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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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today the general election is on. hillary clinton and tim kaine are hitting the campaign trail in the rust belt. they are scheduled to hold a rally any moment in pennsylvania. former president clinton is set to join his wife and tim kaine later today as they continue their bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio. no campaign event schedules today for donald trump who spent last night in colorado. a state where he is struggling in recent polls. donald trump warning he is taking the gloves off in the wake of democrat's recent attacks on him. >> i'm going to hit them back. so hard. i'll do it verbally. i'll do it on television. i'll do it on twitter. >> but, we want to go live to texas where authorities are updating us on that deadly balloon crash. this is where a hot air balloon
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crashed -- went on fire. we're hearing of fatalities. we will have more on that in a moment, but, first, back to politics. in johnstown, pennsylvania hillary clinton and tim kaine will address a wire manufacturing company in a county, i should say, mitt romney won in 2012. msnbc's kasie hunt joins us. as we see you now on the bus on the go. what will their pitch be? >> reporter: we are, finally, moving along. we were late off the top this morning. of course, it is pouring rain here in western pennsylvania, but you're right, francis. this is really all about a particularly white working class voters in areas of this state that have been hard hit by a lot of structure changes to the economy. many of these towns depended on manufacturing, a lot of them may have had small plants. the farther west we go more dependent on the steel industry, et. cetera. so this is a place where hillary
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clinton struggles against donald trump's main appeal. just a little bit of background here. where johnstown is went overwhelmingly for mitt romney back in 2012 over barack obama. allegheny county in pittsburgh went for barack obama over romney. that's because of the african-american vote in the pittsburgh area. allegheny county includes pittsburgh. the first stop in johnstown, i don't know if you remember the democrat, a conservative democrat, if you will, and he was kind of a legendary figure in the area for a long time. the seat he held flipped to republicans pretty recently in 2010. so that kind of gives you a sense of how the landscape is changing here this is a place where union voters have long held sway. those, of course, have been a solid democratic constituency. the cultural politics of the
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place have been changing. so that's what hillary clinton's main challenge is here. that's what she's facing throughout the day. this region not that dissimilar to where we'll be in eastern ohio as well as we end this tour later today, francis. >> kasie hunt for us on the road on the campaign trail. thank you very much. on the republican side donald trump and mike pence have no campaign events scheduled today. trump chose colorado friday for his post republican stops. donald trump is down 8 points to clinton in the latest poll there. and he said it was time to escalade the attacks. >> i've been nice. but after watching that performance last night, such lies. i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off. right, yes? [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] >> you know i've been saying, i've been saying let's just beat
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her in november, but, you know -- you know what? i'm starting to agree with you. >> nbc's jacob rascon is in denver map is the campaign telling you with them taking a little bit of a break. >> reporter: 15 stops total this week but taking a break over the weekend, at least physically. he's on a virtual campaign tour with twitter going out with six or seven tweets today. it's important to look at what happened yesterday as well. when he heard those "lock her up" chants and said i'm starting to agree with you. the following rally later that night, there were "locker up" chants and he went back to his original stance. no, no, let's beat her in november. it does appear he's holding back a little bit more. out in the primaries we would not have heard that holding back or that going back to his original stance. . he appears to be going back he
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doesn't agree with lock her up and wants to beat her in november. you mentioned colorado is a swing state. he's hitting next week, as well, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, and a couple of other states. that's just in the first few days. they are really going to be busy and they really believe they have a shot even in colorado where they're down by nine points. he mentioned he's ahead in some of the polling in florida, for example, in pennsylvania they're going to make a strong play. he and mike pence will split up the beginning of next week, as they did late this week, and go to pennsylvania and go to ohio. he really is counting on americans who believe that we're headed in the wrong direction as a country. he's really embracing the message that came out of his convention, which is we are headed in the exact wrong direction. his response to the democratic convention a very positive note they're living in an alternate universe. a world that doesn't exist. so this -- it appears that the
