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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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build these kinds of habits of cooperation and ingrain them in our various agencies, the better off we're going to be. and i want everybody to be very clear. mexico has been a consistent strong partner with us on these issues. we would have had much wigger problems on our borders and the benefit of a carpetive mexico and by the way, a mexico that has a healthy economy, a mexico that can help us build stability and security in central america, that's going to do a lot more to solve any migration crisis or drug trafficking problem than a
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wall. and it'll be much more refluktive of the kind of relationship that we should have with our neighbors. mr. president. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> and you've just seen president obama and of course his conference with his mexican guest, the president of mexico. we can now report definitively, nbc has learned, i have learned from now two sources that hillary clinton and her campaign will announce her vice presidential choice later this afternoon. it will be announced by text, there will be a meeting with the campaign staff in brooklyn, and then hillary clinton will speak to this at her rally here in tampa later today. then the first joint appearance with her running mate will be tomorrow in miami, all indications are pointing to the
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fact that it will be virginia senator tim kaine, that is not hard confirmed, there could always be a change. he is in boston then later in rhode island at previously scheduled fundraisers today. the only other choice i'm told is the possibility of tom vilsack, the agriculture secretary. all indications are that it is tim kaine and their first joint appearance will be tomorrow in miami where he is, by the way, fluent in spanish, but that the announcement will come by text and then at a joint appearance by hillary clinton later in tarp today. that wraps it up for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports," tamron hall picks up our coverage next with breaking news out of germany, tamron. >> all right andrea, thank you very much. as mentioned we're following breaking news this hour out of mooun wick germany, where there've been reports of shots fired at a shopping center. the shopping center is outside
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the olympia area, let's go to my colleague lucy cava in naugh out of london, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, well a spokesman has confirmed to nbc news that a shooting has taken place as you mentioned at the olympia shopping center in munich. that's the only thing we can confirm at this moment. there have been conflicting reports from german media according to the newspaper which is reporting that police told the reporters at that newspaper several people potentially dead and injured in that munich shooting. nbc has not been able to confirm that information independently. we have seen the area sealed off. there was lots of videos and stills on social media showing heavy police presence, people running away from the scene of that mall, one of the largest in the areas about 135 shops there. the munich police taking to twitter to tell people to stay away saying there was a major
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police operation under way there. and of course, germany obviously on edge there by a young man, he was thought to be a southeast asian migrant who had stabbed several people on a train in beau vary ya on monday. that claimed by isis and munich of course is the capital of bull vary ya. a lot of concern about these developments that we will continue to track for you. >> and lucy, we're looking at this video that came in just a short time ago, you see obviously people running, you see holding up hands, walking out in this case calmly, but in the horizon, someone pushing a stroller as they are fleeing different degrees of reaction there. we're also monitoring what we're seeing online to your point, we have not been able to verify all of the information, but there are enough tweets and information coming in on for example periscope where people are describing a scene where you could hear shots in the shopping
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center, as you point out, the roads have been blocked off in this area. can you tell us anymore about where the shopping center is located and the area around it? >> reporter: sure. well there is a very busy area. again this is one of the larger shopping centers in munich. you know, this was constructed around the time of the summer olympics in munich back in 1972. there's tons of, you know, 3,000 parking spaces available as i mentioned earlier, 135 shops, three department stores, major grocery stores and clothing stores. so a lot of people bound to be in that area. of course, it's not necessarily rush hour at this point, we don't know how many people could have been caught up in this, but munich a very large city of course, the capital of bavaria. this is a very difficult time not just for germany because we've seen that attack on monday, but for europe in general. this is coming on the heels of that horrific truck attack in nice. the coup in turkey, the istanbul
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airport attack and it seems like every week there's some sort of development that really does terrify the population there, but again, no more details about injuries or deaths. we are very closely monitoring this, but begun, not very much we can confirm at this point except that this is a busy area and people are bound to be affected. >> lyi'm looking at video here, you see some of the police response. a number of police vehicles lined up along this street. here's what we been told. police would not confirm any casualties, but told nbc news in the last hour that the situation is, quote, over. that was the early word that it is clear the response to whatever happened at that shopping center is ongoing. we clearly know from the reaction of the people that we showed you in the video just a
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few minutes ago, people were running from there, it seems some running obviously faster than others. perhaps they were at a clear vantage point or heard the shots fired while others seem to be walking away a lot slower. but still nonetheless leaving that area. we've been told according to some of the eyewitnesss, people were running away, seeking shelter. others were warning that there were shots being fired within this shopping center. a number of policemen with machine guns and a chopper now circling that area. we've also been able to see from some of the images captured mostly at this point on social media, like periscope which is what you're seeing now is that police, with police vests are surrounding the area, this is the olympic shopping center. lucy, it's interesting that the limited information thatbear getting at this hour. the first reports came in, i would say about 20 minutes ago
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and it seems we've had a slow stream of details at this point. >> reporter: right, i've worked in the germany in the past, authorities there are quite careful about releasing information, especially in something like this on the heels of an attack that took place on monday. you do see a heavy police presence as i mentioned earlier, the munich authorities did take to twitter warning people to stay off the streets, to stay out of this area. they are responding us in full forces we have seen from those periscope videos. lots of trucks there, the fla flashing lights, crowds gathering to watch, it's still daylight there in the early evening in munich. so again, a very populated area, but we're probably not going to get a lot more firm information until the police have a chance to investigate, you know, we've also heard those reports about whatever active situation there being potentially wrapped up, being potentially over, but that investigation just beginning, obviously. >> okay lucy, i'm going to get you to stand by. let me bring in my colleague.
