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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we see some children and we see older folks, some adults. it appears to be an ems or perhaps red cross equivalent bus taking people, perhaps who have been stranded out of position in a part of munich that is not their home neighborhood. germans have been told in this vicinity to shelter in place and to enforce that they stopped surface transportation in music. we just passed the 4:00 a.m. local time, and there's a huge massive manhunt going on, and as you have seen on the graphic, the current death toll german police are reporting is six with many more wounded. we have seen one instance of shooting outdoors, outside a restaurant on a street corner as
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recorded on cell phone video. we have seen other things where there have been various reports all day, and the state department has told americans, stay where you are, and stay off the streets and in effect shelter in place. this is part of the robust response by german security forces, kind of a paramilitary police force and local police who have been forced into action. you see the headlines there, six dead after shooting at shopping mall. police are saying this appears to be a terror attack at first, and their translated reasoning was because of the weapons used, and they are searching for three people with long guns, even though the one piece of video we have shows what appears to be a
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9 millimeter. a man who rather methodically starts firing outside a mcdonald's restaurants. that is the situation we are covering in munich, germany. for those tuning in to the 4:00 for perhaps news on domestic politics, nobody would blame you because we all along have believed this would be the day, this would be the afternoon we perhaps would learn with the rest of the world who hillary clinton's vice presidential choice would be, and secretary clinton has wrapped up a campaign event in florida, and it was theorized perhaps during or after that event her supporters would be notified by
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twitter or e-mail or both the identity of our choice, and there were tentative plans for the ticket to be viewed for the first time at a florida event, after all their convention begins on monday. we don't know if the delay is mindful of what is going on in munich. you will recall international events actually interfered with the rollout of the trump-pence ticket last weekend, and led to scheduling changes, and this may be the very same case, they are mindful of the rolling breaking news coverage, though political news in the states, this being high political season, will continue to roll on. these live pictures from munich, germany, 10:03 p.m., people boarding a bus. we just don't know the context, we don't know the context whether there are americans mixed in here, whether there are
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security folks mixed in here, and if it's just local germans, if these are people who required medical attention, see at least one blanket and somebody appeared to have a wound they were cradling. tom costello is in our washington bureau continuing to monitor what he can. >> i have been watching the same images as you, and i wonder if these were not people who were stuck in the mall for a while and had to evacuate, or came rushing to the mall concerned about loved ones. and that's a fire department bus they are going on to, and clearly with fire department and emergency personnel who are keeping track of them and putting blankets on them, and i get the idea they have a connection to the mall, maybe they were there or had family members, and the state department updating their advice to munich, and u.s. citizens are
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advised do not come to the u.s. consulate because of the uncertainty on the security situation and they continue to advise americans in that area, shelter in place and contact your family members to let them know you are safe and monitor news for updates. might i also say, as we have unfortunately spent the better part of 15 years now covering terrorism in some fashion, as the amateur, i was also struck by what richard engel saw in the video of the suspect. something didn't seem quite right and he didn't appear to be the stereotypical, what we have come to believe as an isis type fighter, he didn't stick around for a suicide fight. this is going to be an interesting scenario to see how it plays out. >> tom costello, thank you. our germen speakers are telling
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us what the german tv is saying, these were people who were in the mall getting treated for the shock of the situation. they have been through, and then i assume they will be taken to a central place if not to their homes so they can be reunited with their family. we have already seen the video. >> you will hear more than 20 shots being fired of what a cold and calculating gunman. take a listen. we are getting there, the close-up. this gunman who appears, you will see it shortly in five seconds, it appears to chamber a round, appears to load the
