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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports" we're in north philadelphia on the campus of philadelphia university. today at 3:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. and remember follow the show online on facebook and on twitter @mitchellreports. chris jansing picks up our coverage right here with the clinton campaign rally. still waiting for them to arrive. andrea, you and i were both around for the first clinton administration. are we going to have to bring back that phrase clinton time? >> i don't think we ever lost it. my experience on this campaign has been the clinton time is very much sort of a movable target. >> very true, andrea mitchell, we'll talk to you in just label the. in the meantime, the general election begins today. dualing campaigns, check of this on the right side of your screen, we're expecting to see on the right side, hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, again, first
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postconvention rally in philadelphia. on the left, mike pence scheduled to speak. today and tonight, both major party candidates and their running mates on the road in the battleground state and who wins the election 102 days away. clinton and kaine are scheduled to appear jointly, donald trump and mike pence are not. trump will be in denver, colorado, tonight, later today, his number, to in ohio which is sided with a victor in every single election since 1964. clinton and kaine looking for a bounce. once again, at a moment of reckoning, we have to decide whether we will all work together so we can all rise together. >> we have to heal the divides in our country, not just on
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guns, but on race, immigration, and more. now, you didn't hear any of this, did you from donald trump at his convention. he spoke for 70 odd minutes, and i do mean odd. don't let anyone tell you our country is weak, we're not. don't let anyone tell you we don't have what it takes, we do. >> the question is can she win bernie sanders supporters? later in this show, i'll talk to a party candidate trying to carry the medal for jill stein. first, kasie hunt in philadelphia, clinton and kaine and their road show, they have to put the speeches before voters all across the country. what are we expecting to see today? >> reporter: well chris, seemed to place hillary clinton's and
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tim kaine's mark on the podium. we're expecting them any minute now, be new bus tour is aimed right at the heart of what is potentially the biggest risk for the ticket against donald trump this fall. and that is white working class voters in the rust belt. in pennsylvania, in ohio, and potentially we'll have to see if states like michigan and wisconsin. if donald trump has a path to the presidency, it runs right through here and that's where clinton and kaine are taking their trip. the focus today is jobs, they're going to visit a factory where hillary clinton will be talking more about her job plan. we'll also see them i think make some -- we would call them off the record stops here among the press. kind of a word for it. small retail places, stop for coffee, how we're heading through for viewers that are familiar with pennsylvania, ammish country near lancaster on
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the way to harrisburg where she plans to spend the night. then it'll be on to pittsburgh and through all the way to ohio, youngstown, cleveland, which chris, i know you know pretty well. finishing up in columbus, ohio, as you mentioned ohio, absolutely crate call. no republican has won the white house in recent years without winning the state of ohio. can clinton get back to the voters that she has frankly lost. if you remember when she ran in 2008, she had an advantage over barack obama in primary. she seemed to have lost them in the face of donald trump at this point. we'll see how this tour goes to get a sense to win this back, chris. >> thank you so much. i want to go to andrea mitchell. it is interesting to see the contrast with the republicans campaigning separately and you have the democrats together and when i talk to people close to hillary clinton as i know you have over the last couple of days she had a blast at the
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rollout. she feels comfortable with him. it's as if she knows somebody has her back. talk about the decision to stay together. obviously you cover more ground. >> 90 minute meeting two weeks ago at the clinton's home in d.c. that really sealed the deal that she could get along with him. and they followed that up with the two families. this will be the first road trip with the couples. and she is as comfortable as i've seen her at that event. just really watching him and isn't at all forced as frankly the bernie sanders endorsement event was in new hampshire a week or two earlier. i think they are hoping that he brings some stability, some
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likability. they can help her with white men. certainly help her in virginia. he was elected governor, he was lieutenant governor, he was the mayor and also has values, he has values that go all the way back to the same kind of values that the involvement in the civil rights movement. going to honduras. helping the principal of the school out of law school. public service, in other words, not going into corporate law but doing all of these social service events. he has a view of civic society she doesn't. and that's one of the contrasts we've been talking about at the speech last night was hillary clinton saying, you know, service is part of her life. it's not just a resume with her and the way she looks at the world rather than the i of donald trump.
