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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you were very emotional. you said you felt betrayed by hillary clinton. did you hear anything tonight that made you change your mind? will you vote for her? >> no. because she hasn't changed anything. >> do you have any qualms about asking a foreign government, russia, china, anybody to interfere, to hack into a system of anybody's in this country? >> that's up to the president. let the president talk to hem. >> does that not give you pause? >> no. >> if any person has hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted e-mails perhaps they should share them with the fbi. your reaction. >> that borders on treason. >> what was your reaction to hearing donald trump wanted russia to hack into healthcaill clinton's e-mails? >> donald trump is really a faker. he's all about trying to get attention. >> what are your feelings about the boos? i know you're 80 years younger
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than i am, but you have covered more than one campaign. >> doesn't that make you want to hear from the road warriors what they have been through over the last couple weeks? lucky for you, they are going to be up next right here on msnbc. you'll be able to get it all straight from the source. let's get one last check on today's pulse question. we were asking do you think after watching the convention voters will trust hillary clinton more? here are the results so far. you can still weigh in. i'm kate snow. road warriors are up next. >> we will make america great again. >> america is great because america is good.
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>> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to another edition of "road warriors." we're joining you after an historic night in philadelphia. hillary clinton become the first ever woman to win the nomination of a major party. we're coming to you after the gop con vepgs. a tale of two conventions, very different candidates with two very different messages. with me to talk about all of this is jacob soboroff, who finished hunting delegates. kasie hunt is on the road live on the bus with the clinton campaign. hallie jackson is with the trump campaign. and kelly o'donnell is live from philadelphia. so welcome, all. let's start with the broader picture. there's so much to discuss. these two speeches. what was accomplished at the these conventions. chris, talk about the fact that this is a tale of two conventions. >> these are countries that don't even look alike.
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there's nothing about the america that hillary clinton presents that coincides with the america that donald trump presents. and i think the feel of the conventions were very different. we were all there. the approach of the candidates couldn't have been more different. i u think the only thing these conventions had in common besides that they nominated their party's leader is they each said in their speech, america 33 times. >> i said it this morning and i'll say it again now. last night uncredibly historic and an e emotional evening. there are a lot of tears shed throughout the convention this week. i think the only tears shed the previous week at the republican convention were over a divided republican party and people that didn't want to see donald trump become the nominee of that party. >> it was a very divided party. the question becomes today whose message is going to resinate with voters? if you look at the figures, 70% say the country is on the wrong
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track. democrats would argue. that's the question. donald trump saying, hey, she represents a third term of president obama. is that a smart choice? >> no doubt about that. you're preaching to the choir when we were in that hall. i think more broadly, president obama's personal approval ratings are pretty high. they are over 50%. some in the high 50s. so he is going to be a very powerful surrogate for her. so is joe biden. and boy, did we see that on display. that folksiness. there was a moment when we were standing within a few feet of each other when he went for his mike check and came down. who else does that. it drives the secret service crazy, but theirs is going to be a positive vision. conventions set the stage for what you want your message to be. again, i think these are going to be very different kinds of campaigns and messaging that we
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see going forward. >> jacob, you were at both conventions. talk about the crowd reaction when both candidates took the stage. >> at the donald trump convention, it felt like a reality show like it has throughout this entire process. he came out and he locked like an episode of "the apprentice." when hillary clinton came out there, the same kind of stage craft. we were all standing together. we saw pyrotechnics as well, but for her, who knows. it seemed like a culmination of a long process. for me who is now in the middle of this, she seems like she wants you to e know she's ready and has been at this for a long time. >> let's bring in our colleague kasie hunt, who is is on the road today after not sleeping at all, i'm sure. >> she's on the bus. >> let's get technical about it. >> the bus tour is starting with clinton and tim kaine. talk about her speech and how they are trying to build on
