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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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as you can see there, the trump plane preparing to land here in cleveland. during the course of the conversation, we also found out that mike pence will not be doing a walk-through. he's going to the joint rally with trump. we'll bring it to you live here on msnbc. meanwhile, thomas roberts picking things up right now. >> good afternoon to everybody at home. we remain live here in cleveland. on the right-hand side of your screen, that's donald trump's plane. he's about to land here in cleveland. we are moments away from that where we expect his rally coming up this hour with governor mike pence. chuck todd, our political director, joins us now. what do you make ofmelania's sp? >> it's how long it took to get to this point. i have talked to someone in the trump campaign and i simply asked, it was a question i asked on twitter and asked internally. if this was the explanation why
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did paul manafort go out there and say what they said, which made it seem as if there was nothing to any of this stuff. thatfully of the plagiarism accusations were totally out of boun bounds. they said this was donald trump wanting to protect a a close, personal friend. and they didn't want to do this. i think they imply that they didn't want to have to get to this point, but this is where they are. >> what does that mean for the campaign moving forward? obviously, people were able to put two and two together and figure out what happened and it was just about a mission to be able to move forward. but this all happening in the moments before this big rally with trump and pence. >> i think it just shines a light on the fact that this
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campaign is still -- the trump new york city version of the campaign and the washington, d.c. version of the campaign. this merger has taken place, but it's still not smooth. there's still way too many th g things falling in the cracks. there's some trust issues. you can't help but wonder if there's trust issues inside the campaign and now both manafort and spicer have trust issues with the political press considering what happened there. so i do think it caused some serious credibility problems both internally inside the campaign and their external relationships with the press core and the public. >> we will see how this moves forward. we're going to let you go. on the right-hand side of your screen, the trump plane on the ground safely landing here in cleveland, ohio. i want to go to katy tur. she's at the site of the trump/pence rally.
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let me begin with you. the trump team has really never surrendered a a point before when they have been caught in the cross hairs. this is kind of a big development. it shows maybe as a campaign for the general that they are willing to own up to mistakes and learn and grow from them. >> this is the biggest i have seen the campaign get at any point during this campaign. there was a small moment when an intern tweeted and that intern a apologized, but this not at the stage of the mea culpa. you alluded to this, but let's lay out the time line. melania gives her speech after 10:00 on monday night. ends her speech. gets rave reviews. about an hour later, somebody on twitter notices there were striking similarities to michelle obama's speech from
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2008. the middle of the night, the campaign spokesman came out with a statement pushing back on the idea that it was plagiarism saying these were melania's words. she wrote the speech. paul manafort goes on the morning shows to say that melania did not plagiarize that speech. the media was overhyping this. that hillary clinton was responsible for putting this message out there. this plagiarism message and that it was not true. during the day, another surrogate of donald trump's said the campaign needs to find the staffer that did this and fire that staffer. donald trump jr. says mistakes happen. the message has been all over the map on this. and then finally today what we're hearing is this was plagiarism and a staff writer at the trump organization said that she made the mistake.
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she fell on her sword here, offered her resignation saying she told her about speeches that she liked from michelle obama and instead of checking to make sure she wasn't using those speeches word for word, she just listened to obama and wrote this speech. donald trump did not accept her resignation. instead, maintaining that idea that he is loyal to staffers. there is some contribution questions here whether or not this is an in kind contribution having a staffer write a political speech and whether that violates fec rules. right now, nbc news is trying to get to the bottom of that. but again, it's another controversy that the trump campaign should not be dealing with on day three of the convention when all of the news should be about donald trump officially becoming the republican nominee. >> katy tur, thank you.
