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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. hey there, everyone. i'm alex witt. it is 1:00 p.m. in the east. we're beginning with presidential politics. with both conventions out of the way, the campaigns are heading into the 100 day stretch until election day and we're about to give you a live view inside the campaign bus as it heads towards western pennsylvania. where the candidates will be holding their first of three rallies today. they're following another bus. they should be there in about an hour or so. today's events are part of a three-day tour for pennsylvania
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and ohio which began yesterday. at stop, clinton has huz used the momentum to attack the republican nominee. >> when someone runs for president and says their primary qualification for being president is because they claim to be a successful business man, then it's only fair to ask how did you become successful. we don't resent success in america. but we do resent people who take advantage of others in order to line their pockets on the way up. >> on the republican side, donald trump and mike pence are off the campaign trial today after holding separate events in colorado and ohio yesterday. at a rally in colorado spring, trump had a different response to the lock her up chants that he had in recent weeks. >> how do you lie to the fbi and now, you're running for president.
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you know what dm i've been saying, i've been saying let's just beat her in november. but you know what? no, no. you know what, i'm starting to agree with you. >> back to hillary clinton now. msnbc's andrea el, host of andrea mitchell report, she's traveling with the campaign on the bus as it rolls to pennsylvania. can you talk about some of the headlines that clinton hopes will come out of this bus tour? >> well, they would hope that the headline coming out of this bus tour is that they care about people. that she will create jobs in her first 100 day, but she has a very complicated message and some would say it's too complicated to resognate as well as donald trump's does with some of these angry white voters. we're heading towards johnstown, pennsylvania.
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cambria county, the heart of this state's rust belt. it's 94% white and these are people who have lost their jobs as the economy has changed. overall, the state is not in bad shape because they've had resurgence of high-tech in pittsburgh for instance to off set what's happened to the steel worker, but this will be a steel workers union plant we're going to and these are the very people she has to persuade is not, could not be better advantaged by donald trump's. some with a simple message. his messages fit on a bumper sticker. in harrisburg last night, she talked about the contrast between what she says the dark message of cleveland, the republican national convention, and what she is trying to project is a more realistic examination of the overall economic picture, but also more optimism. >> i have much confidence and
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optimism about our country. i don't recognize the country that donald trump describes. i don't recognize the mean spiritedness, the bigotry and the blustering and bullying. i don't recognize that because that is not who we are as americans. >> so that's the challenge for hillary clinton. if you recall at the democratic convention in philadelphia, there was so many messages of patriotism and optimism. also reaganesque. almost looked like a republican convention of the past in contrast to cleveland. she's trying to projengt that kind of optimism toward the future, but at the same time, a reality check separating herself somewhat from the obama white house and saying we know that the economy has not been as good as it needs to be. i can do better and promising all those jobs in the first 100 days. >> all right, andrea mitchell, we're going let you get more
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comfortable and sit where your back to that chair, but it's really cool. i love this technology. it's great to have you on the road. thank you so much. let's bring in jacob with the latest on the trump campaign for us. with the welcome to you, no events for trump nor pence today. what are they up to in. >> no. well, he's up to tweeting as you might imagine that he would be tweeting. out with several this morning criticizing hillary clinton as you might imagine that he would do. it's interesting for a couple of month, trump has said the campaign really starts after the convention. so, this week, he was out with many stops throughout the week with mike pence. and then alone. they separated at one point during the week and he's been hitting hillary clinton on her message and the convention message that was in the view of many, very positive, saying that it's out of touch. in fact, here's what he said specifically about hillary clinton. take a listen. >> she makes it sound like
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everything's rosie dori. it's not, folks. people are pouring across the border. we have no idea who they are. people are coming in from syria and you see what's happening with nice. and the beloved priest. 85-year-old priest. he has his throat slit. and dies. >> now, this morning, he's out with a couple of statistics he likes to talk about. he says we're suffering through the worst long-term employment in the last 70 year, talking anlt those who have stopped looking for jobs and he's talking about homes he says here, american home ownership rate in the second quarter of 2016 was 62%. the lowest rate in 51 years, so interesting how both sides have their statistics that back up their view of how the world is. donald trump is in his campaign, are counting on these polls that even we've done recently, which say that the overwhelming majority of americans do believe that we are headed in the wrong