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he is standing by, that area is populated around the shopping center. police in munich tweeted out for people to stay in their homes. it's hard for us to see from this google map and even this video from periscope exactly the layout around the shopping center, but from everything lucy has reported, this is an area very populated around this olympic shopping center where we've seen now people flee out of there and it's unclear exactly what happened inside. >> yeah, that's right, tamron, before we get to than obviously there is a police operation that is now under way in and around the vicinity of that shopping mall. and just to put one thing in perspective about that in just a second. i want to bring you information we're just getting here from the new york police department counterterrorism unit. they have put out a tweet now saying that they are monitoring events that are unfolding in munich, germany shopping center. this is out of the nypd counterterrorism center. it's not, it should not be read too many into account the fact that it is coming out of
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counterterrorism unit if you will of the nypd, but that certainly something that should be put in context. you were talking about what is taking place there in munich, it's important to note, this is friday night in munich, germany. this would be a very busy time for shopping malls. you could imagine as we would see here in the united states as well. people at the end of a workweek, probably out at that mall. whether or not there is a theater in there. you could imagine that it would be busy with a lot of pedestrian traffic. now, as we've been reporting, the spokesperson who spoke to nbc news from the munich police told us that the situation is over. and just by looking at some of the video there, in terms of what we've been able to put both the periscope and some of the video, the police vehicles around the vicinity of that mall, this certainly still looks like an ongoing operation. not necessarily an active shooter as we would describe here in the united states, but nonetheless, a situation that continues to unfold there will according to both the police and now according to to the nypd,
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new york police department counterterrorism unit, tamron. >> all righty. let me go over to kyle perry, he has new information. >> yeah, according to or it german tv and nbc news is working to confirm this, at least one person killed, another ten people wounded and more on what amon was just talking about. german police are saying that the shooting that took place at the mall is over, however, the situation still on lockdown. that neighborhood still on lockdown, the mr.s i in munich put out a tweet asking people in that neighborhood, in that area of north western munich to stay in their homes which would lead us to the believe that the gunman is not in custody. this is still an ongoing situation as they now search for this gunman. we understand that the german police have been joined by the german army which is not unusual that the german military in some of those special operation's police would arrive at the scene, tamron. >> going back just for clarification, cal, authorities have not confirmed that the
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gunman is still on the loose, we're going by the fact that they've told people to stay in their homes, which could also indicate that it could be -- just them trying to control the situation as well. >> absolutely. and keep in mind, one of the things that people across europe of course are worried about after this string of attacks, there could be follow on attacks. this is not an isolated incident. we've seen this here where we worry about unexplode devices, people have planted bombs after the shooting attacks and certainly that could explain also this series of lockdown procedures which have gone into place. >> and there are various reports right now, but we have not been able to confirm casualties or injuries at this moment. but certainly it is clear -- and let me go back to lucy if you're standing by in london for us as part of this breaking news coverage. it is obviously clear that this is an ongoing situation to what degree we do not know, and for
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our audience just joining us, what you are looking at, some of the images coming in from munich germany where we received word about 20 minutes ago make longer of a shooting inside a shopping center. it is friday evening, it's pointed out by my colleague, and we've seen video of people responding in various ways. we've seen people running, including one image of what appeared to be an adult pushing a stroller while others walked away my casually. >> reporter: sure, it's the olympia shopping mall in mooun ping this is a heavily populated community. it was open ed back in 197 it around the time of course the olympic games in munich and we remember the massacre that had
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taken place back then. so a dark, sort of connection there. now, we have seen very conflicting reports that nbc has not been able to verify in terms of the number of shots that were fired. one employee we know and you can see the video there, it's still daylight, but it's about 7:00 p.m. local time in munich, and we probably would have seen the normal pedestrian traffic that one would see around a mall at this time, families, people going about their business, buying whatever it is they may need. there's about 135 shops there, three department stores, clothing, grocery, everything you might need in a big city is located right there. definitely a highly populated area, tamron. >> and right now i'm reading and
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interview with a witness. she's described as a duke university student. she's originally from munich, but is there visiting her family. according to her, people were running and telling them not to go to the shopping mall. they were in shock and they weren't able to talk anymore. according to this witness, people -- she ran back to her grandmother's apartment who lives about three minutes from the mall and called family members to tell them that she was safe. she said that she watched these events playing out from her grandmoth grandmother east's terrace and there and saw people running from the mall. according to this duke university student whose grandmother lives near the mall, she and her family took in someone. they were looking for shelter and had a small child. she describes that family's being in shock and that everyone is scared. and no one knows what's really going on.
