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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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donald trump. they're going to have a programmed roll out that we expect and trying to take control back of the narrative about the convention and create excitement for it. >> all right. caitlyn and they're in cleveland. thanks to both of you. that's going to do it for this hour. i will see you back here at 6:00 for the role call of the states on the rnc. live from cleveland starts right now. good evening. i am chuck todd for day two. it's my most great day and the roll call of the stakes. this is what i love. that's not what we're talking about. at times this convention is on the brink of sprirling out of control. welcome to msnbc special
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coverage. they're in need of a course correction after what was an opening day debokle. they're getting ready for night two as the party is reeling from 36 hours of low lights and when they were aiming for is highlights. there were plenty of speakers that played well in the room and tv. most of the headlines from last night were not about that. let's roll some tape. >> hi is embarrassing the state. >> in the chair the eyings have it and the resolution is agreed to. >> point of order. >> never seen anything like that. >> the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams. >> the only limits and the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams. >> you work hard for what you want in life.
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>> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond. >> that your word is your bond. >> this turns this night into a ka tr mess. >> if you found that a speech writer did that, would you fire them. >> probably. >> would you acknowledge that mistakes were made. >> it's just another example that when hillary is threatened by a female, she tries to destroy the person. >> there you go. it started with trashing of kasich and now to melania. serious accusation of plagiarism and it's tuesday. folks in the grand scheme of thing the melania trump is not disqualifying and is a minor speed bump, but the problem for the trump campaign is that it's a larger problem. of a campaign that has serious issues with messages, coordination and basic
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execution. trump's campaign said that melania trump did not copy michelle obama. the campaign is moving on, but trump's campaign chair said that action is going to be taken. i will speak to sam in a moment. at some point we're expecting a roll call vote that will nominate trump ton convention floor. jeff sessions will officially enter his name into the nomination and the roll call of the states. we're expecting the pockets of the unrest during the roll call from the states like colorado whose delegation walked off the floor yesterday in protest. we're going dive into the action. let me start with katie at trump tower. i seems as if there's a lot of layers to this melania trump story that go beyond this speech itself. first of all, let me ask you about the latest news.
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washington post is advertising that they asked two speech writers on the outside and they drafted up a speech for melania trump, and according to dan balls the speech that they drafted that it bored no resemblance to the speech that melania trump gave, so they're saying hey, that was not our speech. katie, what do you know? >> reporter: sorry. i keep on interresulting you. what they said is that the speech that she got did not bare any resemblance that was written by outside contractors. i do not have the name of the contractors, so i can't confirm that those were the two names of those writing the speech. i do know that there was a first draft of the speech, and it did not look like the draft that she spoke or recited at the convention last night. i can tell you that there's a lot of unease within the campaign right now. a lot of discomfort and donald
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trump is furious about this whole thing. they wanted this to go as planned. they wanted her to look good and wanted her to shine and come out off the stage with the rave reviews and that's what they government it was not until a couple of hours later that it came forward. now they're very upset and fingers being pointed and people are trying to pass the blame, and as you just said a moment ago, the problem is not necessarily that she may have cribbed a little bit of michelle obama's speech, but it's a larger issue in the campaign. we have seen controversy of controversy and fumble after fumble. there's a lack of organization or when they try for it, they have lost it either because the campaign staff does not necessarily agree with donald trump with what he is saying or donald trump suddenly does not agree with what the campaign
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staff is saying. what does this mean for the convention? it's going to go off and he is going get the nomination, but there are folks out there saying what does this mean for the cou country? how can he lead if he is not lead a smooth campaign? >> that's a question and a lot of the professionals around here in cleveland are asking. now to kelly and the roll call of the states begins in an hour. what if any should we expect? >> well, certainly from the trump campaigns perspective this has been put down. they believe that they have -- i'm sorry. i have -- let me do this. this is better. i have been talking to trump campaign officials that say that they believe there will be no wrinkle in their plan to have those names and nomination tonight. at the same time we know that there are delegates that are angry and want an individual
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roll call vote. they want to be able to get their own message out. some of what we saw on this whole area here and colorado, texas behind us has not entirely burned out. according to some delegates that believe that this has not been as democratic as they want it to be. for the trump campaign, they want to move on. there are speeches tonight and big name in the party that are going to be on stage and talking about the unity that's something that this whole event is supposed to bring about when you have house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and other big names and chris christie, ace hutchinson and the gov ner of arkansas. there are people that are going to talk act the responsibility of the delegates to help unite the party and try to help the republicans have more power in washington come january. you will hear a lot about hillary clinton tonight there are aides saying that for
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example we can expect mitch to talk about hillary clinton and sharper than we would see him and say that she is willing to do about anything to get elected. that kind of tone and then house speaker ryan is addressing this group and then of course he is the highest ranking republican official and he has had a relationship with donald trump but he will tell this crowd that he is voting for a vice president mike pence and a president donald trump, so trying to bring some of the healing after what is a divisive season. it's interesting that you mentioned the names of the speech writers that i covered a number of times and then john mcconnell and matt have written for the biggest name in the republican party. >> absolutely. well known. >> reporter: back to you. >> thank you very much. we got the full run down there of tonight there from kelly. thank you very much. let me bring in the panel.