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those themes today. >> sure, as you know, well, they went into the speech wanting to reach out not just to democrats and not just to the progressives that they spent the beginning of the convention trying to mollify. they want to bring in independents, republicans and in the case of this bus trip, it's really all about those white working class voters, especially men who are, at this point, favoring donald trump. and potentially putting states like pennsylvania in play. this is not a state where we are. we are leaving philadelphia. we are late. because the clinton campaign seems to be perpetually late, as you all know. sorry, guys. the aids are making faces at me. >> don't get kicked off the bus already. >> i know, roigt. we're going to get thrown off. but we're on our way to h
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hatfield, pennsylvania. she's going to stop at a factory and talk about jobs. that's the focus here. she's got this narrow line to walk. because the reality is they are trying to sell is an optimistic message saying, hey, elect another democrat. we're going to give this another four years trying. people who are essentially not feeling like the last eight were great for them. the manufacturing economy, especially in western pennsylvania and eastern ohio, has really changed dramatically. that's what this tour is all about. but i have to say also, going back to that point you guys were making earlier with all of the speakers on stage comparing the two conventions. one thing that struck me as i listened to all of those, if you think about how all of the major players at the democratic convention are going to be able to fan out across the country, if president obama is campaigning in north carolina and joe biden is campaigning in scranton, pennsylvania, bill clinton is on the road in miami, pick a state. that is a very powerful team. they can be a lot of places at once in a very significant way. that's a challenge for the trump campaign. if you think about who was on
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stage at their convention, the highlights were really trump family members and to a a certain extent, there's less range there. the one play you're seeing range is mike pence, who is campaigning in a much more traditional republican way. i have a suspicion that republicans are wishing to him and listening their base selected someone like him to run at the top of the ticket. >> a lot of great points you gay us. we're going to check back in. i want to talk about something that kasie hunt brings up. the clinton really wanted last night's speech to reach out to republicans in places like pennsylvania. which by the way, you have been talking to ed rendell. he says pennsylvania is in play, but did she achieve that last night? did she expand her reach? >> there was a lot of outreach to a lot of different constituencies. if it you're somebody who cares about the military, you saw the generals and the other military leaders come out there. if you're somebody who is offended by donald trump's idea
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that there should be these massive deportations, if you live in one of those battleground states, i grew up in ohio. a lot of ethnicity. a lot of people whose parents and grandparents and great grandparents came from the old country and let me tell you, that doesn't leave. that doesn't leave. when you had that muslim dad come out on that stage, so relatable for anybody. unions are powerful like they once were. the residual belief in the working class protection is still out there. that's what she's going to have to grab back from donald trump. >> donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even
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read the united states constitution? i will lend you my copy. in this document look for the words, look for the words liberty and equal protection of law. >> u don't think there's anybody that was not affected by that speech, democrat, republican, libertarian, vegetarian, whatever you are, that was an extraordinary thing to witness. i want to speak to pennsylvania for a second. you were talking about the russ belt states. i spent time with the pennsylvania delegation. i was watching the mayor of aliquip aliquippa. it was once reliablely blue and
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in danger of going red because of the job loss. hi my eyes on the mayor for most of the night. the look on his face, he seemed to hopeful. when i visited him, he seemed worried that part of the state would tip to donald trump. >> one of the things you cannot overestimate in these speeches, because we tend to look at did she win over voters. but the people in that hall are the people who are going to go home, make phone calls, they are going to write checks, they are going to go door to door, that's what the convention needs to do. they are going to get their neighbors. they are going to be driving car pools. so there's a part of that from exactly what you say. you need to have those delegates go home and feel not just like i'm going to vote for hillary clinton, but i'm going to work my butt off for hillary clinton. >> i think that's where president obama becomes so critical. reaching out to those voters. >> can i tell you my favorite
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word, malarkey. >> so joe biden. we have so much more to talk about. before we go, i want to share with you guys something that happened to me. i sent a a tweet to chelsea handler asking her if she would take over floor duty. e she sent me a video message back. this is what she had to say. >> jacob, you may work at msnbc and think you're smarter, but i know better and i work at netflix, where i make ten times the amount you make and i sit. so no, i don't want to report from the floor. go [ bleep ] yourself. >> all of that is very accurate. >> maybe 15 or 20 times. or 30 times. we have so much more ahead. hallie jackson is on the road with donald trump. stick around. you're watching "road warriors" on msnbc. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy.