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this witness says that this is a popular shopping mall which lucy cavanaugh reported, caves, restaurants, very popular. let me go back to you, naturally with everything going on, in this region and quite honestly in the world, when you hear of an incident playing out at a shopping center, we think about nairobi, kenya, and the massacre that took place there, we're looking at people friday evening at you pointed out, amon, with their families, leisurely, perhaps, and then gunshots ring out at this time where so many countries are on heightened alert. >> yeah, tamron, this is what would be considered by many officials to be what is described as a soft target. this is an area that will have a very large pedestrian traffic if you will. it would certainly be one with a lot of civilians. no doubt given the recent security concerns and what we've seen unfold across europe in france in particular and brussels in recent months, there
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would certainly be some kind of security, some kind of presence there at that particular shopping center. obviously malls to malls vary in different in term was their security posture. whether they have any armed guards, whether they have any kind of personnel checking bags or metal detectors even in some cases. in recent months when i've been to germany, i can't recall that there were, this didn't mean this particular mall had any kind of beefed up security. that would certainly be something that is not lost on german security officials. keep in mind, germany for the past several months even in the wake of recent incidents, smaller incidents, but nonetheless other incidents in terms of attacks has been on a heightened state of alert because of their concerns of what has happened in neighbors france, and as you mentioned, not just in europe, but also in other soft targets around the world, even more recently in places like istanbul and what have you, but looking at it right now, there's no doubt that the immediate concern for law
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enforcement officials and security personnel is to make sure all shooters or if any, if multiple shooters are involved, that all of those shooters are neutralized or the situation is contained. they want to make sure if there was anyone injured that they are being treated to and being taken care of immediately. and by the looks of it, obviously seeing the presence of a lot of police vehicles on the screen, the fact that you were saying they're asking people to remain indoors, that could be an indication that this situation still is ongoing, they may not have cal perry was saying this may not be entirely over in terms of locating the shooter and neutralizing that shooter. if they're asking people to stay indoors, they're still assessing a risk or a certain threat that may stale be out there. and that's what you want to make sure folks are not putting themselves at risk, tamron. >> let me go to lucy, i understand you have more information that police have released regarding casualties
10:19 am
and this search for this individual. >> reporter: we're hearing that there's been several injuries, but more information will be revealed soon. munich transportation authorities, tamron, also now saying that service has been halted on several trains in that area. trams and buslines after the shooting. so they're clearly expanding the area of investigation or at least trying to seal off this area in order to figure out exactly what happened there. we're also hearing unconfirmed reports that this mall may have been evacuated, which would probably be standard operating procedure for something like this. still working to confirm on that potential injuries report though. >> and you mentioned of the transportation impacted by this, there's at least one report that the gunman may have fled the scene and used the underground transportation system to get away from police through that
10:20 am
route. sop that's something that's out there now. i want to pivot back to aman, you mentioned some smaller incidents latelof note that have been covered in the news. >> as you would expect in new york and one of the larger cities in germany. they are certainly monitoring this on their threat matrix and that is essentially at looks taking place. as was mentioned this incident at a train, but more importantly, if you look at just going back to july 14th, this nice attack along the promenade there.
