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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thanks, mrs. obama. after parts of melania trump's highly anticipated prime time speech last night, matched word for word portions of michelle obama's remarks in the 2008 democratic national convention. here is what's floating around on the internet and on just about every news program this morning. take a look. >> from a young age -- >> barack and i were raise -- >> my parents impressed on me -- >> with so many -- >> the values of the -- >> of the same values. >> that you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you in life. >> that your word is your bond. >> that your word is your bond. >> and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that you treat people with respect. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. barack and i set out to build lives guided by these values and to pass them on to the next
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generation. >> we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. >> because we want our children -- >> because we want our children -- >> that all children in this nation -- >> in this nation -- >> to know that the only limits of the height of your achievements. >> to know that the only limit to your achievements -- >> is the reach of your dreams -- >> is the strength of your dreams -- >> and your willingness to work hard for them. >> and your willingness to work for them! >> now developing this morning, we have new comments from the trump campaign, and reportedly in-fighting now between melania trump and donald trump's children. president obama's former chief speech writer, john f. avro tweeted out -- the trump campaign plagiarized from a hillary speech writer. in an exclusive interview with matt lauer, this is before delivering the speech that was
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highly praised after she finished. melania trump indicated that she largely crafted that speech herself. >> i read once over it. and that's all. because i wrote it, and i had as little help as possible. >> initially, donald trump ignored the controversy. he tweeted out her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible and he was very crowd. the trump campaign issued a statement, saying, in writing her beautiful speech, melania's team of writers took note on her life's inspirations and in some instances, included fragments that reflected her own thinking. her experience and love for america shown through in her speech which made it such a success. just over an hour ago, the trump campaign manager, paul manafort, denied plagiarism here, and here's how he is explaining it. >> the speech was a poignant speech, it was well-received by the american people.
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there is no -- we don't believe there is anything in that speech that doesn't reflect her thinking, and we don't think that -- and she says it's -- you know, we're comfortable that the words she used are words that were personal to her. the fact that there are things like "care" and "respect" and "compassion", those are not extraordinary words and certainly when you talk about family, they're normal words. i would note that she did note she was speaking before 40 million people yesterday. and that her speech would be noticed by a lot of people. and to think that she would be doing anything that would be -- you know, that would be unnoticed was -- is absurd. and there is a political tint to this whole issue, and, you know, certainly we have noted that the clinton camp was the first to get it out there in trying to say that there was something untoward about the speech that melania trump gave, it's just another example as far as we're concerned that when hillary clinton is threatened by a
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female, the first thing she does is try to industry destroy the person. >> reporter: katy tur is live in new york, where trumps returned last night after appearing in the convention in cleveland. so you have paul manafort now saying -- or implying when hillary clinton is threatened by another woman, that this is what happens as a result. but your reporting is that it is paul manafort who may be the person now under scrutiny for what appears to be a huge mistake placed in front of melania trump. >> reporter: he is under scrutiny now. whether that ends up with him not being in charge of this campaign any more, we're going to have to see. it's still early yet, but so far, there is tension within the campaign right now about that speech. there is a lot of pushback from them right now about the reaction from the media. they are saying this is all being created by the media at this moment. that this is only a few lines, and that you can't copy write