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you have seen trump basically pitch in a very dark and negative convention in cleveland of any different view of this country. weren't you proud of how o optimistic, upbeat, positive, pro america the convention was here? >> the republican convention was like a twisted and negative tour. it wasn't a a tour of this country. it was a journey through donald trump's mind and that is a very frightening place. >> and that's tim kaine doing what vice presidents are supposed to do and hillary clinton, who seems to get a big kick out of it, she seems to really like this guy. we are back. jacob soboroff is here. we have all sorts of people out there including hallie jackson, who is with the trump campaign.
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he's going to be in colorado springs tonight. place for the u.s. olympic training ground. not related to politics, just a fun fact. what are we expecting tonight? what's going on? >> a week out from rio, it needs to be noted. you can see that people here lined up behind e me. folks are getting ready to head into this rally. here's what i expect to see from donald trump here and later tonight in denver. attacks against hillary clinton and the democratic speakers at that convention last night and the words that you heard. he's already started doing this. he went after mike bloomberg calling him little michael bloomberg saying his first term as mayor was a disaster. he went after john allen, saying he failed against the fight against isis. it struck a lot of people for how powerful it was at the convention. and trump will be going after, i expect, hillary clinton as he's done so. i want to make two points here.
12:18 pm
number one, it's the idea that we have been talking about and you heard tim kaine address it a little there. the idea of these two visions for what america is and what it could be. the clinton camp, trying to frame it as this optimistic portrait of america. . trump's team saying, hey, that's unrealistic. calling it a fantasy universe. trump himself sweeting that clinton is not addressing the many problems in america. you do have just fundamentally differents in how the campaigns are painting a picture of where the nation is and what each can do. trump's message is optimistic. but he's coming from a different place and peter alexander spoke with republican voters about this idea. about the idea of democrats trying to go after maybe these more independent minded or moderate democrats and republicans and one republican said during the president's speech he felt like it wasn't a
12:19 pm
realistic portrait of what america is. so trump may be tapping into something that folks here in colorado and around the country feel. the other point is the idea of where each candidate is coming from. the differences in each convention. and on national security specifically, which party is laying the claim. we talked about the general allen speech. my phone was blowing up from sources saying, man, where was this during the republican national convention. where were these moments during the rnc last week in cleveland. this idea that what you're seeing on stage, some of the moments you saw from khan and others would have fit in maybe a george w. bush convention back in the day. i think michael steele said last night was the greatest night of the republican convention which is funny and striking in what it says about where the parties are when it comes to national security. >> your phone is always blowing up. i don't think it's just today.
12:20 pm
i have to ask about colorado springs. colorado springs is a bast yan of conservatism and evangelical community. donald trump needs to win that community. he says evangelicals love him. but the question is do they really there? and i'm curious what's your sense about what people on the ground are saying in colorado springs about donald trump and what e he needs to win them over. >> colorado is considered a steel state. they want to come in and do very well. it's interesting when you talk about the role. this is an issue that donald trump has been dealing with since the iowa caucuses back in january. you remember that when a lot of the talk was about whether donald trump can connect with the g the evangelical community. it was not front and center at the convention last week like you might have seen from other
12:21 pm
candidates. faith is such a central part of the movement. to a lot who want to e see somebody in the white house who reflects their values, but think about who trump is going after. think about the people that the campaign is targing the most. the way that a ted cruz went after. it's indiana, michigan, ohio voters and he's going at them with a different message chrks is what we're seeing him and pence talk about today. pence also out on the campaign trail. and saying that he doesn't like all the name calling, which raised some eyebrows given that donald trump is sort of the e e pitny of a name caller. starting with little marco and crooked hillary. >> a striking comment from governor pence. hallie jackson, we're going to check back in with you. i want to pick up on a point, which is the voices on the stage last night.
