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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 20, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> i'm chris matthews, it's midnight in cleveland and the beginning of a new day for the party of abraham lincoln. as the day just ended, the republican party decide at the party has a new nominee for president of the united states, donald j. trump. it's official. but inside the arena it was a night to attack hillary clinton, attacks ranging from the mild to
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the criminal. >> let me tell you something about risk. if hillary clinton were elected, she'd be the first president who couldn't pass a basic background check. >> friends, not since baghdad bob has there been a public figure with such a tortured relationship with the truth. >> as first lady, you viciously attacked the character of women who were sexually abused at the hands of your husband! >> hillary clinton understands coal miners and blue collar workers about as well as she understands secure e-mail. >> are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model, somebody who acknowledges lucifer? think about that. >> it is our obligation to stop hillary clinton now and never let her get within ten miles of the white house again.
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>> nasty times and former new york mayor rudy guiliani even told me, she should be in jail. hillary clinton, here he is. >> what about this charge that she belongs in prison? i mean, your candidate for president and he is your candidate as of tonight, says hillary should be in jail. he says that over and over and over again. should hillary clinton be in jail? yes or no? mayor giuliani, you know her. you're a prosecutor. >> if i did what she did, i would be in jail. >> what was that exactly? >> she exposed the most sensitive information of the united states to our enemies. she lied about it over and over again. and she destroyed 34,000 e-mails she had no right to destroy. i have convicted people on 20% of that evidence. >> well, even as the republican party presented a united front on stage against hillary clinton, the trump campaign remains haunted by last night's
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story that portions of melania trump's speech bore striking similarities, word for word, in sequence to michelle obama's speech back in 2008 at a democratic convention. we'll have all the latest twists and turns on that story. it's all coming in and growing, as we begin to focus here tonight. prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. robert costa, national political reporter for the washington most and an msnbc political analyst. ed koch, the chairman of the new york city state political party and susan page, washington bureau chief for usa today. thank you for joining us. rudy guiliani and your candidate as of tonight said that your chances in november are so robust that you can take the empire state. explain. >> he can. >> when is the last time the republican party won new york state? >> 1984. >> okay. >> but the really interesting time was 1980, which would be similar to that. no one expected reagan to do as well as he did and he got new
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york state in 1980. big surprise. >> how do you do that against the former senator of new york, hillary clinton? >> do it the way pataki did. he got a huge outpouring of votes upstate in new york, people who were unhappy with the present governor, the economic situation, the fact that we can't develop natural gas, the amount of corruption that's going on with respect to cuomo, you toss in that the problems that mrs. clinton has. you can see a huge outpouring, upstate and get over 30% in the city, that's all we need to get, we win. >> let's cover some of the topics tonight. start with robert costa. i want to jump ahead a bit and get back to it more later. what is the latest on who cribbed those portions of the speech and they were cribbed, in sequence. >> two speech writers were commissioned to create some passage and theme to melania trump's speech. their draft was scrapped. she ended up working with
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meredith macgyver, a long time trump organizational employee. >> a ballet person? >> and also a ghost writer. >> did she take the material from michelle obama's speech and put it into melania trump's? >> at this point, it's unclear. all we know is that a few hands contributed to this. we haven't seen melania trump speak out about meredith macgyver's role. meredith macgyver has not responded to press requests. mcconnell and scully they they did an early draft, but they didn't have a heavy hand in what happened. >> is this a superficial wound or a puncture wound? does this stay there and get infected and doesn't go away until it's opened up again? >> i'm not a predictive guy. but a lot of republicans felt they recovered tonight in terms of the themes here on the second night of the convention. but because a lot of the questions remain unanswered, the