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and of course donald trump walked right into that trap with the way he defined himself in his own acceptance speech in cleveland. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. i want to bring in voters of colorado who join us from florida. let's talk about a little bit about what we're going to see from hillary clinton today. there is widespread belief that she did well, the convention itself over the course of the four days, stuck to script, had a positive message. how does she take that and turn it into something very real in places like ohio where frankly she's running neck and neck and we know she's been having some problems with some of those white working class voters? >> well i believe hillary clinton delivered a fantastic message last night. and it was all about us working together. it was about appreciating diversity. it was about this country being, you know, the best in the world. and not allowing people to
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confuse us, talking about fear and hatred and talks about how we work together, rise together, successful together. i think she's going to continue that message. she's going to continue to energize not only her supporters, but bring in new supporters because she's talking about hope. she's very positive. she's talking about how we can build together and work together. and i think in the final analysis, people have heard enough of the divisiveness, they're heard enough about keeping people out of our country. about building walls and all of that. it was a freshingness. it was a message of optimism. and that's what she's going to continue to be about and i think that's what's going to win this campaign. >> but she has acknowledged,
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congresswoman, that she's had made mistakes. and if you're one of the 68% of voters who in a recent poll said they don't she at least honest or trust worthy, anything that happens that you think will make them reassess or is her real selling point steady experience, you don't try to change people's mind on those personal traits in a matter of 100 days until the election? but you sell those other qualities? the experience, the steady hand? >> well, when her daughter came out last night, she was a mother and a wife and that she's raised children, she's a grandmother now, and this business about her being cold or, you know, just being too much of a policy walk, i think was dealt with in the way that chelsea described her mother and their relationship. she is a policy person. she has talked on issues all of
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her life, and i don't think that she's going to absolute change from talking about the issues with her opposition, donald trump, doesn't know anything about the issues. and yes, she's going to dealt with him differently than before. i think the business about not trusting her is prompting too much by the press. they lead in with talking about, they don't trust her and say it over an over and over again, i don't hear them talking about the lack of distrust for donald trump. and this man has lied, he has changed his story they don't describe him that you believe because he has not been honest, he's been a glut and that you can't trust him. i think to the degree that the media stops prompting that, i think that people will stop, you know, listening to the fact that what they're saying and look at
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her and what is being presented about her. >> i think people have gotten impressioning of over over 30 years and members of the clinton campaign, they know it's hard to take those baked in ideas. however, she is going to get out there, there's no doubt. you see her on the bus tour. you saw the former governor ed rendell who is already in the crowd there in pennsylvania. working the crowd. let's talk about the bernie sanders sparters. there's no diet that they were less disruptive than on day one. many of them remain skeptical, part of the skepticism is the guy who's about to take the stage, tim kaine who they thought was too middle of the road, they wanted somebody more progressive. what argument would you make to them? >> first of all i worked on the platform committee with bernie sanders supporters. and we were able to work out our concerns about tpp and on and
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on. yes, there's a small group that's not satisfied. and i think it's going to be hard to satisfy them. they would like to have everyone say the same things that bernie sanders has been saying, they would like for everything to sound like him, to talk like him, and it doesn't really happen that way. and i am very pleased about many of the young people who have been, you know, politicized and who have learned about the process and how it works. but those who have not, we'll be hopeful for them, but some of them will never be. they don't get it, they don't get the process. they're not really democrats, i don't think their democrats or republicans. they are people unhappy with america, they're unhappy with the democratic party. they're unhappy with everybody. they're kind of outside of the system altogether. and we know that some of them
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will remain. i've watched some, i've talked with some, and even though i'm hopeful, i know that some of them will never be satisfiy eie with the democratic process and how it works in our own country. >> senator -- >> yes. >> i was going to say senator bob casey is at the podium introducing hillary clinton, tim kaine who are about to come out here. you can see that the crowd is going wild. there in philadelphia. let me ask you while we're waiting for them to come out, how do they sustain this for 102 a days and it's the same level enthusiasm that you get that first convention feeling and people get excited, but you want them obviously and there's tim kaine obviously working the crowd as well as hillary clinton. how do you get them to knock on doors? how do you get them to make phone calls and write the check kps. >> absolutely. well first of all, you have to know that her volunteers and