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campaign and mr. trump, trump said it's going well for them. they like this contrast. back to you. >> all right, nbc's jacob rascon reporting for us. thank you. we're following breaking developments out of central texas where a hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people crashed after catching fire in flight. it happened 30 miles south of austin. all 16 people are believed to have died in the crash. investors say the fire was in the basket portion of the balloon. the cause isn't yet known. officials held an update on the investigation moments ago. >> being conducted by the national transportation safety board. we'll also have victim specialists, whether experts, all who will be arriving tonight and begin what will be a significant investigation into this tragedy. to the families, maybe watching
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this now, we offer our thoughts and prayers to all of them for the loss. this will be a difficult site for us to work through. we are getting tremendous cooperation from local authorities, the sheriff, dps, and a number of agencies helping us. we requested on a long standing relationship we have with the federal bureau of investigation we asked the fbi's evidence response team out of san antonio to come and assist with us scene documentation. this is a normal practice for the ntsb in events that are classified as major accidents. that's what this case is. i'll take one or two questions. again, i'm just here to tell you we're performing a stake down until the rest of our team arrives later tonight. >> reporter: was this a company in the heart of texas -- >> that's my understanding. we've been so busy at the scene i have not addressed that. >> reporter: i've heard the number 16 dead. >> right now we have a number of
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fatalities. [ inaudible question ] >> i cannot. the ntsb, for everybody, the ntsb will provide factual information as the investigation begins full bore tomorrow when the rest of the team is here. [ inaudible question ] >> you have weather, you have coordination with a number of resources here, local, state, and federal getting the documentation. it's much like a crime scene. you only get one chance at it. we have to make sure we do everything correctly. thanks to the cooperation of the agencies behind me and next to me we've been able to start that. [ inaudible question ] >> sitting lognificant loss of >> thank you. >> law enforcement there in central texas updating us on the situation there a hot air balloon has crashed with all 16 people on board. that hot air balloon believed to be dead. we'll continue to follow it on
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msnbc as soon as we get more information on what happened. maybe the identities and the circumstances of how the hot air balloon went down. we'll bring it to you. we want to turn to politics. we want in a former deputy campaign manager for carly fiori fiorina. and president obama's 2008 campaign. thank you for being with us. as we delve into this. before we talk about the race from this point on. i want to ask you about donald trump and his response recently to the kaiser -- the father of the fallen muslim soldier. let's listen to that. probably looked like a nice guy to me. his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> what would you say to that father? >> i would say we've had a lot of problems with radical islamic
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terrorism. >> he said sacrifice nothing and no one. >> did hillary's script writers answer that? >> what sacrifice have you made for the country? how would you answer that father? >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i've worked very, very hard. i created thousands of thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. >> those are sacrifices? >> sure. >> you're hearing that response. does that speak to the example that mr. cahn was trying to make known? >> yeah, well, i think it's a disgusting response. especially already someone who wants to be commander in chief. to question a gold star father and mother who have sacrificed their son for this country and say that his sacrifice is being handed a million dollars by his father to build on what his father built. those things aren't comparable. to go out and take the family
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that has given up so much is not worthy of a commander in chief or an american. >> sara, when you hear about that and this sacrifice -- the sacrifices in the definition of the family and you see and heard the sacrifices of donald trump there with employing thousands and thousands of people. >>well, i think republicans will have a difficult time defending this. on the other hand, donald trump has made plenty of unforced errors in the past. his base seems to like it. he doesn't seem to lose support based on moments like this. maybe it's because the media gives it too much attention. maybe because people identify with someone who doesn't say the politically correct thing, all though here, again, it's hear hard to see it anything error. we'll see the bump that hillary clinton gets out of her convention. >> do you think she will? >> i think she'll get a bump out of her convention.
