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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> but donald himself, he flew back to new york last night. do we have an official word from him? >> yeah, he tweeted shortly after the speech. his tweet coming out as that controversy was exploding. we'll put it up for you on screen. trump writing it was truly an honor to introduce my wife melania. her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible. very proud. she didn't show up for the unveiling of the v.p., mike pence. we are learning it wasn't because she was just with their ten-year-old son elsewhere but it was her way of protesting frustrations within the family feeling like trump was pushed into a decision he wasn't ready to make. >> all right. peter alexander giving us the latest. we learned that melania didn't want to give the speech at the
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convention. we learned she didn't show up for the mike pence announcement. we are joined by katy tur who is live in new york city. you have been covering the trump campaign from day one. following the trump campaign where people thought she did a beautiful job from her heart speaking for the first time in front of 35 million people, but then there's a lot of controversy. what are people inside saying? >> well, i talked to campaign sources this morning. they told me melania didn't necessarily want to do this speech last flighnight. they were proud of her. she got glowing reviews from the political establishment. she was said to do a little bit more than humanize donald trump. that is what she was hoping to do, show a different side of
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donald trump, who is his wife since we have seen so little of her on the dcampaign trail. i'm told she didn't necessarily want to do this and that the campaign had to put their best person to help her with the speech. they were putting somebody with the staff from all of the family members. this is obviously a bilge deg d it deal. they wanted melania to outshine everybody. she is donald trump's wife. we have heard so much about her. >> if they wanted to put the best person with her there wasn't an argument how well she performed. the argument was about what was in her speech, her wording. does someone need to get fired between michelle obama's '08 speech? >> someone need to stand up and
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ultimately it is a save my marriage moment and somebody in the campaign staff, their head is going roll because they did not take care of melania trump. that is what i'm hearing. this is not what the campaign is showing. it is what paul manafort is saying, this was not plagiarism, that she wrote the speech. it is certainly what she said last night. i'm hearing that's lot of frustration and finger pointing about who should be takiing responsibility for this. >> all right. katy tur joining us from new york city. there were highlights including the speech for smith. >> when i saw clinton days later she looked me squarely in the
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eye and told me a video was responsib responsible. since then i have repeatedly asked hillary clinton to explain to me the real reason why my son is dead. i am still waiting. >> we also heard from marcu marcus luttrel. he inspired the movie lone survivor. >> to the next generation, your future is here. we have looking for the next generation of giants. who among you will love something more than yourselves? who among you will take the fight to the enmy because it is here. and rudy giuliani in a spirited speech told the crowd
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donald trump is what america needs right now. >> there's no next election. this is it. there's no more time for us to revive our great country, no more time to repeat our mistakes of the clinton-obama years. washington needs a complete turnaround and trump is the agent of change. questions continue to swirl around melania's speech, was any of it plajized agiarizeplagiari? you're watching msnbc live in cleveland, ohio. 1st century, the earth needed to find a new way to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything?
