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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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being with us. and we want to thank everybody here, and in cleveland. it has been an absolutely -- >> another riveting day in politics. >> a remarkable day in politics. remarkable week in politics. we thank you so much for being here. and back here tomorrow. >> yep, we'll be back here tomorrow. we pick up the coverage. >> thank you very much. good day once again from cleveland. tensions high, and party unity on the fritz, as we approach the grand finale of the gop convention. up first this morning, new reaction to that lone star snub. ted cruz still not offering endorsement of trump after leaving the convention hall stunned last night. the senator told americans to, quote, vote their conscience. moments ago, to his home state delegation, cruz didn't back off those comments, kicking off another day of drama. >> i am doing what millions of americans are doing. i am watching, i am listening. and as i told you last night,
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the standard that i intend to apply is which candidate i trust to defend our freedom and be faithful. i can tell you, i'm not voting for hillary. >> trump campaign officials wasting no time hitting back against their fellow republican and one-time rival. campaign manager, paul manafort, who saw the speech before it was delivered. now says cruz made a big mistake. >> i think cruz used very bad judgment. i think he made a mistake. i think was not respectful by the invitation to the convention to come and speak. he understood what the responsibilities are of somebody in his position, and he didn't meet them. >> so here we are, once again, a convention struggling to stay on message, and failing to get everyone on the same page. ted cruz entered last night to a standing ovation. but things got ugly after he defiantly chose not to offer support for the nominee. >> if you love our country and love your children as much as i
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know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom. and to be faithful to the constitution. >> the trump family sitting in the arena and take a look at their faces. stunned at what the senator was saying. or maybe what he wasn't saying. >> all the time, this was overshadowing a man who was supposed to headline the night. mike pence finally getting to get to the stage to himself to accept the republican nomination for vice president. and this morning, the reviews are in for the little-known mild-mannered midwesterner. >> it's change versus status quo. and my fellow republicans, when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, the change will be huge. >> i want to start this morning
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with nbc's hallie jackson notice inside the convention hall. we are talking about another trump campaign unforced error, and republican in-fighting. and this thing is almost over. >> reporter: jose, i've got to set the scene of where we are and what we just saw. we're actually over at the different hotel, not the convention center. we're in downtown cleveland. you see all these people in cowboy hats and texas shirts behind me, members of the texas delegation. there was a breakfast happening. ted cruz appeared. and i will tell you what. if last night was a remarkable moment on the convention floor, this was another remarkable moment. ted cruz addressing these delegates, some of whom a vocal minority, i might say, were pushing him very hard on why he would not endorse donald trump. so ted cruz delivered some remarks. he essentially said that he didn't regret what happened. he wouldn't take back what happened. and i'm paraphrasing here. he defended his actions last night. he pointeded out he
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congratulated donald trump, but insists he needed to watch and listen and stick to the principles he campaigned on. here's where it got interesting, jose. some delegates started to stand up and and questions. some people asked, okay, well, who are you going to vote for? cruz would not answer. he said he would not say he would vote for donald trump. he did say that he wouldn't vote for hillary clinton. he was pressed repeatedly on this point. and you saw over the course of these questions and answers, and again, some people stood up in support of ted cruz. praising him for what he did. louding him for what happened on stage last night. but there were certainly voices very angry with him, pressing him on what happened. cruz got incredibly emotional, angry, i would say, talking about the attacks that trump launched against, for example, his wife, heidi cruz, back during the primaries. remember, trump we tweeted that unflattering pose next to melania trump, and attacks against raphael cruz, his father
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on the indiana primary, going on television, insinuating that raphael cruz had something to do with the jfk assassination. cruz came out, called him a pathological liar. called him amoral. i have not seen ted cruz that angry until this morning. when he was talking about how the trump campaign, you know -- he said didn't -- nobody has ever taken back those remarks. and cruz was sort of saying, hey, how can i support this person? you know, i'm watching, i'm listening, trying to figure out what's going on. i want to play some sound for you, jose. you'll hear a little bit of the portion of this breakfast. and then i want to talk a little bit more on the other side as we kind of work our way through. listen. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, that i'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say, thank you very much for
