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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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into the indoor studio. >> thank you, guys, it was good to trauk talk to you. >> thank you. we'll be talking to you along the way. this first night of the republican convention, -- make safe again. that's what we've been seeing from the podium. and as we start a new hour, we'll be going out to cleveland. the end of tonight's program by our schedule and by all official accounts will be iowa republican senator joni ernst. again, the subplot of tonight -- make america safe again. >> one of the interesting things to watch -- we had had some reporting today that republican officials were worried that, particularly after melania trump, that the hall might empty out. we are seeing some empty seats there. we also had an interesting window on some empty seats earlier when we had a couple of code pink protesters. code pink protester interrupted jeff sessions first and then interrupted rudy giuliani.
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and the giuliani protester found herself protesting holding up a "refugees welcome" banner in a quadrant of that stadium that looked completely empty. the first protester was mobbed by people immediately and sort of people ground around her and shielded her from the cameras. the second protester, the one who went while giuliani was speaking, had that whole section of the stadium to herself with nobody bugging just because there was nobody nearby. the ebb and flow of the crowd, the optics of it, is another thing convention organizers sometimes have headaches with. >> it's fun to see the differences between parties, compare and contrast. sign discipline, signage, the sign captains who get out, especially as the convention nears its final night, the changing of the signs. we went through a period in conventions a couple years back where faux handwritten signs were all the rage. we seem to be back to preprinted
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signs down on the floor. also the handheld devices. they've changed ball games, where 20 years ago you can look at a clip and people are actually watching the ball get pitched, ball get hit, go over the fence. now people look up at the action from their devices. conventions are no different. a lot of folks sitting in real good seats looking straight down. kelly o'donnell on the convention floor. kelly? >> reporter: well, brian, a short time ago we had a chance to talk to a man who had hoped he would be on the ticket, one of the top three finalists for donald trump's selection as a running mate, governor chris christie. he, of course, will not be in that role, but he will be speaking tomorrow night. and he praised melania trump and her ability to communicate about her husband. and i talked to chris christie about his expectations and what it feels like to be here now. governor, tell us, what is it like to be here now after the week that you've gone through and your expectation that you
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might have been on the ticket? >> it's great! i mean, listen, i'm still chairman of the transition. i've been having meetings already today on all of that. and no one's owed the vice presidency, kelly. and the fact is that it was an honor to be considered. donald's my friend. he's been my friend for 14 years. and it won't change a bit what i'm going to do to try to make sure he gets elected president of the united states in november. so, like i said earlier in the week, i don't ever compete for anything where i don't want to win, so i can't say i'm not disappointed. of course you would be. but it doesn't affect my mood at all. and it's like, okay. like i said to her last week, when i didn't know what was going on happen, i said you know, no matter what the decision is, you take a deep breath, you go to sleep, you wake up the next morning, you prepare for tomorrow, and that's what i've done. >> reporter: has it affected your relationship with donald tr trium triumphp? >> not at all. not at all. we had a great conversation last friday about it. and listen, if all we were were political friends, maybe it would have, but we've been personal friends for 14 years, so there's a lot of history between us. and i don't feel like he did it
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for any reason other than making a choice he thinks was the right choice. and you know, in the end, he's the winner. he gets to choose. it's a one-vote election, so that's okay. >> reporter: will we see you in a public way working on behalf, or will you stay behind the scenes? >> that's up to him. always has been, you know? in the beginning, when i first endorsed, he wanted me to be out there a lot. then he gave me the transition job, which gave me a lot of stuff to do. and as you know, i'm the governor of new jersey, so i do have a day job that keeps me a little bit busy, too. so, i will be out there as much as he wants me to be out there and needs me to be out there. and what i've said all along is when donald asks for something and i know he really needs it, i'm his friend, i'll be there for him. >> reporter: and brian, you may remember that it was chris christie who introduced donald trump to mike pence back in the primary season, wanting to get his endorsement. and tonight, chris christie said he has been texting with governor pence and plans to see him here and to talk about the transition. of course, governor pence came