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supporters are extremely excited. and they are going to be better workers as volunteered than they've been before. and that's going to touch some of the other people knowing what they were going to do. the enthusiasm by her volunteers and supporters. is going to infect a lot of other people. and i think they're going to come on board. she has the energy, she's going to move around. she's going to be in all of the states. she's going to be talking about not only the issues, but they are going to get to know herbert and appreciate her. i want to tell something, experience goes a long way, donald trump is guaranteed, as a matter of fact, inviting russia to continue to hack us is going to scare a lot of people. those generals that talked about
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how it's not good for our country? how he's demonizing our allies, a lot of people are going to say whoa, he was entertaining for a while, but the entertainment is over. we have got to get real about what he's saying and what's going on in this campaign and in the final analysis. they're going to conclude he's too dangerous. they cannot put this country at risk. he doesn't understand foreign policy. and he's up against one of the best foreign policy people this country has ever had. secretary clinton is a true democrat, he has none of those qualities and people are going to vote for hillary clinton. >> congresswoman from california, thank you to so much. there is tim kaine, let's take a listen. >> i was tired after last night, but i'm awake now. whew.
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what a warm welcome, held throe philadelphia. we come to virginia and we think we have this hospitality thing down pat, but philadelphia really showed off this week. [ applause ] so some thank yous, i want to thank bob casey, what a wonderful servant. [ applause ] and we are so excited to have another great pennsylvanian about to join us in the united states senate, katie mcginthy, katie. you heard from the people that be absolute key in making this convention work like a charm, and that's our congressman bob brady and mayor jim kenny, thank you guys for all of your great work.
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governor etd rendell, he share the dnc chairs, we have time, we get to go right to the golden gates because of what we've done. ed rendell, great public servant. we have in the preprogram, you've heard from council woman parker and bobby hill and josh sharp owe. so many great public servants. broadly defined in this room. it has been an incredible week. and i could not be prouder to be here in philadelphia and accept the request of a spectacular public servant, hillary clinton, to accept my party's nomination. [ applause ] to be vice president.
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i shared, i shared the other night at the convention how kind of weird i feel being here. i mean, i just grew up in such a non-political household. my dad ran this iron worker shop and mom and dad are here somewhere in this room. they're 81 years old and we're having a great time together. the irish americans there, they're standing with a buddy from county clerk, fleming who flew over to surprise me. so look, we're here as strong family, all of us. we worked in my dad's business, my mom and my brothers and me and pitched in. that's what family businesses do. i know a lot of you come from
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that. when family says you've got to help, you've got to help. and we like helping. i learned a lot from working for my dad. i learned a lot from a jesuit high school i went to that taught -- [ applause ] i'm glad to know in philadelp a philadelphia -- i bet there were a lot of pope francis catholics here before there was a pope francis. but those values of hard work and a faith were my guiding principles. and that's one of the reasons i developed such an admiration and friendship for hillary clinton. because those are the same values that has driven her her growing up in a small business household, growing up inspired by a method youth pastor. those are her values and she's been living them for kids and
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families, putting them first for her entire career. her entire career. [ applause ] in my own life, i took the lessons from my parents and i took the lessons from the jesuits that i worked with as a missionary in honduras, and i basically decided to do what virtually all of you guys will doing, which is to measure what i do by how it helps somebody else. can you serve others, can you do good for others, it's not about title. it's not about money. it's not about prestige. it's not about popularity. it's not about anything other than serving other people. and that's the kind of thing we have. [ applause ] so we're starting today this bus tour. now this is the part of the campaign i really like. i mean, you know the big, the
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big events are fun, but i don't like wearing a tie that much, i'd rather, i'd rather just go out and pound the pavement. and we're starting a three-day bus tour today. and this is the first rally. and then we're going to go -- [ applause ] and it's not accident. this is the first rally. and then we're going to go across pennsylvania and we're going to go across iowa and secretary clinton is going to be laying out while she's going to be such a fantastic president -- [ applause ] -- a fantastic president. we're going to be drawing that contrast between hillary clinton's plans for our country and donald trump's empty promises and no plans for the country. you, you know, you know her plans, is there anybody that likes debt-free college?