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direction. of course, they blame multiple factors for this, but donald trump is counting on that, that he can reach out to those people and he can be that figure that that person who they think can go in an change washington. it's unclear how well he's do on the heels of the convention philadelphia, whether or not hillary clinton gets a huge bump out of that. which would put him of course back behind her. where he's been since he became the presumptive nominee. >> do you have a heads up on their schedules going forward, the extent to which you'll see a trump pence duo, the two of them together at events or if they're going to be more splitting up on the road? >> in fact, next week, at least early next week, they will be separate. in pennsylvania and ohio. that's trump and i believe pence doing the same, but in different cities. later in the week, they'll be in nevada, arizona and in virginia as well. but they'll be separated not
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together. they were together this week a couple of time, but they separated midweek, so that will be interesting to see how often they're together going forward. >> thank you very much. and with me know to discuss more about the convention, sima and molly cooper. lady, good to have you on. let's get right to the dnc versus the rnc. how much did each do overall in. >> if you mean in terms of how much did they do -- >> influence and how much success in terms of a bump. what you're going to expect and really to catapult those campaigns going forward. >> well, the one thing i think you saw is that people who are there are pretty set in their positions in terms of you know, how they feel towards a certain candidate or another candidate. and you know, given the fact that these conventions happened so much earlier this year, than they normally do.
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think about it, normally, these conventions take place the last week of august. here, we have an extra month of campaigning that the candidates can do on the trail. i think for the most part, they did that they needed to do in terms of rallying their basis. in terms of changing a lot of mintds and the minds of the people who could win for democrats, it would be picking up those more conservative democrats and the you know, middle class worker. for republicans picking up more minorities. i don't know if the con vengs did one way or the other influence too many people. >> i'm thinking the timing, may be because the liolympics. that would be a pretty tough competition. how about you? that was your big take away? which one do you think came away with more unified group? >> they both rnc and dnc, there was division. we saw protests in cleveland and philadelphia. but at the end of the day, i think hillary clinton and sanders coming out, they did
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provide a united front where you had bersy sanders basically calling for her to be nominated by acclimation. in terms of trump, you had ted cruz making that big speech and refusing to endorse him, which i thought was notable. so, still fractures, but i felt the other thing that was notable, these two conventions presented two very different ways of looking at the united states of america. if you look at trump's, the peach, it's a nation in crisis in pearl. he's the law and order candidate, he can fix it. if you look at hillary clinton's convention, it was very optimistic. patriotic message, a message about faith, family. we had some republican commentators aing this looks like a republican convention. >> good. molly, multiple conservatives have tweeted about what a
10:11 am
disaster the dnc was. for republicans its unifying message, even these traditionally conservative messaging had kind of a republican feel to it have you been hearing something similar? not a republican feel in terms of the politics, but just the tenor. >> the thing is is, is what hillary clinton needed to do was basically say you know, if she's running on president obama's legacy, and there's been so many things that have divide it had country over the past few years in terms of policies that he's implemented, she really needed to come across as saying guess what, we are in the wonderful place right now. we are unified, but fwen, the facts and what happened at the convention kind of e belied that message. given that you did have all the dissension from sander, given you had the protesters outside and actually, republicans told me before the conventions, they said you know, there's a lot of predictions that the republican convention is going to have quite a few protester, but really, we're more worried about the democratic convention because you have all the bernie sanders protesters and what not
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and i think that going away from that, the democratic convention, you still have those equally divided or those staunchly divided you know, groups. i mean, sarah silverman can only do so much. telling the bernie sanders folks they're being ridiculous. which was a message that i think a lot of people in the hall greeted you know, very favorably, but those who didn't, did not greet it favorably. >> i agree. kind of polarize, but there were a lot of people seemed to get behind that one. i want to talk about your article on vice presidents. i love the headline. mike pence is the antitrump on the trail, just the way the campaign wants it. couple of questions. why do you say that from the campaign vantage point and does that reflect what donald trump, the man wants? >> i spent a couple of days on the trial with donald trump and mike pence. the rallies are so different. trump, he drives these enormous
