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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> we were inside the hall last night. >> he had to walk in and cut off ted cruz. >> people were booing that ted wasn't endorsing donald trump. it would have been a great opportunity to bring people together. >> it does not get this humid in wyoming. >> it's hot. >> it is. it is hot here in cleveland. it's been fantastic. stay tuned to msnbc for all of tonight ice coverage. thomas roberts picking up our coverage next. >> a big tv show. i think it is a tv show right now with everything we have going on. hey, gang. we have a lot to talk about as we just saw with you giving us the preview of donald trump at the q. this is his big moment coming up tonight. we saw him there with the trump team and his daughter ivanka. ivanka is going to introduce her father. this is a big moment for donald trump who are is accepting formally the nomination.
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last night it was mike pence who accepted the nomination as vice president. but as we have been talking about today, reaction to ted cruz kind of settling political scores as an invited guest to speak to this convention, yet not allowing for an endorsement and telling people to vote their conscience. kelly o'donnell is in the arena. does donald trump seem comfortable? we have seen him on the stage a couple nights before. >> my sense is that he saw this as an opportunity to provide sort of a show before the show. to be able to do the things that are necessary for a technical rehearsal, which not only matters to him, clearly to his daughter, who appears tonight. but also to a number of those people we saw on stage who have technical responsibilities tonight. whether it be the teleprompter device that provides the text rolling in front of him. the lighting, the audio, perhaps there are visual elements that would be behind him as well.
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so acknowledging the importance of that for all of the people who are part of this. and then at the same me, we talked about earlier how there are employees of this venue. the q, as they call it here in town where the cavaliers play. and there are employees here who wanted to meet donald trump. they will often as a courtesy say a personal thank you and do photos with people who work at the event site or perhaps its law enforcement in a given town, that kind of thing. we have seen some of that today. a few delegates have started to come in. when trump was here on stage it appeared to us they had locked down the space. we were kept ten rows back. we are able to move about again. so that was an important opportunity for trump to give us the show before the show to alu for the real work that needed to be done to prepare. and to sort of move the ball
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forward with some new pictures. you can see there are folks responsible for what happens tonight stage directing and lighting and so forth who still have a job to do. there was a a period when the screens went out in the background. i'm sure there has been a lot of angioty about that from whomever was responsible. and this is a delegate of texas. they like to come in uniform. he's one of those delegates here. and we get the sense that today it is day four. it's really the cap of this whole event. and for delegates who have paid their own way to be here who have been a part of this and have a role in their home communities campaigning for republicans. whether they be local offices as well as the top of the ticket. they have high u expectations that donald trump will live up to the prestige of being the nominee of one's party and to be able to deliver.
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so that's what we'll be watch ing for for sure. >> we know that ivanka trump spoke to our colleagues on the "today" show and has the honor of introducing her dad tonight. she's going to keep it about what it's like to be the daughter of donald trump. personalize him, the father figure that she's known, why she cares for him so much, believes in him so much. have we gotten an idea of donald trump or ivanka's speeches, any idea about the points they are going to make formally? >> they have been locking it down for us. i think that the speech was in the bag. one of his colleague came in and there was a point that he took out a leather binder and placed it on there for a a minute. i suspect that we will get some excerpts later this evening. that has been closely held, though. but as you point out, ivanka and her brothers and her sister present a unique vision and perspective having grown up as
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the children of donald trump and all the public phases of his life. only they can tell that story. so they have each done well in that. so the stakes are high for ivanka as well tonight to deliver on that and to introduce her father and to try to peel back some of the public layers on the character that he is and the person who has been controversial and magnetic and wildly successful in the electoral sense this year to try to make him the person they know within the family. so expect some of that. and it will also have to be about winning. that's one of the things that donald trump often leans on and he will probably infuse his message with the need to win against hillary clinton in the fall and even if people aren't that crazy about him in the republican party that to try to unite them behind the idea of victory for the white house. >> kelly o'donnell inside the q, thank you so much. just for our viewers at home, you can see on the lower portion of the screen we're watching the
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protest rallies happening today on this fourth day of the rnc. there are several dozen perms allowed for different groups to march here in cleveland. we're going to have jacob rascon coming up here shortly. but michael cohen is joining me onset. he's been called donald trump's right-hand man. it's nice to have you on with me today. i know you are very busy. we are day four. we saw the images of donald trump and ivanka on stage. can you give us incite into the speech? >> he's going to convey the message of making america great again. but i think there's going to probably be some aspects to it about how proud he is of his children and the wonderful job they have done so far in terms of stepping up for the campaign. >> we have seen tiffany. we have seen don jr.