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want to go to chris jansing inside the cue and i think it was in the last hour that the rnc chair breezed by but didn't take ta moment to talk about the latest moment. >> there's a lot of frustration as they watch what this has done to this convention. that should have been a great moment for melania trump. they had a better night last night. all of this should have been building to tonight and tomorrow night. you have your nominee and your vice presidential nominee. they have this huge stage. millions of people watching. and instead they are being distracted by this. so are viewers. so are readers. this is the first chance tonight that most of america, for example, is going to be introduced to mike pence. we heard yesterday morning reince priebus, the head of the rnc, who said, look, he is definitely in the camp that whoever was responsible for this should have been considered to be fired. e he thought it was going to go
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away. it was going to die by the afternoon. but here we have another whole 24 hours. we're still talking about it in what should be the lead up to tonight. they should be talking about eric trump's speech, mike pence's speech, even talking about the preparations that donald trump is undergoing. he's coming out on stage tonight. but instead you have them focusing on this. so you lose on two fronts. you lose on the front of building momentum and you lose on the front of this being a distraction from people who ought to be concentrating on this. voters who should be concentrating on this. remember, the people inside this hall are at least to some large extent, preaching to the converted. there's a whole huge audience out there, people who are considering who to vote for in november, they are getting a huge introduction over the course of this convention to who these people are and what this campaign is all about and so far it's been about this plagiarism controversy and mixed messages from a campaign, from a guy who
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says he's great at managing. >> we know this party is just at halftime with day three about to kick off. we're watching on the right-hand side of the screen the trump family at the rally with pmike pence. you see ivanka and don jr. with their spouses. and we saw congressman steve king on site too. this rally kick iing off within the hour. the trump plane just arrived at the top of the hour. i want to talk about what this means as we are in the middle of the rnc in cleveland and still talking about unification. joining me is the governor jan brewer, who was an early supporter of donald trump. you got some supporters right behind us. some fans yelling out to you. what do you make of this admissi admission, the fact that, yes, a staffer and aide to melania trump did plagiarize the speech of michelle obama from 2008? >> i heard from the breaking
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news that whoever wrote the speech was a staffer. they ought to make a resignation. she did the right thing. now it's up to the campaign to decide to do with her what they wish. >> when it comes to the campaign being unorganized or people as chris jansing point ed out insie the convention hall except for anti-trump folks that you want to get over it, there are people undecided. for folks trying to see this as an organized campaign that is worthy of the white house, is this a sign not just the mix up, but the fact they are willing to admit a mistake and say, you
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know what, we made a mistake and have to learn from it. the fact they are willing to do that. e we haven't seen that much from this campaign. >> i believe anybody that is an elected official or anybody that has any kind of staff, if their staffer makes a mistake, they have the responsibility, like i said, to use the term, maybe to stand up and take that bullet and face the consequences. it's not the first time someone has plagiarized something, but you hate to see it happening in a campaign. this was embarrassing. but i wouldn't blame the campaign for it. i would blame the person who did it. >> you think this gives fuel to the fire of anti-trump folks that are part of a conservative movement that say maybe this is something that's indicative of this campaign and donald trump not ready for crime time. >> the campaign is growing and we are gaining momentum like crazy here.
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we had distractors and try to disrupt the first day and now they are gone away and we have the normminees out of the way. >> when it comes to party unity, i think you said that donald trump needs to focus on policy. last night we had chris christie's speech where we saw people yelling and talking about hillary clinton. some have made the case for donald trump. but do you think that's appropriate for people to be yelling lock her up. she's above the law in regards to the e-mail and the server and reaching the trust of confidential material. if it was anybody else but hillary, we assume or we believe
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that she would be in jail. >> so we have issues going on with the policies of donald trump. you have been supportive of his talk of building a wall. you want him to focus on policies. which policy or what policy specifically do you think donald trump can get through a congress? >> i think the american people want to see our economy turn around and certainly that includes taxes and jobs and the job issue affects our borders and people want our borders secure. we want to live in a free country and a country usually has borders. a house without walls collapses. we're seeing that take place. and he has focus and will continue to focus and will continue to public policy. he came out of the box talking object those issues.
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that's why the momentum is behind him. >> about governor john kasich out of conscience he can't support donald trump. his state is hosting the republican national convention. as former governor of arizona, do you think you would not be able to support the nominee if this were being held in your state? do you think that's appropriate for someone within the republican party to take such a contrary stand to the nominee. >> i'm a good friend of john kasich. i have always admired him. i admired him in congress. he's a a great governor. and i feel badly that he's not here today because he would lend a lot to it. but he's not really going to have an alternative, but some of us of all different elk, when we get in our mind that we're not going to do something, we dig our heels in and i think that's what he's done. i hope he comes a aboard.
