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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> if you do what you love, hold nothing back, and never let fear of failure get in the way, then you pretty much figured out the trump formula. >> i know that when people tell him it can't be done, that guarantees that he gets it done. i know that when someone tells him that something is impossible, that's what triggers him into action. and this week, that same man will stand before you as our party's nominee, for the president of the united states of america.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> big night in cleveland for speakers especially named trump and one named christie from across the river back home in new jersey. the delegates have now been given -- oh, look at the balloons loaded up there. see those huge webbed, netted bags of balloons for the balloon drop. >> the chronicle of a balloon drop foretold. >> you got the big ones, andrea mitchell. red, white and blue. usually there's more than one balloon drop, but it's just a fun thing to watch. >> at this point, on the convention floor, they're wrapping up for another night. but they're sort of playing them out, in terms of music on the floor. so we're seeing some full on republican boogying in the aisles. >> hello. >> which i think americans of all political stripes can
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appreciate. it's a much happier night tonight than it was last night. we're going to be talking this hour about the contrast between tonight, night two of the convention, with what we saw night one. night one, a lot of fire and brimstone, a lot of eye felt that it was sort of a death and destruction opening night of the republican convention. tonight was definitely different than that. even though we did talk about policies, we didn't talk about some of the most divisive policies donald trump has talked about, his muslim ban, his bringing back torture, building a wall on the southern border, it's gotten him so much attention because of the unprecedented nature of those kinds of proposals during the presidential campaign. one of the things the rnc did well tonight was change the policy, a little bit to policy. the discussion was mostly about hillary clinton being terrible. they moved it a little bit to
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bui policy, but they made sure it didn't go to the controversial policies. that was a little bit of art that i think they achieved. >> hallie jackson can be very useful in telling us in new york what we here in new york could not see. we came you briefly for the development in what was still the hot story about mrs. trump's remarks last night. what do we need to know about what transpired on that floor tonight? >> couple of things, guys. we started over here, there was some dancing in the aisles. they've stopped the music, but everybody is sort of leaving since the night is over. the fun here is over for now. but i'll tell you the two moments that stuck out in conversations with delegates over the last two hours. it's tiffany trump's speech and donald trump jr's speech. that's what folks are still talking about. as you look at the signs that are left here, the seats beginning to empty out, the idea that these kids made their father more relatable. and the message i heard more
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than once, aspirational. they're hoping to show people that the trumps can be, in one delegate's words, a normal family. i spoke with another man who said, hey, who better than a son to talk about what his father means. and one interesting note about melania trump's speech last night, in addition to the accusations of plagiarism, there weren't very many personal stories in her speech. that was different from tiffany trump's speech. and i heard that. they appreciated that, that humanizing story telling coming from the trump family. chris christie's speech, as we look around here, was another notable moment. when you look at our nbc news word cloud that we made of the evening, the biggest word on there is hillary. that seemed to be another theme here tonight. more washington politicians throughout the evening than we've seen monday night than we will see the next couple of nights. going after democrats hard, just about twice as many speeches
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focused on campaigning or on hitting hillary clinton, more so than they did building up donald trump. the role of building up donald trump fell to the family members here tonight. and the mood on the floor from the delegates is that donald trump jr and tiffany trump were successful in doing that. eric trump speaks tomorrow and ivanka will introduce her father on thursday. >> if along the way, you could collect and show us, you have at least two more nights to do this, and we'll do it again in philadelphia, the swag, the copious amounts of convention swag. >> there's so much. >> it's unbelievable. >> there's signs, swag bags, with all sorts of goodies in them. this is what it looks like when the convention ends. i'm going to get this and bring it back to new york for you, and we'll start a collection of convention swag bags. >> that would be great. looks great. you can easily accessories. just trying to make the point that going to convention is
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supposed to be a fun thing. if you're a delegate from alaska, you had more excitement in your evening than you ever thought leaving anchorage a few days ago. it was an interesting evening, our thanks to hallie jackson. interesting evening on that floor. >> yeah. and again, we started with a messy, kind of political scrum on the floor. yesterday, we saw that, to great effect, including delegations stomping out and being very angry. we saw some continued anger about that tonight. donald trump jr before his very well received speech, doing an interview with our reporter on the floor, after his delegate totals from new york put his father over the top and expressing anger at those delegates who had created such a scene yesterday. we then also got the alaska delegation today wanting a polling of their -- brought everything to a halt. it was interesting, though. when that happened, that pushed the series of speakers that the republican party had planned to start in 8:00 p.m. tonight,
