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tv   MSNBC - Republican National Convention  MSNBC  July 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that was zell miller at the 2004 convention . . . . on the east coast it just turned thursday, the fourth day of the gop convention, there is so much yet to discuss about night three. it was wild and worldly at times. it was interesting all the way through. our live coverage of all of it continues out to cleveland we
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go. and chris mathews. >> thank you brian and rachel. >> it is midnight in cleveland right now and we are staying up late with all the big dramas on this third night of the convention. ted cruz snuggling with donald trump tonight. hillary clinton's decision is expect inside the next 48 hours and it will leak. now live inside the quicken loan arena. it is a special edition saturday live, weekend updates. [ cheers ] >> welcome to weekend up days, on msnbc. >> we are live for your national convention >> i have been calling it white rio >> it looks like it is a look
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alike contest. >> i cannot tell a difference. >> also, right next to the rock n' roll hall-of-fame. joining us now is mike pence, you can still feel the electricity in the room. static electricity. >>. >> now, michael, what was your take away from the convention? >> oh, i got to say it was all those trump celebrities. boy, did he bring out heavy hitters. >> and one of the dynasty's dude. get this, they were all available? all their schedules lined up? >> what are the odds they all got the same day off. >> no wonder he's not raising any money, look at his friends
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trump says he wants the bestest and the brightest. scott bail mentions that the country is going in the wrong direction, yeah, back in the other direction, you still had tv shows and in this direction you still owe me $15, scott bail. >> i love trump's point. >> i mean donald trump is one of two final candidates to be the president of the united states and he picks the celebrities to vouch for him is scott baio and antonio jr. if it is in the season finale of "apprentice," he would have fired himself. >> lets check out this moment from the former mayor. >> america, what happened to it? >> nothing like screaming at the
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people. it sounded like the cable went out in the middle of crisis, right? >> what happened to it? showcasing the signature move. >>s t >> this is a man with the big heart loving all the people from the top to bottom and the middle and the side. >> he only got one out of four directions right. >> he may be great on security but he's terrible at the macarena. >> that's what happens when you start with the yang-yang twins. >> that's what trump called the leader of north korea >> and chris christ christie, le a look at that. >> he sounds like a cop warning kids of stranger danger. who better giving a lecture than
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the governor of new jersey. >> this is what his justice system would be like >> do you think he's guilty? >> yeah, take him away >> christie, i don't know if many people pointed this out, christie plagiarized his speech from the salem witch trial. the biggest story of the week was melania trump's speech on monday. a strong wind blew it back to the stadium for an easy out. >> she was jacking michelle obama's speech and she initially denied it. their denial of plagiarism was directly plagiarism, they're saying we did not plagiarize it, we just copied it. >> we got ben carson back. he's trying to link hillary clinton to lucifer.
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>> hillary clinton? never met her. i know bill clinton, never menti mention he had a wife. >> ted cruz of the big story. he was booed off stage after christie endorsing trump and saying "vote your conscious." >> people are booing the idea of listening to your conscious. it is like a jimmy cricket show. everyone in the crowd was like, oh, cricket, kill it. [ laughter ] >> i don't understand why ted cruz would show up to this convention and not endorse donald trump. that's like giving a desperate toast at your ex's wedding. move on with your life. go to korea and find a hot young country and throw hundred dollar bill in your trunk and have some fun, man. >> what? >> like in the movies, you know? >> where did we hear that from?
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>> porn. >> all the porns. >> what? >> we have been covering politics here. we have also been having some fun. >> michael, i understand you were out there having fun with a new app. >> yeah, that's true. i am kind of upset with it. i have been running with people all the time. i made a video. >> i am at the republican national convention of america's hottest new app where you got to catch the rarest creature of them all, lets round up some people. catch them, get them out of here >> man, there is no black people here. oh dam, my bad.