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it's interesting they knocked it out of the park in different ways. sentimental referring back to report cards that gave a powerful speech. look forward to speaking to ivanka after hearing it but incredibly articulate. >> don junior said it's a piece of cake. we know eric had the job of following ted cruz. e he said vote your conscience. ted cruz should be reprimanded by the rnc.
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last night he committed plit u call suicide. i don't think he should be entitled to run. it's not the person that you want but they all should have come to the table and they all should have done what they were supposed to do. so not only did they lie to the rnc in the pledge, but they lied to the american people. we don't need politicians like that anymore. >> strong reaction has come about the message in his peach and his political future. i want to play his response to the criticisms. take a listen. >> that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and
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slander and attack heidi that i'm going to nonetheless come like a puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and my father. he nor his campaign has taken back a word about my family. i was not eager to do that. that was not something i was happy to do. it was something i thought i had an obligation to do. >> he was explaining this was personal for him. he felt like his wife and father were demeaned through the primary campaign. >> do you think everybody attack donald trump during the entire lead up to the nomination almost on a daily basis, including melania and the children. it's an everyday event. that's what politics have become. but donald trump didn't malign ted cruz's wife and at the end of the day your word is your word and stand up for your word. he's looking for an excuse. he's looking for the difference between the two. he's talking about an adult versus a whining baby.
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>> the whole rmpbs to reference to heidi cruz was imagery and donald alluded to spilling the beans on her. the length of trying to get senator cruz's father to the assassination of jfk. >> if he retweeted somebody else's work, that's somebody else's work. we make way too much of these tweets. tweets are not anything more. tweets are not anything more than today's usage of social media. >> but that's the way we have been communicating with trump mostly is 140 characters or less to talk to the public. >> it's not indicative of anything. it's a tweet. we have to leave it at that. it's just a tweet. and we shouldn't be making something more out of a tweet than what it is. >> if senator cruz felt he had some political scores. >> he's looking for an excuse. he's a whining baby who basically lied to the american
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public. he lied to the rnc. he should never, ever be endorsed by the party ever again. >> i know the campaign has said that there was an opportunity for them to look at the speech, what cruz was going to deliver ahead of time so we all kind of knew the direction it was going to go. i understand from katy tur that trump's speech has been run through some software to make sure that there is nothing in there that could be seen as co-oped or borrowed. >> i'm not part of the campaign. i'm special council to mr. trump. i'm here on my own dime. i wanted to be there in order to support a man who it's not only his children, by the way, that feel very close to mr. trump and have a real affection towards him. if you know anybody at the trump organization that spends any amount of time with him like i do, we all feel the same way ant him. he's a mentor.
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he's a sage. he's like family. when you have a problem, mr. trump feels like he has a rob. 's what the trump organization is. it's a large family of people who are very loyal and committed to him. >> we have seen from the family and people that like yourself consider themselves family members -- but can figure out how to make that happen. thank you for making time for us. appreciate it. thank you. >> want to check out with jacob rascon. s that peaceful march taking place. this is one of several that are going to be going on today. >> we are a mile outside the convention center under a bridge. but we have 200 to 300 protesters, they call it stand ogt against trump. a lot of them are professional.
