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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we have this breaking news to share out of texas. multiple people are dead after a hot air balloon crash. this happened in lockhart, texas. about 35 miles south of austin. the sheriff's office received a 91 call about an accident, but when emergency responders arrived, they came across the basket portion of this hot air balloon. it was on fire. officials say the balloon was occupied. it does not appear there were any survivors of this crash. both faa and ntsb have been notified and are investigating. we're going get you more information as it becomes available. now to presidential politics. hillary clinton and tim kaine about to make a campaign stop in southwestern pennsylvania. they are in the midst of a three-day bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio today. the democratic ticket made its first campaign appearance since the convention when it kicked off its economy and jobs focus
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bus tour. that kicked off in philadelphia yesterday and at each stop, clinton and cane used the momentum they picked up to attack the republican nominee. >> wasn't different than cleveland? oh, my gosh. cleveland was it was a dark and twisted journey through the mind of donald trump. a very scary place to be. >> i have so much confidence and optimism about our country. i don't recognize the country that donald trump describes. i don't recognize the mean spiritedness, the bigotry and blustering and bullying. i don't recognize that. because that is not who we are as americans. >> and their economy and jobs focus bus tour comes amid yet another cyber attack on democratic party operations. this time, the clinton campaign says acap data program that used was hacked, but said no evidence has been found that the
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campaign's internal systems were broken into. now, one of the republican side, donald trump and mike pence are off the campaign trail today after holding separate events in colorado and ohio yesterday. at his rally in denver, trump once again attacked general john allen who criticized him on his speech this week. >> they were talking about the power, let me tell you, i think my kids have more saw power. they had a general named john allen. and he, i never met him and he got up and started talking about trump, trump, trump. never met him. and you know who he is? he's a failed general. he was the general fighting isis. i would say he hasn't done so well, right? not so well. >> politico is reporting that top trump donors tried to arrange meeting between charles koch and trump yesterday,
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however, the aides rejected their invi tigs. let's bring in andrea mitchell. she's traveling with the clinton campaign on that bus on route to johnstown, pennsylvania. good day to you. talk about the mood on the bus right now and what the campaign is hoping to accomplish today. >> hi, alex. great to see you. we are rolling. one of the big headlines right now. just started rolling from harrisburg to johnstown. about two hour and 15 minute drive unless astop alock the way. the headlines are that she is trying to reach out to white disaffected voter, key in pennsylvania. they need to hold pennsylvania and ohio where we're heading tonight and tomorrow. key to the bust belt and that's where they think donald trump may have some impact. may be able to have some appeal, especially with white men. now, the county we're heading to in cambria county is more than 94% white. these are workers who are very much open to an appeal from trump. and what clinton has been
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talking about as she did in harrisburg last night how she's got a jobs plan, a detailed plan to come up in the first 100 tas. >> have to tell you, that we're starting to get information. you know, some people don't want to know what the facts are. that's okay. but i think most people do and here's what i want you to know. today, today an economist, a republican economist, actually an economist who work ed for jon mccain, said that after analysis, my plan will create millions, millions more jobs than trump's. >> and one of the challenges for clinton is that she's got a lot of details. they've been explained and explained over and over again for months. she's made some changes of course along the way. in response to bernie sanders' success on the road, so we know
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she's changed her position on trade and on other key economic issues. moving far to the left on the platform indeed, but the problem is that her plans are detailed. they're not only just on her website, she talks about them over and over again and perhaps a bit too wonky, they don't fit on a bumper sticker and donald trump has an appeal by saying i'm going the fix everything, give you jobs and while he doesn't have details, except perhaps on a web release, it could be much more appealing to some of these angry white voters. >> alex. >> it is interesting the way you talk about the markeded contrasting between the two and their styles for sure. may i can jou about really the process. you're on this bus tour and are there a lot of people around you? i love the lodgist ibs of this. you're literally rolling on the highway. >> well, right now, we're rolling on the highway. i am on a press bus. we are i guess a couple of vans behind the main clinton kaine
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bus. yesterday, it was bill clinton, tim kaine's wife and tim kaine, so the four, the couples. trying to replicate what they did in 1992, with the clinton gore bus trip, which i was on. coming out of their convention and rolling down theiersy turnpike, crossing into pennsylvania, going to ohio. ending up in st. louis. we did six legs i believe across the country during that incredible summer and it was magical. it did propel them into the position to have that victory they had in 1992. when they started all of that at the convention, they were behind. it was a three-way race up through june in california. with ross perot leading clinton and bush. there's a lot of nostalgia for that time, but the circumstances are different. the tact is that now in leaving and going through pennsylvania and into ohio, they have to do something in rust belt e. she lost michigan to trump.