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>> you got to catch 'em all. >> you are standing where minorities are around. >> you know, ochf course, a coue of black ones. >> i am seeing some hawaiian. >> did you see any rare minorities? >> everybody wants to keep this to themselves? i want to catch them. >> this amish dude is not a minority. oh, i found a cowgirl.
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♪ >> you know who i am? ♪ [ laughter ] >> trumpeon. >> are you playing trumpeon right now? >> no, i am trying to find tiffany on kinder? >> you are so weird. [ laughter ] >> last week of the traditional league of t-- she could not imagine what it would be like if trump became president. here, we have our special guest, ruth. >> rnc. >> wow. >> you are coming out strong
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justice >> yeah, well i don't know any other web come. >> you know i have been doing cross fit. >> oh yeah. >> that's when i tried to cross my legs and fits in a super care, it happens every time. >> in response to our comment, trump tweeted out, "your mind is shot." >> oh please, that's like a popcorn in a settle pot. i should know, i live inside a kettle. >> she's there looking for planned parenthood in indiana. it is going to be a while >> oh my god >> you got like -- >> in my mind is shot then donald trump's mind is shot, stabbed, strangled and dumped in
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the water canal. it is waking up to it. ♪ >> yeah, i get it. >> you did come forward after that, justice and you admitted that you maybe gone too far. >> of course, i went too far, i have no sense of perspective. i am like a flee, i can jump forty times my flight and you are never going to get rid of me. >> i am wearing a dog collar. >> you are wearing a collar? >> yeah, his name is mike pence. >> so you are really hitting everyone. >> yeah, nowhere to escape. i have to. >> i don't know how much time i got left, i got to get my pokes
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there. >> the problem above the desk joke. >> i don't know if you saw -- i know you guys are still one justice down. there is been some speculation that after chris christie speaks, some people are saying trump may appoint him for the supreme court. >> chris christie on the supreme court? please, i rather have an empty chair than a broken chair. [ laughter ] >> no thanks, i am tired >> okay. >> i get it. conserve energy. what about mayor garland? >> oh, yummy, yummy. >> mayor garland is like a supreme court with only eight judges. ♪ [ laughs ]
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>> hey, ginsberg. >> hey everyone, it is weekend update. join us next week. [ cheers ] thanks very much, now back to msnbc chris mathews. >> that was our two guys with red ties on looking political tonight. thank you for "saturday night live." they'll be back with me for another special edition. weekend updates is coming up in philadelphia next week. we'll be talking to them in about a few minutes. stick around for those guys to hear what they really think. right now i am here with rnc's gayle is with us and katy tur.
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>> michael, i like trouble. >> oh yeah. >> i got the feeling -- i have the feeling that donald trump does, too. i don't think he likes calm water. he gets the guy accuses of his father knocking off john kennedy and hates him and puts him out there on the floor to hate him again. it is an incredible thing. he does not like peace. he wants ted cruz to be ted cruz. >> i think this was clearly a little bit of a smack downgoing on tonight between both of them. the fact that ted cruz refused to say the words a lot of folks out here were expecting which is "i endorse donald trump." >> but then donald trump knowing that said i got one better for you. so, when you get to that point of your speech, i am going to walk in on it, take the camera away from you and lights start flickering and the crowds start.
