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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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cleveland where ted cruz gave his vote your conscience speech. all eyes on bernie sanders to see what he does with that role, how he goes about bringing supporters on board. i can't wait to watch it. see you tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern for more convention coverage live from philadelphia. our special coverage continues in just a moment with brian williams, rachel maddow, chris matthews. she's been in the public eye for a quarter of a century. as first lady, senator from new york and secretary of state. now hillary clinton makes history as the democratic nominee for president. >> we are stronger together and we are going to make that future better. >> tonight, her former rival takes the stage. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. >> following the resignation of the dnc chair and with sanders supporters reenergized, will the
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party come together? live from philadelphia it's day one of the democratic national convention. >> we have drama on day one of the democratic national convention, now under way at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. the long-fought struggle between bernie sanders supporters and the democratic national committee ignited once again just as the party was hoping for unity behind their nominee. good evening from our election headquarters once again here in new york, i'm brian williams along with rachel maddow. clearly this is hillary clinton's party but tonight all eyes are on bernie sanders and his backers who are still voicing their anger after a hard-fought primary and new revelations the dnc may have played favorites in this race. that controversy cost the chairwoman of the party her job
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and already tonight, the speakers at the podium, some of them have been booed by some of the delegates. for the first time in memory, the dnc has started a convention with an apology to one of its candidates and his supporters. tonight's speaker as side from senator sanders include massachusetts senator and chief donald trump agitator, elizabeth warren and first lady michelle obama, one of the more popular figures in the democratic party addressing the delegates and a national television audience tonight. this won't be cleveland but it won't be boring. >> no. this might be way more fun and way more exciting to cover than cleveland. any time a national party starts its national convention with the head of the party having to resign under pressure, thanks to a phone call from the white house that she was fighting not to leave until the very last minute according to reports, that's a sign that it's going to be an unexpected few days. i think the most important thing, the most interesting thing to happen today, is when
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it turned out this wasn't the liberal revolt we expected, democratic party is having a liberal revolt, i think the key moment today came when the man who was perceived to be the leader of that revolt actually had them turn on him as well. it was when bernie sanders himself got booed and heckled and shouted down today that there was a sign this was not something predictable even from the left. this is something that is out of everybody's control from the perspective of democratic party leaders. watch. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [ crowd booing ]
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>> bernie sanders meeting with his own supporters and delegates early this afternoon. senator sanders seemed a little stunned by the intensity of that response. he did not take any questions from reporters about that reaction thereafter but that set the stage and sure enough, as soon as things were gavelled in to order 4:00 this afternoon, basically every speaker up to and including the person giving the benediction was booed. marcia fudge is somebody presumably sanders supportives have no beef with, watch the difficulty she had getting through very basic business as the chair of the convention tonight. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine want an america where there are no barriers to opportunity, equality or justice. excuse me. excuse me.
