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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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stick with msnbc for prime time coverage of night one of the dnc convention. rachel, brian and chris lead things off. we'll be back tomorrow. we'll have roll call tomorrow. it's a fired-up convention. could be a wild one tonight. see you soon. good evening from the wells fargo center in philadelphia. i'm chris hayes. let me just tell you something. just the first few hours of this convention have been more fascinating than any convention i have ever been at. we are at the first night of the democratic national convention, awaiting right now a high powered lineup of speakers, including senator cory booker, first lady michelle obama and
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the two leading lights of the progressive wing of the democratic party, senators elizabeth warren and of course, bernie sanders. the stakes could not be higher going into this week. despite the disorder at the rnc, donald trump has now pulled even with hillary clinton at the polling average and the democratic leaders are presenting a unified front, the same cannot be said for the rank and file. for the thousands of demonstrators in philly this week. the convention was officially called to order in just the last hour or so with one person conspicuously absent, dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz, long-time lightning rod for sanders supporters dissatisfied with the party and the primary process. after leaks, internal e-mails showed top dnc officials disparaging the sanders campaign, wasserman schultz agreed to step down at the end of the convention after officially opening and closing the proceedings. this morning, she showed up to address delegates from her home state of florida and this is what ensued. >> good morning, florida.
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it is so wonderful to be able to be here in my -- with my home state. all right, everybody. now, settle down. >> even with wasserman schultz no longer taking the convention stage, we can see some signs of intense disunity here in the arena. while 90% of consistent sanders supporters now back hillary clinton according to the pew research center polling on this, a vocal minority still opposes her candidacy with some sanders fans even adopting the rnc's "lock her up" chant and a few cheering a hillary for prison van sponsored by infowars. sanders was heckled by his own delegates today when he called on them to rally around the new democratic ticket. >> we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [ crowd booing ]
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>> inside the convention hall in just the last hour, delegates actually started booing when congresswoman marcia fudge mentioned the clinton/kaine ticket. >> may i just make a point? there are many of you that do not know me in this room but let me say to you, i intend to be fair, i want to hear the varying opinions here, i am going to be respectful of you and i want you to be respectful of me. >> joining me, former ohio state senator and bernie sanders surrogate nina turner. what do you make of the first -- i mean, it was something. >> intense. intense. i think if the democratic party really wants unity, we are going to have to acknowledge the pain that is going on by some of senator sanders' supporters. you can see they are out in full force in philadelphia, making
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their voices heard. i was out among them outside in the heat and they are still very upset about the e-mails and they feel as though their voices are not being heard. >> it's interesting because the stakes really feel high tonight. >> they do. >> because what i realized here is this is not a convention where -- first of all, unlike the rnc, never trump never had a person to really rally behind. 45% of the delegates are for bernie sanders and they're here. they are in the room. if you walk in a room with 55 people and 45 people, where those 45 people are louder, it won't sound like 45 people. >> that's right. it's unfortunate what happened to the senator when he was calling for that unity but that should be very telling. just saying the words unity doesn't make it so. >> to me, that's why the stakes are so high and what's interesting even about this first hour, i have been watching, if there's going to be a process of coalescing and unity it is going to have to be more than just telling people to get in line and making a case of
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look, this is what -- where the party is moving towards you. ben jealous just did that, saying look at this platform committee, look at this platform we have. he was able to get the whole crowd cheering hillary clinton after laying out substantively what has been won. >> ben jealous was a strong lead surrogate with myself for senator bernie sanders so he has credibility. also in walking the streets, i got a chance to talk to a mother who said between her and her boyfriend they have $85,000 worth of student debt. her 12-year-old daughter, she said i want a better future for my daughter and she started crying, saying senator sanders is the only one that can do this. he called for a political revolution and that's what's happening. >> the question here, i want you to talk to the nervous democrats out there who are up looking at this and going oh, my god, don't you understand donald trump is the other alternative? >> see, fear is not the way to get people to vote, chris. i think that is -- we should lay out the argument against mr.