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>> lets go to katy tur, what do you think of these guys calling them michael and kate. i always watch them and i learned, you know what i learn from them? we don't get the punch lines and these guys know exactly what's going to be the take away. that's their genius. the genius of these comedians is know what the audience knows about it and is ready to laugh at, for example, chris christie's over the top performance. and your thoughts. and christie saying "kill me, kill me." >> go ahead, you know the story. >> that chris christie speech played really well in this convention hall with the highlight in terms of the crowds and their reactions last night. is it going to play well. the comedian "snl" seed ycomedi
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coming out. they reject the idea that donald trump campaign is more entertainment than it is substance. they don't reject that idea entirely, they don't care about it because they want somebody that's going to go in and change things up. so -- >> can you imagine if we come to that, if trump wins and the vice president wins, they take off and appoint krchris christie general. >> they show a picture of this performance that he puts on here. guilty, guilty. i would call that swift justice. >> i think that depends on what the makeup of the committee is whether or not or not -- >> yeah >> exactly. >> if it is a bunch of
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republicans, i don't think -- or if it is a bunch of democrats needing to confirm him. it depends on how the election folds. this is a campaign that drives off chaos. we have seen that. >> my point though. [ laughs ] >> i don't want to take a point from you. >> he loves trouble. >> i am going to blame it on my return. that's not a good excuse, i could not do it. your point, chris, it is a very -- this campaign thrives on chaos. that's why you see donald trump comes out saying all press is good press today and melania's story once it was dying down, he brought it up again. >> three days. >> three-day story, he walked out and booed by ted cruz's
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speech. how could it be coincidental when he can see and hear ted cruz. he did a fly line of ted cruz's rally today. he stole this under there as well. this is a feud that's been ongoing and it is one of the more engaging moment of this campaign season. the one that's gotten the most headlines. so it should not come as a surprise that donald trump wants to extended. >> you cover it better than anybody. you know that it is this guy's theater. it is reality. >> lets go right now, they have tak tak taken soboroff. you know how to walk backward. >> go ahead. >> you see the humor of the two guys. >> i do. >> that was very -- that was
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very pleasing after a weird night. i think that's exactly what we needed and we had a supreme court justice in the upstairs studio. pretty impressive. >> awhat are you looking at her? >> i am looking at the guys. lets show them. >> colin and michael right there. >> bravo, kids, that was amazing. >> we are coming up to that level, we are in the lower level here. >> chris. did you get the pokemon go joke? >> no, you tell me. >> somebody tweet chris about the pokemon go joke, please. >> thank you, my colleagues. thank you, jacob soboroff and katy tur. when we come back, i am going to talk to michael and colin who were brilliant. in realtime with us, stick
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around for the real guys, colin and michael and stick around for this dynamite, our live coverage continues in cleveland. this is a third time that cleveland had a national convention. calvin coy believe it or not and now donald trump. right back after this.
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that's a young jay leno. >> he's got white hair. >> this guy? >> he's an average kid >> dude, right there. >> i don't know. this is mike pence. >> is it? >> which one do you think is mike pence? >> lets see. >> here? no, that's the dad from
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"frazier." >> no, sandusky. [ laughter ] >> live with michael che and colin jost right here. >> philly and cleveland >> culturally, philly thinks that we are on their side and that's going to be a lot of fun. >> that's amazing. >> the cleveland is 53% african-americans, can you tell by looking at here >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> have you ever seen so many forms? >> no. >> they were talking about looking like ghost buster uniforms. >> and wigs. >> and all the gear of these guys. >> that's a pretty good looking uniform. >> like that? >> what's your favorite? >> that was my favorite.
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>> i didn't know who they were. >> black shirt and khaki pants. >> there was a per session of patrols coming in like storm troopers. it is so crazy. >> you know how certain names are funny >> chris christie, what is it about it? what is it that makes him funny? >> wait, he's fat? >> very uninspired of a name >> they could not come up a different name? >> he's pure jersey. >> what does new yorkers say about jersey or jersey is corrupt. >> i am from stat en island.
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>> you are republican? >> we got to keep new york honest. >> i take the ferry everyday to school >> did you really? >> it is montauk. >> that's regis' high school. >> all the smart catholics went there. >> you are one of the masmart ones. why did you go to comedy >> what's your problem, man? >> are you embarrassed? >> all this education and up here? you end up here? [ laughs ] >> cleveland? >> yeah, what do you think about philly, i grew up there in phil philly. you cannot say something like that in san francisco, and they'll be humor less about it. you cannot say cisco.