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and rather to bernie sanders and the tier is that they'll lose the rest of the rust belt unless they solidify their support with those white voters. they think they're in a better position in pennsylvania. last time republicans was 1988 that -- campaigned. but ever since then, it has been reliable democratic, but ed rendell telling me yesterday there is a chance that it could go republican if she doesn't explain her economic program. that is the key thing she needs to do. you asked me aboutisti lodgisti. there are two or three press buses, a smaller van of, smaller group of camera and reporters going to be following her every step of the way. but u large crowds, not so much yet. weather is also a challenge. thunderstorms expected today. >> and andrea, quickly, probably
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more for my control booth, are they still running on clinton time? i believe this was scheduled at 12:30 p.m. if you're a couple of hours away, anyone tanding this event needs to know it's going to be a wait. >> it was 1:45 and now, we're just leaving harrisburg, so add two hours and 15 minutes if they don't stop along the way. folks, if you're out there in the rain, i would get shelter. >> telling nick to pay attention. thank you so much. we'll see you again next hour. now to the trump campaign. jacob is in denver, colorado. any offerings from the campaign as to why that is? >> nope, but he's on a virtual campaign tour. if you could call it that. tweeting all day today there were in pennsylvania and ohio this week and will be back out nix monday and tuesday as well. something to point out about how the trump campaign is
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approaching this week off of the philadelphia convention, they seem thrilled the campaign with the contrast between what hillary clinton talks about and the positive message not that the trump campaign doesn't say that theirs is positive, they do, but they think that the trump, that the hillary clinton and her campaign are talking about a world they say that doesn't exist that's out of touch with haelt raelt and so this morning on twitter, trump is out with statistics that he says back up his claim talking about the long-term unemployment, how it's not doing well and prices and home sales, how those are not doing well. according to the statistics that he is using. and he also talked about this was yesterday in colorado. how even though some have described what he has done as a movement that's been unlike anything we've seen in recent memory, that he, it would all be for not if he didn't win. here's how he said it. >> if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton, she is as
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crooked as a $3 bill. if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton, i will consider this a tremendous waste of time, energy and money. believe me. i'm not looking to be in history books. unless it's at the top where we do something great. >> and calli her crooked hillary of course is not new. he's done that for many months now. but he did something different yesterday in colorado when chants of lock her up rang out inside of that rally, instead of just ignoring it, this time, he said, you know, i'm starting to agree with you. and then he said the gloves are going to be off against hillary clinton, so when he does come out next monday and when he's on twitter, we should expect to see even more sharp attacks against the clinton campaign. >> much to look forward to. thank you for preview. joining me now, joy reid.