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weapon and caulk the gun. then they said they are looking for two, potentially three gunmen with rifles. here's the gun. [ sound of gunshots ] shortly after the video was taken, we believe this gunman, this particular shooter had to be moved to an adjacent parking garage. there was some kind of a brief standoff with police that we have seen photos of, and it's unclear if he was able to get away. we heard local media recording at least one of the gunmen made it into a subway and that would explain the widening operation and the shutting down of public transportation. at this hour, friday night in munich, everything is closed,
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night clubs closed and major businesses shut and there is no public transportation running, and the highway in and out of munich to the south have been cleared. they are trying to track anybody leaving or coming into the country. was this some kind of a coordinated shooting? we only know of two locations that shots were fired, the mcdonald's and the mall, which was just adjacent to it. we heard reports there was initially a third shooting at a subway station in downtown munich, and that has turned out to be false and police knocked down those reports, and in the early reports of the attack, we saw it in nice, we saw false reports of things taking place in paris, and europe is on edge. you have richard engel sitting next to you, and this is a continent with an increase in
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violent attacks. we talked about isis-inspired or isis-directed, and this attack may have nothing to do with isis at all, but i would argue we are getting to the point where the attacks are happening so frequently for the people living in germany, france, belgium, and this has become a way of life and we have seen three of these breaking-news attacks in less than ten days. >> richard engel is sitting in the studio with us watching. what strikes you? >> the video is a bit grainy, but he seemed to be wearing black boots and he's a heavy-set looking guy, and he was not shouting "allahu akbar" as far as i can tell. none of these fit the isis m.o. and there are media reports that this may have been some sort of
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neo-nazi act, and there was one witness account that he said f'ing foreigners as he launched the attack, and we need to know more about these perpetrators. when you look at the choice of the gun, i guess he is wearing jeans, sort of looks like he is a heavy-set guy, maybe wearing some sort of vest. >> yeah. >> if you went down earlier, it looked like he was wearing some sort of black combat boots, motorcycle-style boots. >> or maybe a beret. >> that's not typically what you would see. you see the boots? >> yeah. >> that's not the typical isis m.o.? >> it is not. i have to be honest, when i heard the first sign of trouble in germany today, you, among the list of possibles, you think of the events they had in germany,
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and as a response to the immigration issue. >> it's all interconnected. it's because of the anger and if these reports that are these rumors, the speculation that is growing, by the way, on the internet this is some sort of far right attack, of course it's related to isis. these are people who are in an explosion of hatred and anger because of all the immigration issues and you can't separate them, but it would be two sides of the same coin, if you will. >> we often turn to a firm called tphrflash point, and the co-founder of research and analysis for the middle east and north africa at flash point, and leif, what are you thinking and
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hearing thus far about this? >> look, clearly the story is still unfolding, and lot of the details have not emerged, the attackers, their names, you know, who they are connected to or even a lot of the victims, as richard mentioned earlier. what it seems, this was clearly a soft target. there was the element of randomness and the element of surprise together, and that creates a lot more fear, you know, among civilians with security forces, and the reports this targeted at least two different locations and the individuals are still at large and they are armed and dangerous, and tells me that the whole city, if not even the whole country, will be on edge until more detailed emerge. it's not clear whether the security forces themselves in germany have ascertained all the details. it's a waiting game for now, but the hallmark of that attack coming at a time when europe
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witnessed multiple terror attacks isis directed or inspired, it leads people to think this was related to isis, or some lone wolf, a small wolf pack in europe inspired by the group, but for now isis has not claimed responsibility for the attack, and none of the media or affiliated media talked about the attack which we are seeing right now, and a lot of jihadists going on social media celebrating this attack, telling you it's going to happen, and we saw an optic of threats to germany since the november 2015 attacks that unfolded in paris, and every since then, there has been multiple threats issued towards germany and including threats by isis itself, and we is a lot of german fighters in
