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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at >> good morning, everyone. i'm live in philadelphia from independence mall one day before the democratic national convention kicks off here in the city of brotherly love and the reviews are in this morning after hillary clinton unveiled her vice presidential choice. we'll get new reaction from a party leader. plus fall out from the dnc
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e-mails that suggest an antibernie sanders bias. new word on how it might effect the party chair. and an answer today from donald trump to all of those critics that say his speech was too dark. all that now right here in philadelphia on the place for politics msnbc. >> well the democrats are beginning to gather for their big week here in philly. we're going to start with republicans and new reaction from gop nominee donald trump. he is defending the tone of his acceptance speech on tuesday night. here's what he told chuck todd. >> i thought it was optimistic. to me it was optimistic. >> what makes it optimistic? >> we're going to solve the problems. in other words sure i talk about the problems but we're going to solve the problems. >> meanwhile the convention week
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for democrats is beginning with controversy. some dna staffers were floating ideas against the bernie sanders campaign. a topic dnc officials apologized for saying that e-mails were possibly suggesting an attack on sanders religious belief not so much. there's now reports that the dnc chair lost her speaking role and is now reduced to gaveling in and gaveling out. casey hunt is here at the wells fargo center. the sight of the democratic national convention. break it down for us. what can you tell us about what was in those e-mails and the fall out. >> hi, stephanie. the balloons were strung to the ceiling here inside the wells fargo center but this is casting something of a shadow over what was expected to be a celebratory convention taking place starting
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tomorrow here in this arena and these e-mails, it's a wiki leeks release of a searchable data base of the e-mails and everyone is coming through them and they found one that appeared to suggest dnc staffers were working to question bernie sanders religion. this caused angst among bernie sanders supporters and the campaign and i talked to a sanders campaign source this morning that said they do approve of the move to reduce her role in the wake of these e-mails coming out. the clinton campaign is defending itself saying we're very proud of the campaign that we ran. senator sanders ran an extraordinarily hard fought campaign based on a real vigorous campaign. that's a question to ask her. so clearly this is still causing
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problems. they were optimistic that they could have this feel like a moment coming together but there's cracks. later today we'll hear from sanders supporters that are upset about tim kaine as the vice presidential choice. they don't think he's progressive enough. >> thanks. joining us from tomorrow's site at the dnc. senior members of the rnc and trump's campaign manager they're right here in philadelphia hoping to counter any positive press for democratics. kelly o'donnell is here in philly as well. hillary clinton and others criticized donald trump over that convention speech saying he was very dark and he said quote i alone can fix it. i know he talked to chuck todd. how specifically has donald trump reacted to this criticism?
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>> that's a touch point that hillary clinton grabbed on to and used that in her role out speech trying to suggest that donald trump had a totalitarian attitude. that his leadership is not about bringing people together. it's a top down sort of argument and you're right there will be the campaign chairman and the rnc also chairman doing that counter strategy and said hillary clinton had it all wrong but his intention was something quite different. here's a clip of that. >> part of it is i'm comparing myself to hillary. we look at her record. her record has been a disaster. i'm running against hillary. i know people that are capable and could do a good job if they could ever get elected. >> so this idea that he is the
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only one that can fix it. he says that's not that there aren't other capable people that might have risen to the moment but he is the option other than hillary clinton on the ballot for most voters. of course there's a couple of other candidates as well. independent and green party and the other thing that donald trump tried to do is jump all over the naming of tim kaine, the virginia senator that's now hillary clinton's running mate and in trump style he did it using twitter and among the tweets there's one that caught our eye and this is a quote now, just saw crooked hillary and tim kaine together. isis and our other enemies are drooling. they don't look presidential to me. >> again in that tone of knocking and mocking. that's the trump way so he was quick to trump on the naming of tim kaine also comparing his record in virginia and the trump campaign said pence had a better record on job creation and tax
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reduction so this is going to be a fight not just a one-on-one but a four way fight now that both tickets are named. >> stephanie. >> i want to bring in our congressman that's a ranking member of the house intelligence committee. good morning, welcome congressmen. help us understand. it's being report today that the dnc chairwoman will no longer be speaking at the convention and it's in response from these e-mails released suggesting there was favoritism toward hillary clinton. >> i always found debbie to be fair and she was in her role as dnc chair and has been. s difficult to know what we're discussing.