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maligning my wife and maligning my father. >> reporter: so we're -- there you heard, ted cruz, talking to the texas delegation. many of whom are still kind of in the lobby. i want to walk through a little bit. what we saw were some confrontatio confrontations, polite confrontations, nothing that turned physical at all, but people having confrontations with each other. delegates who support donald trump from texas, delegates who support ted cruz from texas. why they believe ted cruz was right or wrong. obviously, people very passionate here. some upset, some supportive of ted cruz. on his way out, we tried to get a question in. i asked him if the trump campaign or donald trump apologizes to you for what he said and those attacks, would you then consider endorsing him. would that change your mind. cruz left, not doing anything here in cleveland. he'll be heading out. but jose, it's just a morning that comes after a wild night, and we'll see how the rest of the day unfolds with trump
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surrogates and members of the trump family going after ted cruz hard today. >> halley jackson, thank you very much. good seeing you this morning. i want to bring in two analysts, rick tyler, former spokesman for the cruz campaign, along with hugh hewitt. rick, let me ask you, what exactly do you read in this? it seems as though, again, we're in another day of a convention. >> yeah. >> where the issue was, let's meet the vice presidential nominee, and we're not talking about him at all. >> we're in day four, and the predominant message has been medicalian i can't's speech and the plagiarized section from -- even though orwellian like paul manafort -- that went on for almost three days. until they finally admitted to it, and then it went away. and that was only replaced today by ted cruz, where the campaign had received the speech. ted cruz sat with donald trump, face-to-face in washington, told him he wasn't going to endorse
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him. >> reporter: reasonabcently? >> a few weeks ago. and he had a phone conversation where he told him the same thing, i'm not going to endorse you. they saw the speech, approved the text before it went into the teleprompter. cruz knew that he would face consequences. >> reporter: what do you think happened? it seems they knew exactly what was going to happen and yet let this happen. >> it's a little inexplicable to me. the only messages -- the media coverage, not in the hall. that's different. but what people are seeing, millions of people watching on v, have been one negative story after the next negative story. the only positive message is, you may not like donald trump, but at least he's not hillary clinton. if that's our message, we're going to lose. >> reporter: hugh, how do you see this? it does seem as though trump is in control. you would think. i mean, it's his campaign, it's his nomination. this is his event. and yet the message that apparently every day was supposed to be delivered isn't being delivered. >> well, i see it, first of all, as a memorable moment. one of those rare moments in
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american political history that people will know instantly when you refer to cruz in cleveland, they will realize what we're talking about. and i thought -- i've seen a number of things. i said to myself, ted cruz has taken an old phrase and put a twist on it. revenge is a dish best served bold. not cold, but bold in front of 20 million people and he took his revenge on donald trump last night. chuck todd on my radio show this morning, told me about a hash tag he found mamusing, the ted wedding. for those who are political junkies, in 1976, ronald reagan delivered an amazing speech. ted cruz was delivering that speech. i was rapt attention, watching the crowd, loving ted cruz and saying, this is the guy who or ates. and i thought he was going to move to i will help donald trump save our country. when he pivoted away from that and milked the moment and had some fun with the new york delegation and then didn't endorse him.
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the boos began. 1976 became 1964 when nelson rockefeller was booed out of the cow palace and nelson gave the famous one-fingered salute to the delegates. ted cruz didn't do that. so what you had last night was a moment in american political history people will talk about for generations. does it have any impact on donald trump? no. eric trump made it three for three for the trump kids. i don't think it will affect donald trump's speech tonight. i don't think it will change any votes in america. it changes ted cruz's political future. >> i'm wondering, rick, as we who are immersed in this minutia and about who said what and there was applause, whether outside of this group people at home are getting this message. or is it more -- this is really entertaining? and you know what? donald trump isn't the average politician. look at him. you know, he's -- >> i think hugh is right. people won't say were you there when trump was nominated.