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ed is from pennsylvania. >> i work for recruiting students i lost three muslim students. two girls and one boy because their parents did not believe they would be treated with respect and would be safe in donald trump's america. >> so you think is because of donald trump? >> i spent a lot of time in east africa. and 24/7 whether it's fox or even cnn, they see trump all the time. that's all they see. they don't see the good things
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about people here. >> we'll turn around here as we walk. everybody has a different story about why they feel it's important to show up to these protests. we're right next to these steel fences that you have seen around the convention center. in fact, now we're probably less than a half mile away from that convention center. you might have seen some of the officers on bike around. they are following the crowd. so far all week most of the protests, all of the protests that were organized who had a permit, they have been peaceful. we have seen a few squirmishes by protesters who didn't have a permit who didn't have a socialist group. all week we have had 23 protests so far. but most are peaceful with police officers nearby in case they are needed. >> they have one hour for these marches. that's the window of time they are allowed to be on the streets? >> reporter: this protest group is the nl group that has used
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the parade route and the only group that's going to stick to their time. all the other marches you have seen have been unsanctioned. they have been blocking streets and not followed any of the rules. this group sticks out because they have been following the rules. they have been going on the parade route and say they are going to only march for an hour. >> jacob rascon on that route, let's hope erverybody is stayin hydrated because it's over 90 degrees. day four of the rnc. last night was the big naim night for the vice presidential nomination acceptance of mike pence. however, ted cruz tried to take care of some political scores by not endorsing donald trump. remember, pence first endorsed cruz before pence switched to donald trump and ended up on his ticket. what about party unity? can donald trump save the day with his speech tonight? i'll talk to a top supporter in congress and donald trump has heavy lifting to do. we see him with his daughter and the stage they are going to give
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welcome back to the final day of the republican national convention and all eyes on donald trump and his daughter this evening as ivanka will be introducing her father. chris jansing is inside the q arena and just saw the trumps come through for their check youcheckout of the tell prompters. you have new information about the speeches they are both going to deliver. >> clearly, the whole situation with over whether there was
11:20 am
plagiarism in the speech that got delivered by melania trump early this week, all this is going to be run now through software. they have this software that looks for glitches. this was confirmed by katy tur. they are running it through this software. it's been run through at least once and didn't find anything. so now it becomes what does donald trump do tonight and what does he say. he has to look and sound presidential. but this is not a guy who is used to delivering a teleprompter speech. not someone used to going off script. his success was riffing. whatever his poll numbers were. he never had what you would consider to be a standard stump speech. this is going to be a challenge for him to be able to really get that message out there. a couple things is how much is it an affirmative case. he's great from 30,000 feet. he's good at the picture. now how much of the details is
11:21 am
he going to have tonight. they want to hear that. how much of it will be positive or negative. will he take a vailed shot at ted cruz or any of the other candidates after what happened last night. and i think finally can he deliver that kind of star power that we have seen he's capable of. i don't think anybody is worried about ivanka. even though she doesn't have experience with a big room and a teleprompter, she's going to walk out there and sound fantastic. she's someone who has been in the public eye for a very long time. but for donald trump, the stake are so high here. and i think that tonight we're going to look and see is this a donald trump who people will look at and say, yeah, i see it. i see him as president of the united states. >> donald trump seems to rise to the pressure and a lot of eyes will be on him this evening to e see how well he does. chris jansing inside the q
11:22 am
arena. the words that ted cruz spoke and the address e he delivered to the crowd watching the delegates inside who ended up booing him. this delegation he showed up to speak to them and answer their questions about the fact that he wasn't going to endorse donald trump. >> so joining me now is the congressman from pennsylvania, one of the first to support donald trump. so as a trump supporter, he was
11:23 am
s saying that the rnc should sanction ted cruz. do you think that ted cruz should face any type of repercussions for the speech he delivered or should he have the right to his own opinion? and if he has a personal grudge, it's his to own. >> first, i give donald trump a lot of credit for knowing what was in his speech and still having ted cruz speak. this isn't about ted cruz. this is about what the american people want. this is about the people in my hometown and across pennsylvania and across the country as i travel for ted cruz. republicans and democrats are sick and tire d of being sick ad tired of washington and the establishment. they want someone in the white house that's going to represent their interest, prove the quality of life for them. so i don't have any comments about ted and this is.