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isis ranks and lot of them might be able to come back into europe unnoticed and all the fears and anxiety is playing into the dynamic, although we do not have a clue about the identity or intentions of the attacker or attackers. >> in plain english, don't jihadis go online and cheer everything bad? >> absolutely. absolutely. if it has to do whether it's a natural catastrophes or mass shootings or floods, anything that would inflict harm directly intentionally, or unintentionally, this is a cause for celebration from jihadists in general. >> if this were the states, i would say one bit of good news, part of this response, the back of that pickup truck, the van right at the front of the van, back of the truck, it appears to
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be k-9 cages. let's hope there are dogs as part of the search, too. this could be a very long night for the city of munich and the people in its suburbs. let's hope it results with the net killing or capturing of these people who have done this. we see now as the camera pans around, this is just one of those heavily travelled suburban roads where at the other end of the shot, where we are looking at now, there appears to be kind of a choke point, and people are still out and about, and running to this location where it looks like they are being stopped before they can go a certain distance. cal perfery, do you have more o this? >> yeah, the area you are looking at is the immediate lockdown area outside the mall, and initially they reported --
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this is coming from the munich police, there were 100 people that sheltered in place in the mall, and we saw the buses taking them away. again, we are looking at sort of a ring of security, and this is sort of the first most inner ring. no change of posture yet around munich. the train stations still closed. the u.s. embassy put out an updated warning to u.s. citizens which includes reporting that munich authorities declared a state of emergency asking people not to leave their homes and avoid squares and streets and people inside the u.s. consulate are continuing to shelter in place and that has not been lifted. >> cal, thanks. hans nichols reporting for us from the white house. he also speaks german. hans, you have been helpful in telling us the coverage we have been watching, and also the president's reaction to this? >> let's listen to what the
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president has to say. he spoke moments ago when he dropped in on the law enforcement meeting here. >> there were shootings in germany, and we don't yet know exactly what is happening there, but obviously our hearts go out to those who may have been injured. it's still an active situation. germany is one of our closest allies, so we are going to pledge all the support they may need. >> brian, there's a rhythm and routine to when president obama makes these statements and he has to make them all too frequently, and president obama and chancellor angela merkel have a great affinity for each other. you recall the government to government relationship has not been great, and there was a huge scandal in 2013 about spying on
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merkel's phone, was there eavesdropping? you will recall the cia station chief in berlin was kicked out of the country, and since then the ambassador there, ambassador john emberson has made a great effort to repair relationships and share intelligence, and the last time obama was there, talking about the need for closer cooperation and closer ties not only on the security side but the economic and cultural side. the white house here is still trying to figure out what is going on here as well, and had the briefing from lisa monaco earlier, and they want to get a sense was this isis and what was behind this, and then taking a step back they want to be concerned and maybe assured that merkel herself is not in political danger. you look at where this attack happened. it happened down there in
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bavaria. the head of the csu, he challenged angela merkel the most, and they are in a coalition government and it's the political challenge merkel has in bavaria, which is a bigger political challenge than what she has from the actual opposition, and this is down the line on the political side, but right now the focus is on gathering facts on the ground. >> proves that regional politics is as big a thing in germany as it is here or anywhere else in a political season. just an update again on the intersection as hans was noting of domestic politics, and these overseas developments, we had originally been expecting to learn this afternoon from the clinton campaign or from our own sources the identity of hillary clinton's choice for a running
1:20 pm
mate. she has come and gone from an event in orlando, and there is a second event tonight in tampa, and they are setting up for that. she has yet to arrive there. there it is. we have learned that she has tweeted the following. monitoring the horrific situation in munich. we stand with our friends in germany as they work to bring those responsible to justice. signed h, and generally those are from her personally. so that's where we stand. again, this german situation, if it gets no worse, we could be in for a very long night for the people of munich in germany for the people of that bavaria, the region in germany and that surrounding area. we are watching all of it. we will take a brief break and rejoin you on the other side. e .