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they'll say no, but i was in the room during ted cruz's speech. i think that's exactly right. >> but outside. is it -- >> i don't know yet. i think cruz's speech will either be a failure, people will attack it. or as i believe, i think it may be pressing. that history will change donald trump loses badly to hillary clinton, for instance. people will say, well, that was interesting, and that didn't work. maybe ted was right. we don't know yet. politics has a funny way of changing things. >> the political car cast of '16 saying he's doing it wrong, i'm doing it right. i'm going to win this one and look where they are. >> it did establish him as a brilliant political or atore. ted cruz hit a home run last night, despite the boos. outside your hall, your question, jose, everyone was saying, this guy can talk. there is the supreme court litigator who was undefeated at the supreme court. there is the man who had the heart and soul, the conservative side of this debate. they saw it and loved it. i just think that long-term,
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though, putting the knife into donald trump on donald trump's night, even in four years, might be remembered by a lot of people. not even who were not trump people, but is something that will -- chris christie was mad at hell. >> we're going to put some of those comments in this hour. rick, it's not exactly like cruz gets the republican poster boy of the month award every month in the senate or within the republican party. so -- i mean, is this going to affect him long-term? >> i don't think so. look, he's very popular senator from the state of texas. this morning you did see some dissension, even among the texas delegates. he did a town hall, took tough questions, and i think he got a lot of people turned around. that takes political guts and i think the republican party and the conservatives really appreciate somebody who can take the tough questions, not fold and have substantive real answers to those questions. >> and talk about how things just don't go as planned. we're supposed to be talking about mike pence today. right? i mean, that's the guy that --
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what, 80% of the american people don't know a lot about? and this was -- his introduction? >> in all fairness to the convention, i did three hours of radio, spent a lot of time talking about mike pence, because he hit a home run as well. >> a home run, hugh hewitt? >> a lot of people didn't hit home runnells. i'm not going to call them out. it's been a very uneven speaker series. pence was not one of them. he did it with self effacing midwestern humor. he will help every single person on the down ticket. mike pence is exactly who donald trump needed. the end game wasn't so good. >> by the way, the speaker gave the -- speaker ryan, gave the introduction to mike pence with a glowing endorsement that i think he wished he would give to the nominee. and hasn't. >> rick, hugh huit, a pleasure to see you. thank you very much for being with me this morning. peter alexander also here with me in cleveland. peter, so pence had two objectives last night, introduced himself and calm jittery conservatives who were shaky on trump. how did he do on both counts?
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>> if americans are talking about mike pence today, then i think that's going to be a big deal. i think most americans are talking about another conservative, ted cruz. bottom line is, mike pence delivered. he delivered a terrific speech, but a lot of senior strategists have said this morning, the fact we're waking up and newspapers across this country don't have mike pence's picture on the front or mike pence and donald trump arm in arm indicates something different happened last night as you guys have been talking about through the course of that. i think pence obviously proved himself as a strong conservative voice. he says he's a christian before he is a republican. that he is a conservative before he's a republican. and obviously, that's a message that a lot of the conservatives who have been divided by the course of this primary will unify behind. nonetheless, we wait until tonight. donald trump, the billionaire, reality tv star, the guy who knows ratings as well as anybody has waited and built up the urgency, the spence for what will be a dramatic finale tonight. >> and peter, you just spoke with eric trump to get some
7:15 am
