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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 29, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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[ cheers ]
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day four of the final night of the democratic national event. a big speech by the nominee, hillary clinton. o our founders embraced, the enduring truth that we are stronger together. america needs every one of us to land our energy and talents and ambiti ambition, to making our nation stronger and better. the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. our country's motto is out of many, we are one. we'll defend all our rights, civil rights, human rights and voting rights and women rights and workers' rights and lgbt right and the rights of people with disabilities. you have to keep working to make things better even when the odds
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are long and the opposition is fierce. wow, you know hillary clinton don't get in trouble for quoting somebody else if you get the footnotes. she threw it out there. >> as i always say, nothing to fear but herself >> that would have been a problem. >> we are here in philly. [ cheers ] >> i am up here, i follow the city in every sports and i root for the phillies to make 500 this year. >> we love 500. havoc we always won, i don't know why. >> but, i am so proud because it gets over looked and i hate it. the city had the spotlight on it
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and it looked great. hal anyway, this convention compares to the one in cleveland was not even close. cleveland was just -- we tried. >> no energy. >> it was just something like, i was saying a word and it was slow. >> the highlight was donald trump summarizing every h hysterical tweet. >> his speech, he yelled the whole time. he yelled the whole hour and a half. >> hillary, she had twice the speech and soft spoken. she's hard to conversational off
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the script. michelle obama was hollywood. >> the problem he has is as beautifully staged as this was and useful politically, the speech was presidential as she was. she's been in the public light for 25 or 30 years and this is just the beginning of the effort to recast here. >> we learned things about hillary clinton that we did not know and stories told about her. i didn't know the details. and about her going to the hospital. >> you know all that stuff. >> i thought it was charming. and visiting the woman at the hospital. >> yeah. >> you heard these things about her being a friend and a personal and a mom >> did that then tell people that you can trust her more. >> i was following a lot of
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conservative commentaries of what we said tonight on twitter. they essentially stolen our message and made it possible and monitoring the public. >> that's a separate question >> tough believe she's a more acceptable commander. >> let me tell you something right there that president obama did last night of a massive speech. he compared her to teddy roosevelt and he flipped all those stuff. he took all the negatives. but, really, that shows that she's been out there more than dust and blood and people shooting at her. >> he turned her into a heroic figure out there in the arena. >> i thought it worked, too. >> one of the things i guess her occupying the space tonight was she really is the model of
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composure. you got this thing of barack obama of the individual, you got someone who's 180 degrees opposite in the least cool. i thought she did a good job and contrasting as well projecting this kind of composure about i like, i can stand here and occupy this and i can channel the passion. >> it is her version of what michelle said about the other night, wh"when they go low, we high." >> richard nixon, "it was a virtue and not a flaw," that was richard nixon. >> she had to be soft enough while being strong enough. she had to as barack obama do everything as a male candidate has to do. and she did it. >> did you noticed, she comes
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out and you will be the first nominee. the first part of a speech, a series of thank yous to all the people. i have never seen that before. if you miss the first three episodes of this, here is what happens. >> that's right. let me tell you something. you will get in trouble of this. i will do it. what was the most, decides "star trek" that lasted to infinity is the "honey mooner." >> and alice is always calm and puts up and all the crazy stuff. there is always the person with their head screwed on right and at the end of every episode, he kissed her because dam it, she's right again and he's a fool. is that what the presidential is looking like? >> in that scenario, america --
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>> no, donald trump is. >> i don't think he's going to say you are right at the end. >> what do you think about that idea? >> it is been a little bit over the top. >> there is the aspect of it. i think you are right about that. i thought chris put it exactly right in terms of the contrast going into this election. you sort of ease obama out of the picture, what are you left with? you are left with the guy in this in the spectrum that's uncontrollable and out there and hillary clinton is trying to get that space where she's now the rational one. >> lets not forget about your party, too. >> essentially, donald, created this mid western typical couple. clinton and kaine. they're friendly and adorable and they love their kids and family.