10:21 am
not sure if this was targeting a specific event. as we talk about this over and over, this is a soft target, this is the kind of target that security officials are most concerned about. not just the big spectacular events, not just the big events, but the small, small places, soft targets, high pedestrian traffic, lots of civilians. >> let me go to cal perry, cal, i understand you have new information to report to us. >> yeah german special forces have arrived at that mall. they've shut down the adjacent parking grarge, maybe might be out of caution or maybe because they're serging for this gunman. they're also putting out the word and again, this is police in munich are saying, quote, avoid public places in the city. the situation is still unclear. so from the police in munich, they're saying that this situation is still unclear which would lead us to believe if it's ongoing in some way, shape, or form. the other priority for people in wroouns munich, get those wounded out of what is now a
10:22 am
locked down area, that's something we're seeing video of now. >> and we know cal that police have confirmed several injured. have we received an update on possible casualty kps. >> no, we're sticking with local german television, at least one person killed, ten people wounded. these are initial reports and we're just now seeing the first responders get to the scene. we should have an update on that shortly. >> okay. >> and let's go back, i believe we have jim cavanaugh with us, are you there? >> i'm here, tamron. >> we're looking at the situation at a mall as i pointed out to amon, we've focussed on airports as of late. the soft targets are such an interesting way to describe just about every place in individual can go and gather, but this instantly made me think of nairob nairobi, kenya. it appears right now this is not to that degree, but certainly this is where you find
10:23 am
vulnerable people, not on high alert, families gathered. >> exactly right, terrorist attacks, they go for the crowd. you're right to think of the kenyan mall. of course that was multiple attackers. and the police don't know at this juncture in munich what they're dealing with. or if they have shot and killed the shooter. they don't know if there's multiples out there. that's why they have to say to everybody, you know, lock down, stay in place. even if they caught someone or shot someone because they don't know if there's others, there could also be explosives. for the munich police and police commanders, this is a very unfolding, ongoing situation. and unfortunately, we know the climate in europe after the bataclan and brussels airport and the nice attack, and these individual one off knife attacks that we've seen, inspired
10:24 am
actors, there's directed actors and the terrorist benefit from that from the propaganda of the deed. and that goes way back to al qaeda's philosophy. what happens is that inspired or, you know, encourage even isis or al qaeda to directly act and it inspires actors in between. so it's very, very disconcerting with europe's facing that people with be radicalized so fast, make direct connections so far to the terrorist. munich police will have to get ahold of it. and getting them before they start shooting. once they start unloading magazines at the mall, you know, you have an awful situation of chaos and trying to locate and stop the shooter. >> all right jim. we're going to get you to stand by. to update our audience,
10:25 am
according to the information we've received from local german television, at least one fatality, one casualty, and several others injured. in what appears to be a shooting that took place in inside a shopping mall friday evening in munich. we've seen people flee the area. last word from authorities advised people to stay in their homes. they've evacuated obviously the mall and it sounds as if the area around it as well is in a shelter in place for lack of a better description situation, although, from the video and we're not sure of the time stamp of this video, you see a number of people standing outside. this is also affected the underground transportation system as one news agency is reporting that the gunman may have fled by using underground transportation. so we will continue to follow the breaking news out of munich, germany. we'll be right back with more information and more details. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one.
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welcome back, we are following breaking news out of munich, germany. a shooting took place inside a shopping center. we know that one casualty, at least one at this hour and many others injured. let me go to lucy cavanaugh. our colleague in london with new information on at least the police response at this the hour as we work to hear more regarding what appears to be a lockdown, not only of of that mall, but the area around. >> reporter: that's right, tamron, here's what we know so far. and it's not much. we know that police officials confirmed to nbc news that obviously a shooting has taken place at this shopping center. the olympia shopping center in munich. reuters quoting local police believe more than one shooter may have been involved. also telling reuters that no one has been taken into custody as of yet. now again, this is local news reports, nbc has not been able
10:30 am
to independently verify that. citing a munich police spokeswoman saying multiple people may be injured, perhaps one killed. we haven't been able to verify that. police have closed the public transportation in the area around this mall. and i can also tell you a little bit about this mall, now it's about 7:30 p.m. local time there in mooun ping this is a friday evening. obviously families, people, residents would have been out and about. this is quite a large shopping center, about 56,000 square meters, two floors, 135 shops, three department stores, so it would have been definitely open for business at this time. police still continuing this investigation and we will continue to try to get more solid figures for you about that shooting rampage that we're reporting on, tamron. >> all right. let me get you to stand by. i'll bring in malcolm nance, obviously we've spoke within malcolm all too often over the past several months after -- we
10:31 am
don't have malcolm -- we don't have malcolm, back to you again to talk about the security level and concerns of any type of attack. what was the level of security in germany as you've reported, there are several smaller incidents as of late? >> you can imagine that security across germany was stepped up. and when we talk about security, there are several layers to this. first and foremost, the most important type of security is going to be sbenls security. and that is the ability of german intelligence, both domestically and externally to try and thwart or prevent any type of attack that may have any kind of foreign connections. obviously the number one terrorist organization that europeans are concerned about right now probably the islamic state or any option to that particular group or lone wolves. they're working hard over the past several months to intercept any communications, any known associates that may have connections to german would-be attackers. .