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common words, you can't copyright a cliche. this is not the case where anybody is going into hillary clinton's speech writers' words, michelle obama's speech, and lifting it in and putting it into melania trump's story. i can tell you, the family has taken their speeches very seriously. the word is that melania, her speech was actually one of the highest priorities, because she is donald trump's wife, number one. number two, english is not her first language. she speaks a number of languages. but english is not her first language. she is speaking in front of millions of people, and a prime time slot. we don't often hear from her on the campaign trail. they wanted to make sure that she came off as well as she possibly could, which is normal. that's what any campaign would want to do. the problem is, i'm trying to figure out who in the campaign was in charge of going through this speech. who exactly were her team of writers? right now, nobody in the campaign can say for sure who helped her with that speech or who could have been in charge of
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going through that speech to make sure that there were not any similarities to other speeches or any factual inaccuracies. so far, we have gotten only the run-around from various folks inside this campaign. at the moment, though, they are trying to push back very heavily on this idea that it could be plagiarism, saying this is something that the clinton campaign is making up and feeding to the media, refusing to take any blame for this, even though folks like reince priebus have come out and said if this was one of his speech writers, he would fire the person. >> and katy, it seems to be the talking point of some of the supporters of donald trump's campaign, new jersey governor, chris christie, was on, and he said 93% of the speech is completely different than michelle obama's. you have now two spokespersons, you know, reiterating a similar argument, that 93% of the speech is her own, which means then they admit that the rest was plagiarized. whether it was a speech writer,
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whether it was someone else within the campaign. but for the defense to be, ah, 93% of it is right, or her own words, seems to feed into the idea that there is a sloppiness with this campaign. the rock group, queen, has now tweeted out they were not authorized to use the song that melania trump and donald trump walked in to the arena on. so from the song being unauthorized and used without permission, which we know campaigns tangle with this all of the time. but you've got 40 million people watching. why set her up for failure? >> reporter: that is the big question. and i spoke to a number of -- another source in the campaign who said melania has been humiliated by this. is this is not necessarily an issue of a campaign problem right now. it's a marriage problem. and donald trump is going to have to answer to his wife how this was allowed to happen. how she was allowed to go on that stage and say something that she should not have said. why was there not somebody who was checking her every word to make sure that she would not be
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put into a position like this. that is the problem the campaign sources are pointing out. and the issue that the campaign has had from the beginning is this allegation of disorganization. it started out as a very small campaign, as we know. it didn't have a lost of the traditional trappings of most presidential campaigns, no rapid response team. very small communications team. and very few deputies within the campaign. they have always said that is a point of pride for them. but it is something that's become increasingly a handicap for them as they go along and keep getting themselves steeped in controversy after controversy. the question is, does donald trump see this, find a new campaign staff and a new campaign structure, guard the staff he has now or just continue on as if it's not that big of a deal. >> all right, katy. let me bring in david frum, former speech writer for president george w. bush, currently senior editor at "the
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atlantic." before we get your view of what went wrong or did not, what happens behind the scenes? you have a huge speech, 40 million people. someone is assigned to melania trump. of course you want to talk to her and get her story. who ultimately is responsible for those words? >> ultimately who is responsible is the campaign manager. and the convention manager. because they build a structure. things report up. and is everything -- is this done correctly, has this been done correctly, are you sure, have you checked. and so obviously, if it there were plagiarism scandal, it would not be the convention or campaign manager's fault. but if something like this so particularly egregious and dumb mistake can float upward, then obviously you haven't got any kind of organization. and the fact is, this campaign, they're terrible at everything. >> i want you to stick around hire. on the phone, we have with us jared hill. he is the first person who flagged the similarities, between melania trump and michelle obama's speeches. his tweets then went viral, and jared, you have now found yourself in the middle of this controversy, as well.