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crowds. thousands of people waiting in line in 100 degree heat. pence has smaller crowds. he joked thanks for showing up. i know i'm on the b list for republican celebrity. his demeanor is is steady. he sticks with the script. with his talking points of what he wants to talk about. he doesn't go off on ran dam tan yents as donald trump does. the voters who showed up were largely social conservatives. they were planninging on vote for dump because they don't like hillary. they had concerns about trump. his message as governor of indiana as a member of congress, it really reassured them that trump is going to keep their feelings in mind if thooes elected president and in terms of building his cabinet, policies he pursues. >> i know it's really hard to generalize, but i'm going to ask you to do that in terms of who's in the crowd for each of these audiences? andrea mitchell said it really well, the difference between hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary clinton, she's a wonk in that she'll put out all this information and say here's what
10:14 am
i've got and lay out plans. it can go over people's heads. donald trump puts out a bumper sticker phrase. >> he knows how to connect. this is something everybody underestimated. that he knows how to, he can tap how voerts are feel iing and ca really connect with them. so he's often tapping anger and frustration among the voters in his crowd, so he really connects with them in a way that hillary clinton she connects with her voters in a different way, but it's visceral are trump. >> okay. i'm out of time, but good to see you. >> now, more on the breaking news we told you about in the last hour. a deadly hot air balloon crash near lockheart, texas. we have more information to bring you, as well as the first images. this is a live picture for you. the caldwell county sheriff's office in central texas says it appears no one has survived. the faa says at least 16 people were on board when the balloon caught fire this morning before
10:15 am
crashing and again, we're just getting this in to us from the scene and when emergency responders arrived, the basket portion of the hot air balloon was on fire. the ntsb is on its way to the scene there. the texas governor has respo responded. in statement, the governor has asked all of texas to pray for those lost. we'll bring you more information on this story as it becomes rabl to us. why are supporters of bernie sanders weary of hillary clinton's pledge to kill the t p pp trade pact? evangeline lilly is leading an effort to make sure hillary clinton stays true to our word and she's going to join me next. . ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. later today, opponents of the trans pacific partnership will hold a free rally in san
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francisco. part of an effort led by sanders supporters to force congress. concerns over whether hillary clinton will and by her word to kill tpp were renew ued thoo weerk when terry mcauliffe said she would push it through once she gets elected. he walked back his words after clinton's campaign chair said he was wrong. joining me is evangeline lilly, known for roles on shows like lost and the hurt locker. she's an advocate for the group, fight for the future and with a welcome to you, so glad to talk to you about this. look, clinton did not explicitly talk about tpp during her speech on thursday. she did however talk about making jobs the top priority in her first 100 days in office, so what were you looking for her to say to put your mind at ease? >> i think first of all, it's important to clarify that the people opposing the t p pp are not specifically swrus bernie
10:20 am
sanders supporters, but is actually populated by conservatives and progressives, people who are trump supporters, hillary supporters. what's obvious is that all of us across the political spectrum are looking for our leaders to recognize that the tpp is a corporate power grab, that it doesn't serve the people. that it doesn't create more jobs for americans, but depletes jobs. >> mrs. clinton says she will not sign it into law. how concerned are they she would go back on her word considering her key supporters are against tpp? >> well, we have seen hillary flip-flop on the tpp once already. so i don't think it's impossible for her to do that again. i don't think counting on any one person to be responsible to stop the tpp is the way to go. it's important for ordinary people to and up and make their choices heard. it's important for congress to hear from the people they're opposed to it, because really,
10:21 am
it comes down to congress ratifying the deal and if they don't do that, then no matter what hillary wants, it won't go through. >> proponents say what this does is facile its access between pacific rim countries. things like florida oranges are going to flow freely and japanese video games and the like, so what is it that concerns you most about this? is it jobs? is. >> well, the truth is that usually, trade deals are about eliminating tariffs that hinder trade between nations, but the truth is that america has signed so many trade agreements, there are very, very few tariffs left to hinder trade and that's obvious by the fact the tpp only has six chapters that address traditional trade issues. the other 24 chapters are essentially corporations earning the right to be able to sue american citizens for loss of profit but because they defended their human rights.