insight into his father's speech tonight. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we finished up a conversation a short time ago. we spoke about his dad. he said the speech will be honest, that it will be optimistic, given all the things that we have discussed in recent days about the words that melania trump had lifted, apparently, from a michelle obama speech in 2008. eric told me that donald trump himself has put a lot of thought, tremendous thought, as he said, and passion into these remarks. here's more of our conversation where i began by asking him, which donald trump we would see tonight. >> you're going to see a man who cares deeply about this country. he's not doing this for fun. this isn't a joke. he's put his life aside to run for the most powerful office in the world. it's -- you know how daunting this trail is. this isn't easy stuff. it's stressful stuff, incredibly hard work. i mean, i give him amazing credit for putting aside his life to do this whole process. and he's passionate about it. this country has given him everything in the world and he wants to give back to, you know, a nation that's, you know, really done everything for us as
7:16 am
a family. >> reporter: one of the most trike striking moments of the conversation, i asked him specifically about ted cruz last night. obviously, you saw the siblings if you were watching, they were there stone-faced in the vip box. eric trump himself was in the green room, waiting for his moment to come out. he said the whole experience has been surreal. certainly that moment. this morning he said to me, you know, a lot of people are describing it as political suicide. as for the trump family, ivanka trump gets her turn on the stage tonight. he said she's going to be poised and smart, and she'll deliver. jose? >> peter alexander, thank you so much. by the way, a new trump tweet just moments ago. here it is. ted cruz talked about the constitution, but doesn't say that if the democrats win the presidency, the new justice is appointed, will destroy us all. there you go. ted cruz delivers one of the biggest snubs in political history at the rnc. if the trump campaign knew in advance, why did they let the show go an? we'll hear from the trump
7:17 am
campaign next. the other moment everyone is talking about last night. look at this. hi. what was that? hi. what did you have in mind? what -- uh -- uh, yeah, let's shake hands. let's just shake hands. it's better. it's better that way. we'll kiss later. >> he doesn't know that what you're supposed to do is grab your running mate's hand and wave it above your head. >> nicolle wallace explaining, this is how that awkward moment should have been played out last night, like how mitt romney and paul ryan embraced during the last convention. i have something to say about this, though. that's all coming up next, on "msnbc live" from cleveland. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv,
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we want trump! we want trump! >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. >> no, they weren't chanting cruz or keefe. those are boos for ted cruz. the audience quickly turning on the tech senator when it became clear he would not be endorsing his former republican rival, donald trump. joining me in cleveland, trump campaign national co chair. >> great to be on with you and meet you. >> thank you very much. let's talk about this reaction yesterday. what exactly happened there? >> well, i think for a lot of people, it was the idea that we ted the opportunity to come on stage. i know senator cruz. i know he's a man who sticks to
7:22 am
his principles. i think we saw those exposed last night or revealed, whatever the right word would be. and i do think he missed an opportunity. i was listening earlier today, and i'm old enough to remember the events in 1964 and the events of 1976. and i think that he opted for '64 instead of '76. and i think where a lot of people don't realize, ronald reagan gave one of the most gracious speeches ever in a political environment where he came up and endorsed gerald ford. >> trump tweeted that you guys saw the speech a couple hours before. you knew the time. he's given -- he was given 20 minutes. this was not a surprise. and yet this happened. >> well, i think the issue is that it reallies with -- i think an opportunity for ted to make a decision. for senator cruz to make a decision. i don't mean to be so informal. he deserves the right to be called senator. i don't think that senator cruz
7:23 am
really took advantage of the opportunity he was given. and i think that's -- that's really the issue that people ought to be talking about today. >> is it a party divided? i mean, the conventions normally serve as a place where even with a bitter animosity of a primary campaign, the parties get back together, and yet is that what we're seeing here? >> two things. first off, what we're seeing inside a convention hall, these are the red meat activists. these are the people who go out and knock on doors. they haven't missed a vote in 30 years. so the comparison there is that's a legitimate one to say, okay, there are some tensions and there may be some issues. the real issue, something i think you brought up or i heard earlier and maybe not this program, but someone talking about the fact of how does this really affect the american voters? >> yeah, are. >> and i think the american voters are the ones who will make that decision. and if we get 65 or 70 million people to vote for donald trump, then i think a lot of this will be part of the historical