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where we lift each other up and where every voice from every race, religion and sexual orientation is heard and respected. over the -- may i just make a point? there are many of you that do not know me in this room but let me say to you, i intend to be fair, i want to hear the varying opinions here, i am going to be respectful of you and i want you to be respectful of me. >> there's some tension in the room. congresswoman marcia fudge is the chair of the convention, speaking in that capacity today, saying things that were not themselves controversial in front of a democratic audience except for the mention of the ticket, hillary clinton and tim kaine. bernie sanders' supporters despite his entreaties to the
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contrary have been unable to hold themselves back and it has made for a very intense and very tense day one. >> barney frank was booed today. congresswoman fudge as we covered and you're right, during the benediction -- >> the woman leading the opening prayer was booed because she mentioned hillary clinton and tim kaine. this is not the room that -- this room is not the room the democratic party expected to be speaking to. >> chris matthews is a native and should be able to explain all of this by that standard. chris, i lichd to ystened to yo rachel on "meet the press" yesterday and among the points you have made very forcefully is that come thursday, you think in ways that are impossible to quantify until we get there, there's going to be an emotional moment, a reaction to what happens thursday night. did you expect this much hubbub between now and then? >> well, no, because bernie
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sanders, as rachel and i saw over the weekend, we all did, senator sanders has been a class act the last couple weeks. he's really accepted that he lost and has tried to cut the usual political arrangement with the winner. he hasn't demanded patronage, who gets the vice presidency or anything like that. but he has really led a political revolution and he's promised people that he's leading that revolution, and revolutions don't have a mute button. you can't stop a revolution. if you look at the russian revolution, the french revolution, the dynamics, one stage leads to another until they achieve whatever resolution they can achieve. i don't think he can stop it. i will say this. i stand by my comment of the weekend with rachel. i think thursday night's going to be magic, no matter what happens tonight or tomorrow night. i think it will become so amazing that we see a woman nominated for the presidency of
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the united states and a very plausible future she will be the president. i think that's going to grab women my age, women younger, girls, men, good people are going to say this is great for america, it's going to be very much like grant park back in 2008 when we saw people like jesse jackson crying. it's going to be an emotional night. >> chris matthews, presumably it will grab everyone but those who came out of cleveland convinced that donald trump should be the next president. jacob soboroff is getting used to the confines of his second convention in as many weeks. he is on the very, we should point out, smaller than normal actual floor of this convention. >> reporter: in fact, i'm up in the stands because there are so many delegates here, double the amount that were in cleveland, the actual floor stretches up into the risers. i'm in the colorado delegation, probably one of the only places you will find someone wearing
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this. a necklace made of plastic marijuana leaves. these three folks right here are bernie sanders delegates and they were three of the folks who earlier this evening got up and booed at the beginning of the program. i want to start with you, sir. state representative from the state of colorado. why did you boo? >> because we have the right to. because we are unhappy with the way things are working in the dnc and we are bernie sanders fans and we have some concerns. >> reporter: hard not to see your anti-tpp, trans pacific partnership signs you are holding and there are many people in this arena that are holding those signs. president barack obama, the standard bearer of the party, this is his trade deal. he obviously supports it. it is said that he is the one who kept it in the platform. hillary clinton once called it the gold standard, now says she doesn't support it. so why are you here still protesting the tpp? >> it didn't get on the ballot. i mean, actually on our platform. that was a strong, strong thing that we wanted. bernie wanted it on the platform. he's very upset that this is even going to come to the floor.
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>> reporter: i want to get to you. are you going to ultimately vote for hillary clinton? you are here saying you will vote for bernie, cast your vote as a delegate for bernie sanders. >> i would like to remind everyone that while we are watching this circus right now, we have not voted yet. our votes have not been counted yet. we haven't voted. so hillary clinton is not our nominee at this point right now. >> reporter: i just want to let the record reflect this is a contested convention, no, it is not a contested convention. bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton and the reports are he will be ceding delegates to hillary clinton. his supporters are here in force, they are very vocal, very loud and have a lot more to say before this is said and done. >> jacob with the colorado delegation. it's very interesting, in terms of when the vote happens and hillary clinton becomes the official nominee, that roll call happens tomorrow -- >> early. >> starts early. one of the things that happened today is that jane sanders was picked up on a hot mic, not directly addressing people but
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she was picked oupup on a hot m while talking to her husband bernie sanders and expressed that part of the problem, part of the issue with his supporters is they didn't know that his name was going to be put in nomination. we didn't know his name was going to be put in nomination, either. it may yet be, there's no suspense as to whether or not hillary clinton is going to end up with this nomination but if the sanders folks force a roll call vote, if they do not allow hillary clinton to be nominated by acclimation, when barack obama was in 2008 when hillary clinton moved that he be nominated, and that was a much closer contest than this year, oh, boy. >> won't be cleveland. won't be boring. >> definitely not. hillary clinton supporters are out in as much force if not more than bernie sanders' delegates in that hall. bernie sanders delegates definitely have been making more noise. let's go to hallie jackson with the new york delegation and hillary supporters. >> reporter: yeah, we are in the new york delegation, just a few