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the best way to talk about it is that it's establishment tonight. it's people and the political ju junkies will recognize. most importantly today it's a former speech writer for george w. bush and then a cnn analyst. he is ghost written and of course susan page of usa today and if you ever did plagiarize, the whole world would attack you for it. okay. starting with you. explain the process of writing a speech for someone like a political spouse that does not give a lot of speeches. what process do you do when you write a speech for someone that does not give speeches. >> well, she is not normally doing this and we have in put from several sources and that's
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the problem to determine where things come from. it's not just a speech writer or not one. it does no t work that way. >> you have been there before when you have the suggestions. >> yeah, in put from five or six people that are important in speech. >> it's within of those that here we are and we're about 15 hours from removing and we do not take any action and it's like trying to blame the media and maybe folks will buy that. >> yeah, i start to talk about spousal honesty and it did drain the night last night. i thought that that it was a great opening for a night. we had joy in the hall, and it's deflated gain. >> i would say that it's not well crafted the schedule.
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>> yeah. >> susan, the trump campaign seems that it's in a mess. i did not bring out the pence roll out. if you back this up, it begins with the vp roll out. nothing has gone right in this convention roll out. she needs to convince voters who are a little skeptical of them. >> you know what is interesting about last night is that it was not until rudy that i heard a testimonial for donald trump. a lot of last night was about hillary clinton. it was about the state of the nation and through a certain point of view. it was not until you heard about what trump.
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you did not give the personal antidotes about trump. this is a missing element. >> yeah, shawn smiths mom was very wrong. >> no doubt. >> they took it up. >> who is connected. >> yeah, when they lost the first day, they lost the other day. that should have been last night. >> yeah it seemed like that's messing here. >> yeah, i think that the republicans across the country and others were in a desperate search coming into this campaign. there's not a message control and that's from the campaign. >> yeah, i want to pause here because you're going to tran stoigs my next guest and make them respond to it. trump campaign and sam friend of the show and sam good to talk to you. >> good to see you chuck and out of washington.
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>> i'm sorry that you're not here on set but i want i don't to respond. a lot were looking for reacquaint surns. how do you respond? >> well, i have been listening to and they're critiquing this and i don't have a problem because and right now we're sitting pretty good and see if any of this matters to the public and coming out of the convention. >> are you concerned that you like at the trump episode aside. and you have been around these.
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why did you say why did we do that and speak to a half empty arena and things like that? >> well, i don't have anything to do with that. i agree some of the opt ticks were probably problematic as we went through the evening. i want the tell you that i got involved early. it was emotional for me when marcus was up on the stage. i know marcus and what he went through. i spent 25 years in the service and making the connection to me the way that he did was great. ru rudy blew the doors off. a lot of people have a short memory. i don't think that i remember back to some of the conventions that we have had back in the 60s and 70s and certainly i do. i am old enough to remember that and i think maybe there's some people on the panel and maybe not. i certainly remember some conventions and not always in the republican party and 68 comes to mind.