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you have paul manafort saying that operatives involved with the clinton campaign are responsible for this. so tell me how you figured out these speeches were so similar, word for word. >> well, tamron, thank you for having me. i realized pretty quickly that something was afoot, because kind of like when you're watching a movie where you know the lines, i repeated -- i said the end of the line to the screen as she was saying it when she talked about the height of your achievement is the extent of your dreams. and i said to the screen, and your willingness to work for it. and i thought, wait, that's kind of strange. whoa, that's really strange. and then i immediately googled michelle's speech from 2008, and realized that it was that line, and then eventually realized it was actually quite a few more lines and the whole paragraph. >> so jared, it anyone from the clinton campaign or anyone from the dnc contact you and say, hey, take a look at michelle
8:11 am
obama's 2008 speech? i ask this, because it would be -- it is interesting that that's what was in your mind. i bet if you ask a lot of people who worked on the obama campaign back then, they could not recall her speech as dynamic as it was, so quickly. how did you do that? >> it was more of a quote that i remembered. when i heard michelle obama say it the first time, i kind of wrote it down. i thought it was a really beautiful speech. i've never been contacted by anyone from the clinton campaign or anything adjacent to that. seeing that today -- that's kind of an interesting perspective, i wish i was that cool. but, no. it's not that at all. >> so when you flagged it and you sent this out on social media, and i should tell people, you're a journalist, you're a writer. when you flagged this, did you imagine the next morning, essentially, your tweet would be the lead story and what it has revealed now about this speech? >> tamron, i had no sense of
8:12 am
this happening at all. and it wasn't even like the next morning. it was within a couple hours. everyone was talking about my tweet, that this is like -- i saw it starting to retweet a couple -- it was like a dozen and then a few dozen and then a couple hundred and then i think 20,000 or something now. i had no idea. i kind of enjoy live tweeting and i was sort of live tweeting about this. but i was listening to her speech, this is her first moment. and i wanted to see what she was going to say. and i recognized some of it from what michelle had said in 2008. >> jared hill, the man that people are crediting for lack of a better description, with tweeting out the compare sons of the speech, which are proven now to be true. for legal reasons, we can't say this is plagiarism, but you can match it word for word, the similarities here, which is what jared did. you is so much, jared. >> great. >> it was a great catch. is it plagiarism? >> well -- it's worse than
8:13 am
plagiarism. if -- because here's the thing i was -- if you read the phrases, does what he says, word is bond, keeps his promises. treats everyone with respect. you might say, i think i picked up the wrong order at the store. because not only have you taken word for word, but you have taken words, once you know their story, they actually become accusations against donald trump. because none of those compliments are true of him. the opposite is true. and she has actually made one of the most devastating attack ads on donald trump. that when you -- these words have to be stolen from someone else. because they don't -- obviously do not apply to him. >> does this feed into this narrative again that this small campaign that, yes, was successful in the primaries, but far less than the bush campaign and still swept 17 other competitors under the carpet. that if there is a sloppiness and a laziness that somehow -- >> it's worse than that. >> what is it? >> it's unethical.
8:14 am
because when they are confronted with an embarrassing mistake -- this is clearly not melania's fault and not paul manafort's. it's an error of oversight and some person who is not that important in the campaign made this mistake. what do they do? >> well, their response was to say it's hillary clinton's fault. >> they -- they tell lies. they blame others. they don't take responsibility, and they don't fix it. how do you like that in the situation room? >> do you fire someone? today? >> if you start firing people from this campaign, there's really no end to it. john kasich will end up the nominee. >> wow. didn't see that coming. thank you very much, david. coming up, donald trump and his campaign staffers are stepping up their attacks on the man you just heard about, i don't know john kasich, for refusing to speak at the convention in his home state. >> we can't be attacking muslims and hispanics and trying to shut down trade and not caring about the debt. those are all problems for me.
8:15 am
>> he signed a pledge. and from a standpoint of honor, i think he should show up. >> well, he's nothowing up. and coming up, i'll get new reaction from an ohio congressman who was supporting kasich, but is now supporting donald trump. we are coming to you live from corner alley restaurant in cleveland, ohio. interesting group of people who have shown up to chime in on the conversation. we'll be right back. jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps]
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welcome back. we are live in cleveland. hello, cleveland! we're at day two of the rnc ramping up. thousands expected back inside the quicken loans arena today, not far from where we are. one person still not attending,
8:19 am