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after so much live political coverage, this highly paw lit soeuzed week in america, we thought we would be on the air with the identity of hillary clinton's running mate, and if that is known, that rollout has been slowed down because of what is on the left-hand side of your screen. this breaking news situation, we first learned of this afternoon our time, munich, germany, one of the great tourist destinations all summer long in all of germany and all of europe, what apparently started at the shopping mall in the upper right-hand corner, part of the sprawling facility originally cleared out and build for the munich olympic games, now the left-hand side is the suburbs of munich, and where if
1:25 pm
the police reports are right, we have a finite number of suspects, and we perhaps have one location, and we perhaps have police aware of where they are, and we can see evidence of dogs, heavily armed cops on this, and let's hope they are closing in on the people that perpetrated this attack. cal perry is in the news room, and cal, most of the folks that come to us have already seen something on their devices, while we try not to pass along rumor we try also to be mindful of the electronic world around us. there are reports scattered out there that children were targeted by the gunmen, and there's a report out there that the tape in german reveals one of the gunman yelling something. can you shed light on that? >> yeah, and this is not only being reported on local stations
1:26 pm
in germany but also widely online, especially twitter where it's trending in germany. what it shows is a back and forth allegedly from the gunman and people on a nearby balcony. the key part of this back and forth is that the gunman allegedly says, quote, i am german. people yelled back at him the equivalent in german, you are a jerk -- i am very much cleaning up the language, and the shooter says stop filming, and people on the balcony yelled back -- i am getting all the language not suitable for television, and the shooter says, yeah, whatever, i was born here. as we try to unpack this, this is another piece of information that we are pulling on, another thread, and it co-insides with what we have been hearing for years, which is that gunman, and you look at the gunmen outside
1:27 pm
mcdonald's, he does not look like an isis fighter. no flack vest or explosive device and no automatic weapon or a wish to die in a hail of gunfire as the police come to the scene and no hostage situation at a mall that was packed full of hundreds of people. we know at least 100 people sheltered in place up until an hour ago. again, one of the themes starting to come out in germany, this was some kind of seana phobic attack. we have seen a visceral debate about immigration and jobs and employment. that's one of the leading theories coming from the attack, it was not necessarily an isis-inspired or isis-led attack, this could have been a right wing attack or stkaepb owe
1:28 pm
phobic. >> and another word said was f'ing turks. >> today was the five-year anniversary of the norway mass murder. five years to the day. there are extreme right wing groups that want to kill in norway. he didn't kill immigrants. he killed members of his own country. he killed party members, because he wanted to punish the ruling party in norway for allowing in immigrants. it could be like this. if in fact those reports that cal was talking about and that are now circulating online, if he yelled f'ing turk, and talking about immigrants, they want to carry out violence for political reasons. it's still an act of terrorism but different from isis, and
1:29 pm
it's an important difference. isis -- if it had been isis, and maybe it will still be, but if that quote is true the chance of it being isis are pretty small. if it's isis, it's more frightening because it shows a terrorists organization that is able to project its power in new places and ma tsa size. it being isis is a way of looking at it that is different. if it's a right wing group of radicals, who are angry with german policy and they want to kill people, immigrants or others in order to express their hatred for the f'ing turks and others it's a domestic german issue and an actor shooter to coin a phrase that is used. >> i will tell our viewers what
1:30 pm
is reflected in the graphic at the bottom of the screen. we are sad to report the death toll is revised upwards again, and police themselves telling the media in germany, the death toll is revised to eight. >> there are -- there's an enormous turkish population living in germany, and generally it's a integrated population, but if you spend time in istanbul, there is 13 or 14 flights a day to germany, because there are so many turks that live in germany, and generally, like i said, are well integrated, but if you are neo-nazi, it could be a turkish
1:31 pm
sentiment. i don't think it had to do with the coup, and i think it's just the presence of people of kirkish dissent in germany. >> one thing we have learned, in law enforcement and westernized military, to put your other hat on for a moment, as we look at the live pictures on the left, 10:30 at night in munich that nighttime for the good guys becomes your friend, because usually you have technology the enemy does not. you have night vision. you have thermal imaging. you have aircraft. you have dogs. >> these people would be crazy to move at night. you said it could be a long night. it could be a very long night or a long couple of days. finding three people hiding out in a city where they know where they potentially have friends
1:32 pm
