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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 27, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton that she is ready for the job. but two, it is a rebuttal to trump. the whole idea that america is not great. you'll hear a lot of the president making the case that he is. he will acknowledge that some people haven't recovered and that is a goal that the party and the country needs to work on. but basically, the speech will be in two parts. pro hillary clinton and a rebuttal to donald trump. don't be surprised if there is a mention of russia in there. that's all for us. i'm going to hand it off to my man chris hayes. we have the convention covered all night. the deepest lineup of speakers at any convention that i can remember. stay with us. >> good evening. we are live from the third and the biggest night yet in philadelphia. i'm chris hayes.
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there is a massive night ahead. to cap off the night, president obama making his case for hillary clinton. it should be another fascinating night in a convention that already in two days has provided both drama, conflict and history. celebrating the nomination of the first female presidential candidate from a major political party in the history of the republic. joining me now, the director of speech writing for president bill clinton from 1995 to 1999 and former michigan governor, senior adviser to the pro hillary clinton super pac. let's start with what we're starting. from the president's speech, i have to say, just sheer political junkie curiosity about which way he goes on this. in some ways, there is an embarrassment of riches. in some ways he is the president of the united states and you don't want to ends up in little marco territory. which is when you wrestle with a pig, you both get messy.
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>> i think he has an important role to play. i think the first time since 1908 that a popular incumbent president has wholeheartedly endorsed the successor from his own party. this is very unusual. a real source of strength. and he can do something that she may not want to do so much in her own speech which is provide a sharp contrast. he can do it with humor, he can be very funny and cutting when he talks about donald trump. if it is really true that he is going to take on the issue of the possible russian penetration through cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, the american political party, that is a big deal in many, many ways. >> we have this, a number intelligence officials, i keep trying to be as careful and precise about this as possible. the story today, donald trump looking into the cameras and urging russia to go after hillary clinton's e-mails.
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whatever you think about any of this, it is a bizarre thing to happen. the president of the united states talking about that would vastly elevate that. that would put that on the front burner. >> i think that issue will come up tonight. i don't know whether the president will do it but it will come up. do they trays issue of what happened today or was there enough already to be able to talk about it? i don't know how much amending of speeches has to happen because there is such a build-up of a case. if you don't want someone who is going to threaten our security by partnering somebody who would jeopardize us. and i want to say, bill clinton's speech last night, i think obviously provides the human moments. but i think president obama can do some of that, too, as a colleague. >> the testimonial. we know she is strong, we know she has the policies, we know she will be tough with russia. but what is she like in the day to day? that i think he can be a
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validator for. >> especially be -- >> he we're going to haver james sanders on to talk. it struck me that so much of what this sub text that's happening if these two conventions is, you have a country that has a huge, you could do 50 bullet points on why the economy is better. you could do 50 bullet points on why a lot of people don't feel better at all. and you have a republican party that basically has thrown away its most unpopular orthodoxies. like he i't talking about it. the economic case this president makes, threading the needle between it's not a disaster and yes, i hear you when you say you don't feel economically secure. that's a tough rhetorical road to walk down. >> it is. what's interesting, you have
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both parties going through a shedding of the ideological skins. the debates we've had for 30 years have run their course. the publics have lurched very much away from where they were before. and in this campaign, a lot of the discussions, have begun to create a new democratic party approach to things that the president needs to articulate as well. but not in a way that things are terrible. >> to your point, this is a classic -- almost as if it is somebody running for re-election. you make the case that there has been incredible progress from where we were. and we know there's more of what has to happen and here are the specifics. the republicans, they have emptied out their orthodoxy and they have filled with it rhetoric and nothing more. >> they filled with it "lock her up." i sat there four days in cleveland and i was amazed. i know a lot of conservative
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people in the party and they have strong feelings about child deductible taxes, not abortion. >> they filled it also with anti-immigrant, fear mongering on crime, more dark than what we've seen in a long time. >> from sources we're learning, the president will name check donald trump multiple times. president obama -- donald trump is the opposite of president obama in so many ways. disciplined versus undisciplined. he seems uniquely situated to make the argument about this going back to that speech he gave 12 years ago on this day about what the sort of united purpose of the country is. >> i think that's exactly right. and he more than anybody is going to say, we are better than this. and that's why we've got to support hillary.