10:22 am
that's the ugly secret of the tpp. >> how concerned are you that sanders supporters could gravitate towards trump's antitpp message? >> well, i think thankfully, the democratic party has recognized that across party lines, that the people are opposed to the tpp. and they recognize that it's corporations who are pushing it so thankfully, it leaves the democratic party to stand against it and that if they don't, that that is a danger. that people will be so angry and so insistent that the tpp can't be brought into past, can't be passed, that they'll turn to trump. i personally don't see that happening because the democratic party has thankfully stood against it. >> so, you have training session right before this concert in san diego today. what should people expect in what are you going to express to them so they learn the pros and cons of tpp? >> well, i think that's important that they'll have the
10:23 am
chance to ask experts questions. people who have read it. it's a 5,000 page document. the average person can't be expecked to understand. and so we're going to allow them to ask question, we're going to explain it, but probably most importantly, we're going to explain to them how they can go about opposing it in their own xhunlts. because local community action is really the strength of our democracy. and the tpp diminishes the strength of our democracy, so i think by exercising those rights before they're u serped by corporate interest is really the focus. to help people know how to use their democracy. >> and how can people on the local level take what they learn from this and be effective in their local level here? >> well, i think a lot of people are really intim bait daytoned be i the idea of calling a politics and it's much, much easier than it might feel or seem on the outside. i've done it many times myself, but i had never done it myself five years ago, so i know what
10:24 am
it feems like to be intimidated by that. but those calls are really important. urging your senators, your congressperson to vocally, publicly say they are pau posed to the tpp. we need a sim p principle majority for it to be pass td and if we don't have that, it won't. that means it comes down to your representatives in your community opposing it and your pressure on them to do that will make a difference. >> why do you think the president is such a supporter of tpp? >> that's a very good question. the tpp back dayttes president obama. it's been in the works for a very long time. nobody knows what hands were shaked, what pockets were lined when he was running for president in the first place. nobody really knows what the conversations were because it was negotiated in secret for at least eight years. between really hundreds of corporate representatives and not our elected officials who represent the people's interest
10:25 am
and so we're in the dark. i think that's one of the big problems about the tpp is that there was no transparency, which suggests that something shady is going on. >> well, celebrated actress usually, today fight for the future advocate. enjoy today and i hope you get a lot accomplished. fear in florida. a door to door fight to limit the first home grown case of k zika. and feel it all... all summer long. ♪ jeep renegade -- it's how we live 4 by 4 summer. ♪ when heartburn comes creeping up on you.
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while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. welcome back. we're following that breaking news we told you about in the last hour. a dead ly hot air balloon crash near lockheart, texas. here's the latest. it appears no one has survived. faa says at least 16 were on board that balloon when it caught fire this morning just before crashing. we're getting video just in from the scene. when emergency responders
10:29 am
arrived, the basket portion of the balloon was on fire. the ntsb is on its way to vestigate scene, also texas governor is responding say iingn a statement, the he asked all of tech to pray for those lost. as we get more information on the story, we'll bring it to you. the other big story this hour, you are seeing the view right now, live from the campaign bus for hillary clinton and tim kaine as it heads towards pennsylvania. that is where the candidates are going to hold the first of three rallies today. it should be there within the next half hour or so. we are monitoring that as well. now that both parties have their official nominee, hillary clinton and donald trump will soon begin to receive national security briefings. james clapper told reporters this week what the candidates can expect to learn. >> during the candidate phase, the briefings are necessary, are the way they're built is fairly
10:30 am
general. so it could be on isilo syria or whatever the problem is. but fairly, classified none the less. >> we're going bring you now the executive editor of defense one, kevin barren, also an msnbc national security and military analyst. thanks for joining me. >> pleasure. >> let's get to the next step in the process for the candidates to receive these briefings. what's going to happen first? >> well, tart getting these briefings. they're interesting. they're getting a lot of attention because of so much that's led up to this point with both candidates, so on one side as we heard, you have trump, an outsider to government who's pretty loose lipped. has interesting views and a lot of nervousness about within the intelligence community. should be allowed to be told and whether the intelligence community has any say. versus hillary, who's had years
10:31 am
of classified clearances as a top official, security cabinet level official, but fresh off of the e-mail scandal and a whole lot of folks thinking she shouldn't have access to intelligence either, so i don't think we've ever had any type of attention how much intelligence two candidates should be rece e receiving we're having in this cycle. >> i want to have my director put up a full screen. this is from "the washington post." i'm going read, that there are new signs of deep discomfort with trump among the upper ranks of the intelligence community. one senior official said wednesday that he would decline to participate in any session with trump. so, is that what's going to happen? are officials, do they have a choice in determining whether to brief a nominee? do they have to give the same briefing to each nominee? >> you know, the rules are unclear about what they have to say or even what is learned within these briefings.