and family and associates. it could be very hard. if they don't move and already at their safe house of location, moving around and get into a car and driving on the driveway at a high speed at night, it's not going to happen until they are suicidal. >> the technology in finding ways around dark moved light years ahead. >> if they try to move and they are together and have weapons, in germany they will be found. what would be assumed, the thought, they are trying to put underground. >> and knowing the country well, hans? >> we just had a statement from president barack obama, they condemn the apparent terrorists attacks. even from the white house they are not saying whether it's a terrorists attack and they don't seem to be in a position whether
1:33 pm
or not to know if it's foreign or domestic, so a great deal of hedging from the white house, but a clear indication, they want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the germans and let them know that they are there for them, and they are pledging any and all cooperation. one more point f. i may, on richard's point, the organization in germany. whenever you move house, you move an apartment in germany, you have to get a piece of paper, and it's an official piece of paper. you can't do much about it. the level of information that the german government apparatus has about its citizens and its people that live there is at a different level than the states, and so to richard's point, they could go to ground, it would be exceedingly difficult, in a state like bavaria, a city like munich, they have a police force
1:34 pm
that would be difficult to stay underground. >> there's a need for paperwork for order and procedure? >> that's a charitable way of putting it. germans have a higher level of obligation they feel they owe their society. they make more back in return, and have a stronger social safety net, but there are certain duties incumbent upon the individual to register with authorities and abide by a social code. it's a stronger sense there. that's where when you move around, they know the floor you are living on, the apartment and they know when you moved in and how many children you have. you get a lot of benefits for that, but it gives the state an advantage of having in a centralized way, remember, germany doesn't have the problems that brussels have where you have five or six different regional police forces overlapping each other, and it's very streamlined and that allows
1:35 pm
their data to be clean and good and in cases like this, very fast. >> hans nichols at the white house. thank you very much for your reporting and contributions. as we head to a break, we are looking at live pictures of the intersection to the left, and until you look at the finer points and realize that when you see a passing police car, it's an audi or bmw, and you look at the markings and fixtures, it could be any kind of suburban boulevard in the suburbs of any of our major cities with a bus stop and traffic light. the difference, of course, all traffic has been stopped, all nonofficial traffic has been stopped because they have a massive manhunt under way in munich, germany tonight. what is under discussion is this is terrorism? at least the classic kind we have come to know and have been covering way too often here, another break in our coverage
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williams back from new york. the street looks like it could perhaps be anywhere in america, and it's not, it's in munich, germany, and they are in lockdown, shelter in place ordered to all who live in that normally bustling metropolitan
1:40 pm
area on a friday night. police are reporting there are eight deaths, at least one mass shooting that we know of at a shopping mall in a district of the city originally erected for the olympic games. three department stores, anchor stores, and food, this was in front of a mcdonald's as shown to us on cell phone camera. chris dicky, our friend in paris as we call him, the foreign editor for "the daily beast." this area of the world you cover is undergoing changes, and we are talking about the turkish influence. i was reminded when the german police have been tweeting out information today, they do so in german, english, french, and
1:41 pm
turkish. >> yes, we have a multicultural world everywhere you go. it's a huge muslim population, almost 10% of the population of france. there's quite a mix. there's something important to understand about the shooting. we don't -- the most important thing is you don't know very much. we don't know who the shooter was, we don't know if there were two or three. i keep thinking of the police shoot tphgz dallas where everybody was sure there was two shooters and it was one guy moving around. if it's a far right shooter, somebody who hated foreigners and wanted to kill f'ing turks, that fits into the isis playbook as well. it's not a conspiracy theory. it's, in fact, their conspiracy. as richard knows, one of
1:42 pm
theologies of isis, and a pitch back from more than ten years ago, europe was vulnerable and it had big muslim populations and if you could use violence effective effectively, you could create so much division between muslim populations and the rest of the population in europe you could effectively create a civil war. just six weeks ago, the head of the internal security service in france warned the national assembly and committee hearings that he was very worried about the possibility of civil war in this country. he specifically said that resources were being diverted away from just looking at muslim terrorists and looking at far right terrorists. you also had ans incident in m
1:43 pm
where there was an individual trying to smuggle weapons, and ukrainian security said he claimed he wanted to carry out a series of terrorists attacks in france. all that exists if it turns out this is, in fact, a far right shooter, and as you pointed out, this is the anniversary of the massacre carried out in norway in which he killed 77 people, the greatest death toll exacted by one person in the mystery of modern europe. >> let's bring in richard engel on exactly that same thing. >> it will be very interesting to know which side it is, but these two sides are both feeding from the same trough. you have isis trying to inspire a race war, or a religious war in germany, but really globally.