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i think it's expected for her to get a significant bump. donald trump did. i think she will, as womell. will her trust and likability numbers move? that's harder to predict. given the convention was mostly an attack on donald trump, an effective one, i think. i don't know they made the case for hillary clinton. i think than will be reflected in the trust and likability numbers. those will matter heading into the fall. >> when it comes to the war words. you heard it. you heard donald trump saying earlier he's going to take the gloves off. i'm going to play this. hillary clinton on friday saying this -- >> when someone runs for president and says their primary qualification for being president is because they claim to be a successful businessman, then it's only fair to ask how did you become successful? we don't resent success in
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america, but we do resent people who take advantage of others in order to line their own pockets on the way up. >> all right. we can't forget the unfavorables here. high on both sides. you have donald trump -- should he continue to double down on his style as we've seen it. or trying to make the case of why voters should vote for him and there's going to be a pivot that we'll be seeing >>well, i think what sara said something interest. he was talking to his base and his base is responding. we're in a general election now. what we saw in philadelphia this week is a democratic party reaching out to independents, reaching out to a broad cross section of voters while securing their base at the same time. that's how you win a general election. donald trump continues to play like it's a preprimary and hoping he can rally enough that angry white non-college educated base to his college. that isn't going to play in a
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generaelection. i think he has to moderate that tone. he's unable to do it. >> sara, i want to focus attention on the dnc. when it comes to the hacking been involved there. hillary clinton's campaign said a computer program they used was hacked as well. it comes after donald trump walked back his comments from earlier when he was in florida saying he wanted russia to hack into clinton's private e-mail service. he said i was being sarcastic. can he afford to be sarcastic when it's something of this nature national security? >> you know, i think it's interesting. it was almost a roar shock test. people heard different things in his comments. i know people who genuinely thought he was being sarcastic and telling a joke. i'll te you, on the other hand, people on the fence, i've talked to, said i thought he was being sarcastic when i heard about it. then when i watched it i thought he wasn't being. so that being said, donald trump is about to tied in the polls now. i think he needs to make it a referendum on hillary clinton. maybe this was an attempt to do
11:16 am
that in a way. her likability numbers are awful. a lot of that is due to this e-mail ongoing national security threat that a lot of republicans think she is. so, you know, i don't know it will hurt him in the end. >> let me ask hari. you're talking about a national security threat. people say this is donald trump who claims he has no relationship with vladmir putin. in an interview us with in 2013 he said it. he said, yes, i've had a relationship. >> absolutely. i think that these ties to russia are very interesting. i think it says a lot about trump he would lie about his relationship with putin or at least contradict what he said in the past. i think this entire episode shows that to the american voter that donald trump doesn't understand the power of the presidency. these words matter. a president utters a few wonde s -- words and it can shift
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markets. he can't afford a joke. that's not what a joke says. >> we'll delve into that. to both of you, thank you so much. we'll see you a little bit later. all right, more on the series of cyber attacks against democrats and the suspicion that russia may be behind it when we come back. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. ...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting.
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investigators suspect russian intelligence is behind a series of cyber attacks against the democrats. the security breach is reaching accusations of meddling by moscow. president obama addressed the controversy earlier this week. >> i think the fbi is still investigating what happened. i know that experts have
11:21 am
attributed this to the russians. what the motives were in terms of the leaks, all that, i can't say directly. what i do know is that donald trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for vladmir putin. >> joining me now is mike mcfall, former u.s. ambassador to russia. mr. ambassador, thank you for being with us. we know the investigation is still ongoing, but it is likely that russia is behind this hacking, all though there is a director of national intelligence who doesn't believe that's necessarily the case. as far as you're concerned and what you know, does it point to the russians? >> yes, i mean, the hacking itself, i think, is pretty clear and most people, including mr. clapper agree with that. our intelligence communities said they have high confidence that they were russian organizations that stole this information. second, what we do know is wikileaks released this information with the intention to have a political impact.
11:22 am
the piece that people are being careful about, and rightly so, we don't know that the russians gave the data to wikileaks. we'll never know that. wikileaks will never tell us. and the russians, even if they probably gave it to wikileaks, they might not know they would use intermediaries. to me, it's pretty clear. >> it's wikileaks who wants to sway the election and not russia's government. not vladmir putin. you don't think they want to sway oar have this? >> no. i didn't say that. i think the russians would prefer mr. trump. that's crystal clear. they prefer mr. trump because of the policies he advocates. but it's also important, i think, to bring wikileaks in. by the way, they're a foreign entity, too. they made it crystal clear. there's no disputing that fact that they released the data as a way designed to affect the democratic convention. they removed the head of the
11:23 am
democratic party. they're quite proud of what they've done. >> it seems to be an imbalance to the threat of national security. whether wikileakss is the one behind it or the russian government. >> again, i think it's both. i think they have worked together here. who else would be the source of that information for wikileaks, if not the russians. we know we have caught them on the systems. the russians. we haven't caught anybody else. and, therefore, i think it's the russians to be involved here to try to have an influence on the electoral outcome in the united states. >> we know during the height of the cold war the russians -- and the maus reens tapping into soviet communication cable. can it be seen as tapping into that far back in essence any way having it be pay back? >> so, for decades, let's be