7:24 am
footnote. >> so tonight trump finally speaking. meanwhile, the clinton folks putting out a video. let's take a listen for a bit. >> hillary clinton, i think, is a terrific woman. >> officially, i know her very well and i know her husband very well and i like them both. ♪ they are, you know, just really terrific people. she really works hard and i think she does a good job. ♪ >> uh, you know, the whole thing of the invention of the videotape is just pretty intense, isn't it? >> i get accused of being the one surrogate always laughing and smiling when i come out here. because i find -- maybe it's because of my age. i find humor in a lot of this, because people lose historical perspective. and i think it's all part of this. i really think that -- >> he did say that. >> well, the issue really comes down to the comparison between
7:25 am
the two. that the american people are going to have to make that comparison. i think as time goes on, we're going to contrast ourselves with the other candidate. i think that will be a clear picture of america and have a clear choice. we've had these in the past. this is -- i don't think there will be a starker difference in candidates than we have in this particular election. and i think that people are going to have to make the determination and not to plagiarize, but are you better off today than you were eight years ago. and if you remember, that was the phrase used in 1980, and you probably are not old enough to remember that. >> i actually was. and i know that plagiarism has been a word we have been hearing a lot about. >> a lot about. >> sam, appreciate your time. >> always great to see you. after the heated campaign between ted cruz and donald trump, should we be surprised and does it hurt ted cruz's future? inning of the 21st century, the earth needed to find a new way to keep up with the data
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ted cruz's nonendorsement of donald trump didn't exactly come out of nowhere. trump has been attacking cruz relentlessly for the past seven months. at first, cruz didn't respond. but over time, it got under his skin. >> become lyin' ted. we call him lying ted. >> this man is a pathological liar. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald's being, you know, shot. >> this is nuts. yes, my dad killed jfk. he is secretly elvis and jimmy hoffa is buried in his backyard. >> he goes in there like a little bit of a maniac. >> just like hillary clinton, donald trump is a phony. >> cruz is working really hard do -- i don't want to use the word bribe, but to bribe the delegates. >> the man is utterly amoral. morality does not exist for him.
7:30 am
>> ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> if donald trump is the nominee, hillary clinton wins. and she wins by double digits. >> and this morning cruz said those kinds of attacks are the reason he can't endorse trump, even though he had previously pledged to back the nominee. >> that pledge was not a blanket commitment if you go and slander and attack heidi that i'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and father. >> joining me now, buzz field political reporter and political senior writer, friends of mine. how are you guys? good to see you in cleveland. so mark, an article out in politico today says cruz could have done more than probably anybody else to unite the republican party. instead he chose payback. >> yeah. and -- he showed he was going to
7:31 am
choose payback. i wonder at what point the trump campaign is going to take some responsibility for these unforced errors. you let a guy up -- arsonist on stage with a can of gas and a handful of matches. and then you're shocked he lit it on fire. i don't get it. >> how do you see this? because it seems as though really, this was a train wreck that you knew was coming. >> you know, a lot of times, ted cruz has thought himself a little too cute, little too perfect strategist when the moderate lane -- none happened. here he seemed really cagey and really on point, thinking, basically, looking ahead to 2020, looking ahead to opportunity. and, you know, when you see these people like rubio and others that had really personal insults with trump and now are fine with him, i think cruz is basically standing down and standing up and saying he attacked my family, i'm not okay with it. >> yeah. what i thought was interesting, when you compare cruz and rubio, rubio basically the hostage video. you yeah, i endorsed the guy.
