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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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6:00 p.m. eastern for more special coverage, our coverage continues in just a moment with brian williams, rachel maddow and chris williams. democrat gathering in the
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area. today senator tim kaine made it official, he became the official nominee of this gathering for vice president. tonight he will accept the nomination in his speech. he saw him briefly in the arena this afternoon. good evening, to you once again, brian williams here along with rachel maddow along at our head quarters in new york. we will hear a lot from our commandeering chief on a day that the democrats received fresh al in addition from donald trump. >> part of it is about tim kaine and other big part is about national security and foreign policy and military and the wars. and while the democrats are focusing on that one of the lineup tonight, the republican candidate out of press conference this morning, his golf resort in florida gave
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territory that nobody expected him to cover and did something unprecedented of any stature and led alone a presidential candidate. watch. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded by our press. lets see if that happens. that'll be next. >> asking a foreign government to hack into a system of anybody in this country. >> listen to the president, let the president talk. >> no. mr. trump. you said the russians -- you said i welcome them to find those 30,000 e-mails. >> well, they probably have them, i would like to have them released. >> hey, you know, there needs to be more pause that a person in our government crooked hillary
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clinton, i know you want to save her. that impersonate in our government katy would delete or get rid of 33,000 e-mails. that gives me a big problem. > >> donald trump with our nbc's katy tur in florida. she was not joking. he invited russia to please hack into u.s. government documents or into secretary clinton's to find those 30,000 deleted e-mails. that's an unprecedent thing and that's been a whole separate line of news today. >> for a reality check, we have witnessed here and we have asked a frequent contributor of ours to join us. our intelligence officer for the u.s. government and special
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operations and homeland security and worked as a u.s. navy breaker and the author of the book "defeating isis." malcolm, what is the impact of those words that donald trump used today? >> to be quite honest, i am really stoked. this is unprecedented of what happened today. i don't believe ever in the history of the united states have a president candidate or anyone in the united states ever advocated for a hostile foreign intelligence agency to actually infiltrate or release data that they have potentially stolen from a u.s. citizen or a u.s. gun shot facility or server. you know to marry that up with the least that's happening this week so they can get information out in a blatantly office political warfare/cyber operation that's occurring in the united states. it is water gate with a cyber
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twist that's run by the intelligence services. i cannot believe that any of this is happening. >> previcisely that's why we invited you to come with us tonight malcolm nance, thank you very much for being with us to start our coverage. >> chris mathews with the interim chair of dnc. >> chris mathews. >> thank you, i never heard anything like this. what are your reactions? first of all of the fairly established fact that the russians, the defense intelligence and their agency hacking in the dnc and deciding to release on the eve of this convention, what are your reactions of that? >> i am outraged of this. >> i am also outraged in the
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fact that the russians did this and they're trying to object themselves in our political process to help clear the opponent, the republicans. i am outraged they have gone in our system and as a result, they corrupted our database and as you all know with the selective chair picking and of these e-mails causing severe damage. we have to reconstruct our system making sure it does not happen again. it is time to vote. >> right. >> they tap into our financial system and data bank and research bank and our add min e administratives. we are working closely to make sure this stuff does not happen
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again. >> donald trump have a greater hate of hillary clinton than having concerns of someone being on their side, how is that striking? >> i want to join with mr. nance, i have never seen a political party or a leader encouraging a foreign leader, a thug, at that to inject himself in the government of political warfare. >> i hope there is consequences to donald trump's actions. >> great to have you with us madame chair. >> hey, rachel. >> let me ask you, the content of those e-mails but the fact that the dnc were able to be hacked. should we expect more people to be fired or more resignations at the dnc either because the security breach is able to happen or the content of those e-mails. >> you can imagine when we were briefed two months ago on the