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>> republicans were happy to see us. >> people love to joke about trump even though they're voting for him. >> did you buy my line five minutes ago. >> which one? >> the theory being trump likes trouble. >> he likes noise. and friena-mies. >> he's one of the bulliebullie. he showed up right at the moment there was a booing. he came out to give you a break. >> i thought so, i thought that's what he did. >> you bought it. >> they were itchy. >> i have a theory of being african-american. >> really? >> i would love to hear it. >> i consider my case is
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anthropological. >> you will see this next week. >> african-americans having a good time, you know why? they're not guests at home. >> i went a different isle because i didn't want to be in the same line with him. >> yeah. >> i was talking to a friend, what makeup do you want in the crowd. and he's like, black and white and half and half. and then they go, okay, if you want half and half, we have to do 25% black and 75% white because people see it 50/50. >> they do. >> it was a cat musical. >> it was the last night before we went off. >> i don't understand that. >> what do you think? >> the funniest black guy? [ laughs ]
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>> i don't want to start trouble. >> ah! that'll be the headline. >> say nothing bad about the dead. you are not supposed to do that. >> what? >> did he die on air? did you not know? >> talk about lucifer. >> i am not drinking. >> you are here speaking of and did you hear doctor -- ben carson. >> yeah, ben carson, he's talking about lucifer in hillary, what is that about? >> i know this guy is bill clinton. i am not sure. >> even lucifer, you say what you will about me but no one's saying that i am not fun. you cannot compare me with hillary. >> what do you think trump is appealing? >> he's here. >> people are frustrated and the genuine frustration, they were over looked and so many people
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talking things about going on over seas and who we are going to invade. what about here at home. >> it is huge for him and even in the primary. >> yeah. >> he's a friend of mine. >> yeah. >> is he a republican, too. >> yeah, he's a good guy. >> staten island is like 50. it is like 70s or 80s where it is just people -- it is like just family. it is so different in new york where it is just like houses and a different world. >> it is like a lost world. >> no, it is not that people are not smart. >> they have that way of live. it is still a small town which is nice. let me ask you about th the -- what am i told to do here? ma >> michael, where are you from?
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>> i am from manhattan. >> where is that is? >> there is a lot of cup cakes though. >> it is not the bowery anymore. >> well, white kids are getting high. [ laughs ] >> it used to be with irish guys having a drinking problem. >> well, they upgraded. >> when you guys coming back to business, september? >> i don't know, we'll come back tomorrow if you want it. [ laughs ] >> what hotel? >> i want to know what you are doing. >> what are you doing? [ laughs ] we'll broke cleveland. >> i don't know how to get a later kill. >> thank you guys for coming on. >> thank you, man, i had a great
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time. [ applause ] >> it is chris rock, right? [ laughs ] chris rock is the best in business and not just -- that's all business >> that's true. >> colin, you are a funny guy. see you again next wednesday night, the democratic convention in philadelphia, coming up. the great drama here with ted cruz. >> ted cruz telling republicans to vote their conscious. this is real work. >> more of the convention after this. >> if you love our country, and love your children as much as i know you do, stand and speak and vote your conscious, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you see to defend our
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freedom and being faithful to the constitution. [ cheers ] [ applause ]
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♪ welcome back to our special late night of edition of hardball of the convention center itself right behind us here on day three which we saw
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republicans turning to retentions to donald trump's vice president running mate, mike pence. i thought he did quite well. here he is. >> donald trump gets this. he's the genuine article. he's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. when donald trump does his talking, he does not tiptoe around the thousands new rules of political correctness. [ cheers ] he's his own man, distinctly american. where else would an independent spirit like him find a following than in the land of the free and in the home of the brave? [ cheers ] the funny thing is the party empower seems helpless to figure out our nominee. the media has the same problem.