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but i can tell you this though. i'm deeply concerned that if this turns out to be a russian hack later released by the election. and here you have a candidate in trump that is taylor made for vladimir putin but the idea that russia might try to mettle in our political process is deeply disturbing so i'm looking into the hack. that concerns me more than any allegations about faif rottism within the party process. >> this is further evidence that they're trying to influence the outcome of the election. if you're saying this is taylor made for donald trump, why wouldn't hilary -- why wouldn't dnc staffers be more prepared for a possible hack attack? donald trump is the one constantly making the argument. our current administration is
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not concerned enough about risks that are out there. we know there's risks any day of a cyberattack. why would they be putting this on e-mail? >> well, again i haven't seen the contents of at the mails but there's two issues here. one is whatever you put in writing may beacd into but second is the dnc serve servers and it's difficult to harden any computer system against a dedicated hacker. particularly in it's a state backed hacker and so far the 21st century we're going to have to improve our defenses quite globally within our cyber
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communications to have any level of protection. >> if what has been reported is correct and there's bias against the bernie sanders campaign, would that content cause her to have to step down? >> i hate to engage in a hypothetical. frankly the questions about the content will either be posed to the dnc and to debbie in fairness to her i don't feel i can come mebt on them. >> well, one thing these e-mails created was fracturing. the republicans didn't have their act together. rolling into the rnc in cleveland the fact that unity is not how democrats are kicking off philadelphia. is that a problem? >> no, listen. i don't think this is going to impact democratic unity going forward. we just had a wonderful choice in senator kaine as our vice presidential pick. he is going to be universally
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well received around the country. had a chance to work with him very closely and we have really come together as a party after a very competitive and strong primary challenge from senator sande sanders. i don't think you're going to see anything like this spectacle. so it will be a far cry from what we saw in cleveland. you'll see us united and this about the hack at the dnc is out to be more concerning to us for what it says about russian involvement in the political process and the fact that frankly dald trump has made himself such a desirable candidate for the russians. at least to the degree that he speaks glowingly of vladimir putin that ought to concern us
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in term of the dnc. >> i want to stay on donald trump and he was saying that he didn't actually back down. >> it's an expansion. people are so upset when i use the word muslim. you can't use the word muslim. and i'm okay with it. but just remember this, our constitution is great. but it doesn't necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay? and that's the wonderful part of the constitution. i view it differently. >> you're a ranking member of the house intelligence committee. what is your reaction to trump's comments here? he is making us scared.
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>> it's one thing to watch that footage and have a presidential nominee of one of the major parties say yeah i know our constitution protects the exercise of religion but i don't see it that way. what does that mean? he would not faithfully execute at free exercise of religio that prevent the establishment of a state religion? that's a terrifying comment and for trump to say i'm not saying ban all muslims. i'm saying we're going to b ban territories now so that should be okay. that's the code word he is using instead of using the word muslim. he also said this isn't a contraction of his ban on muslims. it's an expansion and when he was pressed by chuck todd on what about france. there's a lot of tourism in france and he said there sure is. does that mean we're not going
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to take any immigrants from france? we're not going to take any muslim immigrants from france? we're going to give a religious test? it goes to show what happens when you take a reality tv star and give a major party nomination. it's a terrifying prospect and day after day he demonstrates i think just how unfit he is for office. >> but congressmen, a terrifying prospect is also the attacks that we are seeing around the world, what feels like every day. so is the increase on those attacks, is that going to play into donald trump's argument? >> well, it's terrifying to me and the answer is no. what's terrifying to me is you have a presidential candidate making it more difficult to win the war against isis by essentially playing into the isis narrative that muslims aren't welcome in the west and that we have to use force against them. what donald trump is saying really plays completely into
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that story line and any counter terrorism official will tell you that. democrat or republican. there's a military fight we're engaged in in iraq and syria and libya and afghanistan and there's also a battle against this proversion of islam and instead of empowering them and working with our muslim allies on the pattel field, what trump is saying is making it more difficult for us to build that coalition and more difficult to encourage the american muslim community. work closely with law enforcement and more likely to alienate and isolate the muslim community and that's been a big problem in parts of europe. we don't want to emulate that here. >> i know you'll be speaking here in philadelphia this week. we look forward to hearing your remarks. >> thank you. >> well, the dems and their big