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situation, we were told that it was only a few weeks that they have been in our system and that we had change our ip address and on the advising guidance of our cyber security experts. what we have learned is that, this was months and months of materials that's been hacked and selective information and links and we are going to braise ourselves to not only get to the bottom of it but i want to reassure the staffs and our donors and activators and our secretary clinton, we are going to do everything possible to make sure that we have the strongest possible system going forward. there is no question that we'll see a lot more e-mails over the next couple of days and weeks. >> you expect that of that information that was obtained from dnc server, there are more
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to come. hassan admitted he has tied these links on hillary clinton and who he regards o f a personal enemy of his. do you think there are more to come the next few days. >> i don't know mr. julian at all but i can tell you what i know from listening to security experts, they got a lot of data and a lot of information and a lot of information that, of course, we do not want to share. when you are a strategist, you advise the campaign, some of the stuff could be potentially damaging to our efforts to win. i believe that we are going to rebound from this and rachel, as you well know, i have managed campaigns and i know a lot of the dnc and i know the staffs very well. i am going to work with them and get to the bottom of it and hold
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them accountable to a very tough standard and before i start throwing anybody under the bus, i want to have an opportunity to sit down and work with them and find out what's going on. >> 2004, barack obama spoke to a convention like this. >> yes, here he is tonight, not only as a two-term president, now he's a guy, he's coming in here as a validater of the next president to talk about prestige, talk about it. >> he's going to give a personal testimony of hillary clinton of her resolve and brilliance. he knows her. >> it was 2003 who came around to many activists who say, you
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got to work with her. he's a real deal. a year later, he was a keynote speaker. her and barack obama has a tremendous amount of respect for one another. tonight, you want the president to talk about her and the leadership that she will bring to the united states of america as the next commandeering chief. >> my second time. >> you are so good they're go. g they're going to keep you. >> oh. >> a lot of interim chairs. that's great, thank you. >> thank you to chris and our chairwoman in louisiana. >> i am sprooshe's been interime before and this is her second time as interim chair. she's a tried and tested hand at the helm right now. lets talk about florida senator, bill nelson a democratic from the state of florida, a former astronaut, a
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man who was thrust in the news for a terrible reason after the shootings in orlando. and a man who's been listening careful li todly today because on service, peter alexander, is standing by him. >> reporter: senator, your initial thoughts to what donald trump said today of the russia and affecting and encouraging russia cyber espionage. >> for mr. trump to encourage our enemies to conduct espionage in america, i think that's very damaging to his campaign. >> reporter: earlier you said the word "lethal." >> why is this one any
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different? >> i think when you go over the line encouraging the invasion of americans privacy or allowing an enemy to go into government records and saying reduce what you stole with your intelligence operation of russia by hacking into dnc computers, i think that crosses the line. i think it can be potentially lethal to his campaign. >> senator nelson, we appreciate your time, nice to visit with you. enjoy this evening. brian and rachel, back to you. thank you, lets go to nicole. here you have this latest kind of eruption from the trump campaign during the democratic convention, what is it saying about any of it and does it say anything about the deaths of
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outrage, because what senator nelson just said, it should be fatal to the trump campaign. guess what we know about this? it won't be fatal to the trump campaign. >> reporter: yeah, i called his political chemo a long time ago, some of his supporters needing a strong enough medicine to carry the political body. this is really an astounding development and what shocks me the most is there are no republicans really coming out and condemning these comments. i heard from republicans sort of the policy accomplishments and one of them were from fox news, sometimes as we look at the wrong thing whene talk about donald trump. this is only half of the contribution. they felt they had a great day today because their goal when they woke up this morning was to knock off hillary clinton and
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barack obama off the top of the news and on that task, they were successful. >> taking the podium now is jaime dorf. >> thank you, i will never forget the moment i heard that patrick's hoelicopter did not return. the partner i loved, gone. >> my daughter's father taken away forever. i never felt more squared or alone as i did then. i wonder what christmas and birthdays would look like but half a country away, the united states senator was looking out for me and count less others like me. >> her name was hillary clinton. before hillary clinton took off, the families of fallen soldiers received $12,000.
