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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the first time. we'll get reaction to the pick. donald trump meantime wasting no time putting a label on clinton's vp choice. what is it and why? plus my conversation with ohio governor john kasich. does he envision ever endorsing donald trump. could that hurt trump in key battleground state if he doesn't. live in philadelphia two days and counting to the democratic national connection. okay. let's talk presidential politics and new ticket as we wait for hillary clinton to present tim kaine on the ticket today. moments after clinton tweeted last night, the virginia senator took to twitter in both english and spanish and then donald trump went on the attack. quote, is it the same kaine that took hundreds of thousands in gifts while governor of virginia and didn't get indicted while bob m. did?
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that's a reference to the $160,000 worth of gifts kaine accepted during his time as governor and lieutenant governor but all of it legal under virginia law. meanwhile reaction about infamous rnc speech. part of an interview that will air tomorrow. >> he didn't get booed off the stage. i think that's a good thing as far as i'm concerned. i let him speak. i gave him a home because i beat him soundly by millions and millions of votes. it wasn't close. i said you want to speak, speak. nothing earth shaking. the arena erupted in boos because they saw he wasn't going to endorse and i thought that was a beautiful thing. >> as the presumptive democratic nominee looks ahead to her party's convention next week, she's also giving her reviews of the republican convention.
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cruz's speech in particular. >> are we ready to go win an election in november? i think after the last week after what we saw in cleveland we better be ready to go and win an election in november. something has gone terribly wrong when one speaker says vote your conscious and gets booed. i mean, i never thought i would say these words but ted cruz was right. >> let's get the latest on the clinton campaign. kasie hunt is following that for us in miami. she's right about that. i never thought i'd hear her say ted cruz was right. you have background intel how this decision came about. tell us what you can. >> reporter: hi, chris, we are in miami, of course, waiting for hillary clinton to make her first appearance with newly minted running mate tim kaine.
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this is culmination of a process that took more than a year. it started when her campaign chairman john podesta, former white house chief of staff, took binders full of information on two dozen potential vp picks in bags labeled with duane reade, that new york pharmacy, to her house in chappaqua so she could start reviewing this. we've talked so much how hillary clinton approaches decisions like this, diligent, studious way. tim kaine has been at the top of the list all the way along through the process. in the closing weeks, chris, they thought about elizabeth warren, cory booker, tom vilsack agriculture secretary with whom she has a close relationship. at the end of the daiya lot of this decision, at least a significant part of it came down to white voters particularly in ohio and pennsylvania. in light of what's going on in the world, terror attacks, drum
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beat that we've seen, they are concern about leaving her vulnerable on foreign policy in particular. so this kaine choice made sense in that context. he has foreign policy experience from that time in the senate. he spent a day yesterday in pennsylvania outside pennsylvania talking to some of these voters that they are concerned about in light of this pick. take a look at what some of them had to say. >> i think that when the competitive environment settles down, i think the more authentic trump comes out. so i'm for trump. i think it is not because ideal but in the current setting between him and hillary, he represents, in my view, a more pragmatic and more actionable
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person. >> i guess i've gotten used to it. i think it's crazy as far as dynamics. in general i like people. i appreciate people. i feel like he lacks that in so many different areas. not just in race bases but obviously gender. just you know, from an economic standpoint, too. >> reporter: flip side her trouble with white men, philadelphia suburbs, for example, that might not be willing to vote for donald trump. we are here in miami partly because as you said kaine speaks spanish. he'll be able to show that off a little bit today. if the clinton campaign is able to win here in florida, it almost eliminates a path for donald trump to get to 270 electoral votes. so very, very important for the clinton campaign here in florida
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today, chris. >> all right. thank you so much, kasie. joining me opinions editor for patriot news. one thing you can say, you were there at the republican connection, it wasn't boring, hillary clinton was asked isn't governor kaine, tim kaine boring, she said i love that about him. he says he's boring. the question is, is this convention by contrast going to be boring? >> i don't think so. more rhetoric from the stage, a different kind of rhetoric. god knows a target rich environment. they can go to his business dealings. in philadelphia, just across franklin bridge new york city, short end of it in new york city, left them holding the bag. can you expect them to seize on that, his peccadilloes.
