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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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blistering resnseo the muslim ban made waves at the dnc. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. >> more of trump's response ahead. the widening cyber attack against democrats. the clinton campaign confirming their computers were targeted igniting a fire storm on the left and raising any questions what influence, if any, russia may be trying to have on the 2016 race. donald trump is responding to the father of the fallen muslim soldier who spoke so passionately against him at the dnc. nbc's jacob rascon joins us with the latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: they're off the campaign trail, the trump team. now he's in a debate with the cahn family. during the democratic convention mr. cahn said trump sacrificed nothing and no one. the cahns, of course, lost their son, a fallen soldier, resip
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gent of the gold star and other awards. trump is responding saying i have, in fact, made sacrifices and going further. here is some of what he said. >> probably look like a nice guy to me. his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. plenty of people have written that. >> what would you say? >> we've had a lot of problems with radical islamic terrorism. >> he said you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >>well, that sounds -- who wrote that? did hillary's speech writers write that? >> what sacrifices have you made? >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i've worked very, very hard. i created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. >> those are sacrifices? >> oh, sure. >> reporter: in an interview with msnbc last night, the cahns went further. they talked about how he intended on giving a longer
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speech during the convention and when he didn't say he told msnbc he said he spoke directly to the leaders in the republican party mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. he called them patriots. but he added this is the moment when they have to make a moral decision to reputuate trump to go against him. they say if they don't, they're going to sink the conscience of the republican patriot ship. they went farther. it seems that even though trump is off the campaign trail, he's not anywhere today or tomorrow, that he's in this debate with the family. this probably won't go anyway. it was one of the more memorable moments of the democratic national convention. it seems this debate will only continue to stay in the headlines. >> it's certainly taking a life of its own. thank you. now to johnstown, pennsylvania. it's where hillary clinton and tim kaine are set to take the stage any minute. it's the first of many stops in the campaign making in the rust belt battle ground states today.
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on friday in harrisburg, pennsylvania. clinton struck an optimistic tone saying she doesn't recognize the country donald trump is describing. >> i have so much confidence and optimism about our country. i don't recognize the country that donald trump describes. i don't recognize the mean-spiritedness, the bigotry, and the blustering and the bullying. i don't recognize that. because that is not who we are as americans. >> msnbc's kasie hunt joins us from johnstown. mitt romney won that county or the county that johnstown is in. how is the democratic ticket looking to win those voters over? >> reporter: hi, sheinelle. we are arriving here in johnstown. this will be the first stop of the day. i don't know if you have ever driven all the way across pennsylvania before. i used to do it all the time as a kid. the pennsylvania turnpike is very long. so we have been on the bus for several hours. we were a little delayed getting
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off in the morning. hillary clinton taping a fox news interview to air later before getting on the bus with her husband and with tim kaine and his wife. we were not expecting initially that the spouses would be on this leg of the tour, but here they are. so the challenge, of course, winning over blue collar white voters. if you think about you mentioned the county, cambria county. it did go for mitt romney in 2012. it historically has been a swing district. it was presented by jack murtha for many years. it was a heavily union area. the staple of this section of industrial pennsylvania. but that district flipped after murtha's death. there was a special election that the democrats won. the republicans took it back in 2012. i think that back and forth encapsulates the change than going on in this region of the country. it also underscores the challenge hillary clinton is going to have here against
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donald trump. a lot of these voters, of course, feeling left behind by just the fundamental structure changes to the economy in this region. in fact, if you look over my shoulder here in a second, you may be able to see some of the industrial train going by. i mean, the scenery you can really see what the challenges are just by, you know, driving along these roads through this section of pennsylvania. of course, this is going to continue our tour into ohio. she's planning to overnight tonight in cleveland. i'm not sure we're going to be arriving until 11:00 or maybe midnight at this rate, but this region, of course, western pennsylvania having a lot in common with eastern ohio. both states will be critical. ohio, of course, no republican has won the presidential election in recent memory without winning ohio. and pennsylvania, frankly, has been fools gold for republicans. but democrats acknowledge they might have a legitimate chance to win. >> kasie hunt there. a lot of people waiting to hear what she has to say.