11:38 pm
they're all keep telling each other that the usual methods are working against him, they keep on thinking they done him in and only to wake up the next morning to find that donald trump is still standing and running stronger than ever before. the man just does not quit. my fellow republicans, when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, that change will be huge. [ cheers ] >> mike pence working to unify the party behind trump tonight. ted cruz made a speech will be remembered by what he left out, an endorsement of the republican nominee. of a dramatic scene, delegates b booed as donald trump entered the arena. >> i want to congratulate donald
11:39 pm
trump on winning the nomination last night. to those listening, please don't stay home in november. [ cheers ] >> if you love our country, and love your children as much as i know you do, stand and speak and vote your conscious, vote for candidates up and down the tick who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful for the constitution. [ cheers ] [ crowds booing ] >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegations. we must make the most of our moment. to fight for freedom, to protect our god's given right, even at those of whom we don't agree so when we are old and gray, and
11:40 pm
when our work is done -- we give those we love one final kiss good-bye. we'll be able to say, freedom matters and i was part of something beautiful. [ cheers ] god bless each and everyone of you and god bless the united states of america. >> well, that's an interesting point. tell me right now for more is robert costa. michael is also with us as well. thank god. >> what a party. >> i will take something
11:41 pm
personal right now. >> i did learn tonight why ted cruz's roommates from colle college -- there is something about the behavior politically requir requires minimal graciousness. the guy has the nomination. >> the day expecting any graciousness from this world given to donald trump, has insulted his wife and accused his father being involved in the assassination of john kennedy. >> water under the bridge. >> and calling him lying ted a thousand time. >> then why did he come? why did they put him on tonight when they knew he would not endorse. give him a spot on monday or tuesday early in the show and let them say his peace >> how many delegates does he have. this is his version of project
11:42 pm
"i told you so." >> yes, he does. >> i think he does want trump to lose. trump is aware of that but he played him. he sets this thing in motion. they knew he was not going to endorse him. that was all set up >> he was back on the party on purpose. >> okay, i am going to show you >> pence really showing him what he really is. on the set tieonight, you shoul hear what delegates were saying? >> trump delegates? >> no. >> you talked to paul manafort, what does he think of the verdict of the country in this room of cruz's performance tonight? >> i talked to the trump's children and paul manafort, they are disappointed. >> will it help our hurt? >> they came out of here talking
11:43 pm
party unity. they think trump struck a tone tonight. what a moment behind me, i was watching trump in the vip box and listening to cruz right over here and as i am standing right there and he's listening to cruz and he's stanning aloding alone moment the boos start, trump listens in the moment. >> i hear and confirm me on this that the whips out there on the floor whipping up the new york delegation, they're saying start booing now so maybe that's the choreography for him to come out. >> and manafort denied it. >> mark alfred had a big grin and manafort just laughed with the boos. >> why would you go through this? you are making the guy looking bad and making cruz look bad. your goal tonight is to make mike pence looking good.
11:44 pm
wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. i saw his speech two hours earlier but let him speak earlier, no big deal. that's big of him >> hillary clinton's campaign also reacted to cruz's speech, "vote your conscious." it is a phrase they use. i know it is not the way that american people mean it. when they say that, they mean we are not going ask the parade to die for this thing. you don't have to eat this one. >> yeah, usually it is a way of saying we agree with you. this is a great thing you've to do. >> that's why this place is opted. these are insiders. they know the line. >> three minutes. >> i thought pence -- low key
11:45 pm
guy, i am not a bombastic guy. and when he says you cannot fake it, good kids, i thought that was real. >> genuine line. >> about the kids. >> i think he did the campaign a real good service tonight. he brought a lot of folks. they were really wanting that moment where they can attach themselves in this campaign in a way. >> you are right, david. that's what trump likes. that that's the disruption that keeps the process going in the direction. >> he's a joker. >> the combination that i find so fascinating where you have those tender moements that you
