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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton and tim kaine campaigning for the first time as the democratic ticket in the battleground state of florida. >> hillary clinton is the direct opposite of donald trump. >> plus donald trump's twitter storm, what he and the republican party are saying about the democrat's presumptive vice presidential nominee. so let's start in miami where hillary clinton and senator tim kaine wasted no time making their case against donald trump. for more, i'm joined by kasie hunt who was at today's event. and i'd say this was an energetic introduction of the ticket. i'd been promised by clinton insiders that it would be the opposite of what we saw on the republican side, but what does it tell us anything about what we will see going forward at next week's convention? >> reporter: i think that this really was everything the clinton campaign wanted to be.
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they wanted to be a contrast with donald trump's rollout and they got it with a very button down process, they were very secretive about it, they explained a little bit about it today about how they managed to pull it off fp john podesta taking a freight elevator down out of brooklyn headquarters to secretly get on a plane calling -- clinton talking to tim kaine while podesta was waiting outside in a car ready to take him to the airport to fly down here to florida. of course the champagne popping for tim kaine and aides celebrating on the way down here. clinton and kaine together working on his speech and talking at some length we're told today that's why she was part of the reason why she was delayed an hour starting off this event. the event itself very well received for a did who has been knocked as boring. he called himself boring. ti testimony conta
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tim kaine offered something that even people who have covered him low which closely in virginia were surprised by. he managed to tie in his personal story to the politics of the moment. and to his joining the ticket with hillary clinton. take a look at a little bit of that chemistry on stage. hillary clinton introducing kaine and kaine bringing out the spanish language skills at bit. take a look. >> when someone saysbit. take a look. >> when someone says "i alone can fix it," that should set off alarm bells in not just democrats aye mindemocrat democra democrats' minds, but republican, i said, people of all ages and backgrounds. that is not a democracy. >> do you want a trash talking president or a bridge building president? of course you do. donald trump trash talks folks with disabilities, trash talks
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mexican americans and latinos whether they're new immigrants or governors or federal judges. >> reporter: so there you had kaine trying on that role of attack dog that vice presidents so often assume. the clinton campaign thinks that he can bring an authenticity to that and you saw a little taste of it there. he seemed very comfortable in that role today on stage. and he also did show off his language skills a little bit which of course got this crowd, many of whom were either spanish speakers or bilingual really going. they were excited to hear from him in spanish. and i think this all pushes forward to the democratic convention this week. they really want to try to draw a contrast between what was seen and heard on stage in cleveland and you heard hillary clinton herself talking a little bit about that when she talks about how donald trump said i alone am going to fix things, i think you will try and see them really focus a lot on painting a
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positive picture of hillary clinton and of this ticket. they know that they have work to do in that area. >> kasie hunt in miami, thank you. and for more reaction on today's big announcement, i'm joined by former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and "washington post" columnist jonathan capehart. good to see both of you here as we thunder and lightning starts. should we all agree tim kaine came across likeable, self-deprecating, smart, all those things? good rollout for him. let's talk about the progressives. the bernie sanders supporters. they don't like him on tpp, they find him to be too moderate. some think it's a slap in the face. how much of a problem is that? >> it's a problem, but on you message to sanders supporters is look, there are many ways to define a progressive. is th this is a guy who for 17 years of his life defended people
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charged with crime, people trying to get houses and had housing discrimination cases. he did it not for one year and went back to a law firm, he did it for almost two decades of his life. that's about as progressive a thing as you can get. and most of his life has been on the cutting edge of going things for the people who are most vulnerable in our society. and to me, that is the definition of a progressive. more importantly, just one vote. >> you heard him speaking spanish, one of the issues that will be key here. would be thing they want to hound home is immigration. let me play more of the speech today. >> if you haven't done this, go to a naturalization service where people become u.s. citizens. how many of you -- raise your hand if you have been a naturalized citizen. yeah. wow. thanks for choosing us. thanks for choosing us.