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and catherine lucy. ladies, welcome. >> thank you. >> okay, overall impressions for both of you. start with you, joy. dnc versus rnc. keep politics out of it. yus talk about the perception of the conventions, how they ran and sort of the impression you think people were let. gl i think the rnc, it was well organized in terms of getting the press to and fro. the stage was put together well. it was very compact, weren't as many people there. they had everybody packed in the lower rows because it wasn't filled with the rafters. that said, very dark. it was day after day after day of really sort of a dark future, dark dismal place the country's in. i think midnight in america was an appropriate way describe it. outside, heavy police presence. almost felt like you were in a post apock liptic america where everything was falling apart and i felt physically tense in cleveland where i normally
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don't. it's a very friendly city. we saw a lot of tense arguments on the street. saw people glowering, the buttons being sold were miserable or offensive messages on them. really dark thing. so, i don't know it was that successful if the goal was an uplifting driving dream, you didn't get that. donald trump read his speech. did not do a walk through, so it felt very, it was a strange version of donald trump. reading his speech in a robotic way, so there was that. the democratic speech, i have to say it reminds me of an oscar's telecast, honestly. it was brilliantly produced. >> it was a hollywood hand in it. it had a hollywood feel to it. every star imaginable not only on the stage, but just walking around the venue. you saw a huge celebrity presence. it was a really well produced television program. a great tv production. so i think watching it was more enjoyable for the viewer. and it was pungs punctuated with great music and dramatic
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moments. the broadway singers, mothers of the movement, these great interstitial videos and it was more personal. about hillary clinton, the mom. the friend, the grandma, so i think it had a more personal feel, so as a production, i think it was better and more uplifting. democrats seemed to walk away more joyful. there were the protests. >> it may be because the proximity of philadelphia to new york to washington to the eastern corridor, much easier to access. go there, go home. >> i think bernie sanders supporters, the people who were protesting made it clear they were more interested in protesting the democratic convention. somebody described this as process complaints. they were more angry that sanders didn't get the nomination than gal vonizing specific issues. it got higher ratings. trump himself got higher ratings for his speech, but i understand why there were bigger television ratings for the democratic convention. just a better program. >> it was more of a horse race on night four, but you're right.
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so, catherine, with regard to the dnc, it did start off rough with the debbie wasserman shults drama. do you think the dems come out of this more unified from their conventions than the gop does or do you think it was just the optics of the convention we're talking about? >> no, i think actually the democrats do come out more u unified. you saw in addition to the situation with the sanders protesters, the number of top tier democrats who wanted to be on the stage. they had so many people who wanted to speak on clinton's behalf, they could barely gelt get them on the schedule. former presidents, first lady, joe biden. in terms of sanders supporters, the clinton campaign worked a lot with them in advance and during the convention to try and work on their complaints and the
9:16 am
party platform, so they didn't really make an effort to try and appease them on some of their concerns. and i actually think the role call vote on tuesday night where they went through every single state, sanders people and clinton people from each state got to speak their peace about why they were there. who they were supporting and did that whole process, which doesn't often happen. i think that was a kai moment for a lot of people. they were quite effective at trying to drown them out or quiet that with pro clinton chants to keep the momentum going, but i think overall, the democrats come out with momentum and with unity. >> yeah, and you know what, catherine brings up a point regarding sanders and the influence in. sounds like clinton outlined a more progressive agenda thanks to his involvement in this campaign. do you think it is enough to appease his voters?
