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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you . >> he made a deal with the devil, she is the devil. >> calling hillary clinton the devil and pushing back on the gold-star parents who criticized him. the kahns firing back overnight
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and why was this military mom booed at a mike pence rally? well, there is a historic health warning. the cdc with a dire alert to stay out of this neighborhood. >> pregnant women shouldn't travel there. >> 14 official cases confirmed in the state of florida. residents are scared and angry. the head of the cdc joins us, what you need to know. >> quite a take-dowdown. we have to begin with more pain for the campaign when he can least afford it. new numbers out from nbc showing hillary clinton up a total of 8 points following the dnc.
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that family is trying to keep the pressure on donald trump sitting for at least eight interviews in the last eight sures. >> he cannot empathize. without it he is no leader. >> let's start with katy tur. she is in virginia where donald trump will speak a few hours from now. clearly the pressure is mounting. the is donald trump changing his tune? >> reporter: no. he is not changing his tune. he is going so far as to say that he believes that kahn was a war hero. he is saying when he is attacked he will attack back, doubling down on that last night in an interview in columbus. take a listen. >> i have great honor and great
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feeling for mr. kahn's son. horrible things were said about me. i think it was very tough. all i did was respond. i will always respond. >> reporter: horrible things were said about me and that is how i will respond. that is how he will continue to act. he always said if he is punched he is a counter puncher regardless of who the person is that is doing the punching. he is received when people have come out and actually spoken about it for his comments against that family saying that is not something you do in american politics. if somebody criticizes you and they have lost a family you don't attack back. you understand where they are coming from. that is the criticism trump is facing. i would note that he has not faced loud condemnation from his
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own party. people like paul ryan and mitch mcconnel coming out in support but not condemning for his reports. paul ryan not coming out either. his primary opponent tried to explain trump's comments. now he is complimenting the primary opponent and donald trump will be visiting green bay, wisconsin. >> all right. while some republican leaders might be speaking out against donald trump and siding with the khans, that's not the case for everybody. a military mom was asking specifically about the pences, she got booed by trump supporters. take a look. >> time and time again trump disrespected our nation's armed forces and disrespect for mr. khan and his family is just an
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example of that. will there ever be a point in time when your able to look trump in the eye and tell him enough is enough? >> this is the mother of an air force staff sergeant. a booing audience. what is his campaign saying about this? >> reporter: here is the reality of what's going on with this campaign and state of political affairs in the country. when you talk to trump supporters at a rally or outside of a rally there is an us versus them mentality. swlit whether it is a member of the media they don't trust you. they don't believe you. they believe you are in hillary clinton's camp and basically working as an agent for her. it is regardless of who is against him because they liked
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the fact that he says he will go change things. they like the fact that he is different. they want it to be different. they believe donald trump is the personal to do that. >> all right. thanks. we know two people who are not in support of donald trump. that is khans parents. they will be live right here talking to us in our 11:00 a.m. hour. we have to turn now to the clinton campaign. hillary clinton has a solid boost. we are live with more. it's nice for hillary to get this bump but how is she going to keep it going? >> let's look at the numbers. she did get a pretty significant bump. she is now up by 8 points up from the single digit lead last week. it tells a similar tale. 52 to 43%. the clinton campaign liking
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these numbers. how does she keep this momentum going? i think you'll continue to see secretary clinton and her surrogates call out donald trump for controversial comments. it has been consumed by the khan controversy. they will do it in ads. i think clinton will continue to talk about her policy positions, particularly those that appeal to voters in pennsylvania and ohio where she was campaigning over the weekend and talking about her jobs plan. i think you'll hear her talk about can remember justice reform. those are some of the other policies that appeal to her base voters which she needs to turn out in big numbers. >> let's talk about the clinton rally that took place yesterday. warren buffet by her side. he issued a challenge to donald
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trump. here it is. >> i would be delighted to meet him any place, any time between now and election. i'll bring my tax return. he can bring his tax return and just let people ask us questions about what's on there. >> he is challenging donald trump. what is this all about, seriously? >> reporter: first of all it is about keeping attention on this issue. he says he is not releasing the tax returns because they are being audited. buffet says my returns are being audited. the clinton campaign is hoping they will undercut key arguments. he is a billionaire bz man. that's why he would be for
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effective in the white house than hillary clinton. all of these people are backing secretary clinton. it is really a two-pronged grat ski ji. >> donald trump says when someone taking a swing at him he'll take a swing at hers. >> thank you. we have to turn to miami. concerns over the z irk ka warning. health officials are advising a part of miami. we are live in the how concerned are you?