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melania trump's speech was supposed to be a triumphant close to the republican national convention. it turned into something of a sour note with trump campaign over the speech's origins. matt got a chance to talk to melania about her big speech before she delivered it. here is what she said. >> i read once over it and that's all because i wrote it and with as little help as possible. >> reporter: are you nervous? it would be okay to be nervous. >> i'm excited. it's an exciting night. >> reporter: what would you want to tell everybody about your husband? >> i will tell it in the speech. >> reporter: that was good. she learned a lot from you. go ahead, continue. >> he is an amazing guy and he
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wants to bring america to the next level. >> sam, she did a beautiful job in delivering this. in the similarity to michelle obama in '08, how in the world did this happen? >> i really don't know. we used turn it it is a software that lallows yu to -- normally what happens is they go through and look at other speeches. i'm sure what happened is the person that was helping write this plugged something in there. it was probably an unfortunate oversight. >> and he said somebody needs to get fired over this. that is a pretty big job. what do you say? >> that's not in my question and i'm not dodging the question but
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i'm sure action will be taken in the campaign to make sure it never happens again. >> sloppiness is a term this campaign has been plagued with from the beginning, mistake after mistake. how could we get a mistake this big, night one with essentially the woman you would like to see as the first lady? >> we were talking about lifting pages or was it a paragraph or sentence? >> cheating is cheating whether i cheat on one answer or the whole test. >> the issue is whether or not you sit down and talk to the student. i have done that on many occasio occasions. did you know this was almost a verbatim lift from another document. it do it all of the time. it return my own stuff there. i am a person who paraphrases pretty well. i'm just surprised somebody missed that as they were going through that. >> is this a moment donald trump
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needs to say i'm sorry, we made a mistake. we haven't heard him say that yet in the campaign and one could argue great leaders should be able to say sorry. >> i think we may hear more of that thursday night. you'll see a different side of him i'm sure. i think last night we saw great raw emotion out of the first part of that program. i know marcus luttrel is a great -- first of all i couldn't get over the striking beauty melania had. >> was there too much raw emotion? i take you to the day, paul manafort kicked the day off going after kasich, aggressive words against chris christie. you said the convention is all about unity.
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it doesn't seem like trump has lead with unity. >> if you didn't see the early part of the convention, i was there in the afternoon when the delegates were out there having the food fight over the rules and on the other issues there. this by the way pails to some conventions. the last one i was at, we had very similar -- >> hold on, what convention had something similar to that? >> you missed the ron paul episode in tampa. if you don't remember that you ought to. what happened yesterday pails in comparison to that. they supported people throughout the whole election process. they have the opportunity there to bear their chest, get things off of their chest at the convention. i think this has happened every time as each day goes forward you get more and more unity. this was the most contested
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primary we have had in the republican primary,here 17 people started this process and now we are down to the one. i think this is -- what happens is people get bruised feelings and they do have bitterness over what happened. >> are we going to lever here on friday with this whole city -- >> yes. >> yes? what gives you that confidence because i don't see it here? >> mike is a tremendous conservative. he will be a great addition to the ticket. i think we also will hear in other speeches that other people will get up here. i have seen it in my own hotel this morning. i was surprised by some of the people and they could not have been happier to be part of this. because they were strong cruz supporters but people have emotions when they get involved
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in politics. one of my friends didn't speak for nine months. we are back conversing almost every day. we decide not to make it an issue. it's what happens. >> thanks for joining me. >> thank you. later in the hour we will be speaking to one of the delegates and find out is it time for her to put her pencil down? we have to dig into melania's speech more and about mike pence going from thinking trump was unacceptable to his running mate. this is msnbc live at the convention. elsea's wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what? so here is our road trip itinerary. what's this? a bunch of different places... nah, bro. we gotta go off-script. rip to shreds every motel, cabin and teepee, between here and the wedding. now get out of my seat. alright. (screams) road trip!
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it has been a rough start to the general election for donnal trump. his roll out for running mate mike pence did not go as planned. his wife's big speech has been
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plagued be plagiarism. dan is here with me welcome to you both. donald trump has been plagued with a lot of issues in the last few days. it says he is basically tied with hillary clinton. other than the things you mentioned it's going great hear in clooef land. when you work on a campaign you're so focused on the tactical -- the truth is clinton is very mixed. so the explanation that i offer for the many months of gop is because the opportunity was there for republicans to be
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successful. donald trump can't get out of his own way. >> yeah, two things. bernie sanders has been spending about 40 to $50 million a month attacking hillary clinton. her numbers are obviously bad. she has had a bad couple of weeks with this comey situation here in the united states. i'm amazing that it's close. any other republican candidate would be up 10 to 15 moipoints. >> are we making a mountain out of a mole hill out of melania's speech, being a good person, caring about her children, those are expected wosrds you might use. >> if our kids turned in a paper at school with almost two paragraphs -- if you watch it it
6:21 am
is pretty astonishing. they didn't choose this path. they are there for one reason, they love their partner. they love their husband or they love their dad. the trump campaign managed to squander it. even worse the campaign is throwing melania under the bus today. i don't know what could force it into action. >> i'm not allowed to write a two-l two-line bio and the wife of trump writes her own speech? >> i am not convinced -- >> and she said she had a little bit of help. >> which means she had a lot of help. >> yeah, let's translate. >> so it is basically trump and his twitter feed. not much more infrastructure rally to it.
