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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 26, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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it is no secret that hillary clinton and i disagree on a number of issues. that is what this campaign has been about. that is what democracy is about. our job now is to see that strong, democratic platform implemented by a democratic-controlled senate, by a democratic house, and a hillary clinton presidency. >> bernie sanders tries to unite the party saying he's disappointed in the primary results but holds nothing back when it comes to supporting hillary clinton. meanwhile, sanders gets an apology from the dnc after those leaked e-mails show party officials weren't as neutral as they claimed. the big question now is whether moscow was behind the hacking. plus donald trump channels the beach boys, wondering in
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winston-salem, wouldn't it be nice if we actually did get along with russia? it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early." good morning. it is tuesday, july 26th. i'm chris jansing, coming to you live from philadelphia. welcome back to this extended edition of "way too early" from the democratic national convention. it was a raucous first day of the dnc, where the message of party unity was overcome by divisions from the primary. reopened by leaked party e-mails showing favoritism, leading to rebellion around the city. the disruptions began over breakfast, spilled into the streets, and flooded the convention hall that night. it started just after 9:00 a.m.
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when ousted dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz attempted to speak to her delegations breakfast and was shouted down by bernie sanders supporters. >> it is so wonderful to be able to be here, in my -- with my home state. all right, everybody, now, settle down. everybody settle down, please. we must under president hillary clinton make sure -- we must under president hillary clinton make sure that our economy works for everyone. >> wasserman schultz's insistence on gaveling in the convention was scuttled while senator sanders attempted to quell his supporters in an early afternoon meeting. >> despite the fact that our people were a minority on the platform writing committee we came out of that committee with, by far, the most progressive
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platform ever written in the history of the democratic party. immediately, right now, we have got to defeat donald trump. and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [ crowd booing ] brothers and sisters, this is -- this is the real world that we live in. this campaign has been a fantastic beginning, a beginning, and from today,
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onward, we continue the fight. thank you all very much. >> they don't know -- >> that was the candidate's wife, jane sanders, caught on a hot mic expressing her concern of chaos in the convention hall. a spokesman later clarified that she means there will be a roll call vote and the senator's name will be placed in nomination. the democratic national committee now under the leadership of donna brazile issued a formal apology to sanders and his supporters. the fallout continues with the clinton campaign refusing to bob off their claim that russia is at the center of wikileaks release of thousands of dnc e-mails in a move benefiting donald trump. the fbi probe of state-sponsored hacking has expanded from just the committee's servers to other aides and organizations associated with hillary clinton. here's what the clinton campaign said yesterday. >> further experts are saying is
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that then because they possessed those e-mails that russian state actors were feeding the e-mails to -- to hackers for the purpose of -- of helping donald trump. >> this morning russia is dismissing claims that moscow was behind the suspected hacking. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov reacted harshly when asked about it in front of secretary of state john kerry. >> what do you say of u.s. accusations that russia has -- democratic e-mails. >> well i don't want to use -- words. >> three cybersecurity experts told us that the dnc e-mails were hacked by russian intelligence. what do you say? >> well, there's no proof of that whatsoever. we have not disclosed our source. and of course, this is a diversion that's being pushed by the hillary clinton campaign. >> meanwhile donald trump, on
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the road in north carolina, categorically rejected and mocked the claims, and also suggested that relations could be improved with russia. >> you know when you think about it, wouldn't it be nice if we actually did get along with russia? wouldn't it be nice? not so bad. wouldn't it be nice if russia and us and a couple of others went out and knocked the hell out of isis and knocked them off? wouldn't that be nice? there's nothing wrong with that. you know. a lot of money. very expensive. i mean, the soviet union broke up because of the wars. i mean they spent so much money fighting in afghanistan that they literally, you know, and believe me when they started fighting over in the middle east, it was costing them a lot of money. >> new jersey senator cory booker also rallied democrats inside the wells fargo center last night. he invoked the nation's history to help heal divisions within his own party. and the ones that have shaped the narrative of this presidential election. >> when trump spews insulting