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and kwyet when you need to marr our best friend or raise a child on your own and when you need to rebuild your life from rubble, 12,000 does not go far. hillary clinton understd so she does something about it. without fuss orphan fair, she works across party lines and led congress increasing benefits to $100,000. it made all the difference in the world. looking back on it, i didn't even realize who was responsible and when i did learn of hillary's work. i didn't see her as a democratic or republican. i simply saw a fighter for people like us. for families like mine. she stood up for her principles that a family's personal tragedy must not be a financial tragedy as well. today my daughter is finishing high school. she's completing my degree, in
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emergency crisis management, committed to serving my country in the best way that i can. our family is making it st step-by-step and day-by-day. hillary clinton has fought for families like mine each and everyday of her career. this is a woman who he is lise cannot be any different than my own but who have stood with my family over and over again. hillary has always been with me in bad times and worst. that's why i am with her. thank you. [ applause ] >> a wife and widow, lost her husband over seas. this is in part, apart of the night ahead, a lot of personal stories going after the themes
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of the evening, accommodating of the theme of being the next commandeering chief. our first break, we'll be back with much more of our live coverage from the convention of philadelphia right after this.
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welcome back and just to remind you, a huge lineup of speakers, perhaps, the most consequential and impact fu aim. interestingly, michael bloomberg will be among the speakers tonig tonight, he will talk about hillary clinton and we expect to talk quite negatively about donald trump. we'll hear from taim kaine and joe biden and last but not least, the current president,
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barack obama. all of it, ahead, chris mathews has our special guest, court side, chris. >> reporter: of the intellect, what do you think of the story of donald trump publicly asking russian leaders to hack in clinton's e-mails. i am not used to it. i think for voters in montgomery and northern virginia and out of denver, it is not helpful. it likes unstable. chaos and confusions dominating oxygen. i don't think it will help. >> last night i sat here flyers
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being headed out says "making change." here we are in july and almost august, all of a sudden, hillary clinton, and hillary clinton got that title for him. >> i don't think she needs to. >> it is definitely a volatile election. i think she has to show the legacy where she's different from him. now, neither candidates have really d delivered a compelling message. democrats being as passionate as
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winning as donald trump losing. >> trump really has not done that other than building the wall. great. >> what is hillary clinton trying to do and what you heard of her campaign of the woman living in the suburbs. >> you know they care about education. they care about women's health issues and the environment. they also care about the economic issues. you want to person to think, hillary clinton has a decision to make. it is going to be like people like me in mind. we did an effective job punishing romney with economic -- one that the middle class can trust. >> she got to do that. last night, i thought she did that. all these witnesses who said she cared about me when she was in the hospital.
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i thought it was a great roster. >> what's said by others, she's really the least well known person. barack obama tonight is going to talk a lot about her and the hillary clinton that he knows and her history as well. >> you have watched donald trump, the white house's correspondence e-mails, the danger of the president coming down on trump. >> well, i think you know elections are our choice. >> he's going to spend most of his time talking about her. trump fills the room. he's got to address that. >> he has to do it with a light touch. again, he feels strongly about this selection and having served
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in the white house and it is in conceivable like someone like donald trump will serve as our president. back to you guys, rachel and brian. chris mathews. thanks. lets bring in our friends, david schmidt. gentlemen, it is good to have you here. it is kind of a theme. >> number one is the over point of this evening is to nominate tim kaine as the vice president. the other thing that's going on is we'll hear from both president, obama and vice president biden. this is the question of the legacy and handing off the baton of who'll be the next democratic president and this other thing of tonight's speakers and reflected by today's news made
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by donald trump inviting russia to hack american's servers. of those three, what's the most suspend tonight? >> elections are always about a choice, a choice that involves of change than verses the same. hillary clinton has been on the public stage, center stage longer than any candidate in america history considering making a president has a heavy burden to be a change candidate. tonight look for disquali disqualifications of donald trump. donald trump is unstable and incompetent and unfit fob the commandeering chief and the president of the united states. they have hitters on the stage
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tonight to deliver that. >> we are effectixpecting that p panetta and bloomberg. >> donald trump serves a hanging curveball for that effort tonight. i think his intentions and i watched the washington post this afternoon of the news conference is trying to steal the news cycle for everybody to be talking about donald trump. well, he got that. he got it in a way where it is deeply unhelpful for him. this is something that people get don't ask the russians to commit espionage and reveal a content of the former secretary clinton's e-mails or whatever. >> i think it is potentially
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damaging. so i am not going that far. it is not true that. >> we know that. >> it is not true. i think this is bad publicity. >> i find it fascinating that tim kaine is like the sweeper story of the day. you don't have any idea expecting of tim kaine. >> we saw mike pence very much over shadowing him and it will be interesting the see whether or not tim kaine is able to grab some of that spotlights going on. >> he's got to bring it. >> joe biden and barack obama, both of them are going to bring down the house. so he's got to bring his a plus game >> all right, before we sleep, we'll go to a break. >> that's true. i should not say that word. we'll come to break and when we come back, jerry brown, among our speakers.
