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tv   MSNBC - Republican National Convention  MSNBC  July 22, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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well, it's now 1:00 in the morning in cleveland and on the east coast. we have the highlights from tonight's grand finale of this four-day political jamboree. the republican national convention. the republican party donald trump just wrapped up the speech of his lifetime. he said he would make the country a country of law and order. he would pull the an end to the violence. he said the rigged political and economic system of our land. it was a very nationalistic speech in tune with his entire campaign. his targets included as usual, illegal immigration, bad trade deals and the nation building and foreign policy. in other words, the stupid wars. trump promised to protect americans from crime, terrorism and lawlessness.
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again, his phrases. he again promised to build a wall along the border with mexico to stop what he called the violence spilling across the border. >> in this race for the white house, i am the law and order candidate. we must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place, we don't want them in our country. we are going to build a great border wall to stop illegal migration, to stop the gangs and the violence and to stop the drugs from pouring into our communities.
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i have a message for all of you the crime and violence that today a flikts our nation will soon, and i mean very soon, come to an end. beginning on january 20th of 2017 safety will be restored. >> the same time speaking to blue collar voters in states like this one and ohio, he promised, i am your voice. i am you, the working guy's, working women's voice. hillary clinton he went after her. all week republicans in the arena have been chanting lock her up. you heard it a lot in this room. tonight trump played to that sentiment. >> her single greatest accomplishment may be committing such egregious crime and getting away with it, especially when
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others who have done far less have paid so dearly. >> well, this hour we're also going to have some fun getting ready for the democratic convention. we have good feature material. what it's like to be a philly person, some fun coming up. there may be some comic relief from the week. we have a look at hillary clinton's vice presidential pick, she's not announced it. we begin with our road warriors. the nbc reporters who covered this convention, kelly o'donnell, katie tur, hallie and jacob soberoff. >> we're punchy, chris. >> we're just bouncing this around. >> you woke us up from our nap. >> we're on. >> we're on. hi. hello. >> thank you, chris. >> hallie jackson, what did you
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think? >> listen, i think that we've talked about the tone. we've talked about the theme. i think one of the things that we all did was hang out on the floor and talk to delegates and talk to people who were experiencing it. you know, kelly, you said something interesting i think it was last night or the night before, the final night speech is a release. they want to feel excited and cheer and go nuts for the candidate. i think you saw that towards the end of his, how long was it, hour and something? >> 1:20. >> what did you think? >> i thought it was a lot of red meat. it was trump. i found it to be so markedly different than the tone that eye v -- ivanka set. she mentioned that she was a millennial. it clearly tasked her and the children were trying to target the younger voter. then donald trump came out and gave his -- hit on the themes that he hits on the campaign trail. they were all pretty negative.
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it was a good speech for donald trump but it was like this convention has been, very negative and very fear-filled speech. >> ivanka reached out to mothers. we all know she recently had a baby. that siemd to strike a cord with women. she has a gender gap issue. she seemed to effectively reach the audience. there were a lot of people commenting about her. there was a sensory experience being in the hall where there were plenty of people on their feet and then occasionally had to sit back down because it did go on. trump's head was just ginormous on the screen here which was really a bizarre thing. we're watching him. it was just enormous. >> for a guy with a copy chant. it was yes, you will versus yes, we can.
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it was such a different vibe and idea fro 2008, 2012 and, again, a guy who is sort of positioning himself as a man of the people. >> he kept saying over and over again that i am the only one that can fix this problem. >> right. >> i will do it for you. trust me. i will change things. i will make your dreams come true. >> he's always said that not in this speech but in past speeches, he's trying to create an illusion and savior. >> what has that got to do for me? mbad made this point, it was like being at a rally in some ways but without the spontaneity. you had the build a wall chant, the u.s.a. changtsz. it was completely scripted and on prompter. he stayed on script. >> a couple of believe mes in there. >> what did you think of trump on prompt ter. >> trump on prompt ter is not as exciting as trump on prompt ter.