6:22 am
when their surrogates and spouses are giving speeches they are vetted up and down by an organization. >> and if you had you wouldn't see these problems. >> he has tons of money. we work for chief. campaign staffers are not high-paid peeople. this will keep happening. >> we work for cheap. no. >> undermining our negotiating authority. >> we are out of time. i'm not letting that be nicole's sound bite, not today. republican convention was nearly hijacked, one of the most vocal supporters will join me next. this is my retirement.
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any minute now we are expecting a daily briefing from the rnc where paul manafort will be speaking. i have to get you the morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we'll start with day one of the republican convention. trump made a dramatic appearance to introduce his wife melania. her speech got rave reviews however several of her lines seemed to be lifted from michelle obama's 2008 speech. authorities in baton rouge released new photos of gunman gavin long. it shows long sneaking up on officers and shooting them at close range. and isis claimed responsibility after an afghan teen attacked train passengers
6:27 am
in germany with an ax and a knife. four people were injure bfrd the attacker was shot and killed by police. the highest ranking baltimore police officer charged in connection with the death of freddie gray was acquitted of all charges. and another trump movement unleashing absolute chaos on the convention floor here yesterday. >> you're ignoring delegates that have been elected to this convention. >> role call vote. >> they wanted a role call. it lead to a shouting match. trump protestors were joined by former attorney general who threw his credentials onto the floor and at one point the podium of the convention was empty. >> somebody owes us an explanati explanation. i have never seen the chair abandoned like that. they vacated the stage entirely.
6:28 am
>> jacob soboroff joins me now. they tried but is it essentially over for this trump movement? >> reporter: well, you'll have to ask kendall that question. i want to talk to you about what a hot mess it was in here yesterday. what a disaster it was yesterday in the morning for the rnc and republican party. we have reporters from around the country that have come to the colorado delegation to tell a story of the woman you're sitting with right now. kendall is a history teacher. her husband is a chiropractor. she is your ordinary american
6:29 am
woman that got together with a bunch of people that wanted to stop donald trump. it was an extraordinary thing to see. it ground the proceedings to a halt. kendall hope today get a role call vote which she hoped would lead to someone other than donald trump becoming the nominee. the republican party didn't allow that to happen. the big question is now what are they going to do today? >> all right. i disagree. i don't think it makes you an ordinary woman. earlier on "morning joe" when they asked if you were going to walk out you said something a bit more dramatic. what does that mean? >> i don't think that walking out on the night of the nomination speech so we will be reading the rise and fall of the roman empire. we truly believe our nation is in jeopardy. we do have a plan of thaks we
6:30 am
can still employ today. the fact that they chose to deny us our vote today and all that we asked was a fair process. the world got to see it was a power grab in order to shut down the grass roots movement. i'm in mourning. that's what you saw yesterday was truly the party and the capitalists that were having their territory that is been encoache encroached and make sure they shut us down. >> and reading the rise and fall of the roman empire are you saying this is the rise and fall of republican party and are you handing this so hillary clinton? >> i reject that. if i'm not voting for dond nald trump they say that's not a vote for hillary clinton. that logic is not even part of this picture here. he said he doesn't need conservatives to win. the first course of action he took was make sure he stifled
6:31 am
that. the fact that we are supposed to go out and work for him. this is not unifying the party. he should have earned our vote and he should have actually not used the tactics that were employed against the delegates. it was truly something where he should have said i can win the vote of the people. he can't use the techniques by shutting down in the general election. he has to go out there and get the vote. what he has done is he has shut down his base. we are not telling -- >> are you going to vote for him? >> i would be a hypocrite to say now i changed my mind. let me tell you, there's a mass exitous. they call it the day of freedom. people are ripping up registration cards.