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this was donald trump in an interview airing this morning on meet the press. his comments come as the democrats are grappling with divisions before the convention kicks off. joining me now on set is the politics writer for the philadelphia inquirer. i want to start with you. you're reporting late last night and the party is over and we're going for team hilary. >> that's not the way the sanders folks see it. they feel like their guy won a lot of votes. they made it all the way and they want to, you know, exercise
6:21 am
and are influencing the party platform and minimum wage around banking and yesterday was their final to make another push and they are looking for super delegates and they won a deal. >> there should be some urgency about that. unity is key. although to be completely honest about it hillary clinton has, according to the polls, she has more democrats supporting her at
6:22 am
this time than were supporting obama in 2008. about 69% for obama and 80% for hilary. >> when we started last week it was a fractured republican party. now we're talking about these e-mails, how fractured are we today? >> there's certainly tensions. there's tensions within the sanders camp and with the sanders supporters. there's people still concerned but i don't think they're going to see the sail kind of scene that we saw in cleveland. i don't think there's going to be the same kind of descent on the floor from last week. >> the fact that bernie sanders today is going to do a clean energy march antifracking here in pennsylvania and elizabeth warren also speaking on the first night is that the clinton campaign's plan to get those progressives out of the way early on?
6:23 am
>> you don't want them coming up on wednesday night like ted cruise did for the republicans and saying vote your conscious folks. >> bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton and he'll campaign for her. he's going to do events and their campaigns are working together around all the issues. >> now we have already seen donald trump attacking tim kaine saying he is not progressive enough. is this his plan to hold the bernie sanders supporters because from the beginning he said you guys are antiestablishment. so am i. come the way of trump. >> he would like to pull sanders supporters and there's some evidence in polling that it was a little bit of comalty. >> and stay home and i have not
6:24 am
discovered any large number of sanders folks going over to trump. >> donald trump has already been tweeting about gifts tim kaine received as lieutenant governor. he finds it really works for him. >> he's still trying to get them in and he still believes, he is still running essentially a primary campaign and he is being pounded every day in the swing states like pennsylvania. hillary clinton's campaign is run like 30,000 ads or more and trump is is basically 0. >> it's leading in pennsylvania 45-36. for the last two decades pennsylvania has been taken by democratics. how likely is it that donald trump having spent zero dollars can turn this around?
6:25 am
>> there are working class white voters in the west and southwest of the united states that sat out to the west and speaking to them and whether that exists or not and there's more of that and they're not running into trouble in the philadelphia suburbs. >> what clinton needs to do is energize people this week and get them excited. the thing she struggles with is enthusiasm and excitement. they're not necessarily that jazzed about it so she is going to need to work to get people excited about it and that's what you'll see a lot of this week is trying to energize the base. >> she doesn't want people to say hilary. >> i've heard a lot of lesser of two evils and that's not what
6:26 am
she wants on a t-shirt. >> >> thank you for joining us this morning here in philadelphia. the site of the dnc kicking off tomorrow. you're not going to find hillary clinton's new vice presidential pick tim kaine on any sunday morning talk show. we'll find out where he is today. he has to pump up the volume. we'll find out. you're watching msnbc. we have to take a quick break. we'll be back next. ...clear for take off.
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welcome back. i'm here in the city of brotherly love. i'm following closely the dnc just one day away right here. we're getting new reaction from senator bernie sanders responding to leaked e-mails showing how some staffers were planning to possibly attack him. >> it's outrageous but it is not a great shock to me. >> it's what we talked about six months ago and no question to any observer that the dnc was supporting hillary clinton that was in opposition to our campaign. >> she stopped short of saying she should be punished. >> our experts are telling us
6:34 am
they stole those e-mails. and it's helping donald trump and i don't think it's consequence that it's on the eve of our convention. >> at this our he's among his fellow worshippers alt his home church in richmond virginia and comes way day after being introduced as hillary clinton's running mate. police in philadelphia are spending the final hours nifirmg up security plans and jacob is out there covering this for us. >> you're going to notice that these fences are the same. they surround the hard zone or
6:35 am
secure zone and what's different to about here is in downtown philadelphia is miles away and it's the secure zone and the event zone. and they're in place and you'll see blocked roads. and and the federal officers and agencies coming here the philadelphia police department that was so large that they are not asking them to come help them.