10:32 am
terms of on the ground security, that's much more difficult. that is anticipating potential targets and anticipating potential venues, potential attack sites and trying to beef up security will. now keep in mind, obviously germany very developed, very free society. their security posture is going to vary from place to place, very similar to the u.s. off lot of heavy security on very important venues, perhaps sporting events, airports, public transportation, but at the same time, certain degrees of vulnerability when it comes to soft targets or places where there are large crowds gathering as you would see on a mall on a friday night in a city like munich where people are going to be out and about enjoying their weekend, the beginning of their weekend. in terms of security, the germans have been for months, and i'm reluctant to use this word, but for months have been bracing themselves if you will if some attacks that we've seen in france, if those that we saw in brussels showed a similar pattern emerging in germany.
10:33 am
that has not been the case yet, nothing, nothing on the scale what have we saw on france or brussels taking place in germany. nonetheless, enough incidents in germany to be a major cause of concern for officials there that are tracking, threat matrix of possible security concerns. so there's no doubt that germany has been on high alert. there are forces that police, their intelligence have been on the lookout for several months really dating back to that incident that took place last november, the bataclan theater where it happened during a french-germany soccer game and after that if you recall, germany was on a high state of alert. they cancelled their own games because they were so concerned. this is something that germans were very much concerned about for several months. >> okay. okay, thank you. let me go to tamina, i referred to her earlier this hour as a witness. her grandmother lives not very far from the seen. are you there? >> yes, i'm here.
10:34 am
>> tell me what you saw. are you there? hello? >> tamina. can you tell us what you witnessed? >> yes, i can hear you. >> can you tell us what you witnessed? >> okay. >> tamina, i understand you saw from your grandmother's terrorist running from the mall? obviously run into some -- prior
10:35 am
to her getting on the phone, she saw like many others with a number of people running from that shopping center. this is a duke university student who's from munich but as i said, her grandmother lives not very far, just a few minutes away from the mall where this shoots took place. according to what she told our producers, at least one family sought shelter in their apartment and in her boards, they were in shock. they had a child with them. and were among those fleeing from this shopping center. let me go to cal perry, and cal, our nbc team reports that it was just last -- on monday, that a 17-year-old afghan injured four people with an ax on a german train. there's no indication that this is connected. the 17-year-old was shot dead, but clearly, given what we're watching now play out, we're looking at any other incidents
10:36 am
of violence directed at a mass number of people. and this happened on monday. >> yeah, you know, and in that attack on that train where we saw four people very badly wounded by that ax, it was a 17-year-old, as you said, afghan immigrant wielding an ax, they found a load, a treasure-trove of isis material in that person's home. in that person's apartment. so this is certainly society, certainly a country that has been on high alert. and as was said, almost expecting further attacks. and we saw that horrible attack back in november at that football stadium. what's happening in munich as you can see on the screen, we are seeing a systematic lockdown of the public transportation system in munich. one of the reasons for that, if not the main ran for that is that the german police and especially these anti-terror police units are concerned that this may not be an isolated event. we do not have confirmation that the gunman kwho opened fire in this mall sl now in police custody. absent confirmation of that, they will continue to sweep the
10:37 am
area. they are also putting the hospitals on high alert, they're doing all of the things could do in a lockdown type situation. again, we're waiting for further clarification on the number of killed, and at least, at least one person killed. it looks like about a dozen or so others now wounded. and i think we can expect those numbers to rise as we continue to find out more information. keep in mind, this mall, the adjacent parking structure, adjacent subway that has gone on to the lock which is which is making the job of information quite difficult but making the job of the terror police easy as tray try to cordon off the area and find the gunman, at least one gunman that we know at this point, tamron. >> okay, cal, let me go back to lucy cavanaugh. there's been an issued travel warning for the uk, what can you tell me? >> reporter: not much so far in terms of international. the travel advice warning
10:38 am
british citizens to effectively avoid the area of that shopping mall in munich to follow the advice of local authorities. and so far, police warning people through twitter, telling them to stay away from the shopping center, shutting down the trams, the trains, the public transportation, and buslines after that shooting. that shooting, apparently has wrapped up, but as far as we know, they are still potentially searching for that suspect. so that's what we have so far for you. we have not yet heard from the state department about any possible trvl warnings for the americans, but we will be monitoring that for you, tamron. >> let me go to malcolm nance, terror expert, we had spoke within you as i said before, malcolm, far too much. it seems as of late here we are nice, we don't know if there is a connection, but clearly, you look at the areas where there are large numbers of people, many of them children and
10:39 am
families, and here this situation playing out at this mall in munich, germany. television possible that in less than a week we've had an attack which could be characterized as a terrorist attack. a few days ago, there was the young afghan member who pledged his allegiance to isis who went on to a train and started knifing and axing people. from what we can tell right now, what we have is a classic, what we call a run and gun attack going on inside that mall. i've been monitoring german television, i've been in that mall. it's the oez, up near the munich olympic park. it is not small by any stretch the imagination. german s.w.a.t. is going to take an enormous amount of time and care to clear that building and get the civilians out of it who are still trapped inside there.