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in just this afternoon. and so, they haven't had a chance to be in touch with each other personally, but he spoke favorably about what he can bring to the ticket. so, christie is trying to move on after what was probably a bruising disappointment for him. brian? >> kelly o'donnell, thanks. christie also trying on the role of father of a new jersey delegate here for the first time. >> that was a great interview. kelly o'donnell doing a great job there with governor christie. let's go elsewhere on the floor to our own jacob soboroff who i believe has wrangled congressman peter king. >> reporter: rachel, i am in the second row with the congressman from the 2nd district of new york, peter king. marco rubio was your second choice, donald trump is your what choice? >> my final choice. listen, i disagree with trump on different issues. he won the primaries fair and square. i think key issues, defense, homeland security, the supreme court and police is clearly the better candidate. >> what do you think of what you've seen tonight? is it something you're comfortable with? rudy giuliani had a fiery
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speech. >> it was a terrific speech. i thought melania did an excellent job. but i thought rudy was right on target. i was with him this afternoon getting ready for the speech. i know how seriously he took it. >> reporter: realistically, new york, we're until the second row. does donald trump have a chance of winning new york, or are you here because this is the candidate's home state? >> no, i believe he has a chance. i mean, it's going to be tough. nobody's kidding anyone, but i think he can take long island, he can take upstate. if he can get the giuliani and bloomberg voters, independent democrats of new york, you make it a 50/50 race, yeah. >> reporter: final question, are you worried about party unity? because today we had quite a scene here during the day. >> yeah, you know, that was like the last dying gasp. but no, the party is united, certainly more than i thought it would be. and whatever republicans you might lose, he's going to more than make up with with the democrats. >> jacob soboroff and congressman peter king from new york, our thanks. >> what congressman king was saying there, that it's not just
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an accident, that donald trump is a new yorker and new york is up front, donald trump could really win new york, maybe he could. anything is possible. that said, new york was like a 20 to 30-point margin for the democrats in the last couple of presidential elections. hillary clinton is also a new yorker and represented new york. them putting california and new york right up front, it's either that they know something that we don't know or this map that they're talking about doesn't make any sense. >> he's not going to be competitive in california. our colleague, mike murphy out there, we both had the experience of running and winning governors' campaigns in california for arnold schwarzenegger. california late in 2016, the republican party will actually become smaller from the declined state registrations, historically significant because it's the first time we've had the two parties that one of the two parties will essentially become a third party -- >> wow. >> -- in 1 of the 50 states. so, no chance and no chance in california. but new york, connecticut, it's
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not out of the realm of the possible. >> really? >> in the same way arizona, when you have 16% hispanic support across the country, is a state that comes into play for the democrats. >> in 2012, new york was 63%-35% for obama over romney. how does that -- >> donald trump is a quintessential new yorker. he's been famous in this state, in the city for 30-plus years. >> let's bring on a quintessential iowan. senator ernst has brought along a cast of thousands, apparently. >> delegates, republicans, and millions of my fellow americans watching around the country, especially those in iowa. thank you, iowa. it's an honor to be with you in cleveland and to be on this stage with fellow veterans. among them are special
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operations master sergeant jason beardsley and my colleague, congressman and navy s.e.a.l. ryan zinke, who you'll hear from shortly. i never would have imagined a farm girl like me from montgomery county would have the opportunity to serve as the first woman elected to federal office from iowa. however, my parents always said to my brother, sister and me that if we worked hard, anything was possible. growing up, we didn't have much, but what we didn't have in money my parents, particularly my mother, made up for with tenacity. she really encouraged us. you never hear her say, "no, you
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can't do this." instead, if something was challenging, she'd say, "joni, we'll figure out a way. if this is what you want, let's make it happen." we'll figure it out together. that's a trait i carry with me today, and it's something i teach my own daughter. in our household and in the homes of many of those in the military, including those up here tonight, giving up, quitting or accepting failure are not options. that resilience is not unique to our house. that can-do attitude has served
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as the foundation of our country for 240 years. it continues tonight here in ohio, in iowa, and all around our great nation. in between my freshman and sophomore years of college, i went on an agricultural exchange to the soviet union. at night, the ukrainians didn't talk about farming. rather, they wanted to know what it was like to live in a country where they could experience freedom. they wanted to know -- yes, beautiful freedom. they wanted to know about our country, a place where anything was possible.