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>> that's what they want >> what's missing? what's missing is economic piece of this in passion and details here is last week -- donald trump said he could fix things alone by himself. tonight hillary clinton's message was different. lets listen to the contrasting message of donald and hillary. >> nobody knows the system better than me. which is why i alone can fix it. >> really? "i alone can fix it"? is he forgetting troops on the front lines, police officers and firefighters who run towards
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danger and doctors and nurses who care for us, teachers who changed lives, entrepreneurs seeking possibilities in every problem. others who lost children to violence and keeping kids safe. he's forgetting every last one of us. americans don't say "i, alone, can fix it" ," we say we fix it together. [ cheers ] >> you need to follow that with a ralph's version. i thought that was absolutely great and i think she nailed him on that. >> that's her version of what barack obama said the other night which was "we don't want to be ruled, we don't say he
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will do it, we say we can do it." what did y'all think of the president's speech. i always think -- at some point the bee is the stinger. that's what happens with the bee. they die without a stinger. follow me on this. [ laughs ] how does he stay above? >> this to me is one of the big challenges. >> for the president. >> remember that crazy to be with marco and it was other
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things and it was just a ghastly display of juvenile insults. the challenge is never to get pulled down to his level. so far, they did it well tonight and sort of the higher tone and it is not who we are. >> marco could be a little marco. >> and lying cruz and lying ted. >> part of it is desperation for attention. >> hillary clinton is a lot of things. >> they needed the eye balls. hillary clinton has a lot of challenges as a candidate, eye balls is not one of them. >> she's going to have three people who can go around the country demonstrating, being president and what it looks like. you got president clinton who could do it and barack obama who could do it and hillary clinton who's doing the same project. the demonstration projec
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project -- republicans won't have a single form of president who's willing to stand up that says donald trump has what it takes. >> and you know that does not really matter. >> no, he does not have one single president out there. he didn't need them in the primary. >> no, no, that's where you are missing the point. he was not just talking to republican and the primary. that's what a lot of people like to think and sort of feeling comfortable of where we are right now. >> donald -- >> the numbers are roughly even. >> it is the republicans. >> donald trump was not just talking to republican electric. he was talking to a broader audience of people out there and he does not need to have a george bush or a george bush sr. to come out. >> he needs a president. >> he's playing a different game all together.
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>> yeah. >> he's turned it all upside down and managed to convince himself if donald is the strategist that endorsements are bad and endorsements having other people to speak for you are examples of corruption and he is going to stand alone. >> there is a pool of voters out there. we have seen this because we have seen it 42 or 38 bouncing around there. there are some pool voters who's thinking of themselves. i like hillary clinton but do i want this zbguy? he has not gotten that kind of argument that appeals to. that's a lot of this convention. >> every piece of the regular mechanics of politics upside down including having other people to vouch for him. >> it is still a race. >> he's in the race.
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>> i don't think what we are saying here matters how people are thinking. they are making individual judgments and discoveries on themselves. >> they're going to make those decisions and any arguments we make are just our waist level. what they're looking at is is this person going to look out for me or more importantly, are they going to change this country? i want change. that's hillary's biggest problem. she's not a change. she's continuing the direction of the country. >> he's going to -- >> that's the one problem with america is great. >> it made everybody in the hall felt good. for a lot of people out there looking at the country and
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saying yeah, we love the country. >> republicans and democrats together for the wall street journal shows about two-thirds of the country does not like the direction that this country is going. that's a fact. all this nice stuff, lets keep it going and we are doing it great. we got it made. >> here is what i thought was interesting. hillary clinton, if you compare the economic to the president. the president is defensive, she was more critical. she said if you are outreached. if you are furious, she used the word "figuurious". >> she thinks so remaining to be seen. coming up, this week's attack on donald trump. we have some attack lines ready to go. we are here in philadelphia, recently named a woman as our
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nominee for the president of the united states. the only such place in philly. [ cheers ] i will be a president for democrats, republicans, independence, for the struggling and the striving and successful. for all those who vote for me and for all those who don't. for all americans together.