10:32 am
i think what is clear is the law is a law and from my experience, they live up to the law. take that versus some of the intelligence leaders on the democratic side who are calling for trump to not receive briefings or that he should have. maybe he should be given false intelligence. i can't imagine that happening. i can't imagine professionals doing that with a candidate who could be the commander in chief. it's similar to you know, to civilian control of the military. i would never imagine a military commander today saying i would refuse to follow an order by a commander in chief, trump or clinton, it would be beyond the pale. a fireable offense. i think people need to understand the intelligence committee are just as professional as those in uniform in the military and that's different than democrats wanting trump to not have the -- or
10:33 am
republic republicans trying to hit clinton over her e-mail scandal in the same fashion. >> is there a concrete sign that donald trump cannot be trusted with classified information? >> well, that's a question for i think intelligence observers. you can look to some of the veterans in intelligence and leadership, what they're saying on the candidates. so you had general allen for for example at the convention coming out for a four star commander of that caliber, the commander of the war on afghanistan. central command. you know, somebody of that level coming out against trump or even like flynn, the lieutenant general who was the he of the defense agency saying the same things about hillary clinton. on a different level, you have folks like secretary gates or the mcchrystal. these are high level defense officials who have come out with different level of weariness
10:34 am
about trump or working with trump. now, i understand what people think about trump's loose lips. again, i would just point out there's the same hesitation about hillary clinton. maybe not with loose lips, but the judgment about the other e-mails and a lot of classify td information to be out in that level or back the david petraeus and him getting classified information to his mistress, handing it to her, then lying about it to the fbi afterward. so there is some precedent, but i would with hold any opinion about whether trump has said anything specific that would lead to the intelligence community refusing to give him an honest briefing. he is the republican nominee. he's earned it. that's the most voice of the people and you know, there is president to this. >> okay, kevin, thank you so much for weighing in. in just a moment, we're going to get the latest word on the deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. a reporter is joining me next.
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glnchts going to get more on the deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. let's go to a reporter on the phone. he's a texas reporter with reuters. i understand you're waiting for a briefing, so far, the faa has told us 16 on board, no one has survived. what are you learning? it seemed that the balloon fire started or at least hit the basket and the balloon crashed in a pasture outside of lockhart, in central texas, about 30 miles south of austin. the weather was clear and we're still trying to find out what caused this, but it appears at least 16 were abroad and all are feared dead. >> okay, john, when you talk about the fire in the basket, was this as a result of do they think it may have been the result of hitting powerlines or was it something that
10:39 am
malfunctioned with i guess within the mechanism that heats up the air on the balloon? do they know? >> we have received no indication yet as to what caused the fire. we may get some of that in the brief, but this, the area where the accident occurred has a lot of powerlines running through it. the weather was clear during the day and it may or may not have been a factor, but we'll find out in a few minutes exactly what happened. so far, local officials are not saying what they think cause it had crash. and no one involved in the crash has yet been officially identified. >> and where exactly is this area in i understand it being near austin, but if you can describe the area and is this a place for hot air balloon enthusiasm? is this common practice that people go ballooning there? >> it's not that common of a practice, there are tours which go up in the air. lockhart is a very quick trip from austin about 30 miles to
10:40 am
the south, san antonio's nearby, houston as well. there's some state parks, the area's known for having some of the best barbecue restaurants in texas, so a lot of people go up there for day trips. it's a nice area to visit. small town texas, quite quaint and very, it attracts a lot of tourists from within the state, nationally and internationally because of its reputation for its restaurants. >> last word is that no survivor, correct, is that what you're hearing? zpl that is correct. the sheriff has said it appears that no one survivored. the faa said at least 16 people were abroad the balloon when it crashed. >> okay, john, i'll let you get back to getting ready for that briefing. thank you so much for giving us information. >> thank you very much. >> the summer olympics begin in just days amid worries over health, safety and security.