6:32 am
>> who will you vote? >> i will vote for ronald reagan. my daughter says mom, he is dead. i said i know but i can say i voted for him. >> reporter: kendal. you have been so central to this process. when i came to visit you outside of colorado did you hear anything from the trump campaign whether it was paul manafort or someone else, a low-level staffer perhaps? >> i have not. i will tell you we have heard the stories of those who have been intimidated. we have never experienced that in any other presidential campaign. it is my eight convention. i couldn't fathom coming from any other nominee. that's the narrative is that coercing and mandating
6:33 am
republicans to do a certain action is not the best way to get the end result that you're wanting. the fact that the party is unified doesn't rest on us. we were asking for a fair process. we were shut down in rules and going into the convention in a very demonstrative way. he ran as an outsider. he said i'm not an insider. the very first course of action, he proved he is an insider. he proved he is part of that. now they have all of the power. they have mitigated the forces. the delegates on the floor have no say so. why have a convention? call in the numbers and forget about the backdrop. >> we are out of time. before we go, you're not voting for trump or hillary, who do you want to see win in november? if you can only choose the two who do you want to be the next president? >> i will leave it with the
6:34 am
voters. it's up to the voters. >> thanks for joining us from the convention floor. when we come back, some star power last night at the rnc throwing their weight behind donald trump. willie robertson was among them and he woke up early to join me next. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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day two of the republican national convention gets underway in a few hours from now. a big name, willie robertson also a supporter of donald trump. willie, you started off your speech complimenting your beautiful wife and donald's. you said the media elite got it wrong and we should listen to
6:38 am
hard working americans. was it a hard working american that got melania's speech wrong last night? >> whoever wrote the original speech should be really fired up. it did seem bizarre. it seemed really strange. you know, i had people help me with my speech, give me a line or two. if they took it from somewhere else i wouldn't know. i don't know the details. >> you don't know the details and you don't necessarily know politics. why get involved now? why would you support a guy like donald trump saying you have a lot of similarities. when you referred to your fan base, red necks from louisiana, this is a rich guy. >> you saw it reflected in the south as well, the vote where i think people thought ted cruz was goirng to win all of these states because he was an
6:39 am
evangelical christian. he was with me because he is tough, no nonsense, lays it out there, bumbles and stomaumbles i think people thought he would do smchlgt i see a lot of politicians that don't do anything. nothing changes, nothing happens. it is just gridlock, gridlock. i'm assuming to run a business is that big you would have to know how to work with a lot of different people. i don't know if i would do so well in new york city. in west monroe, louisiana, i know that area. that's what the assumptions are and i think he is the only choice we have if you're on the right side. >> why donald trump and why now? have you supported politicians in the past? >> yeah, when you a hit show like we have it afrakttracts a
6:40 am
of politicians. i have to sit down and like the person. first time i met mr. trump he wasn't like a politician. he didn't have -- you know, you meet a politician they are like a wax figure and it's like can i talk to this guy? they have to get permission, should i talk to willie? he is not like that. we always looked up to him for how successful he has been in marketing and television and i'm kind of vented because people think it's a negative to come from television. i'm on television. i think it's a positive. it's hard work. it's not easy getting ratings like that. >> do you normally vote in the presidential election if. >> oh, yeah. >> who did you vote for last time? >> romney. >> there you go. republican in your blood. there was something in me eight years ago, because my son was
6:41 am
biracial as well. i have a son. i was like my son can see that as something different. i'm more of a positive. i look at the positives. i didn't like a lot of things but he is a nice guy. i like him too. i like everybody. i want to tone to get better. >> you're an open minded guy. >> i have a father like that. if you flew mim yhim you would him in a different way. >> a lot of love for phil and a lot of love for donald. thanks for getting up with us this morning. >> willie robertson from duck dynas dynasty. we'll bring you remarks live when it happens. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