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story is going to continue. because we still don't really know how the speech was written and who did what. >> is she finished as a public figure until they get this settled? can they bring her out again for q & a? >> they didn't bring her out for governor pence's rollout. >> can she ever face the press again without facing these questions? >> in the next interview melania trump has, people will ask her what he does with the speech. >> let's take a look at some more of my interview. it was pretty rough stuff on hillary. here's rudy guiliani. >> trump has been talking about carrying new york state. that is not something that's happened in years for your party. >> donald trump hasn't happened in years for anybody. so how can you count him out? you can't count him out. the man has an ability to reach regular americans in a way i
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haven't seen since ronald reagan. >> you worked a lot with secretary clinton, former senator clinton, known her a long time, going back to the early '90s, and yet you're part and parcel including what you said last night, of a very tough indictment of her. would you say to her face the kinds of things people are saying here about her being crooked hillary? is she crooked hillary? >> what i said last night is, she gave america a way to putin, when she negotiated to give away the nuclear defense of poland and the czech republic and she got nothing in return. and putin took her measure as a weakling. >> tonight, it was relentless. every speaker, man, woman, child, young person, older person, civilian, veteran, family member, everyone came out and said hillary ought to go to jail. and the people in the crowd were yelling what? >> lock her up. >> it's the new anthem of the
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republican party. but i must say as an observer, it did unite the delegates. >> it united the delegates. they made the case against hillary. they didn't make the case for donald trump. you heard hillary clinton's name over and over again. >> what's your estimate? will it work? >> hard to believe these two candidates' negatives can get any higher than they are as they've reached record levels. >> can it unite a party? >> i think it does not reach out to the swing voters that you gotta have if you're going to win new york or even places that republicans do a little better in. there are not enough angry working class voters to elect a president unless you reach out to some other people who are not driven fundamentally by hatred of hillary. >> people in play right now, are not the working white guy. he's ticked off and he's going with trump and the liberals are going with hillary. but the group in play, women in the suburbs, who read the paper,
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keep up. they're more moderate, pretty much pro-choice, but they're republicans. and did donald trump reach them tonight by trashing hillary? did he get to the suburban woman? >> in the end, the acceptance speech, this tempest in a tea pot about melania, that's going to be over with the acceptance speech. >> how is it going to be over? is he going to explain it? >> of course not. but it will wipe it out, because people will be talking about the acceptance speech. it's got to be more than just attack. it's got to reach to the level not just of the head of government, but the head of state. people need to look and see, if something happened in the country, we would like this person to reach the emotions of all the people in the country. >> there are a couple of strengths. he does talk about the country in a way that's tough, patriotic. people talk about government and
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society. he talks about the country. we gotta get tougher on trade to protect our country, gotta get tougher on our borders. is that going to be part of the theme? >> sure, very patriotic people. this is middle management in companies. not just blue collar people, not just the hard hats -- >> by the way, where are the rich people? >> they're not here. >> i've been all over the floor now for two days and i see -- i see no country club aspect, no palm beach here. >> no. this is not your father's republican party here. this is the new republican party, a trump republican party. >> let's take a look at this. amid chants of "lock her up," chris christie delivered a prosecution of hillary clinton. he kept getting the guilty from the crowd. it was like the roman coliseum tonight. here's his closing argument. >> her focus tested persona with
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no genuineness to be found, is a sham, meant to obscure the facts and leave you able to vote for her. we cannot promote someone to commander in chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she's made. i can tell that everybody in this hall agrees with this, but i want to take our last moments here to talk to all of you at home, in your living rooms, sitting there tonight, you're the ones who will decide this election. we have an alternative. we have a man who is unafraid. we have a man who wants to lead us. because we know exactly what four years of hillary clinton will bring. all the failures of the obama years, but with less charm and more lies. it is time to come together and make sure that donald trump is the next president of the united states! i am proud to be part of this team. now let's go out and win this thing together.