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>> he's getting better at it. the lines he ad libbed are the ones that felt more natural and got the biggest supply lines. can i just say? >> mees. >> i'm going to fix the tsa. >> people loved that. >> was that in austin? >> it was a one-liner and no bearings to anything else. if you have not gone to a rally, you might not know that tsa is here working the perimeter. >> the tsa going through 9 -- >> the balloon malfunction that was staggered? >> since they're all here, the producers that come along -- >> the rio road warriors. >> michelle, anthony. >> body guard. >> frank. >> they're on the road with us every day. i don't know what's wrong with them. they're amazing people to hang
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out with the likes of us o. >> so, michelle, anthony, frank, arnie, a bunch of spectators here. >> road warriors are a team sport. >> back up to you, chris. >> great for hanging out. >> i love all your producers joining in. kelly o'donnell, katie tur, hallie jackson and peter soberoff. when we come back the great darrell hammond will be here. next week, philly. we have a great look at what makes philadelphia. you're going to find something we have to learn. our special edition of "hardball" continues after this live from cleveland.
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>> now that i'm here, this is the best monologue in snl history. do you agree with that? >> yeah, that's pretty good. >> look at this. >> you think you're this terrific person, you think you're this, you think you're that, bah, ba, bah, bah. you're being very naive and, quite frankly, you're fired. >> that was darrell hammond who played donald trump on "saturday night live." there he is with the baseball hat. he joins us with actor and alternate delegate robert davey. trump, first of all, read his speech. i'm not sure that's his specialty. he was also angry for an hour and a half, which is a long time to be angry for anybody. >> he's more powerful when he's off the cuff but when he's off
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the cuff, it's extremely dangerous because you don't express all of your thoughts in total at one time they appear over an hour and people can pick them apart and say what they want about them. i thought it was a very powerful speech. i think the people in the room thought so, too. >> what did you think about the ending? >> i think it was really well crafted. he knows what to do in front of a crowd. he had a great response on one more person whose death didn't matter. he was really good when he slowed down and got quiet and talked about, you know, where's their sanctuary? there are some really powerful moments. and with ivanka, too, that whole thing of i'll be there to ensure these women's rights happen. that was power full, really powerful. >> i've been raving about john voight. i know he's pretty far right for me to say that. john voight is amazing in donovan.
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he plays the bad father. and then tonight he did this almost reaganesque reading of that film. it was amazingly good. >> and did he do a great fdr? he's about as versatile as you can get up there. >> in "pearl harbor." it wasn't a great movie but he was good. voight is amazing. let's take a look at another bit of your snl work from november 7, 2015. let's take a look at darrell hammond. we didn't play the other one? we played both of them. let's go to robert davey, alternate delegate. you played drug lord juan sanchez. >> very ominous. i had the colombian accent. >> what about the movie tonight -- the speech tonight. did you think -- everybody says they use these fancy words,
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dystopian instead of utopian and mike used -- said it was like gothic city. do you think it was uplifting? >> yes, i do. the tonality of donald trump was in everybody. that was a very good speech by tom barrack. i think peter did a good job and ivanka. june 16th i wrote an article talking about donald trump saying he was going to win the nomination. >> when did you do that? >> june 15th, 2016, the day he came down. as an actor, you travel the world, you travel the country and i talked to a lot of the blue collar people. >> below the line people. >> below the line people. that's who you find respond to donald trump. i will come off a show like this and where the "a" talent may
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say, no, but the below the line people say, i'm with you. that happens all over the country. his tone hits the american people. >> i know this my brother -- >> you know -- >> from pennsylvania and south jersey. a bit more darrell as trump. >> i don't know what that was. >> why don't you just do it now, darrell. >> you know what i like about you? you have this amazing ability to do the soul of the guy you're doing. you guess that absolutely mischievous look of bill clinton, i want more than hamburgers and french fries tonight, lady. >> thank you. i enjoyed doing you, too. >> thank you very much.