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trump but talk more about what we are for and why we are fighting. there needs to be an acknowledgment from the dnc and probably the secretary herself that what happened with those e-mails was wrong. >> we should say a few things happened. the dnc under donna brazile has issued a formal apology, apologizing for that. >> i'm not shocked with sister donna. >> also a text goes out, debbie wasserman schultz didn't even gavel the thing open. she's heading back to florida. bernie sanders has reached out to the clinton people worried about disruption. he sent a text to his supporters saying the following, our credibility as a movement will be damaged by booing, turning our back, walking out or other displays. that's what the corporate media wants. that's what donald trump wants. that's not what will expand the progressive movement in this country. >> i got that text, too, but this cannot always be about mr. trump. there's a tone deafness going on here. somebody and i know chairwoman brazile, if anybody can try to
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bring folks together she will be one of those. there needs to be a public acknowledgment. >> if you are saying you can't just go to people in this hall right now and say don't you idiots realize we will elect donald trump? >> no. don't call them idiots. >> that's my -- i'm joking. my point is, like that's not it, then what do you say to them? you can't say bernie sanders won. he didn't. >> certainly he did not win but there needs to be a bigger acknowledgment than what there has been. it's only by force now that people are in control of this are finally coming along to say oh, shoot, we got to do something. it need to be right here. the sanders supporters don't feel it. >> nina turner, always a pleasure. joining me from the floor is nbc's kelly o'donnell. what are you hearing and seeing out there? >> reporter: there has been some protest and there continues to be some strong bernie sanders support. let me see if i can show you, we have people moving in and out. this lady here who is wearing a
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piece of tape that shows the word silenced and she is feeling that her voice has not been properly heard. the timing is such that the gentleman is in front, i'm going to just ask him, sir, sir, okay. all right. we are just going to roll are it. he apparently is blocking the view of that woman. she is not wanting to sit down. it's that kind of tension. i would say that having covered a lot of conventions, i feel a lot of stress and hostility between delegates when they're not on the same page. that is not a step toward unity yet. they may get there by thursday. but we have seen -- >> kelly, we will listen to the congressman for a moment. >> on behalf of our future and in recognition of our proud past, i am reminded today of all
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the important fights of the past 50 years who fought and won by progressive leaders of their party. i came to age, i came of age admiring democrats who fought for civil rights, for women's rights, for clean air, clean water and for peace, and the many other great advancements made in this country that made it a better place. i came of age with a party that believed the public good, not the size of a donor's check, was a true measure of an idea. and my friends, a new generation is coming of age today. millions of young people, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all income levels, are looking for us to stay true to the party's great ideals. they look to us hoping we will put their needs above those of
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the already rich and the already powerful. their idealism, their optimism, their belief in america, they are no different than the idealism that built this nation or the idealism that -- >> that's congressman raul grijalva. both of bernie sanders's closest allies endorsed him. joining me now, senator dick turbidu durbin, do you think the democratic party was prepared for the level of intensity and in some ways skepticism, frustration, among a sizeable portion of the delegates here? >> well, there's a lot of energy at conventions. we all know that. the timing and disclosure of the e-mails right before the convention has triggered an emotional reaction on the floor. you heard it from your earlier
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guest. i like what bernie sanders is saying, i think it's the right thing. he's asking those who believe in him and supported him to make sure they are respectful in the course of the convention and join ranks in defeating donald trump. >> let me ask you this. there is now, there are people around me holding a no tpp sign, perfect shot right there. no tpp. can you tell those folks, the bernie sanders folks, that even with the president of the united states supporting this thing that democrats are not going to roll over and pass this in a lame duck. can you look them in the eyes and tell them that's absolutely under no circumstances going to happen? >> the democrats couldn't do it alone. let's make that clear. when it came to the authority to move forward on the treaty, there were 14 democrats who voted that way. i don't think there will be as many voting that way if it's called again. my council to the white house, don't call tpp before the president leaves office. >> what are you looking for tonight from bernie sanders and
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elizabeth warren particularly, two colleagues of yours, two colleagues in the senate who many democrats who consider themselves in the sort of more liberal wing of the party, progressive wing, progressive grassroots look to as beacons, what do you think you will hear from them tonight? >> no doubt that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have made a complete endorsement of hillary clinton and i'm sure tim kaine in their effort here. they have to convey that to their followers at this convention and around the country. but i think they are going to be resolute in telling them we cannot border on disunity and the risk of it, of course, is donald trump. an unacceptable alternative for america. >> do you think -- how do you think that message will play in the hall, or are you concerned about how it will play in the hall? >> i know there will be emotional reactions to it. i have seen it already today. i'm certain it will be in some corners tonight. but the bottom line is this. by the end of the week we have to put this behind us and unify as a party, go forward. i think we will.