11:46 pm
had with pence, that keeps us in tuned of what does it mean and how does it play out. >> the question i have is what do the clintons do when this is them. when they become the ted cruz of this campaign. how do hillary clinton deals with the guy who'll pet you and say nice things and boom. disruptive. >> she's given severe weather speeches and tweeted. he's not engaged with anybody on a serious level at this campaign except the walls. >> i am upset with this week. 90% of the verbiage coming out of this convention was anti-hillary. >> did it hurt her number at the polls coming out this week. >> robert? what do you bet? >> most conventions you ta ache
11:47 pm
little bit of a hit. so it hurts the others. >> i would not be surprised. >> anti-clinton >> you think so? >> i think if there is a -- >> would she battle it out with the republicans? >> no, i don't think so, 3%. >> the question is are republicans hitting their marks on the attack? >> there are a lot of suburban republicans out there who are pro-choice. they don't like women being told what they cannot do. they're looking at this guy, he's a jackie kind of guy and an all expression. >> they don't like this kind of personality generally. >> they want to hear some relief from this bashing of the only woman who's ever had a shot of the presidency. i am wondering about that, are they going to let -- the women
11:48 pm
at the train station, are they going to like this bombastic attack on the only woman who has a chance to be president. >> it is a little strong. >> they got to go back to suburban voters and anti-abortion voters and pro-choice women and districts that have working women. this critique against secretary clinton that we heard this week has been personal, lo"lock her up." >> have you been to her convention where they chanted "locking that person up." this is taking it to al level. i am sure i heard it down there. >> robert and david cornyn, thank you.
11:49 pm
>> it is very american. >> this is wild stuff. a lot of countries, they put away the guys -- they hang him. anyway, still ahead, some angry response to ted cruz tonight from chris christie. i cannot wait to hear from him. >> i think he said something really tough about cruz. we'll get to that. we have one more night lehere i cleveland before heading to my hometown for the national convention. who are we going to choose? at least tomorrow night or do we have to wait until friday? >> at least tomorrow, late. >> late tomorrow as i said. >> we'll continue after this.
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all i can say is i went through the process of 2008 so i kind of know the rhythm of eit. a decision is very late. i don't expect a decision is announced over the weekend. that's all i know right now. he plays it well. >> we are here in cleveland. that was tim kaine as democratic as he's talking about being hillary clinton's vice president candidate. it is been reported that an announcement can come on friday or saturday if hillary clinton is thinking about it.
11:54 pm
apparently is going to be friday. tim kaine has been considered a f favorite of the job. >> a close friend of the clinton's family. >> i want to start with paul, you got a report that i really want to get some reporting here. what is the best bet if you had to make extra money on this if you want to bet on vp, where would you put your money? >> i will put my money on iowa governor and now he's agriculture. >> eight years. >> longest serving in the obama administration and gets along very well with miss clinton and bill clinton and he's so bland. [ laughs ] >> i was going to say nice. >> someone with no stink on them
11:55 pm
at all. >> when you say fun impeachable character. that is guy that nobody can find anything dirty on. >> i don't think she's probably. i am just guessing. you know when somebody around you is too horny for ambitious. i cannot wait to get this down because hillary is going to be in her 70s. you want somebody accepting to the feedback like jennie. that was limited of a person's ambitious. >> the cross point is kind of vanilla or boring or pain thala. that's not going excite people coming out to vote. she's not that strong as blue col collar. >> what do you want? >> you want a hard core -- >> the millenials.
11:56 pm
>> rear view mirrlistically. >> i won't throw out bernie sanders but in term of senator corey booker. >> yeah. >> i think he will be great, too. >> our young, latino. >> you know -- >> mr. trump is on the other side. [ laughs ] >> what's your bet? >> i am going to put bill sack. >> i will too but i don't think it is the right choice, v choice, vil sack. >> okay, senator and paul singer who knows what he's talking about. we have another hour of hardball coming up right here with a lot of stuff. i in case you missed it. we'll give you a special hour of
11:57 pm
"hardball." these guys are pros and so funny, stick around, stay up late and get a coke. [ laughs ] >> stick around we'll be right back.
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