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for more on the general election match up. let's bring in ben howe, a new york times national reporter, and democratic strategies and former apprentice contestant. good afternoon. i want to go back to trump's response to the father of the muslim soldier who spoke at the dnc saying trump sack nirificed nothing. trump saying he made sacrifices, too, and the speech was probably written by hillary's people. was that the right way for trump to respond? >> no. i said earlier i thought it might be from a book "how not to respond from bereaved parents." he has an ego problem. he can't take a high road -- if there was a high road situation he said i appreciate their sacrifice. i can't imagine what it would be like to lose my child. i'm sorry they feel like they feel. but i feel like i am a loving american, too. and deserve my chance to speak.
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that would have been fine. instead he makes it a challenge. he talks about muslims treatment of women and basically politi pa good moment. >> our guests are nodding their head. i have a feeling it will be something we'll be talking about for days and days ahead. the battle of the swing states here. we have clinton and kaine, obviously, on their bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio. donald trump announcing today, he, too, will be in some of those states on monday. while mike pence will be in nevada. now the conventions are over, let's talk about the significance of the location and the campaign stops. what does it tell us about where the race stands today. >> it tells us it's part of the reason tim kaine is now the vice presidential pick. hillary clinton knows that the group she performed worse with white men and working class white men especially want to be -- they need to be wooed by hillary clinton. she's going to ohio and
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pennsylvania where these states are about blue collar jobs and people worried about the economy. they're about people wondering where the factories and their grandparents worked. how come the factories are no longer there. as someone who covered bernie sanders, this is where bernie sanders could have a strong message because trade and her issues that trade deals going back all the way to the '90s and people feeling the policies her husband helped bring into office or helped pass but the ones she supported as first lady hurt them ultimately. ohio and pennsylvania are important places where she had to go back and say, look, we know the trade deals hurt your families and these areas. when i'm president, i'm going to do something different. they're battle ground states. they're states if the democrats want to win they have to do well in ohio and pennsylvania. especially in ohio. i think seeing them come there it's not a surprise trying to make that. >> yeah. tara, despite the trouble we talked about and the controversy the polls show the race is a
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dead heat. how concerning is it especially the blue states like pennsylvania may be in play. >> i don't believe pennsylvania is in play. >> you don't? >> i'm going to take the counter. >> why? >> because hillary is plus nine in the suffolk university that poll that came out. go by state by state. should she take it for granted? absolutely not. she should go hard. >> you leave philadelphia and you leaf the suburbs how are you so sure? >> first of all, i'm not 100% sure but i'm bullish on her in pennsylvania. as kasie hunt said it has been a fools gold. she has plus 19 point lead with women in pennsylvania. she has a plus 9 lead overall in a two-way match up and four-way match up. i don't think she should take it for granted. i think is well positioned there. and, also, the mat for hillary clinton. i wouldn't, you know, i'm not one of these strategies that say you put all your eggs in the pennsylvania and ohio.