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rich environment. probably disorganization but drama. >> at the republican convention one night i spent a night ted cruz speech, in the response center hillary clinton. they started doing the account how many speakers never even mentioned donald trump. it was really about hillary clinton, a lot of this convention. we probably won't see that mix here, do you think? it's going to be more affirmative for hillary as well as anti. >> yes. we saw that with ryan and mitch mcconnell, the majority leader. i think he mentioned trump's name twice, mcconnell as well. rang and file members of delegates who came around to trump very late or still haven't come around. it's a very different dynamic. >> let's talk a little about this place and this stage and
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what the dynamics are. how is this going to play out when we watch these two people hitting the ground. we don't see airwaves yet for donald trump. are we going to see him on the air? what do you think is going to happen in the state? >> we're right here ground zero in suburban philadelphia. voters, the 8% undecided in this race that donald trump and hillary clinton will be fighting over. more broadly, democrats in the southwest and northeast, traditional reagan democrats have appeal to trump. scranton on wednesday of convention week dropping in as demopolis having their convention here not unlike what hillary clinton does last week in coal country. a lot of fighting. >> about her comments i'm sure. >> it's going to be a battle for the streets. >> we keep saying this is a battleground state yet it's gone democratic every election since 1992. trump says i'm going to win pennsylvania. what are the odds? >> it's an optimistic projection
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by republicans but not outside the realm of possibility. keep in mind we have two candidates who are more broadly unpopular than any in recent memory. look at pennsylvania polling data. it reflects that as well. a battle precinct by precinct. >> hillary clinton introducing her running mate tim kaine right here on "msnbc live." playing into international concerns about security, this morning german police continue to investigate shooting ram maybe that left nine dead, 16 shooters and the gunman dead as well. they say it's not terrorism. a gunman opened fire in munich shopping mall nearby restaurant before fleeing the scene. the body of the gunman found about half a mile away. police say he took his own life. nbc's lucy kafanov in munich for us. lucy, what else do we know this
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morning? >> good morning, chris. based on what we've heard from munich authorities so far, this appears to be the work of one deeply disturbed individual. no connections at this point to isis or to any other terrorist networks. no indications that he, in fact, worked with anyone else at all. prosecutors telling us the shooter was an 18-year-old german, iranian born and raised in munich. they say he may have been seeking or getting treatment for some sort of mental illness. he was not known to authorities. he did not have any sort of police record. one thing they did uncover through a visit to his home was what this described as fascination with mass shootings. they found a book why kids kill about school shootings in the united states. this does appear to be a premeditated attack.
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there's evidence he hacked facebook of another individual and tried to lure people into the shopping center behind me where he carried -- out the shooting spree, offering a free giveaway. there were questions about the timing of the attack, yesterday being five-year anniversary of the massacre in norway that saw 77 people dead through a series of shootings and bombings. of course gun violence may be a topic of frequent discussion in the united states, not so in germany. there are strict laws here. it's difficult to have your hand on weapons. he a 9 millimeter pistol and as many as 300 rounds on them potentially obtaining those illegally. chris. >> want to bring in director and msnbc terrorism analyst. let me pick up on a couple of things she said. seems to me similarities to a lot of these things we've seen before. first of all, a possibility he had suffered from depression, this mental illness issues.