7:32 am
and cruz said -- it was also interesting, he got people to boo him by saying vote your conscience. according to my twitter feed, it doesn't look good for ted cruz's political future, he might want to get extra security. it doesn't matter in the short term. the problem here is for donald trump and the message for this convention has been one big dumpster fire. >> this morning on "today," paul manafort said the party came together after last night and the rejection of many of the senator from texas actually unified the party. >> yeah, i mean, they obviously don't believe that. if you asked them before what they wanted, they wanted everybody coming together, and this excitement around trump's candidacy. and we obviously didn't see that last night. you could tell that it's bad for them. >> yeah, i mean, paul manafort sounds like baghdad bob in the iraq invasion. there is no trouble here. nothing to see here, folks. this is crazy. this is the weirdest convention i've seen in a while. >> i think it is pretty unusual. i'm just wondering if they're making it unusual on purpose, so that when the democrat convention is structured, they're going to go, look at
7:33 am
that, it's the old versus the new way of doing politics. >> i think the democratic convention is going to be one of the most boring affairs we'll see when guard to this. >> but anyway -- you tweeted out yesterday, a poll from latino coalition that showed 60% of latino republicans and inspect independents would not vote for trump. >> 100 out of 220 they polled. what i found interesting, these are latino conservatives saying the gop needs to be more respectful of us, and saying the rhetoric that has gone on throughout this campaign from trump, they're not okay with it and that's something i've been watching all week at these events, where people are having this shadow convention, where it's a different conversation than what's going on. >> and just to wrap it up. only you guys would understand this. this whole air kiss fiasco thing. the three of us who live our lives with the hello and is kisses goodbye, how did you read that? >> yeah, i think mike pence just got freaked out. it was -- i almost felt bad for pence. >> i liked how it was written
7:34 am
there, that they had to embrace. >> yeah. so nobody has seen us kiss hello, but it's going to happen. >> we can do it on live tv. >> look at that. i love it. >> this guy, won't let me kiss him. and the guy is going, i just said a speech. there's no need for kisses. we can shake hands. let's kiss later. >> you know, this is -- >> kiss backstage. >> yeah, i know. but it's so -- isn't it like -- reflective of reality? a lot of people have sometimes when they kiss hello? >> yeah. >> of course. >> i guess. i'm not going there. i can't go there. of good to see you, man. >> thank you. it's great. kissing you later. you know that. thank you, gentlemen. good to see you both. they weren't live from new york, nor was it saturday night. but "weekend up date" hosts had plenty to say on the republican convention during their msnbc special last night. we have a little bit of that, next. searching for the perfect place
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"saturday night live" brought its the sharp-witted antics to the rnc overnight. comedians hosted a special edition of "weekend update" here in cleveland and put their signature spin on the rnc. >> donald trump is one of two final candidates to be the president of the united states, and he picks the celebrities to vouch for him is scott baio and antonio se antonio saab atto jr. he would have fired himself. >> i will point out the celebrities were somehow more reasonable in their rhetoric than the politicians. let's check out this moment from former new york mayor, rudy guiliani. >> there is just america! what happened to it? >> nothing unites people like screaming at them. it sounded like his cable went
7:39 am
out in the middle of "price is right." what happened to it! at least he was able to showcase some of his signature moves. >> this is a man with a big heart, who loves people. all people. from the top to the bottom, from the middle to the side! >> he only got one out of four directions right. ted cruz, of course, the big story, just spoke about an hour ago, and he was booed off stage -- >> fantastic. >> -- after refusing to endorse trump and saying "vote your conscience." that's where we're at now. people are booing the idea of listening to your conscience. it's like a jiminy cricket showed up, always let your conscience can be your guide. and everyone in the crowd is, ah, cricket, kill it! >> and don't miss another special convention on an edition of snl's "weekend update" midnight eastern on msnbc.
7:40 am
republicans attacking hillary clinton for days. so how does the clinton empire or folks strike back? ooh, that was a "star wars" analogy. chris jansing takes us deep inside the campaign's rapid response team. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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no ones got moves like uncle joe. ♪ when it's go book on for instant rewards like gift cards, plus savings of up to 20%. book direct at as can be expected, the attacks against hillary clinton haven't taken a break here at the rnc, but neither has the clinton's campaign response against each attack with social media being the most efficient weapon. our chris jansing spent the night with a clinton rapid response team, joins us this morning. chris, good morning. >> good morning. you can't believe how different things are than just in 2008, and what was the rapid response team for barack obama, on the cutting edge of social media, didn't even use twitter. but last night, we got an exclusive look behind the scenes as ted cruz was speaking before the convention.