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she has plenged in the first 100 days of the administration to make a massive investment in new jobs, education, worked training, rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, fighting the battles that she has fought time and time again. and it's not just about what she says. it's that she's delivered. i know you watched last night as she talked about -- [ applause ] and, and, and, and as chelsea talke talked about, her battling to get health insurance for 8 million american kids when she was first lady. [ applause ] now -- don't you want, don't you want a president who knows how to battle and get things done for regular people? who might not be able to get those things done? without a great champion? of course you do. of course you do.
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so that's what we'll do over the next couple of days. we'll talk about creating jobs, we'll talk about raising wages. we'll talk about the leadership that america needs to play in the world, a leadership that's got to be based on alliances and building bridges and just using the relationships we have to defeat forces of terrorism and forces of prejudice, forces of anti-semitism. we can do that when we work together around the world. and finally, and finally, and in some ways, this is the thing that matters the most to me as a former civil rights lawyer that we to want make sure that we've got a community of respect. [ applause ] right? or as the civil rights leaders used to say a beloved community where people are not demeaned because of who they are.
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not, not dissed because there's somebody with a disability or they're lgbt or come from harnd country, or their skin color is different, or they speak a different language, but embrace -- hey don't you guys in pennsylvania call yourself a common wealth just like we in virginia do? just like we in virginia do? that's different than saying you're a state. anybody who says we're a common wealth, what you are saying is, the wealth we hold, we hold in common. it's got to be about everybody. it's got to be about bringing everybody together and those are hillary clinton's values. now, the last thing i'll say before we bring up our champion and the main event is, i've noticed there's a few differences between hillary clinton and donald trump. now, let's see, what's today, friday? i think i can -- well i'm going to try to boil it down.
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you've seen trump basically pitch in a very dark and negative convention in cleveland, a very different view of this country. weren't you proud of how optimistic, upbeat positive pro-america the convention was here? absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. the republican convention was like a twisted and negative tour. it wasn't a tour of this country, it was a journey through donald trump's mind. and that is a very frightening place. that is a very frightening place. when it comes to the economy, we're at a college, we're at a college can i ask you a question? in hillary, we got a you're hired president, would you rather have that or a you're fired president?
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[ applause ] absolutely. that's not that hard. that's not that hard. and in hillary you've got a bridge builder, would you rather have that or a trash talker kpap bridge builder, right? a bridge builder. and in hillary you've got that character from before he was ever in office and put his kids and families first. this is really important. this is really important if you want to know about trust worthiness and character in public life. look to see we got to the punch line. we got to the punch line. he got to the punch line. i like him. i like him. all right. all right.