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if you haven't been to one of those services, it will be one of the most powerful things you'll ever see. often after the oath is taken, there is a an open mike and people get to walk up and say here is why i decided that i wanted to become a citizen of the united states. and it will just bring takers to your ice and a smile to your face when you hear what these people think about the greatness of the united states of america. >> could nnventional wisdom is presidential picks don't help or hurt anything. very few change the equation. how do you view this? >> chris jansing there live in philadelphia. we're having some technical difficulties because of the downpour that chris jansing was telling us about. this in the preview before we get to the democratic convention
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which is set to start on monday. chris jansing there with her guests there out very close to where the convention and all the activities will be hatching. this amongst a very hot weather earlier in the day in the 90s. so we'll get back to her in just a little bit. we're having some technical difficulties. we're hear r here at 40 rock in york city. we'll go right back to chris jansing in just a little bit. take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ around hgets the waffle.rd but for all the other birds who could use a few more minutes of sleep, we've got you covered. enjoy free breakfast on the run and free wi-fi.
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richard lui back here at msnbc world headquarters. we'll get back to to philadelphia where chris jansing is reporting for us. and at the current moment experiencing a little bit of technical difficulty.for us. and at the current moment experiencing a little bit of technical difficulty.
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for now though, the trump campaign has been critical of candidates who have opted not to endorse trump, candidates like john kasich. chris jansing was able to sit down before she got onset just moments ago and asked him about other things his decision not to endorse his party's nominee. take a listen. >> i take no joy in the fact that i've had to stake out this position of nonendorsement. maybe it will change. >> maybe it will change? >> you never know. i have to see unity. look, if you think about ohio, we had a wonderful convention. cleveland was shining, right? >> but can you see that path? >> it's not up to me. but you see, i'm also somebody who believes in trade. i do believe in immigration. i don't believe in isolation. so i think it's important for me to be able to stick to those
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principles. >> but you signed a pledge, ted cruz signed a pledge. jeb bush signed a pledge. to those principles, does that promise go away just because the person you hoped if it wasn't you would get the nomination does? >> i think a couple things. first of all, circumstances change. the nominee said if ted cruz and i went to the convention and we were able to win that he was not of a mind to support us. that's not what influenced me, though. what influenced me, the circumstances had changed. the idea that -- >> the donald trump of that day when you made that pledge signed that pledge different than the person he is now is this. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different.? is this. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very this. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different.s this. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different. this. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different.this. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different.his. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very
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>> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different.s. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different.. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been very different. >> i think it has -- >> i don't think he's ever been >> anybody that i signed a pledge or agreed to support the nominee and i've seen circumstances change in my mind, and, you know, i've changed my mind about it, they can be pad at me. >> america is far less safe and the world is far less safe than when obama made the decision to put hillary clinton in charge of america's foreign policy. let's defeat her in november. okay? >> is that the america you wake up to every morning, is that the america ohioans wake up to and cleveland and columbus and -- >> well, look, it's not for me to do an analysis of donald trump's speech. >> but he is the person who is representing the republican party right now. is that the pa parrty you see? >> i think it's pretty clear that in my state we have brought people together and we see the light. and i believe you have to -- you
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know, you think about ronald reagan shining city on a hill. to we have challenges? of course we do, but we can meet them. i don't live in a vision of a dark america under siege from everywhere we look. frankly, it's not the way for us to get out of this mess. >> nicolle wallace, communications director for george w. bush and now works for nbc, she said the party that i worked for for 20 years died in this room tonight. >> the party is different. this is part of the problem i have. i am pro immigration. we don't -- we want to know who comes in. i am pro trade. i've never been an ideological free triader, but i see the benefit. i believe we have to be engaged in the world. and i believe if we come together as republicans and democrats and remembering we're americans first, we can have a great america. so i don't see the world in
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those terms. people are very nervous. many people in the country feel economically insecure, they worry about their children, and many peopl feel like no one cares about them or listens to them. i get it. i understand that completely. it's just the way that i approach it is different right now than what i hear inside some segments of the republican party. but one person at one moment in time doesn't change the dna of who we are and i think things will settle down. >> meaning he won't win? >> i don't know. i can't predict that. who would predict what will happen in this race? this is like trying to predict the weather in like three months. you just can't do it. >> but you cannot win the presidency, very hard, without ohio. >> i think you win ohio by being a unifier. >> tomorrow on "meet the press," chuck todd will talk to donald trump about his just completed
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convention and the race ahead against hillary clinton. chris jansing there, native daughter of ohio with that interview. we hope to go back to chris skra jansing live in philadelphia. if we can solve some of the technical difficultdyes. up next, how tim kaine helps hillary clinton in virginia and possibly elsewhere. flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming. [ laughs ] ...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes.