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also this occurred on the fifth anniversary of the massacre in norway, 77 people were killed. so many things about these kinds of shootings both domestically and abroad that seemed to carry this kmob thread. >> -- common thread. >> you're absolutely right. we were discussing earlier teen depression and columbine shootings. what i've seen in the last few weeks, the trend where you have international terrorism activities and inspired attacks that happened in bangladesh, then people with psychological defects or mental health issues who are actually trained, like we saw in dallas and baton rouge, then we see other people jumping onto the media bandwagon. a young man suffered from depression. turns out it wasn't an act of terrorism. all these things creating a media continuum of incidents going on and on to the point
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where they may be people who have problems may actually be planning to jump onto the tail of terrorist attacks like we saw in orlando and to carry out their own operations which have nothing to do with terrorism. >> even though it's nothing about terrorism, it does seem to me what you're talking about has a similarity to isis and they feel every time an isolated attack, makes others feel confident something brewing in their minds can become reality. >> you're absolutely right. in intelligence we have this whole phrase, the second attack is always an american. throughout '60s, '70s, '80s, these attacks, very large terrorist attacks you would essentially in a few weeks have a small scale attack by somebody with mental health issue. case in point a few weeks after world trade center attack, there was actually a young man who had a mental health problem, he flew an airplane into a tower in florida. we had another one, a guy disgruntled anti-government
6:14 am
worker flew an airplane into an irs building in texas. these are just copy cats who may have nothing to do with terrorism but keep up media campaign of terrorism sphere of activity. >> we saw in dallas, looking for police, here we are with nine people dead, three were 14 years old, two were 15 years old. the others were 17, 19, 20, and 45. so all but two teenagers and one of those was 20 years old. you have to think that this was somebody who wasn't happy in his own teenager life and was going after other teenagers or am i leaping too far in my analysis? >> no. like you said, this individual had his own problem. there was a discussion with him that was being shouted by people yelling at him and he had mentioned he had been mentally -- been under mental health treatment and hospitalized. but it was done in such a way it suddenly came onto equal level
6:15 am
to pantheon of terrorism. imagine a shooting like columbine with the exact same global resources we see for the attack that occurred yesterday and what you'll have is this sort of nexus of, you know, psychodrama playing into the terrorism media world. it could really create contagion of activities and incidents that pop up in the future which would never be seen before. >> continue to be more talked about on the campaign trail in the states. thank you so much malcolm. malcolm nance, appreciate it. not playing attack dogs, unconventional roles for both vice presidential candidates. how that plays out in the fall campaign. i'll ask about that. coming up on "msnbc live" from philly. arn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase!
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hillary clinton about to make it official for democrats. she will formally name tim kaine as her running mate. i want to bring in kentucky democrat charles yarmuth. always good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. >> i wonder what you think of this choice. is it a smart one? >> i think it's a great choice. tim kaine brings so many pluses to the ticket. one of the things he brings is he is very, very likable. some people say hillary has a likability problem, which is not true if you get to meet her but tim is so affable and friendly and good natured. i think that's going to be a very, very important quality as we go through the next three and a half months. >> there are, as i'm sure you know, progress i was happy about it. in fact, local newspaper in
6:20 am
kentucky talked to members of your delegates, bernie sanders supporters. they are really not happy on a number of levels. one of them saying about the convention, quote, i suspect it's not going to go super smoothly. that combination of bernie sanders supporters hoping for someone more elizabeth warren like and people more concerned about generally this being a more centrist pick. do you think it could cause trouble here? >> i think some supporters would cause trouble no matter who it would be. if you look at tim kaine's record and background as your colleague did in a piece she wrote, he's got an f rating from nra, 100% rating from planned partner hood. spent his early life doing missionary work. this is a guy who clearly understands progressive values. there's no litmus test for being a democrat. we have people who disagree on a
6:21 am
lot of things. i think one of the most important things about our party is ultimately parties about organizing governing majorities. i think with hillary clinton and tim kaine you have the type of combination that can appeal to a broad section of the american electorate and thattes what it all about. >> i think for some democrats, working class democrats and bernie sanders supporters, there is litmus test and trade, tpp. in that realm, for them, tim kaine fails. is that a legitimate beef and how do you navigate that, both within your delegation where with there's discontent and across the spectrum at the convention. >> i'm an opponent of tpp as well. he's not going it make the call on tpp, hillary clinton is. she's already expressed her self very clearly on that agreement. ultimately again we're voting for a president, not a vice
6:22 am
president. and she did something that's very important, that is she selected someone who is equipped to serve as president on day one if that necessity should arise. so again, i think ultimately she's going to be the one talking about trade and what she's going to do for working families across this country. i think tim kaine will be a very, very resonant spokesperson for those views as well. >> let me ask you finally about something you know a lot about. that is coal country. kentucky is the third largest coal producer in this country. i was talking to a journalist here in philadelphia. he said donald trump if he's going to win a place like pennsylvania, he's neck and neck in ohio with hillary clinton, some of that will be focusing on coal voters saying we need to move away from coal and fossil fuels. how much of a problem is that going to be for her in states that are battle grounds. >> it's going to be an issue she has to confront.