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we're getting limited time here on a big night. a little more with darrell i'm being told. this is really micromanaging i'm suffering from. darrell, how can you do the difference between bill clinton, who has this mischievous, guy knows what he's up to thing and trump, who has got this incredible ego about himself and you do this kind of facial thing with him. >> who, with trump? >> yeah, with trump. >> with trump we have what is called home base and home base is this sort of thing like that where he's sort of weeding the negative thoughts out of his garden and surveying the world and converting everything that's strange and hostile to -- into something that's really familiar and fun. we worked with him for like a whole week straight and just to watch him come in here and process this whole place,
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whether you love him or hate him, it's pretty darned impressive. >> he's a very charming guy in person. you notice he did this thing where he puts his chin up a lot. he firms up the chin. not that he's mussolini but he's got that in common with him. that chin up in the air. >> there he is. >> that's actually me. >> darrell, what does that say, that statement of the head posture up there? >> that's just saying i'm taking it all. i'm taking it all and i know i'm taking it all. that's the trump vision where, you know, it sort of -- this is strange and foreign and weird for me but i'm doing it, you know. >> yeah. >> that's that home base. we have pictures all over the place here like that. >> that home base is a default face, huh? >> it's the face of it's going to be so huge, like that, it's going to be terrific.
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it's the way he looks at life. you wonder why he has so much energy. each day he's very optimistic and actually kind of fun to be around. or has the times i've been with him. >> i think he's the kind of guy that if you're a working guy making an average salary, you think that's how you'd live if you have that money. >> the tower, the wife, the whole thing. >> no shame. he's not apologizing. >> he's not sitting around reading books, taking viking cruises. >> he's a hard worker. >> thank you very much. good luck with your alternate delegate work here. >> thank you. >> our coverage continues from cleveland right after this. that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy.
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welcome back. tonight donald trump accepted the republican nomination for president and he vowed to put america first. that was his phrase. >> tonight i will share with you my plan for action for america. the most important difference between our plan and that of our opponent is that our plan will put america first! americanism, not globalism, will be our credo as long as we are led by politicians who will not
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put america first, then we can be assured that other nations will not treat america with respect, the respect that we deserve. >> joined right now but trump's senior adviser, kellyanne conway, and the author and commentator, the unpredictable ann coulter. i like that line and i pulled it out of the excerpts. i said this trump. this things about nationalism, stop screwing with us, if we keep being weak, we're going to be pushed around by china and russia, arabs who aren't paying their fair share, the mexican government who thinks they can decide our immigration policy, blah, blah, blah. it's unusual since lindbergh to
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be america first. >> it does go back to lindbergh here and you see the final transformation of the republican party into a nationalist party. you're basically taking about law and order -- >> your conscience is code for -- vote your conscience. as everybody knows on capitol hill it means feel free not to back the party. >> this was not a reaganesque speech. there was no shining city on the hill. this was a very, very powerful -- >> are you for or against trump? >> oh, i'm against trump. >> are you for or against trump? >> for him. >> i know you're working for him. what did you make of that speech? >> it was beautiful, it was fantastic. i introduced him at rallies since july 2015. so i've been for him for a long time. a rally speech was different.
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everyone was wondering. there are no trump steaks and trump water on stage. this was a good combination where you got some of him being playful and fun and rally-like but it was serious and there was no recounting his polls or telling him to punch the protester, you know, it wasn't rally, it wasn't post orlando speech, they're the issues that obviously are very popular with voters. >> the big three i call them -- illegal immigration, lost jobs to bad trade deals and stupid wars. he mentions them all almost every time. >> and he has credibility mentioning it. hillary clinton does not have a good response.