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welcome back, we are waiting for r tthe remarks of californi governor, jerry brown, the unique figure and extraordinary who has an interesting history, lets put it that way with the clintons.
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>> you put it on the surface level, he's the four term and incredibly popular and ran for president himself. it makes sense he's speaking at at the convention. the story is he's speaking at the convention that nominated hillary clinton. when he ran in 1992, he did very well against bill clinton who got the nomination. the fight between them was so acrimonous. jerry brown went to the convention and spoke for 20 minutes and never mentioned bill clinton's name and it was burn down fighting. >> he's funding money to his wife's law firm for state's business. i don't care what you said about me but you ought to be ashamed
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of myself. >> i will tell you something mr. clinton. >> don't try to escape. >> why are you shocked by it. >> history between jerry brown and bill clinton in particular is spiky. >> spiky. >> him speaking tonight is going t to be an interesting moment. joining us with a little more perspective is the great steve ambassad cornacki. can you explain to us the significant of having jerry brown tonight. >> jerry brown has his entire political career is a subject of a great book of history some day. you go all the way back to 1970s, he was very young in his 30s elected for governor in california. he was the hottest thing in politics that nearly stole the nomination from jimmy carter and
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ran again in 1908 and 1982 and cam back. he ran sort of a bernie sanders' style. >> he refused to endorse bill clinton of the campaign of that fall. jerry brown did what he's done throughout his career. he wasn't back to california and he became an innovative mayor of the city of oakland and the internal general in california and he made another run as governor after 30 years. that's what brought about jerry brown being in the convention tonight >> in 2010, remember it was a big republican year nationally. jerry brown was a little worried he may have trouble winning and 9/11 tand even in the blue state of california. he made a peace. jerry brown in 2010 got bliill
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clinton do come out there to campaign for him. some people looking at it thinking it is a turning point. of course, he supported her in the primary in california a couple months ago. this will be the first democratic convention in 24 years, the first time since his name is placed in nomination in july. jerry brown will address the national on ven nation national convention. it will be the convention that nominated his opponent's wife. >> we are going back in democratic political history and picking up a stitch, going back and finding the unusual and next chapter. what we don't know is how he's going to make the case going forward for hillary clinton and what kind of role he will have. >> it is easy to forget at times
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that he's known to 40 plus million people as governor. if you are a young kid in california, you would not be blamed thinking he's the almost permanent governor in california. the context of his appearance which starts in a moment which we'll bring you live, a film walla was introduced by weaver and de deals with environmental topics. jerry brown gets introduced to theonvention in philadelphia. [ applause ] >> thank you.
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[ cheers ] >> as we just saw -- that sounds good. again, i think i only got five minutes so i got to get going here. >> as we just saw climate change is unlike any other threat we humans face. it is over arching and affecting our entire earth at all living things. it is slow. it is relent less and to a tipping point of vast unknowns. preventing climb chanate changeg heroic efforts on the part of many people. climate change isra real >> the vast majority of world
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leaders like scientists like nasa and the department of defen defense, indeed, anyone who chooses to believe in the climate of science change to see the imperative to take action. but, you would not know it by listening to donald trump. last week at the republican convention for 76 long and painful minutes, trump contradict a host of dark threats but never once mention the words "climate change" or "global warming." what do you expect? >> trump says "global warming is a hoax." i say trump is a fraud.