10:41 am
in just a minute, shannon miller is going to join me to talk about the challenges facing u.s. olympians and about her own personal victory against her most daunting opponent, but our next hour on msnbc live, we're going to have new shots in the presidential campaign ad war. how effective is this new trump ad to keep rust belt states? francis rivera will be talk iin it over with her political panel at 2:30 eastern. now she writes mostly in emoji.
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soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. all hp ink buy one get one fifty percent off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. both excitement and concern are building in rio. and the summer marks 20 years since shannon miller led the u.s. women's olympic gymnastics team to the first ever team gold. shannon is also celebrating for a much, much more personal reason. she is five years cancer free. she's joining me to talk about the milestone and her thoughts about the rio games and pardon me if i geek out here, i
10:45 am
remember that routine, every second of it i think i held my breath. >> thank you. >> just days out here, what are the compete iing athletes going doing fo repair? >> they are deep into preparation mode. they're starting to look at podium training, the first time you walk into the arena and actually train on the equipment you're going to compete on and so that's really inspiring. it's you start to feel the pressure a lot more because it's actually where you're going to compete, so i think they're dealing with a lot of those emotions, but i think they're just ready to go. it has been a long haul just to make it on to the team so they're ready. >> talk about pressure. simone biles, everyone's expeblgting her to win five gold medals. that's pressure. >> but i think she can handle it. she has just shown herself to be not only that gymnast that has a tremendous difficulty and power, but she has that consistency.
10:46 am
once you've won three all around world championships back-to-back, you kind of understand how to compete and that there are pressures going in. this is a different animal. the olympics is very dirnt, so to get on the board here is incredible, but she doesn't have a whole lot of competition right now. she is so far above everyone else. >> mesmerizing to watch. how you feelinging about the trip you're making to rio? what are you looking forward to most? >> being done packing rilgt now. i leave in a couple of days and i'm really excited. i have pretty much worked every game since i started competing. in the olympics and it's been a tremendous opportunity for me to be able to be on the other side and remain involved because i'm just an incredible olympic fan, so i'm exciteded to be down there, excited to root for the team and to really be on the other side of that working as an angel cyst. it's going to be fun. >> shannon, you competed twice. barcelona, atlanta. look, some of the health and
10:47 am
safety concerns around sanitation, the zika virus, the level of crime. what kind of advice do you have for the athletes traveling internationally? >> i think the athletes that are going over, they, i know for the u.s., they definitely get briefed on everything, but they have security with them at all times and i think depending on your sport, you probably have different briefings and different things that you look at. way in advance of actually arriving at the olympic games. so gymnastics is going to have a different set of things they need to be concerned about versus maybe swimming or some of the other events taking place, so i think u.s. olympic committee does a really good job an the ngb, the national governing body does a really good job of making sure the athletes are prepared and taken care of. >> so, i mentioned this in the introe and i think this is perhaps the thing most applause worthy in your life because some may not know you beat ovarian
10:48 am
cancer. you are now five years cancer free. tell me how that started? what happened? >> that's exactly what it was. and i guess i never imagined i would talk about my ovaries nationwide, but it became very important because what i realized was when my position found the pelvic mass, it was the size of a baseball and i had had symptom, but i had chalked those up to just women's things that i shouldn't worry about and i went on with life and had he not found that, it could be a very dichbt story. mine was caught early. i went through surgery and pretty difficult chemherapy. i want women to know they have options and the most important thing is to understand the signs and symptoms, create better awareness and education so you don't have to get lucky with your health. >> there's something called the oval blood test. can you tell me about that? >> so, the oval one blood test
10:49 am
was not available when i was diagnosed, but it is available and this is a great tool for women and physicians to have. so basically, if you have a mass, which about one in five women will have this, now, most of them are not going to be cancerous, but you can go in, get this blood test and it can tell you if you're higher risk for that mass being cancerous and then you can get to the right physician to perform that first surgery. it can improve your survival rate by 40%. just having the right physician do that first surgery. it's a really big deal and a great tool for physicians! for any women that have concerns, it's at no pelvic but shannon miller, so great the meet you. i'm just going to get off to the commercial and go, oh, my gosh, i just talked to shannon miller. >> thank you very much. >> well, the opening ceremony for the rio games gets underway friday, august 5th. you can watch it on nbc.