the governor of this state, john kasich. kasich's absence has ignited a war of words between the ohio governor and donald trump, after trump's main adviser spent much of yesterday calling out the governor for not accepting an invitation to speak. trump himself cosigned the criticism during an appearance on fox news last night. >> look, i beat him very badly. i won 38 states, i won the highest number of votes in the history of the republican party. if i were him and got beaten that badly, i probably wouldn't show up either. he has a problem, though. he signed a pledge. and from a standpoint of honor, i think he should show up. >> do you think he's being a sore loser? >> well, i don't want to say that. but you know what? it was a very contentious primary. he lost very, very badly. and maybe if were in his position, i wouldn't show up either. >> speaking to nbc's lester holt yesterday, governor kasich
8:20 am
laughed off criticism from trump's team and made it clear he has certainly made up his mind. >> if donald trump called you right now and said, let bygones be bygones -- >> no, he would have to change everything he says. we can't be attacking muslims and hispanics and trying to shut down trade and not caring about the debt. those are all problems for me. and so it's not -- i don't have -- i don't hold any personal animus towards donald trump. we just are two companies that have different values, different directions and different philosophies. >> joining me now is ohio republican congressman, bill johnson. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me today. >> you were a supporter of governor kasich, he dropped out of the race, you turned your support to donald trump. should governor kasich attend this convention? >> look, i can't speak for the governor. if i were the governor, which i'm not, i would be here. >> so your answer is yes, he should, in your opinion. >> well, i think the governor has to speak for himself. and he's got his reasons for not
8:21 am
attending. what the governor has done, you know, he's a very popular governor here. he has led our state from a budget deficit to a budget surplus, one of the largest job-creating states in the nation. he has set the tone that pro economic growth policies that less government cutting taxes are the right things for the american people. and i think donald trump has that to build off. >> well, can't build off of if the governor is not backing him. and some of those things that you just tout, you hear people in ohio speak of fondly, how things have greatly improved here. he could -- governor kasich could be a help to donald trump in making the argument, especially today, with it being about make america work again. when you hear governor kasich say this is about his morals, this is not personal. this is something deeper. what do you believe that deeper is? >> well, i can't -- again, i can't speak for the governor about what his deep moral convictions are. i can tell you that i believe that donald trump has our best
8:22 am
interest in mind. i believe that he wants to make america great again. i sat with him two weeks ago. one-on-one for the first time. i had never met him before. i came away with a much different impression than i had gone into. it was very engaging, very thoughtful, wanted to know what was happening in our state, what our struggles were, and when we talked about ideas like regulatory reform, tax reform, and how trade affects our state, how important it is, he understood those. >> which is interesting that he would select a running mate with the opposite view of trade that he has. so are you in alignment with what donald trump sees regarding trade deals and the critical nature of it for people in this state? >> well, trade is a very important issue. and i can tell you that when i talked with donald trump, i think we get lost in the semantics of the words. he and i are saying the same thing in one regard. we need trade policies with
8:23 am
enforcement mechanisms that give american workers the advantage. build it here, make it here, create it here. and sell it overseas. these trade agreements ought to be export optimization agreements, not simply free trade graemts agreements. >> when you have a conversation with donald trump and he says he believes in these same values in protecting american workers, but there are some 50 companies, including the persons who manufacture his ties, that -- those ties are made in a different country. how do you buy his argument when he's built so much of his brand on the backs of workers not from this country? not from ohio, who could have been making those ties? >> certainly, i get that. but keep in mind that donald trump is a businessman, has been the victim of not only trade policies, but regulatory policies and tax policies that make it difficult for our companies. >> we haven't seen his taxes so we don't know if he's a victim. he could be a businessman who greatly exploited some of the openings.
8:24 am
we have not seen his taxes to say that. >> i can tell you that in 1960, 17 of the world's largest global companies were right here in america. that number has shrunk kf considerably, and donald trump hasn't been a candidate all during that time. so i can tell you that washington, d.c., plays a major, major role. >> if he is running as the businessman who can turn around the job situation for great people in this state, from where i'm from, as well, all around this country, should he release his taxes so that the american people can clearly see his business resume? >> i think the american people have every right to know what donald trump stands for. i'm sure the appropriate time that he's going to make that very, very clear. >> well, he said it's none of our business. that's what his answer was to george instead of november loss on abc. >> i can't speak for that. >> thank you so much for your hospitali