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yes, you should campaign there. there are many paths to victory for her. she needs to exploit every one. she would be em papathetic to working class white men. she should maximize white women. they're going to be favorable given donald trump and the things he said and will continue to say. i think she needs to focus on the philadelphia suburbs and don't neglect your base. >> you talked about the polls. i covered bernie sanders. when he won in michigan it was a surprising victory. trade carried the victory. i think now we're in an election cycle that defied the polls. i'm not saying that hillary clinton is going to lose pennsylvania or ohio. i think looking at polls and saying she's up nine now in the summer you can't take it for granted. >> both camps want to speak to the frustration voters feel. there are different strategies as far as the tone. many republicans, obviously, were fretting at the difference
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in tone between the democratic and republican conventions. in fact, here is what former romney had to say. quote, to say let the democrats become the optistic party that wants to lift up and unify america. it's a disaster for republicans. did you get that sense after watching both conventions. how do you think it will play out with voters who watched both conventions? >> you know, i think a lot of republicans could have made a big difference at the convention. it's donald trump that makes all the polls so unpredictable. he spent the very next day after giving his speech, he attacked ted cruz and brought up jfk conspiracies again. so no matter where the polls are at, no matter what tone the republican party wants to set, donald trump sets it on fire whenever he wants with the next press conference. he gives a press conference, i think, on monday talking about how russia should be handing over e-mails it stole about
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hillary clinton. mike pence is giving a completely different message. and then it turns out that mike pence and donald trump agreed on that message earlier that day. trump doesn't care. he will do what he wants. i think that's the biggest wild card in this whole election is that from now until election day his big fat mouth is going to get him in trouble. it's going to get the rest of the party constantly trying to play clean up and that's what is going to ultimately, i think, make pennsylvania, ohio, go for hillary clinton. >> i want to pick up on the point you're talking about. democrats are obviously struggling to get back white working class voters. trump is equally through ling with minorities. the latest nbc poll 84% of african-americans don't support him. 76% of latinos feel the same way. and trump's minority outreach, it hasn't helped. trump's hispanic round table was cancelled because the scheduled attendees weren't in town. and trump skipped the naacp convention held in ohio. the same week as his convention in cleveland.
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considering this, can trump expect to win if he doesn't do better with these minority voters? >> i'll say this, the head of african-american outreach for the republican party kind of how are you getting better? he said donald trump no longer says the hispanics or the blacks. that's what they consider success in a move forward. the fact he's being able to talk to groups in a way that doesn't seem derogatory. i think that donald trump made a calculation here. when he's going to go after and try to -- try to maximize white voters and hoping white men and some of those, i guess, would say extremists. people that follow david duke and those people. his campaign is saying they're not into extremists. i've been on the phone with extremists and they said we never had a candidate that spoke to us. now we have donald trump. there are new voters coming out of there whether or not we like it or not the idea there will be white voters that rival the base she has which is, of course,
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hispanics and blacks. >> and i was about to say she -- what about hillary clinton who she needs to go at. you know, especially the white voters. what does she need to do going forward? >> i think she focuses. you never want to neglect your base. focus on the percentage of white voters that will pretty much stick with the democratic party. you want to focus on them. focus on asians. in pennsylvania, for instance, asians voted at higher numbers for president obama than black voters in pennsylvania. so you want to double down on the asian-american community. you want to double down on the hispanic community, the black community. she has to go after these -- i said it before, suburban white women. they are turned off by trump's message. and i think she's making some good headway with that ad focussing on children and trump's words and how he's a negative -- really negative influence for our youth. i think she needs to continue to push that. and certainly, look, white working class men their voices need to be heard. when you're talking about raw politics, raw numbers, you have
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to go after the people that get you across the finish line. >> lively discussion, ladies. don't go anywhere. ben, we'll talk to you again in a bit. it was a good discussion. we want to say more. thank you for talking with me this afternoon. we're waiting for hillary clinton and tim kaine to take the stage in johnstown, pennsylvania. they're expected to rally voters in any minute. when that begins, we'll certainly bring it to you live. after the break is the kremlin creeping on the clinton campaign? new cyber attacks launching a new round of speculation if and why russia may be targeting the 2016 race. more than a doesnzen of peo dead after a hot air balloon crash. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore.