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when i came home, i realized it wasn't enough to simply enjoy freedom and liberty. i had to do my part to protect and preserve it. so i joined the military, which is tremendously important institution that defends the freedoms that americans cherish. thank you. i've had the great privilege of serving my state and our country while working alongside some of our nation's finest soldiers. for 14 months i served as a company commander during "operation iraqi freedom," where my unit was tasked with running convoys through kuwait and southern iraq. last november, after more than 23 years of service, i retired as a lieutenant colonel in the
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iowa army national guard. as i travel across iowa and around our great country, i hear from folks who are worried america is no longer leading, but rather, following from behind. those concerns are echoed by our allies around the world, and rightfully so. the question i hear time and time again is where is america's leadership? there's a void in the world, a deficit that cannot be filled by others. our country and the world of which we are a part simply
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cannot afford four more years of this lack of leadership under hillary clinton. our allies see us shrinking from our place as a leader in the world, as we have failed time and again to address threats. they are looking for american leaders, leaders who are willing to stand up and say enough is enough! unfortunately, hillary clinton cannot be trusted. her judgment and character are not suited to be sitting in the
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most powerful office in the world. she has already failed us too many times before. hillary clinton has failed to stop the expansion of terrorism. her policies in libya, afghanistan, iraq and syria have created more safe havens for terrorism. shockingly, she continues to support a policy that brings captured terrorists into our backyards. all of us up here believe that's unacceptable. unacceptable! hillary clinton has failed to support our allies.
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her decision to back the iran nuclear deal puts in peril our longtime friends and allies in the region, especially israel. they have continued to threaten to destroy israel, both directly and indirectly through its terrorist proxies, such as hezbollah. they remain the top sponsor of terrorism, which endangers not just israel, but europe and the united states. and look, just take a look, folks, at the pathetic track record she and obama have in the war on isis. this administration has called them junior varsity adversaries, ignoring some of the best advice
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they were given. they represent a threat that is not limited to the middle east and is spreading rapidly. in fact, according to the fbi, isis is present in all 50 states. think about it for a moment. terrorists from isis are in every one of our 50 states. they will use -- yes, boo. they will use whatever weapons they have -- guns, trucks, knives, poisons, and bombs -- to kill innocent people. under this current administration's wayward policies, isis continues to spread, while the president fails to put forward a
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comprehensive strategy to defeat and destroy them. donald trump will not hesitate to call radical islamic terrorism by its name. and he will not hesitate to destroy those that wish to harm our great nation. usa! >> usa! usa! >> god bless you. yet, hillary clinton, hillary clinton has failed to protect
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our national security in other ways. she jeopardized our safety by deciding our laws don't apply to her, setting up her own private e-mail server and then lying, lying to the american people about how it was used. [ laughter ] that's right. our men and women of the armed services, and let me say this clearly -- our men and women of the armed services do not fail us. they cannot fail us. the veterans here with me did not fail us.
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they did not fail us. they, too, are individuals of the highest integrity. our presidents cannot fail us either. how can we accept hillary clinton when she has failed them? failed us? and cannot be trusted. she has proven time and time again that she is entirely unfit to serve as our nation's commander in chief.
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for too long americans have felt abandoned, and their warnings unheard. donald trump has heard these voices loud and clear. we cannot afford four more years of the same failed policies. if that is not enough, the veterans administration has been failing those who have served alongside those of us here on this stage with scandal after scandal at the highest levels -- inferior care, long wait times, extraordinary inefficiency, and a bureaucracy that has gone wild still continues. we need a commander in chief who will stand up to our enemies, support our allies and have our
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veterans' backs. we need -- thank you. we need a leader who will ensure america remains a strong, stabilizing force around the globe and who will keep us safe here at home. our country cannot take another four years like the eight we've just had. it's time to stand up and fight for the security of our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves! with hillary clinton, it's always about her.