12:22 pm
and contrasting that with the gop convention where largely you had donald trump's children, business associates up there making the case, serving as character witnesses. i think that's a challenge for him going forward. but u that creates a challenge. when you look at the line up on each side, i don't think there's much of a competition in terms of who is going out there and ground they can cover and the constituencies they can go forward with. both of them have high negatives. both donald trump and hillary clinton have high negatives. there's obviously a calculated decision by their campaign, by the hillary clinton campaign that you cannot win a presidency only by going negative. you have to make an affirmative case for who you are, what you bring to the table. they believe that's what they did last night. look, we have talked to the clinton people.
12:23 pm
they don't think in 100 days you changed 30 years of conceptions of a person's personality. this is not about making hillary clinton suddenly somebody who thinks that she's dishonest is going to think she's the most trustworthy person in the world, but she is the most experienced. the person who makes the most sense to go into the oval office. >> i kept thinking it's a little risky every time she is talks about her record because obviously that's a lightning rod donald trump has been talking about and slamming her for it e relentlessly. when we come back after a quick break, we're going to talk about bernie sanders. what's next for him, what role will he play in the clinton campaign and what happens to his supporters. that's all, when we come right back. stay with us. i'm anne howard and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012.
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madame chair, i move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> welcome back to "road warriors." i'm jacob soboroff joined by chris jansing and kristen welker. a lot of surprises. bernie sanders and the way he came into this convention on monday with an endorsement of hillary clinton. then on tuesday during that roll call vote making a move for nomination so he could be the one to put hillary clinton's
12:28 pm
name into nomination. it disappointed a lot of his supporters and iize d a lot of clinton supporters. how it affected his supporters in the room. that surprised a a lot of us. >> some of his supporters were wearing yellow shirts saying enough is enough last night. and we thought at one point they were going to stage a walkout during her speech. they didn't do that, but what they did was to jeer. largely they were overpower ed y the room e erupting into chants of hillary. that was hard to hear on tv. you could hear it very clearly in the room. it underscored this fundamental point that while the party is more unified than perhaps it was at the beginning of the week certainly before senator sanders formally gave her the full throated endonsment, she still has some work to do. there's still people who are frustrated. i interviewed some of them and said what are you protesting. i have to say they had very
12:29 pm
disparate reasons for why they were shouting out. and a lot of them said, we probably will vote for secretary clinton. >> i make a comparison to first love. a lot of these folks for bernie sanders they had never fallen for a political candidate before. and the first time somebody breaks up for you. it's heartbreaking and personal. and there's very few things i have been to in political life that were quite like that. so many new people who, like first love, couldn't wait to get on the phone or be in touch with the other poem who love bernie sanders. and it was very, very hard. and i think the reason i was maybe a little less surprised about what happened is he's been working for these issues for 30 years since he was mayor. and he was not going to let that
12:30 pm
go. he was not going to let this be for nothing. and he knew that to do that, part of it was going to have to be to work within the system. they didn't understand that a lot of his supporters because they didn't understand how the system worked. but bernie sanders has been a part of it for long enough. as antisystem to know that he had a path forward that had to be with bringing a lot of constituencies on board, including people who work within the democratic party. >> i think it's ab sloutly right. just a little behind the scenes nugget. we didn't know until moments before that roll call vote whether he was going to go down to the vermont delegation and announce hillary clinton's name that was high drama for us. you had campaign officials saying we're not sure what's going to happen. >> i was sitting next to the chairwoman of the party saying two minutes before the de delegation rang and said he's coming now. kasie hunt joining us from the
12:31 pm
bus somewhere in pennsylvania. are you there? >> reporter: i am. listening to this, the last time i was on a campaign bus before this trip with hillary clinton was with bernie sanders. i spent several months out on the rod with him. i just -- we saw that cut away when hillary clinton acknowledged him on the stage last night at the convention. there was a shot of bernie sanders' face. he looked somber and a lot of people accused him of not being willing to smile in the moment. i have to say somebody who wa h watched him for quite a long time. i felt like that's usually the look he wears on his face. o so i'm not sure i wo judged it as harshly as some others. i just think don't underestimate. kristen, you were talking about the moment where it wasn't clear if he was going to come out. the negotiation behind the scenes was a long time coming. but for the sanders family, this was such an unbelievable story