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he is so beautiful when he does it. he doesn't have to go low. he can do it going high. >> i think there will be an emotional kathy arts it is. >> you can feel it. >> you can feel people watching this development. people to have remind themselves that donald trump is on the precipice of being the leader of america, the finger on the nuclear codes, the entire state apparatus, the most entire military on the history of civilization. he is on the doorstep of that. in the wake of this person everyone feels profound affection for, there is a sub affection will come rushing out as soon as he hits the stage. >> eight years, the people in this room feel he has not embarrassed himself or the country. and that means a lot. >> thank you for being here tonight. today, bernie sanders spoke to the texas delegation, making his case against donald trump after a dramatic moment last night
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when sanders took to the convention floor to move to nominate hillary clinton as the democratic presidential nominee. >> let the convention us is fend procedural rules, i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> donald trump is the worst candidate in the modern history of this country. what makes trump different and worse is that he is a demagogue. the cornerstone of his campaign, it's not economics. the cornerstone of his campaign is bigotry.
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>> joining me now, jane sanders, the wife of bernie sanders. also the director of the sanders institute and the senior adviser in his campaign. how are you emotionally? i was watching this may out yesterday. i thought bernie sanders' brother, saw him tearing up. this was a hot of emotions in the room. he was tearing up. emotionally, what have the last 24 hours been like? >> it has been the last 15 months, we've been going, going, going. the last week or so, it has been more difficult watching, going to meet with our supporters. all the delegates. and then just being heart broken. that's the hardest part. telling them, it is not over. we are just moving into a new chapter. and together we've really created a new revolution that has moved the democratic party to the left, to be much more progressive and we've made a number of accomplishments.
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now what we need to do is to elect people up and down the ballot in the senate and the house, the state legislators and the city counsellors to make sure that the policy that's we fought so hard together for are actually implemented. >> senator sanders, i thought what he said was interesting. there is a specificity. there are two things about donald trump. just another republican. they're saying you're going to screw up. i'm in a situation when i'm viewing this person. there is a specificity for people like myself and all of you who share our values. >> absolutely. that's made it easy. it has made it easy to make the turn. it's difficult. a hard fought primary and there are differences that secretary clinton and bernie have. >> they're different people. >> we're going to keep on trying
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though. we'll keep trying to move her over. but i think that having donald trump as the nominee, i mean, he does not seem to believe in the constitution of the united states. he is dangerous. when we were talking about president obama and what a phenomenal job he's done in the last seven and a half years, we need to not only protect that but move on. keep on progress. >> i've talked to a lot of supporters this week. some people say, don't talk on me about how dangerous he is. the folks are still not sold, what is your pitch to them? >> i tell them that it is not over. the work that we did. we are going to move forward with the sanders institute, with our revolution. two organizations that will be very active and need their energy. i ask them to recognize that, and honestly, we need to tell the media and we need to tell
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the politicians that we all need on honor, that they won't turn on a dime. give them, they're sad and rightfully sad. but they're also committed people who want to help this country. it has been an honor to work alongside our supporters. we met so many wonderful people. and look out among the masses that have come. and it is impressive. they are committed to really making a difference. in a positive way. and i hope that you listen to that. they are not the names, they are not the politicians yet. they will be. but they will do it differently. they lead from the heart and they know, they know what they believe in. they stand on principles just like bernie does. so i respect them and give them time to consider it and they will come to their own decisions. and i think they will come to
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decide to support hillary clinton because if hillary clinton continues to abide by the promise that's she already made, that's how we'll get higher education that, at tuition free for public colleges and university. >> all right. thank you for being here. >> nice to be here. >> jesse jackson has just taken stage. someone who ran one of the most surprising and successful insurgent primary campaigns in the democratic history. we have much more to come tonight here in philadelphia including some big speeches happening in an hour. we'll be checking in. plus we'll talk about hillary clinton's historic moment. and donald trump's genuinely bizarre crazy invitation to russia by direct teeth hack hillary clinton's e-mail. that much more ahead. we'll take listen to jesse jackson.