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>> senator dick durbin, thanks for making some time tonight. i'm sure i will see you around the convention hall this week. the dnc leak that sparked so much of this in the democratic party which is now being investigated by the fbi may have been part of a larger play. several top u.s. cybersecurity experts have told nbc news they believe russia was behind the dnc leak with the ultimate goal of helping donald trump win the presidency. we should say, we cannot of course independently confirm that as being the case. russia and the trump campaign have dismissed the allegations, though trump had this to say about debbie wasserman schultz today. >> she worked very very hard to rig the system. little did she know that china, russia, one of our many many friends, came in and hacked the hell out of us. >> joining me, michael isikoff from yahoo! news, which ran an exclusive story of a state-sponsored hacking of a dnc
3:14 pm
representative's personal e-mail account. this is aside from the e-mails being hacked. >> exactly. the plot thickens here. there was a dnc consultant who was researching paul manafort, trump campaign chairman who has had extensive business dealings in russia and ukraine and was of course political consultant for the pro-putin president of ukraine, yanukovych, who was chased out after mowing down protesters. so shortly after she begins preparing files about manafort, reaching out to investigative journalists and other contacts in kiev, she gets a rather alarming message on her personal e-mail account, it was a yahoo! e-mail account saying we have we believe your personal e-mail account has been targeted by a state sponsored actor.
3:15 pm
>> wait. that's the warning. it's not just your account has been compromised. literally yahoo! reaches out and says we think there's a state sponsored actor? >> right. this was before there was any information, any reporting about the russians hacking into the dnc. all yahoo! security knew is they observed and had all the tell-tale signs of a state sponsored targeting of this woman's e-mail. the dnc staffer alerted dnc officials up the line and immediately, because they already knew about what they suspected was the russian intrusion, when they saw a personal e-mail account being hacked and saw the links to state sponsorship, that's when they believe they knew it was the russians. >> i have a hard time knowing how to weigh competing claims on this. i read the crowd strike thing. people say it looks like -- how
3:16 pm
do you go about, we are skeptical so i don't want to take an anonymous official's word for things. at the same time it does look like a fair amount of accruing evidence this was russian state sponsored. >> right. right. what's interesting here is first of all, this is a completely independent analysis done -- >> that's the key. >> that reached the same conclusion. >> no one poisoning the well ahead of time or tipping them off. they just found this and said, they went whoa. >> right. but the idea that this hack may have gone beyond the official accounts and was actually targeting personal e-mails, suggests this was far more sophisticated, far more extensive than people thought only a few weeks ago. >> thank you. much more coverage of the first raucus night of the democratic convention in philadelphia including what to make of donald trump's post-convention bump in the polls and the pressure it puts on democrats tonight and this week. ♪
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bernie will be here tonight and as he said to us today, today is our day to begin to unify so we can defeat donald trump. and i'm looking forward to joining him along with all of us to take back the senate, elect great local and state change makers, defeat trump and make hillary clinton president of these united states. >> joining me is ben jealous, senior fellow to the center for american progress and delegate for bernie sanders, who addressed the convention and got the first unified applause of the evening. i feel they will be seeking you out to figure out how to get that reaction. >> we got to speak from the heart and focus on what brings
3:21 pm
us together. the reality is donald trump gives us something to fight against but this platform we have all fought to create, worked together to create, was progressive and gives us something to fight for. >> interesting that you got the crowd to that point by going through that as opposed to starting with trump. >> right. >> which i think is part of, i mean, the folks that are here in loud and proud for bernie sanders, they followed all these fights. they are pretty invested in what that actual content is. >> that's exactly right. it wouldn't have happened without them. so much to be proud of. without our revolution, pushing, we would not have the most progressive platform in history. we would not have a guarantee that we will reduce super delegate influence by two-thirds. this party and frankly, all those things are good things for the party. >> let me ask you this. i saw reporting indicating that the sanders whip operation and clinton whip operation have merged.