8:25 am
hospitality. >> thanks for coming to ohio. >> actor and rnc speaker, scott baio will join me live. what he feels about the back and forth over melania trump's speech. he was there, had the same pressure. and delivering a big speech on the first night. that's coming up, live, from cleveland. we'll be right back. with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara®
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8:29 am
general, ken cuccinelli, who anally threw his convention to the floor. a large section of the colorado delegation walked out in protest. this morning, colorado delegate, one of the leaders of the stop trump movement, was asked if she and others plan to walk out during donald trump's speech on thursday. >> do you plan or do you know of others who plan to walk? >> i know others are planning to walks out. >> do you plan to walk out during his speech? >> you know what, we're going to actually do a little bit more dramatic -- we're not going to walk out, because i don't want our seats filled with -- i want to make a statement we're displeased so we're going to be reading the "rise and fall of the roman empire." >> jacob soboroff talking about the anti trump movement. something will happen on thursday. we heard it there. jacob, what have you learned on the ground? >> reporter: yeah, so tamron, obviously the donald trump campaign and the rnc would like everybody to be focused up here
8:30 am
tonight, once this thing gavels in around 5:30, but the reality of the situation is, we're going to be focused this way, and i think this is where the action is going to be. remember yesterday, this was all about the roll call vote. the anti trump delegates. wanted to stand up and voice their support for either their candidate of their preference or revert to the old rules from 2012. come with me right here. the utah delegation, senator mike lee stood up and objected to the fact that that roll call vote had not been called. we are going to be here today, because we expect tamron, them to protest yet again. what they're going to do, we don't know. but there is a roll called today, a different kind of roll call, for the nomination of donald trump as president of the united states. and that's where we expect to see the fireworks. it's going to be really interesting. and it's going to be all throughout here yet again. delegations that do not want to see this man as president. they're not going to stop him, but they're going to make a lot of noise. >> all right, jacob.
8:31 am
the very latest from the convention floor. thank you very much. coming up, last night he was the number two name trending on twitter. scott baio known for "charles in charge" and "happy days," after his speech last night. >> hillary clinton wants to be president for hillary clinton. donald trump wants to be president for all of us. coming up, we'll have more of scott baio's speech and his reaction to the questions involving melania trump's speech this morning. we'll be right back. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him...
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location, stretching down the street at the corner alley. come on! scott baio as our next guest. you know what, melania trump's speech from last nitrogen rating a lot of headlines this morning. the celebrity speakers on last night's roster also getting some attention. i can spit that out. among them, actor antonio sebato jr. here's what he said. >> we are weaker by almost every measure. we are on the wrong path. it is clear even to someone not born here. barack obama and hillary clinton promote division. don't be fooled! but donald trump is for unity. >> first of all, i don't believe that the guy is a christian. i don't believe he follows the god that i love, and the jesus that i love. i think he has an agenda from the beginning. i think he's -- i mean, he grew up -- if you follow his story,
8:36 am
if you read his book, if you understand about obama. that's not a christian name, is it? i have met a lot of christians. i know christians. i am one. and i don't believe he is. i believe that he's on the other side. i think -- >> what's the other side? >> the middle east. he's with the bad guys. >> another celebrity speaking on the roster last night, was actor scott baio, star, of course, of "charles in charge" and "happy days." >> we cannot go down this road any more. we need to stop. we need donald trump to fix this. hillary clinton wants to be president for hillary clinton. donald trump wants to be president for all of us. let's make america great again. but let's make america america again. >> and scott baio joins me now here in cleveland. scott, thank you for your time. >> it's great to be here. thank you so much for the
8:37 am
opportunity. >> did you write your own speech? >> i did. >> nothing plagiarized there? >> no. yeah -- i know the joke. i don't know exactly what happened. i heard things about the -- melania's speech. i can't comment on it. but yes, i wrote my speech -- i was asked to do this thursday. i wrote my speech in church on sunday morning. and then -- and then i delivered it on monday. >> part of your speech that got a lot of attention was the final line there where you said make america america again. explain what you meant by that. >> make america america again just means what this country was founded on. which is hard work. perseverance, individualism. not looking to government for everything. getting off the dole. getting back to faith. getting back to the things that we were founded on. we have gone so far off the rails, and the people -- the people that come here, the first-time voters and the -- and the young people who are not taught anything about the history of this country.