9:17 am
i wonder how many would actually cross the line to go to trump versus just apathy and staying home versus hanging on board and joining clinton. >> i think one of the things that's been fascinating thabt political season is watching the small d democratic process really play out on the democratic side. on the republican side, you had a platform written by the community. on the democratic side, they actually had this really ongoing negotiation between the sanders campaign and the clinton campaign right until the 11th hour. you actually could watch this platform play out and negotiate back and forth. bernie sanders like jesse jackson, got a lot of reforms in, but unlike jackson, he got a lot of substance into the platform and hillary clinton is now wrapping her arms around it and embracing a lot of his program, so on a problematic aspect, sanders got so much that's why you're seeing so many of his supporters come over. i spoke to a couple of sanders supporters, they went into the convention disliking hillary clinton and being opposed to
9:18 am
her, but came out feeling more positive toward her. one texted me and said she's won me over. not only did she goif on a lot of issues, she was softened in their mind and humanized. just sort of a cartoon they disliked. >> on trade though, do you think hillary clinton would be coming out against tpp if bernie sanders had not been in the race? >> she would not or if elizabeth warren had run. i think it's going to continue to be a sticking point because president obama still supports it and he's going to be a big surrogate for hillary clinton. i think that's where you'll see the last bit of tension, but i think what you're going to see is clinton double down. she's gotten tim kaine to change his mind. rook for this to come up when the lame duck happens. the fight over tpp is not over. >> so, catherine, donald trump
9:19 am
was actively tweeting throughout hillary clinton's speech and. >> reporter: already this morning. these tweets seem to be endless. do you think his campaign worries about this coming off as undisciplined, that they cannot reign him in and face it, folks there that are close to him, melania included, say please stop tweeting. >> not sure what they're thinking. if anyone is concerned about his tweeting, certainly, he's not stopping it. i'd be surprised if he stops tweeting. that's a key way he wants to directly communicate with people. and i think that's, his messaging is going to continue to be unpredictable because that's the way he runs his campaign and i think that's one of the issues for clinton now going into the general, she's coming out of this campaign with, coming out of this convention with a lot of momentum, a lot of excitement down to the huge balloon drop and fireworks and all the enthusiasm on friday night.
9:20 am
she wants to reach out to some of the voters that may be are on the fence. and trump is going to really keep the pressure on her. >> okay. catherine, lucy, thank you so much for your time and joy. my sister from another mother as we say here in the halls of msnbc. thanks. new charges in the flint water crisis. why authorities say those accused new the water was contaminated, by failed to act, plurks what's been done to restore the shattered trust. hey, searching for a great used car? yeah! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported pretty cool i like it that's the power of carfax® find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing start your used car search at are those made with all-beef, karen? yeah, they're hebrew national. but unlike yours, they're also kosher. only certain cuts of kosher beef meet their strict standards.
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allegations of a cover up as six former employees now face criminal charges. it was highlighted at the democratic convention when the city's mayor took the stage. joining me by phone, dan wildy, who represented flint. he is a clinton supporter. i want to get right into this
9:24 am
now because without convicting people who have merely been charged, did any of these six folks have a direct knowledge that water was contaminated and did nothing to stop it? >> throughout state government, not clear how far this goes, they were aware early that there were significant problems with the water. that there were high levels of lead and their first reaction, response, was if the governor's office to try to deal with it as a public relations problem and within these department, try to get data that would change the results. i find it really interesting that two separate departments that said they did not coordinate were involved in the same thing at the same time. it makes you wonder where that direction came from to try to tell everybody in flint that the
9:25 am
water was fine when they knew it was not. >> as we look at today, what is the situation there like? has the situation been remedied and if not, when will it get there? >> it's not been fully remedied. there's still a lot of needs here in flint. the water for many is not drinkable. there's an advisory still. in fact, some question as to whether water is drinkable now even with the filter. our local medical society says no. so the problem's not solved. while there's good reason to have attention on the criminal charges and i think that's the right path, these people should be charged and go as high up the chain as they take them. i hope that the criminal charges does not off set the need tort people of flint. especially these kids. having somebody charged with a crime doesn't help one of these