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now look. if you want to know how you view somebody in public life, look to see if they had a passion before office and continued that passion consistently throughout their entire time and you know that hillary clinton in good times and tough times in victory and defeat. through hell or high water in office or office since she was a teenager putting kids and families first. and you also know that donald trump has had a passion too. and that passion is donald trump. donald trump. so it's kids first or me first, but look, i am so glad to be on this ticket, it's a history-making ticket. anything i can do to help us succeed and anything to help this administration be a fantastic one from first day to last is going to be my humble honor to do. so please give a great, philadelphia, pennsylvania, american welcome to our next president, hillary clinton. [ applause ]
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>> hey! thank you, whoa, thank you all so much. thank you. thank you. very, very much. i have to begin by thanking our hosts, the people of philadelphia. [ applause ] you know a little something about history, and about making history. and i am so grateful to everyone in this city who pulled such a
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great convention together who were so gracious, welcoming, and hospitable, and i am thrilled that so many americans from everywhere got a chance to see philadelphia, to see what's in this great city. people kept coming back from going for walks, going to museums, going to other sites, telling me how much they were impressed. and so, i want to thank your mayor, thank you, mayor kennedy. [ applause ] i want to thank your congressman who tries to come home to philadelphia every day, and i know why, because he loves this city, bob brady. [ applause ] i am always happy to be here with someone whose been a friend
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for bill and me over so many years. an extraordinary public servant and advocate. former governor and mayor, ed rendell. now, i, like tim, i had the great pleasure of serving in the senate with senator bob casey and i appreciated his tenacity, the attention to detail, the work he did for you every single day. and so i want to thank, bob, and i want all also to recognize who i hope will be his partner in the senate come november. katie mcginty. [ applause ] and i hope the next attorney
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general for the common wealth of pennsylvania, josh shapiro. [ applause ] this has been such an invigorating, exciting week as i said last night, we heard from the man, from hope, bill clinton. [ applause ] and we heard from the man of hope, barack obama. [ applause ] and i was so excited to introduce to america our partners. it's going to be fun to travel both tim and ann because, they are going to demonstrate to the country what the people of virginia already know. there's no better people to have in your corner than tim kaine
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and ann holten. now, i don't know about you, but i stayed up really late last night. it was just hard to go to sleep. oh, thank you, thank you. it was so exciting, but i have to tell you, it was also kind of overwhelming. i take deeply and with great humility the responsibility that this campaign imposes on us. there is no doubt in my mind that every election in our democracy is important in it's own way, but i can't think of an election that is more important certainly in my lifetime. and it's not so much that i'm on the ticket it is because of the stark choice that is posed to
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america in this election. as of tomorrow, we have 100 days to take our case to america. so what better brace to kick off this campaign than right here in philadelphia where it all started, 240 years ago.
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i believe with all my heart that our founders came together to create one nation because they understood what we understand. we are stronger together. [ applause ] and as we pointed out during our four great days of our convention, you heard something very different from the republicans, didn't you? we might as well have been talking about two different countries or as someone said to me two different planets. donald trump painted a picture, a negative, dark, divisive picture of a country in decline. he insisted that america is weak and he told us all after laying out this very dark picture that i alone can fix it.
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now as i i watched and heard that, it set off alarm bells because just think about what happened 240 years ago. think about our founders coming together a decla ration of independence. writing a constitution. they set up our form of government, the longest lasting democracy in the history of the world. and you know, they did it, they did it, they did it because they knew they didn't want one person, one man to have all the power like a king. and think about george washington, our first president. after he served, he stepped down. voluntarily.
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people around him couldn't believe it. but he said no, this is the example we should set. a democracy requires something from all of us. not just people we elect, but every single one of us. and washington set that example. and i don't know any founder, no matter how how strong they were, how smart they were, who believed that only they could solve our problem. and i'll tell you something e e else -- i'll tell you something else, they also expected a kind of raucous debate in america. but at the end of the debate, we have to come together and get things done, don't we?
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so as tim said, we are going to get on a bus as soon as we leave here and we're going to drive through pennsylvania and into ohio. it's kind of know stall jik for me, my dad was born in scranton, i spent every summer of my life up in northeast pennsylvania. my father, my brother went to penn state, so i know -- i know how beautiful this common wealth is and how wonderful the people are. but we've got work to do. i'm not satisfied with the status quo. i'm not telling you that everything is peachy keen, i'm telling you we've made progress, but we have work to do if we're going to make sure everybody is included.