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russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> at a press conference today many florida, the republican party's presidential nominee
3:19 pm
directly called on russia to cyber spy on a former secretary of state's e-mail correspondence. amid increasing signs, russia may have hacked the democratic national committee's computer servers. they now have high confidence russia was behind the theft. russia has denied involvement. meanwhile, this has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent. that is not a hyperbole. that is just the facts. this has gone from a matter of curiosity to a matter of politics to a national security issue. >> msnbc political analyst, nicole wallace. julia, what do you make of this? you're someone who has covered russia, you covered putin. what's going on? >> i think two things are dove
3:20 pm
tailing. i think the russians have been very clear about who they wants to win this election. they do not like secretary hillary clinton. they've never liked her since she said in 2011 after a fraudulent parliamentary election in russia, she said this vote is fraudulent. russians deserve to have their voices heard. putin was furious. ever since then he's hated her. trump is a guy who can deal with them. he is utterly cynical. he talks about wanting to pull america back from the world stage which means more room to maneuver with russia. so the dnc hack looks like it was done by russia and then passed over the we co wikileaks. >> i'm very skeptical of this. everyone says, trust me. i know this. >> so julian assange are
3:21 pm
portrayed as heroes. he was given a show on russia today which is the english language propaganda network when he got stuck in the ecuadorean embassy. and when he left hong kong, he didn't leave alone. he went with sarah harrison, the editor of wikileaks who accompanied him all the way to russia. and wikileaks has said to have an asylum in russia. >> let me separate out these different strands. two things are happening. one is it looks like the hackers did this. number two, donald trump directly addressing russia. i lived through the last decade. let's imagine john kerry in 2004 looking into the cameras and giving that kind of comment. republicans would have literally called for criminal prosecution.
3:22 pm
i'm not making that up. in that environment that would have been like lock him up. >> well, it's not news that trump operates well outside the norm of our politics. the following they have things are true. he likes putin. he's said nice things about putin and putin has said nice things about him. he is now according to the new york times 6 points ahead of hillary clinton so his supporters are not repelled by this. they are attracted to it. and he is in the similar position when he does things like this where his spokespeople, i was on the phone with his communications director on my way down here who is chair identifying and assuring, if the russians were already in possession of said e-mails, that they should share them. meanwhile, pence is saying russia should stay out of and it donald trump is doubling down. >> trump tweeting go ahead and hack.
3:23 pm
barack obama abandons oural size and friends and cozies up -- >> russia. >> pence said that. but pence said that within minutes of trump saying, i don't know about the baltics. asked wheree would consider crimea an invasion. i have watched democrats be thrown head first through a thresher. >> this is about the nominee. he is for withdrawing from our nato alliances. he is for allowing russia to take over the strategic fight many syria. he is for letting them keep crimea. who knows what he'll give back next? just an extraordinary pivot for lack of a better word for the republican party on matters of national security. >> in cleveland, giuliani, chris christie. obama cozied up to russia which
3:24 pm
is led by a horrible dictator. are you talking backstage at all? >> i feel like i've made this analogy before. when i watch basketball, i watch the shot clock. my husband says you're watching the wrong thing. it's possible we're watching the wrong thing. what the trump campaign wanted to do -- they have been successful. they have gone three for three with getting. they in the headlines. >> there is always this question. is all attention good attention? >> he thinks so. >> we've already gone through one news cycle, with that no good mexican has no try it tan in judgment over me. that lasted a week and that took him down 10 points. >> and now he's back. >> i'm astonished that republicans have been very muted. there are not a lot of republicans out there criticizing today's comments. paul ryan gave tepid comment. >> the still to come, we'll talk
3:25 pm
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we are back and the mayor of flint, michigan, is addressing the hall. >> today the help we need from our federal government to start rebuilding our drinking water infrastructure still sits blocked in the republican controlled u.s. congress. i am a voice for flint and we need your help. do you know who has also heard the call from flint? hillary clinton. she came to flint when the water
3:29 pm
crisis hit. she joined with our community groups, our civic leaders and our churches. hillary said, i will do everything i can to help you get back up and to help you get your strength and resilience flowing through flint again. with direct help from hillary clinton's team, the flint water works program is now putting the young adults of flint into new jobs and rebuilding their own community. hillary's wonderful daughter chelsea even came to flint to bring people together to start this work and to create new opportunities for our families. a month later, hillary clinton came back to flint again and called out to say that lead poisoning, broken infrastructure and struggling cities are a national crisis. not just a flint crisis.