12:32 pm
ar ark that the way their loifs changed. when he announced in april, it took 15 minutes on the senate lawn. he walked immediately without saying i have other things to do. we remember that moment. and then it began to build through the summer into something nobody expected it to be. least of all bernie sanders himself. and in many ways, he became kind of a pop culture figure. people are selling bernie sanders merchandise on etsy that they made themselves. take a walk around brooklyn, to use the cliche and you see people wearing bernie sanders stuff everywhere. my facebook feed is close to millennial. it was filled with people supporting bernie sanders. for them to get as close as they did and still come up short was really, really hard for both bernie sanders and his wife and family members. don't forget how invested family members get in this. i think the end of the campaign,
12:33 pm
to a certain extent, seemed like their excellent adventure. they are riding on the carousel taking their kids everywhere. i think you could really see the sort of public grieving of something that was just missed on display at the convention. that was hard for people to grapple with in the face of history that hillary clinton was making. but it was still something that deserves some sympathy. >> i have to tell you that on thursday night i saw the family. and it's hard. this is the ultimate supporting event. so when you're seeing the ice skater or the woman on the beam doing an incredible flip. they feel it often more deeply than the person in the middle of it. back on the bus for the general.
12:34 pm
it's 102 days. talk about wild stuff though. not just bernie sanders, but donald trump, russia, putin. the miss universe pageant. we're going to talk about all of that, when we come back. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off.
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12:38 pm
30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> welcome back to "road warrior." that was donald trump on wednesday with comments that sparked a fire storm from members of his own party and democrats who pounced. hillary clinton was dealing with her own controversy with the trade issue. donald trump said that. that issue went away. all of a sudden we were focused on donald trump again. >> remember debbie wasserman shultz and the controversy that overtook the convention on monday. all of a sudden it literal nobody was tug about that anymore. >> talk about message discipline. i can remember being on the campaign trail in 2004 and karl rove, think what you will about him, this is a guy who absoluteabsolut absolutely message discipline. you never know what's going to happen with donald trump. maybe it's fine if you believe all publicity is good publicity, but really? did that work for him?
12:39 pm
>> katy tur was at that news conference. she pressed him. she said do you really mean that? he stood by his comments. then the next day he waffled a little bit. take a listen. >> when i'm being sarcastic with something, you have 33,000 e e-mails deleted. and the real problem is what was said on those e-mails from the democratic national committee. take a look at what was said. it's disgraceful. >> so trump says it's sarcasm. i interviewed congressman israel who said his comments walked up to the line of treason. >> he said that to you. the other thing donald trump realized what he was saying is not entirely accurate. but there are no missing e-mails. it's entirely her discretion as for all officials to delete personal e-mails. so 30,000 e e-mails were deemed work-related and handed over. there were several thousand that they found business-related. but there are no 33,000 missing
12:40 pm
e-mails. >> i think that's right. there's a factual error and a a notion that he is encouraging russia to hack secretary clinton, which is problematic from a national security standpoint for a lot of supporters. there are a whole host of issues with this it comment that he made. >> you know this. we will ask what the president has to say about the markets. no response. why? because the words of a leader matter whether you're being serious or otherwise. >> i interviewed madelyn albright after this, another glass ceiling breaker, the first female secretary of state, she was on fire about this for exactly that point. she said, he has no understanding that what -- and she happened to be there. a head of an organization that had representatives from 100 countries. so i said off the air, what are
12:41 pm
they saying to you? what are conversations like? she said, look, they are worried he -- they don't know what's going to come out of his mouth and the implications, he doesn't seem to understand what they are. you're going to hear a lot about that on the campaign trail. this whole notion that he shoots from the hip without any understanding of what the g geopolitical implications are. >> this is where mike pence really helps him. brings some grav grav it is a. >> and the disparity between their ability to have message discipline is incredibly striking. i think that's why pence really helps him. it was a smart pick. >> e he picked it up immediately. we have so much more to talk about. i want to talk about in particular the highs and the lows of this week, the week before that. there are so many highs. let's be honest, there are a fair amount of e lows as well. stick around. you're watching yours tru ining"