6:23 am
she said on numerous occasions she was misunderstood. she wasn't talking about how she wanted to put coal miners out of work. she basically was talking about the environment, macroenvironment where a lot of coal jobs disappearing for a lot of different factors and that was a reality. she needs to explain that. president clinton has been to kentucky. he said to me he plans to talk to coal miners and families and what her plans are. she proposed $30 billion revitalization program for coal country. so i think she has a lot to offer if coal country is willing to listen. clearly a challenge she's got to meet. >> congressman yarmuth, good to see you. thanks so much for talking to us. >> thanks. >> republican ohio governor john kasich, what it would take to endorse donald trump and whether or not the party he's known for the past 20 years is dead.
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ohio governor john kasich is leaving open the possibility, the small possibility of endorsing donald trump. i spoke with the governor about what it will take for him to jump on the trump train and why he skipped his party's biggest event. >> i take no joy of the fact i had to stake out this position of nonendorsement. maybe it will change. >> maybe it will change? >> you never know. i have to see unity. you think about ohio, wonderful conversation. cleveland was shining. in the state we had significant economic growth and people are together. i know in my career and my lifetime, especially as governor, unifying is better than dividing. i have to see unifying. >> can you see that path? >> it's not up to me.
6:28 am
i'm also somebody who believes in trade. i do believe in immigration. i don't believe in isolation. i think it's important for me to stick to those principles. there's no joy in it for me to do that. i never went inside the convention hall and made a speech there because i thought it was inappropriate. i was there but i thought it was inappropriate to go in there. look, if i get invited to a party and i'm not going to go with a good attitude and positive message, i should dlib going to the party. yes, we wanted the republican convention in ohio and we got it. it wasn't my party, it was the republican convention. it was donald trump's convention. that's fine. a lot of people saying, hey, we're proud of you and a lot of people say you need to get with the program. you know who i answer to, the man in the mirror, happens to be me. >> the man in the mirror says you have to stick to your principles. on the campaign trail you said
6:29 am
that on a number of occasion toss me. you signed a pledge, ted cruz signed a pledge, jeb bush signed a pledge. do those prince tells, promises go away because the person you hoped if it wasn't you would get the nomination doesn't? >> i think first of all, circumstances change will anybody that is upset that i signed a pledge or agreed to support the nominee and i've seen circumstances change in my mind, and i've changed my mind about it, they can be mad at me but i'm not mad at me and neither are my friends. the fact of the matter is i want to see this country unified. i don't want to see this country divided. if donald trump will unify, then he can get my support. in life sometimes all of us, i don't know who it is, said i would do something and all of a sudden they couldn't do it, i'm sorry it's come to this. we'll see. we still have a few months to go
6:30 am
to see what happens. >> one of the two people is going to be president of the united states barring something catastrophic. it's going to be hillary clinton or donald trump. are you going to vote for hillary clinton? >> under no circumstances will i vote for hillary clinton. there will be other choices and we'll see. >> maybe a third party candidate? >> look, i haven't decided what i'm doing. >> that goes for the future because a lot of people think he's laying the groundwork potentially for another presidential run. don't rule it out. fueling expectations of african-american voters. what we'll hear from hillary clinton and democrats on the issues that affect this voting bloc the most at the convention here in philadelphia. we'll be right back. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust.