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i welcome him. >> have you spoken to him while you've been here? >> i would have loved to. >> if governor kasich is watching, what's your message? >> call me. great job you have done here in ohio. >> thank you for your time. really nice to have you with me. we are watching as folks assemble for this hour's rally between donald trump, the gop nominee, and his vice presidential pick. you see mike pence in the center of the screen. he's flying by the trump family. donald trump landing just in the last 15 minutes here in ohio. a lot of the oxygen sucked up over the afternoon because of the fact the trump campaign released information it was an aid to melania trump who mistakenly used portions of michelle obama's speech in 2008 for melania's speech to the rnc. she apologizes for this. she's putting out this statement because she didn't want it distracting from the campaign.
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she tenderederer resignation, but they did not accept it. we're going to be joined onset. the congresswoman has given speeches in 2008, 2012 and she will be on the stage tomorrow night here at the republican national convention. what does she make of the fact the former normminees are not here? we'll ask her, after this. ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on.
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already on site with trump's family. chris jansing is inside the q. this is a big moment because it's officially the kickoff of their campaign. >> dare i say huge. donald trump knows how to make an entrance. he knows what works on television. this is certainly it. you won't see this from every candidate. but it is pretty much hard to overestimate just how important these speeches are tonight and tomorrow. so far there's been a lot of distractions. the first night of this convention arguably not good at all. yesterday continuing conversations about this allegations of cribbing from the speech of michelle obama and whether or not that was plagiarism. now the speech writer coming out or the staffer saying she did take those words.
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so they need to ter turn this narrative around. they need to turn it back to what this is about. which is making a case for donald trump. one of the criticisms for last night is e we almost didn't even hear donald trump mentioned in terms of policy or politics. when you saw paul ryan speaking, he only said donald trump's name twice. his kids have been the ones who have come out here and tried to talk about him as a person that it americans would like to vote for. the reason this is so important is you cannot win a presidential race by demonizing your opponent. you have to make that affirmative case for your candidate. so tonight we're going to hear from mike pence. somebody who has a lot of credibility with conservatives a lot of credibility with the base. but again, here we have the situation today as we're watching this gathering here, we learn that it was the ohio governor who may have been a choice for donald trump that in
11:21 am
fact his staff was talking to the governor's staff about whether or not he would be interested in being vice president. he's not interested in coming to the convention or endorsing donald trump. but finally you have this picture of the two men together to have an opportunity to show that he means business. he's serious. looks presidential. sounds presidential. it's somebody that will make those folks on the fence who are undecided go to the polls. >> and this is the first toim we're hearing the two men together. inside the q arena where you were, it was don jr. along with his siblings. throwing the new york delegation into the pot, which gave donald trump the delegates to secure the nomination. i spoke to don jr. about that earlier today.
11:22 am
he said it was such an emotional moment. but this is the time where the talk of john kasich and he was under consideration or not falls by the wayside. we see mike pence and donald trump at their first rally. let's listen. >> i want to dro a man who has become a friend of mine. he's going to make an unbelievable vice president of the united states. governor mike pence. >> let's hear it for the next president of the united states of america donald trump! it is such an honor to join your family to welcome you to cleveland. we're excited to hear you address the nation tomorrow night. it's been exciting to hear from your family. more to come tonight. i'm convinced what begins in
11:23 am
cleveland will end in the white house. thank you and god bless you. welcome to cleveland. i want to congratulate don and tiffany and he's going to be great and ivanka tomorrow night and my whole family and karen, your whole family is an incredible family. we love having you with us. and hopefully we're going to do an amazing job for the country. so thank you very much. and kids, congratulations. fantastic job. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. we'll go and start working. >> a few brief remarks after donald trump arrives back in cleveland. confirmed as the gop nominee side by side with his vice presidential pick in indiana governor mike pence. he will be speaking tonight where chris jansing is.