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>> let's not do hillary. >> do what? they're actually running against each other. >> i know you do this all the time, let's do trump. why law and order tonight? why five times mentioning law and order? >> did you see the standing ovation he got? he's a complex man with very simple messages. we stand with the police, the bricklayers, the plumbers, the trades guys and people who have ivy league phds sitting in the suites. we stand with gun owners, with taxpayers, with the police. these are simple messages that are resonant. it's a man that matches the message and the moment very well. he made everyone feel included. it's a word that liberals think they own. everyone listening, the kid walking home from school who wants to feel safe and learn, the parents. i think this is the best convention since 1980. >> why did he mention phrase law and order? >> because all these cops have just been killed, the murder
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rate has gone up 17% since last year. it's kind of a big issue and hillary has the mother of mike brown, a vlentop assaulter speaking at her convention. it's a big difference here. >> that is going to resonate. that is going to score points particularly among the voters that hillary clinton has been losing. i know people think this is a dog whistle but i do think there is a real sense that things are falling apart and every time you open up that newspaper and see the cop killings and terror attacks, law and order does appeal to people. issue democrats next week are going to have to figure out how are they going to respond to that. are they going to have a black lives matter rally on tuesday or are they going to figure out that safe schools and safe streets do have legitimate concerns. >> was there enough in the speech about the terrorism of san bernardino, the parisian
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kind, nice. do you think he talked about that enough that, kind of terrorism? >> well, i did but what he didn't talk about is what he's actually going to do about it. >> it's very hard to do something about lone wolf. >> he said on the day i'm inaugurated as president, violent crime will end. hey, that would be huge, i mean, if you can do that. in donald trump's worlds are the federal government will solve every problem and it will be solved by the supreme leader. i do think he's identifying the correct problems. these are very simple things because there's no solution. how do you pay for this, what are you going to do? i want to defeat isis. did you hear a plan to defeat isis? >> did mitt romney give us a plan? that's not the place to go to -- >> he didn't say that crime would end the day he's inaugurated or becomes
12:30 am
president. he said that the laws would be enforced. everyone knows that what he's referring to is immigration laws not being enforced. >> i think he meant crime. >> no, he -- >> the film was great. i thought ivanka was not on beautiful and young and perfect, her exquisite allocution, she didn't mispronounce a word. she obviously went to a very good school without having any hoity toity aspect to it. when i didn't get enough from him was builder. the republican party built the transcontinental railroad, gave us scientific agriculture in the middle of a civil war.
12:31 am
we'd be riding around on country roads if it weren't for ike and the national defense act. i wonder why the building part wasn't -- >> he was more fixer than builder tonight. he's talking about the guy -- >> he did talk about -- >> i don't think it is true what both of you said that there's no solution to these things or san bernardino. his solution is probably his most well known policy after building a wall and that is the muslim ban. >> he changed that tonight. >> no, he changed it a while ago but the point is we're not going to let in people who will become terrorists. that's a policy that will make a difference. >> if you can spot 'em. >> i thought ivanka's speech was actually better than his speech.
12:32 am
what she did was shoe humanized him. i think this is something that hasn't been done much in this convention, which is to tell those stories. donald trump i think used a little bit of humor. >> the video -- the female employees was also very compelling. expect that to become little ads. >> let's take a listen to ivanka a bit from her. >> in his own way and through his own sheer force of will, he sacrificed greatly to enter the political arena as an outsider and he prevailed against a field of 16 very talented competitors. for more than a year donald trump has been the people's champion, and tonight he is the people's nominee. >> kellyanne. >> she captures something that doesn't get enough attention. this guy sacrificed to run. he's got something else to do. they make a million dollars a day on average at the trump corporation.
12:33 am
he's in it for the right reasons. hillary clinton reminds me of al gore, i got to win it, i got to win it, i have this government resumé, it's mine, it's my turn. this guy has something else to do. >> she also had a gracious comment about the opponents. low energy liars -- >> they didn't endorse him. >> it would have been a great moment, a little bit of graciousness would have gone a long, long way. ivanka did it and i think it was a powerful moment. >> melania on monday said we should talk about the 16 people, they deserve our gratitude and respect were her words. >> i -- let's listen to how trump attacked hillary clinton's legacy tonight and how he handled the chants of "lock her
12:34 am
up." >> america is far less safe and the world is far less stable than when obama made the decision to put hillary clinton in charge of america's foreign policy. let's defeat her in november. okay? this is the legacy of hillary clinton. death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.