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and you know, i think that we've got to have more good jobs. we've got to raise wages, we've got to tackle inequality, we've got to make is this economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. [ applause ] and if you listen really closely to the republican convention, you know that donald trump talked for 75 minutes, and did not offer one solution. in fact, his speech, his whole convention seemed more about insulting me instead of helping the american people. [ applause ] so here's what i've said i will do. and we're going to get to work on the very first day. within the first 100 days of our administration, we're going to break through the gridlock in washington and make the biggest
10:39 am
investment in new good-paying judges since world war ii. we're going to to doed it in infrastructure, technology, clean energy, advanced manufacturing. and i'm also going to pay special attention to those parts of our country that had been left out and left behind. from our inner cities to our small towns. from indian country to coal country, from communities ravaged by addiction. and places hallowed out by plant closures. anybody willing to work in america should be able to find a job to get ahead and stay ahead. that's my goal. [ applause ]
10:40 am
so on our bus tour, we're going to be visiting a few places where people are making things. i find it highly amusing that donald trump talks about make america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america, except bankruptcies. [ applause ] so there's a lot to be done, my friends. and i'm excited. i'm excited to have tim and ann as part of this team. and i'm excited to have the 42nd president of the united states as part of this team. [ applause ] the four of us are going to barn
10:41 am
storm the country because as a very smart president who just so happens to be here today once said, there is nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what's right with america. [ applause ] so now, we had a great convention, but we've got to the go out and we've got to fight for our vision of the future. and i can't do it alone. i need each and every one of you -- here's what i'd ask you to do, please, join us, go to or text jo jointo 47246 to be part of this campaign. and, we are hiring organizers here in pennsylvania. [ applause ] and across the country.
10:42 am
and between now and election day, we are going to register 3 million more people. [ applause ] and we're not just going to register them, we're going to get them to commit vote. [ applause ] we feel deeply the responsibility for continuing the work that started down the road from here 240 years ago. now, nobody who looks like me was thought to be possible to run for president back then. no one who looked like barack obama was thought to be possible. [ applause ] but contrary to donald trump, i believe every time we knock down
10:43 am
a barrier in america, it liberates everyone in america. [ applause ] i have to say last night after, after the end of our convention, i knew, i knew that every parent in this country could look at their son or their daughter and now say the very same thing you too could be president of the united states. thank you all, god bless you! [ applause ] ♪ >> and that is hillary clinton and she's going to start barn storming along with her running mate tim kaine and their respective spouses. they'll be going through pennsylvania. area she knows well as she said and also going into ohio. not surprisingly, key battleground states. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me
10:44 am
now from philadelphia. i want your impressions, two things struck me, a classic appeal to middle class, traditional democratic voters, and this relationship that she has with tim kaine and, you know, there's this funny phrase about your work husband, they seem to have a good marriage so far. and it's important in that campaigns are tough. and they feel very long. and 100 days can feel like 1100 years. and if you're not with somebody who you like and you respect, it makes it all that much tougher. tell me what your impression was of the first joint appearance after the convention? >> reporter: i think hillary clinton had a lot of good choices for running mates, she had a deep bench and that was a good thing, but i really see that tim kaine seems to make her comfortable, confident, and there's joyfulness that comes through that i don't think was always evident on the campaign trail. there's a twoormt him in a place like pennsylvania, he played to some of the ethnic and religious
10:45 am
ties that are so much a part of life here. you and i know this coming from cleveland to talk about jesuits and irish visitor. that really can fire up constituencies in the democratic party here in pennsylvania. to here at hillary clinton quote her husband about there's nothing wrong with america that can't be fixed with what is right in america. more comfortable embracing the bill clinton legacy so much of her candidacy she has been trying to keep some distance to separate herself to make it about her own campaign. there is a new likeness that coming off of the convention. i'm sure that will be short lived in the sense of it is a hard slog, but you're right, you have to have that trust, you have to have a workability with a running mate and while they may go their own ways in terms of having different tasks over these next 100 days. seeing a partnership gives the country a chance to imagine what would that be like especially when we're talking about a first gentleman who was a former
10:46 am
president, if clinton/kaine wins and get a sense what have they'd be like. it's helpful and certainly coming off of the convention is a time for a more high spirited begin of this, beginning of this next phase. the hard knocks will come, but today then enjoy it and have a lap. it was interesting to see, these weren't prepared remarks, they were ripping off the best of the their messages in their short time as partners and that worked well today, chris. >> you heard the huge ovation, you mention the first gentleman and big ovation for president clinton. is it clear how he's going to be using this campaign. is it going to be a work in progress. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, i think it is a work in progress and it's a question we have asked over time. and i think she and hillary clinton top advisors wanted to have enough separation so that she could be judged on her own as much as possible.