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rows from the stage and the podium here. i'm joined by new york delegate jackie row-adams. we were talking before about the support for hillary clinton and the issues that we have heard from some of the bernie sanders supporters. what's your take on this? >> well, my take is, we have to unite. i would like to say to bernie sanders supporters, let's work together. hillary needs to be the next president of the united states. when sanders stood with hillary, he held his hand up and said i endorse hillary clinton. that should mean something to the supporters. because donald trump wants to see us divided. we have to come united. it is very very important. so we have to come as one. >> reporter: what about the sanders supporters who want their voices heard here at the convention, here at their party's biggest week? don't they deserve to have a say
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in the political process? >> they deserve it. i feel they have had it. and it's not over and we are working, i say we, we the party, we are working with sanders supporters. i admire them for their fight but now enough is enough. we have to come together and put hillary in. we cannot let donald trump win. we cannot let him win. this is why i am here today to stand up for hillary, because -- and endorse hillary clinton 2008 and now they endorsed her again. i truly believe in her. we have to get hillary clinton and continue to fight this gun violence. >> reporter: thank you. i appreciate it. back to you. >> hallie, thanks. let's go to our political director and the moderator of
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the sunday morning broadcast "meet the press," chuck todd is standing by. if it's monday, it must be philadelphia which brings me to my question. compare and contrast these two monday nights, cleveland and philadelphia. here's a subgroup of my question. is there an analogy between the far right, the cruz right in the gop and the sanders left in the democratic party? >> no, i wouldn't make that comparison. here's, though, in that front, i really think there is more to the upheaval type of attitude trump supporters want to make, they want to get rid of the elites in the party. that's where the similarities between what some sanders supporters want with the de democratic party but here's the comparison i want to make because i think it's kind of striking. basically, the democrats and hillary clinton are trying to
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find little steam valves. remember i talked about last monday how the trump folks and the rnc never provided the never trump folks a steam valve? they shut it down. there were people that wanted to express their displeasure with trump but they decided to shut it down. they were afraid of the -- of losing control of the convention. the dnc and hillary clinton has gone polar opposite. they have decided they are afraid of trying to shut it down so they are not going to do that. they are going to try to let the steam valve out and in some cases, panic with getting rid of debbie wasserman schultz which i do think helped a little bit. and also, letting sort of things breathe tonight. turning monday night over to the progressives. we will see which one works. donald trump did leave his convention more united than any of us thought it would be going into monday night. right now, we have that same uneasy feeling about what's going on here with the democrats. are they going to be more united at the end of the week or will they still have a problem.
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they have used two different tactics. i think ultimately letting the steam out tonight and tomorrow will help clinton on thursday. >> how about as some of them would like very much wanting to be more united at the end of monday night with elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and the first lady addressing that crowd? >> i think it's possible and especially, look, i think it's the one-two punch of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. i think elizabeth warn beiren b the keynoter is there to tell the revolutionaries what the next, what it's going to look like post-november regardless of who's elected president. i think she's going to sort of give that hope to that crowd, that portion of the sanders crowd. then bernie's there to land the plane, to see -- we'll see if the one-two punch works but together, it could be more powerful in getting sanders folks to rally around clinton than just relying on bernie alone. >> chuck, we had seen reports earlier today that the clinton campaign had not seen a draft of
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bernie sanders' speech, that they had not reviewed it. do we think that is still the case? are we having ted cruz worries about that? >> no, in fact, not only that, look, the sanders team and the clinton team are actually working pretty well together now. i think what's happened is there's truly, i can tell you this, i know in sanders world, there's a little concern that they wish they had more influence over their delegates. they are worried. they were shaken up by that moment where bernie was booed at that rally earlier today. so no, there's definitely i think clinton and bernie world are united. i think they do know what he's going to say. i don't think they have seen an exact copy of the speech but they feel pretty good about what he's going to say. i think the real concern is the response of the crowd. they don't want bernie booed when he says elect hillary clinton. that's a moment that will get replayed over and over and over. that's what michelle obama and
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elizabeth warren as sort of bernie sanders helping to roll up to that moment, that's why their speeches are also very important rolling into the sanders speech. >> chuck, we will be checking back in, of course. we will fit in our first break and on the other side, one of the strongest, most ubiquitous supporters bernie sanders had the entire campaign, she will be joined by one of our journalists who covered the sanders campaign to talk about this dynamic we are about to witness tonight.