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> [ cheers ] the democrats attacking donald trump. lets take a look at the
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notorious lines, lets watch. >> he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? gives me a break. >> donald is not a planned guy. he's not a facts guy either. >> i am a new yorker and i know a con when i see one. >> you cannot believe one word that comes out of donald trump's mouth. hillary clinton knows how to fight back at that dangerous loud mouth bullies. a man you can trust with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> yeah. >> howard and rosa and an important writer request "times magazine ", you are important. i noticed that our numbers are up this week and you watch the
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republican convention fox network through the. are people just listening to themselves? >> it is certainly. you cannot reach the process and the pendants and that's always -- that's apart of the polarization of america. we don't listen to each other at all anymore and we talk over to each other. there is a lot of people tuning to both sides. the -- everyone has an opposite button and you can slflip to th other side. >> how can you applaud everything? how can you agree with the speaker on every syllable? >> the bernie people can. >> true. >> i watched them sit there because they did not like it the whole way it is going.
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>> but how can you be thrilled with any aspect and liberal program and every single thing. hillary is a mixed bag. >> don't ever say, oh, i don't like that one. >> it did seem to me renewable at that moment. >> nobody wanted the police. >> i thought the moments of silence were rather normal. on the last night everybody who's for the winner, everybody who's connected for the campaign going forward is in the hall. >> most of bernie people were there and yeah, they sat and they booed. >> they never walked out there. >> well, we heard there is going to be a walk out. the moment you were talking
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about was when general allen were there. he spoke through a lot of booing and protesting but it was an interesting context of the room. >> these are the is messages. >> he had a big voice. >> that's what 30 years of marine core four stars sounds like. >> at a convention that i am experiencing since 2004, there is been more booing and more people walking out. i mean these are exception speeches and she's getting booed. the reason i say this because most people are a little more complicated than this. you are watching this. they may be a pro-life democratic or a democratic or a republican, in these stupid wars. you think it is stupid to be fighting it. politicians are forced because they do it for a living to be the blue plate special.
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coming in here no matter what. i always look at the manuel and i don't want that. i don't want peace, you know? i want corn flakes. i want something else. i don't want that meal and they put together all combination. in politics you have to go -- d, or r? you got to go with the whole thing. >> i think it is becoming, the process -- it is becoming more that. there is a process of american politics have made the party for ideology. rather going to the hall, hillary was going to the left. the republicans did the same thing. the house of congress, you have two benches that are looking at each other. >> i know. the benches are reversed and
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everybody is looking out instead of looking in. there has to be proportional funding by the taxpayers. you can be for charter schools. if you are that way, the teachers, it kills you. >> it is more striking in the republicans. >> are you getting my point? i am getting resistance here. >> i am. >> it is more striking at the republican convention where the first day they adopted the platform on monday and the next three days they talked about fiscal conservatives and spending and so all -- why is everyone cheering when the platform is so different. on the democratic side, they're unified. >> cleveland did not see it that way.
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i felt like we were watching this somersalt. >> the republican platform of conversion therapy, lets make sure we do all that. >> here is how clinton took on trump on the second amendment, lets watch. >> if we are serious about keeping our country safe, we also cannot afford to have a president who's in the pocket of the gun lobby. [ cheers ] i am not here to repeal the second amendment, i am not here to take away your guns. i just don't want you to be shot by someone who should not have a gun in the first place.
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[ cheers ] [ applause ] >> so -- joy, what's in your pocket? [ laughter ] >> the nra, the gun lobby sounds worse. >> gun lobby. >> gun lobby and you are in a pocket of the gun lobby which is you're small. not only your hands but you are small. you fit in their pockets. >> little hands. no. >> and democrats now are embracing the idea. think about when bill clinton was president, democrats were so afraid of the nra. >> they're not afraid of them anymore. they lost everything. >> yeah. >> they're not afraid of them. >> they already lost it. >> that's right. in the sorting process you are talking about when bill clinton
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ran, the democrats were trying to -- states like west virginia and kentucky, bill clinton won kentucky twice. they went low and slow on the gun issue for that reason. the country has changed. they're develop inside a way that they're not bothered with that. we are coming back to talk about a little guns because pennsylvania is gun country. anyway, thank you for joining us from "time magazine." when we come back, i am going to take the best line of the night and i think everybody is going to agree. >> hey, we have a line of coverage the democratic convention continues. [ cheers ]
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[ cheers ] welcome back to our edition of hardball. it is a great week. i love being here. this is the greatest walking city in the world. i walked all the way down to independence hall. that's where i came from in this country. tonight was a powerful night.