11:24 am
we heard donald trump talk about his son eric who will also get his shot tonight. a lot of great reviews from last night. they kind of set the benchmark for their siblings. >> the best reviews so far. in addition to melania, we heard from eric and saw him up on that stage. he was testing out the mike, checking out the teleprompter, getting a sense of the room. he said you're going to like this speech. it's going to be a personal speech. this is a close family, but you can't just have family members talking personally about donald trump. as i was saying before rgs you need a little politics here. that's where mike pence is going to come in with the policy credibility we'll hear from him tonight. >> katy tur is on the scene of that rally. it was brief remarks by trump and pence. i spoke to don jr. and when i asked about the chemistry and their working relationship, he said they have been working on that behind the scenes that they
11:25 am
have respect for each other and start to e see more of them. >> absolutely, i'm looking over to see if donald trump does anything news worthy as he's going on and glad handing with the many supporters who come out to see him. this was a friends and family welcome for donald trump. it was short for donald trump. he said talking too long and that's why he handed the mike over to governor pence immediately. this is the first time donald trump is physically in cleveland since becoming the official republican nominee. i was able to shout a question at him briefly as he was walking in asking how he felt. he said he felt fantastic and gave me a thumbs up, to be expected given the question.
11:26 am
but he's going to go from here and has a lot of work to do. they are going to get prepared for tonight. he will be speaking after governor pence at the convention. unclear how long he'll be speaking. they don't give the press prepared remarks for donald trump. but so far, trying to move past the controversy of the past few days. the plagiarism scandal which they have now owned up to and try to kick off the third day of the convention in as smooth a way possible. and thomas, this is very trump. he circled around this area twice in his helicopter. he landed with the trump plane for all the reporters to see. he went behind a ted cruz rally as ted cruz was talking about having an official normminee donald trump's plane was behind him. that incited some boos from the crowd because they were there to see ted cruz, not donald trump. but in typical trump fashion, he made an entrance. >> melania is on this trip or
11:27 am
not on this trip and was she scheduled to be here? >> katy, can you hear me? >> now i can hear you. >> my question was melania trump scheduled to be here? i don't think i saw her getting off the helicopter with donald trump. >> she was not scheduled to be here as far as i know. but they don't often give melania trump's schedule, whether that means anything, i'm not quite clear on that. i have been talking to source within the campaign who said she has been a bit frustrated with the campaign of late. she didn't show up at the announcement. the reason behind that was she didn't feel comfortable with how the kids pressured donald trump to choose governor pence. i'm told by sources she didn't have a dog in the race. she didn't like the way it went down behind the scenes. the campaign is obviously push ed back on that notion saying
11:28 am
she was in new jersey with her son, the 10-year-old son between her and donald trump practicing her speech. but notable for her not to be here with donald trump today. his kids were here. ivanka was here. their spouses as well. but notable that melania did not show up. >> and katy, for donald trump and his big speech, he's going to appear tonight, but the big speech tomorrow night i was asking don jr. to give us a tease about that. he said his father is working hard on it. he understands the gravity of the moment. have you heard about the telegraphed lines or the type of messaging he wants to get across from the major speech tomorrow night? >> i got to tell you whenever you ask sources about what is going to be in this speech, the line you get is donald trump is going to talk about making america great again. they are not in the habit of ever giving donald trump's remarks out before he gives them. part of the reason for that is because they are not entirely
11:29 am
sure what remarks he will give often time. he does go off script. but if past is precedent for this, he will be reading from a teleprompter. he'll be reading prepared remarks that his speech writers, his aids have prepared for him in the past that has been jared kushner, ivanka's husband and steve miller, chris christie has helped in the past with speech writing. i don't know at this moment who is helping with this specific speech. but given all the controversy surrounding melania's speech and the question broefly about don jr.'s speech, i would have to imagine that the campaign is taking donald trump's speech very seriously, wanting it to go off without a hiccup. that's what i imagine is happening behind the scenes. i don't have any indication or any new news on what exactly donald trump will say tomorrow night? >> katy, standby. i want to go to my colleague chris jansing inside the q.