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let's go get them. goodnight! >> it was a rousing close, and the entire speech was a number of indictments. and they kept saying guilty or not and they all go, "guilty"! it was like thumbs up, thumbs down in the coliseum. it was unbelievable. >> how will pence's speech compare to that one? >> it won't be as tough. >> i'm sure it won't be. won't that be more about reassurance about donald trump not prosecution of hillary clinton? >> when you look at christie, i was watching from the second level, he was playing to the tv audience. when the crowd kept saying, "lock her up," he wasn't going along with it. he's nod at the chants. but he was speaking to the voter at home. he didn't raise his tone. his volume was the same throughout much of the speech. he wasn't playing to the audience in this room. the other thing, it wasn't
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ideological, it wasn't a left versus right argument. it was good versus bad. >> and she was evil. >> guilty. [ laughter ] >> it was on every element of foreign policy, domestic policy, the e-mails, benghazi, on every point, guilty, guilty, guilty. >> but not a progressive, not from the left. >> ed koch, always good to be with you. >> thank you. >> watch the election night to see how you're right or wrong. susan page, thank you very much, robert, sticking around. kaup, with the republican governor of ohio who is staying away from the convention in his own state. he didn't give the welcoming speech, because i don't think he was welcoming the candidate who is going to be the nominee of the republican party. john kasich tells me why during our interview today. all that, and we had it at the rock & roll hall of fame. our live coverage goes on from cleveland right after this.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hardball" from the republican convention in cleveland. accusations of plagiarism in parts of melania trump's speech last night appear to be lifted from michelle obama's 2008 convention speech. that threw a wrench into the first night of the republican convention and cast a cloud over today's events as well. let's take a look at the similarities as we splice together the two speeches. it's pretty graphic. you'll get it. >> from a young age -- >> barack and i were raised -- >> my parents impressed on me. >> with so many. >> of the values. >> of the same values. >> that you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond. >> that your word is your bond. >> and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> that you do what you say you're gonna do. >> that you treat people with
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respect. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. barack and i set out to build lives guided by these values, and to pass them on to the next generation. >> we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. >> because we want our children. >> because we want our children. >> and all children in this nation. >> in this nation. >> to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements. >> to know that the only limit to your achievements. >> is the reach of your dreams. >> is the strength of your dreams. >> and your willingness to work hard for them. >> and your willingness to work for them. >> the only thing different in there and the pronunciation. trump campaign adviser paul manafort had this reaction. it wasn't much of a reaction, by the way, to this. let's listen. >> there was nothing that she did in that speech that she thought was anybody words but
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herself. i don't think donald trump feels there's anything to fight about. >> in politics, we call that blah blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah. anyway, robert costa is back with us, and also former speech writer for president jimmy carter. i worked for rick back in the days. let me go to robert on the reporting. it seems to me that anybody who watched that knows that it was plagiarism, it's so outrageous that it continues and continues in the same sequence. each one of those words was not only replicated verbatim by melania trump it was repeated in order that it was given by michelle obama. it's a direct cribbing of somebody earlier's speech. and that's a fact. do they accept in the trump campaign that there was plagiarism, the fact of it, not who to blame yet? >> the public line, they don't accept it. privately -- >> they say it's not there. >> that's the public line. privately you talk to trump
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associates, trump allies, they say it was a mistake. >> what's a mistake. >> a blunder. >> no, i do not accept that. a mistake is when you make the wrong turn in traffic, or you get the wrong date or somebody's name wrong. that's a mistake. when you go to somebody's earlier speech, you take it and put it in your speech and you take credit for it, that's not a mistake, that's plagiarism. you don't mistakenly do that. >> totally agree. >> why do they keep calling it a mistake? >> because this is political war to them. they feel like the first night of the convention was ruined because they didn't have the organization and the vetting of their speech. >> let me go further, why did somebody do it? did they think it was okay to do it? >> what we learned today, there were two bush speech writers, asked to do a draft, it was scrapped. now it looks like a long time member of the trump campaign -- >> the ballerina did it. >> the loyalist, the ghost writer. but she's not speaking out.