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2:21 pm
philadelphia and preview of to the democratic convention coming up. when we can safely re-establish that connection, because the tropics have come to philadelphia, in the 90s the temperature is and the rain is coming down quite quickly and heavy at the moment. that was by the way trump's response to clinton's pick of tim kaine as her vp. what has that been so far in that katy tur joining us now. this is something that you have been watching. trump sending out a series of tweets, but it was an e-mail that really got into kaine here. >> yeah, an e-mail saying that tim kaine hasn't had any real accomplishments while he was in office in virginia. specifically while he was governor in virginia. he said tim kaine's unemployment rate in that state skyrocketed and they're comparing him to governor pence saying that since governor pence has been this charge of indiana, his unemployment rate has fallen. and they're also trying to paint
2:22 pm
tim kaine -- i keep trying to say t pain -- sorry, tim kaine as somebody who is decisive for the party. we remember the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders was anything but pretty at times. extraordinarily contentious. and the fight really centered on hillary clinton's ability to be a progressive changer. somebody who would further that message in congress. that's what bernie sanders was trying to do. and there was a bit of a war between the two of them on that subject. and so when it came to hillary clinton looking for her vice presidential pick, a lot of progressives on the left including bernie sanders supporters were hoping she would go with somebody equally as progressive as better trnie, so like elizabeth warren. that did not happen. she went with somebody more establishment. so the trump team and the rnc
2:23 pm
are trying to say that hillary clinton basically chickened out in a way, she didn't uphold the values of the progressives and is that she will be angering them. and th that they won't support her after the convention. this is obviously what they want to portray, what they hope that will happen, that bernie sanders supporters instead going to somebody like donald trump who is on the same page with bernie sanders when it comes to trade. we've heard trump talk about how he and bernie sanders are both in agreement over tpp, both of them opposing it, tim kaine supporting tpp. interestingly enough, though, richard, donald trump's own running mate, governor mike pence, does support tpp. ultimately though these are two people who will be secondary to their candidates. tim kaine and mike pence are not the ones that people will be voting for. traditionally the vice
2:24 pm
presidential picks have made little difference in the general election campaign. and what you have right now are two very divisive, very well-known figures in donald trump and hillary clinton. both with quite a bit of baggage. this has been called a campaign season that is more about never trump or never clinton rather than supporting these intwo candidates. so their vice presidential picks might not matter that much. we'll see how it goes. >> we shall. katy tur for us covering the trump campaign. we'll take a short break and get right back to philadelphia right after this. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love.
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2:28 pm
joining me ed ren tedell and jonathan capehart. you were talking about will tim kaine matter. >> and the governor and i were speaking and he said the number one duty of a vice presidential pick is to do no harm. and that's what we have here. i think tim kaine does a lot of good for secretary clinton. as we saw today, business him rap against him is that he's boring. at that was dispelled today. and as people get to know him, reading the profiles and all the other things that we'll hear going forward, he will be someone who people will see as not just someone who does no harm, but someone who is really an asset. the fact that he speaks fluent spanish and culturally aware of
2:29 pm
la t latino culture, she can send him into communities that unless you're latino itself, you can't talk to them. >> on the republican side, there was plagiarism controversy that went on for three days. going into what is arguably the most important week of hillary clinton's political life, there is this controversyoff t over tc and e-mails that certainly do suggest that bernie sanders supporters that things were fixed, that the democratic party was not fair to him, that they were pushing hillary clinton. does she need do anything? >> it is a problem because we've been fighting to make sure that we gets a high a percentage of sanders' voters that we can. it had been in the high 70s last poll. and this is a step back. >> fire somebody?
2:30 pm
>> action has to be taken. we have to get to the bottom of it and if in fact there was favoritism shown, i think hillary clinton has to take action to clean house. >> and then you also have to some in way adjust to what has been successful on the other side. i think for donald trump coming out as the law and order guy obviously appeals to his base. it is something that is for the time just yesterday the tragic situation in munich where you saw the teens being killed, of the nine killed, seven of them teens, let me play what hillary clinton had to say at his convention. >> we will be a country of generosity and warmth. but we will also be a country of law and order. the attacks on our police and terrorism of our cities threaten
2:31 pm
our very way of life. any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country. >> you can argue about whether that was the best place for him to make that kind of argument, but jonathan, is this given the mood of the times and given that we know what has driven a lot of donald trump's popularity which is this kind of fear that a lot of people feel, a discontent with the status quo, discontent with washington, how does she answer that? >> well, i think she's been answering it in a lot of different ways. the clinton clip you showed is all about fear, mayhem, everything going to pot all around us. and that just isn't the case.