11:24 am
clear, the kgb, before they became the fsb and the cia and many other intelligence organizations in the united states have been spying on each other. that's normal. that's, you know, i was part of, you know, i witnessed that and benefitted from that as a u.s. government official. what is not normal, what is unprecedented is to use intelligence gathering like that to try to effect an election inside the united states or russia. i don't remember that evened in the cold war days. >> let's talk about -- i don't know how much you know as far as russia and them having technological advantage over the united states. possibly even us having a viable cyber attack defense, especially when you have wikileaks saying, you know, there's more possibly to come. >> the russian government has tremendous capabilities to steal data from the united states and all over the world. i think it's grossly under estimated in this conversation so far. this is not the only breach that
11:25 am
they've had with the dnc. there are many and many more that one can't talk about. what is different, again, though, is will they begin to weaponize? will they begin to use this data for political purposes inside our country? i don't predict that. i think, you know, there's -- there can be a counter response to that from the united states, if there's an escalation, but the wikileaks folks knead crystal clear they have more data they plan to release before november. >> thank you very much. mike mcfall former us ambassador to russia. >> thank you. when we come back we go to florida. one of the first known cases of zika caused by mosquitos. what doctors are trying to do to prevent the spread of the virus. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you,
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i'm francis rivera live at
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msnbc headquarters. hillary clinton and tim kaine will take the stage in in any minute in johnstown, pennsylvania. they will continue on to pittsburgh and end the day in youngstown. we're following the tragic story out of central texas. an ntsb official describing a, quote, "significant loss of life after a large hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people crashed after appearing to cash fire in the air." that investigation is still ongoing. especially as what may have caused the crash. we'll bring you the latest on the story as it develops. florida is now considered ground zero for the zika virus in the united states. governor rick scott announcing a long-feared turn in the epidemic that is sweeping latin america and the caribbean. >> more people in our state likely have the zika virus as a result of a mosquito bite. that means florida has become the first state in the nation to have the transmission of the
11:30 am
virus. >> it's believed to be in a one-square area north of miami. sara day lot sara dallof is live. it's known as an art district where you are. >> reporter: officials have been preparing for zika for some time. they said it was not a matter of if but when. now that we have these four likely local transmissions, they are kicking it to high gear. they are going door to door in suspect neighborhoods taking samples, trying to narrow down the threat. they are spraying areas like this one in that one square mile prim steer. zika, of course, has been linked to microreceively. the health department is out in this area. they are handing out kits with repellant to pregnant women educating them about protecting themselves from the risk.
11:31 am
earlier this week the fda to halt blood banks until they can begin testing for zika. one blood immediately began doing that. their test, they say, takes about 12 hours. they want to assure the public those blood donations are screened and are safe. as for the general public, well, officials aren't encouraging them to avoid areas like this. instead, they say take p precautions and come prepared. >> sara, can you tell us anything more about the people that con tracttracted the virus? >> reporter: it was one woman and three men. we know they located this one square mile area because they interviewed them about where they had been and when. it turned out that all four had been near this area. had visited near this area right around the time that they contracted zika. now, add to that the fact that the mosquito that is believed to transmit the virus travels no more than 450 yards during his
11:32 am
lifetime. you see how they built that perimeter and how they believe this is where it started. >> sarad dallof, thank you. i'm joined by professor from a science center. with the information should it change the level of concern we have in the united states now we're seeing zika in florida? >> well, i feel like it's deja vu. i don't think it should change anything. we've been saying this for an extended period of time this was not just a matter of if but when. and now we do have a ground zero place. i mean, we've had almost 1700 cases of zika in the united states. it's just that they were not from the continental united states as a transmission. there were people that went to other places and came back. now the game is on. you have places that have very low-lying areas where water is standing. people that are of low ee ee ee
11:33 am
economic quarters. they don't have screens on their windows or doors and they can't afford repellants. >> how can it be contained? >> well, you know, when you get the federal government started to put the money into the programs to decrease the mosquito population in certain states, i think that's the first place to start. but education is going to be the biggest thing because we do know that this is spread by sexual transmission. if you travelled to a place now outside the united states and you come back, you're not supposed to have sex without a condom for eight weeks. if you travel and get the virus you're not supposed to have unprotected sex for six months. imagine if it's going on in the united states, we have a major problem on our hand. i think that people need to be very aware. be very careful. this can reach an epidemic proportion easily. >> they were talking about the federal government being
11:34 am
involved. congress left for the seven week recess without making a decision to fight zika. as long as we cover zika we say how can it be transmitted. once and for all, how can it be transmitted? >> okay. it can be transmitted by the bite of a mosquito to you, it can also be bby by sexual intercourse. there's a possibility we know it can be passed by saliva. it can live in semen, for at least six months maybe longer. it's a breaking story because i think congress is out of session but they need to come back in session to deal with this problem. because if babies start getting mierk receively in this country which causes profound mental retardation they're going wish they had come back to do what they need to do and do their jobs. >> it might change things knowing there's a ground zero in miami.