12:34 am
i am showing you what i think is the line of the night. tonight was a powerful night of message from the father of a young american soldier, a captain was killed iraq. the soldier was possibly awarded the bronze star and a purple heart saving other soldiers from a suicide car bomb. tonight his father spoke directly to the republican nominee. >> donald trump, you are asking americans to trust you with your future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states' constitution? i will gladly lend you a copy.
12:35 am
have youev been to our cemeteries and looking at the graves, who died defending united states of america. you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities, you have sacrifice nothing and nowhere. [ cheers ] when you go over there and you see the graves and they mark christian crosses or crescent. it is very clear of whatever
12:36 am
religion it is. oh, there is another one. and you realize that it is really american sacrifice. it is so real. here is a guy who's new enough to the country and still has his accent but he has and anybody here ever have the chance, go to a naturalization ceremony and go ask when the next one is and spend an hour watching medium becoming americans. >> i have done it. >> it is so powerful. >> talk about the people that really wanted to be americans. they make an effort not just get here but say i love the principle s of this country. >> perhaps the only child of immigrants. both my parents got here in the 1960s. my father did not stay.
12:37 am
>> and my mother did stay and became a citizen and voted here. and to have the admiration of this country, it was the most moving. it was interesting, chris. the sacrifice of mothers and all these areas. tonight there was a sacrifice mother and police officer as well. this was a father, it was sort of unique in the convention that you had a dad getting up there and tell donald trump that you sacrifice absolutely nothing. this is a man that got four deferment from vietnam. the dad is telling him exactly who he is and he shamed anyone else more effectively than anyone else. [ applause ] >> the first time anyone pulled the pocket constitution out was
12:38 am
antonen scalia. >> the constitution of the sacred and for him to pull it out >> there is two impulses of american history in life. one is to withdraw and be with your own and reject the other. immigrants from the past sometimes reject the next wave of immigrants coming in but the more dominant and hopeful tradition in america society is the one that's represented by that man this evening. i thought it was an important moment. as bill clinton said, there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be fix but what's right of america. >> and for the muslims community and looking in their eyes if i can, that was an important moment of where i think the instinct of everybody watching
12:39 am
that was to say yes, we want to embrace the newest wave of immigrants and believe that they too can fully become americans. >> i think that it is that. but i think for me at least is looking at that moment, it was a little beyond that. it was showing that these same immigrants made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the country that you don't think we love on behalf of the country that you don't want to be apart of. that was a profound moment and it was not in your face in a respectful way and beyond donald trump, it was just to say all of us, you know, i made the sacrifice. don't fatake for granted what i means. it was a powerful moment. i think it was a silver one. >> i share the same reaction. it was something tonight. we are not going to forget what we heard from that fella and the
12:40 am
mother standing next and there she is quietly ascending to her husband. but, their son is dead. >> another thing is i was talking about world war ii, war brings the ultimate sacrifice and creates the situation where people, their background and ethnicity and everything about them falls away in defending their country. >> that's what they all say. you fight for your buddies. they all say that. >> when we come back at the "roundtable," will always tell us about the convention. i love this challenge. i am in philly at the old house.