11:24 am
>> i don't judge my opinion and comments on what other people say. >> so ben, you were chuckling at that boehner remark. what about the perception of unity for the republican party and the message that donald trump needs to deliver tonight to undecided voters. >> the reality was the most unified convention has sounded is when the boos came against ted cruz. so in a bizarre way, ted cruz managed to unify the convention. >> you think that helps donald trump? he's the anti-gop narrative he needs. he needs a villain. >> he's got a villain in hillary clinton. >> it seems like it still exists. john kasich not showing up and giving an endorsement. we're in ohio in his state. ted cruz going a little rogue last night. as the congressman points out, the trump folks knew what was in that speech and let him go any way. did they game it out to know it
11:25 am
was a trump trap for ted cruz preponderance. >> donald trump made an appearance in the hall right at the end of ted cruz's speech to step on him pretty effectively really. but the reality is that what we'll remember from this convention is donald trump's speech tonight. and how he does. that's part positive and part defining himself from his opponent. it's the positive vision he needs to put forward tonight that will really define the way people come away. >> does that mean attack hillary clinton or explain who he is? >> he needs to emphasize what he's going to do to make the country great again. hillary clinton has enough baggage. i'm sure there will be some attacks. but he's going to concentrate on
11:26 am
creating jobs, reworking the tax system, securing the borders, getting tough with our enemies across the ocean that want to take advantage of us on trade. e he wants to bring back jobs to the united states and that's what taxpayers want to hear. >> when it comes to policy issu issues, the vp potential pick for hillary clinton is tim carney tim kain. take a listen. >> so the notion of what? we're going to let alleys who we pledge to be under attack and not send the signal? even if that means american troops are in harm's way? >> are you stunned as well? somebody that's running for
11:27 am
leader of the free world would let a nato ally hang out. >> lies from the clinton campaign. i'm vice president of the nato parliamentary assembly. i go overseas and talk to the other 27 countries. >> it was donald trump that said if an ally was attacked, the u.s. wouldn't jump in. >> nato needs to be reworked. we have to bring nato into the 21st century. then nato has to come together. but also donald was talking about the united states are paying the bulk of the bill. th they want them to step in and help. we have to rework nato and believe me the united states will be there.
11:28 am
>> if e we took a lesser role financially? >> it's not the traditional role that donald trump articulated. the question coming at this point is how that works into the message and discipline of the convention. if you're trying to come up with unity and definition of differences with hillary clinton, i guess that's one definition of difference. the question is the timing and talking. >> we look forward to seeing what donald trump has to say to everybody. i'm sure undecided voters as well kind of knowing which way they are going to come. always great to see you. thanks for sweat iing it out wi me and making it happen. the microsoft pulse question is about senator ted cruz and his speech to the republican national convention. >> if you love our country and love our children as much as i know you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend
11:29 am
our freedom. and to be faithful to the constitution. >> we're asking you, should donald trump allowed ted cruz to speak at the convention? this is what you're saying so far about that question. the pulse is live. so you can check it out. 82% think yes, 18% no. the pulse is live. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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the earth needed to find a new waytury, to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything? everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond. happening right here in cleveland, the biggest march yet at the republican national convention. this is a peaceful march that's taking place right now in the streets. jacob rascon is following along the parade route with them and joins us. set the scene. where did they begin and where are think ending? >> reporter: so we're on the bridge that's just a mile away or so from the arena.
11:33 am
they are just going back and forth. this is the official parade route and this is the only group to use it so far. as we go up and show you some of the signs, you can tell that ted cruz's vote your conscience advice is popular. with me is the person who founded the group. tell me about the group. >> so stand together against trump was initially started by physicians, nurses, young professionals in the cleveland area, including myself. i'm part of starting this it group. we wanted to come together the night trump took the convention and gave his nomination speech. we wanted to be together as people from different religions, different ethic backgrounds and to show that america is better than this. our values are better than this. and i want to add this is not a republican protest. this is not a protest about conservative ideals. >> because you have some conservatives and republicans in this group.
11:34 am
>> that's right. sara is an icu nurse. and she's very conservative and out here with us and organizing. she was in charge of the food tray this morning for everyone that was arriving. >> so this woke you have seen all of the speakers. i'm sure you have seen some of them at least. what have you made of the convention so far? >> we have mostly been in the streets. what we have seen, though, is a few courageous republicans stand up and not support donald trump. we need more of it. we need the grass roots of the republican party to join us. tonight at public square, we want to invite anyone watching within driving distance to put on a yellow shirt, bring a positive sign and come to public square. delegates who want to walk out would be welcome on public square and the messages will be directed at trump, not directed at republicans.
