? >> except for one or two. >> he's the governor of the state. >> kasich is -- he's making a
11:43 am
big mistake. he's making a big mistake. he's hurting his state. he's embarrassing his state frankly. but most of the republicans who aren't coming -- >> so governor, the current governor is not part of your party. do you think it's a dangerous game to take on the popular sitting governor about this issue? >> i think it is. the fact is that john kasich controls the republican party in ohio. if the republican party in ohio is not united behind their presidential candidate, it's going to be very difficult for that candidate to win in november. but governor kasich is doing this out of principle. >> as a politician, out of principle, if he signed the pledge saying i will endorse whoever the nominee is and support them after this primary is over, something that they all did, shouldn't he be held to the principle of that piece of paper that he signed, the integrity to
11:44 am
what that meant, not just i'm only going to support the person who i actually like who wins or only support this if i win. they were all tied in together to endorse and support whoever the nominee is. shouldn't e he will held to that? >> first of all, donald trump himself after he signed that pledge indicated that if he felt he was being treated unfairly that he may not honor it. but a lot has happened since that pledge was signed. donald trump has called women pigs. he's made fun of john mccain because he was captured. he has disparaged an entire religious class of people. he has said wages are too high in america. so donald trump has said and done some things since that pledge was signed that i think makes it difficult for someone like john kasich to support him. john kasich has said, why would i say to my own daughters if i
11:45 am
got behind a man who has treated women the way donald trump has treated women. so i think donald trump has caused a lot of republicans, john kasich certainly, but other republicans to feel embarrassed about the nominee of my party. what about the former bush presidents? what about mitt romney? kasich is not the only one standing up, speaking out. >> but the former bush presidents didn't go in 2012 to support romney because they thought they might be a drag on his chances. so there's precedent that they did not go in 2012. >> they did not go because they thought they were trying to help the nominee of the party. not hurt the nominee of their party. the fact is, thomas, ohio is a swing state. no republican has won without winning ohio. we all know that. and when the governor and the
11:46 am
republican leadership of the state all of them have basically boycotted this convention, with the exception of my opponent, senator rob portman, and he's nowhere to be seen. he's here in cleveland, but he's avoiding the convention. that ought to say something to the people who are observing this. if the leadership of the ohio republican party wants nothing to do with this toxic candidate, why should the average republican get behind him with any confidence that he would be a good president. >> former governor of ohio ted strickland currently running in a senate race with the sitting senator of rob portman. portman has endorsed donald trump. coming up tonight as we all watch the first big evening of prime time for the republican national convention, trump's wife is going to be the headliner. her most high profile appearance
11:47 am
for her husband so far in this campaign cycle is yet to come. the critical surrogate role she could play in the general election fight, next. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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attacks in dallas and baton rouge, security around the convention is on extra high alert in cleveland. take a look at the numbers behind the rnc security machine. a a grant was given to the city of cleveland for hosting the rnc. 5500 officers are assigned to secure the area. 58 groups have been granted permits.
11:51 am
>> jacob e explain the security around the march compared to other efforts you have seen around different marches. >> this is the only pro-trump rally that we know of all week. it's a pretty small rally. earlier there were a little bit more. we had about 200 people or so. when the pro trump group applied for a permit, they said at least 10,000 people would show up and later changed the estimate to 5,000 people. those who are here come from as far away as north carolina and texas. so far it's been peaceful. they are talking about the themes we hear trump talk about including immigration. i have with me daryl from central texas. why have you made the journey here? >> to exercise the first amendment. people are concerned with what's going on in the country.
11:52 am
basically the elite class and mega banks are squatting on everyone. and not allowing them to voice their opinion. i supported ron paul in the last election, but i'm supporting donald trump because he at least espouses some libertarian ideals. he concerns me on some issues, he's not perfect. >> does it concern you that a lot of even gop senators and members of the house, even the governor of ohio is not coming to the convention to support him? >> it doesn't surprise me because as we saw with bernie sanders, the true evil is the political party. at the end he acquiesced and supported the party and everything he railed against. so the main line republicans not coming to this don't surprise me because at the top it's one
11:53 am
party. >> thank you for your time. on security, i'll just end by going -- this is part of the strategy that the officers are just out of sight. they are just over the hill. dozens of them on bike and then you have others on motorcycle and in car standing by just in case. but again, underwhelming showing at least compared to what the pro trump organizers said would happen. >> the different parade routes that are opened up. thank you so much. i appreciate it. donald trump, this morning, teased he will attend the opening night of the republican national convention. take a look. >> i'd love to be there when my wife speaks. >> you have your own plane, donald trump. have you not decided yet? or will you be there? >> in my mind, i don't want to say. i'll keep it quiet just among us. i'll be there. i want to watch. >> he's going to be there. he's going to be on stage to introduce his wife because trump's campaign manager
11:54 am
confirmed that trump will introduce melania, who will take center stage as a headliner. she's been a rare presence. she was visibly absent from the family photo op when he announced his running mate mike pence. make no mistake she's been a big part of trump's presidential inner circle. she's not shied away from confronting her husband's critics. katy tur joins me from outside trump tower in new york city. no doubt that melania trump is going to offer a different side than her husband. what is she going to e ve reel about the candidate in accordance with the theme make america safe again? >> i just spoke with the senior aid and asked why she is speaking on this night under this theme and basically said because they were trying to spread the trump family out and not have them on one night and said have them interspersed throughout the week. not necessarily that she's falling under this theme. i'm told, again, she will be talking about donald trump, the
11:55 am
softer side. the father, the husband, the side, quote, that the media doesn't report. also e we don't often get to see. we're only generally see him when he's on stage during these rallies or in interviews in various places, not often with his family. melania does have an interesting story line. she's an immigrant to this country. the immigration story of coming here legal ly they counted and said it's about her trying to paint a different picture of her husband. one that the campaign would like the people to see more than they get to see on a daily basis. we are not being told to have prepared remarks. we're also not being told whether they will be off the cuff. it will be donald trump's first
11:56 am
appearance on the convention and it's safe to guess he will probably take a little bit of time in introducing melania. >> katy, thank you, appreciate it. also a reminder we're waiting on a a news conference from the governor of louisiana. it's expected to start in just minutes. he will be talking about the ambush of police officers in baton rouge over the weekend. we're going to bring you that as soon as it happens. but first, nice pays tribute to the victims of last week's terror attack. the powerful scene on the promenade and confirmation of another american killed, next.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
>> good afternoon, i'm kate snow. for all the talk of unity at the republican national convention, right now it still feels like a fight to get everyone on board. we're going to see the final efforts of the stop-trump movement. we'll get to the floor in a moment. but any minute, we're expecting to hear new information about the sunday morning shooting of police officers in baton rouge, louisiana. i want to bring in my colleague chris jansing, who is down in baton rouge for more on that. chris? >> and the question is why did gavin long do what he did? shoot three police officers. there's a little bit of good news within the past few hours. one of the police officers who had been hospitalized has been released. but one remains in critical condition. in the meantime, this is the scene behind us. everything back up as normal at the crime scene. there's just a very small memorial that's growing nearby here.


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