11:35 am
good to have you with me. thank you. >> thank you very much. hillary clinton and tim kaine campaigning today in pennsylvania. the trump campaign announcing this morning the republican nominee will be in the state on monday. the latest polls that could decide our next president. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. see what the power of points can do for your business. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. donald trump is headed to harrisburg, pennsylvania on monday with the clintons and kaines rally supporters last night. we invite a professor and campaign management and former deputy manager for carly fiorina. and senior spokesman for the obama 2008 campaign. thank you for being with me. since you're here next to me. looking at these numbers from the latest battle ground states and looking a scope of all three here in pennsylvania krin clinton is up by 9 points. in ohio clinton and trump tied in florida.
11:39 am
when it comes to virginia clinton is up by seven. actually, there we tgo. before she chose tim kaine. you think knethese numbers will hold now we're post rnc and dnc? >> i think she'll get a bounce out of the convention. that will impact the swing states. i don't know how much it will hold. there are numbers out there not strong for clinton. we've seen the 538 his simulation is showing donald trump up 20% when you look at likelihood of him winning. so he's almost neck and neck with her, according to nate silver. some of the numbers are not looking in favor of clinton. despite the fact that the democrats have a much better convention and roll out. >> why? >> that's the connecquestion. there are other trends working toward her. not just her untrustworthiness and not that people feel she is dishonest. so there are a numbers working against clinton.
11:40 am
let's not forget ad spending. they are outspending the republicans by far. yet, still, donald trump is holding on. if you look at the head to head like cnn he's doing better. >> it's interesting the ads what hillary clinton has pulled. donald trump in colorado with the state this week -- it clinton campaign polled the ads. it showed polls there up by 8. smart move at this point? >> yeah. yeah, they're going to spend their money wisely. i think there's going to be a little bit of a bounce. we saw there's been one nationwide poll. it's been an online poll that came out this morning that showed a 10 point bounce where hillary is up by 15. but these numbers are going to be femoral. what it did is frame the general election. it's no longer a democrat versus campaign. it's democracy versus authoritarianism. that's what the campaign will be
11:41 am
about going forward. the clinton campaign -- the other thing that successfully came out of the convention there's going to be a -- talk about squad goals. there's a surrogate team of michelle obama and barack obama and the bidens that go out with a unified party and talk to the base. what is important is expand outside, reach out to the middle, reach out to independent voters. donald trump is not doing that. he continues to rally his base. not reach out to the middle. that's a problem for him. especially with the electoral. >> i wonder why he didn't take advantage of the weekend to do that. you have barack obama who won ohio and pennsylvania in 2012. which of those states is trump most likely to pick up and is this a wasted opportunity this weekend that he's not physically out in these states? >> well, we're talking about him. i think he's clearly campaigning in his own special way. i think the clinton campaign, from the beginning, under estimated donald trump. i think they're shocked they are
11:42 am
tied with him in most of these polls. i'm not sure they know what to do. i think you look at some of these states and look at the clinton campaign's reaction, and they're flabbergasted because they're surrounded by people who are all voting for hillary clinton. so i think we do have a problem that others have documented very well. we're moving into this almost bubble-type state where people who are voting for trump know people who are voting for trump and people voting for hillary only know people who are voting for hillary. i think that's bad for the clinton campaign if they want to make progress. >> especially with the independents, especially with the bernie supporters. here is what trump said last night about bernie sanders. let's take a listen. >> did you see bernie last night? how angry he was? i don't like to see that. it's bad for your health. he was scowling and his wife put
11:43 am
her hand on his shoulder and he didn't move. she took it off. he sold his soul to the devil. that's right. he sold his soul to the devil. he shouldn't have made that deal. >> all right. so saying that. but you have the hillary clinton campaign -- are they satisfied with the outcome of the convention as far as unity going especially when it comes to these bernie supporters booing her during her speech and knowing this is something she would love to be able to rally. >> yeah. they can't be satisfied with how this turned out. you saw the protests and the protests when she won the roll call and they walked out of the arena. they can't be satisfied with how it's going. they're going to be focussed on trying to get the bernie supporters in the key states over on her side. they also have the problem of gary johnson and jill stein who are pulling away the bernie
11:44 am
supporters. it's not just donald trump. you look at the polls they're way down in the polls they're polling some numbers. and the question will be in those swing states can they poll enough to make an impact. i'll tell you the clinton team has a huge advantage is on the ground. they not only have more money, they're much better organized. we saw that with the convention in terms of how they rolled it out. the problem is their candidate on the top is not engendering the kind of excitement and the kind of, you know, energy that they would like to have given all the advantages she has when you look at it from just a strategic perspective of a campaign. that's something you really can't change. you can't change the candidate at the top. and hillary clinton did everything she could at the convention and yet still waiting to see if she gets a bounce. when that bounce might not be enough to pull it through. 100 days until the campaign. >> we'll see if donald trump takes the run. there is an effort in fundraising. you have a pro trump super pac that began airing ads this week.