6:36 am
many more thousands of protestors signed up to come here. it's one of the places they expected to come. a lot are bernie sanders supporters and not winning the nominati nomination and not happy with hillary clinton's vice presidential pick. >> that's jacob rascone. i want to go back to the fall out from the e-mail and how the democratic party was responding to it. it's creating fresh scrutiny about whether the dnc was pushing for hillary clinton. it's not known how they obtained the e-mails. the dnc was hacked and there was further evidence that the russian government was involved. first, what is your reaction to these e-mails?
6:37 am
>> outraged. and it doesn't matter necessarily that it was the russians. it could have been the men from mars but the fact of the matter is it shows that there's something in the dnc that must be corrected starting from the bottom to the top. there was intention in the dnc to stop bernie sanders from having a fair chance to win and compete in this election and this is about any candidate and it's before that candidate before we have an actual candidate. it's very clear through the e-mails that they were not. >> the dnc support the candidate that most represents their plat forl a form an their party and could
6:38 am
present it. >> he ran as a democrat. he was voted over 98% of the time. he was a chairman of veteran's affairs and and senator bernie sanders has been more of a democrat so again they promise to be fair and impartial with the e-mails. >> doesn't that help donald trump? >> how do we win if people lost confidence in my party? i have lost confidence. i was just at a convention here
6:39 am
in philadelphia and hundreds of people there had this kind of platform and they all come together regardless of the party they're affiliated with but one of the things they talked about is how can they agree in the democratic party knowing that most of what senator sanders was saying and most importantly most of what hit the people were saying is true. we can't take our eye off the ball. this is not about the russians. >> i understand your feelings and your intent but what happens if donald trump takes the content of what you're saying to me right now and that turns into an anti-hillary advertisement. >> whatever they're going to say they're going to say and i would hope that the secretary and her team feels the sail way in terms of wanting the strength and the integrity of what is called the democratic party intact and wanting millions of people to believe and to come over.
6:40 am
how are we going to win over independents to vote for her if people can't have confidence that the dnc is supposed to be impartial. the worst of this so far is how they tried to get senator sanders in terms of his religion. >> what did you read? i want to get smarter. >> you are. >> i want to be more informed. >> you are. >> thank you. >> but -- >> how bad were they? >> they're scathing. the e-mail about trying to paint him as an atheist. trying to say he's not jewish and how that might play in the southern parts of this country. and it shouldn't matter what his religion is. this is america. they knew if they did that they would take away some of his
6:41 am
authority and that e-mail so you can figure out whether he's an atheist or a jew and use that in certain parts of the country. >> all they have done is talked about how it may have happened. blaling it on russians. if hillary clinton doesn't take a stronger stance against the dnc could she lose your support as a voter and bernie sanders supporters up in the air. >> every vote counts. >> every vote counts. you have to address this head on. senator sanders has to address it and the secretary has to address it to win people over. >> enough credibility that they'll vote for trump? >> or not vote in that area or vote for one of the third party candidates. >> thank you for joining me this morning here in philadelphia.
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the impact that senator tim kaine is already having. here on msnbc. the place for politics. ♪ share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip.
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>> hillary clinton doesn't insult them. she listens to them. what a novel concept, right? she doesn't trash our allies, she respects them. and she'll always have our backs. that is something i am rock solid sure of. >> that was presumptive democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine in miami yesterday after she was introduced by hillary clinton as her official running mate. joining me on set is the msnbc political analyst and columnist for the daily beast and amy
6:46 am
holmes conservative political analyst and speech writer for the former senate majority leader. how effective was tim kaine's speech yesterday as far as appealing to a broader liberal crowd? >> i thought it was extremely effective. this is the 19th political convention. i hope i don't look quite that old. and i judge political horse flesh. that's what i do. how do these candidates, both parties, how do they do? homered in his first time at-bat as a major leaguer. he was authentic. he was convincing. he was likable. he was a great supporter of hillary clinton and he did a good job of knifing donald trump in a likable way without leaving blood stains. i can't think of the last time that i didn't have at least something critical to say about
6:47 am
a political speech. i can't think of one thing that he could have done better yesterday. >> sniefing without blood stains. what a way to kick off our sunday morning: donald trump says he loved the clinton campaign as a running mate. was that expected or what do you really think here? >> nothing is ever expected from donald trump other than he is just going to be a bit of a loose cannon as we saw in his press conference on friday after his big convention speech. i agree that the speech, you know, was a 10 out of 10 in terms of content but as even senator kaine himself said a lot of the public doesn't have any idea who he is. this is his first introduction and for him that introduction was a bit blown up by the wikileaks grenade thrown into the proceedings on the eve of the democratic national convention. >> how about that?