10:40 am
so as of right now, you know, all we can confirm is that there's been a shooting inside the ball. the ideology or the intent of the shooter, we don't know as of yet. and local television is reporting, local news are reporting much higher casualty counts, but all we can do is wait for this to resolve itself and gain more information. >> and malcolm, if this is, i think as you worded it a gun and run situation, that would be very different from what we've seen play out whether it's the attack in brussels, nice, where there was one individual, but certainly he had stayed on the scene until he was taken out by authorities. or the showdowns at the bataclan or the restaurants there. this would be different than some of the attacks that we've covered lately if the individuals ran in, shot, and then fled. >> yeah, you're right. but this resembles the west gate mall attack which was carried out by al qaeda's al shabaab in
10:41 am
nairobi, kenya, a few years ago where they stormed the mall and took over. we don't know how many involved. initially german police said there was one gunman and that gunman had been killed, but again, german police are being very cautious, they're going through that building, they don't know if there are more shooters inside who may even have hostages. we don't know that at all. and that's what german television's reporting. but, usually these situations -- if they are terrorist-related. the gunman has no intention of escaping. and he will just fight until he's killed. we may have already seen that, but again, we'll have to wait for more intelligence. >> we don't know. >> okay, malcolm if you could stand by. let me go back to tamina, she's the eyewitness that we were trying to communicate with just a few minutes ago, are you there? >> yes, i'm there. >> okay, can you tell me what you saw? >> yes.
10:42 am
so i was actually inside that shopping mall about two hours ago myself. then i went back to my grandma's place who lives about three minutes away from the shopping center. and we were about to return, me and my family, and once we got down to the street and there were people running towards us telling us that they had heard gunshots inside the shopping mall. and they were really scared and in shock. sop we went back upstairs and took and then the like five minutes later, like, i started hearing a lot of sirens and there was a helicopter circling above us. and there were about 60 people running towards our house to seek shelter. >> did those people, were they able to tell you what they say? you were on your way back to the mall. the people fleeing, what did you tell you happened inside? >> they just told us that they had heard gunshots and people were running around like crazy. and they were just so in shock,
10:43 am
they couldn't really talk. additional family member who's still inside the shopping mall so they didn't really know what to do and just took them in. >> right now, as you tell me, you are about three minutes from there, can you see any activity right now? >> unfortunately, the area's covered by trees. i wouldn't be able to see the shopping mall, but i can hear sirens. they just wouldn't stop and according to local media, the entire area around the shopping mall is blocked off and like i can still hear the helicopter circling around. yeah, and apparently there's been a second shooting -- >> i know that you are a student, duke university student, you're from munich. you had already been in the mall. did you notice security and what is the security like at that mall if you even took notice?