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we are back and weather is in the news tonight. in the far distance there is independence hall. the heavens have opened in philadelphia. we have got heavy rains up and down the eastern seaboard.
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rain in new york. this is a great stat. briefly, rain in new york was falling at the rate of 3.36 inches per hour at the center of some of these imbedded thunderstorms. it's just one of those summer days. there's the wells fargo center. n you know anything about philadelphia, it's in south philly, outside of the center city area along the i-95 corridor. much more about the wells fargo center over the next four days. our journalist who has been covering throughout the sanders campaign to be perfectly honest, not her first merry-go-round, she was a.p. political reporter before that, kasie hunt is in philadelphia and kasie, i would like you to expand on remarks you made earlier. the fear among especially the clinton forces that sanders forces having seen cleveland are going to think that tomorrow's
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roll call of the states is perhaps an attempt to change the outcome at this convention. >> reporter: brian, a lot of back and forth today and the reality, it feels as though bernie sanders lit a match, started this movement and part of it has burned unintended out of his control here at the convention. the sanders campaign is now working with the clinton campaign to try to figure out how to make sure this doesn't turn into a spectacle. what you're referring to is this hot mic comment that jane sanders made earlier today as she went up to the podium after bernie sanders met with all of his delegates and going into today, i had wondered was he going to have a kind of megaphone moment with these protesters, with his people and ultimately, they opened this up to the cameras and when he talked about how they should vote for hillary clinton over donald trump, he was booed.
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so jane sanders caught on microphone commented to him they don't know that your name is going to be placed in nomination and that's what concerns me. if you think about the way the process of this convention is going to unfold, this is likely to be a little different than it was in 2008. in 2008, barack obama, hillary clinton, they had that very contentious primary battle. in the end, the delegates accepted hillary clinton or i'm sorry, barack obama as the nominee by affirmation, essentially a voice vote. here the plan is currently to do it one state at a time, to hold a roll call like we saw at the republican convention where the kids of donald trump put him over the top in that delegate count. if in fact some of these delegates get confused or see that as a chance to maybe change the outcome of this process, that could potentially cause a problem. i have to tell you, i was hanging out with the california delegation which is actually directly across the hall over my
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shoulder. it's one of the biggest delegations here, obviously, one of the biggest states, and there's quite a large population of bernie supporters, some of the most vocal. they are planning to boo her if she takes the stage. some are planning to walk out. one delegate i talked to was chanting, he told me, "lock her up" at that bernie delegate meeting earlier today. that of course the chant that we heard on the floor of the republican convention. >> kasie hunt, high above the convention floor. we will be coming back to you this evening. thank you. >> that piece of tape that kasie is talking about where a moment was caught on camera where senator sanders' wife said into a hot mic something about senator sanders' name being put into nomination and people not knowing that, i think we have actually got that tape. we can show thaw momeyou that mm earlier today. >> they don't know that your name's going to be put in nomination. that's what concerns me. >> they don't know your name's
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being put into nomination and that's the concern. what did she mean? joining us now is one of senator sanders' biggest and most eloquent supporters, nina turner, former ohio state senator. great to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, rachel and brian. >> do you know what mrs. sanders meant when she said they don't know your name is being put in nomination? >> i think early on there was some conversation about senator sanders' delegates being able to support him vocally here. i'm not sure if that's still going to be the case but i know about a month, month and a half ago, that was something that senator sanders and the campaign had been talking about that his name should be called and his delegates should get a chance to say yes to him. >> so in 2008, obviously the most immediate precedent here is even more closely contested fight between hillary clinton and barack obama. in that case, hillary clinton moved that barack obama be the nominee by affirmation.