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pushed it about 20 minutes late. and we had talked about it on the set, whether the rnc would be skilled enough to get that time back, to tighten up the roster for the evening, so that the podium speeches would be done by 11:00 and they did it. they got all that time back, even when ben carson went off script and started talking about lucifer, they still nailed it. >> you didn't get the urnt luds you were hoping for. >> no, we got much less ever of musical pad. >> let's bring in robert in. what are you able to report tonight? >> talking to trump campaign advisers and his allies, you get a sense that tonight was a recovery night for the trump campaign. they felt like they had a hot start on monday that then became a plagiarism story and they feel like they got a bit of their swagger back, but there's a
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sense that trump still has some work to do, not just to introduce himself to the country, but to make sure that conservatives feel like they're part of the fold. >> robert, we've heard the ongoing discussions, developments tonight, around last night's major story, which fss the plagiarism in melania trump's speech. "the new york times" has reported one new detail on that. "the times" is now citing a woman named meredith macgyver. she's a new york city-based ballet dancer and english major who has worked on some of mr. trump's books. she's now think described by the trump camp as the person who may end up being blamed for the passages of melania trump's speech that appeared to be contributed from michelle obama's similar speech in 2008. i wonder if you've followed your reporting further on this same story. >> yes, rachel, i've been able to confirm that meredith
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macgyver, who is a trump loyalist, very well liked by the trump family, played a part in writing melania trump's speech. the extent of her participation in crafting those remarks is yet unknown, but she is someone who has been a ghost writer, as we say for donald trump and members of his family over the last few years. when we ask ourselves why someone hasn't been fired within the trump campaign after this event occurred, it's partly because people like meredith macgyver are close to the trump family and there's not really a push to push her out. >> yeah, everybody understands that dynamic. robert, thank you very much. thanks for your reporting. we're going to go down to the convention floor. just off the floor, as we learned, just behind the colorado delegation, chris matthews, how did it look from there? >> well, it's over. as rachel said, it's all over tonight. it ended a little more
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bankruptly thbankrupt -- abruptly than last night. back in 1956, to go way back -- >> i was in high school then. >> but don't do that. history's history. everybody does that thing, it's not funny. history's history. in 1956, the democrats thought their way of beating eisenhower, they were going to beat the hell out of nixon. and bobby kennedy was following the campaign said, they don't get it. the people that hate nixon the most are already democrats, you're wasting your time. and i was thinking tonight in this festival of hating hillary tonight, this brewing up of almost a witch-like ritual tonight, i kept thinking, wait a minute, they already hate hillary. >> yeah. >> so what's the point? and does this get to the middle of the road voters saying, i'm worried about my kids, all kinds of issues. but none of them really relate to how much i hate hillary. they relate to other things.
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i know hillary has this credibility problem. but i got a choice here. how does this make me like trump anymore? >> right. middle of the road voters don't want to hear, lock her up, guilty, guilty, over and over again. >> when you start locking up your opponent, that's banana republic. >> that's an example of overreach. but let me explain what's going on here and why you're going to see the same hyperrhetoric against donald trump in cleveland. the world has changed since the 1950s. you now have a relatively large group of undecided voters. and they're not going to vote aspirationally. they're deciding in this election, who they loathe the least. so both campaigns look at -- >> really? that's how low they go? >> this is a negative partisanship election. a time when we are not voting out of aspiration, but out of fear and hating of the other guy. if that's the dynamic -- >> coming out of a voting booth, and you say to me, how did you
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go? i say, i went with hillary, i know she's not perfect. they'll say that? >> or i voted against hillary. you even hear it on the floor. how much did you hear out here about how great a guy is donald trump? >> nothing. except for the kids. >> right. >> most kids, by the way, will say nice things about their parents. so what you got to do, convince voters that the other person is so evil, that you have to vote against them, and how you inoculate yourself against that, is by having some semblance of a positive message. >> point of diminishing returns question. if you look at the polling, and we always do, you see high levels of not believing hillary clinton, untrustworthiness and unpopularity. can they get any higher? >> i don't think so. >> so what's the point of this? again, does this help win for trump, to just blast away at her again? >> yes, but not in the thway th you're thinking. what the clinton campaign has
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got to bet on, they can make donald trump more negative, and he can be seen as more untrustworthy. which by the way, he is seen as more untrustworthy. >> yeah, but they think he says what he believes, but they discount the fact that what he says is ridiculous sometimes. >> yeah, these people out here, you're channeling them. the undecided voters, who are still up for grabs, they know that both sides are liars. >> okay, be a critic. smart to spend the night going after hillary? >> yes. same reason it's going to be really smart for hillary clinton to go after donald trump. >> what a world you paint. guys, back to you. doesn't look like a happy week coming after this one. >> and we should tell our viewers, ron fournier was covering a southern governor in arkansas who happened to become the last democratic southerner elected president and ron fournier started a long and storied career with the associated press for 20 years.