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we're following breaking developments out of central texas where a large hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people has crashed. officials fear all on board were killed. it happened early this morning near lockhart, texas, about 30 miles south of austin. the fire was in the basket portion of the balloon, but the cause is not yet known. >> the families may be watching this now, we offer our thoughts and prayers to all of them for the loss, and this will be a difficult site for us to work through. we are getting tremendous cooperation from local authorities, from the sheriff, dps, and a number of other agencies here helping us. we've also requested on a long standing relationship we have with the federal bureau of investigation, we asked the fbi's evidence response team out of san antonio to come and assist us with scene documentation. this is a normal practice for the ntsb in events classified as major accidents. >> the site of the crash is below a row of high-powered
12:20 pm
transmission lines. it's not then if was a factor in the crash. is it a russian plot against hillary clinton? that's the question for investigators probing a series of cyber attacks again the democrat. clinton campaign confirms they were part of a hit that targeted the dnc. the latest hacking directed against the clinton campaign. the kremlin denies the charge. security experts suspect that russian hackers are responsible. abraham wagner joins us now. thank you for coming. >> my pleasure. >> how would investigators know the russians are truly involved? >> well, there's been a great deal of research that has been done by at least three commercial firms as well as an independent investigator of kings college of london. they do what is called computer forensics. they look at the hard code that is in the -- called malware. they look at the security certificates, and they see the
12:21 pm
fingerprints in the evidence in that code and in the certificates that really are tied to a couple of russian organizations that are involved in hacking. there is substantial evidence that has been uncovered in the last some days that does tie it to the russians. >> in your opinion, how serious a breach would you say it is for democrats? it's a serious breach in that it's likely that they not only look at some of the materials that were available, but when they engage in those sorts of activities, they usually do exploits. it gives them fairly broad access. in the fact even though we don't have the direct evidence yet, it's highly likely they could have looked at all sorts of materials available on the commercial servers and platforms. it served unimpeded access to the things they're doing. >> there are russians where military attempted to hack u.s. government entities. >> they've been doing that, yes. you have an interesting
12:22 pm
competition. it's not the trump/clinton competition. it's a competition between two russian intelligence agencies. the fsb, which is the equivalent of the cia and the gru which is equivalent of our dia. both have groups that are hacking. they are in an internal competition here. >> paint a picture for me. we picture hackers in a room somewhere in faraway. >> it's good you bring up movies. there's one that just come out called "zero days." it's a super documentary. hackers used to be a couple of high school kids and the fbi studies a the time, the cno, they were groofing around. when they founded a girlfriend they stopped hacking. these days these are serious skilled professional people. they are -- they have
12:23 pm
engineering degrees, they've been doing this kind of work for many years. they range from sort of a lone hacker with his computer in a room like you see in a movie to groups of people that are sophisticated engineers that are very well-fitnenanced, well skid and have the finest computer tools at their disposal. >> let's talk about the objectives. there are concerns that the hacks are aimed at, frankly, swaying the election >>well, sure. i mean, this is not the first time intelligence services have been engaged in meddling in elections. it's not just the russians. the u.s. has been involved in meddling in elections forever! if you ask they'll say we don't do it as much anymore. the elections in europe, latin america, and all over the world. it's a new tool they're using because we're in a cyber world. the business of meddling in elections is not new. >> fair enough. let's talk about what it means for democrats going forward. particularly when, frankly, they don't know what is coming. as i can imagine, they're
12:24 pm
probably wondering if another shoe is going to drop. you know what i mean? >> it probably is going to drop. evidence is they've have substantial access for a long time, and there's no telling how much data they already extracted from those servers in response to both their own investigations and warnings from the fbi. they've engaged in commercial firms to try and, you know, secure those servers, but it's, you know, like the old story of the closing the barn door when the horses run off. it's an ongoing problem. it really is a sort of shot across the bow as to what is to come. the hackers are not going to go away. they're probably very well financed, and you have massive vulnerabilities, not just at the dnc, but sort of every other organization around. >> yeah. a lot of people are concerned. abraham wagner, thank you for coming. cybersecurity analyst with columbia university. thank you for joining us today. >> you're welcome.
12:25 pm
. speaking of hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine will take the stage in johnstown, pennsylvania. growing concerns this weekend about the zika virus in america. four cases now confirmed in florida. residents and officials calling for a swift response to the infected mosquitos. >> i have written to barack obama. >> the time to act is now. we have waited far too long. it should never have gotten to this point.