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you're watching msnbc and we are watching paul manafort speak at the rnc daily briefing. let's take a look. >> it caused a problem of gridlock in washington and caused the problems the country is facing internationally and domestically. it was an outsider campaign and around 7:30 mr. trump will be the nominee of the republican party. we are excited about that. he is excited his quest will come to an end. you will no longer be able to say yes, happened. and we're excited about that. and that will -- there will be something that will be an important moment as far as this campaign is concerned. the evening, the theme is, make america work again. we'll be talking about work not in the context of just jobs, which in the economy, but also in the context of the function of the government and the fact that it isn't functioning. again, the theme of failed leadership will be emphasized. and as you -- bill noted in the
6:46 am
presentation, we'll be using ordinary americans, as well as who have been affected by the crisis caused by washington to -- talking about their personal experiences and then we'll have some of the leaders of the party talking about some of the messages, the theme of this subset that deals with mr. trump and senator mcconnell and speaker ryan, we'll focus on the party working together and running together and being unified. and how we expect to have a republican president and a republican congress working together in january of 2017. so those are the main messages of the night. bills highlighted, we'll open up for any questions in a few minutes. >> paul, i saw in the campaign statement about melania's speech, fragments used. and i'm hoping you can clarify. will you acknowledge that mistakes were made on the speech? did you personally review the speech, and will anyone be
6:47 am
fired? >> well, i'm not acknowledging anyone -- there's a few questions in there. first of all, we think that melania trump's speech was a great speech. it talked about her coming to america. it talked about the story that is focusing on immigration and the right way to do it. and it talks about her love of the country and how it developed and her love of her husband and how it developed. and family and the family values. these are themes that are personal to her and personal to a lot of people, depending on the stories of their lives. obviously, michelle obama feels very much similar sentiments towards her family. the fact that the speech itself is being focused on for -- somebody at cbs told me 50 words, and that includes ands and thes and things like that is totally ignoring the facts of the speech itself. the speech is a poignant speech, well-received by the american people. there is no -- we don't believe
6:48 am
there's anything in that speech that doesn't reflect her thinking, and we don't think that -- and she says, you know, we're comfortable that the words she used are words that were personal to her. the fact that there are things like "care" and "respect" and "passion," those are not extraordinary words. and certainly when you talk about family, they're normal words. i would note that she did note that she was speaking before 40 million people yesterday. and that her speech would be noticed by a lot of people. and to think she would be doing anything that would -- that would be unnoticed was -- is absurd. she knew that people were going to be paying attention to her words and the american people did focus on what her message was. you all are focusing on trying to distort that message in some respects. but, you know, again, there's a political tint to this whole issue, and, you know, certainly we've noted that the clinton camp was the first to get it out there in trying to say that there was something untoward about the speech that melania
6:49 am
trump gave. it's just another example, as far as we concerned the first thing she does is try to destroy the person. and -- but it's politics. we recognize it. and we're just going to move on. we're focusing on the message that melania trump gave last night. the american people are focusing on it. we're very pleased about it. any other questions on different topics, because i'm not going to keep saying the same thing. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i didn't hear what you said. >> the comments on your youtube channel, on the live stream after linda lingle's speech. >> i don't know anything about that issue. i'm sorry. any other -- >> i have no -- >> [ inaudible question ]. maybe my english is not good enough, but it was word by word. i listened to both speeches. >> there was no word by word. there are over 1,400 words in that speech. any other topics? because i don't want to keep going over the same issue. >> [ inaudible question ].