11:35 am
>> thank you for your time. we'll leave you with this and show you that we're marching toward lts end of l bridge where there are officers. this is a peaceful march. >> jacob rascon on the streets of cleveland. thank you. straight ahead for everybody, we have the former mayor of new york rudy giuliani. he gave a speech this morning. made some headlines and he'll join us, after this. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town.
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can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. welcome back to a busy day here in cleveland and there is ivanka trump along with her husband. they are doing the walk-through at the q. this is them as they are leave ing. we saw ivanka there with her dad.
11:39 am
accepting the normmination of t gop party as their nominee for president. ivanka trump as the honors of introducing her father tonight. it's a big day and we have seen all week how the trump family, the siblings of donald trump played an important part in the convention. also friends and supporters have also played an important role in the convention evenings. one of those people joins us now. he spoke at the convention on monday night. it was a fiery speech. it was well received. you got the crowd on their feet this evening. last night i'm sure you probably witnessed senator ted cruz and the speech he delivered didn't go over so well with those folks in the q. what do you think about the reaction to it? did senator cruz do himself a disservice or ultimately end up helping donald trump? >> i think he did both. i think he did himself a
11:40 am
disservice by breaking his word. he made a promise he would support the winner of the republican primary as donald trump did and the others. your word is your bond in politics. when you get the reputation of breaking it, ted cruz already has a bad reputation in the senate among his colleagues. i think he did himself very serious damage. donald trump by allowing him to speak and not overreacting to it has shown himself the bigger man. >> when it comes to party unity, the effort donald trump has to give tonight, what is your recommendation? have you talked to him about your speech and what he needs to deliver to undecided voters out there? >> i have given him thoughts about it, yes. but i don't see the unity of the party or the disunity of the
11:41 am
party as the real big issue here. i don't see this as a typical election left against right, republican against democrat. i think this is insider against outsider. hillary is the washington insider. donald trump is the washington outsider. and i think he has to speak to the american people not just republicans, he should be reaching out to independents and democrats who are dissatisfied with washington and saying hillary clinton is 30 years of washington. and he's more the same. and i'm a reformer. i'm going to change the way we deal with islamic terrorists. i'm going to change the way we handle these police situations. i'm an act of change. i represent all of you who are
11:42 am
dissatisfied with washington. hillary was being funded to the tune of a billion by all the special interests to pool all the strengths. that's where i see this election coming down and i don't think ted cruz's role means very much because he comes from that left/right politics and he's far right. >> it seems one thing about that campaign and this election cycle, things get highly personal really quickly about the different candidates that are in play. you were at the new york delegation this morning and brought up some distinctions about what makes donald trump the best man for the job and also all the personal things about hillary clinton that might discredit her for the job. i just want to play those remarks at home and senator al franken was on and had an opportunity to hear your words
11:43 am
and respond to them. take a look. >> bill clinton, our former president with his wife who enabled him, aided him, covered up for him and headed the bimbo squad. >> there's a guy that's been perfect in the area of women. this is the ugliest convention i have ever seen. and it's really an extension of the candidate, of the normminee. >> what do you say to those that look at the convention and have a criticism that it may not offer a positive message for voters? >> how can you not criticize a woman who claims to be feminist and wants to defend women who were victims except the women who were victims of her husband, whose reputations she participated in destroying. to me she's a phoney. and for al franken to be shocked by it is ridiculous because he knows there was a bimbo squad in
11:44 am
the '92 election. watch the movie "primary colors" and you can find out all about it. i'm not making that up. what i was pointing out is that hillary clinton has a history going back to her dealings with the law firm in arkansas up through the hundreds of millions of dollars they took in for the clinton foundation of being dishonest and dishonorable. >> for mr. trump trying to attract the female vote and for women out there who might be undecided, do you think you paint or characterize women with a broad brush? >> i didn't characterize women in a broad brush. i characterized a woman who was running for president with a very narrow brush. very few women would do what hillary clinton did. very few women would attack
11:45 am
monica lewinsky for three or four months when it turned out that monica lewinsky was quite correct and her husband had, in fact, taken advantage of her. very few women would do that. and to pose as a feminist and to say that you care about women who are victims makes you, in my view, a phoney. >> so for mr. trump, do you think he's going to go down that personal line of attack against hillary clinton drawing disti distinctio distinctions? >> i don't think he has to. i hope he stays positive. but i sure as heck am not going to keep my mouth shut and see a person i believe belongs in jail become president of the united states. i put people in jail for 10% of what hillary clinton did with her e-mails. and i put people in jail for 10% of what she and her husband did with the clinton foundation, the improper calls to the internal