1:44 pm
you have these extreme parties who believe they are also already in a race war. so these two groups in a sense need each other and feed each other, and if you are a member of either one of these groups, this is an opper tune time for you. >> there's a strange dynamic where people are hoping this is not isis. >> yes, and no. it says europe is sick either way. if it's isis it's disturbing because it shows this horrendous terrorists group in which the world is bombing in syria can still inspire people, and send people out to carry out attacks. if it's far right groups, it means there's so much hate and that these militant groups once again return to the streets to kill innocent people and tear apart their own societies and it's disturbing and says
1:45 pm
profound things about the health of the -- the sensitivity of the immigrant issue in europe right now. >> let's go to correspondent, lucy calf atphauf, in our london news room. lucy, what you have been able to gather and learn from there? >> brian, police in munich telling cnbc, our sister network, nine are dead. and they are looking if nine is one of the shooters. it's so difficult to get a firm count on these facts. authorities are still getting individual reports from eyewitnesses. takes a lot of manpower and time to investigate each of these accounts. that's why this information is quite conflicting. so many moving parts to this developing story. police telling us they are searching for three attackers, possibly with long guns but that has not been confirmed. what is certain is that a manhunt is under way across munich. this is the third largest city
1:46 pm
in germany, population nearly 1.5 million. we know that just before 6:00 p.m. local time, munich police say they began receiving the reports from eyewitnesses describing people with guns, and that attack, as we were reporting earlier, appears to begin at the mcdonald's attached to the olympia shopping mall. this is a large facility, two floors and 135 shops. we can assume it would have been packed with people on a friday evening, kicking off their weekend. reports of deaths and injuries, but of course we are still working to confirm about that eight or nine number figure, what we can say, of course, is that this some sort of an act of terror. we don't know what kind of terror. authorities have not been specific about that. this is also the thirds attack in a european city in the past eight days that has targeted a terrorists attack effectively in
1:47 pm
the past eight days, so dark times for germany, who just on monday was dealing with the other knife and axe stabbing by a young migrant on a train. >> lucy, thanks. cal perry here in new york. i am looking at the translated reports from the police briefing in germany. what lucy was just talking about, cnbc is quoting a figure of nine, a death toll of nine instead of eight. they apparently found another body, and some question as to whether it could be an attacker, which would be better news. >> right, and one of the things that is happening, you have german police briefing local media in munich, and then what have become global bulletins going out, and at least eight people killed in the shooting. another body has been found and the way police put it, they are examining the body, as possible
1:48 pm
kphreus tea. what does that mean? it means the ninth body may be that of one of the shooters. back up about an hour or two. we have a shooter outside the mcdonald's. we know that after that shooting at the mcdonald's he made his way to an adjacent parking structure, and there he is there outside the mcdonald's, and he made his way to an adjacent parking structure which is connected to the mall and at some point, that gunman wearing the red backpack and black shirt and probably blue jeans was surrounded and cornered in the parking structure. a short time after that, a citywide bulletin went out to shut down the rail stations and highways and that was done out of an abundance of caution. so many times in these instances where we hear of multiple gunmen, the abundance of caution goes out just to make sure there
1:49 pm
are no following attacks, especially in a case where isis is involved. you worry about the secondary attacks, and we have not only not seen those following attacks, but now they are investigating the possibility as to whether or not this gunman who shot outside the mcdonald's, went to the parking garage and mall and carried out the series of attacks and if that maybe is this body, and that would be the best case scenario for people living in munich, and this gunman was spotted in that different locations and people called it in as multiple gunmen, and they were able to corner him and neutralize that threat. they are going to keep munich under lockdown and the highways closed but they are inspecting the ninth body to see if perhaps maybe this was the gunman? >> we talked about it on the
1:50 pm