6:50 am
>> sure. senator jeff sessions will put his name into nomination tonight. senator sessions has been a key adviser to mr. trump, and very -- become a very close personal friend and adviser. the second speeches will be given by congressman chris collins, the first member of congress to endorse mr. trump and is from new york state. and the second speech will be given by lieutenant governor mcmaster, lieutenant governor of south carolina, and a early supporter, and somebody instrumental in mr. trump's victory in south carolina, which was an important part of his victory. >> anything about a utah delegate being threatened in a bathroom from nbc? >> i think i have pretty good sense of what's going on in this convention, but i haven't gotten into the bathrooms yet. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm sorry? >> [ inaudible question ]. >> the platform is over. >> yeah. >> oh, yes.
6:51 am
>> can you please -- [ inaudible question ]. your people were influencing the trump delegates to get support of ukraine by providing representatives of ukraine and representing ukraine? that's the first question. is there big changes between the first copy and the latest copy between ukraine and russia? [ inaudible ] and this convention is being closely watched in ukraine and eastern europe. should people there be concerned that if trump becomes president, russia will be will corrupt its neighbors? >> well, as far as the first question is concerned, i don't understand the question. the platform results are reflected. the second part of your question, the people of the world should be concerned about
6:52 am
what's going on in washington today. because the -- we believe that the crisis in the world today is a result of the united states not participating in a vibrant way and letting the world move leaderlessly. and mr. trump believes that a strong u.s. presence is important in the world that doesn't exist today. and to all those enemies of democracy, strong leadership by the united states is something that they should fear, and mr. trump will be a strong leader. >> last question! >> you said there is a political tint to the issue of melania's speech. do you feel she is being unfairly criticized here? >> absolutely. she did a tremendous job last night. this is a woman who doesn't speak in public very often. and -- but she wanted to speak. she wasn't asked to speak. she approached us and said i want the united states and the voters of the united states to know the man that i love. because they're only seeing a part of his personality, which is -- it's who he is. but they're seeing him on the campaign trail. and she said that it was important to her personally that they understand the
6:53 am
compassionate side of donald trump, the human side of donald trump, and the man who has spent, you know, all of the time she has known him, trying to make people's lives better and making a difference in their lives. she communicated that beautifully last night. and nothing that some of the -- trying to destroy those words through political allegations can distract from the fact that her speech was one of the highlights, if not the highlight of the convention yesterday. thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. >> tomorrow night at 5:30. >> that was paul manafort speaking at the rnc daily briefing addressing the controversy around melania trump's speech last night, defending, saying it was the highlight of the night. that's going to do it for me for this hour. jose diaz bellar is next, continuing coverage. >> and good morning once again from cleveland. right now on msnbc, the copy controversy on a night that
6:54 am
should have been out of the park home run. the campaign is now dealing with an unforced error. this morning, trump's campaign feverishly denying accusations of plagiarism and melania trump's prime time speech. portions of that speech reflect word for word similarities to michelle obama's address at the 2008 democratic convention. trump's campaign manager, you heard him deny any, quote, cribbing of mrs. obama's speech and says any related phrases were common words and values shared by both women. >> from a young age, my parents impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life. that your work is your bond. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values. like you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond. >> and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> that you do what you say you're going to do. >> the only limit to your
6:55 am
achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> the only limits of the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> before her appearance last night, melania trump told nbc's matt lauer early she wrote most of the speech herself. right now we have new details on just how that speech came to be written and whether any campaign staffer is safe. our political team is here with me this morning. nbc's peter alexander in cleveland. katy tur outside trump tower in nomp. peter, let me start with you. what do we know about the speech-writing process as far as family members go? >> well, it's a good question. we know as being told us by sources inside the campaign right now, there were different staffers, advisers assigned to the different family members to help them with the crafting of these speeches. recognize, this is very much a tv infomercial, an advertisement the. everything gets to be planned in advance. and they wanted to come out with
6:56 am
a bang. of course, melania trump as a super model, someone used to turning heads. but last night it very much was for the wrong reasons. right now, a lot of questions being asked about what went into the vetting process of her remarks for last evening. you heard from paul manafort. he appears to be largely on an island
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