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12:29 pm
dnc. >> probably looks like a nice guy. his wife was standing there. she had nothing to say, maybe she wasn't allowed to say anything. you tell me. >> what would you say? >> we've a will the of problems with radical islamic terrorism. >> he said you sacrificed nothing and no one. >> who wrote that? did hillary's script writers write it? >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made? >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i've worked very, very hard. i created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. >> those are sacrifices? >> oh, sure, they're sacrifices. at this hour the investigation continues into what caused a tragic hot air balloon crash in central texas. 16 people are believed to have died in the accident near the city of lockhart. we'll bring you the latest developments. florida is now considered
12:30 pm
ground zero for the zika virus in the u.s. governor rick scott announcing a long-feared turn in the epidemic that is sweeping latin america and the caribbean. >> more people in our state likely have the zika virus. this means florida has become the first state in our nation to have local transmission of the zika virus. >> all four confirmed cases are believed to be in a one-square mile area north of miami. nbc sara dallof is in miami with the latest. how are officials trying to narrow down the threat? >> reporter: a great question. here in miami they have been preparing for zika. for them it was not a case of if but when. now that you have these four cases of likely local transmissions, officials are kicking into high gear. they are going door-to -door to take samples, distributing literature, and spraying areas like this where people frequent.
12:31 pm
it falls in the one square mile of active transition. zika leads to microstiffly. they were out handing out bug knelts and bug spray to pregnant women. the fda asked blood banks to halt donations if they weren't able to test for zika. we visited one blood where they are testing for zika. a test that takes about 12 hours. they want to do assure the public their blood supply is safe and as summer continues, sheinelle, they'll be able to keep up with demand. >> sara, what do we know about the people who contracted the virus? >> reporter: well, we know of the four people there was one woman and three men. we know none of the symptoms or none of their symptoms were serious enough they required hospitalzation. we also know that officials tracked their travels to find
12:32 pm
out exactly where they had intersected, and identified that area we know that all of them around the time they were infected visited near this area combined with the fact that the skee mosquito transmitting zika doesn't travel more than 450 in its lifetime. >> a scary time for families in sara dallof, thank you. a new sandy hook elementary school will open on august 29th. the new $50 million building was built it honor the lives of those killed. while building a safe and environmentally friendly school. there is no former memorial to the shootings on the grounlds of the school. each classroom can be easily secured. the windows are bullet resistant, the interior walls have been reinforced, and the entire building is monitored by
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video. 70 of the fourth grade students that will begin the new year were in kindergarten when the shootings took place. when we continue on this saturday, what voters want with the 2016 general election fight officially underway. what will it take to win in key swing states? we take you to the heart of the rust belt to get the pulse of the people. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at see what the power of points can do for your business. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family.
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12:37 pm
tar, with i'll start with you. clinton losing ground 12 points in particular among voters without a college degree. she's losing white voters without a college degree by 38 points. how can she make some gains here? >> well, for one thing, she needs to expose donald trump, which she started to do. you look at donald trump and who he's been taking advantage of. it's small business owners, contractors that worked on his casinos in atlantic city. small contractors have gone bankrupt because he did not pay them. she needs to run ads with people who look like the people whose support she does not have and showing the impact behaof what did to them. she needs to expose that. second, she needs to explain her policies in clear, concrete terms in how they're going to lift those people up and connect it to the things she's done in
12:38 pm
the past, which many people have forgotten that have helped those very people. >> this is what vice president biden said this week on msnbc about democrats and working class voters. take a listen. >> have democrats stopped talking to white -- >> i think perhaps we have. in part, and the reason is we've been consumed with crisis after crisis after crisis. whether i agree with them or not in solution, let them know i know what is worrying them and why it's not ill legitimate they're worried. >> it's what you're saying. can bernie sanders and biden help them? >> i think they can help clinton on the trail. what she herself has to do is acknowledge that the obama years and the things that we think that happened during the recession are still kind of hurting people now. there's a idea among democrats that say the economy is better than it was before. everything is better than it was before. remember how terrible it was under george bush. she needs to say i understand you are worried about your
12:39 pm
paying your bills. you're worried about sending your kid to college. you have real fears about the economy. even though the demographics of the country might make you feel anxiety. that's what donald trump is playing to. he's playing to the fact that you see different people. you see immigrants coming here and they're somehow taking people's jobs. she needs to explain to people there are things that needs to change. there's an america-not make america great but we understand the america you're thinking about. i interviewed people on the trail and they said i want to go back to the '50s and '60s. people are thinking, obviously, some people think of the civil rights movement. >> some people don't have fond memories of the time. >> some people have the idea that my dad worked at this factory and coal miners. we remember when the coal was doing well. the idea we don't want to go back to the '50s and '60s in terms of social issues but the economy i hear you. i think she'll surrogates that will be key for her.