6:48 am
>> he did fairly well in his debut. people vote their presidential candidates. the first rule in picking a running mate is do no harm. >> you don't think sarah palin effected john mccain. >> she did. she did harm. if you get a candidate like mike pence or tim kaine, they basically become non-factors in the general election and it goes back to trump versus clinton. sometimes they can give you a little bit of help. >> so there's a little bit of the edge and that's why they need to go out there and work against donald trump. >> when hillary clinton introduced tim kaine yesterday she called him a progressive. is that a stretch? >> a lot of progressives are
6:49 am
saying so including bernie sanders supporters already threatening to have a peaceful protest for the convention. and a true progressive. and shared ground for example and what we got was tim kaine and we'll have to see if he's the unifying choice and at the end of the day they vote for who is at the top of the ticket. that the vice presidential pick has yet to be seen with that. >> tim kaine is a true progressive. this idea of oh he's not progressive enough for me, this is the way losers talk and if you want to win in november democrats are going to have to stop those and this is a guy from 17 years and lawyer in richmond and donald trump was
6:50 am
discriminating against blacks in housing according to the nixon administration and tim kaine was working to get african americans that have been discriminated against housing in richmond.enr. when donald trump's shirts were being made in hondureas tim kaine was a christian missionary. >> but both arguments are made -- both arguments are made for tim kaine on the democratic party and he could reach out to the disenchanted white belt voters but he is a progressive. he has been both in his career. but who will show up in the campaign trail and will the bernie sanders supporters, the millennials for example that came out in droves for bernie sanders, will they be as fired up about hillary seeing they didn't choose someone they would have preferred. >> here is good news.
6:51 am
we have nor more time. but we have all week to dissect it. thank you. next, the convention is just aday away and the protesters have started here in hot philadelphia. the question is will the crowds make a bigger racket. what to expect next at msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job,
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to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. we're in philadelphia and this town is bracing for protests at the democratic national convention. they are expecting 10,000 demonstrators this week. and joining me now van kirk. just two weeks ago you wrote about the black lives matter presence and i don't feel like it had an impact last week at rnc. >> well, it didn't. there are two things hning there. it is unsafe at donald trump rallies and things like that for black protesters. we've seen them open up. and at an open carry convention,
6:55 am
who knows what will happen. and there is a sense of diminishing returns. >> so it is too risky, so don't show up. >> in the past cycle we've seen the democrats respond to black lives matter protests and they've pushed policy and a platform that has responded to their demands. so i think it is a pressure point. >> so you think they will be here in a much bigger presence this week. >> i do. >> and what will they get out of it. >> the anti-brutality after the recent deaths but there is a much broader activists, environmentalism stuff and economic items and things like that. so i think what you'll see at the convention is a much expanded view of black pollices. >> does black lives matter have expanded expectations of the democratic party and that is why
6:56 am
they are here and do they consider the rnc a lost cause? >> i think so. you have an event with the mothers of the movement, that entails a special responsibility on behalf of the democrats. when they pully put t-- put the movement on center stage, that means they have a responsibility to go with policy demands. >> doesn't that hut hillary clinton in a riskier position of facing off against them, almost giving donald trump a freebie. >> it puts her in a position to fail but only because she's in a position to implement things. so i think when you have a candidate who is so linked with the crime bill, linked with the democr democratic and draconian policies and she is in a position to change that and that is more important than she's in the position to fail. van newkirk joining me here at
6:57 am
the dnc. that will wrap up for this hour on msnbc live. i'll see you tomorrow. but up next on "am joy," imagining a new world order with donald trump in the white house. i'm stephanie rule. have a great day and stay cool. pregnancy is an exciting time, but you may experience common discomforts. introducing trunatal from one a day. trunatal is a new line of products designed to address discomforts with nausea relief and regularity support. add trunatal from one a day for relief and support you can trust.
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