3:30 pm
she made a commitment that as president, she will work for a lead-free america. and that's why i am with her. >> as mayor of flint, michigan, addressing the crowd here, tammy baldwin from wisconsin and senator debby, i start with you. what happened in flint was a human rights disaster. >> absolutely. >> it is and continues to be just an unthinkable gross failure. where are we now? this to me, this speech highlights the stakes in some ways of what government does and doesn't do. what's going on there? >> well, first of all, the state has not stepped up, shockingly, to fix what they broke. and this is really an example of the different philosophy between democrats and republicans.
3:31 pm
republicans decided to save a little money, $100 a day, by not treating the water that caused all of this to happen, among other things. then they fought the epa and said it was over government regulations to follow the state drinking water act and they're still not coming in. okay. democrat president barack obama. we called on him and he immediately decides to make it a disaster, an emergency, and within what he can do is increase health care to all children, age 21 and mental health care, job training, nutrition programs. so everything he can do is done. the one piece that has to be done congressionally is passing something to happen. >> and they have not appropriated that money. >> they have not. although i have to say that we do have bipartisan support in the senate to do this. so i'm grateful for that. but what should be now being
3:32 pm
done is republican governor in the state of michigan. and they have not yet gave a sense of emergency about this to fix the water. it is really outrageous. >> senator baldwin, i want to may with you some comments about hillary clinton, in the midst of this historic moment. let's take a look. >> madam president -- i don't want to hear that. do i want to hear it eventually. i want to see a woman become president but it can't be her. she is a disaster. she'll set you back a long way, women, if that happens. it will be a long time before it happens again. you'd better be careful what you wish for. a woman president will take you back long way. that this will be -- >> so first of all, we have two conventions. is looking backward, ours is looking forward. theirs is about fear and anger.
3:33 pm
ours is about hope for the future and the next generation. but my goodness. also, we're seeing history being made and i'm thinking so much last night and looking forward to tomorrow, all the next generation will watch this and say to themselves, anything is possible. and think such hopeful things about their future. >> what you said about the different themes of these two conventions is very clear. in fact, i've been surprised given the amount of awful material there is. you could do eight hours of anti-trump programming a night. is there a risk that the democrats are in sort of this hopeful rainbow coalition kind of vision that has been stitched together here, missing a fundamental sense of unease, distrust, frustration and anger in america?
3:34 pm
>> i believe that first of all, we're going to be hearing more and more contrast tonight and tomorrow as it relates to the two visions of america. and we also know, as people who fight every day. and have watched, as you know, everything we've tried to do to help the middle which is a and create jobs and people and so on. that what we need is hillary clinton to take us the rest of the way to get the job done so that everybody is feeling this recovery. so there is a story to tell about what we believe and about what they believe, and the bottom line is, they don't believe, now that wall street is fixed. they don't think they have to do anything else. infrastructure programs, creating jobs, equal pay, the cost of college. wall street is doing well. the folks at the top are doing well and they think that's enough. >> so whutss about your republican colleagues in the
3:35 pm
senate. my sense is their vision of how the economy and the government work together are very different than trump who don't seem very interested. he is guaranteed border security, national front style. he doesn't seem to care about marginal tax breaks. is it weird, that disconnect? >> it certainly is. in some ways i think he doesn't know how it works. we heard that quote during the republican convention that when they were vetting vice presidents, they were saying this will be the strongest vice presidency around. they would run the domestic policy ask the foreign policy. trump will be out there making america great again. this is incredible that you have somebody who knows so it will, statement after statement. and so i think that is showing up very clearly at our convention.
3:36 pm
>> going back to what you talked about before. more cheer today is the fact that he is unfit to be commander in chief. when the speaker of the house calls russia a global menace today and calls putin a great leader. >> don't hold your breath. thank you very much. all right. live from philadelphia on the third night of the democratic national convention. . more ahead including my interview with former attorney general eric holder standing right here. he will be with me shortly. i approve this message.