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it should be about you! donald trump is focused on you! he gave a voice to a movement of millions of americans who are tired of politics as usual. i know as president he will work tirelessly to keep our nation safe. now is the time to make america safe again! thank you. thank you. thank you, and may god bless all of you, the wonderful state of iowa, the brave men and women in uniform, and these great united
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states of america! god bless you! god bless you! thank you. >> joni ernst, freshman senator from iowa. veteran. and speaking there candidly to a dwindling late-night crowd. first night of the convention in cleveland. up to chuck todd and nicolle wallace we go. >> reporter: brian, i think you're talking to us, but nicolle and i are barely hearing you. >> we're having some audio difficulties on this set, but you're right about a dwindling crowd. this crowd thinned out dramatically during and after mike flynn. >> and i'll be honest, nicolle and i were just talking about it didn't seem -- it seems like they got the order, their speakers wrong here. joni ernst is probably someone that deserved probably time in
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the 10:00 hour. maybe in hindsight, they should have moved general flynn to the 9:00 hour. >> the staffer in me wants to rearrange the whole thing. maybe put rudy in at 10:00 to 11:00 so some of that anger bleeds out into the 11:00 hour when no one's listening, but joni ernst probably deserved more attention than she's going to get. >> and close with melania. in some ways, trump waving good-bye was almost a signal to the crowd saying, okay, night's over. >> and if he knew he was going off tv, he probably would have exited that stage a little faster. >> there's a lot of part of day one that i think we'll chalk up to -- >> like you were saying, missed opportunities. >> missed opportunities. >> i think the theme for the week so far is missed opportunities. >> i believe that's what we also said after the pence -- the rollout of the pence -- the pence rollout or maybe that he was feeling still penceive. >> see, we've been up too long, too many puns. >> it's not too early for a preview of tomorrow.
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>> preview of tomorrow, what do you think? >> well, it's not, but tomorrow seems to be their gap night, i'll be honest, because i think, you know, they knew they had a good launching point, and i think messagingwise, they knew they wanted to have a good launching point here and we know what wednesday's going to be about and thursday. but tomorrow seems a bit unformed to me. >> but the string through the whole week, chris christie speaks tomorrow night and i think this will be a really harsh takedown of hillary clinton and i think -- >> prosecutorial, the u.s. attorney? >> exactly. and i think that's a string, certainly what rudy giuliani used his time in the limelight to do. that is what all of the more tragic stories at the beginning of the night were sort of putting the blame on the current administration, i guess, for those tragedies. and i think that will be the string that runs through the entire week. >> can i ask you -- can you guys hear me? first of all, let me ask, nod if you can hear me. >> we can hear you. it's like a space talk, right?
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>> we heard when general flynn was speaking, the crowd started shouting, "lock her up! lock her up!" then we got those same chants during the middle of joni ernst's speech tonight, "lock her up! lock her up!" we have seen preprinted signs tonight that say "hillary for prison," "hillary ought to be in jail." is this surprising that this is apparently a meme, or at least a theme, and a repeated chant at the convention? >> i don't that it's surprising. i just don't think it's helpful. this is not how donald -- donald trump comes to his convention with some pretty acute political problems. they include a 23-point gender gap with hillary clinton. they include i think a 70-point -- you know, she's winning over every group other than white people by historic margins. so, i think it's not to be -- it's not surprising. it's not a revelation that you saw that, but it doesn't do any of the business -- you know, conventions are a place to take care of business, and the
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business donald trump needs to take care satisfy to solve his gender problem and to go a long way towards solving most of the other problems. i don't think things like chanting "lock her up" and holding up signs that say she belongs in prison conduct any of the important business that he needed to get done at this convention. >> you know, the other part that i think that they're going to regret on this is that it does feel like a colleague, an old former colleague of ours, abbi living stun who used to work in the political unit, she tweeted "the first night of the rnc convention feels like a cpac convention." and listen, cpac is for the die-hards. it is not red meat, it is raw meat, you know? >> raw read meat. >> it is raw red meat that has, you know, we will keep going on that metaphor, but that's what tonight felt like. >> yeah. >> it did have that feeling. when i saw that tweet, i was like, that's a pretty good analogy, and that isn't a way to win swing voters. >> and it's so discordoned. what melania did was very
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elegant. chuck has pointed out, the gracenote to bob dole. there were moments. but like everything in trump land, it was such a mish-mosh and was so meandering that i don't know what people at home saw. even in the hall here, you don't know what people on tv saw. you know what it felt like in here was a lot of sort of raw, base, gut-wrenching moments at the beginning. this sort of one grace, nice moment from melania, and i'd put marcus luttrell in the same category. they elevated the speech. but i think by tomorrow morning, a lot of that is lost in this raw red meat that chuck's talking about. >> nicolle wallace, chuck todd, thank you. >> thank you. >> just saying thank you, chuck. wow, audio difficulties. >> we'll get cue cards. >> high above the gathering in cleveland. >> we're saying bye. >> let's talk about the veterans subtheme tonight with another genuine veteran, paul reikof. in addition to being a platoon