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[ cheers ] trump says there is no trump in california. i say trump lies. [ cheers ] >> so it is not surprising that trump -- a man who denies such a thing of evolution, literally in america history of two parties, even a know nothing, of the immigrant party of the 1850s did not get this far in the sheer ignorance. our candidate hillary clinton could not be more different while trump talks and talks and talks, hillary clinton does stuff. she fights for us on big issues.
4:42 pm
as secretary of state, she leads the way for her claims and agreements. an agreement which 200 nations including china and india, enthusiastically embrace. hillary clinton is the one who launched the climate and clean air coalition. cau and for her first day in office, president hillary clinton will do what's needed to combat climate change and lead the clear air revolution. yes, we do need a revolution. and we are going to get one. we know something about that in california. we have solar, wind, fuel
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efficient cars and energy efficiency. we are proving that even with a toughest climate laws in the country, our economy in california is growing faster than almost any nation in the whole world. [ cheers ] >> mr. trump and those who live in climate denials say otherwise. they tell us we have to choose in saving the economy or saving the planet. donald trump and the climb deniers are dangerously wrong. what we need is not divisions but common purpose. that's why we need hillary clinton. that's why the american people will choose her as our next president of the united states.
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thank you. >> california's governor jerry brown. the longest serving governor in california, he did not do it once, he served two terms. his second term after being brought back in office by california voters. something o f a change in subject now, another of the themes of this evening. this is the noted producer, lee daniels. we'll talk about gun violence in this country. i am here because the next president of the united states, invited me. [ applause ] >> i was a little scared at first. i wonder if hillary clinton really knew who i was. not just the work i do in entertainment but who i really am.
4:45 pm
who is lee daniels? does she know what my sister is under house arrest? does she know that my brother is in jail? does she know that my feonephewe in jail and my cousin is in and out of jail. my father was a police officer shot and murdered right here in philadelphia when i was 15-year-old. does she know that i have been to jail? that's the america i know and still i rise. [ applause ] it hit me like a brick. hillary knows me, she knows me. and that's what gave me the
4:46 pm
courage to come and speak in front of y'all tonight. [ applause ] >> hillary has stood with families of people who died due to gun violence. she has helped turn their heart aches into actions. i wish she was around for me when my dad died. hillary understands our right to bear guns but to stop guns getting in the wrong hands. [ applause ] you guys. 33,000 americans die each year from gun violence, that's 90 people a day. enough.
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[ applause ] we need to take action and we need to take action now. there is only one candidate willing to take on gun violence -- there is only one candidate willing to take on the gun lobby and keep our families safe. i am bad at this teleprompter stuff. millenials who come from where i come from who does not think you have a voice, you do. and there ain't no choice. this is the most important election of our lifetime. [ applause ] come november, vote for her. may god bless you, hillary
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clinton. god bless america. [ applause ] next, we'll hear from some survivors of the orlando shootings. >> it takes about five minutes for a church bell to ring 49 times. i know this because last month my son christopher, his boyfriend juan, and 47 others were murdered at a club in
4:49 pm
orlando. christopher was my only child. as i used to tell him, you cannot do better than perfect. [ applause ] he had so many friends, two of them are here tonight representing hundreds and hundreds more. all his life he brought people together. in high school he won the anne frank humanitarian award for starting the gay straight alliance, humanitarian. christopher's grandparents met and fell in love in a japanese
4:50 pm
camp. so, it was in his dna that love always [ crowd chanting love over hate ] christopher, christopher was a big hillary supporter. that's why i'm here so that i can tell you about the day he was born.
4:51 pm
at the time, i was a michigan state trooper. when i went into labor, the hospital put my off-duty gun in a safe. i didn't argue. i know common sense gun policies save lives. the weapon that murdered my son fires 30 rounds in 1 minute. and an orlando city commissioner pointed out the terrible math. one minute for a gun to fire so many shots, five minutes for a bell to honor so many lives.
4:52 pm
i'm glad common sense gun policy was in place the day christopher was born, but where was that common sense the day he died? i never want you to ask that question about your child. that's why i support hillary clinton.