3:37 pm
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ask your doctor about victoza®. >> i'm proud to say i stand with her. because i've seen that she has the skills to serve as commander in chief and the strength to lead our already great nation in this hour of challenge. did you hear what i said? already great nation. donald, did you hear me? already great nation. >> joining me now, eric holder. i have to start with the russia stuff. you were ahead of the department of justice involved in lots of classified briefings. what is your reaction to a major
3:41 pm
party nominee? telling russia to -- >> it is incomprehensible to me an american would tell russia to hack a private citizen's accounts. to and s what is hard to believe, this is the nominee for the republican party. it is hard for me to wrap my mind around. i don't say this lightly. i think this disqualifies him to be commander in chief. >> do you walk around with a knot in your stomach about this? >> way he has tried to build a winning margin by dividing the american people and what that would mean, the middle of january, 2017 going forward. i think he has done damage to
3:42 pm
the nation already. so yeah. he makes me nervous to be he might be the next leader of this great country. >> you saw the chance of lock her up and a fairly helder theory. that james comey is fundamentally lying to the american people when he said this was done by the book. it is complicit in a grand conspiracy to prevent hillary clinton from facing criminal sanctions. >> i have total faith in james comey's ability, loretta lynch's ability and that i know the career people at the justice department and the fbi made a determination on the facts ask the law. and that's the way it has always been. except in those instances, there is no basis to conclude that's the case here. and this is just more of the trump campaign and the republican party, i think, more
3:43 pm
generally. ignoring the facts, and trying to make political game from whatever they can. >> new york mayor giuliani said he would be in favor of forcing muslims on the terrorism watch list to wear electronic monitoring tags to track them. if you're on the muslim terror watch list, you're on there for a reason. >> that's pretty interesting coming from rudy. he doesn't take into account the great surveillance capabilities that we have and that we use and that are already in place. i'm not going to go into all the details but shows a basic i go nornls of where our government is now and the capabilities we have. >> that's a straight answer i thought would you say that sounds wildly unconstitutional. instead you're saying we're already doing that. >> i'm not saying we're doing that in an unconstitutional way
3:44 pm
but we're doing what we need to do to keep the american people safe. if this is a basis for surveillance or things greater than surveillance, you can take those steps. but you have to operate within the confines of the constitution. and that proposal, that's just silly. that's pandering and that is election year. an election year statement. >> mayor michael bloomberg will be addressing the crowd later tonight. the mayor has a policy. the new york city police department surveiled muslims in new york. and we have all sorts of crazy stories, going on rafting trips. the whistle blower saying this is a waste of money. what message does it stoenld those folks at home that he will be here addressing the national convention? i think what we have to focus on are the form.
3:45 pm
and the recognition that racial profiling doesn't work. it makes you use your limited resources in inappropriate ways. >> can you understand how some watching this would feel offended by that? >> i'm not sure we can tie all that to him specifically. but i would hope that to the extent that he was involved in that kind of decision making, i would hope that he would rethink that and say those policies were inappropriate. >> the final question for you. we're several years as a black hives matter movement. the rolling coverage about policing. we've seen horrible violence. we've seen, of course, hundreds of people shot and killed by police, sometimes unarmed. what can you say about what has concretely changed since michael brown was killed? >> i think the dialogue that didn't exist before is now something has gripped this
3:46 pm
nation. that's significant. that will be the basis for concrete action. i think we've changed the view in which people thought for so long that people of color, when they were complaining about these kinds of things, were doing so without any basis. they have raised the consciousness of the nation. from that comes concrete steps and i think we'll see that. and i think we will especially see that if hillary clinton is elected president of the united states. >> the form he attorney general eric holder. thank you for being here. >> much more after this break. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself.
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joining me now, wenty davis, former state senator of texas, good to have you guys here. tonight you've got the president of the united states, joe biden,
3:50 pm
tim kaine. here's what i found interesting. the cleveland convention was all about base building. it was really remarkable. there was so little effort to remarkable. there were little efforts to sa sort of say, what are the constituents and how we reach out to them. >> you know 51% of the peop people -- he still got a balance. how do you understand this convention for the democrats of the context of the obama coalition broadly. >> i mean for me, i have to say looking at president obama's record, we are aware that president obama sported more than 2 million people. now, it is a question of do we want to get supported under
3:51 pm
president trump or do we support hillary clinton with promise that she will stop the bleeding and try to stop the bleeding and as promise having some sort of immigrati immigration bill and continue of what president obama has done. >> i am one of the five million people, yes. >> and so you are in texas. >> there is sort of a rising democratic electric there. creating this sort of majority party that democrats agree at the presidential level. it is a tougher thing to build that thing locally. >> we don't know if hillary clinton can carry off. it is not easy. >> it is definitely not easy.