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leader in iraq, he heads up the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. 150,000 strong in all 50 states. he has been a friend of ours for some time. paul, i need not tell you that at political conventions, if every speaker could do what stephen colbert could do and have a suit made of digicami fabric, they would. this was certainly a heavy theme tonight. if you combine this with the democratic convention, do veterans come out better for all this talk, do you think? >> we'll see. i mean, it's definitely a lot of talk. i think what really comes out of this is that the political strategists, and i think especially donald trump, recognize the pop lizm that's associated with our military and with our veterans. so, tonight was loaded up from marcus luttrell to michael flynn and joni ernst. they recognize that veterans are popular. they make good political attack dogs and political props. almost every political party has one scene in a convention where
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they roll out a veteran speaker and a wall of veterans behind them. it's become stage craft now. but i think generally that appeals more to the general population that's disconnected from our military than it does from the veterans, but the veterans themselves are a strong voting population. 22 million veterans exist in america and vote in high percent, over 90%. so, we'll see. >> paul, one of the things that's been on my mind today is that we are one year out, exactly, i think, from the date that donald trump said that john mccain wasn't a war hero, that he likes people that weren't captured, essentially saying that by virtue of becoming a prisoner of war, he became not valuable as a service member. and that is something that, i don't know where that has fallen to in terms of the way that we see donald trump overall. it's one of the things that people talk about as the l lowlights of his candidacy, but it exists and he's never apologized for it or taken it back smop we keep talking about that? is that foundational to his campaign or was that just a screw-up? >> i think it's an important issue to talk about, especially
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because it's john mccain, it's within his own party. i mean, it's a head-scratcher and it makes no sense. i think it did really enrage the veterans community. some folks have forgotten about it, especially folks who are going to vote for donald trump anyway, but others haven't. i think for some people, it's a deal-breaker. but i think overall, we see the veterans community's a political jump ball. they're very diverse ethnically, geographically and politically. we see the highest growth percentage is independents and unaffiliated. so they're a lot like the rest of the general population, fed up with both parties. but the difference is they're very influential in their communits, they're more likely to serve, they're now running for office, they tend to be persuasive in the media. so, there's a history of veterans and military folks being involved in politics all the way back to george washington, so it's an effective tool, and i expect the democrats to do the same next week. >> paul, one other issue. you guys are totally non-partisan, neither liberal nor conservative, but you have been aggressive at sticking up for veterans, in particular
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veterans that get overlooked. and the issue of women in combat and the issue of women in the military broadly became sort of unexpectedly, at least to me, unexpectedly controversy when the republicans decided to put an antiwomen in combat plank in their platform. mike pence has a history of talking about women being unsuited not just for combat, but unsuited for the military itself. in terms of the veterans community and that issue, where does that go? we're getting an unexpected partisan divide on an issue that i wouldn't have expected it on. >> yeah. i think the reality is it's way out of step with our current military. i mean, women have been in combat really since the beginning of time. but in the american military, they've been in combat, definitely post-9/11. now they're in combat roles. they'll be allowed in the infantry, they're going through ranger school. so, they're really out of step with the functioning military. transgender people are also now allowed to serve finally in the military. i think the younger generation, we have supported that. many of the other younger vet rands have supported that. and i think you're seeing a generational divide here that's consistent with the republican party on some issues, and that's
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the same is true within the military. so, these are forward edge issues. and putting joni ernst out there i think is important. i mean, she is the only female post-9/11 veteran to serve in the senate. but next week you'll see people like tulsi gabbard from hawaii, tammy duckworth who's running for senate in chicago. so, you've got kind of a veterans proxy war that always happened and it will get turned up this year as national security continues to be out front. >> paul, we're almost out of time. one final question. we're going to hear from a number of people about what veterans need. in some cases, as you note, they will be veterans who are office-holders in the case of congresswoman gabbert, and tonight senator ernst. what are your top three? you represent veterans in all 50 states. what are your top three? >> well, right now, strangely, there's a cut happening in the senate to reduce our gi bill by about $3 billion. the senate's trying to move forward legislation to cut the gi bill. senator clint -- secretary clinton has stood out and said she's against that.