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thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... when hillary clinton wins the white house and democrats win back the senate majority, that is just what we will do. >> now when you talk about the democrats having an optimistic convention, chuck schumer, the senator about as optimistic as you can get saying he believes that they will take over control of the senate. kelly o'donnell, who has spent so much time on capitol hill, is it optimistic, is it
12:46 pm
deleerousness? talk about chuck smoochumer and what's at stake. you're going to see this across the country. people who can't wait to align themselves with a candidate and people who will avoid them and not be seen on a stage with them and have a picture taken as if they are the plague. >> this is going to be a parallel story line with a lot at stake for not only the individual candidates and incumbents, but what it would mean for hillary clinton if she becomes president. meaning trying to get something done. especially in the first few months talking about a supreme court opening, talking about that initial agenda when there's a chance to troy to push something through. and perhaps his sunniest self in front of the delegation. private ly, he and other democrats would be a bit more cautious. the numbers help democrats
12:47 pm
because a third of the senate is up every two years. so it changes. this time there are far more red states and seats republicans have to defend. it's like 24-10. so the odds are in democrats' favor. if hillary clinton is elected and the next midterm election, it flips. there are republicans who will have an advantage and there's usually attacking back after one party has the white house. especially if they have it for three terms. so we'll see. i hear about it all the time. it's going to be a part of who is on stage and who wants to b seen. each senate race is big enough statewide, a lot of money spent. they can define themselves. but the opposing parties are already trying to label each possible candidate with what hillary clinton said or her positions and the flip side.
12:48 pm
whatever presumably whacky from a democrat's point of view, idea, comment, something provocative donald trump said or ideas he has. those thins get pinned to republican who is are trying to be more kind of acceptable to a broad swath of voters because unlike house districts that are one true color. if you're running in a big state, there's a lot of constituencies to address. it may not be as sexy as the presidential, but it's very important to follow those down ballot races. >> so i want to jump in here. i no i we saw mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. think about how little we saw them from the stage of the convention. i honestly don't remember all that many big name members of congress at the republican convention. >> because they weren't there. >> and obviously paul ryan had
12:49 pm
that message. that's something ted cruz echoed when he took the stage. one of the big challenges for republicans on a day-to-day basis is how do you respond with controversies we saw that play out in realtime over the judge controversy. when lawmakers distance themselves from donald trump. but at the same time, had already endorsed him. he said i'm reversing my endorsement. >> we have big news that happened today in north carolina. north carolina had what was regarded as the most restrictive voter i.d. law in the country. and it has been struck down. barack obama registered so many new african-american voters there. this is a key battleground state. and you have the governor who wanted this bill signed.
12:50 pm
he was in the middle of controversy over transgender bathrooms. he's being challenged by the attorney general in the state who refused to argue this case before the court of appeals. so these kinds of things are going to happen that will affect all of these races up and down the ballot and, frankly, if you like politics, it doesn't get any more interesting than this. >> one of the lesser known stories is there were some democrats who weren't at this convention in philadelphia or spent a little time in town and went back to their home states because they didn't want to be overly aligned with hillary clinton. so think of some redder state democrats. a joe manchin of west virginia, joe donnelly of indiana. we saw plenty of republicans steering clear of cleveland because they were home campaigning it happened a couple of times with democrats, too. >> cuts both ways. kelly o'donnell, thank you from philadelphia. we'll be right back after a quick break. we'll look back at these two conventions and we'll tell you what we thought our highs and
12:51 pm
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the vp nominees having a little fun. that's what politicians occasionally get to do on the campaign trail. we want to talk about a reflections on these two extraordinary weeks. the highs and the lows for each of us. i have to say, i'll start, the high i thought for me, the speeches by ivanka and chelsea. as a young woman who cares about politics, covers politics, i was just struck by them. their poise. the fact they got up in front of these audiences and just held the attention not only of the room but i think of the nation. and really served as character witnesses for their parents. i thought that was a real high.