11:30 am
tonight we have ted cruz, who will be speaking along with eric trump and other members of the trump team that have been lined up to speak. but what do we expect from ted cruz and being able to speak to party unity as this it team is trying to move forward now that we see the cohesive pair in trump and pence? >> first, i think when you look at this picture what's interesting is they don't e know each other very well. some of the other selections that he could have made donald trump has noun chris christie for such a long time. they have worked together, obviously, and spent a lot of time together. but these are two men that don't know each other very well. there's this process. when you see them come out on stage, tonight is will be interesting to see how that looks and also see what kinds of things we hear about mike pence from donald trump. he's taken some shots the two appearances when they had the official roll out of mike pence
11:31 am
as his vp, but also on "60 minutes", that he was talking over him. that's going to be fascinating to watch. then you have ted cruz, who is not planning any kind of endorsement. you're in a state where you do not have the governor's endorsement. you have somebody who goes up on stage who is a leader of your party who is the speaker of the house and only says your name twice in the course of his speech. this is unlike anything any of us have experienced who have been to a lot of campaigns. and that's the case with ted cruz. now i think we know where ted cruz is coming from. we knoted cruz can do a lot of the same thing wes saw from chris christie last night, which is as a lawyer do this prosecuting of why hillary clinton should not be president, but how much will we hear him say to make the case that donald
11:32 am
trump should be president. here is why and not because you should be worried about what hillary clinton will do for a supreme court justice if there's a vacancy. not the dangers that they perceive of a hillary clinton presidency, but the affirmative case for this candidate who is going to be on that stage tomorrow night. and it's a big attention on ted cruz, what he says and how he says it because nobody besides donald trump has more supporters or delegates in this room than ted cruz. >> chris jansing inside the q, thank you. katy tur, back to you on the scene of this ral pi. how many folks were out there? >> probably just about under 100 people were out here. this was not a public event. this was an invite only event for friends, family. i saw a number of new york delegates here. representative peter king from new york was here as well.
11:33 am
>> we may have just lot our shot on the scene of the rally there. we'll try to go back to katy. but onset with me now is representative marshal blackburn of tennessee. so the food wins the heart for the day. when you look at that image of donald trump arriving here, yes, he knows how to show up and make an entrance on the plane and taking the helicopter over. but what do you make of the team in donald trump and mike pence. >> i think you're going to see a terrific team. mike is a known conservative. he's a movement conservative. he's the type of person people wanted to see on the national
11:34 am
ticket. he's very reserved. it's going to be a good counterbalance. i think it's going to be a positive push forward team. >> meanwhile, day four of the convention, you're going to speak. this is your third time. you did it in 2008 and 2012. that was for john mccain and mitt romney. now for dth dlt. are you disappointed that john mccain and mitt romney are not here? >> i would like for them to be here. we have to unify and realize we have a goal. we have the federal bench, the supreme court justices, we have working on reducing federal spending in agencies. that's a goal. we're not going to get that done with hillary clinton. we will get it done with donald trump. >> standby for me. let many ask you the big news over the last couple hours is the statement from the trump team about the aid who worked on melania trump's speech and admitting to the fact that this
11:35 am
was taken from michelle obama's '08 speech and the trump team not accepting this resignation from her keeping her on board. do you think they have been able to button this up now? >> yes, donald trump is loyal. i said here yesterday on this set that i'm shocked that there's ghost writing going on and it's bad. not a story anywhere. mike pence is the story. she worked with him. she knows him. i love the guy. we have ohio. we have mike pence who had the eastern most parts of indiana. donald trump owns the steel valley. ohio is locked up with this ticket and doing very well down in coal country as well. here's what i will say. nobody doesn't like him. there isn't one person in the republican party.
11:36 am
singing his praise. you can't find anyone in the republican party who doesn't like mike pence. >> when it comes to ohio, no republican has won the white house without it. john kasich is not here. and he's highly popular. >> he's one vote in ohio. the organization is here. they are going to turn out for rob portman. >> so let me ask you. as someone who was working to not see donald trump have this moment. do you think that he has been able to capture a sense of unity for the convention at this point? >> i slow walked my support because i didn't think he was a conservative. he was a new republican. >> there's a different between
11:37 am
conservative and republican. >> i think he's come in our direction. he's court appointments, the fact that he's starting to talk about his cabinet. i think constitutional conservative is alive and well and will be so in the trump m administration. look, at the top of the game, he's going to get america growing again. job producing again. working again. and that means that he's going to harness the deficit. he's going to work through mike pence with the congress. as i have said before, we are the majority party in the united states. we control both chambers of the congress. we have to start acting like a majority party and with donald trump at the helm, we can make sure our conservative agenda is pushed forward. >> i want to ask you all about that. donald trump is at the top of the ticket. mike pence is his vice presidential pick. we have been able to talk about the fact in their efforts to secure who they wanted to add to the ticket that there was a
11:38 am
conversation with john kasich. the way it's been reported, this would be the most powerful in history. they would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy. when asked what is the president going to do, we'll work on making america great again. >> i watched the interview and i heard him talking about that. but what i liked about donald jr. is he was engaging you. the biggest problem we have is the millennial vote. i have seen an appeal directly to millennials understanding that the trump family as well as donald trump understands their economic concerns for the future of this country. i see the kmonk woman nodding. but i was impressed in his
11:39 am
interview he walked that through. but he won't be the president. >> i also asked don dr and the fact that you were really excited about the potential that he has a as a politician maybe. he said i adopt know about that. i have to to wait until he gets the kids out the door. first things first. the congresswoman know this is. donald trump is going to pull over working class democrat who is are frustrated. the coal miners that he talked about. the long shoreman here. they are going to come trump's way and give him a different mix for an american majority that will put us back on the path of uniting the country. >> i agree with that. that's what you're going to see.