3:22 pm
is that true? >> i don't know. >> okay. here's my other question to you. there has been reporting that there's concern about sanders delegates staging something tonight, protesting, booing, booing the name when hillary clinton is mentioned. do you think that's a possibility? what do you think about that possibility? >> this is day one of a four-step process. we are in a sort of, this kind of weird cocoon. we come in as two camps that have fought each other to go out as one campaign. >> so it will actually happen over the course of the week. >> yes. you see it happen. three days ago we had super delegates. now we know for most of them their days are very numbered. three weeks ago we had a milquetoast platform. we ta we came together, have the most progressive one in history. we thought debbie wasserman schultz would be the chair and
3:23 pm
now she's out. we are one party. you have to listen to every one of the family and say this is who we are, this is what it takes to move forward. let's do it. we have 105 days and we can't waste any time. >> tnks for taking time tonight. that was a heck of a speech if you don't mind me saying. we got a bunch of new national polls today. they made a convincing case that donald trump did get a bounce from the republican national convention last week despite what was by a lot of accounts a pretty messy week in cleveland in a lot of ways. three of four national polls taken since the end of the rnc showed trump leading clinton. the two are now effectively tied. one week ago, the average had clinton up about three points. joining me are former democratic national committee pollster cornell belcher and former pollster stanley greenberg. great to see you. so it's a tied race after the first convention. notoriously this is a very
3:24 pm
dynamic period of time for polling. we can show some of the previous convention bounces. gore plus eight, then w plus eight in 2000. smaller bounces in '12 for obama and romney. when you wake up to the news today, how do you respond? >> i think it's still fluid. i think when you see what's coming out of these conventions and stan has been doing this longer than i, i'm interested to hear what he has to say, but it's still fluid. the dynamics are still unfolding. i don't pay a lot of attention to directly after the convention polls. i think three, four weeks in after the convention, i think you will see things begin to settle in. i really don't believe in this bump. i'm really interested in looking at the internals. was it republicans who came to trump overall? i don't think it was independents. was it republicans who came to trump? >> i think there may be a bounce but he was appealing to nativist
3:25 pm
sentiment, anger about what was happening. what's interesting, people don't like to do polls anymore, but what happens with a convention, remember sarah palin and mccain, they moved six. they had the biggest jump. it did not -- it quickly disappeared because what it really was, the enthusiasm of base voters taking polls. i think that's what you have here, too. at least that's what you have to assume. >> so here's one thing of the internals that caught my eye. this is the new orc/cnn poll. whites with college degrees, 40 for trump before, after, 39. 40 for clinton before. after, 44. so it hurt trump, that convention, whites with college degrees. now, whites without college degrees, before the rnc, 51 for trump. after, 62. before clinton 31, after 23. so you see a huge split between how whites with college degrees and whites without college degrees interpreted that convention which lines up with
3:26 pm
how i felt it was being pitched. >> it's going to be interesting because when you look at the o aggregate overall, if hillary can get to 42% of the white vote given our dynamic changes in the demographics it may be a landslide. interesting to see overall where she is with white voters. does she surge, does she do better among white voters than clinton did, first clinton did and obama did. if she can do better than that it will be a really good election for her. >> white working class men will be 17% to 18% of the electorate. let's have some perspective. it's a real story. those people are really engaged but they are with women working class white woman, it's about a third of the electorate. this country -- let's keep it in perspective. >> if i come to you and say i'm planning my dnc convention and i have to make a choice because we have a limited amount of time
3:27 pm
and the choice is, you got that there? i'm just going to do it. >> we are all family here. >> great. look at that. if i come to you and say you have a choice, you get to focus on getting white voters who might come over to hillary clinton or you can focus on the sort of voters of color, young voters that are the obama coalition at this convention, what's the priority here? >> i know you will think this is counterintuitive because i'm fighting the battle for reagan democrats that helped change the democratic party. trump has pushed away college educated voters, pushed away minority voters, i actually do think we have an obligation to show that we care about working america and indeed, we do have plans. if i look at the platform, it really does begin to address those issues. rewrite the rules for the working class. >> what do you think? >> i think, i agree, i think it's easier right now quite frankly for us to move these younger voters and browner
3:28 pm
voters closer to us on the issues already than it is to sort of go after working class whites who are really polarized right now. i think it's an easier target. by the way, the obama coalition was a majority coalition. >> sure. that's the whole idea is to recreate it. >> i'm talking about the convention and again, the trump convention, he had a real impact obviously but very targeted and directed. i think there's an opportunity to really push back because the platform around this party is united, wants to go after the corrupt money in politics, wants to make an economy that works for everybody, not just the few, and that party the reach those voters. >> thank you both. appreciate it. still to come, donald trump's fiercest antagonist takes the stage in just a few hours. can we expect another blistering attack from elizabeth warren?