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good to see you. thank you for being part of our team. senator amy klobuchar of minnesota is standing by to talk to us as well. thank you for being with us at this late hour. i'll ask you a question i asked steve schmidt on the other side of the aisle tonight. if you're on the democratic convention planning committee, and if you agree that the best conventions are kind of -- have large ad libs to hem, what do you call for the democrats gathering next week based on these two nights that you've seen so far? >> well, if i told you it wouldn't be ad-libbed, but i'll say this about it. you're going to have to have a contrast here. yes, there's a lot of stories to tell about donald trump from real people who he's messed around with, that he hasn't paid, people lives he's destroyed, trump university, those things will come out.
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but i think there also will be a positive story told at the democratic convention about her plans, how she wants to help the middle class, and we just haven't heard that in the last two days. we've heard nothing but people screaming "lock her up," questioning her faith, comparing her to the devil. that's what we just heard from a major candidate for president. the two kids did a great job, and you've noted that, and they are correct. but they are his kids. i hope if my daughter ever gave a speech, she would be somewhat nice about me. i think we can expect that. but it's really bothered me that we've just heard this divisiveness and negativity again and again, capping it off with the woman from the bold and the beautiful, i did miss that, so i shouldn't comment on that one, but it's been a really, really negative convention so far. >> senator, it's rachel here in new york. on the point you just raised about the chants from the crowd, lock her up, lock her up, she
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ought to be in stripes, we've seen that from the podium, we heard it from the crowd. we've seen signs and t-shirts and buttons, hillary for prison. is there different than you expected, and what's the right defense against that kind of tone and that kind of attack for the clinton campaign and for democrats more broadly? >> well, i think, first of all, the first answer is, of course the obvious, that the fbi director who is a former republican appointee by the bush administration, of the u.s. attorney, one of the highest departments in the justice department, while we clearly said that there were major downing street makes made, he made it also clear that this wasn't worthy of criminal prosecution, it didn't meet the second. the second, we've got a candidate in donald trump that won't even put his tax returns out there, who has a history of running companies into the ground, of someone who wants to add nuclear weapons to countries
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that don't even have them and destroy our alliance with nato at a time when they're battling terrorism. i think a contrast will be made, but i think what you'll see is a vision for america, a vision for jobs for america, and good-paying jobs, and helping people pay off their student loans. when i've been home these last few days, that's what people want to talk about. they want to talk about how they're going to put their kid through college. how they're going to be able to afford a house. and that is not what you're hearing tonight. >> senator, we're hearing from the clinton campaign some sounds, inco-ate signals, not exactly direct words, that we're going to get a vice presidential announcement as soon as friday. donald trump accepts the republican nomination on thursday night. the republican convention wraps up thursday night. we're hearing the clinton campaign may spend the next day rolling out their vice presidential choice. who do you think it's going to be? is it going to be you? and what do you think the democratic party needs to achieve with this rollout? are there still democratic party
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unity issues that are at stake here that the vice presidential choice might be rolled out to help? >> okay, i don't know who the vice presidential candidate is going to be. i don't think it's going to be me, because, as i told you, i would tell you immediately if that was the case. [ laughter ] and also, in terms of unity with the democratic party, i think that bernie sanders did an incredible job last week, very strong endorsement of hillary clinton. i think you're going to see that carry through into the convention. and when people ask about, well, what will these bernie sanders supporters do, look at the difference here. donald trump had trump university. bernie sanders supporters want to have free college. okay? that's a big difference. bernie sanders supporters want to do something about climate change. they care very much about the environment. donald trump says it's something invented by the chinese, the climate change problem. he said it on twitter where he says everything else. bernie sanders supporters want to help the poor, donald trump says he wants to bet on the
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housing crisis. so with bernie sanders' strong endorsement, the work that's going to be done next week, i think you're going to see a strongly unified party. >> democratic senator amy klobuchar of minnesota, greatly diminished by the retirement of gar son. -- >> trust me, he's still out there. he's got a lot of good days ahead. >> senator, we'll be talking to you in the days ahead. thank you. we'll take a break. when we do, when we come back, i'll put it this way, sports fans know the expression "under review." the call on the field is "under review." lawrence o'donnell with all the things that are under review that we heard from that podium tonight.