12:55 pm
>> they're friends, by the way. >> and they're friends. it will be interesting to see what happens after november if that friendship lasts. >> apparently chelsea clinton has said she'd be open to talking to her friend invanka about a different tone in the campaign. that would be an interesting behind the scenes. i just thought michelle obama went out on such a high note, and i'm just such a fan of women who serve in that role because i think over the years as i've gotten to know a number of them just a little bit, the commitment they have to the kinds of issues that they've taken on, but the democrats, as the republicans were in a little bit of trouble at the beginning of their convention. and she just came in and knocked it out of the park. it doesn't matter if you were republican or democrat or -- >> she was the headline. >> absolutely.
12:56 pm
>> she was unbelievable. >> and case hunt still on the bus wants to weigh in. >> still on the bus. so we're here. i think the high point for me was that embrace that chelsea and hillary clinton shared. i was back behind on the podium and you can see them and the looks they gave each other. it was a very human moment that reminded me of how sometimes in proud moments i've had with my mom or somebody who matters to you, all of you have probably had a similar experience. i thought that that was meaningful. as far as a low point, i think from the democratic convention, we also went to the meeting that bernie sanders had with his delegates on that first day when he was taken aback by the booing from his delegates for hillary clinton. i think that was a difficult moment for them and set a negative tone at the outset of monday. >> all right. and i have to agree. some of the discord we saw in
12:57 pm
both of these conventions was a low politically speaking. the controversy with the dnc was a real low point. people were still talking about that last night. kelly, your highs and lows? >> well, on a personal note for both of us, cleveland is my hometown. philly is yours. hometown pride for both of us to see how our cities staged these events. i'm going to add to what you said. i won't repeat what you have. a high note for the republican convention, tiffany trump. less well known. not in the family business. only 22. to speak before such a huge audience and to give a much more personal daughter's eye view of donald trump. that was poignant. and i think at the democratic convention, i was really struck by people who were not the big political figures. the mother of a orlando victim. the father of a muslim soldier killed in battle.
12:58 pm
and gabbie giffords. when she forms her words and does it with effect, it's beyond politics to see people who overcome personal struggles to share their story. it's obviously infused with politics. but what they do personally by having the guts to do that is always something that strikes me. and it's really memorable, especially when you're in the hall to feel that emotion. >> i'm always moved whenever gabby giffords gets on stage and speaks. now let's check in with hallie jackson. your highs and lows? >> i'm not going to call it a low point but a difficult moment from the republican convention side was the ted cruz speech on wednesday night. i'm not sure that he or his team expected quite that visceral reaction from the crowd in the room. i know loyalists told me after the speech they were proud of him for doing what he did but i can't imagine it's a comfortable feeling to be in that position, particularly when up until the boos happened, cruz was given
12:59 pm
kra really one of the better political speeches he's given in his career. something he was able to tap into the people that support him wanted to hear. as for the high point, you and me are on a mind meld. i thought the thursday night speeches from the daughters. ivanka trump. very memorable. set up her father very well. poised. exactly what she needed to be. same with chelsea clinton. the other high, seeing all of you in person finally for like a brief moment in time before we went all of our ways. >> all right. jacob, tell us -- start with the lows so we can end on a high note. >> i'll give you a personal high and a low. my low was the gentleman where i was walking down the aisle on the first day of the republican convention and the guy looked at me and yelled at me and said get out of the way. the first thing. we don't have time to roll it. and on the high note, on the
1:00 pm
stage when alicia keys was doing her sound check it was an extraordinary thing to see. i like the backstage stuff. like to hang out where people don't get to hang out. >> the sound chiecks are amazin. >> when you realize how many people are a part of our political process. >> and my hometown cleveland. and can we just all agree, the uber drivers saved us. >> by the way, i had to buy a new pair of shoes because i think i walked five miles a day inside the republican national convention. our friend steve kornacki is standing by to take it away from here. fun to hang out with you at the democratic convention. >> in four years we'll do it again at the next convention site. thank you road warriors for that. i'm steve kornacki live in new york. the day after the democratic convention and now the countdown is on. 102 days to go until the general election. topping our agend


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