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especially when critics were talking about a return to the '90s. bill clinton can be very effective especially in rural america and in working class america. much a joe biden could be effective. he may be help with the senate candidates in tough races. there are so many bigger than life principles, president obama, mrs. obama, joe biden, former president clinton, they have big surrogates to do ground to cover. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you so much for all of that. jill stein joins me now, good to see youb, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> so when bernie sanders got out of the race, it was good news for you, your donations spiked by over 1,000%, you raised, as i understand, over $80,000 there, maybe it's up since we saw those numbers. but clinton is not about to see those voters reaching out, not just today, what we heard, but also in her dnc speech. let me play a little clip from last night. >> uh-huh.
10:48 am
>> jill not hill. jill not hill. jill not hill. jill not hill. jill not hill. jill not hill. >> well, actually that was the wrong sound, but we saw some of those disaffected bernie sanders voters, you're going to be going after them, donald trump is going to be going after them. libertarian candidate, mr. johnson is going to be going after them. what do you have to offer that they don't? >> you know, my campaign has a lot in common bernie sanders' campaign? i too am addressing this crisis that the american people have. we badly need jobs. we actually have an economic emergency for most americans. jobs that have come back are low wage and part-time. average american workers just barely making above the poverty level. entire generation of students are locked in date. my agenda goes directly to the
10:49 am
heart of this. we call for a new deal in fact a green new deal like the new deal that got us out of the great depression, but this one focuses especially on the climate emergency and it solves both of the economic and the climate emergency at once, it creates good wage, full-time jobs. because most of the jobs that have come back are part-time, temporary, and insecure. so we're creating good jobs that transform our economy on an emergency basis to a green, renewable, healthy economy for the 21st century. and that mns jobs in renewable energy and healthy local food production in transforming our transportation system to provide high quality affordable public transportation. >> there's no doubt that appeals to bernie sanders voters. i've talked to a lot of them, but aye also heard them get into raucous debates. of a vote for you is a wasted
10:50 am
vote or as some of them see it, worse a vote for donald trump and the economic reality is that even though your fundraising may be up 1,000%. the average congressional campaign in america cost$1.4 million. this will be billion-dollar campaigns. you're only at 5% in our latest polls. how do you seriously have people look at you and say, i can compete. i'm worth your vote. >> yeah, i think basically it's a matter of getting the word out. it was amazing to be there in philadelphia because whether it was inside of the convention where i went to talk to the press or outside of the convention. i was mobbed by desperate delegates and people out on the street saying, you know, this just isn't working. both hillary clinton and donald trump have the highest levels of disapproval, dislike and distrust of any presidential candidate in history. and the american people by
10:51 am
majority are clambering for an honest broker. someone they can trust. i'm the only candidate in the race who is not poisoned by corporate money, but lobbyist money, but superpacs so i have the unique ability to offer the american people what they need. not only the emergency jobs program. it's canceling student debt. like we did for the bankers. the crooks, in fact, on wall street who crashed the economy. we should offer that bailout, which would be much smaller for the students who are the victims of the waste, fraud and abuse. this would be the best stimulus package of our dreams to liberate a generation of young people to use their skills and make public higher education e free, provide health care, create a path to citizenship. e we hear some lip service from hillary clinton on this, but not actually doing what it takes to make this happen. she talks about changing interest rates on loans.