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that put an end to the roll call and they didn't go through state by state. do you have any expectation about whether this is going to be like it was in 2008 or whether we will have that roll call? >> i'm not sure but if we do, we know vermont is way at the end so that would give lots of states the opportunity to be able to say his name which is important as you know, senator sanders' supporters are fiery. they feel very hurt, as you can see by what's happening here or hear what's happening here. but also what has happened throughout philadelphia. it's not just enough to say the words unity. lots of supporters i have talked to on the streets here right outside of this convention hall and even downtown feel as though their voices are not being heard and that more often than not people just want them to be quiet and go away and just accept it. if somebody is hurting, you have to acknowledge it. i want to thank chairwoman donna brazile for actually putting out a statement and apologizing to
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senator sanders' supporters. i think to take that a step further, somebody needs to come to this convention hall and firmly apologize and say that under their watch, nothing like this will ever happen again. that i think will go a long way to trying to bridge the divide. if they boo senator sanders and i thought that was just so unfortunate what happened to him, because he certainly has been an honest man and a man of his word, we got to expect that senator sanders' supporters are here to fight and fight all the way to the end and we cannot ignore that. >> nina, do you expect, we have got four days ahead of us. the prime time tonight, tomorrow, the next day, the next day. should the democratic party reasonably expect that every time hillary clinton is mentioned, there is going to be a lot of booing, there are going to be people walking out, people are going to be turning their backs? you are saying that maybe an apology from the podium might go some distance. it's starting to feel like there's nothing that could be said, that senator sanders supporters could hear even from
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senator sanders that would stop those kind of protests. i guess i'm going to you on this as an expert because i feel like you know what you're hearing and you know what's on people's minds in terms of how they are going to conduct themselves all week long. >> i'm here and i just talked to the texas delegation just last night. elderly folks and young folks. and they still want to support senator sanders and they really pretty much said they respect senator sanders but they are carrying this revolution all the way. that's the thing about creating the revolution. you got to take the bitter with the sweet. one of the things senator sanders has done, he said change happens from the bottom, not the top. and people really started to believe, they believed and they are going to continue to fight this revolution. it might not be pretty over the next three to four days. it may take some time. but i don't think that the clinton camp should give up on the sanders supporters and they shouldn't talk down to them. they should acknowledge their pain and talk about how they are going to make sure that they are never treated this way again
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even if they don't see eye to eye today. it may take some time. >> former ohio state senator nina turner, thank you for being with us. i feel we will be talking to you a lot in the next few days. >> to coin a phrase, the revolution will be televised. >> she is saying the feelings are so hurt by the loss in the primary that this is irredeemable, irreducible pain, there's nothing the clinton folks can do to make this stop and that they should expect four days of hillary clinton's name being booed. that's not the expected end to a primary that went the closest primary in the world. >> wait until we bang this around with nicolle wallace and eugene robinson. miles to go before our first speaker.
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it will help our struggling middle class, our working families, the disadvantaged and the disabled. it will help the less fortunate. our platform has passed my father's test and it has done so not by seeking common ground utu aspiring to higher ground. >> that's how bad it got this afternoon.