12:35 am
>> the four horses and the apocalypse all in one. >> that was intense. >> this is a trick question. i want to you answer it fully. is it easier to find something evil in hillary for a republican than to found something really good in trump? it seems like that's the default, to go after hillary. >> oh, yeah. until tonight this is what united this convention. because you have 20 years worth of material on hillary. >> i mean, everybody acts like why is he talking about hillary clinton? because she wants the same job he does. >> i'm trying to keep it on what happened here instead of what you're whacking on next week. what is the original reason that you think -- why do people hate hillary from the beginning? what was the first original sin that made people stop hillary? >> it goes back into the 1990s, the fbi, the filegate, just this sense of sleaze. >> making it about stay-at-home
12:36 am
moms. >> before monica lewinsky, she was the most -- >> and she tried to nationalize health care. >> what do you hate about hillary? >> she is captured by the special interests, the same thing it turns i hate about my old republican party. he is right that the system is rigged and i like our new trumpian party. as for the speakers attacking hillary a lot? that's what i did when they were running mccain and i didn't like him. fine, we'll work on the senate races, the house races, you take care of the side dishes and the salad, we'll take care of the turkey. but, no, these people can't do it. they have to come out and attack trump. >> because we're not all flunkies and hacks. >> well, that's not fair. >> no, you ask why don't we do this mission? >> it's hillary or trump.
12:37 am
it's multiple choice. >> i really don't appreciate that. >> i like the way john kasich handled it, failure to speak. you can say that silence -- i like the way they handled it with class. >> i liked kasich not coming. >> kellyann, ann coulter, if i can get you back on, i'd get you back on. what did you say last time that drove everybody crazy? >> mandarins. >> i referred to a language as mandarin. i'm talking caucasian. >> our live coverage from cleveland continues after this. there's talk hillary clinton might put it off until tomorrow
12:38 am
with her choice for vice president.
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well, welcome back to our live edition of "hardball." live from cleveland. look at the work they're doing. it's almost like it never
12:41 am
happened. the actions turns and focus to philly to the democratic convention beginning monday. the "new york times" said hillary clinton seems likely to pick virginia senator kaine. the former secretary has yet to make a final decision. you never know about that. dana, you start. it seems to me they've been doing some things, throwing some names out. i don't believe all he's names. there's that guy with the general. they always throw out a variety of ethnic groups to make sure everybody felt they had their chance. they threw out of name of tom vilsack, former governor of
12:42 am
iowa. and now it's not a guy you would play with. i think if they put his name out it's because he is in play. >> the coursing here is quite loose. >> did they have a plan to pick a vp? >> it depends whether you're talking about a vilsack or kaine. the idea is try to he was just doubling down tonight. he's not going for those people at all. he was just doubling down with those people tonight. >> he may be going for north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania. >> there may be a little of that. he is not going to pull over moderate republicans with this. >> wait, wait, wait. see, my belief is once they do this, they don't play effectively to minorities. they make women and children
12:43 am
feel better because they show a lot of minorities, right? that seems to be that big -- >> the past gop conventions they seem to be more relaxed speakers than anywhere else. the interesting thing about the kaine lead, they have to be far out ahead. he came across as okay. not inspiring. there wasn't a lot of dynamism. >> let me tell you, you're being kind here. politico came out with a story a couple weeks ago. i was happy the gifts were intangibles, they were using business expenses, travel expenses. a guy named segal, didn't they spend the last couple weeks cleaning up kaine's sorry if
12:44 am
you're going to pick him? >> there's only so much you can clean up there. i don't think that's what's holding him back. i think the democratic base will be depressed about that. >> they certainly don't want less wars but they want a lot more government activity, social programming. elizabeth warren wasn't going to get picked ever. >> was that your view? >> perhaps not, but that's the pick that would electrify the democrats. that's the most logical choice.