10:50 am
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. i've been nice, but after watching that performance last night. such lies. i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off. right, yes? [ cheers and applause ] >> that was donald trump at a rally in colorado last night hitting back at hillary clinton's attacks against him during her convention speech. joining me now crystal ball, and robert train of misnbc contributor. end kms like this no mr. nice guy trump said the approach worked fine for him so far. how long can it last? >> i'm not exactly sure. i think now that the democratic and republican conventions are over with, the general election has begun. more americans are paying attention. i read an article not too long
10:54 am
ago that unbelievable speech we heard from the muslim american parents that registering to vote was the highest google search after that speech at the democratic national convention. many americans understand there's a at stake. many americans know that the stakes are high with respect to what donald trump believes and what hillary clinton believes. i'm not sure what donald trump means the gloves are coming off. lastly, his running mate, mike pence, signed a pledge saying he doesn't like to implore dirty politics. he doesn't like name calling. it's going to be interesting x juxtaposition between donald trump and hillary clinton but their running mates. >> i want to leave politics out, in terms of the performance and the ability to unify going forward, whose was better? >> i have to say the idea that trump not being mr. nice guy is
10:55 am
hi hilarious. in some ways, i got to be at the dnc, i thought it was incredible. i thought that speech that robert referenced by the muslim american dad whose son was lost at war. if you watch one speech, that was incredibly powerful. and the democrats are blessed. we have bill clinton, we have michelle obama, the president, vice president biden, all, i think, are incredible orders. but my critique of the democratic national convention is i'm not sure they connected with that majority of americans who really feel very distressed with the direction of the country and very nervous about the future for themselves and their children in terms of our economics. the convention was very hopeful. it was very optimistic. it was very positive. all of that was good, but i didn't hear it tempered with the notes we heard from, say, the sanders campaign about the troubles and about the stress that people legitimately feel.
10:56 am
so my concern is that we still left donald trump with a real opening in the rust belt states and places like pennsylvania and ohio. he hopes he can make inroads with disenfranchised democrats. >> robert, i want to get your reaction to part of what president obama said wednesday night about your candidate. here is that. >> we heard in cleveland last week wasn't particularly republican. it sure wasn't conservative. what we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other, and turn away from the rest of the world. >> what is your reaction to that, robert? >> i'm not donald trump supporter. >> i should have been clear, your party's candidate. >> that's okay. that's okay. i needed to clarify that. to your question, i agree with the president on this. donald trump is not a conservative. i was fortunate enough to go to cleveland and be in
10:57 am
philadelphia. and the star could not be even brighter there. donald trump, to my knowledge, did not offer one single specific policy recommendation from a conservative point of view. number two, it was all about gloom and doom. you juxtaposition that with the democratic about america first. and ironically the democratic convention felt more like a republican convention as opposed to a republican convention. >> all right. you will understand when i say i'm out of time. i apologize. we'll have you back. i look forward to that. >> thank you so much. shannon miller, that was pretty cool. >> i know. >> i understand. breaking news out of texas. deadly hot air balloon crash. francis rivera will follow that. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card
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