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there's no way that bernie sanders shows up to make a speech. there's no way that he can ever endorse crooked hillary clinton anymore, right? there's no way. and today i see him trying to make the case and his own people are out there booing. >> donald trump and his running mate mike pence campaigned together for the first time since their convention. the republican nominee seems to be expressing a great deal of sincere passionate earnest concern for senator sanders. trump and pence had a rally tonight in north carolina on this, the first night of the dnc as trump can be expected to troll the dnc all week long. clinton will have her turn thursday night. today she offered another indication of how she will deal with trump.
3:33 pm
>> i don't understand people who trash talk america, who talk about us as being in decline who act as though we are not yet the greatest country that has ever been created on the face of the earth for all of history. if you want somebody who will scapegoat other people, peddle fear and smear, i'm not your candidate. >> joining me, msnbc contributor sam sedar, tim kearney, political columnist from the "washington examiner." we were talking earlier, i said if there's an essential feature of donald trump, it's trolling. ideology, all this other stuff, the core of his essence is that. you can see the way he's dealing with this. >> he enjoys this game. but he also sort of -- i think
3:34 pm
he did successfully troll that comment out of hillary saying the country's fine, it's how that can be interpreted. for huge portions of the country for which things aren't fine, people who aren't in this room weren't in the republican chamber and they say wait a second, the economy is horrible where i am in central ohio and wherever and we see hillary clinton from new york saying things are fine. that's a perfect troll by trump because he's drawing out that statement from her. >> i shouldn't say fine. she says we are still the greatest country and the american exceptionalism argument. what it does sound to me, the needle they have to thread, trump's whole thing of doom and gloom, a lot of people heard that speech, i heard that speech like this is dark. lot of people's experiences of america is pretty dark, not because their family members are actually getting killed by isis, not because crime is actually going up, but because their experience of being a working american is rough a lot of the time, so when someone's talking
3:35 pm
about this rough thing, that's speaking to some general feeling you have about things being bad. >> right. to a large extent when people contemplate voting for donald trump, and they hear warnings like nato is going to fall apart or this is going to create the apocalypse, i think to a certain extent many of them say so what, it can't get worse for me. i think that is something that somehow clinton has to deal with both the notion of acknowledging that things are rough, that we are headed on a certain path that will improve things and that there are certain measures that can be taken to increase the rate of that improvement and change where that improvement's focused. >> my big question, trump has shown himself to be who he is temperamentally. last time he was tied in the real clear politics polling average, the infamous judge curiel is a no-good mexican and therefore cannot sit in judgment
3:36 pm
of me, we saw the day after he gives the speech -- >> ted cruz, john kasich. >> there's no way he stays on script. >> okay. it's impossible to try to predict what donald trump is going to do next. i said he was going to lose in the primary. i was wrong. the point is when you look at those polls he hasn't gone above 45%. now he's ahead. it's because she has come down. you look around this room, they are booing every time she's mentioned. >> but look, that's her challenge in this room, one of the things is that you saw everyone, i didn't think he did a great job of it frankly but i'm not the key audience member of like he's a good man which they kept saying, they didn't even try to show, they just told he's a good man. his favorability went up considerably. one of the things hillary clinton can do is i'm not the caricature of this insanely conniving horrible person you
3:37 pm
keep being told i am. there are lots of ways to tell that story. sometimes when the caricature gets far enough away from reality there's space to do that. >> i think that's their plan. i think to a certain extent, you look tonight, to a certain extent a lot of the liberal, the more liberal left part of the party are sequestered tonight so that the questions of ideology, those issues get dealt with tonight. warren's tonight, sanders is tonight, ben jealous is tonight. we hear from all those people and then we move on to the more sort of less idealogical, less policy-based, more story-based three nights. >> last question for you which was interesting. people in ohio where it's very close, neck and neck, undecided voters, barack obama has a plus 30 favorability on donald trump. undecided voters. how much do you think that -- how important, you are looking at this from sort of an obama critic, his putting the thumb on
3:38 pm
the scale will be in the campaign? >> sure. part of the reason obama is so popular now, he would admit this, is because people compare him to trump and hillary and he's fading into the background. he has not succeeded at helping other candidates win. he has the number one political skill, get people to vote for him. when has he successfully rallied voters either for other candidates or causes? >> when he was a senator, he did. but he has not while -- in a midyear election. >> john kasich may end up being more of a difference, if he decides i'm not -- there's going to be no machine here for donald trump. >> thank you both. coming up, more from the democratic national convention. we will hear from cory booker, michelle obamobama, elizabeth wn and bernie sanders. stay with us.