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♪ >> we are back, rachel just learned on the worldwide web that the top three used words tonight were hillary clinton and america. after that was donald and trump. >> trump and donald. >> that tells you a lot about what we watched on the convention floor tonight. nicole wallace, chuck todd, one of them is a former white house communications director in the bush white house and a long time republican hand. the other is chuck todd. no, i'm kidding. he's our political director and mo moderator of "meet the press." thank you for staying up late, no matter the time zone. again, we would all love to think our children would say nice things about us, under threat of duress or not. can it be said the trump kids saved night two? >> i think that's right. and the interesting thing about
11:24 pm
family members, and this goes across party divides, but they're usually unscathed by the heat that the candidate draws, so they're powerful and effective messengers for their parents or spouse. so what donald trump did tonight was weighed into some policy and pretty tough politics. we'll see how that plays. i know there's a difference. because what we saw last night was so different from what we see on tfr tv. but in the hall, the two highlights, the donald trump jr speech, the crowd loved him and what he said. and chris christie's speech, which got the loudest response in the room out of the whole program this evening. >> mr. schmidt, our friend and our colleague in new york, said he found that chant "lock her up," about hillary clinton, to be banana republican in nature
11:25 pm
and say we don't lock up our political opponents in this country. >> i feel like sarah palin who wanted to call you the lame-stream media. [ laughter ] but this will be equalled at the democratic convention by something equally ludicrous. that is what happens at the conventions because of the kinds of people who want to spend five days hammering out a platform, the kinds of people in the room are the -- chuck called it raw red meat eaters, that's who is here, and that's who will be here next week. so i think those things get canceled out by the end of the two conventions. but what christie did, this prosecution, issue by issue, point by point, and i think that is a message you will hear every day from now until november. maybe not from donald trump, because he's not the most disciplined, but i would be very surprised if pence didn't adopt that for his stump speech. >> chuck? >> after a mess of a first night
11:26 pm
of a convention, after the hiccup with alaska, all of a sudden this convention has finally found its footing, if tur donald trump's campaign. there's plenty of republicans who don't like the tone, don't like some of the things, but you feel like for the first time, particularly the last two hours of this convention, it's the convention and the messaging that donald trump and his campaign at least envisioned that it might look like. so there's no doubt it's very red meat. i would remind people, monday and tuesday nights of conventions are the activist, red meat nights. if it's still this same way on wednesday and thursday, which is when you start getting bigger audiences, more casual viewers and voters start showing up, then i think we could start talking more about the tone of this convention. but look, they even ended on time. they still have a -- i still don't think they have programmed their 10:00 hour very effectively. there's too many primetime speakers, speaking to empty seats. they gotta fix that, but at
11:27 pm
least they ended on time, and at least they seemed to get control of this convention, which who knew it was going to take them this long, but it did. >> disunity day and one plajar simp scandal thart, they're finally on track. >> did either of your ears perk up for the lucifer part of the saul wolen ski off-script part from ben carson? did that pique your interest in terms of whether or not they had control of this thing? i felt like they did, and then we got lucifer from ben carson. >> you know, it's funny from ben carson. because he says it in such a mild-mannered way, it sometimes goes through. i hear you, it's harsh stuff, but i don't know if it ever penetrates as negatively because of how he presents himself. >> we all noted how well received, i think he got one of the loudest rounds of applause as he took the stage.