12:45 am
i'm not sure that's true because hillary's negatives are virtually as high as trump's. >> she wants somebody she's comfortable with her. >> i talked to someone who wasn't in part of the vice presidential picking was he was in favor with putting someone like that on her side and not fighting her in congress. it was very interesting. i was surprised they didn't leak it tonight when we got into the second hour of trump's speech. >> let me tell you. gene mccarthy had the soul of a vice president and it was a
12:46 am
knock. i don't think elizabeth knoll has that. in fact, you are. coming up, we're getting ready for the democratic convention in philadelphia. we'll take a visit and talk to some of these people. some rich people. i went looking for them. there's a particular set of words i knew would tell you if the guy was from filly or the republican would. p?p?h
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we're back with dana milbank and david koryn of mother jones. we want to turn our attention to this weekend to the upcoming democratic convention in philadelphia, which kicks off in philadelphia on monday. i paid a visit last month to talk to some local people, neighbors, about what makes philly philly. let's take a look. now that we're in philadelphia, it's time to show off a wonderful place you're not like i will find anywhere else in the country. it's just a short walk from city hall, it's called reading market, a bustling area that gives you literally a great taste of philadelphia. we dropped by to talk to the people who work, shop and hang out there about what makes the market in this city really something. this is one of the most unique places in the world. all this movement and vitality and strangers and locals all
12:51 am
mixed together. tourists come here. >> we get people from every area of the city, every socioeconomic class. >> it does seem very peaceful. >> would love it. i walk in here every day and i say i love this place. >> how many generations have you guys been running this company? >> i'm the fifth generation and we have two members of the sixth generation that have started working the business already. >> what's philly like? >> it's a great city. i think you get a little bit of new york, a little bit of that small town. >> it's good. >> philly people stay in philly. >> you're a philly guy, right? >> i am a philly guy. >> let's go through basic -- water. >> water.
12:52 am
>> phonetic spelling. w-o-i-d-e-r >> i used to be an english teacher. let's talk philly. eagles. how do you pronounce the main football team here? >> igles. >> that's the south philly way. >> igles. thank you. how about the name of the college -- >> saint joe's. >> you can really tell philadelphia by coca-cola. they go coca-cola. >> like st. joe's? >> that's my school. >> st. joe's? >> yeah. >> then my favorite, attytude. >> bull's eye. >> attitude.
12:53 am
>> a-t-t-y-t-u-d-e. >> don't give me some attytude. >> you're not for philly. you know philly accents but you're not from philly. >> i am. i don't have a philly accent. >> how did you avoid it? >>. >> they did good. they taught you to be a better person. ♪ philly, philly bow billy, me my mo millie, philly ♪ >> right. thank you. >> when i was in grade school, you got a string of ten, a dime. a dime went a long way in those days. a dime for ten of those but now they're 60 cents. in new york they're $3. >> this is a philly soft pretzel.
12:54 am
>> it's very different from a pretzel you get in new york. >> one of those babies and a coke before you get on the subway, you're in heaven. the great thing about the city, it keeps revitalizing itself with new foods, new traditions. it's behind the old reading terminal. not a fancy town by any means. it's every ethnic food -- >> i want one of those pretzels. >> there's a cheese section, a friendly section and everybody is friendly. >> i like your attytude about this. the first presidential debate on long island i'll be happy to show you around there. >> i had to let her go because of her attytude. she was giving me attytude. it's an all purpose word. guys, thank you. >> see you in philadelphia. >> it will be fun. >> good luck in philadelphia.
12:55 am
>> maybe less anger. >> there will be no anger in philly. it's the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. we're heading to philly next week for the democratic national convention. you can catch me tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern back in d.c. for more "hardball" and off to philly. that's does it for cleveland. the last person leaving cleveland. please turn out the lights. the republican national convention. our coverage continues after this.
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day four, night four, the gop convention is history. donald trump has the nomination of his party. chris matthews is at our studio down at floor level. chris. >> i'll repeat what i said a few minutes ago. whatever you think of it, donald trump was donald trump tonight. i thought that he reminded a foreign audience, someone reading the speech tomorrow morning in europe, asia, africa, they'll understand what nationalism is in this country. nationalism is particularly about illegal immigration, cultural change and the dangers perhaps people see in that, whether it's real or just about notions of rapists and all that nonsense. i think there's something new in it which is very unrepublican.
1:00 am
they have been moderate, pro free trade, they have been hawkish. this man has just taken over the republican party and said, the hell with the neocons. we're not a hawkish party. no more regime change. no more nation building. good-bye to all that which "w" basically created. good-bye to decree trade agreements, which george bush sr. basically began. good-bye to all that. it's an extraordinary transition in a party just in one year. it did have two things you may not like at all, one was anger, whether it was practiced or inability to deal with a tell prompter, i think it was the latter, the inability to act through with the prove cadence. compare that to ivanka, who owned that tell prompter. her elecution was speech school. perfect. every word was pronounced beautifully and exquisitely. she understood the flow of the word, the paragraphing and she worked it as a professional.


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