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soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. all hp ink buy one get one fifty percent off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. joining me now, congressman keith ellison of minnesota who is about to take the stage tonight and give a speech. are you nervous about how it's going to go? i don't mean your speech necessarily. >> no. i feel good about it. tell you why. i think there's a lot of energy, a lot of passion, people have invested a lot into bernie's campaign and hillary's campaign and it's just not that easy to
3:43 pm
let go of something you have invested so much time and energy into. but i know that every bernie sanders supporter became one because of what he said about debt-free college, what he said about raising minimum wage. donald trump offers none of that. this guy thinks minimum wage ought to go lower. his answer to debt-free college is trump university. so eventually, i know, i have faith we are all going to be able to get behind the candidacy and give it the best shot. >> do you feel as a black man in america, as one of two muslims in the american congress, as a progressive, a liberal, how do you viscerally feel about the possibility of a trump presidency knocking on the door? because it doesn't seem prop ridiculous to me. >> it really is personal. it hits me in the stomach. that's why to countenance the thought of him becoming president is something i find
3:44 pm
disturbing. it's not hard for me to say i will go for a very progressive guy to a sort of progressive hillary clinton and certainly i think that given the movement, given, people are going to be in the street holding every politician accountable, me, too, hillary clinton, too, i feel confident this is going to be a good presidency for the whole country, whereas i know that for trump, this is going to signal something we have never seen before. i challenge anybody to tell me when we have seen a major party candidate scream bigotry into a megaphone. they dog whistle it but they haven't done this. >> have you had conversations like this with other bernie delegates? >> yes, i have. >> how do those go? >> some are like yeah, you're right. others are like i don't see it. i'm not seeing that yet. you just got to keep on thinking about it. have you read this, have you seen that. some of them don't like me
3:45 pm
saying trump is sitting out there, he's a real danger, because they feel it's a scare tactic. but my point is it's not a scare tactic. it's a realistic possibility. >> the quote from bernie sanders today was this is the world we live in i think was his statement. >> right. look, you got michigan, wisconsin, ohio and pennsylvania. those states are up for grabs and there's enough anger, resentment and economic stagnation to give him a shot if we act like it's not real. >> break a leg out there. thank you for make time for us. the congressman will address the convention minutes from now. we are hours away from a prime time speech from massachusetts senator and progressive firebrand elizabeth warren who has served as one of the most effective attack dogs for hillary clinton in this campaign. >> when donald trump says he'll make america great, he means make it even greater for rich guys just like donald trump.
3:46 pm
what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings? i'll tell you what kind of a man. a small, insecure money grubber who fights for no one but himself. >> joining me now from independence mall in downtown philadelphia, heather mcgee. heather, talk about the sort of role elizabeth warren has come to occupy for democrats, particularly the sort of activist base of the democratic party. >> she really does play a sort of singular role in the party. she came in as an outsider with this big idea that hey, maybe democrats ought to stand up and put a cop on the beat to police wall street for consumers. we just had the fifth anniversary of her consumer financial protection bureau and there's no doubt the financial services market is fairer today than it was before she came on to the scene. yet she's also in addition to being this outsider, she's an
3:47 pm
insider. she's a team player, she absolutely leads in the senate. what she says, democrats feel compelled as if by a supernatural force to try to be there. now she's taking on this role of being the backbone for the party and really saying donald trump, you're a loser, you're a fraud and it's pretty remarkable. >> have you been, i have been somewhat surprised at the relish and acuity with which she has taken to the role of basically taking a baseball bat to donald trump rhetorically which is not what i necessarily anticipated in her profile. >> i have known senator warren since 2002 and she hates phonies. she really doesn't like billionaires who make money off of the working and middle class people in this country, who use public funds to create bankruptcy and tax abatements as their sort of business model. he's exactly the kind of person that she has been put on this
3:48 pm
earth to take down and it's exciting to watch. >> heather mcgee, thank you so much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thanks, chris. all right. danel malloy of connecticut is at the microphone. let's take a listen for 20 seconds. >> if donald trump's words are bad and they are, his actions are worse. just look at his vice presidential choice, governor mike pence. with the trump/pence ticket, it's like a contest to see who can discriminate more. pence rejected $80 million of federal money that would have funded pre-k for 4,000 low income children. he signed a law, he signed a law that would have forced women to hold funerals for fetuses even in some cases after a miscarriage. in water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not.