10:44 am
>> uh-huh. so it's actually a big shopping mall. so it's a pretty big shopping mall and according to german standards. but there are like more than 100 shops there, restaurants, cafes, and people go there a lot. there are a lot of families because in this area and there's no security whatsoever. the mall is connected to the local shops and there's a lot of that. >> all right. eyewitness to this aftermath of this shooting inside the olympic mall. lucy, we've been able to confirm information. what can you report? zplr police confirming now nbc news that several people dead and injured at that olympic shopping mall in munich
10:45 am
following that shooting. we don't yet have an exact number, but the shooting we're hearing from a spokeswoman of that police department telling nbc news that the shooting started at a mcdonald's which is attached to the shopping mall. now it's believed that those shooters then made their way into that shopping mall, but the spoke ts woman saying to nbc that it's still unclear whether they are still in that mall or in the area. now another thing that i can tell you, tamron, police in munich taking to twitter now to urge people not to upload photos on social media or video showing the police operation. they tweeted saying, do not support the culprit or the as i sail lant. and that indicates that this is very much an active investigation at least that the police do not appear at this point in time have that culprit or possible culprits in custody. and as we have reported earlier, of course, they have also shut down the public transportation around this area. so perhaps they are trying to track down the assailant or multiple assailants, we don't
10:46 am
yet know that number, tamron. >> okay, lucy, stand by, cal perry, you have new detail us for us. >> yeah, as we piece this together, keyword being suspects. we were unclear if it was one or two. again this is early and i think the german police are sorting this out as we are. another important thing, the u.s. consulate in mooun sick asking people to shelter in place. again, leading us to believe that this is an ongoing situation, german media sort of confirming again, they're saying no one has been captured. as of right now, no one seems to be in custody, the u.s. consulate in mooun sick sheltering in place and german police using that word, suspects, to nbc news. >> all right, cal. malcolm nance standing by with us, malcolm, it appears at least from this information that we are looking at possibly more than one individual, the language changes back and forth here, from some of this
10:47 am
reporting, this may be multip multiple-individual act of violence in this mall. >> yeah, cal perry's right. i'm watching the same social media feed that he's watching, and i'm actually, i have an individual in germany monitoring television live, and we're getting the same indications that police, right now are being exceptionally cautious, they don't know how many shooters they're dealing with. they are treating it as if it is a multiple shooter incident, and right now, they are going through the oez, the mall with great deliberation. and they're going to. there are hundreds of stores in that mall. and they have to assume that there's possibly more than one terrorist inside there. there've been unconfirmed reports of another location. but none of that has been confirmed by anybody, munich police certainly have not, and as of right now, we know that
10:48 am
there's at least one gunman, there's a video that's already out there, which is why the police wants people to stop posting them of an individual shooting in front of the oez's mcdonald's. and that's all we know thus far. that that can be confirmed. >> okay. malcolm, thank you very much. just to recap for those of you just joining us right now, there's an ongoing situation at a mall in munich. this mall has been described by all accounts as a massive mall, very similar, obviously to anything you would see in a major city here in the states, three major department stores, a huge food court, and it was friday evening around 7:00 p.m. where the first rourts of when the first reports came in of the shooting inside this very popular mall. police confirm to nbc news that several people are dead and injured at the shopping mall. the exact number unknown at this
10:49 am
hour, there is a shelter in place warning from police, advise people who live in and around the area to stay inside. the early images that came in headquarters from social media and we saw from these images you could put some of the early in from paris, people fleeing the mall and just -- what you would expect the confusion in and around. we spoke with a few minutes ago a witness who was on her way back to the mall after being there earlier in the day, and was met on the street by people fleeing saying there were gunshots fired inside the mall. police have not confirmed if there was one individual or more responsible for this. they've also not confirmed if they've been able to either kill that individual or of a-end. let me go to andy eckhart, he's on the phone, he lives in germany, and in mans, germany, what can you tell us you've heard from the local news agencies in their reports there? >> i actually talked to the
10:50 am
police just a short while ago, and they did confirm, as you already reported, that several people are dead and injured at the oez shopping mall in the no part of munich. they do not know the exact number because the situation is fluid. they are getting trickling information from their colleagues on the ground. but it did start apparently at a mcdonald's, which is attached to the shopping mall. it's not directly inside the shopping mall. it belongs to the shopping mall. and they believe that it is more than one shooter at this point in time. and they have told me that they are trying to get into the mall to see if the shooters have moved into the mall or if they might be in the area. now we have seen several twitter feeds from munich police saying
10:51 am
that people should stay inside. they should stay away from public places and definitely not come to the area, which is blocked off by police and major police forces have moved in. special s.w.a.t. teams, which are located in the munich area, have arrived at the scene. we do not know what the situation is at the moment, but as i said, it's believed that it's more than one shooter and it's an active situation. now there have been reports from several media outlets that there were other shooting incidents at a location in the city center of munich at the so-called popular and populated square in the heart of the city. but police could not confirm that there was actually a shooting there. so again, the situation is very, very fluid. information coming in from all
10:52 am