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>> right. >> does someone need to be accountable and are they going they need to hold someone accountable for this mess? >> i'm sure that it's being looked into. this is one of the things that you have to correct and take action to make sure that it does not happen gain. >> okay. campaign coach and you're not mixing the words. i appreciate it. >> always chuck. you bet. >> michael you and susan very quickly. what do you make of and sam is not doing the line. >> yeah, it's not good when people say that they're not doing nothing with that.
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that was the whole error. >> it's an unforced error and then to all of this. >> yeah, they said that they have to take the action. they're not red i do that and not going to get rid of this unless they get rid of something. >> one good thing is that sam is right and donald trump's speech if he knocks it out maybe the only thing that people remember here if it's done right. >> all is not lost for the trump campaign. thank you very much. coming up mike pence makes the first solo speech as the vp pick. the call for unity with georgia senator. you're watching a special edition from cleveland, ohio. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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well we have a venue change and it's going to take place in
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the state that both nominees call home. on september 26th hillary clinton and trump will swear off because today right state university in ohio with drew as the debate host. they sited security cost. i think also hosted an obama debate and the cycle before that was also the stand by for this year's debate site and well, thanks to him, they're getting a third one in a row. we will have more of that. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure.
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woman. i say to my fellow conservatives today that it's time for us to come together. >> vice president pick mike pence maybe an appearance today and addressed the union and called for unity in a party that's fractured on the first couple of days of the convention. these are the first remarks and he will be formally nominated tonight and he will give his nomination and acceptance speech tomorrow night. another one that's urging his peers to get in line behind trump. it's senator of georgia. he will be on stage tonight and senator thanks for coming on. i am calling it establishment tonight. senators are going to be at the convention. what do you want the message to be? i believe that you're going to be up there and what's the message from the senators speaking tonight with trump?
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>> well, an outsider i am in the system and what we're hope as good the unity among the freshman. we see that we have opportunity the change the direction of the down erie and chuck as you know that's what pulled me into my race in 2013 and 14 to have a small impact. the change the direction of the country and that's what people are asking for, we have to put donald trump in the white house. clinton and you talk about plagiarism, we're talking of clinton plagiarizing and we have enough evidence right now and on the economic and political side to know that's not a direction that the country really wants. >> i'm curious about it. let me pause you there. i am heard that they don't want to go into the direction. how do you explain the rising job rating? >> well, most of them have great ratings in the last year or two. what i hear back home is that
2:23 pm
people are struggling to get from payday to payday. the truth is standing on it's own. it's the lowest that it's been since 78. it has not changed in the last 50 years and most importantly in the last seven years woman have fallen into poverty and people know that things are not moving in the right direction and they feel left behind. there's not an idea of the administration that they're really that happy with. they like him as an individual but you're going to see in the election a ground swell and a momentum around this and i have tapped into it in georgia and in 2014. >> no, you did. are you a successful business man in your own right and in the long career and corporate america, do you look at this convention and looking and saying who is running the show here. are you concerned how it's being
2:24 pm
ran structurally? >> not at all. >> i don't think that ceo david perdue would allow some of the things falling through the crack. >> i think it's an amazing convention. a week from now we won't remember any of the details of the convention but donald trump's acceptance speech and his vision for america that he is talking act. this is what i hope that we as a party come together and unite with the high ground that we have and not only the failures and what clinton wants to do but what they can bring to america. >> let me ask you this and mike pence being named as the nominee and donald trump said that the reason that he made the trip is for the -- i know that you spoke to the delegation and said don't get involved in the antitrump
2:25 pm
movement that may take place on the floor. >> i am excited about mike pence's nomination. i they he is going make an amazing vicement. he is a solid conservative and he will help to bring us together. in addition to that, the fact that donald trump trump can be trusted. this is the issue when there's an outsider and it's like me the concern is can you trust me. what you heard last night is that this guy will have your back and you can trust him. this is what mike pence is joining him. >> i would remissed on the trade issue and mike pence was a tpp guy and you being a former major executive of rebok and i know that you have told me that look you want to see the better trade deals, and are you concern window the move to protectionism? >> yeah, of course. you have to have a level playing
2:26 pm
field chuck. that's what we talked about before. i argued that my entire career. we need the access and what we have done in the world and trade policies and the rate has change and the poverty rate has changed and that's partly because of the trade relationships. we have to protect the people that we protect. i have for the manufactures in america and that's what you hear coming out of donald trump. that does not mean that we're going to back up, but we're going to protect our own and have the equal opportunity to play in the level playing field. if you want a level playing field, you have to have the tax code and then booer one of the last countries in the last country to drop their tax and to deal with a corporate tax rate and so i think that these are things that we can help to make
2:27 pm
things more competitive. >> we have issues and many other interviews we have been able to do in the last couple of days. senator, thanks for talking to you. >> thanks. >> so protests are continuing inside of the arena and we hear more from the protests inside and then there's protests out here. we will look at both of them. hopefully the protest out here does not make it on to the street. we will be right back. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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we're going the here about the state's favorite whatever. stay tuned and watch it all. we will see you in a minute. we're right back after this. donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!" our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make.