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welcome back. i'm chris jansing in the city of brotherly love. two days until the national convention here. well, the campaign, hillary
6:34 am
clinton gearing up for big day when the presumptive nominee introduces her running mate. that will be tim kaine at a rally at noon. as she gets ready to deliver her big speech next week, she's attacking donald trump for the message she sent at his. >> he doesn't me for anyone who thinks our country should be standing together not splintering apart. >> starting in philadelphia, we will offer a very different message, building bridges not walls between people. let's bring in msnbc contributor studies at lehigh university north of philadelphia. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what are you looking for this week? >> a lot of excitement in the city of philadelphia excited about folks coming in.
6:35 am
from dnc, contrast, an incredible moment for the city of philadelphia. >> i was talking to an aide yesterday. this can be much more organized, much more conventional. i said, does that mean boring? she said, we're a little worried about that. do you think sort of the chaotic nature of what happened in cleveland, i'm talking about on the stage, a safe and quiet stage, just in terms of bringing an audience in, getting people excited about a candidate. >> the trump campaign thrives in constructed chaos will for his brand of politics that makes sense. for a lot of folks in america conventions are boring anyway. the extent you make them exciting -- >> this year the numbers are up, people are engaged in this campaign. >> in the dnc you'll see interesting protests, black lives matter out here. >> peaceful?
6:36 am
>> peaceful. there are still bernie sanders supporters that think they can get him not natured. there will be some tension and excitement around the issues. >> as you and i were going through the litany of shootings in the umbrellas. donald trump says i am the law and order candidate. he pushed that hard of here is part of what he said. >> i have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police. when i take the oath of office next year, i will restore law and order to our country. in this race for the white house, i am the law and order candidate. >> even tremendous donald trump opponents really give him props for understanding the fear
6:37 am
that's out there, anger, how does hillary clinton counter that? >> she's got to become a student of history. law and order in the historical context has been about people of color. law and order ideology how we changed law enforcement over the course of the 20th century, largely responsible for stop and frisk, mass incarceration. i think we have to check mr. trump on that. >> counter that, barack obama, valerie jarrett, a point person very strongly, eric holder while he was still attorney general, new attorney general, loretta lynch. these are all people who talked about those issues, pushed those kind of issues. president became the first to go in a federal prison. >> yes. >> i was there when he did it, it was a big deal and look what's happening. >> you can focus on crime look at data around crime. crime has been dropping since
6:38 am
1990s. we have to think about how law enforcement operates in the 20th century, too much bias in the system, that's what folks are out in the streets about. the reality is maybe you have a privilege not driving your car -- >> so if barack obama can't fix that, how could hillary clinton. >> it's not about a president fixing it, it's about acknowledging. law enforcement, polit calls up and down the stratosphere to really make this work. long, hard work that has to be sustained over time. one president is not going to make a difference in something as large and powerful as the industrial complex. >> great to have you here. >> thanks, chris. >> it is going to be interesting. >> it is. >> let's move to republicans. hugh hewitt, salem radio network, msnbc analyst. good to see you. how are you reacting this week? >> i think bernie sanders people
6:39 am
have to feel pumped by hillary clinton. you couldn't feel closer to goldman sachs if you were building furniture than tim kaine. it's a huge head fake hillary clinton pulled off on the left, met with cory booker, elizabeth warren, pretended to be a progressive, an insider's insider. very affable, nice man. everybody likes tim kaine. he has assets, he's fluent in spanish. as far as progressives members of bernie sanders coalition, woodstock meeting millennials, they aren't happy. donald trump made an explicit appeal to them, especially on tpp. tim kaine like hillary clinton is a big supporter of tpp. i'm a supporter of tpp but bernie sanders are not. so donald trump said come join us. >> are you one of those people who think a vp matters. sort of the conventional wisdom is do no harm. do you think tim kaine is
6:40 am
somebody who is going to do harm to hillary clinton. >> mike pence did a lot of good for donald trump, an enormous amount of good, as we saw in cleveland. as we saw. trump is our guy. his line on the supreme court got the biggest applause line in the room all week long. it was the baja 500 convention. don't get me wrong. driving but they would get it back on the road. a fun time, trump had a great speech. kids four-for-for. tim kaine doesn't do that for her. the way she needed to satisfy with her vice president the way trump had to reassure conservatives as she did with mike pence, she needed to let them know.