8:35 pm
donald trump has not. so, there's an opportunity for him to stand with us on that. we want to see more support for women veterans. that's a top priority. and va reform. it's easy to say i'm going to clean up the va, the va has screwed up. actually changing it might be harder than fighting terrorism. i mean, it's the one issue that tends to vex every single president. they say they're going to do it, it gets a great applause line, but actually getting it done can be a true test for the commander in chief and something we want specifics about. >> paul, thank you very much. something tells me we'll be calling upon you again before this is all over. >> thanks, guys. >> another break for our coverage. we'll be back on the other side.
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those in favor of the rules package will say "aye." >> those opposed shall say "no."
8:40 pm
in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. >> oh, that old trick. the republican convention. we're virtually there in cleveland. started like a lion. it is ending much more like a lamb. fire and ice, choose your comparison, but that came out of nowhere. and for a time, the trump forces were kind of out-whipped, in the political sense, before that was all put down. but a lot of -- >> a lot of drama today. >> fury. >> yeah. this was before the prime time program today. the convention gaveled in at about 1:00 p.m. eastern time. between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., they had to do some business, which resulted in a lot of tumult, including some delegations getting up and walking out, including the big screaming fight you saw with the voice vote over whether or not to adopt the rules package that
8:41 pm
was being put forward. a lot of disgruntled folks in the hall today. most of them, i think it's fair to say, on the anti-trump side of the republican ledger. joining us now is the great katie packer, who was a mover and shaker in, effectively, the anti-trump effort within the republican party, headed up our principles pact during the campaign. katie, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> how do you feel watching the convention tonight? this is not the nominee you wanted for your party. you tried very hard to prevent him from becoming the nominee. how do you feel tonight? >> i feel sad. this is the first republican convention i've missed since 1998, and i had no desire to be there. i had some surprises. i thought melania trump did a great job and was graceful and dignified under a lot of pressure. that's a lot of pressure for somebody that's not a public person, per se. but overall, i just feel sad and disappointed that this is the direction that the republican party's gone. it's not really the party i signed up for. >> you worked at our principles
8:42 pm
pact to try to raise money and run anti-trump ads, to try to consolidate the anti-trump effort when there were still other choices, other people who republican primary voters could choose other than him. today, watching this fight on the floor, it wasn't exactly an anti-trump fight, but it sort of boiled down along those lines, where the rnc and the trump campaign wanted things to go a specific way. other folks, dissenters, were essentially trying to slow things down, get a roll call vote, open up the rules to conceivably in the end make room for somebody other than donald trump in the nominating process at the convention. it seems like a really big distancewhat you were trying to do during the primaries and what it sort of boiled down to today. is there anything left? are there any remaining untied threads in terms of this effort to stop trump from being the nominee? >> well, look, there wasn't a tremendous sort of broad-based coalition of people that were trying to do this on the convention floor. i give those folks a lot of credit. it's tough to do under pressure.
8:43 pm
in 2012 when i was working on the romney campaign, we did everything we could to not have that kind of uproar on the convention floor. we had a few dissenters from the ron paul camp, and we did everything we could to prevent that kind of an uproar. but you have to kind of do your homework. and i'm not sure that, you know, so gleefully quashing a rebellion from colorado and virginia two really important states in a general election, on the same day that your campaign manager's trashing the republican governor from ohio, another critical general election state -- i'm not sure that's a great way to unify the party and move forward to victory in the fall. >> katie, how seriously should political observers take the continue ed dissension within t party? we look at people who won't support trump, people who say they're dissatisfied with their choices. how deep is the divide? and come november, do you think it is going to be a factor in terms of whether or not donald trump's going to be able to put up a real fight and potentially beat clinton?