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>> they are concerned that live here that don't understand the nature of what's going on especially sings my -- since miami is such tourist area. this is about a 1 kwar mile area where they believe the zika mosquitos are. it is a troip makeip and make i check it out. this is one of the fogger trucks. right here is the nozzle where they go out and spray insecticide. the idea is to eliminate mosquitos. the bot baattle has never been . the real problem here is this particular type of mosquito appears to be resistant to the insecticide. it makes it that much harder. also, i'll sort of take you down here. if you look in the street you
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can see here is the standing water. we had rain last night. it's that time of year we had rain. it is the standing water where the mosquitos breed. . the battle is not trying to kill them once they are flying around but also to kill them before they are out of that stage and actually become a mosquito. if they can get it before it becomes mosquito they will win. it is a very hard, hard battle. standing water ever where. right here i believe is where there are officials looking for standing water, just trying to clear it up. >> please get inside and stay safe. >> in our next half hour we will be joined by the head of the cdc dr. tom frieden.
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air strikes in libya. the goal is to help the libyan government regain control of the isis stronghold. and breaking news out of the state of california, five people are dead after a charter bus crashed on its way to sacramento. 30 others have been hurt in the accident. up next right here on msnbc, as military families come out against donald trump a former general joins us live. is he standing by hind trump. we'll find out. a pilot tackling a passenger. want to know why? stay tuned. this is msnbc. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended...
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the plane's pilot tackle ago drunk passenger after his lost his tufrper with the flight crew. we have been following this story for us. what on erlt happened for us? >> keep in mind it was a morning flight. according to police reports this guy had three drinks on the morning flight and started to get out of control in the air. when they landed is when things got out of hand. the southbound sign hadn't come off yet. it was the scenario. people say he was kicking the flight attendants, spitting at the flight attendants and shoving them and that's when the pilot got involved. here is that video. >> do you mind sitting down? >> no. i don't. >> sit down. sit down. no. you don't put your hands on my
6:17 am
fliel flight attendant. no. >>. >> that's the passenger. what happened to him? >> apparently they had to retrain him for 15 or 20 minutes. this is why passengers were still there at the jetway. they say he was yelling, screaming and screaming it is going to end up on facebook. they had to get, you know, the extra straps for the southbound, tie them around his ankles so he would stop kicking. the other flight attendants had to reassure the panssengers the police are on their way. we have it under control. charges from being drunk, assault and threatening and disrupting a flight crew, all of that. in addition to that he lost his job too. he is a cook at a local
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6:22 am
just a moment. we are having technical difficulties. i wa i want to take you back to the zika virus. they are advising women to stay away from a neighborhood after ten people found to be infected with the virus there, evidence skrksevidence evidence zika is spreading. help us understand this travel warni warning we think far off places, a portion of miami, one of the largest cities in america, how big of a deal is this? >> it is very unusual. we did issue a travel warning for puerto rico january 15th. this is the first time in recent history the federal government issued a travel advisory for a part of the continental u.s. it is specific to this one neighborhood north of downtown
6:23 am
miami where we know that the zika virus has been spreading. they only fly about 500 feet and we have five buffer zones around the area where we know it spread. we are looking more closely. we sent an emergency response team. we advise pregnant women not to travel to this one area. and also for women to do everything they can to protect themselves against mosquitos. >> how can they do so in ? if i didn't have the means to stay somewhere else what would i do? >> you can apply a mosquito repellant multiple times a day, wear long sleeves and long pants and stay indoors or screened space. we know it's hard.
6:24 am
>> but a neighborhood isn't confined. why is it if i lived on 5th street i would not be safe. i'm talking about mosquitos. they fly. >> so all of the cases diagnosed in that neighborhood are in a 500 square foot area around two work sites where the two initial cases were diagnosed. they take five different maximum flight paths in all directions and create a buffer zone around that. that's not to say that we might not find infections elsewhere and they are look for them and doing tests now. if we find reason to change the area we will of course work to change it. >> let's talk a bit more about other people potentially infected. of the 14 we know of that are infected the last ten were discovered. if zika is not detected how do
6:25 am
you know there's not many more in florida? >> for 30 states we urge pregnant women to protect themselves. it could be with 40 million air travelers to and from where zika spreads with the fact that four out of five don't have any symptoms. you could have zika infections elsewhere. it is that nine out of ten times it stops after one or two infections. we do see cluster or outbreaks in the specific neighborhood in miami. >> for those that are infected, what does the virus do? >> the real concern is for the coursepregnancy. it is the cause of birth defects. we don't know for babies who
6:26 am
don't have it whether they have other problems with their brain or developments that may not become apar rant fparent for mo years. the real concern here is to protect pregnant women. >> put in perspective for me, how scared should we be? >> they have different threats. it is a threat to pregnant women. >> do you currently have ample funding to protect us? >> we are doing the best we can. it is challenging. we hoped congress would provide the supplemental funding. we would be able to undertake important projects to better control zika. >>. >> thank you for the work you're doing now. >> thank you. when we come back we got to go back to the khans.