11:46 am
revenue service shs the turning over of nuclear material to russia. things where bill clinton was getting millions of dollars speaking fee from ubs when hillary clinton calls the irs and tells the irs to go easy on ubs when she was secretary of state. i put a congressman in jail for doing something like that for only $40,000. this was $1.2 million. so i'm a prosecutor, a united states attorney, associate attorney general. i've convicted a thousand mafia membe members. i know crime. with my last breath, i'm going to do everything i can to prevent a person who should be in jail becoming president. if i did one tenth of what hillary clinton did, i'd be in jail. >> do you think the department of justice and loretta lynch and
11:47 am
comey and everybody that put her through the paces, 11 1/2 hours for the benghazi committee, who is clearing the brush out of the way for someone you feel deserves to be behind bars because until she's taken before a court of law and someone says guilty, she's innocent. as a prosecutor, as someone who e knows the law and what to do with crime, you recognize someone is innocent until proven guilty. >> the reality is that 64% of the american people agree with me. they believe she should have within indicted. when the director of the fbi determined that she was extremely careless with national security information, that violates 18 united states code section 791, which makes it a crime to be grossly negligent in the handling of national security material. she was grossly negligent with handling tens of thousands of pieces of such material. i have seen people go to jail for much less than that.
11:48 am
whether you're convicted or not, i think you would. i think i convicted people on 20% of the evidence that exists against hillary clinton. >> again, she's been cleared of any wrong doing. they have moved on from this with the fact that the doj is not going to be bringing charges, which is based on the fbi's investigation. >> that's because there's one stanrd for the clintons and there's another standard for everyone else. and all of you in the media help that. they have had one standard. they have gotten away with so much. it's absurd. and the fbi concluded when they decided she was extremely careless at handling national security information that she violated federal law. the fbi is not supposed to make that decision. the justice department did and loretta lynch because of her improper conversation with bill clinton had to punt.
11:49 am
so this was handled horribly. it was a disgrace to the department of justice the way this case was mishandled. >> it's gotten a lot of headlines since your speech. you did talk about the shootings of black males in the country during that speech. i want to remind everybody what you said. >> we reached out our arms with understanding and compassion to those who have lost loved ones. because of police shootings, some justified, some unjustified, those that are unjustified must be punished. those that are justified, we must apologize to. >> so i want to ask you. who do you think in the shootings do you believe -- which of those shootings do you believe are unjustified?
11:50 am
>> well, i put a a police officer in prison for it wasn't a shooting, but it was a terrible perverted act in which a police officer shoved a bo on to up the backside of an african-american. that police officer is sitting in jail for 25 years. i also convicted a police officer for shooting a latino youngster unjustifiably. when i was a u.s. attorney and assistant u.s. attorney, i put 70 police officers in prison. so you're not talking to somebody that thinks that police should get away with doing anything ill local. in fact, i think it's worse when they do because they hurt legitimate police. when you have a situation like you have in baltimore now with this district attorney, who is prosecuting all these police officers, who are being
11:51 am
acquitted, i think one of them by an african-american judge. >> acquitted by williams who is a judge overseeing this. after the death of freddie gray in police custody, six officers have been charged in connection with this. one was a hung jury. the others have chose on to go through the bench trial route with williams and have been acquitted. we have two more trials coming up. when it comes to black lives matter, you made a statement it's inherently racist as an organization. do you still feel that way? >> i think when you make distinctions like black lives matter, white lives matter, blue lives matter, sure, you're creating -- you're certainly creating racial divisions. >> when it comes to police shootings shs "the washington post" has a database and they are tracking police fatalities. they started in 2015. of the people shot by on duty police officers and killed, 732
11:52 am
were white. 381 were black. but when they do the makeup of what the percentages of african-americans to white people in the country, white people make up 62% of the u.s. population. but only 49% of those are killed by police officers. african-americans account for 24% of the fatally shot by police. they are just 13% of the u.s. population. so do you understand that there's a black lives matter organization saying there's an overuse of police force when it comes to a certain minority that needs to be examined and that's why they say black lives matter? >> your comparison is erroneous. it has to be to the numb of crimes committed by people in that community. in new york african-americans commit approximately 70 -- >> this is across the nation. this is not specific and not about a crime stat. this is about fatalities, about those that have been in altercations with police and shot and killed. there's a disproportionate number killed by police.