7:44 am
here's a look. this is the kind of modern-day war room. 24 people packed into this small space, 14 to 16 hours a day. they have come to cleveland from brooklyn, washington, fueled by caffeine and jump food. and the question is, what are they doing here? what are you listening for? >> so what we do is, we listen, we respond. we put together information to fact-check. and this has been a fact-checker's deream. everything we're here is unsubstantiated. >> why do you need 23 people? aren't you all listening to the same speech? >> that's how many lies and things we're hearing that need to be corrected. so we're going to set the record straight. >> who decides what's a lie, who decides what's worth responding to? who decides where it goes to? we track twitter, sometimes people will note things. we have a research team, a policy team. we have people who sort of track these candidates from the beginning. so there are things we just know and want to follow up on. and then there are things that, you know, there's a lot of
7:45 am
people on twitter, and they find fun things. >> so then that goes to a fact-checker? >> sometimes there are things that these guys will say that's not true. and we'll try and flag for fact-checkers or do the fact-checking ourselves and try to put it out into the world. >> we use a number of venues, make sure it's communicated to journalists, put out press releases and have an extensive social media presence to make sure whether it's on twitter, youtube, videos, that we're providing information that shows that what you're hearing from the floor doesn't match up with reality. and that what you're hearing from the floor is very negative. >> all paid staffers. >> yes. >> 24 of them that came from brooklyn and also washington, d.c. the operation for the rnc, by the way, is in washington. they did not come to cleveland. so i'm there with them, watching the cruz speech. and there was a little bit of a feeling, jose, like mana from heaven. i thought they were going to look from the sky. and they said to me, sometimes things happen and you just leave them alone. which is what the campaign had decided to do with the melania
7:46 am
trump controversy over her speech. of but they couldn't resist themselves last night, and actually sent out a tweet, quoting ted cruz, saying, vote your conscience. jose? >> chris jansing in cleveland. thank you very much. just hours before stepping into the spotlight on the rnc stage, ivanka trump talks with my colleague, savannah guthrie about supporting her father and what she says is her biggest fear about taking the stage tonight. >> how did he ask you? >> in a pretty casual way. like my father does things like that. so -- >> hey, ivanka, would you like to do it? you'll be fine, don't worry. you'll be great.
7:47 am
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i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
7:49 am
donald trump's children have campaigned tirelessly for their father, and possibly serve as the most trusted surrogates. tonight, it's ivanka's turn when she introduces her father as he accepts the nomination. today savannah guthrie caught up with her and asked her how she is feeling about tonight.
7:50 am
>> i'm terrified. i am -- i've never spoken in a stadium like this. and -- but really, i just want to make sure i do a great job for him. so -- you know, it's a real honor and privilege that he asked me to do this. and i think it's a testament want to him as a parent. >> how did he ask you? >> in a pretty casual way. like my father does things like that. so -- hey, ivanka, would you like to do it? don't worry, you'll be fine. you'll be great. >> what do you want to convey tomorrow about your dad? >> i know the man as a parent. and i can share how he raised me and my siblings, and the father he was. but also, i can talk about the man he is as a leader, and an entrepreneur, and a business builder and a visionary. so knowing him from those two very different vantage points, but seeing similar attributes really transcend both world. i think it gives me a big of a unique perspective in that regard. >> obviously, there has been
7:51 am
some controversy in the last couple days, because melania gave her speech, and now the campaign has acknowledged there were some parts that were very similar to michelle obama's speech. what have these last two days been like for her, for you? what's your reaction to this? >> i love melania so much. and i am so proud of the job she did. she's a very private person. and for her to come out on that stage and speak from the heart and share her story about coming to this country, this is such a personal experience for her. and she shared it in such a graceful and articulate way. so i am enormously impressed with her ability to do that. and have great respect for it. >> have you developed that politician's daughter's thick skin yet? >> certainly the last year has helped. it's definitely a little bit thicker than it was at the beginning of this. but, you know, i think -- i think the -- the most helpful thing for me is the fact that i
7:52 am