3:52 pm
it is a huge challenge. what the message is in this convention, juxtapose of what we saw last week is a party of ideas and diverse and inclusiveness, every perspective has been represented in this stage. it is an invitation to america to look at this party as a place where they can call home. a lot of people are not feel that the republican party is a place they can call home anymore, not under the message of donald trump and the message that came out of that convention that week. >> charlie, when i first started, everything of the democratic party was basically how do we get those men back and the entire crafting of it. in some way politically brilliant of getting elected was how do we get them back in the democratic party. now, it is a change demographically, this democratic party is unrecognizable from
3:53 pm
1992. >> i began earlier than you did. first campaign i covered was 1979-80. the reagan people crafted their message fairly and unfairly, i might add. to draw those people away. are they feeling a betattle? i am sure they are. >> i am sure they are aware of that as the presidency jimmy carter came crashing down. i think what's happened here is that the people are being presented with a sharp choice. would you like all of this, it is all yarn of ideas or do you want what you saw last week which is basically telling you what you are afraid of and telling you you're right to be afraid of and giving you some sort of ironclad made that won't be solved. >> plaquer and women of all
3:54 pm
races. so what's left in this country? how much change is taken? we are seeing, not a lot. i want to listen to a retiring senator from nevada, senator harry reid. thank you very much. [ cheers ] thank you very much. thank you, thank you. >> you know i spent a lot of time in the republican senate,
3:55 pm
it is nice to be in a world that respects reasons and facts. [ cheers ] >> i appreciate the tribute, i really do. i appreciate the tribute but anything that i have accomplished in the senate, i owe it to the great teammates i have. my democratic senate caucus, nancy pelosi in the house. [ applause ] >> president barack obama. [ applause ] vice president joe biden. [ applause ] and a never ending tribute to our next president, hillary clinton. [ applause ] as a team, we fought for affordable health care, it is a
3:56 pm
right and not a privilege. we fought for the idea to get the deal for wall street's bad debt. as a team, we fought for the promise that your hard end security is a safe end trust. donald trump wants to put insurance companies back in charge of your health. donald trump and mike pence wants to let big banks running wild again and donald trump and pike pence wants to gamble your requirement in the stock markets. republicans nt to tear down the pillars of middle class. we won't let that happen. [ applause ] i have never seen anything like
3:57 pm
mitch mcconnell and what he's done to our democracy. >> his republican party, his american dreams is to slander our americans. of course, wars against women. in other words, the only thing that mitchell mcconnell has accomplished is setting the stage for hate and con man, donald trump. when trump decided to run for president, he probably said to himself, i am an ego maniac. i don't believe in sincience, i think women are in figuferior. >> parents, you are right to worry about your children hearing what comes out of donald
3:58 pm
trump's mouth. republicans, you should be careful also because donald trump learned it from watching you. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> you know what they say, they believe in country's first, what a joke. republicans won't stand up to trump but even one thing and one thing only, party fisrst. 2016 they have gone further, nominating the poster child of me first. trump knew that hateful rhetoric and dangerous policies are on their way to win. that's not how you win in america. that's not how america wins in the world. democrats know we win with the economy of the works for everybody. with a strong, smart, national
3:59 pm
security, our values are allies and does not invite a cyber attack in our country. we know winning is a work of a team. with hillary clinton in the white house and a majority in the senate, democrats are keep fighting for immigration reforms that keeps america true and clean energy that keeps americans strong a a supreme court that keeps america justice. and, background checks for gun buyers and assault weapons banned keeping america safe. [ applause ] >> that was minority leader harry reid of nevada, our coverage is just getting started here on the third night of the democratic national convention of philadelphia. huge speakers coming up including vice president, joe biden and tim kaine and michael bloomberg and capping off tonight, president obama. i will see you again tomorrow at
4:00 pm
6:00 p.m. eastern for more special coverage, our coverage continues in just a moment with brian williams, rachel maddow and chris williams. democrat gathering i


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