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>> i think it's a very, very serious divide. you know, i've been a republican pretty much my whole adult life. and most of the people that i know are not supporting trump. and if they are going to vote for him, they're not doing it enthusiastically. and literally, the only argument i ever hear for trump is, well, he's better than hillary. and i'm not sure that's a winning message. i'm not sure that independent voters and certainly, soft "d" voters that we need to win over in order to have a winning coalition, i'm not sure they hate hillary enough for that to be the only argument. we have to have a message as republicans, and we've sort of lost that in the shuffle. >> katie packer from our principles pack, deputy campaign manager with the romney effort and a lifelong republican, not going to the republican convention for the first time since 1998, when you were a tiny child. katie, thank you for being with us tonight. i really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> we fed in a little while ago a piece of tape discussing this effort on the floor, this sort of anti-trump dissenters, the
8:45 pm
walkout of some delegations, the fight over that rebellion over the rules package and everything today. this was one off-shoot of that today. jacob soboroff caught this on the floor of the convention today. it's pretty dramatic. it involves a delegate from utah and what she says were bodily threats she got on the floor of the convention for taking part in the anti-trump side of this fight today. watch. >> reporter: first things first, kara. can you tell me what happened? we saw you come out of the restroom in tears. what happened? >> when i opened the bathroom door, there were two women there, and they told me that i was really stupid. and i kind of blew it off. and they said, no, we're serious, you should die. the police should pull their force off of your delegation, off of utah, and you should die. all of you are stupid and you should have gotten behind trump. >> reporter: who were these women and why did they say that to you? >> i don't know. i can only assume that they were trump supporters and they were unhappy with utah getting up and
8:46 pm
asking for a roll call. >> reporter: utah was one of the states that got up and asked for a roll call. obviously, senator mike lee is your senator. how do you feel? i mean, that's sort of a terrifying thing to have happen to you. >> i was shocked, you know, at first that they would divide the party that way, that it was trump versus utah. and it was never about that. it was about utah delegates and other delegates having a chance to express their vote for their candidate that they chose. but it was surprising that they really tried to threaten and put us down, maybe the hope to get rid of us? >> wow. a stark moment today. a utah delegate saying she got death threats on the floor of the convention for taking part in that little anti-trump rebellion today. >> must be political season. let's go to andrea mitchell, who has senator ernst, our speaker from earlier. >> reporter: thanks so much, brian. senator ernst, who is a freshman senator from iowa, the first woman elected from iowa. first of all, congratulations. you got through it. i know it was a nerve-racking
8:47 pm
moment up there. >> thank you. it was great. thanks. >> reporter: tell me about the theme and how you think it worked tonight, because "make america safe again" -- >> yes. >> reporter: an important message. but the only person who really talked about donald trump personally was melania trump. what was your reaction to her speech? >> well, i thought she did a lovely job. i've had the opportunity to meet melania, and she was so gracious. she's a very intelligent woman, and she is a big part of this campaign. so, i was glad to hear her thoughts, her personal thoughts about her husband. and it just shows the strong relationship they have and her testimony on how much donald trump loves this country. and that's what we took a step further, though, was talking about the threats to our nation. stood on stage with a number of wonderful veterans, congressman zinke from montana, master sergeant jason beardsley. and we talked about those threats to the united states and
8:48 pm
where this previous administration has failed to address those threats and how hillary clinton is part of that administration that failed to address those threats. we want to see new leadership, someone that will lead from the front, and we do believe that is donald trump. >> reporter: now, i suspect that the reason why you got to know her a little bit was you were being interviewed possibly to be a running mate? >> we had discussions with donald trump, and i was glad to be included in those discussions. i am a fairly new senator in the united states senate representing the great state of iowa. i have a lot more to accomplish in the united states senate, and i'm very focused on iowa right now, but i have told mr. trump that i will be a great advocate for him in the united states senate, and i look forward to his administration. >> reporter: and what do you think of mike pence as the choice? >> i am very excited about governor pence. i think he has done a wonderful job, not only as governor, so he brings that governing
8:49 pm
experience, but he also has served in congress, so he does have that legislative background that mr. trump was looking for as well. so i think he's very well rounded. i think he's very well suited to be our next vice president. >> reporter: and finally, veterans. so much a part of the fabric of our lives. but for all of their service, so few of us in america really serve in this volunteer army. you now, senator cotton tonight, as well as congressman zinke, more members of congress are serving or coming from the military. what does that bring to congress, your experience? >> well, i think it brings a lot of experience and validity when we're talking about terrorism, when we're talking about global actions and how we need to involve our allies. we have been there, we've done that, we have experienced that in many different ways. and so, we bring that to the forefront and we can talk about what a soldier, what a sailor goes through, what a marine goes through. and i think that's very
8:50 pm
important because their voices need to be heard in the united states senate and in the united states house. i'm glad to do it. >> senator, thanks very much. >> glad to be with you. >> thank you. back to you guys. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. thanks to senator ernst as well. another break for us.