11:40 am
it's been going on in the country. the stagnant wages and the stagnant economy. wanting to see jobs growth. i think it's so interesting. national security and jobs in economic security are the two top issues with women. those are the issues they talk about most. and they want to restore opportunity for their children and their grandchildren and they don't see that right now with what's going on in the obama economy. we're the grand opportunity party. and that's where people are looking. >> we're going to hear tonight from the vice presidential pick in indiana governor mike pence. my thanks to all of you. thank you for hanging out with me in the heat. you have been very patient. thank you very much. much more and we'll talk about the line up for tonight inside the q. we'll take you in there live. i hear the air-conditioning works fantastically in that joint. i wouldn't know. we'll also have new reporting on
11:41 am
what pence is going to be saying tonight. some tease about his speech, that's after this. stick around, please. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. day three of the republican national convention. the man on the right-hand side of your screen is mike pence. he's delivering his speech tonight as the vice presidential pick. kelly o'donnell joins me from inside the q in cleveland. i understand you have new information about pence's speech. >> reporter: i can tell you that the governor has been working on it himself, but has collaborated with the trump team. you would expect that. i'm told that pence, who has a lot of experience doing speeches as the current governor of indiana and prior to that in congress where speeches are a big part of what happens on capitol hill, that he has written a lot of this. it will reflect his own voice and own manner, which as we have come to say in the days is
11:45 am
starkly different than the trump brand, which is about bigness and bravado. you'll see in mike pence a quieter sort of approach, but that doesn't mean he won't argue the case. i'm told very forcely in about 25 minutes or so he will try to do a few things. first, introduce himself to the nation. mindful even in the republican party, there are many unfamiliar with penmike pence. now he's on a level like he's never experienced before. and he will argue the case for donald trump and against hillary clinton. but we have seen a lot of red meat over the last few days. some very sharp rhetoric against hillary clinton. pence has a different way of doing that. it's not dluting it, but it's spoken in a different tone. that will reflect more of his personality. that's what we'll get a sense of. in this speech, he's a good communicator in terms of
11:46 am
political grade of an ability to deliver in front of a prompter, in front of a big room. he has some radio background. he's quite at ease in it a setting like this. this is on a new scale, but this is the kind of thing where it's in his wheelhouse. that's one of the advantages he brings to the ticket is a comfort factor in taking his own story and that of donald trump's and trying to fuse it together in a way we haven't seen before. >> we know that donald trump's over son eric once he arrived at that rally in this hour, eric trump will be getting his shot tonight. tiffany trump and don jr. spoke last night. thank you very much. kelly o'donnell inside the q. today's focus for the rnc was to be the headliner at tonight's convention. that's vice presidential pick pence pence. but now one of the major things that is getting everybody buzzed and talking about is trump's speech the revelations now
11:47 am
coming about how she crafted her speech. the speech writer involved, why it sounded like michelle obama's speech to the dnc. it turns out an aid to melania trump is taking blame for lines in that speech that were from michelle obama's speech. i want to turn to jacob soeb rof. talk about the reaction. what are delegates saying? >> i'm one one of the youngest delegates at the convention. he's from nevada. he's 19 years old. good to see you. if you were at the university of nevada, if you were accused of plagiarism and found to have done it, you would have been in big trouble. what do you make of this controversy? the speech writer offered to resign and donald trump did not accept the resignation. >> almost all the delegates, no one is worried about the speech.