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and demeaning words about our fellow americans i think of that poem, by maya angelou, you all know it. you know how it begins. you may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies, you may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, i rise. you all know it. you all know it. escaped slaves, knowing that liberty is not secure for some, until it's secure for all. sometimes hungry, often hunted, in dark woods and deep swaths, they looked up to the north star and said with a determined whisp whisper, america, we will rise. king pointed to the mountaintop, kennedy pointed to the moon, from seneca falls, to those who stood at stonewall inn, giants before us, said in a chorus of
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conviction, america, we will rise. >> as the democratic convention got under way here in philadelphia, hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in this battleground state of north carolina. in charlotte, she spoke at the national veterans of foreign wars convention, and focused her remarks on veterans issues. contrasting herself with donald trump, without ever actually mentioning him by name. later in the day, she held an organizing event where she son trasted this week's democratic convention to last week's rnc. >> donald trump wants to take his dark, divisive, dangerous campaign to a new level. what we heard from donald trump after his litany of everything that he said is wrong with america, which personally i took offense at, i don't know how you run for president of the united states if you spend all your time trash talking about the
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united states. >> we want to go back to that deadly nightclub shooting in fort myers, florida, now. three people are being detained as police search for others who may have been involved. officials say the club attack was part of a string of three related shootings that took place in the area. meanwhile community leaders came together yesterday to mourn the two teens who were killed just hours earlier. nbc's tammy lightner has more on the chaos that erupted in the early morning. >> automatic gunfire in club blu, 30, 40 shot shoot-out. >> reporter: it was around 12:30 in the morning when this florida nightclub's teen party had just let out. >> pop pop pop. >> reporter: this woman says she saw a gunman with a semiautomatic weapon spraying bullets in the parking lot as parents arrived to pick up their children. >> he just kept coming. >> reporter: when the gunfire stopped, 17 wounded. the youngest just 12 years old. within minutes the young victims
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and witnesses took to social media. >> i can't believe it. i was just like -- i was just trying to protect my sister. >> reporter: this attack comes just six weeks after 49 people were gunned down at an orlando nightclub just a few hours away. unlike that shooting, police have confirmed that this was not an act of terror. >> i will tell you we have three persons of interest in custody. not going to go into who they are. and we're still looking for others. >> reporter: sean archilles, only 14 years old, did not survive. >> i just love him. >> reporter: stephanie white lost her 18-year-old son stefan strawder, a rising high school basketball star. >> my heart is heavy. >> reporter: his classmates, at a loss. >> he helped me through so much. he helped me through become a better player on the court, he helped me become a better person off the court. >> still ahead, ted cruz gets
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were looking at at the end of last week. the bank of japan could be more interesting friday. whether or not they offer more stimulus to the markets, that's the issue for all of us watching the bank of japan. a big one, tesla and solar city, they're apparently very close to some type of merger agreement which could be very big. they're in the final stages of due diligence according to a number of reports, and we could be listening to more terms of their agreements here within the next couple of days. they're not saying anything for now, elon musk being a big shareholder in both of them and the argument goes along the lines of that by buying tesla buying solar city, you'd have a one stop clean energy shop by the end of some type of an agreement where they would sell solar panels, battery storage, electric cars, all under the same brand. that might be beneficial to them. we've also had a lot of speculation about whether or not that could spur more consolidation in the industry as is often seen when some of these big deals are announced. others tend to follow suit. but they've been very mum on the deal. they haven't wanted to give any
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details so far. it's just been speculated after they made an all-share offer last month of $2.8 billion that we could be looking at this coming to true igs. back to you. >> louisa bojesen live from london. thank you for that. time for a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist steve sosna. another steamy one. >> you got that right, chris. we'll be sweating it out across much of the country today. this certainly looks like a july weather map. in fact, new york city you're going to see your sixth consecutive day of 90 or higher. certainly heat wave across the east coast. we won't be dealing with the thunderstorm that we dealt with yesterday that brought several thousand lightning strikes within a matter of about 15 minutes. so those storms are out to sea here but storms will be prevalent along the gulf coast states here this afternoon. i'm talking about areas from the florida panhandle through texas here keep your eye to the sky here later on this afternoon for the roar of thunder and lightning. meanwhile the west continues to be hot. triple digit heat. and that will stay there for the next several days.