11:45 am
focussing on american workers and the other on clinton's paid speeches and transcripts. what other messages would you see the trump campaign putting out in the future? >> well, obviously we've seen the fundraising hasn't been particularly important to the trump campaign to them to raise the money or actually to their success. i think that donald trump's message has worked up until this point. it worked in the primary and it's working now, at least, to be tied with clinton. he's quite who doesn't say what everyone else says. it's, i think, a massive problem for hillary clinton in that she is so careful. she's so calculating. she comes off as a politician through and through. people are sick of that. that's why they see her as rrupt. >> all right. we will see as this now goes forward. 100 days left. september 26th, the first debate. hope we get the opportunity to talk you again. thank you so much for all being
11:46 am
with me. still to come, how you can get into one of this year's most anticipated concerts. be sure to stay with us next hour. sha kneel jones will be joined by a cybersecurity expert to discuss the latest on political motives behind the attack. to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight
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for the third straight year msnbc is proud to bring you the global citizens festival live from central park. it will take place on september 24th. and hue evans promises a spectacular line of talent including usher and actress
11:53 am
pryanka chopra. >> it will be headlined by rihanna, kendrick lamar, metalli metallica, and we have great ambassadors joining us for the special 50th celebration. the amazing usher alongside pryianka chopa, chris mott from cold play, ellie golding. everyone is coming together for the special celebration. this year marks what is the fifth anniversary of this important growing move to see an end to extreme poverty within our lifetime. what is so amazing in year one we didn't think the festival was going to happen. it wasn't until neil young and the foo fighters agreed to headline. it wasn't until stevie wonder called us the day after the first global citizens festival
11:54 am
and said he wanted to headline year two. we said there isn't a year two. he said there is now. >> we have accepted the fact that's how it works and that's how it's going to be. and writing a check to a charity or just donating money or maybe a little bit of time makes us feel like we've done our part. it's not. what i love about global citizens. it's a movement that gives people the power. that gives citizens the power to say, all right, the government isn't going to do anything. ngos won't do anything. i want to take change in my own hands. i want to be the change that everyone around me is talking about. and it's incredible to feel empowered like that. >> we come together. we utilize our voices. we utilize our access. we give the millennial's the same hope and the opportunity to address the issues that we're dealing with. we come together and talk about the world's problems, but, also, we recognize some of the
11:55 am
remedies to some of those issues. >> and give solutions to people who don't know what to do. >> i'm so happy here to remind the world that is watching that the idea of unity is how we resolve our world's problems and voting and education, too. education around the issues that we want to resolve. >> and the girl once came up and said i don't know what to do. and that's the crux of the problem. people want to make change in society, be educated, they can talk about it, but they don't know what tangibly they can do. and global citizens provides that. >> i think this is a really important year given its election year. i think we need to encourage people to vote for hope not hate. young people's voices matter more than ever before. >> we're witnessing what is happening around the world. there's so much terror and fear around the world. it's not just one country dealing with it. to be able to give millennial's
11:56 am
the ability to take power in their own hands is, you know, using their energy and channelling it in the right way. >> yeah. >> and you can watch the global citizens festival live convert here on msnbc on september 24th at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. and that is all for me this hour. i'm francis rivera in new york. thank you so much for being with me. chanel jones takes over. hope you enjoy your saturday. have an even better weekend! 0- ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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12:00 pm
blistering resnseo the muslim ban made waves at the dnc. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. >> more of trump's response ahead. the widening cyber attack against democrats. the clinton campaign confirming their computers were targeted igniting a fire storm on the left and raising any questions what influence, if any, russia may be trying to have on the 2016 race. donald trump is responding to the father of the fallen muslim soldier who spoke so passionately against him at the dnc. nbc's jacob rascon joins us with the latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: they're off the campaign trail, the trump team. now he's in a debate with the cahn family. during the democratic convention mr. cahn said trump sacrificed nothing and no one. the cahns, of course, lost their son, a fallen


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