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>> she's not speaking out? >> no. no statement. no interview. it's a lot of confusion. a lot of murkiness about what actually went into the speech. when we spoke last night, we thought manafort had the approval. now we learn there's been different hands on this product. but no one's coming out and saying, here's how the speech was written. >> why don't they throw the person to the lions, or have the person come out, put the sword in, fire them and they'll walk. >> one thing we've heard at "the washington post," jared cukushn, the son-in-law was involved -- >> but they were clean on this? >> they were clean on this. the other point, meredith macgyver is beloved by the trump family. >> does she love them? if she loves them, she should come forward and say she did it. joe biden's career was knocked
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back 20 years over plagiarism. we know people in journalism and history-writing, major historians have had their careers marred by this, it's always taken seriously. in s.a.t. writing, there's machinery to make sure you can't do this. your thoughts? >> well, i don't think it's a gigantic moral sin that's been created here. obviously, melania herself hasn't done anything wrong, unless you count reading a speech that somebody else wrote to be inherently wrong. i mean, she -- she's -- it's as if she was playing herself on tv, reading these lines. it's compared to some of the other moral outrages of this convention and of this situation, it's pretty minor really. >> well, what do you think? you're giving her a free ride. you assume she didn't do the
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cribbing, right? >> i totally assume that. but even if she did do the cribbing, i can imagine a nightmare situation in which somebody doing research for her goes and collects all the other speeches given by first ladies or hoped for first ladies, and it sort of -- maybe they lose track of who said what. obviously nobody -- i don't think anybody would be such an idiot as to crib from the -- from michelle obama's speech. >> well, that's what happened, though, rick. >> i know. >> you said nobody could be that stupid, but they just did it, it's manifestly fact that that's what happened. >> what's your theory, chris? >> i'm asking you, you said nobody could be so stupid, but they were. they're either trying to get away with something, they thought they could get away with, which would be stupid, or they don't know it's wrong to do it. >> well, i've got a feeling that when this whole thing comes out,
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when they finally tell the truth about all this, it's gonna be much more a question of utter incompetence. and i do think it's going to blow away. because it's not particularly significant what she says. she made a nice impression. she gave a very -- the speech was ant dine. it wasn't really a good speech, it didn't have any heart-warming anecdotes about why donald trump is a nice man. but she created a nice impression, and this ultimate crazy nightmare sweeps over everything. but compared to -- compared to -- compared to everybody yelling "lock her up" or claiming that we have the highest taxes in the world -- >> right. >> -- trump says things four or five times a day that are a lot more outrageous from a moral standpoint than this screw-up. >> rick, you went to harvard.
12:25 am
here we're grading on the curve. we're grading trump on the curve tonight. you may give this a better grade than we do. anyway, thank you, my buddy. robert costa, thank you. i hope we get to the bottom of this. here's my question, they're flying back last night, she's obviously satisfied about her performance. he loves her, so he's rooting for her, great work. they get the word from some poor staffer, who has to say, there's been something developed on your speech. it seems like you quoted michelle obama's speech from eight years ago, pretty much verbatim. at that moment, rick, i hope you're still listening, at that moment, did somebody on the plane say, so what, what difference does it make! or who has destroyed us? your answer is sort of like big deal. but i get the thinking trump wants to kill somebody from that
12:26 am
point. >> yeah, a total disaster from that point of view. if will their marriage even survive it? if she was the one who brings in the ballet girl to write the speech? and these poor writers that never heard a word back until the night of the speech. well, it's part of the whole comedy. assuming trump loses there's going to be some great comedy movies made about this in the future. >> cario and candidate. thanks, rick, my good buddy. by the way, coming up, my interview with ohio governor john kasich, which is fascinating. this guy, governor cakascaskasi think he's a politician, but he has real moral problems with being on the same stage as donald trump as an ally. he morally objects to the man's commentary of people from latin america, or people who are islamic. he doesn't want to be part of
12:27 am
it. wait until you hear this unusual moral stand against the candidate of the man's party. finally, we'll have live coverage of a convention that's already gone to sleep on the second night of the republican convention. donald trump now by the way, officially clinched in won the republican nomination for president of the united states. it's done. he's the nominee. >> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates, and another 6 for john kasich. congratulations, dad, we love you! that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy.
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>> welcome back to this special late night edition of "hardball." although it looks pretty dead right now in cleveland. one big-timer absent from this jamboree is of course the governor of the state, john kasich. i interviewed him this afternoon at the rock & roll hall of fame and i asked him about his decision not to do it, not to be here with donald trump. i think it's a moral reason. let's listen. >> governor, it's been 80 years since cleveland's hosted a national political convention. it was afl landon in 1996. you've foregone the chance to be the host governor, to give the great welcoming speech, for the history books, why? >> maybe this is a little history in and of itself.