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that is not just any speaker at this convention. while he was an early speaker, that's a veteran maryland democrat, elijah cummings, as in member of congress and again, the california delegation has generally led the way on this tpp protest. relax. we have asked steve kornacki later in the broadcast to give the quick explainer for people who are not tpp proficient. >> it is a little bit of a weird touchstone for the protests. the bernie protest, i got from bernie supporters, the tpp protests, hillary clinton is against tpp. mike pence is for it on the republican side. donald trump is against it. tim kaine was for giving president obama the authority to negotiate it in a fast track but against the agreement itself. he said right as he was moving to become hillary clinton's vp. it's not like it's a clear
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dividing line between two sides here. but it's being, i think maybe it's being used as a touchstone here because somebody printed a lot of those signs and they were able to get them inside the room. if you were going to pick a fight between factions of the democratic party, tpp would be an angle of one part of it but it wouldn't be the thing that divides one side from the other, or the ticket from the base. >> let's bring in our family. eugene robinson has a pulitzer prize as a columnist for "the washington post," much more importantly for the purposes of our discussion, the beginnings of laryngitis so this should be fun. he's going to be brilliant in short bursts tonight. nicolle wallace of course has joined us fresh from cleveland, veteran of the bush white house as communication director. various bush campaigns, mccain/palin campaign and so on. i will start with you. we will let eugene get ready for his first comment. what do you make of this coming
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off cleveland? >> i have staffer ptsd so as a staffer i feel stressed by the chaos. now that i get to watch and sort of observe i reveled in it last week. we now have a four-day meal in cleveland that every day there was a monster story to talk about. monday, the trump campaign manager attacked john kasich. it looks like the democratic convention is off to the same kind of week. >> when you start day one with your chair quitting. >> with bernie sanders getting booed by his own army. i have to say, i did say week after week after it was mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to become the nominee, that he would harm her, that ultimately he would do her harm. i think that has come to be. i think that's unfortunate. should she come up short in november i think it has the roots of that outcome will have been sort of planted when he stayed in the race two months longer than when it was possible to become the nominee. >> i was just going to say, rachel's theory is the fire he
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started has now exploded on him. >> i think clearly it has. first of all, thank you for acknowledging my pain. >> we are here with you. we are here for you. >> look, my question about this convention is when do the hillary supporters lose patience with the bernie supporters. after all, she has most of the party. she won. she has most of the delegates. i think this is progressive night. i think everything's going to be cool, they can yell and scream and boo all they want. as the days go on, i think patience will run thin and therein i think lie the seeds of a deeper conflict. >> let's see if we can find out. i have just been told andrea has a long-time clinton campaign spokesperson, jen palmieri, down near the floor. >> reporter: thanks, brian. i'm here with jen palmieri, who has been running the communications for the clinton campaign. what's really interesting to see
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is that bernie sanders texted today to his supporters saying you know, as a personal courtesy to me, do not have any protests on the floor. he also clearly, when he mentioned hillary clinton, earlier at that meeting at the convention center, tried to say to people this is the reality we have, it strikes me that maybe he started a revolution and his followers are not ready to stop. >> we see -- first, you are right, the sanders campaign has been working very closely with us, they have been really helpful. we merged whipping operations, they sent out that text message that you mentioned and we worked together very closely on the platform that was adopted earlier this evening. i thought the adoption of the platform was a big moment because it showed not just -- it didn't just happen, it happened not just by voice vote but was enthusiastically adopted. it was something we worked with the sanders campaign on.
4:40 pm
they have been very helpful. we found when it matters, when we need to have a vote, we were able to do that and do that enthusiastically. he has a lot of committed supporters and we saw them here this afternoon. this is the democratic convention so everybody that's here is the most committed, most passionate supporters and we expected that we would see some demonstration of that and we saw that this afternoon. but we see, when senator sanders was able to work with us and we worked on the platform, we got a lot of support to get that done. >> have you seen his speech? >> have we seen the speech? i don't know. i haven't myself. i haven't been back around in our world last couple of hours. he gave a great speech for her in new hampshire. >> he talked a lot about himself. we were all there. >> as he should. he sdhohould do that tonight. he and his campaign should be very proud of what they achieved. he obviously has very committed