9:26 am
children get through the challenges they face. there are things that could in the state and i hope still congress needs to step up. froms to have the chance they deserve. >> a role in trying to help those hit by the crisis. to combat what's happened on the state level. what do you think can be done the to restore the faith of the people of flint? >> i think that will take time. it's going to have to be much more than just needed the minimal requirements. what i think people need to see the state government, but also the federal government, goes beyond what is just required to get the waterab drinkable. in order for them to have faith in their government, they have to say their government is is going to make it right for them and even then, it will take some time. so far at the state level, we have not seen that, but frankly,
9:27 am
the republicans in congress have blocked our efforts to provide additional federal help, so that would go along way in restoring faith, seeing their government respond. >> let me can you a question on presidential politics. the latest michigan polling there puts this race within the margin of error, hillary clinton coming in at 42%. trump at 39, however, the state has gone blue since 1988. do you envision a scenario where michigan turns towards the gop? >> well, ink we have a campaigned a lot. i believe hillary will win michigan. we will deliver a message and show the stark contrast between the recklessness of trump and the real ideas she brings to this campaign. but in michigan, all those years that we've been able to win going back to 1988, it hasn't been by accident. we've had to work to win and we'll do that again this time. >>y. thank you for phoning in. appreciate your time and thoughts. >> thank you so much. so, an essay about what it's
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stay strong. stay active with boost®. welcome back. we're keeping a close eye on where the campaigns are today and couldn't get any closer than that. that's hillary clinton and tim kaine's bus. they have resumed the tour through pennsylvania and ohio this afternoon. looking outside the window there. the bus is rolling toward their first stop in western pennsylvania. about to begin two hours from now. andrea mitchell is on the bus. we'll talk with her, but it's part of the campaign's three-day long bus tour through the rust belt states, which began yesterday. there are new reports today that computers used by the clinton campaign have been hacked in spate of hacking incidents aimed at dats. this time, reports say computer systems used by the clinton campaign were hacked and signs
9:32 am
buoya points to russia's intelligence service. the campaign says internal computer systems had not been compromi compromised. let's bring in former ambassador corussia. good to see you. let's talk about what james clapper said when accused about russia's involvement in the dnc in the e-mail leak this week. he would not lay blame there, but did say motivation was a factor in how serious this should be taken. just say it's actor x. and if it was a nation state actor x, i think that's really the key thing. not so much the hacking took place as much as what was really the motivation. was this just to stir up trouble or was this ultimately to try the to influence an election. >> so, how serious is it if indeed russia is behind the and is is it indeed an attempt to
9:33 am
influence the election? what kind of recourse does the u.s. have? >> well, let's be clear on what we know and have to guess about, right? so, i think everybody agrees that it were russian organizations tied to the russian government that hacked the dnc. no debate about that. we know there was a data dump on the eve of the of the democratic party's convention with a political intention to disrupt that election. did the russians give the data to wick ki leeks or did they find it in some other way? we'll never know the answers because the russians will never tell us, but the means was there and the motivation was there in terms to be disruptive. i think that's pretty clear. >> okay. let's look back to 2009 when the obama administration promised new friendlier relations with russia. then secretary of state with the
9:34 am
russian foreign minister, they were signalling a new era of relations. did that ever truly take place? you became ambassador in 2012. talk about what religions were like then. >> i was there the day that secretary clinton provided that reset button to mr. lavrov because i worked ed at the whit house before going to moscow antd it did work for a time. the reset helped us get a new treaty. we got rid of 30% of the nuclear weapons in the world. we got sanctions on iran. our supply routes to afghanistan in the north were expanded because of the reset and crucially because they used to go through pakistan where they got caught off and we got russia into the wto, so it was working. then two really important things happened that ended the reset in 2012, the year i became am batsz dor, one, medvedev came in and putin stepped.