11:28 pm
he's beloved in this room, and i think because he was one of the more civil people during the campaign, which is saying a lot about the republican primary. he has a little more latitude to say things that are off-script. >> he gets to play the lucifer card and nobody minds. >> but it has been played so far. >> i do want to make one point on messaging. i've been messing around with word clouds and we did one on our sister program, as you guys might be aware. and tonight's theme and message was make america work again. the word work in our word cloud was very hard to find. and as you guys pointed out, hillary was the biggest word, then clinton, then donald. the word "work" wasn't there. but then again, i think what unites this convention is beating up hillary clinton. promoting trump doesn't fully unite this convention and that is something, i think, we're all starting to comprehend. >> chuck todd and nicole
11:29 pm
wallace, who's first morning show appearance is in about 90 minutes. [ laughter ] >> i'm glad you know this. >> thank you, brian williams. did you call somebody? >> you guys get to sleep in. >> i'm sorry, his microphone -- sorry, we've lost contact with philadelphia. we'll take a break here in new york. and when we come back, lawrence o'donnell on all those items under review from tonight.
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>> we are back here in new york by way of covering cleveland. a lot of old-timers feel that video replay has ruined sports. however, it has brought new specificity to the business of -- i'm getting there -- to the business of covering sports. it's also given us the expression "under review." anything that is disputed on the field of play, under review. lawrence o'donnell is here tonight with our own segment by the same name about the things said from the podium that perhaps defied fact-checking. we'll begin with chris christie tonight, he had one of the biggest speeches of the night. one of the most effective parts that is not under review is his discussion of hillary clinton's e-mail situation and he kept using the phrase, the fbi director said that was untrue. that was very effective. he said, she said she doesn't have any classified information on her e-mail server.
11:34 pm
then said the fbi director said that was untrue. there were other parts of the speech came as a big surprise to people. the idea that hillary clinton who has been a champion for women's rights around the world, would have been a supporter of boko haram, the terrorist organization in nigeria that has attacked little girls especially, taken them out of school. let's listen to that passage of his speech. >> in nigeria, hillary clinton amazingly fought for two years to keep an al qaeda affiliate off of the terrorist watch list. these al qaeda terrorists abducted hundreds of innocent young women who years ago. these schoolgirls are still missing today. and what was the solution from the obama-clinton team? a hash tag campaign. she fights for the wrong people.
11:35 pm
>> first of all, the schoolgirls he's talking about who were kidnapped, were kidnapped when boko haram was on the terror watch list. what they call the foreign terror organization list. there was a move to get boko haram on that list earlier. the state department were moving toward it. they were strongly advised against it. and secretary clinton was strongly advised against it, because those in private contact with boko haram. any private contact with them would become illegal as soon as they were named to that list. so there was a delicate situation of how much can we accomplish under our current conditions with boko haram and our current ability to secretly try to reach them, before moving to the final step of putting them on the foreign terrorist organization list, which ultimately they did. there was no choice.
11:36 pm
so that's the context that chris christie, i think, very deliberately left out of that. another spot in here, where he talks about that hillary clinton and barack obama in negotiations with cuba, his words, got almost nothing in return for ending the embargo. the embargo is completely in force, it can only be ended by congress. it was formalized by congress in the '90s. so the embargo is still completely endorsforced here. and let's listen to what he said about the iran deal. >> it's a deal that will lead to a nuclear iran and israel will be less safe and secure and a much more dangerous middle east. >> the israeli chief of staff of the israeli defense forces disagrees with that, has said recently on the one year anniversary of the deal, that it, quote, removed the most serious danger to israel's
11:37 pm
existence for the foreseeable future. that, of course, wouldn't make it into a chris christie speech. >> bill of particulars laid out there. i thought that speech was structured to get exactly the response that it wanted, that guilty, not guilty thing that he did. but it was really long. he went into territory that hasn't been well plumbed in this campaign before. i haven't heard that boko haram charge before. >> no one had heard of it. that audience who'd never heard it before, all instantly agreed that hillary clinton is guilty of harboring boko haram. >> but in making that case tonight, good to have that context. >> another break in our coverage. we're back from new york right after there. after this. isere. after this. re. after this. e. after this. . after this.