12:32 am
chris, when you run in politics, a lot of people think your rhetoric is nothing more than that. the things i said during the campaign matter deeply to me, and we're just two, in a way of speaking, two different companies, different visions, different culture, different direction. and i felt it was the right thing to do. i'm not here to disrupt. i'm not here to criticize. i'm just here because i'm standing on the things that i believe are best for the country. >> you've said on the record that it's not personal, there's no animus between you and donald trump, but you've also said that a condition for your changing your mind about his nomination, his candidacy, is something almost like st. paul on the road to dam achk us. >> right. >> that you want to see a real conversion. what would that be? >> well, i don't believe that we can be anti-immigration. you want to deport 11.5 million people. i don't think we can say that entitlements don't matter, that our country's not going broke, that we shut down all of this trade. those are very bad policies and
12:33 am
i don't think they help our country. but no one should be confused. you know, the terrible thing is, americans are faced increasingly i hear from people, with no choice. they're not keen on trump, they don't like hillary either. it's a vexing situation. >> what's your advice to them? it usually comes down to the choice between two possible winners. >> i don't have any great advice. i did the best i could, i thought, to raise the bar for american politics, the things that bring us together, the things that are key for america. look, i had a great campaign, i had a great time, i'm in a great mood. i'm having the time of my life, it's just that this is something that's a matter of conscience for me. >> you were on the stage with him many times, going head to head. do you believe he believes this stuff about mexicans being rapists -- >> i don't know. >> you don't know whether it's real or whether it's pr. >> i have to go by what people say. when i hear things, they mean something to me.
12:34 am
>> one thing i think everybody who's ever worked with you on the hill, you're good on accountability, making your numbers. you got to deal with responsibility. this incident that happened last night with the speech being given apparently to melania trump to read, which was written and given by someone who knew it was from michelle obama's speech, what do you make of the accountability issue there? should somebody stand up? >> you know, chris, they have to decide that. i'm not getting in the middle of their campaign. anything i would say, express an opinion around that, would be news and would be disruptive to them. i'm not here for the purposes of being disruptive to them. >> i understand. >> you handle every situation a little differently. they've got to figure out what they want to do. and so i really don't have any comment about it. i didn't even hear about it until this morning when people were talking about this. >> an old rule in politics, when it doubt, put it out, get it over with. >> maybe you ought to run their campaign. >> thank you, governor, for your time. on that point --
12:35 am
[ laughter ] >> anyway, let's bring in jonathan capehart of "the washington post." you write opinion, help to analyze these things. how would you assess the decision by the host governor? i'm a student of history and one of the great cases of a candidate using a welcoming speech as governor, it was ali stevens back in -- he wasn't even a candidate, he gave a great welcoming speech and they said, okay, you're the nominee. i'm sure that wouldn't happen today. >> no. not here. >> kasich is almost like a thomas moore character, because his silence is not consent. his silence about this, he's standing back, and it must be really bugging trump and manafort and those guys. >> i think what happened during the primary process and what's happening to the party is what's bugging governor kasich. he came into "the washington post" editorial board, and coming out of that, i wrote a piece that said john kasich, governor kasich is the person
12:36 am
who should be the nominee of the republican party, because he would give the race of a lifetime to hillary clinton. in that clip right there, the three minutes that you just showed, he basically in tone and tenor and demeanor and just the things he was talking about, that's where the republican party should be going. it should be reaching out. it should be saying, deporting 11.5 million people is against who we are as americans, it's immoral. and besides, you can't even do it. how are you going to pay for it? we haven't even be talking about that. we should be talking about other things that bring people to the party. so the idea that the popular governor of ohio, that is -- cleveland -- hosting the convention, is not here. i agree with you, his not being here says a whole lot about what he thinks about the nominee and what he thinks about the future of the party and the direction of the party. >> i can't do anything but agree with the likelihood that you're right. i also would add to it the moral factor. i know something about kasich.
12:37 am
he lost his parents in a tragic accident. he went through a religious conversion through a fundamental christianity from being a rom an catholic. he does believe in accepting jesus christ as your personal saviour. it's all real to this guy. and i think the idea of objecting multiitudes of people because of their ethnicity is just really awful to him. it's not just bad politics. >> it's immoral. >> right. >> and the thing about john kasich, he comes in, you know he has a core. he has foundational views. he knows where he would want to take the country. he knows what this country stands for and what it's about. and the fact that he is not the nominee says something about the party that is uncomfortable -- that makes him uncomfortable. but i think he sees that in order for the party to rebuild itself after this, they're going to need people like governor kasich, who are still conservatives, who also believe that there's a way to talk to
12:38 am
people and about people that could make them look at the republican party as a home for them as opposed to a gated community that keeps them out. >> he has a couple more years. he'll be around afterwards. thank you, jonathan. take a look at the front page of usa today. it's official, the outsider is in. tonight, donald trump became the republican nominee for president of the united states. a guy who's never run for anything, never been part of any political party that we know of, all of a sudden is the nominee of the political party. our live coverage of the republican convention continues from cleveland tonight. our late night version of "hardball," right after this.