6:41 am
she has not only failure in egypt, syria, but lying repeatedly and now to democratic link. i'm a buckeye. i now want ohio olympics i was so happy at the end of the week in cleveland. i don't think democrats are going to leave philadelphia happy. >> i just wonder if you're obviously you're putting a positive spin on this but don't you think that what ted cruz pointed to, what frankly the first two appearances between donald trump and mike pence pointed to was an essential disorganization within a campaign, an inability to get their act together by a guy who is one of his central selling points is he is organized, he does have his act together. do you really think, i'm not talking about the republican voter in that audience who cheered him on and everybody thought ivanka did an amazing job, but for the swing voter out
6:42 am
there, they watched that campaign and thought, oh, yeah, they have their act together and this is something i can get behind. >> absolutely. he reassured people like many, conservatives, people that care about the supreme court and american military. he got us back happy and generally accepting of his -- i'm not an anti-free trade guy the way donald trump is. i'm okay with the ticket. he reached out to the unemployed union worker in ohio, my hometown. reached out to southern pennsylvania, coal country in pennsylvania. he went up to michigan, unemployed car worker. he built his coalition and he went to the bernie sanders people who were waiting for elizabeth warren, waiting for cory booker and who got tim kaine. senator kaine is a wonderful guy, i wouldn't deny that for a moment. he is corporate. i was reading "washington post" this morning, progressives, bernie back to woodstock people
6:43 am
are outraged at this choice. i don't think he makes a lick of difference to black lives matter. if you're a social justice active, anti-big banks activist in the democratic party, you're already mad at hillary clinton. he doesn't help her on authenticity, does not do anything to help that. about her chronic inability to tell the truth. when you rundown her failures and character problems, she didn't do much with a tim kaine pick. >> i've got to tell you, i was on the trail with bernie for a month or more, talked to hundreds of bernie voters, i've not found many willing to go to donald trump but we shall see. an interesting set of coming months. hugh hewitt, thanks so much. >> thanks, chris. a look at the strengths hillary clinton brings to the presidential campaign and virginia democrat's weaknesses they want to expose that hugh hewitt just put out there. we'll be right back. hey, searching for a great used car?