8:38 am
they don't -- if you asked anybody in school today who william bradford is, they have no idea that the man started this country as a commonwealth, and -- which is basically socialism and realized very quickly that that doesn't work, and he devised the capitalist system within the pilgrims here. that's what i mean. hard work and getting back to where we are as a nation. one people, not factions of people. not the black community, not the hispanic community, not the chinese -- just one -- i'm an italian guy from brooklyn. i'm an america. i'm not an italian-american. i'm an american. so that's what i mean by that. >> when you talk about, for example, people wanting things from the government, one of the things that remains hugely popular with your own party, conservatives, social security and medicare. you have older citizens in florida who say, oh, you want an obama phone, but they want their medicare. so is there some kind of
8:39 am
hypocrisy there when you have people who say, i don't want something free for the other guy, but i want things that started out as socialist ideas for myself. and that's within your own party. >> well, social security was started by fdr, who was a democrat. and what i've read about all of that is that was done for votes. >> everything is done for votes. you and i both know that. >> yes, right. but social security needs to be fixed. but for somebody to just get -- >> donald trump says he's not touching it. >> listen, you can't -- nobody is perfect, tamron. if i were president -- the only guy i agree with 100% of the time is me. and i have all the answers. but i don't agree with mr. trump on everything. i don't agree with george bush on everything. i don't agree with you or my wife on everything. but i just think there are certain things that -- instead of looking to government, just try to do for yourself. my father went broke when i was
8:40 am
a kid. >> should there be medicare, for example? should we abolish medicare? >> in my opinion, everything should -- and i don't have the fix. but everything that's going broke needs to be fixed. whether it becomes private -- i think social security should be privatized. i think health care should be private. i don't think it should be government running it. i think the private sector will take care of everything in this country. >> let's talk about your speech. i know you said you went to church and talked about your religion. one of the things that caught my eye was this tweet you sent out july 10th, a photo of hillary clinton standing in front of the word "count." the o is blocking. so it appears she is standing in front of the c word. >> right. >> but think about that in church? >> let's just offer it up without commentary. >> you know what it meant when you tweeted it out. >> i just put it up there. >> i'm just asking, you're writing your speech in church, you talk about religion coming back to this country and us having a moral barometer. where was your moral compass when you put a photo of a woman
8:41 am
which you disagree politically and that's fine. >> tamron, you can look at that any way you want. it's the word count, which she is standing in front of. there is no commentary, i didn't call her anything. and the fact that you question my faith. >> i'm asking -- i'm just asking -- you question others' faith. when you say, we need to bring back religion, implying that somehow the moral compass for people that you don't even know -- but let me throw this out to you. 2010, you tweeted out an unflattering image of michelle obama with the caption "wow. he wakes up to this every morning." >> right. >> last night -- last night -- >> audience: whoa! >> some people agree with you. of but last night, i went on social media to see what you were saying about your speech, and i realized that you blocked me. why did you block me from social media? i'm just curious. >> that might have been a mistake. >> oh, okay. >> i wouldn't have blocked you. that might have been a mistake. >> it's okay if you do. i was wondering if it was
8:42 am
because the michelle obama tweet. >> absolutely not. i'm not afraid of anybody. that tweet is a joke. tamron, i'm a guy from brooklyn. i sit with my buddies and we smoke cigars. >> is joking about a woman that way make america great again? >> no, it's a joke about a woman yelling at her husband. we talk about -- my wife did this, my wife is breaking my chops today. >> this wasn't about your wife. that was about the first lady. >> i it that about my friend's wife. >> but you put that -- i guess my point is, i agree with you. we should all want to be better people to teach our children to be better people. but -- let me finish. i agree with you. you have -- i'm not a parent. but i see how this may or may not affect our divisiveness. white people, hey, black people, hey. when we tweet things out that were so ugly. >> it has nothing to do with race. >> i didn't say that. i said we are all together. >> i agree. >> i do this for a living. you can't chop my words up.