12:40 pm
joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. >> and have the conversation. ben, i want to bring you in. in 2012 barack obama won union households by 18 points. take a look at this. most recent polling shows clinton leading by just 8 points with these folks. do you expect trump to improve the numbers even though most of the large unions support clinton? >> well, again, when it comes to trump, my big thought on that is that he's going to be what ultimately who he is is what is going to suppress votes to come out for him. i mean, perhaps they won't go for hillary, but they might have always been a republican voter and now they're not going to vote at all because he shows himself to be who he is. i think that's going to play a role. i think that exposing him and not alienating people who have maybe republican or conservative values is a good way to do things. i've disagreed with the way that hillary has gone after pence. it makes it seem as though she's saying the entire party shares
12:41 pm
these sober owe pathic views that donald trump has. i think in some ways, that softens what somebody who might have voted against him thinks. i'm hoping she'll soften a little bit on conservatives. soften a little bit on republicans. continue to just barrage them with what kind of a person donald trump is >>well, there's another big part of this that we have to talk about. the minority voter gap. clinton is leading donald trump by 45 points among nonwhite voters. the trump campaign struggled to plan minority outreach events. i want to hear from you. can trump improve these numbers? >> i think it's going to -- as a reporter i think it's going to be hard. when you goo to the rallies, there are people of color there. i went to a rally in las vegas and i thought am i at the hillary clinton rally? no i was at the trump valley. >> what are they telling you? >> interested in the fact he's a good businessman. when you think about the name trump going as far back as you can remember.
12:42 pm
what they think about his money and success. trying to tell african-americans, hey, i want to give you a better job. to improve the economy, and that's what he has to say. and i think in some ways since i'm trump i say, hey, you know, all the sound clips you've heard of me, that's not who i am. i don't think mexicans are rapists and criminals. i don't want to ban all muslims. if he doesn't pull back, i don't understand how he can convince the majority to back him. >> you're shaking your head but she's on to something. many people say, you know, i don't care about anything he can say whatever he wants. it's about my pocketbook. my family. he's a business guy. maybe he can help me make some money. and to some people, that's all that matters. >> for some people, that will be all that matters. there's also the racial component. he's been endorsed by white supremacists. david duke said he has inspired me to run for office. he refused to rebuke him at
12:43 pm
first. that's not lost on african-americans. while he may have some small support among some african-americans, i cannot imagine any real significant way he's going to move the needle there. too much damage has been done. we know what white supremacists ultimately are. >> let me bring in ben. i feel like you can't count trump out. what do you think? >> i view donald trump as a less ethical david duke. i think he's not willing to admit he uses white identity politics and racism to win elections. his entire idea of minority outreach is to stop calling people colored and tweet pictures of taco bowls. i can't imagine with that kind of history with minorities that he's going to attract much more than these outliers that you see at some of the rallies that he throws. i have a hard time believing that people are going to swallow everything he's said up until this point doesn't offend their
12:44 pm
sensibilities. >> i want to ask you about hillary clinton. she's about to speak to voters in johnstown, pennsylvania. then to pittsburgh before ending the day and youngstown, ohio. trump is offering those voters this promise we've been talking about this to rebuild the manufacturing base in this country. what does hillary offer? >> i think what hillary officer is a idea -- even if she doesn't say she's running on third term. she offers we as democrats have fixed this economy in the past. we fixed it. we fixed the recession. so we have these ideas. we understand what you're going through. now i'm going to try to give you my plan. the whole bus tour is about jobs and the economy. she's going to have to pitch them trust me the idea that she has in her acceptance speech give me your faith, be faithful in me. i know your problems. i've been working on it for a long time. that's what she's going to have to tell them. >> i think she's pitching a detailed policy proposal for almost area. i think she is. if you go on her website there's reams and reams of information.