2:32 pm
of course that line will play well in the hall. i was there for that. but it speaks to only half the story. and what secretary clinton has done since louisiana and minnesota and dallas, she's been talking about these things saying that you can fear for the police and the attacks on the police, at the same time that you are afraid of unarmed african-americans being shot and killed and police-involved shootings. there is a way to talk about these things that acknowledges that, yes, we have a problem, but that soeciety is not going o hell as a result of it. a candidate for president has to be somebody who leads and leads in a hopeful manner. at least that's everything that i've been taught. >> you want their delegates to feel energized, go door it door, make their phone calls. governor rendell, does it have been to be also a fun convention?
2:33 pm
>> we've done a lot of things to make it fun. but i think two key points. number one, i think it's incumbent upon clinton surrogates to point out that donald trump speaks in conclusions. he never tells people how he will do something. i will defeat isis. did not give us one idea of how he will defeat isis. i will zika virdefeat the viole. that's mostly a local issue. so we have a plan that he is talking about doing things without giving us any reason to believe that he can. that and he number one. and number two, everyone knows that the long term answer to the problems that we're having is to build bombs between the police and the community. if he with don't build those bop bops bombs, it doesn't matter
2:34 pm
how tough we are. better training for police. a billion dollars in to training police better.tough we are. better training for police. a billion dollars in to training police better. that is the step in the right direction. police ramseyvention and tell y is better and more effective training but that costs money. >> governor, thank you so much for coming in and bearing with us during this storm. jonathan, thank you so much. jonathan capehart and former governor ed rendell. up next, the inside story on hillary clinton's decision to pick tim kaine. i'll talk to her deputy communications director as we continue here in philadelphia. ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you.
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hillary clinton -- hillary clinton, she doesn't insult people. she listens to them. what a novel concept, right? >> the stage now officially set for the dnc here in philadelphia as the democratic ticket makes its debut in miami. hillary clinton and tim kaine. so what can we expect this coming week? joining me, deputy communications director. most reviews good roll out, big cost tr contrast. having said that, you can't say that the republican convention was boring. and donald trump says all publicity is good publicity. i've been told that this could be a very traditional very well organized convention. how do you get people who watch, how do you keep it from being
2:39 pm
boring? >> this won't be boring. we'll start the week with michelle obama. we have president obama speaking about we have real people from across america who hillary clinton has made a real difference in their lives. you will see hillary clinton introducing her mother and you'll see a huge difference from what you saw in cleveland. we have a unifieded energized party. >> and let's talk about the unity. bernie sanders expected to speak on monday. there was a lot of back and forth. i know you were happy, they were happy, cause toyou came to a me minds. now you've ticked tim kaine which a lot of bernie suchpports are not happy about. they say he's too moderate. they think that the number of votes bernie sanders got should have brought to them somebody like an elizabeth warren. what do you say to them?