10:52 am
continuing the affordable care act, which is not making health care affordable and not care in when 1 in 3 americans, even with health insurance, can't afford to have it. so we would create a single payer medicare for all system that just redirects money from profit, from red tape and bu rack ra si instead into delivering true health care. >> thanks for coming on. today's pulse question. do you think after the democratic national convention voters will trust hillary clinton? go to and let your voice be heard.
10:53 am
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get back to great with the right gear. from the place with the experts. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. a tale of two conventions. republicans offer a dim vision of the future. >> can i ask you this?
10:56 am
hillary clinton as a failure for ruining libya and creating a nest for terrorist activity by isis. answer me now. is she guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. >> our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started. >> ohio congressman joins me now, he is a donald trump supporter. >> good afternoon, how are you? >> let me ask you about what has been, i think for most people, a huge disconnect. it's almost as if those two candidates are talking about two different americas. do you think that this doom and gloom view and what some people critics have call ed fear
10:57 am
mongering on the part of donald trump is going to work? >> well, look, 70% of america is not happy with the direction our country is going. the problem is the democrats continue. they are not talking about how they are going to change that it direction. donald trump is actually saying, hey, we have some issues, we have some problems. i compare both candidates sitting as captains on the titanic. at least donald trump is saying we have some icebergs in front of us. hillary clinton is saying, don't worry, this ship is not going to go down. >> can you say donald trump is the one giving a direction? if you go to his website and look for specific plans for what he's going to do about the things he's critical of, you find very little. you go on hillary clinton's website and it's very in-depth and thorough in outlining what her plan is. like it or not like it, she has a plan. >> but her plan continues the same plan that president obama had. that's what i'm saying. she's not listening to the american people. 70% want a different plan. she's said she's going to
10:58 am
continue the same direction. donald trump said he's going to change the direction. that's what's so important. we can't continue to go down with failed poll spips we just had a report today or growth last quarter. 1.2%, these are problems. what i fear back here in the district, what i here what i'm traveling, jobs in the economy and national security. the safety factor. she's not talking about those things. >> let's talk about safety and security. i think they are one of the most moving moments came last night when a muslim father and mother walked out and talked about their son who gave his life in service to this country. i want to play u a little bit of that. >> donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states
10:59 am
constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy. >> do you understand the concern like someone like him has about the devisive rhetoric that donald trump has used? >> absolutely. again, there are some things i disagree on. there are plenty of things i disagree on. i'm a supporter of religious freedoms. but i'm looking to the future, jobs. e we can't continue to zero in on this item. we're going to disagree. there's no way everybody is going to agree with everything. i disagree with his position there. but at the same time, i agree with a lot more that he's saying about the need for change. >> thank you so much for coming on. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'm chris jansing. coming up right now, more news
11:00 am
with my colleague kate snow. >> i am kate snow in new york u. it is 2:00 p.m. in the east. 11:00 a.m. out west in san diego. we are monitoring breaking news out there. police officials will hold a news conference that follows the deadly shooting of a san diego officer last night. it unfolded at a traffic stop injuring another officer who we're told was shot but survived. this news conference expected to get underway. you're looking at the podium on the right side. we'll monitor that for any developments. first, politics. the start of the general election. breaking news in philadelphia. they now kick off their bus tour in pennsylvania and ohio. today the tickets continue the themes of the last two weeks presenting their u views of america's future. >>


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