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let me quote the last republican vice president of the consciences the last time a clinton was in the white house. this time to a trump pence administration help is on the way. >> well that's been a favorite reframe at all conventions since
2:35 pm
2000. he is right about cheney and who will do it in 2020. the big thing for the republican convention is make america safe again. speaks spoke about the policy and then the key areas that the party sees on the drastic differences, and i am joined with a speaker from last night. a arkansas veteran senator cotton. welcome back. >> thanks chuck. good to be on with you. >> explain the process of the speech vetting process with donald trump and the rnc and the campaign. did you submit the remark? >> yeah i did. it was pretty simple for us. they asked us a couple of weeks out if i would love to speak. i said yes. they gave me a time and i wrote the speech and they said that it looked good, and i gave it.
2:36 pm
>> did they -- did you feel that they combed through your speech and want to make tweets or did they feel good about it and let it go? >> they were please window the content that i had written and delivered it as written last night. >> senator, last night there were some speeches like yours, and i think rudy giuliani was really received, but it got stepped on by a will the of other stuff. are you disappointed that last night got lost in the melania trump controversy? >> i am mostly disappoint that had her message is distracted from. i thought that she gave a great speak. she spoke about the man that she loves and there was a mistake in the review of the content. she was not responsible for it. she spoke from the heart. >> are you concerned about the structure things that have happened over the last five or
2:37 pm
six day from the campaign whether it was how the mike pence nomination was roll you hadd haddeded out and the fact that they campaigned together. your colleague ended up speaking to a half empty arena at 11:30 at night. a lot of things could have been done better, are you concerned about this? >> no, not many voters look at that and the message that they took away was the republican party is the law and order and going make safe again and then donald trump is going to lead us to victory in november. >> let me ask you and i got to think that you're not happy about it that the washington headline was this. the trump campaign guts the gorks p stance on ukraine. i am guessing that this is not a position that you hold? >> chuck, i favor with many the
2:38 pm
supply in ukraine what they did to protect from innovation. i don't think that it's the best practice to include details on particular situations because it may look different in january. ukraine no longer needs them and we should say that we stand with the people of ukraine and their desire to live in in dependence. >> has any of donald trump's rhetoric on russia bothered you and the idea that there's a phrase for the leadership tile. maybe not the politics but the leadership style? >> well, putin is a former jkb and never got over that. i know a will the of things about russia and putin that many 350e78 that are not privilege to the classified information don't know. i suspect to this week when he debegins to receive that he may have a different perspective on the influence in the middle east
2:39 pm
and in europe and against american interest. >> since you're talking russia and we have a strong opinion about this, i had kerry on sunday on the sunday meet the ple press, and he did not give details on the deal that's struck and russia and the united states did coordinate a little bit when it comes to isis. i said how do you trust the russians given the conflict and the diplomatic conflict and ukraine says don't trust them but you have to see how to work with them. where are you on this? >> trusting russia and syria is stupid. i can't imagine that the obama administration would do it. now that they're asking us to solve their isis problem for them. what are they going to give us in return? turnover clinton's e-mails?