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♪ after this first night of the republican convention in cleveland, we like to bring in the other side, as in fairness we'll be doing when it's the democrats' turn. tonight it falls to congressman tim ryan, democrat of ohio serving his seventh term representing the 13th in ohio. that's youngstown/akron area. and officially a surrogate for hillary clinton. so, congressman, in general, what did you make of what you saw tonight? >> well, i thought it was pretty incoherent as far as a general strategy that you have for a convention day, the way you plan
8:54 pm
it. it started off very rocky. the paranoia, i think chris matthews mentioned earlier in the evening, and then really dissing and going after the republican governor in the state of ohio when i think john kasich really reflects a lot of republicans in ohio who are very uncomfortable with donald trump. and then as far as the evening went, although melania was very graceful, i think the other speakers like giuliani, more anger, more fear, more hate, more, you know, hate hillary clinton and be afraid of everything else that's going on in the world. no real hope, no lifting of your vision up to what america could really be like. and i think when you take that into consideration, it wasn't very well done today. >> congressman ryan, it's rachel maddow here in new york. thanks for being with us tonight. one of the things that was striking about tonight was not just the criticism of hillary clinton, but the repeated both chants from the crowd and also from the stage that hillary clinton should be in prison. >> yes. >> lock her up. >> yes. >> for patricia smith, the
8:55 pm
mother of sean smith, foreign service officers killed in benghazi, when she gave her incredibly emotional, raw remarks, she said as part of her prepared remarks from the stage, i hold hillary clinton responsible for the death of my son, personally responsible. those kinds of allegations are not par for the course in politics. >> no. >> however vitriolic politics usually gets. what happens once that line has been crossed? does that mean that line is now erased in politics? >> well, let's hope that we can go back to a little bit more of a civil discussion. and there's always those emotions in politics, but i think it speaks to donald trump's ability to really exploit people and situations for his own benefit. and i think, you know, to watch that was so heart-wrenching as a father i watched it and can only imagine the pain that she is going through, and that's something that's a pain you never get rid of.
8:56 pm
and so, there's a lot of sympathy for her. but to bring that into the political realm i think really did kind of cross a line. you know, i was actually listening to it as we were driving up here to cleveland from youngstown, and i thought, you know, when jack kennedy was driving pt-109, and there was obviously a major accident and people were killed, could you imagine the republican party bringing those men's parents to the convention to dis jack kennedy because of an accident that happened during war? and we've lost that civility, and i don't know how you turn back from that, but i think we have to try to reclaim the high ground here. and yes, there are those raw emotions, and yes, things happen and people, especially in the military, our diplomats are in very difficult circumstances. but it speaks to the leader to not exploit that. and i think donald trump failed
8:57 pm
in that tonight. >> congressman tim ryan, democrat of the state of ohio. perhaps the democrats will invite the governor of the state of ohio. he loves conventions. just an idea. he is certainly not attending this one. >> i wouldn't bet on it. i wouldn't bet on it. >> congressman, thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. another break for us until the top of the hour.
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i am six and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media and by the clinton campaign! i am sick and tired of it. this is a good man. >> yes, donald thinks big, which is especll


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