9:35 am
he has a much more adversary yal perspective towards the united states and two, there were massive demonstrations in russia in that year and start ng the winter of 2011 and putin used us, called us traitor, cald us agitato agitators meddling in his internal affairs fo help these protesters and singled out clinton in particular saying she gave a signal to have the protesters go out on the street. when that happened, the reset was over. >> understandably. so, this point in time, sir, does it matter how important is it for the u.s. to have better relations with russia? >> we should always seek to have constructive relations with all major powers in the system. i'm an advocate for that. but we shouldn't do it by ignoring other things. we shouldn't do it for instance by saying well, let's just give
9:36 am
them cry mimea, which they an e in almost the entire international community said we should not recognize that annexation and my own view, having dealt with the russians as a government official for five years and been in an out of that country for 30 years, is is they respect strength. you're going to get a better deal with the russians if you come in strong true to your principles and your interests. not in an appeasement kind of form, so i want better relations with russia. but it's got to be on terms that advance our interest and don't make us compromise our interest to cooperate with them. >> all right. thank you, appreciate that. >> thank you. next up, the illinois man who's personal essay was shared more than tens of thousands of times on facebook. you can hear why so many are finding his story so compelling. later on, the fight over tpp. why are many are against it and why there are new concerns. ♪
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9:44 am
an unleaven burden of harm at the hands of u.s. law enforcement. now, one writer has posted an essay on facebook about his experience growing up black in america. his facebook has gone viral. brian, welcome to you. i'm very interested to talk with you about this. your story and your experiences of your life, what led you to write and share them? following the deaths a couple of weeks ago, i've been posting a lot about it and i wanted to put it in the right context because i feel quite often, when these things happen in the larger society, people put them as individual instances and for a lot of us, there are a continuation that goes back you know, centuries and not just individual cases, to i want to spell out why i reacted the way
9:45 am
i did. >> did you expect the reaction? >> not at all. i've been posting about social justice issues and racial injustice for about ten years now, dating back to the police shooting of sean bell and usually, i get the same five, six, seven people that respond to it and then a kay or two, it's gone. so i didn't expect this to go more than you know, the same circle of friends that kind of always react. >> so, i want to talk about some of the things you write about specifically. the first is growing up in a white neighborhood and in school, really uncomfortable part of the school year was the month of february, which is black history month. why was that uncomfortable for you? >> yeah. well, you know, before i get into that, i want to make it clear it is a dpraet place. my parents still live there. it's home to me, my best friends i met when i was 11, 12 years old so it's not as though napperville is a horrible place or anything like that.
9:46 am
but in particular when it came to february and black history month, being the only black kid in the class, it was always on me the read everything. it was a history portion about harriet tubman or booker t. washington. i can remember in fifth grade having to explain what the triangle trade route was to white students who just stared at me. it's kind of that sort of thing, where people don't really understand that when you are different from everyone else, bringing attention to that is isn't always wanted tor welcome. >> do you think at this young age even in fifth grade, what would the kid's reaction, did they take it to heart? were you teaching them in a way that could carry with them? >> i don't think so. in fifth grade, a lot of what you learn is in one ear and out
9:47 am
the other, regardless of what it is. i don't think much of it stuck with most of us to begin with, so for it to be kind of this sectioned off part of the curriculum coming from a new kid in school because i moved to napierville in fifth grade. >> interesting. what about high school years? you began driving. you also were pulled over by police. >> yes. all through high school i drove a loud, colorful mazda. early 2000s. my car was loud and colorful and all that. at the time, i was pulled over quite frequently. not just in napierville, but in communities of aurora, bowling brook. it seemed quite often i was pulled over, told i had a broken taillight. the police officer would run the
9:48 am
plates. no tailing light issue at all. i didn't have a warrant and suddenly, the taillight was working an i was free to go. that was a regular occurrence that i had through high school and early college. >> okay. >> what would you want white americans who read your essay to take away from your experiences? >> i think the big thing is that these aren't isolated. they aren't unique. i wrote in the post i'm not a magnet for all of the racism in america, that my experiences are pretty universal with a lot of other black people who grew up in white areas. we aufb hear we need to have a conversation when these kinds of things happen. whether it's trayvon martin, tamir rice, john crawford, but my take away is if we have a conversation, that means i'm going to tell you you i feel and then when i'm done talking, you can come back and ek plain why all of my feelings are invalid
9:49 am
or why the experiences i've had are coincidental or not racist in the first place and so, i think it would serve us better as a country if instead of having a conversation about race, we had a series of monologues. where people of different races and ethnic backgrounds can talk about what it's like without something somebody else jump back in saying well, i know you think that's what it is, let me tell you why wasn't racism or why you're making too much about it. you're being too sensitive. the big take away that i'd like people to have is that these experiences do happen. they color all of the other experiences that we have for the rest of our lives and kind of take that into account before jump iing in and saying we're playing the race card or that we are imagining things or making things up. >> i think what i'm going to say is we all walk in our own shoes. also, a lot of times when points are made, it's all in the delivery and having read a lot
9:50 am
of what you posted, it was beautifully written and i'm very glad and better off very having read it so thank you very much for being with with us. i really appreciate your time. best of luck. gl thank you. >> the reagan republicans who say they're going to vote for hillary clinton we're going to ask what is changing minds about supporting the gop. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like the award-winning geico app. download it today. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. it's a fiber supplement that helps support regularity, and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy.