8:43 am
i am telling you clearly what i said. what i said was, we're all here together. >> i get it. >> so is it the moral compass that you want to present to our children, to your fans, that you have this incendiary tweet about hillary clinton, and you certainly should disagree with her, politically, because you do. or the first lady of this united states, michelle obama, regardless of color. i'm just asking. is that the higher scott baio? >> listen, there's different levels to me. >> i'm asking. >> you want me to be square and nice to everybody. >> no, i don't. i want you to be what you say -- >> i let you talk. >> absolutely. >> let me talk. and you want me to be sweet and gentle to a man, a president, who says if they bring a knife to an argument, you bring a gun. that's what president obama said. now, if you want me to go after a guy like that -- all bets are off at that point. >> that's absolutely not true. but i'll tell you this. >> that's an absolute fact. that is a quote. >> the person that you support -- the person you
8:44 am
support said, he could take a gun out on fifth avenue and shoot someone in the head, and you would still support him s. that true? >> tamron, that's -- that's ridiculous. >> i'm just keeping it -- >> that's rid chus. >> did he say it? >> yes, he did. did obama say that he would take out a knife he would take out a gun? >> i don't recall that. >> if i find the quote, you'll put it up on social media? >> absolutely. but i can't because you blocked me. we'll be right back. thank you, scott. donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
8:45 am
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8:48 am
from twitter. >> okay. there you have it. so let's start off with mark. you say day one debacle. that's what you call last night. >> the reason behind this, the convention is very scripted affair, everything is done to a plan. really supposed to amount to a four-day infomercial for donald trump, the republican party, and you end up having disaster on day one, and not even talking about the lift offing lifting of michelle obama's speech, paul manafort going after john kasich. you add it up, it was not a good day yesterday and they're going to have to do so much better to recover. >> robert, how do they recover? >> it's hard. but i can do one better. trump in a competitive network, prime talking, talking about her son. and melania trump was not in prime time. they crammed that in. this is not a good message for the trump campaign. it's not a very good first impression. to your point, everything is scripted. everything about donald trump is unscripted. >> part of what donald trump supporters say is that what he
8:49 am
lacks, he will make up by hiring the right people. he'll hire the best and the brightest. >> good luck with that. >> he's hired paul manafort and others for his team. is this the example of how he would run the white house? is that a fair question? >> well, no, it is a fair question, absolutely. this is a man running on his competence as a businessman, right? so you certainly have to look at how he's running his campaign. what i will say, though, is that one thing that has powered donald trump's entire candidacy and made him successful, he doesn't play by the normal playbook. that he is more fluid and more off-the-cuff. and his convention has been like that. but i think you see -- the problem, really, is that donald trump himself can pull it off. he can pull off kind of going off on tangents, because he's entertaining and captivating. that's not true of everyone who spoke last night. when you don't have the program, you end up with a lot of people rambling in ways that is not very helpful and, frankly, not that entertaining, either. >> what you have is entrance
8:50 am
mark yesterday, straight up wwe, show biz all the time. >> see, i liked that moment. >> a lot of people did. but remember when president obama had the columns, people -- the conservatives conservatives criticized that. so either way you look, come on, you want to make a grand entrance and you can let the haters hate, but you have to produce something here. tonight it's make america work again. donald trump really can't present his business record as a part of that when you have a supporter who says, well he wants to put americans at work. the democrats say, he makes his ties in america. >> last night's point was about security, he wasn't even -- none of the speeches had to do with what he's going to do when it comes to immigration. it's why president obama failed or why there was other problems. we haven't heard a lot of solutions, at least last night. i'm not sure we're going to hear a lot tonight, although what is going to be striking is that you're 12 to 19 speakers will be republican politicians. less than half are politicos,
8:51 am
but tonight, finally the paul ryans, mitch mcconnell's get to speak. it'll be interesting. >> and it'll be interesting to see how they can sell it. we know at least the reporting of how paul ryan feels about donald trump. we know comments made by mitch mcconnell in the past regarding whether or not he would drop him like a sock or whatever the phrase was, i'm not good with cliches, how do they sell it, good. >> the larger point, this is the general election and this is where you have to pivot to the independent voter out there. donald trump in the campaign has yet to do that. it speaks to his vacillating, if you will, it speaks to him thinking out loud and listening to his gut. he doesn't appear to be thoughtful, doesn't think tling things through and that's what the general public wants. >> forgive me, i'm going on social media, i'm told that donald trump is tweeting. >> is he watching? >> queen, queen, i'm sorry, queen, donald trump, i can't
8:52 am
hear, queen is tweeting out among the other things i assume is that they were upset that their song was used, i can't see the screen, i can't see -- against their wishes, unauthorized use of a song. you've got alleged plagiarism with the speech, the song, melania, unauthorized, queen is now, you know, piling on, but okay, the next chump in line is donald trump jr., imagine him right now. i mean, are they sending his speech through every level of vetting? i cannot -- and he's more seasoned, he's spoken at events and been out on the front lines more. but imagine what he's thinking right now. >> that's a lot of pressure on him. listen, i will say it's not hard to make sure that you haven't lifted sections of your speech. there are programs to insert them into. exactly, i think that most likely his senior campaign aids are quickly going through the big important speeches for the rest of the convention.