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so no relief from the heat there for areas of arizona, and southern california. now, as we head into the weekend, and the northeast, if you've been not enjoying this heat, well there is certainly some good news in the forecast. look how it backs down. looking at 90 on friday in d.c. backing down into the 80s by the weekend, same for you in new york. where we've been in the mid 90s almost every day. we're back into the 80s here for the weekend. it will come at the price of some showers and storms and look at the upper midwest. temperatures falling back into the 70s. there is some good news in sight but it will take some time to get here. we have to sweat it out at least through friday down there in philadelphia. chris? >> steve sosna, thank you. now let's get a check on the morning's other headlines. louis burgdorf joins us here in philly. good morning. >> good morning, chris. we have an incredible crowd here. how you guys doing? look at this. they've been here all night long. i think they're caffeinated. they've had a couple ales and
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they're ready to go. sarah silverman did not hesitate to declare why she's with her. >> this democratic primary was exemplary. no name calling. no comments about the size of candidates' hands or ethnicity or how much they sweat or if they go to the bathroom. inside secret, they do. that stuff is for third graders. come on. that's like major arrested development stuff. that's -- i'm still emotionally 4 and calling people names from my gold encrusted sandbox because i was given money instead of human touch or coping tools stuff. i am proud to be a part of bernie's movement, and a vital part of that movement is making absolutely sure that hillary clinton is our next president of the united states. to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> after silverman spent several awkward minutes on stage with senator al franken after being
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told, the singer song writer made his way to the stage for a memorable and warming performance of bridge over troubled water. no art garfunkel there. that would have been real reunity. now the crew from bad lip-reading has done it again this morning, chris, and this time they've taken on ted cruz's now infamous speech at last week's republican national convention. they remixed the senator and former presidential candidate taking on donald trump. >> he put meth on my fork once, the guy's a creep. think he's cool? i bet you don't like his brows. what bugs me the most are the hair puppets. not the hair balls. i love those. they're wonderful, please don't go eat them. i call dibs. oh.
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oh. i like hair. you all are booing. i can hear it. i don't like it that i have to be here right now. if we elect this cartoon of a human, we will have made a mistake. that guy wants to party and have someone that will do the puking for him. did you hear what i said? that guy is grocer than a demon hellcat. >> ted cruz has had a rough week. that's all i have to say, chris. >> just wrong. just wrong. louis burgdorf, thank you. i'll see you over at mcgillens in a little bit. still ahead, msnbc's kasie hunt will join me in philly to set the stage for day two of the democratic national convention. we'll be back live from philly after this. before taking his team to state for the first time...
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the dust continues to settle here in philadelphia after a kind of wild day one of the democratic national convention. joining us now, msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt. so, not what they expected for day one. this bernie stuff going on, and chaotic morning, noon and night. do you think they made a turn last night, though? >> i get the sense that the push among the bernie campaign and many of the campaign staffers that have been working on trying to get this all sorted out, is that they really wanted to let
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their supporters have their moment in the sun. they were saying behind the scenes to the clinton campaign, you remember what this was like in 2008, you remember you wanted your moment. but i'm not sure that it's going to be enough, at least for tonight, only because that roll call vote that we're expecting is i think potentially going to be pretty contentious. i do think, though, that you already were seeing a shift. many of these bernie supporters that i sat with without the night in the california delegation, they were for example shouting goldman sachs at elizabeth warren. and i think there were points where they pushed the envelope a little too far. some of their fellow delegates kind of had a little bit of enough of it. and i think -- >> and sarah silverman up on the stage who, you know, bhawho has been a supporter. >> at what point does the room grapple with the fact that the democrats are nominating the first woman president and making history that way. i think that's going to have more of an impact than people are feeling right now. >> one of the big supporters suggested to me that sort of the stages of grief and it's just
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taking them a little longer to work through it. >> exactly. >> kasie hunt, thank you so much. i will see you along with "morning joe." we'll be back with a final look at last night's convention after this. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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hillary clinton knows what donald trump portrayed time and time again in this campaign, that we are not a zero sum nation. it is not you, or me. it is not one america against another american. it is you and i, together, interdependent, interconnected, with one single interwoven destiny. when we show compassion and grace, when we evidence our truth that we are the united states of america, one nation, under god, indivisible, that is when we are stronger. that is when we go from an
2:59 am
already great america, to an even greater america. >> that was part of senator cory booker's address to democrats last night. welcome back to "way too early." live from philadelphia. one of the most moving speeches at the convention came from an 11-year-old, carla ortiz, talking about what it's like to live in constant fear of her undocumented parents being deported. >> on most days i'm scared. i'm scared that at any moment my mom and my dad will be forced to leave. and i wonder, what if i come home and find it empty? hillary clinton told me that she would do everything she could to help us. she wants me to have the worries of 11-year-old, not the weight of the world on my shoulders. >> hmm.
3:00 am
karla ortiz. that's going to do it for me on "way too early." i'll be back on "morning joe" a bit later this morning. but first joe and mika pick up the coverage live from philadelphia, right now. >> god, you have given us wisdom. now give us courage for the facing of this hour. hillary clinton and tim kaine want to build an economy that works for everyone, not just the people at the top. >> i'm reminded today of all the important fights of the past 50 years. >> i have privilege to represent teachers and first responders, veterans and college students. >> she was in


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