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3:52 pm
all right. it's the first night of the democratic national convention. we just heard a video from the democratic governors association. that's a bit of an endangered species these days. tonight is shaping up to be a high-powered night with the goal of projecting, and creating party unity. speakers include new jersey senator cory booker, first lady michelle obama, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and of course, senator bernie sanders. joining me, msnbc contributor nick confessore and josh barrow, senior editor for business insider. there is definitely a much cooler atmosphere. >> absolutely. it was a real mess during the 4:00. whenever hillary's name would be mentioned you would hear booing. there would be bernie delegates chanting. i heard some members of the california delegation chanting wikileaks and count the votes that's related to conspiracy
3:53 pm
theories about california not having properly counted and sanders really having won that primary which are not credible. it's much calmer right now. i know bernie sanders sent this text message to supporters asking them not to make disturbances in here so maybe that mattered. also, just yelling for hours is exhausting. maybe people are just getting tired. >> there was some one from the iowa delegation said it's like he's been feeding us mountain dew all election, now he wants us to go to bed. >> look, he wound up expectations for his movement and did so past the point at which it was realistic that he would win. he only began bringing them down gently a few weeks ago and really very slowly. this is the first time i have heard him say we are now living in a reality where i'm not going to be the nominee and we have to beat donald trump. have i have not heard him speak twha to his supporters before. >> i wonder also, how do you think -- what is the goal here
3:54 pm
tonight? to me, ben jealous made this point about having these progressives tonight. this really is about the party activists, progressive base, being seen, acknowledged, talked to, hearing, getting them sort of on the page. >> there was a really interesting telling change in the schedule today. they sent the schedule out in the 4:00 hour that said bernie sanders would speak in the middle of the 9:00 p.m. hour. less than an hour later they changed it and said he will speak very last, all the way at the end of the 10:00 hour. >> it makes him the headliner. it means he will be on all the broadcast networks so lots more people will see his speech. so why did they make that change? my suspicion is the clinton campaign wants bernie sanders heard far and wide, they want that message to his supporters of i'm not going to be on the ballot, you can't vote for me, you have to get behind hillary. sort of funny because for over a year, the clinton campaign would have liked people to listen to bernie sanders less. my guess is tonight they want that message to get to his delegates and his voters because
3:55 pm
this convention has been a sign they haven't closed the sale with a lot of his most -- biggest supporters. >> i talked to supporters of the sanders campaign and they said they always wanted him to be the headliner. i think what we saw today unfolding was maybe a relenting to the pressure to have him close the night, sort of paying him his due. they saw what happened earlier in the 4:00 hour where his supporters were very very angry. i think having him moved to the end of the night solidly in prime time closing out as a head liner is a way of showing him some respect to his own people. >> i have seen him speak a lot. i have seen his stump speech which was generally extremely passionate and tends to be the same speech. i think tonight will be different. similar in some ways but different in other ways. i'm completely fascinated. i honestly don't know what he's going to say. i sort of know the contours. i don't know what he's going to say. i don't know how this room will react. i don't know anything about what it's going to be like. we have to tune in and find out. great thanks to both of you.
3:56 pm
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because credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. go to and start getting better at credit today. all right. we are back in philadelphia. tonight we will see bernie sanders speak. he will cap off the night. sometimes the most interesting speech at the convention is given by the person that didn't win the nomination. that was true in '80 when ted kennedy gave his speech.
4:00 pm
it was in many respects true in cleveland where ted cruz gave his vote your conscience speech. all eyes on bernie sanders to see what he does with that role, how he goes about bringing supporters on board. i can't wait to watch it. see you tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern for more convention coverage live from philadelphia. our special coverage continues in just a moment with brian williams, rachel maddow, chris matthews. she's been in the public eye for a quarter of a century. as first lady, senator from new york and secretary of state. now hillary clinton makes history as the democratic nominee for president. >> we are stronger together and we are going to make that future better. >> tonight, her former rival takes the stage. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. >> following the resignation of the dnc chair and with sanders supporters


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