11:48 am
it's one of the things where it was a good speech. it's really meant and to show we are going to be able to win the white house. so it's not a big deal to any of the delegates. >> you don't think plagiarism is a serious accusation. >> mike pence is going to get up on the stage and make the sepgs. you like mike pence? you're a young guy. >> i wouldn't be able to say exactly if all young people are like him. i like him. it's more of the point that he's here to be able to show we are a unified party and really meant to be able to appeal to other republicans. so we're happy he's here and glad he's going to be making a speech tonight. >> originally you were a marco rubio supporter. was it hard to come around to donald trump? this is a conservative guy. what do you think about mike pence and donald trump as a
11:49 am
former rooubio supporter. >> well i did support rubio when i was walking sbo my caucus. my precinct was the one who elected me as a delegate. i represent the people. so it's the right thing to do what they wanted and that was donald trump. i threw my support behind him. >> you like mike pence, who is not particularly progressive on lgbt issues? >> he appeals to the party platform, which is what we're trying to do now. we're trying to get them to support trump. so it's one of those things where mike pence when he does support the platform, we're excited he's here. >> it's cool you're here and a 19-year-old delegate. i certainly was not a delegate to any convention when i was 19 years old. >> i can't even tell you what i was doing when i was 19. i could tell you, but i'm not going to. jacob, thank you very much. in today's pulse question, did the trump campaign make the right choice by not accepting
11:50 am
meredith mciver's resignation? so the results, 42% yes, 58% no. the pulse is live. check it out. we're back live here on east 4th street in cleveland. let's hear if for the folks. back after this. ♪ ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies, available in the altima, sentra and maxima. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪
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11:53 am
we have been following a lot of activity live in cleveland on day three of the rnc. donald trump took to twitter, four tweets have gone over the last couple hours. two praising the speech of ma e melania trump. and put it into the speech that was delivered here this week.
11:54 am
it would be a great two days. donald trump arrived just at the top of the hour and met his family here at a rally alongside his vice presidential pick in mike pence. joining me to talk about what's happening here in cleveland for the rnc, the political writer for buzzfeed. nbc universal has an investment in buzzfeed, so we're basically related. let's talk about this first. the reporting we have had today talking about it before. that don jr. approached aids to say, hey, it would be the most powerful people because he would be in charge of foreign policy. he was never asked. >> if you parse that carefully
11:55 am
he was never asked by me. this is the nature of the veepstakes. they don't always get directly asked. >> they flipped it. >> here these kids great reflection of their dad. >> that's why you have seen them more front and center than any other family at another convention. they are giving keynote speeches. mitt romney had five adult sons in 2012. we didn't e see them giving the prime time speeches. so a big thing they are trying to do, the trump campaign s to soften trump's image, but also to reach out to those independent voter who is are rubbed the wrong way by trump's
11:56 am
personality and say look at his kids. they are beautiful kids. maybe we're seeing -- not seeing something. >> back with more looifr from cleveland after this. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses.
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it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. that's going to wrap up this hour for e me. first, i want to capture the moment. we're going to take a selfie. one more for safety. i'm not in the top of your show yet. kate snow, take over. >> you want to hang around for another 20 seconds? great to see you. hello to everyone out there. i am kate snow. we are counting you down to night three of the republican national convention. the headliner is vice president nominee mike pence. also today new answers in the
12:00 pm
melania trump speech controversy. we have gavel to gavel coverage. we have reporters inside and outside the convention center. we're monitoring the security situation for protests downtown today. let's start with our campaign insider kelly o'donnell who has been reporting about what to expect tonight from mike pence. the vp nominee, tell us what you got. >> good to be with you. we have governor rick scott, who is on stage right now. he is one of the speakers tonight as well. and he is testing the mike right now. this is sort of the walk-through opportunity where those speakers get a chance to try out the teleprompter, get a feel for the room and learn a little bit of blocking for the staging. he's doing the gettysburg address. mike pence, souper big night fo him. without a doubt, the biggest night of his professional career. he will be able to try to introduce himself to the country in a


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