12:45 pm
that's the challenge for her. she thought a lot about these policies, and has laid out very detailed plans, and so to boil that down is harder. i think she's talking about -- and will fight to increase the minimum wage, i think, is a popular issue. people want to pretend it's not popular because they don't want to increase the minimum wage. people pretending it's not popular. talking about how to make college more affordable with a plan that can pass or some elements that can pass. she needs to figure out how to boil it down for the environment that we're in. people want information quickly and in most concise way. >> i mentioned donald trump. does he have to offer specifics on the plan with manufacturing? >> oh, i mean, he -- if he intended to win, yeah. i don't think he'll do that. his entire health care proposal is "it's going to be great." i think with hillary what her main slogan should be is "i'm not trump."
12:46 pm
these policy positions are fine. you can talk about them and get in details with people who need them. by and large, she's running against a guy with very little substance and a lot of bumper sticker slogans. all she needs to do for a victory, in my opinion, is differentiate herself from him. hey, i'm not that -- jerk >>well, now, on that note -- thank you guys for talking with me this afternoon. we continue to await tim kaine and hillary clinton in johnstown, pennsylvania. we'll have that for you live. and, at the top of the hour the debate over classified briefings. and if donald trump should or should not get them in the wake of the cyber hacks. and his comments to russia. richard lui with an in-depth debate at 4:00 p.m. eastern. nobody really believes that i take notes this way, but they actually make sense to me.
12:47 pm
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12:50 pm
expected to take the stage that you see on your screen at any second. the stop at a steel production factory is one of many on their bus tour focussing on job creation. when they take the stage, we'l bring it to you live. more than a million are gathered at a huge meadow in southern poland to see pope francis. it's his first ever trip as part of catholic world youth day. it's been a whirlwind. friday he visited the auschwitz camp. erwas moment of silence and he said, lord, forgive us for so much cruelty. and he met with some of the survivors before mass. we have the latest. >> reporter: they call this catholic woodstock or lollapaloo lollapalooza. but it's so much more than a music festival and a lot bigger. more than a million young people
12:51 pm
walked several miles under the scorching sun to visit one of the most anticipated events of the year. music performances and, of course, a lot of prayers with the pope. now, most of the young kids, more than a million, remember tto camp out here so they're ready at 12:10 for the most anticipated and the last event of world youth day which will be presided by the pope. of course, the holy mass. back to you. >> nbc's claudio lavanga. thank you. we want to take you to johnstown, pennsylvania, with hillary clinton and tim kaine.
12:52 pm
let's take a listen. >> being asked by a public servant who is as superb as hillary clinton to join her on this ticket do, good things for this economy, to grow it, to make a benefit, to build a community of respect. it's deeply humbling. there has only been one bad thing about being asked to join this ticket and aisle just be blunt about it. once i was on the ticket, donald trump had decided how he was going to make fun of me, and so he basically decided at a press conference a couple of days ago, really hurt myling fee by saying what a lousy governor of new jersey i had been. you know, when you work hard in public life and then somebody trashes your record, you feel bad and then i thought, wait a minute, i wasn't governor of new jersey. i've never lived in new jersey. i was governor of virginia. so i felt better.