8:53 am
and make sure there's no plagiarism and b to tighten it up a little bit. >> and talk about how donald trump can put america back to work rather than just that line. >> specific policies. talk about a vision. talk about what your platform is between now and november. that's what donald trump has to do and his campaign. >> in the end, mark though, we can chime around about the next few days. the reality is, everyone's waiting for donald trump to repel -- i'm kidding. i don't know how you beat the smoke-filled entrance, other than to repel or someone said come in on an elephant, but it is, this is donald trump's convention. ke is shoo on the rest, it is his convention. >> i think we're looking for what kind of white house would it end up being and yesterday mattered because while running for office is very difficult, it's never easy on the campaigns and their families and their candidates. if you can't orchestrate a convention, if you can't have a successful veep rollout, being in that white house is 100 times
8:54 am
hardered. that is why the criticisms. >> you are the seasoned pundits and journalists who work on politics, does any of this matter? or does it only matter that it's donald trump and some of these people right here behind me, they don't care if it's mike pence, what you say about melania trump's speech, queen or queen elizabeth, this is about trump and his movement and his specifics don't matter right now. does that mean he can win the general election? to speak to them -- >> to the people who are as hard core fans, they don't care. and in fact they probably find a lot of this enduring, they like it. but the problem is, to robert's point, this isn't about those people anymore. those people are going to vote for him no matter what. this is about getting up to 50% or whatever the plurality is to win the general election. so far this convention has not done that.
8:55 am
>> it seems there's some awareness to it. you had on one hand the african american sheriff from wisconsin come out and say all lives matter. clearly this message is coming in the form of a black man who's a police officer. some sort of inclusion of a different race. >> right. >> but you have nothing to appeal to women, absolutely the mother who lost her son in benghazi, i was crying like everyone else at home hearing that, but does that do anything to bring in the suburban, white mom, who thinks, okay, i'm tired of the clintons, but donald trump is still scary and i don't know what he's going to do. >> we've talked about that autopsy that came after the 2012 race. and every republican, including rnc chair reince priebus said we need to do better with african americans, and you look at totality of the speeches beyond just the melania trump speech and what you ended up panning out was no recognition, no lesson at all.
8:56 am
again that has been the trump candidacy today. it'll billion fascinating to see how that plays in november. >> thank you for joining me. i will follow all of you on social media. thank you, guys. we'll be back live from cleveland. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. an inspiration. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board. at first they were told no, well... maybe, and finally: yes. then it was 36 clinical trials, 8,500 patient volunteers,
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to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. [ applause ] that does it for this hour, thank you so much for watching. we'll be back same place, same time tomorrow, cleveland, ohio, meanwhile, my superb and sublime colleague, andrea mitchell takes over from us. >> great to see you. >> it is a hot one out here. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," word for word, melania trump's big speech debut is overshadowed by the apparent lifting of key paragraphs from michelle obama's convention address eight years ago. >> that your word is your bond. and you do what you say. >> that your word is your bond,
9:00 am
that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that the only limit to your achievement -- >> the only limit to the height of your achievements -- >> is the strength of your dreams -- >> it the reach of your dreams -- >> and you're willingness to work for them -- >> and your willingness to work hard for them. >> blurred lines? hours earlier, melania trump told the "today" show's matt lauer she had scripted the speech. >> i read once over it, and that's all because i wrote it and with a little help as possible. >> and war of words, trump's campaign manager today in denial. >> and she says we're comfortable that the words she used are words that were personal to her. there was no word by word, there are over 1,400 words in that speech. >> so should


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