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we are back live and here in philadelphia democrats are gearing up for their conventions set to formally begin monday. joining me column nice forti "time" magazine adviser for rand paul. adviser of new york democratic party and former candidate. let's talk about conventions. i'll start with you, ali"will donald trump get a bump out of the convention? >> usually there is a bump. viewership of the convention with the rating seem he was going to drag viewership was down about 10 million from john mccain in 2008. so i do think there is a lack of
6:48 am
enthusiasm among broader lec toward and i wonder how that is going to show up in the polls when those come in. >> and with hillary clinton she's making her announcement but she's going to be here. how does she make this to her advantage? >> my 20 years, i have never heard a speech by somebody at that level, certainly not a nominee, with so much fear mongering. i think what you'll see in philadelphia is quite the juxtaposition. you'll see more hopefulness, more plans with the hope of moving people into the middle class. certainly a speech largely based on trying to address a lot of economic uncertainty and anxiety. i'm excited about what we have coming up this week. >> there's an old saying in sports, maybe that's true in politics, ultimate sport, do you
6:49 am
think maybe donald trump in all the excitement generated in making this reality tv show that became a presidential nomination, are people weary of it or is it summertime views and september or october that enthusiasm will ramp back up for the first debate? >> i think donald trump was the most entertaining political candidate to jump on the scene in years, decades, maybe even the entirety of american politics, but the trump show has worn thin. you see that this week. this is his chance to do the political version and he failed at it. he couldn't assemble two hours of decent programming for four nights straight. last night he did salvage it somewhat with his daughter ivanka's speech and his own address. i think people as reflected in the ratings that evening, people are a little tired of it and they are wondering where is the there of it all, what is the
6:50 am
substance that donald trump is going to do besides mere platitudes? >> meantime you saw the division on the republican side. on the democratic side you've got unhappy bernie sanders supporters. it does not it does not help that these e-mails were leaked from inside the dnc. that would seem to suggest that bernie sanders, what he said, what his campaign manager said, had some truth to it, that the democratic party wanted hillary clinton, expected hillary clinton to be the nominee. what's going to happen with that? >> i don't know. >> they're going to be unhappy about it. >> i haven't looked at all the e-mails. i will tell you, all the folks i worked with at the dnc were up front, honest, and fair in this process. my colleagues, executive directors from other states, all we wanted was a fair process. the bernie sanders supporters, we worked with them before the election, we'll work with them after the election. we need their support if we want to take back not just the white
6:51 am
house but gubernatorial raises, senate raises, state legislative raises. those are really important to us. i don't know if there's going to be any division created as a result of these e-mails. my guess is that it's not. we have to moved forward, because the real goal here is beating michael. >> basil, elise, thanks to both of you. reaching out and keeping promises. the message hillary clinton has to deliver to america's immigrant population this week. is there disappointment that a latino politician was not chosen as clinton's vp? i'll ask an undocumented immigrant about that, coming up.
6:52 am
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weand sustainability goals asool one of our top priorities.mental i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. we're back live in steamy philadelphia, two days before the democratic national convention. one of the themes this week will be immigration reform. joining me, astrid silva from the leadership alliance of nevada, who is speaking on monday night.
6:55 am
hi, astrid, good morning. you're undocumented, and you're speaking at the democratic national convention next wk. what does that mean to you and what's your central message? >> right. it would be nothing more than a dream come true for legislation to pass. but for the time being, in my individual capacity, i want to be there to talk about our families. i think sometimes in all of the numbers and in all of the arguments that are taking place, the real families affected by this are left out. >> there are several high profile latino politicians who were on secretary clinton's vp short list, but as you know, she chose tim kaine. are you disappointed, do you think the latino community is disappointed, that a big opportunity here was missed? >> i think that our community just wants immigration reform. they want a better economic future for their families. them better education. and i think that if she made a
6:56 am
choice in tim kaine, it's because she sees that in him. and i think that i would have have been very happy with many of the people that were on the short list. and moving forward, you know, this is what -- this is who she has chosen. i think that i take her decision on it. i know that she must have much more information than i do. but i'm excited because people really are becoming engaged, because we've seen, you know, what's happening on the other side, and what's happening with the vice presidential pick there, that is really against our lgbtq communities. i think that this difference is really stark. so i'm excited to see where we're going to go from here. >> do you think there will be a big turnout? it hasn't always been in the latino community. hillary clinton needs it. the latest nbc news/telemundo poll shows 76% of latino voters back her. obviously that's a coalition
6:57 am
that she wants to get out. >> we know that immigration is not solely a latino issue. there's a lot of work to be done not only by hillary clinton but other candidates. unfortunately when president obama said he would do immigration reform, a lot of us were very excited, and unfortunately we've seen congress just has not been there to hold up their end of the deal. >> astrid silva, good luck monday night. thanks so much for coming on the program. >> thank you. that's going to wrap up this hour of "msnbc live," live from philadelphia. up next on "a.m. joy," a panel of philadelphians on what they think when donald trump says he wants to make america great again. see you back this afternoon, have a good one. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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