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supporters. he's brought people into the process. we want him to talk about himself. i suspect that he will do as he did in new hampshire. he will talk about a shared vision that he and hillary clinton have about how we can make an economy that works for everyone and also the stakes that we're facing and how we have to defeatonald trump. he was very effective about that in new hampshire a couple weeks ago and i think we expect we will see that again tonight. ending with him i think is a nice note, too. >> what about, just one quick question, what about hillary clinton's speech? is it already locked? >> it's not locked. she's working on it. she feels really great about it. something that she's been churning on and testing lines and themes out on during the last few weeks on the campaign trail so some of it, she has been mulling for awhile. she has a couple more nights to work on it. it will be a really great night. she's thrilled, she was so excited to pick tim kaine as her running mate. we had a great day in florida
4:42 pm
with him and seeing the clinton/kaine signs made it real for her that we made it to philadelphia, she's going to be the nominee. she's got a terrific running mate. she's really excited for thursday night. a lot of this, she's going to be watching at home. she's excited to see that, too. >> jennifer palmieri, thanks very much. back to you guys upstairs. >> andrea, thanks. >> the dynamics between the factions here, it is very interesting. we thought this was going to be and we keep sort of talking about this as a sanders faction versus the clinton party, but you see jen palmieri speaking for the clinton campaign being incredibly complimentary of bernie sanders, signaling and indicating trust in sanders saying yeah, of course he should talk a lot about himself, he's earned it, he has a lot to be proud of, no, we don't necessarily even need to see the speech, we are working with them together on this stuff. to have that relationship overtly between the campaigns, if you are a progressive and you are looking at whether or not
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this is your party, to see your guy bernie sanders being treated that way by the clinton folks, then to see the lineup of progressive speakers tonight, not just sanders himself but elizabeth warren and cory booker and raul grijalva and all the sanders supporters speaking, it is hard to explain what the grievance is, especially after you have debbie wasserman schultz's head on a platter to start your convention. to say that you are so aggrieved that you will shut this thing down and biasically try to ruin this as a political moment for hillary clinton is something. >> don't forget about the blue duct tape which in our visual world is going to become one of the leading visuals from tonight. kelly o'donnell is just off the floor with a special guest. >> reporter: brian, we have joseph kennedy iii, representative of massachusetts, the fourth district, and you are
4:44 pm
introducing your former law professor at harvard, senator elizabeth warren tonight. you know there's been some tension, there's been some really rough moments today for the party. what is your message and how do you think you can try to bring about some unity, especially with the progressives who are so upset? >> look, i'm thrilled to be able to be here tonight, thrilled to be able to have an opportunity to talk about the type of person that elizabeth warren is, from the time that i spent in her classroom, met my wife there, the time that it took taking a course from her just because she was such an incredible teacher and the values she cares about. i think when you actually take a step back and listen to the delegates that are here today from every corner of the country, the values they are talking about are the values we all share. we share as a party, ways to try to channel the effort and energy of the american people into policies that will move our country forward. i think lu hear that from the speakers tonight and great kickoff to a good week. >> reporter: do you get the sense there is this sort of frustration, there has been
4:45 pm
outbursts throughout the arena, there has been a cry for a more progressive ticket than tim kaine might represent to some voters and even hillary clinton to a degree. i know you supported her for a long time. what do progressives need to hear tonight to feel better about supporting this ticket? >> look, i think, one, secretary clinton and senator kaine have a strong record of progressive values. i'm proud of that ticket. i think it's a great ticket. both of them are tremendous leaders. i think, too, you will hear from some of the great progressive champions in our country from the first lady to senator warren to senator sanders talk about their visions for this country and how they would be furthered by a clinton/kaine ticket and what's at risk with a potential donald trump presidency. the bottom line is whatever differences there are in this arena tonight and there are some, they pale in comparison to the type of policy outlook that donald trump, his administration will take and the direction he will push our country instead of ones that we all believe in that are exemplified by secretary clinton and senator kaine. >> i know you have to go work on
4:46 pm
your introduction. thank you for making time for us. we appreciate it. of course, the grandson of robert f. kennedy, the great nephew of john f. dkennedy who represented about the same geographic district when he was a member of the house. joe kennedy iii with us. >> kelly o'donnell. tonight's meeting of the emerald society just off the floor of the convention in philadelphia. thanks. another break. when we come back, how russia with zero electoral votes may, may have influenced this convention season.