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welcome back. it's time for your morning primer. we start with the u.s. stepping up its war against isis in libya by launching air strikes. an isis stronghold believed to have up to 2,000 fighters. cdc officials advising pregnant women and their partners to steer clear of an area north of miami. 14 people infected with zika. and a balloon crash that killed 16 people also crashed a balloon in 2009.
6:31 am
alfred nicoles has been -- iz exgirlfriend claims he has been sober for years. . and a lawyer for a church shooter filed a motion late monday challenging the constitutionality of the federal death penalty siting cruel and unusual punishment. and the parents of star trek character will file a lawsuit against fiat chrysler. donald trump has spent the better part of the week trying to get out from under the controversy surrounding a gold star military family. first i want to say i'm sorry. we know we have had some technical difficulties. i'm glad you're with us. i understand you also lost your son who was in the special forces back in 2004. how do you feel about the way donald trump has handled the
6:32 am
khans? >> i think number one he responded to the attack by mr. khan from that standpoint. here is the problem, both political parties do it. they put up the showcases of different military and families and so on. so once a campaign does that as the hillary campaign is done they put khan in a position to be a political pawn. so he was set up to make the attack against trump in his talk. trump responds. donald trump didn't attack gold star families. he attacked mr. khan for attacking him. when you get into the political realm you're open to agreement or criticism. >> is responding in kind the right behavior for someone who would like to be commander in chief? she was also a gold star parent.
6:33 am
she held anti war protests and george w. said he respected her and she could say whatever she wanted. would that not have been a bet air proech than what donald trump has done? >> yes. i would have said i respect the khan family and respect the son who gave his life far countor h country. on the other hand mr. khan you attacked me and at the convention. so he hit back. i would have said it a differently but he had all of the right to do that once you are attacked on the air on a national audience. that's exactly what happened. i think we need to get beyond it now. let's move on. let's look at the issues and we'll go forward. >> general, can we get beyond it? >> sure. >> we saw a military mom get
6:34 am
booed. she was specifically asking about the khan situation and trump supporters booed her. are you worried that this message could be very very negative? you have a lot of military families that could be supporting donald trump. could that change? >> again, you part son politics in play. it will continue until that new cycle ends and they quit covering it and they move onto the more important issues. there again, i thought mike pence handled it very well. again, she put herself in a spotlight at a campaign and spoke and therefore they booed her for injecting this, maybe to get publicity, i don't know what. as soon as you do that you're open to criticism. >> could donald trump take more
6:35 am
and more action that is you as a donald trump supporter could say he has crossed the line, it is too much? many say donald, you're wrong here. >> well, i would say what has to be done is donald trump to say we are going to end this now. we wish the khan family well and i'll put it behind me. if i hurt feelings, you know, it wasn't necessarily intentional i was just responding to an attack set up to the clinton campaign against me. >> how about your feeling? he received five deferments from the vietnam war, one for education and one for bone spurs in his heels. later he said he wasn't sure which foot it was in. >> i'm not sure of the exact circumstances.