air, and when i heard about the three gunmen in munich, i thought about the night in dallas, and it was an anti-police army all its own. tom costello in washington continuing to monitor how this is going to end up affecting americans in germany, americans planning to travel to germany. >> you know, i have had so many friends and acquaintances ask me over the last few months, am i safe to go to europe this summer, and of course, my answer is, absolutely. you should go and take advantage everything europe has to offer and there's a good exchange rate which is also beneficial, and we have the warning on may 31st, advising americans to be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that could be a target in major european cities, mass
1:51 pm
transit hubs and that kind of thing, because of the concern of terrorism like we have seen in istanbul and nice, and whatever this turns out to be, this is also a form of terror. who is responsible is the question tonight. there's a question as if it's a far right wing attack because of alleged conversations he had mentioni mentioning f'ing turks. there are many people of turkish descent in germany, and their labor force was depleted, all the men or many of the men were killed in world war ii. there's something like 3 million or more people of turkish dissent in germany. there has been friction with the
1:52 pm
far right wing fringe. i will tell you, i was in germany, and it has been 25 years ago, but i clearly recall 25 years ago on a train going through germany, and there was this right wing graffiti on a concrete wall along the train tracks going through germany, and it said, and i don't mean to be offensive, but it said re-open al sau wicks for the turks. the nazi right wing was focused on that group. if this is yet another theme coming up today, it does give you pause and it has been a concern, the police in germany have had for many, many years, decades. >> and a co-worker today wanted to see berlin in germany and has been putting off a family trip
1:53 pm
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brian williams with you from new york, yet another mass shooting and another large death toll in germany, and this time overseas in munich, germany, the height, sadly for them, for the summer tourist season, and that region is under forced lockdown. as you look at scenes recorded today and tonight, i will read you the latest from the
1:57 pm
associated press, dateline munich, munich police warn people to stay inside and avoid public places friday as they hunted for the shooter or shooters that opened fire at a shopping mall killing six people and wounding others in a rampage they describe as suspected terrorism. quote, at the moment, no culprit has been arrested, closed quote. they said the search is taking place at a high speed. germany's elite gsg9 anti-terror police were called in to help. witnesses report seeing three men near the olympia mall. munich police spokesmen told the press, people were aware of media reports that a man killed himself as officers closed in, but said there was no confirmation of that. the city sent out a smartphone alert telling people to stay indoors, and the rail company
1:58 pm
stopped traffic to the train station, and the attack started outside what they call a fast-food restaurant, and we know it to be a mcdonald's, before 6:00 p.m. local time. you have the view that could be, as we keep saying, anywhere in the united states. the tow truck called in to get a car out of the way, and a suburban-looking boulevard. richard engel back from his travels briefly to be in new york, and people want to put this in a category, people who are after work on a friday night in summer, was it terrorism? what do you tell them? >> i am not sure yet, frankly. we have been sitting together for a few hours now. when i first got here, the assumption was obviously it's another isis attack and we had reports of multiple shooters in europe, and there's a series of isis attacks in europe over the last couple of weeks, and isis has been talking about carrying
1:59 pm
out attacks in germany. as we start to dig into it more, there's a key alleged conversation that took place between bystanders, who for some reason were talking with the gunman, shouting questions to them, and he said something about f'ing turks and said he was a german. that conversation suggests that this was not an isis attack, and that this was the work of potentially a lone gunman or a group of gunmen with a right wing neo-nazi mentality. is that terrorism? yes, it's a form of terrorism, but it's not isis. but we still need to find out more. we have no identity about the shooter. is this body that the police found now, is that, in fact, the shooter that took his own life.
2:00 pm
>> the question now, has that been that announcement, that leak been delayed by the event overseas. we are fortunate, we will have all that covered as we go to "meet the press" with chuck. >> we are waiting for a couple bits of news out of that front. i am chuck todd. we will start, of course, following the breaking news in munich, germany. munich is on lockdown as police search the city for as many as three armed attackers, and the death toll has risen to nine, and the attack appeared to begin at a local mcdonald's and continued in a nearby shopping mall. police are calling this a terror attack, and it's not clear if there are ties to anything islamic or radical on that front. local


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