2:40 pm
>> okay. i take it that you don't think that there's any coordination with russia even if the enemy of the enemy is someone to work with. >> yeah, it's usually still my enemy and russia has no interest in coordinating anything with the middle east that would help the united states. >> i'm going leave it there. you will see us in the delegation and those not named arkansas. are you having a good time at those? >> having a great time all around cleveland and meeting with fellow republicans around arkansas and the country. >> senator cotton, thank you so much. the former chair of the union and republican party al and washington post reporter robert and molly politics writer at the atlantic magazine. al, let me start with you. how is this going?
2:41 pm
>> well, from on augoutsider cog in and you were not expecting a golden performance. yesterday and yesterday was a bad day ten hours from the floor and like tonight when you see a lot of energy and you know the first day was not a great day. i would give it a c. i thought mr. trump you could check the box. first lady box regardless of whatever else went on. i thought that we did not do that right with ernie. a little bit more ranting and raving and that fits the environment and the mood of the people. at the end of the day this election is by the candidate that leads this light and so -- >> are you trump or no? >> no. >> you were not a big trump guy. >> no, i'm not a trump guy. i am waiting to see if i can get
2:42 pm
comfortable with his judgment and be supportive. i am a support and the run way is getting shorter. hopefully we get there. >> yeah, robert, i have to go back to what is going on inside of the trump came pain. who is running this and going be held accountable. >> paul is still in control and still the chairman of the campaign and running the convention and there's no one that's been fired because of this plagiarism over melania trump's speechlt i they this entire day and the past hours has been a testament to the power. >> what do you make of this? >> well, i think that there's a lot of chaos behind the scenes and then the trump campaign and then the trump campaign and then the convention organizers based on how the chaotic it's been. >> let me pause you right here.
2:43 pm
in an important moment they're banging in day two of the convention. let's take a listen. >> really remarkable how an event for a different side of trump and for the policy and political case for his ideas and particularly make america safe gain. here is a canidate that's been talking about the threat of terrorism and crime and order. resent events have played into the message and rather than to use the opportunity to make the karks we have this chaos and this order. >> let's pause in and listen to the presentation. >> please remain standing for
2:44 pm
the pledge of the allegiance and representing countries from around the world well come the ambassadors that's going to lead us in the pleej of al. >> i pleej to the flag of the united states of america. . all right. please welcome life long browns fan dan paul singing the national anthem. >> we're going to sneak in a quick break and we will be back with more coverage of the national public convention night two. ? i dunno...maybe nobody understands him. well, if he were here,
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the energy is high here in clooe land. it's the great state of x and what they're known for. who is taking the stage and what to look for. we will be right back after the break. you both have a
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and we're back in a few minutes the national republican convention is going to be in for the second day. it's roll call day. always a fun day. we will see the start of the roll call in a minute. we will see if there's a little bit of she nan gan or two. we will also call this the establishment tonight. you will see the elected officials taking the stage and then house speaker paul ryan, house speaker paul and then chris christie. let's bring the panel back and al, how tonight -- how do you get more republicans to do
2:50 pm
testimonials than donald trump? the one thing that i noticed about last night is that no one was selling trump. they made a case against clinton, but rudy was the first to do one for trump. that seems to be will be offeri trump testimonies. >> i'm especially interested in watching chris christie. you remember in 2012, he was the keynoter for mitt romney and it was more about him than it was about mitt romney. tonight, he's all in with donald trump ande is the guy that's supposed to wave the flag tonight. so all expectations are on him to lift the crowd and be the donald trump salesman. i believe the other folks will talk more about their vision, the path for the country from congress' point of view. >> what do you expect from christie? >> from christie, i'm fascinated to see what he will say. he made it all about him four years ago when the nominee was someone the party and the establishment were much more enthusiastic about. >> 19th paragraph before mitt
2:51 pm