6:36 am
we have to look at both sides. bill clinton was a draft dodger. trump got deferred because of medical reasons. whether they were valid at the time they were accepted by the government. >> how do you feel about it? you yourself called clinton a draft dodger. five deferrals, you think that's okay? >> well, someone had to make it on the draft or not. i remember back in those days where a tremendous amount of young men that were not accepted into the draft for educational reasons, family reasons, medical and so on. so there again, this issue should be dropped. it is history. let's focus on today and tomorrow in my opinion. >> all right. thank you. technical challenges and all. thank you. we have to take you to a quick
6:37 am
check on the weather. bill is here. good morning bill. good morning. finally rainfall in new england. we really need it. draught has be drought has been this summer. flash flood warnings continue. we have had 3 to 4 inches of rain. watch this between columbia and st. louis. dallas is 101. your typical afternoon thunderstorms will help cool you off. washington d.c. just finished 12 straight day of 90-degree temperatures. a little relief. >> a little relief. thanks, bill. moving on recent polls show a big bump for hillary clinton coming off of the convention. what are the internal polls
6:38 am
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dude's got skills. dr. scholl's work insoles. >> here is the question, how does she keep it up? i want to bring in joel for the clinton campaign. now you have seen a nice bump. >> i think we do a very strong contrast for people. hillary clinton in the entire convention laid out a very optimistic vision that we are stronger together. we have always done at our best and number one we'll do it by
6:42 am
building an economy, by having a commander in chief who is prepared to work with our allies as opposed to donald trump whose erratic reckless behavior and our ability to take the fight to isis at risk. >> many feel like he is authentic. he tells it like he is and he knows who it is. >> you talking about the people who have a favorable rating of him. 60% -- >> well, if we are talking unfavorable it plagues hillary clinton. she went on fox. >> did you look at her favorable ratings in your nbc poll this morning? >> she may be having an improvement but you have to admit favorability and like
6:43 am
ability is an issue. >> yes. when they are coming down consistently has been in favor of hillary clinton to make sure their lives are front and center not who has stiffed small businesses, failed to pay them, refused to pay -- >> but do they trust her? >> they don't trust donald trump. what they know about this so called billionaire is that when he was going bankrupt and he was failing in his businesses he chose not to pay people. business people, working men, plumbers, working women, carpenters refused to pay them. they don't believe you walk away from your obligations. >> without a doubt. do people believe what hillary clinton have to say? when asked about the e-mail server, again, she stayed on the
6:44 am
message she always has. it gave her four pinochios. why stay on this? >> if the fact checker would go back and look at what director comey said in testimony before congress that her answers during several of our interviews were truthful. she answered every question they put to her. a year ago they said a decision was a mistake and if she had it to do over again wouldn't. if you look at director comey's testimony he also said very clearly that none of the e-mails that were across hillary clinton's accounts had the ma markings that said they dwr classified. they would have been recognized if they had the appropriate header that the department of
6:45 am
state said they didn't have. >> ron covered them for decades. i want you to see -- >> he has been negative on them for decades. >> which he has a right to be. >> you're not objective either. >> okay. >> id like you to see what ron had to say. take a look. >> politically you would sense. ethically it would make sense. here is why i did it. i did it because republicans would be mean to me. i got to be better than republicans and move on. >> she couldn't simply say i made a mistake, let me move on. >> here is what's wrong. she did not expose secrets. they said none of the e-mails had the markings, the header of classified e-mails. anybody who read the manual
6:46 am
would know if something was classified or not. none of those e-mails had them. you want to go back to the issue of who voters can count on, who they can trust to make their lives better. they are deciding that hillary clinton is that person, that she has real plans that will improve their economic lives, by investing and making sure every child can go to a world class school and we make the investments for the future to create the jobs of the future, whether we are talking about putting half a billion that can power every home in america. those will create jobs in one industry and in communities that have been hurt by the loss of manufacturing. >> it appears to be consistency and preparedness. how do you prepare for the fact that this is a very different election? we are working in a time of
6:47 am
brexit. how do you prepare for this time of utter unpredictability? >> i don't think it is utter unpredictability. i think the way you prepare for it is knowing where the american people are in their lives. what are they hungry for right now? people want to get ahead and stay ahead. they want good-paying jobs and give their kids an education. >> and this was predictable to you? >> i think in the republican primaries of course it could. he is polling at about 40% in your poll today. he appealed to the republican base. what they didn't do at their convention, what your opportunity week is talk to americans about their base. i think you're seeing movement and we spoke to needs and concerns of all americans across
6:48 am
the country. donald trump continues to appeal and alienates swing voters. i think you'll see that hillary clinton is dominating among moderates. that's why right now we are ahead in the polls and i think we are going to keep fighting for those voters because those are the voters that will determine this election at the outcome. >> okay. thank you for joining me today. we have to take a quick break. speaking of donald trump he weighed in on what would happen if his daughter was sexually harassed at work. that story next.
6:49 am
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quality eyewear for doers. sears optical
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♪ today, donald trump and mike pence split up to campaign on opposite coasts. while donald trump -- his campaign is trying to regain ground with a new eight-point spread in the polls and a growing rift among military families, and the trump campaign. joining me to break it down, josh barrow and vann new kirk.