sides. the report of what is happening are obviously all over the place. >> so andy, just to clarify here. at least the word from the individuals you spoke with. this happened at this mcdonald's or at least a portion of this. are there any reports that other locations were in the mall were attacked? >> no, the police did not confirm that. what they said to me is that they believe they could have moved into the mall after shooting at the mcdonald's, but they were not sure about that either and said they are cord cordoning off the whole area and it could be they are outside the mall. so a very fluid situation. with even the police from the press off the side getting random small information and tid bits. >> we are looking, again, at the
10:53 am
images coming in to us regarding a massive police response to a shooting inside this mall in muni munich, germany. several casualties reported. it is unclear where the individuals are or individual responsible. cal perry is standing by. cal, from what our producer andy has reported, authorities say this start ed at a mcdonald's nt inside the mall itself, but attached to the mall. >> that mcdonald's is adjacent to this mall. this is a huge mall. this is the mall in munich. this is a massive sprawling complex. police in munich are confirming that no one is in custody. this is key as we started reporting this story pfs unclear if they had the gunman or gunmen cordoned off in the mall. but police are saying they don't have anyone in custody. we saw a similar thing happen
10:54 am
not only in nice, but after the last attack in germany where there was a lot of information going online about subway stations, people being on heightened alert. what we're seeing now across the city of munich, and i want to stress this because we'll be looking at video of this is a system systemic shutdown of the transportation system in an adun bans of caution. they shut down these subway stations and go through everything with a fine tooth comb. so there are reports popping up aum over munich of things happening in subway stations. that's because we're seeing anti-terror police not only search for gunmen, but try to ensure that the gunmen didn't go outside of the area and that there are no second or even third attacks. that's what's happening right now. the entire city of munich at this point is under a state of lockdown, tamron. >> let's talk about the size of the mall itself. three department stores, several
10:55 am
stores. one report put it around 100 small stores inside this pretty massive complex here. >> this is like you would find here in the united states. not a strip mall, but one of these larger malls. so these department stores that have hundreds of shops sort of wedged between them. the parking structure that i have been looking at pictures of is at least four or five stories high. it's massive. this is a sprawling complex, as we have heard them say out of london. it's a friday night. it would have been packed at this time. getting people out of that mall was an initial priority for the police. you're seeing there video of these anti-terror police, these teams moving not only through the parking structure, but the surrounding streets. the initial concern after the shooting happened was that the gunmen went into the subway station, which is why we have now seen this shutdown. >> cal, at this moment, munich police say they do not know
10:56 am
where the perpetrators are and they have advised the public to take care and avoid public places and avoid going outside. jim cavanaugh is standing by. looking at just the parking structure alone, this is a massive building. to get the people out safely and to know you are allowing out the citizen who is have nothing to do with this and they have not been infiltrated or individuals have not blended in seems to be a daunting task on itself. >> right. they are always trying to locate the shooter. when they don't have the shooters located, that's the biggest problem for them. when you talk about maybe someone escaped in the underground subway or metro system, it also makes them put the whole city on alert. if you can stop the instant shooting, it becomes more live for the munich police as they cannot locate the shooter or shooters. now that doesn't mean they are
10:57 am
not still in the mall. not still hidden and when they come in. could be holding some people. there could be any number of scenarios as well. but the task of the supplies to find the people that they spread out but i would also point out even when there's multiple attackers, think about dallas and baton rouge. it could still just be one shooter. >> what would be unusual if we're looking at a situation and i talked with malcolm nance about this. if the individual went in, fired off shots, took as many lives as possible and fled with nice, blus brussels, these other attacks it
10:58 am
appeared those people went there and were determined to also die there. >> right, sometimes you do get a suicide, homicidal attack and others you get people to escape. you have all these suicidal attacks, but there's been many attacks where people do escape as well. sometimes they may just escape by luck. they had planned to shoot it out and they run around and nobody to arrest them or engage them. and they can slip away. so if he's determined to die that day, he made this stand and fight and wait for police to come to him or could escape. nothing is chiz l ed in stone i the behavior and mind set of the shooter. we have seen it happen both ways. >> to recap our audience right now, the latest word we have received from munich police is that at this hour they do not know where the perpetrators are
10:59 am
involved in this attack. they have advised the public to take care and avoid public places. munich police have confirmed several fatalities and several injuries. at this hour, the number clearly unknown. this started around 7:00 p.m. local time in munich. first reports of shots fired in or near this heavily populated mall. a massive mall by all accounts. something that we're all very familiar with in and around this country. according to munich police and our producers on the ground who have spoken to authorities, the shooting happened at a mcdonald's adjacent or near the mall. it's still part of the mall, but not inside, like a food court area. brian williams is taking over our coverage. brian, a lot of this video we received is either from social media. but our colleague lucy cavanaugh says it's not uncommon for german police to be deliberate
11:00 am
and careful about the information they release while the investigation is ongoing. >> tamron, that's absolutely right. as our viewers have noticed so far, we tend to be repeating the same pictures because it's all we can be sure of. we sometimes can't be entirely sure of what we receive on social media, but presumably and with cal perry's help, we'll be getting more via facebook live. as tamron has pointed out, think of an american shopping mall and they have often two or three so-called anchor department stores. that seems to be the situation for this. it's in an urban area so they tend to be more compact as opposed to a suburban mall. this mcdonald's was in the food area of the mall, which has a very standard


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