romney's name was uttered. >> christie, since he became one of the first sort of regular republicans to really get on board with trump, he was supposed to be trump's establishment validater. he was supposed to be the one to clear the way for trump with the more -- e-was supposed to help mainstream him into the party. and that has been a challenge to put it lightly. a lot of the establishment has gotten more nervous about trump, not less, as this campaign has gone on. >> robert, chris christie isn't just a supporter. he's one of the, you could argue, one of the brain trust or had been. i don't know if he still is. if the vp thing caused a little bit of a severing. >> christie is pretty close. he runs the transition team. he goes to trump tower a lot. i think it's establishment night and what i'm listening for is how do the establishment
2:52 pm
republicans talk about pence. they know him . >> that's another one. did pence's name get mentioned last night? >> of all the guys surrounding donald trump, he's the closest to christie. that's the northeast. that's the culture. that's new jersey and new york. they understand each other better than anybody else. >> know who set up the first meeting for pence in april with trump? chris christie. >> let's go to the convention floor. i believe we are getting started. this is jeff sessions, alabama senator. he will be officially nominating donald trump for the republican nomination for president of the united states. let's listen in. >> americans love our country like no other people on earth. but we have gotten off course and the american people know it. our political system is not
2:53 pm
working. we operate like the trench warfare battles of world war i, where hundreds of thousands die but no ground is gained. good americans will stand for this no longer. they want the political games, the posturing, and the showboats to end. they want their country on the right track again. median incomes have declined. terrorist attacks are increasing. respect for america has fallen. crime is rising and the president, he blames the police. the president does not lead. congress is deadlocked. the political, corporate and media establishments, they say calm down, don't overreact,
2:54 pm
don't be politically incorrect. unstated is a threat, if you persist in your complaints, we will attack you. but this time it's different. one man, donald trump, was not intimidated. he would not be silenced. he spoke the truth. he gave voice to the people's concerns. he said that the hyped trade deals have hurt america and hurt people, that our border must be secure, that our nation, that our nation must be strong, that we must defeat the terrorists who threaten us, that we must
2:55 pm
restore law and order and support our courageous law enforcement officers. the american voters heard this message and they rewarded his courage and his leadership with a huge victory in our primaries. he dispatched one talented fine candidate after another. momentum continued to grow. a movement started. democrats and independents responded. he received far more primary votes than any republican candidate in history.
2:56 pm
let me tell you about the donald trump i've come to know. he has a wonderful family which he loves intensely. in his personal relations he is unfailingly courteous and generous and is positive by nature. he has tremendous energy and strength. he is a warrior and a winner. he loves his country and is determined to see it be a winner again. i have been proud of this party and its principles since i was a teenager. it is not given to us to know the future. i certainly don't. but i came to believe some months ago that donald trump is the singular leader that can get
2:57 pm
this country back on track. he has the strength, the courage and will to get it done. he and the american people share a common goal, and together, we will make america great again. mr. speaker, mr. speaker, it is my distinct honor and great
2:58 pm
pleasure to nominate donald j. trump for the office of president of the united states of america. thank you. god bless. >> off to a good start. all right. the chair now recognizes the delegate and congressman from the state of new york, representative chris collins.
2:59 pm
>> thank you, my fellow new yorkers. speaker ryan, thank you for -- >> right now chris collins, the seconding speech here, nominating speech. chris collins was the first member of the house to endorse donald trump. jeff sessions was the first member of the senate to endorse donald trump. i am going to hand this off to brian and rachel. guys, i'm rushing over there because the roll call is my favorite part of every convention. you don't get to get rid of me too quickly but you do get to get rid of me right now. it's all yours. >> we know that about you, chuck. thank you very much. to the viewers just joining us, we will stay here in the room but this is, to chuck's point, even folks who are casual viewers of conventions, even people who aren't fans of convention but may have a soft
3:00 pm
spot for american history, the roll call of the states which makes it official is the traditional part of a convention and there were whispers all day that there may be a little trouble during this one. a few state walkouts. we'll see if the trump whips have whipped the crowd into shape. >> the convention we all sort of make fun of and sort of love, which is the great state of, state name, that in part derives from what we are about to see. the roll call takes a long time. it goes i think alphabetical. one of the states we are watching for in terms of causing a r, ckus is colorado. even if colorado or other states don't cause drama, this is a short of pageant of party fervor and state pride that is for civics dorks not exactly a


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