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>> next up after that emotional moment for this convention and the people watching, just a mother's testimony. we're going to hear from connecticut senator chris murphy. he was, in plain english, just another lawmaker, part of the new england delegation until the sandy hook school shootings and he has now taken the lead on this subject. >> thank you very much. thank you. there are days when i wish i hadn't been there. there are moments when i try to forget the things that i saw, the things that i heard that soul-crushing morning at the firehouse in sandy hook, connecticut. the grief, the unending mind-altering, paralyzing sorrow that comes with losing a child to gun violence, it is
4:54 pm
unimaginable. and only those who live it know it. in newtown, connecticut, families of 20 first graders and their 66 six teachers, they live with it every minute of every day. across the country each day, unbelievably, 90 families join them. my oldest son is the same age as those kids in sandy hook. he just finished first grade. my wife and i are the same age as those parents and i am furious. i am furious that in three years -- in three years since sandy hook, three years of almost daily bloodshed in our cities, the republican congress has done absolutely nothing to prevent the next massacre. it stokes inside me a sense of outrage that i've never felt before and that's what drove me to stand on the floor of the
4:55 pm
united states senate for 15 hours to demand change. and i'm here -- and i'm here today because i want a president who shares that same sense of outrage. outrage that the gun lobby fights to keep open glaring loopholes that 90% of americans want closed. outrage a suspected terrorist can walk into a gun store and walk out with a military-style semiautomatic weapon. hillary clinton didn't have to make fighting gun violence the centerpiece of her campaign, frankly, i'm sure people told her that it wasn't worth the political risk. but she held firm. she stood up to the nra and hillary clinton pledged to take washington back from the gun lobby.
4:56 pm
and donald trump, and donald trump, when he sees gun violence devastating our communities, it's just like everything else, he sees it as an opportunity. another opportunity to convince americans that they should fear one another. another opportunity to do the bidding of the gun lobby. listen, 90% of americans want it expanded, so dangerous weapons don't fall into the wrong hands. trump says in his first hour in the oval office, he'll roll back safeguards that we already have and even more sinister, trump said by the end of his first day in office, he'll mandate that every school in america allow guns in their classroom. think about that for a moment. of all of the things that donald trump could have promised to do on his first day in office, he chose weakening background checks and putting guns in
4:57 pm
elementary schools. this -- this is a fate that we cannot accept. and so my friends, there is no reason to feel helpless about the horrifying trajectory of cascading massacres, because you know what, we can change this. smart gun policy like background check, it can make this country safer. now, i stood on the floor of the united states senate for 15 hours because i had had enough. enough of children dying in our classrooms. enough of the nightly bloodshed on our city streets. enough of our police officers being outgunned, ambushed and cut down in the line of duty. i've had enough. and friends, it is time to take washington back from the gun lobby. and i know just how to do it.
4:58 pm
i want you to start. i want you to start by texting the word "laws" to 47246. you're going to learn about the dangerous loops in our gun laws, turn yourself into an activist then you're going to go and elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states because she is a leader who has the empathy and the guts to declare with every fiber in her being that we have had enough. thank you. >> my wedding was one of the last things i planned with my mom. it was a very bittersweet day because it's just all one big reminder of the giant hole where she used to be.
4:59 pm
my mom was my best friend. my mom was very much the type of principal who knew the name of every child in that school. she knew their siblings and knew their parents and she probably could tell you how many dogs and what breed they were. the morning of december 14th i got an emergency alert that said there's a shooting at sandy hook. i grabbed my purse and i grabbed my keys and i just went storming to the car. i just kept thinking, this isn't real. you know, like, i knew that i was going to wake up from a bad dream. and we waited and waited and waited and they told us if you're in this room, it's because your family member's not coming out. and it wasn't until the first time i saw it in writing, age
5:00 pm
47, dawn lafferty, female, deceased, cause of death, multiple gunshot wounds, that i realized my mom didn't die. my mom was murdered. and that made me angry. and that made me act. hillary clinton is the only candidate that has what it takes to take on the gun lobby. no one is fighting harder to reform our gun laws than hillary. she reminds me of my mother. she isn't scared of anything. that's why i believe in her. that's why millions of other americans believe in her. there's finally someone who can change things. >> please welcome erica


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