11:53 am
>> there was a disproportionate number for crime for underlying reasons that we should be doing something about like a terrible school system. lack of opportunities for jobs, which the obama administration has done nothing about. a school system that should have schools of choice. >> supports police and they do suit up every day to protect us. it's a part of our social contract. >> we pay taxpayer money to arm them. all of us need to feel like we can trust them. do you think black lives matter is making a difference when it comes to drawing the priority necessary to talk about police overreach and fatalities. >> if i saw black lives matter give as much attention to all the black youngsters and others being killed in chicago, something like one or two a day,
11:54 am
i'd have a lot more respect for them. then i would say they are really worried about black lives and saving black lives rather than trying to blame everything on the police. then i would join with them. i saved more black lives as mayor of new york city than black lives matter has ever saved. i reduced the murder in the black community by something like 70%. and then mayor bloomberg got it up to 80%. we probably saved 7 or 8,000 black lives. and not only that, i completely changed harlem. i completely changed bedford. i didn't leave conditions like baltimore. had i been mayor of baltimore, baltimore wouldn't be the way it is now. it would be very different. i worked very hard to save black lives. not just the ones that are shot by police, but the 99% of the
11:55 am
others who were shot by other people very often the blacks. >> i got to leave it there. we have new reporting about ted cruz. thank you for your time. i appreciate it. we are going to have new information. hallie jackson catching up with the senator. we have that with kate snow at the top of the hour. . rning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain.
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welcome back to cleveland. that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc. thank you for joining me. kate snow is here and picks up our coverage. hot in cleveland. >> i'll see you next in philadelphia. >> yes, a little bit of a head start, but i'll see you there. >> thanks so much. good afternoon, everyone. i'm kate snow live here in cleveland. tonight, the grand finale. donald trump will finally address the republican national convention as the nominee as his party.
11:59 am
walking around delegates are focused on what will happen in that hall tonight. there's an excitement in the air. i can tell you. if you ask them about last night, you will get an ear full about senator ted cruz and what is next for him. just a few moments ago hallie jackson was at the airport and happened to catch up to ted cruz on his way out of town. she joins me now by phone. what did he say? >> reporter: i had a chance to ask the senator questions about the speech last night and whether or not he believed that that message that vote your conscience message he delivered that created such a remarkable moment at the convention contributed to the lack of unity that some argue is prevalent in the republican party. the trump campaign pushes back on that idea, but i want to play you a little bit of our interview. it happened 20 minutes ago. >> what will it take for you to endorse donald trump? an apology? >> i laid out exactly what i
12:00 pm
hope to see our nominee do and everyone else, which is carry the message to the american people. convince the american people, every candidate needs to do this, that we will defend liberty and be faithful to the constitution. >> some are blaming you and that speech for sewing more division in the gop. is it your fault with that speech? >> discussing we should be standing for freedom and defending the constitution is a message of yunity. as i said last night explicitly. the way to unify the party is not to scream and yell and hurl insults. the way to unify the party is to stand behind shared principles and shared values. i will be watching and listening to the candidates. hillary clinton will not defend freedom and will not be faithful to the constitution. i know that. i will not be voting for hillary clinton. >> what about the boos last night? did you expect that? >> my reason


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