2:40 pm
>> hilr hillary spent a long ti this decision and that is a testament to the democratic party. there were so many qualified candidates to be the vice president. she considered it very carefully and enthusiastically picked tim kaine. he's shown that he can really get things done. >> let me bring up one of the concerns and that is that the gifts he took when he was governor and lieutenant governor. all of it completely legal, all of it by the books. but he took an $18,000 in kind caribbekerry bee caribbean vaca. a trip to washington twatch the final four. does it play into the argument that there political cronyism, unfavorable ratings, these are
2:41 pm
folks who would gain the system? >> absolutely not. when you sigh tee tim kaine, he an extraordinary introduction to the country. you saw him joke that a lot of people didn't know his name before hillary clinton chose him. what we saw is a fighter. >> but what do you say specifically to the charge about the money? >> this is an old, old charge. he absolutely followed the letter of the law. those gifts were below the threshold. he exposed everything because he believe this is transparency. we saw this come up with the trump campaign trying to bring up the old charges. but we understand why. they had an absolutely kay the on the tick convention last week. and we saw -- >> the republicans bring about new charges.and we saw -- >> the republicans bring about new charges. e-mails from the dna what bernie sanders supporters say this is proof that it was rigged against bernie sanders from the
2:42 pm
beginning. here is from one of the e-mails from the deputy communications director of the dnc wondering if there is a good bernie narrative for a story, which is that bernie never had his act together, but his campaign was a mess, specifically dws, debbie wasserman schultz, head will of the dwmic national committee, had to call bernie directly because they had ignored or forgotten something critical. one of the people in there, their communications director, said true but the chair has been advised not to engaging so we have to leave it alone. to be fair. but just the very idea that these conversations were going on, this is just one example. i talked to ed rendell and the suggestion that someone should be fired. does hillary clinton need to take care of this? >> we'll let the dnc speak to it, but -- >> you're not going to try to make the argument -- >> we will let the internal
2:43 pm
review and act accordingly. >> something will happen quickly? >> we expect them do a review and act accordingly. >> good to see you. i hope you get good weather for the week. and we'll look forward to some of maybe the surprises that we've been told about. thanks for being with us. up next, democrats historic moment, hillary clinton sat dering the glass ceiling in politics. we'll talk about p ding the glass ceiling in politics. we'll talk about p sing the glass ceiling in politics. we'll talk about p hing the glass ceiling in politics. we'll talk about p aing the glass ceiling in politics. we'll talk about p ting the glass ceiling in politics. we'll talk about p dshatting the politics. we'll talk about p sat dering the glass ceiling in politics. we'll talk about p shattering th politics. we'll talk about p ip tp .p now you can't spell nutriam i right?t nut, i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition.
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>> in just a few days the democratic ticket will be nom natu natured at their party's convention. i'm joined by the direct door of franklin and marshall college. so glad you came over. set the staple for us. nationally where does it break
2:47 pm
down? >> it's narrowed of course after the fbi report, the testimony by james comey, her unfavorables went up a bit. both candidates have the high unfavorable, something we have not seen before. in fact in some of the poll abouts that get done, here is what is amazing. people say i'm voting for but in reality i'm voting against the other person. in other words, people saying they're voting against trump not because they support trump, but because they, what -- >> how much can conventions affect people's perceptions of the race, of the candidates? >> not very much. conventions have not been meaningful. we've had -- look, democrats had a horrible convention in 1972. george mcgovern gave his speech at 2:00 in the morning yourself think about that, and look what happened to the democrats four years earlier. unless there is a complete
2:48 pm
meltdown, probably get a little bit of a bounce. the bounce for the testimonies has been somewhere between 5 and 6 points on average, republicans between 4 and 5 points. so usually not enough and it fades. remember there are three debates that will follow. >> and let's talk about that. i was talking it to an obama insider who was key in both of his campaigns and he said look, we look seriously at the polls two to three weeks after the second convention and then after the first debate. >> absolutely right. we have to get to the middle of august until it all settles down. the primary polls, they vary a lot. i think we'll know a lot more by about august 15th, august 20 p. and then that is right, after the first debate, we'll have a good handle on it. so here is the key. in the battle ground states, hillary leads in every one but now georgia is a battle ground state, trump has the lead. but 5% or less.
2:49 pm
so -- >> pretty much dead everyone, right? you have to win ohio. >> in my state as i said, about, you know, 2%, 2.5% clinton leads. same for florida. they have all narrowed. and eats nin 40 states, they han won by the democrats in 18 straight -- six straight elections for about what? 242 electoral votes. so you have to see what has to happen. >> 47% by mitt romney and -- >> mostly no, but if we have one word that describes this, how about unpredictable. >> yes indeed. >> the election cycle, all the rule books get thrown out. after trump makes a statement that he made all of the pollsters we're say saying he's done and look what happen, he
2:50 pm
hung in and outlasted 16 people in a pretty strong field. i was in cleveland, you were in cleveland, we talk about that speech. and what was that about? it was long, no we ought to be the business of predicting right now. as i said, the models that statisticians and pollsters use give her an 80% chance of winning. >> it has been unpredictable. terry madonna. thank you so much. well, philadelphia is ramping up security ahead of this week's democratic national convention. the city expecting quite a few protests. while the protests in cleveland were generally peaceful and want convention number two to be more of the same. nbc's jacob rascon outside of philadelphia city hall. what have officials been doing to prepare for all of this ?