12:53 pm
y you've got to give the guy a break. he's still getting briefing on the 50 states. give him time, i guess. give him time. i took this nomination a couple of days ago and talked about my own background which makes me proud to be here. i was talking to jim and ron and rick. i grew up in kansas city and my dad ran an organized ironworks company. my mom worked in it and my brothers and i worked in the manufacturing business pretty similar to this, five and a bad year, eight employees in a good year. but i know the deep importance of manufacturing, the deep importance of cooperation between management and union labor and that's why i'm so glad to come here today. we're on this tour so we can talk about the american economy, to talk about manufacturing, to
12:54 pm
talk about the way to grow jobs and make sure that everybody benefits from our economic growth, not just a few. and that's why i admire hillary so very, very much. she -- yeah, please, please. [ cheers and applause ] >> hillary also grew up in small business family. we were comparing notes. things were different but one thing's the same. if you grew up in a small family, it's all hands on deck. everybody comes down. if you have to get an order out or something is needed everybody gets pressed into service and she learned those same values growing up in her family in suburban chicago and she's been living them for her entire career and she's got just about the best life partner that you could imagine if you're trying to serve others. please give a great round of
12:55 pm
applause to president clinton. [ cheers and place ] >> you know for all of us on stage and frankly everybody who's got their value straight. it's not about title, it's not about money, prestige, it's not about popularity. it's about what you can do to help folks out, and that's why i'm so excited to be on this tour with hillary and my wife anne. for us to just be sitting on the bus shooting the breeze with hillary and bill, i have to tell you, i'm still pinching myself. yesterday, we had a boy deploy overseas. and i know nick as a marine, we were able to get him on the phone and have him talk to our running mates, and, man, that just blew him away. that's something he felt so good about many time zones away. but look. we're here because the convention was great and
12:56 pm
pennsylvania did a superb job. we think we know hospitality in virginia but philly and pennsylvania did a superb job. this is the part of the campaign i like best, not in a suit but with the jacket and tie off pounding the pavement a hundred days from now to make sure we win. o thn bus tour, which is in pennsylvania and ohio, we're talking about creating jobs, raising wages, and the leadership in order to show to make that possible. in this county, you've got 129 manufacturing businesses just like johnstown wire that employ nearly 4,000 people. hillary is going to talk at some length about our make it in america plan that will invest $10 million in communities just like johnstown. we will put workers first. we'll put their wages first. we'll put their families first. we'll reject trade agreements like the tpp that don't meade
12:57 pm
the standards that they ought to meet. and we need to do something that has a direct tie to johnstown wire's business, which is invested infrastructure so that everybody is able to get around, we can have a power grid that works, bridges that are solid, because these kinds of jobs and infrastructure hire people today and raise our economic success down the road. this way to build the economy so all benefit is one of the few issues in the campaign but really one of the most important ones because if we can build those ladders of success for every community and region, then our country's going to be very, very strong. we saw in philadelphia this week a united democratic party. for dems, that's not always automatic, i will just be honest. we came in. there were challenges because we're family that doesn't mind
12:58 pm
airing debates and having robust debates. there were challenges on sunday morning but when our candidate took the stage and laid out her vision for the country, they saw the democrats pull together behind a reelementarilessly upbeat and patriotic view of this country, right? and aren't we all patriots? and aren't we all optimists? i think the vision we put on display was a sharper contrast to-t to the twisted version we saw. we can solve our challenges because of you. this election, the stakes are very clear and the stakes are very high. it's a choice between a leader who's been working her entire life on behalf of families and children or somebody who spent his entire life watching out for
12:59 pm
himself and often watching out for himself no matter who gets hurt. there's a story that the campaign has told of a guy named andrew tusoro. you might have seen him. he w donald trump hired him to design his clubhouse. he did. he design and built this clubhouse in this very nice place, but as he so often does, donald decided, hey, i can stiff this guy and he even told him, you know what? because you're a nice guy, aisle pay you half. if he didn't like him, he was going to pay him less than that. and an draw couldn't hire the phalanx of lawyers that trump would have had.
1:00 pm
after he did that trump had second thoughts about paying him half. he bullied this guy, this small business entrepreneur, he threatened him, would tie him up in court forever. this fie had guy had to settle virtually zip. he had to pay his guys and donald trump got to enjoy the clubhouse he built. when it comes to trump, you know, there are just too many stories like that. i talked about it at the convention the other night. so many people when they believed in him, they found out they got stiffed and now he's still saying, hey, folks, believe me. we've got a candidate who respects glouf s you enough toa plan. here's what hillary said the other night. i've got details, but remember if it's about your own kid or


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