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>> he draws out the there will this driving people so that they can achieve their full potential. that's a great quality to have in a father. and better yet, in the president
12:42 am
of the united states. >> when we elect him, we'll have done all that. we'll have made america great again. greater than ever before. >> the theme was sons and daughters against hillary clinton. anyway, that was tiffany trump, and donald trump jr, who were tasked given the task to present a unified front after yesterday's speech fiasco with trump's wife melania. four of the five trump children were on the floor when their father received the number of delegates to make him, it's now official, he's the republican nominee for president. let's watch. >> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight, with 89 delegates, and another six for john kasich. congratulations, dad, we love you! >> we briefly heard from donald trump himself yesterday. there he is coming out like david copperfield.
12:43 am
tonight we got a second crack at the official nominee when he delivered a video message from new york city. it's the second time we've heard from the nominee before his acceptance speech on thursday. here he is. >> melania and i had such a great time last night, an unbelievable evening. today has been a very, very special day watching my children put me over the top earlier, the party seal, i mean, what we did, getting the party's nomination, i'll never forget it. it's something i will never, ever forget. >> we're joined right now by tim mac from "the daily beast." former united states senator nina turner from ohio, democrat. and david kraut with u."u.s. ne & world report". why are you here? >> it's my hometown. >> but it's not your home convention. >> that's okay. i'm here to represent. tell me that you thought about tonight.
12:44 am
>> i mean, it was attack, attack, attack. i don't know if so much it was a dog whistle, and you talked about the children. it was the aunts and uncles, everybody was ganging up on secretary clinton tonight and that whole "lock her up," you might as well have put a scarlet letter on her. >> that's what i thought. >> it's just unfair to do that in this space. and they never really addressed what they want to do for the american people. why should anybody vote for mr. trump? that's what they should have been talking about tonight. >> it was a nice of prosecution. >> well, the theme was supposed to be make america work again. we're supposed to hear about economic growth, about college education or something like that. instead, we heard chris christie ranting about foreign policy in ways that seem to indicate he doesn't know what the positions are of the very candidate that he's endorsing. there was a lot of attacks on
12:45 am
hillary clinton and her record. not really anything about how american economic growth can -- >> that's right. >> david, i know you pretty well. how does this help trump get elected? >> it helps him get elected by disqualifying hillary clinton. >> more than she's been disqualified -- >> yes. because the ambivalence about trump within the republican party is clear. they don't want to say his name on the stage. so what do you do? you flip it. you make it all about her. i think chris christie had the best speech of the night. i think he was surgical. i think he went through seven different countries and listed why they're in worse positions now than they were. >> tunone turned into a crimina prosecution. >> and that's the gamble they're playing. is it too much of a stretch for the american people? the base loved say, put hillary clinton in prison. are the 5% that are still trying to decide this think that she is going to prison, that's a different question.
12:46 am
>> all right, let's just ask this. everybody in america who reads any newspaper knows the united states spends more money at the federal level than it brings in in taxes. therefore we run a deficit every year. and the reason we're able to sell this stuff, because we have countries like china with more money they can use, who buy our paper, who finance us, he turned that into an indictment of hillary clinton. a criminal indictment that our government is being financed by overseas debt. >> chris christie's speech was a fiasco. because he -- >> i'm in the middle here. go ahead. >> he said that hillary clinton was too soft on assad. what would donald trump be like on assad? he said hillary clinton was too soft on putin. the republican party just removed a plant from his platform on ukraine -- >> she was secretary of state. they're going to make her own the obama foreign policy record which is not very popular broadly. that's why it's a success. i agree with you -- -- there's
12:47 am
always inconsistencies with donald trump. has it mattered yet? >> two important things they did tonight in terms of their base. they -- what governor christie was able to do, the fear factor, he gets the base all riled up. that's number one. and number two, they're really, playing, chris, into mr. trump's crooked hillary. they're playing into that bane and they're taking it home. >> did you see mayor giuliani tonight? i sat next to him and said, could you say to her -- they've worked together for 30 years as high level officia, mayor of new york and senator of new york. would you say to her face, you're crooked hillary, he basically said yes. that's how bad it's got. >> to win the election, this is what it's come to. that's why i think, on the merits, this was more successful than i think the previous night. i think christie was surgical in his strikes. he did domestically, went through the e-mail scandal, which hillary clinton did take a
12:48 am
hit for last week, the polls showed it. [ all speak at once ] >> stick around. the roundtable is sticking around. we'll be right back with more from the republican convention live, still, in cleveland.