2:51 pm
>> reporter: they hope officer rain shows up. they're doing a lot of the same they did in cleveland. we know the force of 3,000 federal agents and officers that were in cleveland is here now to prepare for this convention and, of course, the philadelphia police department has been preparing for this for more than a year. the difference between here in cleveland is that the philadelphia police department is so big, they're not getting outside officers to come in and swear in as temporary officers. they're using their own department only with some assistance from the pennsylvania state troopers. now, remember, they had a convention here in the year 2000 and that was rowdy. they had people arrested. some who sued the city. this time around, they changed the way they approach the protest. law enforcement reacted, especially those at political events, developed even over the last year at these trump rallies. you saw in cleveland how they gave the protesters space. they had bikes. they're going to do the same here. they have officers on bikes.
2:52 pm
they're going to give them their space or citations before making arrests. another thing to keep in mind, philadelphia had a national special security event last fall with the pope that brought many more people than they're expecting here. another thing to keep in mind is that while in cleveland, we had peaceful protests, in fact, only several hundred ended up showing up. there are tens of thousands of protesters who said they're going to come here. it's likely we won't get as many as the organizers say they're going to bring. but it is possible that we'll get more protesters in philadelphia than we did in cleveland. this city said that they're prepared for this possibility. >> jacob rascon in philadelphia. i hope you can hear us over the torrential downpour. and of course, history will be made yet again this coming week when hillary clinton accepts her party's nomination as candidate for the presidency, she will, of course, be the first woman nominee ever. here to talk about this glass
2:53 pm
ceiling you hear being smashed, washington bureau chief of the chicago sun times, state representative kathleen. i had to double check these numbers, but listen to them. only six governors in this country are women. 20 out of 100 senators. 84 out of 435 members of the house. first of all, that's sad. is this going to change because of hillary clinton? how important is what is going to happen? >> it's an important milestone and will break all the glass ceilings, all the cracks in the glass ceilings that hillary clinton talked about in 2008 when she came in second. clearly, this is important. but the test of progress is not who's first but that there's a second. >> and to get a second, what you have to do obviously, kathleen, is you have to have these spheres. you're part of it but when i talk to people trying to recruit
2:54 pm
women to run, it's a difficult slot. they don't like beichanging the state of politics. does this change things? how do you get more women in these high profile decisions? >> the numbers are alarming we don't have more women in the higher offices and i think that if we get more women involved in ohio and our government and our country, we'll see better results and a better working, more representative legislators and executives. and i think that hopefully seeing women there will give women the idea that it's something for them that they are inspired to do. >> what finally made you throw your hat in the ring? >> part of the reason i did run was there were so few women and i was in law school and lots of men talked about running for office and no women did.
2:55 pm
i said, i'm going to start talking about this and before i knew it, i was running for office and in the state house. so it helps to see women in those jobs as young women think about their career paths and what they can do. >> it's not just there's no woman, so i'll be the woman. it's just to have the same career choices that women may not because they don't have math or science or they don't know that they really do have an ability to tap into a vast network of donors that men have because of certain businesses. you need a certain infrastructure sometimes, chris, to be able to make a big run. it is dismaying in 2016, so many states never had a female senator, you'll see at the democratic convention. something you did not see in the republican convention and that is, i think it's on tuesday night when nancy pelosi comes out, it will be with all of the other members of the house.
2:56 pm
it will be they'll do it at the senate because part of this is a celebration of women and also kind of a visual point for a partisan. look what party is able to elect women. but it shouldn't matter what party you're in. >> you know, we really have a few seconds but i wonder on thursday night, i think women of our generation, whether you support hillary clinton or not -- >> millennial. >> there will be some emotion. i'm not sure about 20 somethings and early 30s. do you think they'll feel how historic this is? >> i certainly do. i'm very excited and i think young women are going to play an important role in this election and maybe not yet. it's early still. but i'm hopeful they'll feel this is history being made in philadelphia. and in november, hopefully. >> from the great state, as i always call it, representative kathleen. lynn sweet, nice to see you
2:57 pm
here. i always see her at the white house. nice to see you out on the trail. that's all for this hour. i'm chris jansing. of course, we'll be here throughout the night and for this convention. up next, "20 stories that shook the world in 20 years." have a great saturday. are those made with all-beef, karen? yeah, they're hebrew national. but unlike yours, they're also kosher. only certain cuts of kosher beef meet their strict standards. they're all ruined. help yourself! oh no, we couldn...okay thanks, hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust.
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