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♪ >> this is live. this is demi lovato playing the opening night of the democratic convention in philadelphia, where in our studio just off the floor, the meeting of the emerald society continues. chris matthews is standing by with the mayor of philadelphia. chris. >> thank you, brian. the music here is rather loud. i have a great mayor here, welcoming the democratic convention this weekend. mayor kenny, first of all,
4:51 pm
you're a progressive. everybody knows that. how do you feel about this ticket? >> i think it's terrific. hillary has her record and tim kaine is somebody who can get along in the legislature and senate and has that jesuit root th that i have and lucky enough to go to jesuit high school. being a progressive means being fair to everyone and not marginalizing people and bring them into the fold. >> let's talk about this city, why is it important that the democrats have this here? >> philadelphia is a city of fir firsts. democracy started here, first library, first fire department, first everything, we will nominate and elect the first woman president of the united states. >> is philadelphia still able to bring in a plurality like it did for kennedy and johnson and oeb? >> for hillary and against donald trump, absolutely. >> you can beat trump here?
4:52 pm
he's going to lose? >> he's going to lose or we're going be in big trouble. >> giving a hell of a speech tonight about prejudice. i always tell people about the cathedral, there's no windows on the first floor, explain that. >> no windows on the first floor because two catholic churches were burned to the ground with firebo firebombs, the same people talking about muslims today about the irish catholics and they are the know nothing party and we need to defeat them and this country cannot handle this division. >> let's make news, is donald trump a know nothing? >> yes. >> chris matthews painfully close to the floor of this convention and now being greeted to a small film and then senator merkley will speak. >> the importance of senator
4:53 pm
merkley is not just a democratic senator speaking at a democratic convention, always a big deal, he is the one person in the united states senate not named bernie sanders who endorsed bernie sanders for president. to bring him not a high profile senator, shows you how far the dnc and clinton campaign are going to wrap their arms around the sanders movement, not that the sanders movement seems to give one whit about that but no reason to have him on primetime other than to tell the sanders folks they're being heard and respected and their leadership has a place in this party. >> in the senate, because it is sometimes germane to the treatment and reception by the larger party, it's fair to say bernie sanders has been a loner. he is not a cloak room kind of guy, not a democrat.
4:54 pm
he caucuses with the democrat and not been part of that club. >> no. i that's, why i think part of why when the wikileaks e-mails came out from the democratic party this week, yes, it did underscore what sanders have been saying all along they felt the dnc was tilt eed for clinto and against them. if you were a bernie sanders supporter and believed that partly because bernie sanders wasn't in the democratic party until he decided to run and his ties don't run deep. >> we will discuss the wikileaks damage after this. >> i'm the son of a millwright from a small town in southern oregon. i was the first in my family to go to college. i live in the same blue collar community i grew up in. my children go to the same public schools i did. here is the truth. donald trump got rich by taking
4:55 pm
advantage of americans like the hard working oregonians in my community back home. ebb making his products overseas, hiring foreign workers instead of americans for jobs that are right here in the united states. cheating small business contract contractors, never paying them what he owed. and scamming people out of their savings through his fraudulent university. where i come from, people like donald trump are not the problem -- they're not the solution, they are the problem. last week in cleveland, donald trump claimed he was champion for american work births he's never woken up a day in his life worried about american workers. he is no more a champion for american workers than a lion is a champion for a gazelle.
4:56 pm
when i talk to folks back home again and again, i hear the frustrations of people who watch billion airs get richer while they struggle to find a job, struggle to send their kids to college, struggle to make their rent or mortgage. our response to these real challenges should not be to blame, to bully, to belittle, but to rise to the moment with real solutions. we owe an enormous debt to bernie sanders, speaking of soluti solutions. [ applause ] >> bernie sanders inspired us to reach for bold solutions the challenges we face. bernie's leadership on progressive issues, his willi willingness to fearlessly stand up to the powers that be have
4:57 pm
galvanized a grassroots movement that is here tonight and will continue long after november and we need it to continue long after november. and now together, working together, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have forges the most prog greressive platform ir party's history. >> you've been watching senator jeff merkley. we'll fit in a break and rejoin you at the top of the next hour.
4:58 pm
dengs democratic national convention
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top of the 8 cloak hour in philadelphia and along the east coast and at the top of our coverage we talked about how some of the early speakers in the afternoon and evening hours were heckled. at least there were demonstra r demonstrators making a lot of noise while they were trying to talk. one of them is the veteran maryland member of congress in the democratic party,


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