know who my father is as a person. so, you know, a lot of labels get bantered around, and, you know, people can say some vicious things, though i know the truth about my father. i couldn't support my father if i didn't know those things to be pure fiction. so, you know, i know the man, so that gives me great comfort. >> your brother went after hillary clinton. he gave kind of a policy speech, definitely went on the attack. should we expect that from you? >> i'm going speak about my father. and you know, that's -- that's really what i want to be talking about. and that's obviously what i know most intimately. so that's where my focus will be. >> how do you feel about the convention and what you hear and what you see? you're on the floor, you hear the excitement, you hear the chants. sometimes you hear chants like "lock her up" or "guilty!" are you comfortable with all of that? >> it is certainly exciting and it's a major production. i had no idea what the experience was going to be like. but it's definitely a different
7:53 am
experience, so i've never been to something like this. >> what are you going to tell yourself as you walk out on the stage thursday night? >> don't trip. after that -- after i get to the podium -- no, i think i'm really comfortable with my speech. because you know, it comes from my heart. and hopefully i'm able to deliver it in an articulate way. but, you know, i think at the end of the day i know i'll go to my children and they'll all love me as much, regardless. even if i bomb, my father won't hold it against me. >> a federal appeals court, meanwhile, finds texas' strict voter i.d. law violates the voting rights act. it's a story we'll tell you about, next. we are in cleveland. the crowd is lovely. and, well, diverse.
7:54 am
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7:57 am
drop your voter i.d. law before november. a court found it discriminates against low-income and minority groups. pete williams has a breakdown for us. pete. >> reporter: jose, the judges in the fifth circuit court of appeals did not completely throw the law out. what they said is, it has the effect of discriminating against minority voters and sent it back to texas to try to figure out some way to modify the regulations so those minority voters can have a better chance to vote at the polls. so the texas law was one of the strictest in the nations. here were the forms of voter i.d.s that would be honored at the polls. it included drivers' license, a state-issued identity card. lance to carry a gun and military i.d. a passport of citizenship certificate. the challengers said it did not include forms of i.d. many voters would have such as a student i.d. card.
7:58 am
those would not be honored. and that's why many people said texas was the most restrictive law in the country. the appeals court did not say that the legislature had the intention to discriminate. what it said is, the law had the effect of discriminating, but didn't go so far as to say that's what the legislature intended it to do. so now it goes back to the trial judge, and it's going to be up to the judge to come up with some sort of remedy. for example, allowing people who don't have these i.d.s, nonetheless to vote if they fill out some kind of affidavit, a testing that they're legally qualified to vote. or perhaps allowing some different forms of i.d. to be used. texas could appeal. it says it hasn't made a decision yet, but the only place to appeal is to the u.s. supreme court and with the court out for the summer and divided 4-4, it's not immediately clear texas would get the kind of relief it wanted. by the way, the appeals court opinion came out yesterday. that was the last day that the u.s. supreme court had had said the appeals court has to decide the case in order for there to
7:59 am
be some kind of change or some kind of rule put in place in time for the general election in texas. nonetheless, advocates for citizens' voting rights said the decision was a very strong one and in their favor, jose. >> pete williams in washington, d.c. thank you very much. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." thank you for your time. be sure to check the rnc at 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight here on msnbc. convention coverage continues all day here in cleveland. and my colleague, tamron hall, picks it up down the street. tamron, a big air kiss. >> jose, thank you very much. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall from cleveland, ohio. it is, in fact, day four of the republican national convention. it's the big day. but already, this morning, senator ted cruz is defending his remarks that he made on the rnc stage last night. it ignited a firestorm that
8:00 am
still burns right now. the senator refusing to endorse donald trump. from there he was booed right off the stage. while senator cruz not mincing words this morning. just over an hour ago, he addressed a gathering of the texas delegation. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, that i ammel going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say, "thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father." this is not politics. i will tell the truth. i will not malign. i will not insult. i will not attack. i will tell the truth. this is not a game. it is


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