6:52 am
vann, the khans have been making the rounds of all the major media outlets this week. do you think they're a tax on trump and will have an impact on the election or it's a juicy week and a quiet summer in the media? >> well, i think the attacks actually are impacting the election, and the polls right now. so i think what's happening is something that trump has been -- had a pattern of for quite some time now. he's been attacking veterans. if we go back and look at the john mccain attacks, go back and look at the donation scandal, which seems so long ago, where most of those groups that were supposed to get the money were veterans groups. and now i think he's done sort of the one thing you can't do in american politics right now, which is actively attack the parents -- gold star parents, veterans. and that seems to be something that is resonating with real people. >> josh, you published a piece in "business insider" and criticizing republicans for continuing to back trump.
6:53 am
we're seeing john mccain condemning donald trump. what do you want them to do, say i don't like it so much i'm going to vote for hillary clinton? they're republicans. >> they should say don't vote for him. john mccain is saying this absurd thing where he puts out this long statement about how awful donald trump did was and then says people should vote for him. marco rubio says donald trump is an erratic individual and that he should be elected president. these people look ridiculous. there are things more important than your political party. if you decide somebody does not meet the character test to be president, is too dangerous, too erratic, too cruel, you need to tell people not to vote for him. because there are things more important than your party affiliation. richard hannah, republican congressman from upstate new york said he's voting for hillary clinton. i think -- i think that's great that he did that. but i don't think it's necessarily morally necessary to support hillary. but i do think they need to say, even though trump is a republican, i can't support him. that's a decision that a lot of members of congress have made. people like jeff flake, lindsey
6:54 am
graham, susan collins. but i don't think john mccain is a profile encourage at all. it's weird to say donald trump is so awful, you must make him president. >> swing states. that's what donald trump is focused on or needs to be focused on. dan, what does he need to do to get states like pennsylvania and ohio, which matter most? >> well, i think he really needs to make his appeal to working class people, not just working class white people, working class people of color, as well. because especially in pennsylvania, ohio, we have really big populations of people who had been hurt economically. but don't necessarily connect with his message of us versus them. i think he's got an economic message that he can make, that republicans have made, that resonate with people of all races, and especially that working class component of swing states. but he hasn't yet been making that argument. >> i want to talk about his message. last night here's what donald trump had to say about bernie and hillary. take a like. >> he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil.
6:55 am
he made a deal with the devil. it's true. >> critics say he's crossed the line here. but for those hard-core trump supporters or republicans, is it that off message? is it that big of a deal? >> i'm trying to prioritize my outrage, because donald trump does so many outrageous things. deal with the devil is a common phrase. i don't think donald trump is somebody who thinks a lot about literal agents of the devil out there. i don't think he's a person who thinks a lot about the bible in general. so i'm willing to write that one off as just a figurative thing and focus on the 80 other terrible things he did over the last week. >> do you think it's that big of a deal, vann? >> well, i'm cautious here, because i know there is sort of a certain gendered way that people speak about hillary clinton. and donald trump has definitely been guilty of that. i don't know that it's especially egregious, but i think it's in that category. >> i'll dying to find out why josh has such an issue donald
6:56 am
trump eats fried chicken with a knife and fork. >> i think knife and fork is fine. it's neat. one of the few things he does right. >> i think so too. finger-licking is disgusting. donald trump speaking this morning. we'll bring it live. we'll be right back. you're watching msnbc. ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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so guys with ed can... take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level.
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to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. that wraps us up for this hour. i'm stephanie rhule. coming up right now, more news with kristen welker. and stephanie, thank you. and good morning from washington. we want to get you right to virginia, where donald trump will be appearing soon. this is an hour outside of d.c. and what is a pivotal swing county in a swing state. the gop nominee trying to desperately turn around what has by nearly all accounts been a week that's gone from bad to worse. this morning, the fallout continues with his fight with a gold star family. new name-calling toward hillary clinton and an ominous prediction for november. first, those attacks on the parents of a fallen army
7:00 am
captain, humanen khan. republicans cringing, but trump not backing down. >> i can say this, if i was president, his son wouldn't have died, because i wouldn't have been in the war. if i was president then, there would have been no war for iraq, i can tell you that. because i think it's ridiculous, the whole thing. >> amid that controversy, trump now creating a new nickname for his democratic rival after saying bernie sanders' decision to endorse hillary clinton was wrong. >> made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. [ cheers and applause ] >> meantime, more evidence hillary clinton is emerging from her convention with a substantial bounce. our new nbc news survey monkey online poll shows her with an eight-point lead nationally. falling in line with other polls after the dnc and comes as trump is already saying


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