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>> for my generation, this is the most important election of our lifetime. one that will determine the future of our country, and in turn, the future of the world.
11:41 pm
>> everyone watching with children would hope their children are good reflectors back on them in life. this can certainly be called the most trump of the two trump nights of the convention so far. michael dant -- michael d antonio is with us. michael, what did you think was the truth about the two trump children we heard from tonight? >> well, you're right, it really was the trumpiest night. and donald jr has been preparing for this for years. this is something i think people don't understand, is that he's been very deeply into politics since at least 2011. when i talked to him in 2013, i could tell he was warming up to this kind of role. so he pulled it off. i think, you know, donald counted on his kids to really be the supporters that are
11:42 pm
guaranteed good batters up at the plate for him, and he hit the ball hard. >> whether the family business is a paint store or television or construction business, it can safely be said and we've seen the evidence of it, these kids were all brought up in the family business, which in their case, kind of bridges some different concerns. >> well, it does. and one of the areas that trump is deeply into is entertainment. he actually -- his first dream was to be a movie producer and director. and then he produced a broadway play that was his actual first construction project and i think these kids, we have to think of them as showbiz kids. they've all been on the apprentice. they know how to work a room. they know how to work to the camera. so i wasn't surprised at all by donald jr's performance. i fully expected him to do the job that he did tonight. >> and it starts at the top. you know, i've been saying, i
11:43 pm
don't know of anyone else who has run for president in the modern era with 100% recognition. i mean, you could make a great case that there were no americans who hadn't heard of dwight david eisenhauiz eisenho world war ii. this guy, when he appeared in smokey silhouette, back lit, that's a guy who you can tell knows what he looks like as a cut-out. >> well, i sort of thought donald would have been more comfortable at the rock & roll hall of fame if he's going to come to cleveland. that's his style. he used to refer to himself as an elvis-like character. so this is the family business. building imagery. appealing to people, making the case for the man, not so much the ideals. donald's ideals have been very
11:44 pm
flexible over the years, but the consistent promotion of donald as the best at everything is something the kids have heard all their lives, and they know how to deliver the lines. >> michael, one of the things that a number of people who have had different dealings with donald trump over the years have suggested about him, in terms of publicity, is that it's important to know not just that he's really good at getting publicity, and that he's very goal oriented in terms of maximizing the publicity that he gets, but that he's sort of indifferent to the quality of that publicity. even when people have been criticizing him and that's the reason they're using his name, he's still happy for the quantitative nature of the coverage. do you think -- have you found that to be true? >> well, that's true some of the time. but i think when he really needs for it to come out in a positive way, when he's determined to move the conversation in a certain direction, he's going to
11:45 pm
enlist family. he did that with his first wife, he did that with his second wife. and the kids have come along in this regard. so this whole idea of this being a trump family production, is consistent with his need now for the coverage to become positive. and i think to come out of this convention at the end with a very trump positive boosting message that leaves maybe the hillary bashing mostly to others, but allows the family to promote the trump name. >> your name is not on the list of presidential biographers necessarily in the united states, however, it may yet be, depending on what this year yields. i do know you were very patient in standing by for us tonight. thank you very much for coming on, talking about your book and its subject matter, michael
11:46 pm
dantoni dantonio, donald trump. another break in our coverage, and we'll be right back.
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>> regardless of gender, you are warned to wear flats to a convention. one of the rules road warriors will tell you, hours, jathey've
11:50 pm
gathered in a far-off corner of the convention floor. road warriorwarriors, take it a. >> hey, guys. >> flats on. >> i got my desert boots. i don't know why. >> because you're prepared for anything. >> never know what's going to happen out here on the convention floor. >> we're ready for it. >> whose feet hurt the worst? >> exactly. >> you realize how many hours we're standing, all day on the floor, all evening on the floor, running around, trying for targets of opportunity which are not easy to get. >> you wear a fit bit. how many miles are you clocking? [ inaudible ] >> what's the steps? >> i'm trying to think. >> i can't see. >> there's a lot. >> regardless. >> let's just say three and a half miles. >> she's met her goals for the day. >> and somebody you got toy,
11:51 pm
donald trump jr, who gave the big speech to kick off primetime. and there's been a false alarm that there were similarities to -- >> not again. >> yes. >> it turns out, why don't you explain it a little bit and we can get into it. >> let's do it. >> it's all you. >> similar to this column written by frank buckley the american conservative. it blew up on twitter. t"the daily show." >> turns out the guy who wrote the column and one of the principal writers of donald trump's speech. >> so he borrowed from one of his own writers. >> that's exactly right. >> tonight he said some of the delegates, got to be careful here, from the stop trump movement, or in particular, the ones that threw their credentials on the floor were acting like idiots.