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>> the next time there's a state of the union address, i don't know where joe biden or barack obama are going to be, but
12:52 am
you'll find me right there on the rostrum with vice president mike pence and president donald trump. >> welcome back to late night "hardball." that was convention chair and of course house speaker paul ryan, trying to bring together a united republican party. tonight was a rowdy and raucous night. in fact, it was about the party standing together, but let's not forget how long it took to get here. let's watch this. >> now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid with you, jake, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> is there anything that trump could do or say that would make you reconsider your endorsement of him? and if so, what exactly would that be? >> well, i think a good place to start would be to apologize for the various totally inappropriate things he's said over the last couple of weeks. another thing i'd like to see
12:53 am
him do is get on script. >> claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. >> remember it took paul ryan a month to endorse donald trump when he had it in the bag. tonight he only mentioned him twice. i'm back with the panel. david, it seems to me, those guys who have been officially converted, like senator mcconnell and speaker ryan, are the last people you'd want as your character witnesses for trump, because they've just barely been able to get over the finish line themselves. okay, i've finally come and i can finally support the guy. why don't you guys all join me? it doesn't sound right. >> it was a box checking that he had to do. had to put the leadership up there. mitch mcconnell has been booed three times in two nights. every time they mention his name, the delegates boo him. >> because he's the establishment. >> ryan gets a longer of a leash -- >> he's a newbie. >> yeah, and i think he's got a better demeanor. mcconnell just doesn't look --
12:54 am
>> he played more calo. like i'm innocent, i'm new, i'm pure. whereas mcconnell -- [ all speak at once ] >> and mcconnell is clearly a pawn of the old school. >> maybe they found religion tonight. >> is this party united by -- you're on the other side, do you recognize the conservative party here in idea? >> no, but the idea they are united to defeat secretary clinton, that's about the best -- >> and this tweet tonight, hillary clinton now belongs in prison? come on, we can make the case that she shouldn't be elected without jumping the shark. >> they're not united on foreign policy, they're not united on trade. you can't tell where the republican party would -- >> by the way, do you know where the phrase "jumping the shark" came from? >> i do not. >> welcome back kotter. no, i'm sorry. it was "happy days."
12:55 am
>> the party isn't united by ideas. when you heard paul ryan's speech tonight, he said donald trump is the only way we have a chance to get conservative ideas put forward, a chance. that's discounting the fact that hillary clinton would not be a conservative president. >> what happened to the idea that was floating in the nether world that give hillary the presidency, kick the ball, let them have it, other side will receive it, it's a muddy field, pick up the ball on the 5 yard line, she'll be stuck there and then we'll take it back. that seems to be heard around the conservative line. we don't want -- >> you can't resist a shiny object, you know this, chris. >> so they still want to win? >> they still want to win. >> there's too much at stake here. >> i agree with that. >> if you talk to party chairman off the record, they'll say her harder election is going to be in four years. we think she's going to win, but there's no way you're going to have two democratic -- or four
12:56 am
consecutive democratic terms in a row. they think she's more vulnerable in 2020. but as nina said, once you're playing the game, you play to win. >> they want to win. >> who made the reference to jumping the shark? >> you did, i thought. >> i think you did. gary marshall just died today, the guy who created that show. >> oh, wow. >> i'm not sure of the -- anyway, we'll let people decide. thanks to our roundtable. another howard of "hardball" coming up. getting a little mystical here, live from the republican convention in cleveland. stay with us.
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i'm chris matthews. day two of the republican national convention in cleveland. this is a late night version of "hardball." the theme of the evening was make america work again. but the real focus was on hillary clinton. let's take a look at some of those attacks. >> hillary's cold, calculated lying continues. if we can't trust her to tell us the truth, how can we possibly trust her to lead america? >> this republican agenda can only be realized if we disrupt the status quo, and let's admit, hillary clinton is the


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