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we are back of our live coverage, the final night of the
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convention. >> your start, tell me about this convention? >> well, we talked how wonder l wonderfully this show is, the son of don kersner and he produced halftime super bowl shows so he's a master of this thing. >> if there is a academy award for producing a convention, i would say. >> i survive a week of the democratic national convention. [ applause ] who's more fun, democrats or republicans? >> oh, this was a lot more fun. [ laughter ] >> there was a lot more drinking for the right reasons. [ cheers ] but, two, and i know kind of
12:45 am
been sort of the guy in the corner on this issue, but watch for the bernie folks coming out of this convention, this fight will continue now on the ground across the country. and as soon as hillary clinton is able to step back, the better her chance is are solidifying by the time memorial day comes around. >> reverend barbara, was he great today? >> amazing. the speech that brought the down house. he's an incredible preacher, a son of a preacher. i went down and spend some time with him. he has done this interesting thing in north carolina trying of build this multi -- i was down there an all white republican town, he's down there
12:46 am
with his folks fighting for that hospital talking the mayor. which, the guy that don't agree on anything but he comes here and fighting. >> did he win? >> it is still not resolved. >> i thought you are going steal my. reverend william barber is a wonderful guy. >> he's an incredible guy for change. he sides with the nuns on the bus and rejected. tf it was one of speeches for the night. >> he had a tie to ben carson. >> he does not like voter's
12:47 am
photo id. he's ahead of the north carolina naacp. >> great and saving people lives. >> good information. i love this week. my hometown in philly. when we come back, i will show you a look of what makes philly philly. a documentary coming up a little bit. [ cheers ]
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look at this. there we are outside. welcome back to this late night edition of the old ale house. [ cheers [ cheers ] this is the final night of the democratic convention, all this week, i love showing off the town, i recently met with my msnbc guys. we talked about what makes philly, philly. >> i am not going to tell you but if we ran -- it is 104 degrees. >> the rockies. what does the movies mean?
12:52 am
>> attitude. as pronounced here, it is about the attitude of the city. it is a working person town, black and white and hispanic and regular people. and, they are a little ticked off about a couple of things. one is what generally what most people tick off at is life is tough. >> new york gets all the publicity. when i was a kid, the firefighters came by our school, you know, we don't live in the tallest building but we got the first public library and the first fire department. we can match being the first. and they get over shadowed by washington. well, this week it is. city hall at the end there. the executive building of the white house. and that was the tallest bill g
12:53 am
building when it went up. at top is the 40 feet high. you used to go and walk around his feet. >> we use to be over his hat. you see the hat? think about it. washingtoni walking around in that thing. >> i think cultures, too. >> we have half a dozen of schools. we have the top five universities here and a lot of universities in the city and there is a tremendous competition, basketball. it is called the big five tournament. >> this is a town -- they love their sports here. >> yeah, we had tough luck with our teams, the fiphillies. and the eagles. >> what about the eagles fans. we always hear about what they
12:54 am
say. >> did you see the play book? robert dinero of all the super superstitions. there is no fans of the world like phillies. they are like the holigans. the frightening level of it. i was at a phillies game one time. it was pretty fired up and high up. it is now first base side. i said to the guy, -- why are they booing? >> they are booing us because we are not cheering well enough. and i saw pete rose got booed. >> that's a famous story >> you don't get that in miami and denver.
12:55 am
>> my kid and i would do to a phillies game. it is very pleasant. >> a chip by the shoulder, is there something to that? >> you got a problem. >> i prefer the word "attitude " ". [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> thank you for our host here and the people here. [ applause ] he's a great guy. they'll be here in the morning. this is our special late night. i will be back tomorrow night at 7 eastern, playing hardball. good night from philly.
12:56 am
colorado delegation has walked out, what are you going to do? you know what happened today? >> governor, are you going support donald trump? >> what do you make of the state of the party right now. are you going vote for him? >> of course. >> get out of the way >> thanks. that's what you go here.
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here we are at the top of the hour. it will now, 101 days to go. we have a campaign to go. we know our republican nominee, our democrat nominee. we have the most stark choice. i think it's fair to say that any of us can remember.
1:00 am
>> we also have an unusual situation in terms of what's going to happen over the next several months. this is the earliest that the conventions have been since 1960. and election day is always the same time. we're about to have the longest general election since 1960. >> that's why we can't really look at any other year and kind of predict how this is going to play out, right? conventions were early. there's all this time left. one candidate is a former first lady. who -- and a former president will become first gentleman if she wins. and then the other candidate is donald trump. we have never had anything like this before. >> nobody has ever been in the trump category. >> or hers. they're both historic. >> the first woman. >> we're in unchartered waters. >> we have a balloon situation here. >> is there someone under there they're trying to find?


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