11:52 pm
this has clearly really gotten under their skin. i mean, it's over now, at this point, this movement. >> that's the apple doesn't fall far from the tree moment. >> i think tonight was all about chris christie. this was again the prosecution against hillary clinton. and one of the toughest speeches we've heard so far and a really memorable speech, and that was the moment that to me sounded most -- that is paul ryan, sounded most like real convention speeches, the kind that we've been covering for years. the other speeches were different. they were more personal, and you saw that. >> it was funny, tonight was speaker ryan and mcconnell. when you had a chance to talk with governor christie, i said, was this your audition for attorney general? because that's what it sounded like. >> i think he wanted to show he could make the case against hillary clinton.
11:53 pm
he might have done it if he was tapped to be the running mate. if he's in position to take a role beyond this chairmanship position he's in, this is a way to not only make the case from the issues that you cover, relating to e-mail, and to involve the audience tonight. that was striking. guilty or not guilty was his question. and then jail her or -- >> lock her up. >> there you go. >> but hillary clinton has not, the clinton team as active as they are on social media, they have not responded at all to the melania trump controversy. they don't want to get into that. the last they want to do is be criticizing the spouse of the candidate. but at the same time, she immediately was on twitter against chris christie, saying, to be lectured about ethics by chris christie, you know, we've got a bridge we might want to sell you. >> the thing that seem to be captivating the room the most,
11:54 pm
i'm curious what you think about the energy in the room. i spent some time, while i was off camera in section 205 in the rafters, hanging out with people up there and it's a much different vibe up there than it is down there on the floor. and people didn't seem as excited up there as they did down here. what was your sense of the vibe down here tonight? >> this was like a tailgate vibe, a little bit. some people dancing around, you know, during the music interludes and sort of chatting and hanging out. much more celebratory. interesting to me the rafters were a little more somber. >> when he went over the top, it was a big moment, his son and after this very long, arduous task, going over the top, becoming the republican nominee, as improbable as that is, this place did not move. you did not have the spontaneous or the choreographed celebration that you normally have. >> it's a moment normally where
11:55 pm
a muj release happens. this was sort of an acceptance. it pushed him over the marker. it was his son doing that. some of the most intense time when we were making a space for the children of donald trump to come in, so they could watch that happen. that was as tight as it got tonight. >> ends up feeling like the fourth quarter of the game when the team is down, everybody splits early in the night, because it gets quiet real fast here. guys, we'll send it back to you. good evening from the floor here in cleveland. >> wow, a couple of observations, number one, andrea mitchell has been awake for so long, we're so happy she's not talking into her bolth of water and drinking out of her microphone. number two, you have chosen the same corner as triumph the insult dog, which looks like the tv fun house of robert sh michael, well done there. thank you all for your hard work. we've marvelled at it for a
11:56 pm
second straight night. all this campaign after all. >> we've had night one and night two of the republican convention. we have night three and night four, and those have headliners of a very different quality. we'll still hear from another couple trump children and establishment figures. but tomorrow we' hear from a republican vice presidential nominee, official as of today, mike pence, and then on thursday night, we'll hear from donald trump himself. the business of this convention is now done. the nominees are set. they will accept their nominations and we'll get our first peek of pence as a campaigner in this national role. viewers of msnbc are in for a treat. two more hours of live coverage anchored by chris matthews and all of our colleagues and friends out at convention headquarters in cleveland. for our merry band, see you tomorrow evening. thank you.
11:57 pm
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>> i'm chris matthews, it's midnight in cleveland and the beginning of a new day for the party of abraham lincoln. as the day just ended, the republican party decide at the party has a new nominee for president of the united states, donald j. trump. it's official. but inside the arena it was a night to attack hillary clinton, attacks ranging from the mild to


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