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9:53 am
i'm here tonight to say i knew ronald reagan. i worked for ronald reagan. donald trump, you are no ronald reagan. >> and that is douglas almet speaking at the democratic national convention. throwing his support now behind hillary clinton, but republicans are hittinging back. the rnc saying he is not really a republican. he joins me right now with a welcome to you and i love the grin you have on your face
9:54 am
because you're ready to go here. you are being billed as a republican who's crossing party lines to support hillary clinton. you have contributed to democratic kabd candidates in the past, so the question is, have you been changing your views and party all along? >> i think that like everybody, your views evolve, but really this isn't so much about me than it is about somebody so unfit to be president, which is donald trump and somebody who really has the capability and experience to lead the nation and that's hillary clinton. >> so, before donald trump became in nominee, was there a candidate you were support something. >> i obviously liked jeb bush a lot. there were a lot of candidates frankly runni inning for office were preferable who i can't believer ended up being the candidate. >> it was extraordinary being where jeb bush was at the beginning. you have said four years of clinton is better than just one
9:55 am
day of donald trump. is your support of clinton because of her policy positions or because you're antitrump? >> that's a great question and in fact, i've been asked that a lot. tho, i really do think hillary clinton can lead this nation during these times. and be a great ambassador frankly to the rest of the world and our children. unlike trump, he is so unhinged, he has hijacked the republican party and you really don't know now what multiple personality is going to show up. where whether it's him or the party. >> just listening to you, i would assume you're thinking it's almost a reckless vote if you cast one for donald trump. >> well, it is a reckless vote. i think i'm in good company. if one looks at the number of former presidents and republican leaders that weren't even willing to show up at the republican convention, i think that in and of itself says it all. also stha if you look at the republican convention versus the
9:56 am
democratic convention, you'll see that the republican convention really was so disorganized. david brooks, a great columnist for the "new york times," calls trump the candidate of chaos. you look at the democratic convention. it really em bbodied everything that frankly the republican party used to embody, which is patriotism, graciousness. faith. that's managsomething devoid of republican con veng. >> we had two analysts on with me today, both of whom thought that the dnc came off much better for many, many reasons. curious about your support in the past. were you a romney guy in '12 and mccain guy in '08? >> yes, i was. i've never, ever voted for a democrat in 40 years. i have always voted for a republican. in fact, i cast my first vote for reagan 40 years ago and i'm now finding myself and happily
9:57 am
voting on november 7th for hillary clinton. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. evangeline wililly will join me about new concern about the tpp and why she's against it. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at if you'try clarispray.emes to escape your nasal allergies. see what the power of points can do for your business. new, from the makers of claritin. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. hey there, everyone. i'm alex witt. it is 1:00 p.m. in the east. we're beginning with presidential politics. with both conventions out of the way, the campaigns are heading into the 100 day stretch until election day and we're about to give you a live view inside the campaign bus as it heads towards western pennsylvania. where the candidates will be holding their first of three rallies today. they're following another bus. they should be there in about an hour or so. today's events are part of a three-day tour for pen


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