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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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out or is pushed out. >> it is happening at the rnc and it is happening in republican offices across the country. >> thank you so much for being with us. as always we greatly appreciate your patience and i'm glad your voice is back. >> it's back. >> okay. >> stephanie rule picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks, guys. good morning. breaking news overnight. civil war in the republican party. donald trump refusing to endorse paul ryan and john mccain. the head of the rnc is beyond angry while trump stafferers s reportedly, quote, suicidal. and the candidate is firing back this morning this as a republican ceo jumps ship. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. >> unfit. breaking news, look at this,
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a 777 crash lands. the plane on fire, passengers evacua evacuated. then it explodes. we have the latest. plus, zika officially spreading, more cases in miami, the latest outside the zone the cdc had warned eed us about. you know we are going to begin today with donald trump. turning his back on paul ryan and john mccain who are clearly two of the most influential republicans in congress. the question is will their gop colleagues return the favor by pulling their support from trump's campaign. we have got a team of reporters covering this from all angles. i want to start with katy tur. from republicans and democrats alike this morning, people are starting to say there's a civil war within the republican party. what have you learned? >> reporter: i over learned that ra
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reince priebus is apoplectic right now. he's made several calls to express his extreme displeasure. that includes paul manafort. this is what you could call the final straw for the republican party or could potentially be the final straw. we haven't seen them come out and forcefully condemn donald trump in unity quite yet. but what has been going on for the past few weeks is controversy after controversy. frankly for the past 13 months of this campaign it's been one controversy after a next, reaching a crescendo after the khan family, after donald trump didn't return the purple heart to the family yesterday. i think he was joking, but the party is not taking very lightly the idea that he was kicking out a baby at his campaign rally. they see all of these things as completely unnecessary, that donald trump can't control himself. he can't avoid attacking back
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even when it doesn't behoove him to do so. i'm told within the next 24-72 hours are going to be extraordinarily important. i'm told key republicans, top republicans, people like paul ryan could be thinking about coming out and forcefully condemning donald trump, going out against him. remember, the down ballot races are what is really important to the gop right now, maybe even more important than the presidency itself.
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staff suicidal. let's break that down. paul manafort has never seemed to be a guy who mails anything in. and to use the word suicidal, hello. >> reporter: i would temp their ev -- temper that ever so slightly. remember this is a campaign staff of paid operatives. they're not necessarily true believers in trump's campaign. he doesn't have the kind of passionate advisors that mid romney had. his biggest passionate advisor was corey lewandowski. so far there is no indication that paul manafort, at least on my end, is not trying to push back on trump. even if he was, it clearly
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wouldn't work because donald trump says and does what he wants to. >> thank you katy tur. there's one republican donor who has officially said she's had enough of donald trump. gop business mogul meg whitman of hp announced she's now officially support hillary clinton while calling donald trump a, quote, dishonest demagogue. chr what do you make of this announcement? >> she's made it official and it is significant because she is a large republican donor, she is someone who is a former candidate of california. she's someone who would bring a number of contributors to the kr clinton campaign. she plans to get out there and be on the campaign trail. her statement says it is clear to me that secretary clinton's temperament, global experience and commitment to america's bedrock national values make her the far better choice in 2016
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for president of the united states. in a tumultuous world, america needs the kind of stable and aspirational leadership secretary clinton can provide. we know the two had a phone conversation about a month ago. they talked about the economy. this is a decision that she made in recent days. you have to think that this recent flap over the khan family, all of these other controversies weave be've been r covering played into her final decision. >> president obama launched his most blistering attack yesterday on donald trump. take a look. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said to last week and he keeps on proving it. >> we've heard the word unfit for the last three days as it relates to donald trump. how unprecedented is it for a
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sitting president to say this? >> it's unprecedented for a sitting president, it's unprecedented for president obama. this was the strongest indictment yet from this president of donald trump. he called him unfit. he called on republican leaders to essentially withdraw their endorsement of donald trump, saying how can you come out and criticize him on a daily basis and yet still say you endorse him? president obama has a favorability rating of above 50%. he is fairly popular right now and he is going to be one of secretary clinton's top surrogates come the fall. he is going to be a frequent presence out on the campaign trail. a preview of things to come. breaking news from the middle east. this is an incredible video taken from the airport in dubai after an accident involving an emirates airline jumbo yet. the boeing 777 caught fire after an emergency landing.
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matt, this is extraordinary video after the passengers were evacuated, the plane exploded. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: that's right. it was a disaster that was narrowly averted at dubai international airport earlier today. this this emirates flight from india was caught on camera by passengers waiting in the terminal. this plane appeared to skid across the runway before bursting into flames. but authorities say there were no injuries. all 300 people on board were able to get off the plane just before this massive explosion appeared to really tear the roof off of this whole boeing 777. eyewitnesss said at least three fire engines raced to the scene. the airlines said they're expecting significant delays and flights out of this huge airport
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have been temporarily suspended. and it's a crucial hub connecting europe and the middle east and asia. these rescue workers had to battle this scalding airplane fire while temperatures soared to 100 degrees today. >> extraordinary that no one was injured. we've got to take another turn to zika. another case of the zika virus has been found in the state of florida. this one beyond the zone the cdc is warning travelers away from. we're going to take you there live next. plus ivanka trump now speaking about her father and brothers' controversy comments about sexual harassment in the workplace. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages.
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zika is spreading in south florida. what is most concerning is the new case appears to be outside the miami neighborhood where the nation's first cluster of cases have been found. walk us through this. are health officials considering expanding the zone that people should stay away from? >> reporter: they're looking very closely at patient number 15 to determine whether he or she got it outside of this area. there is strong evidence that the person who did acquire zika was not in the wynwood neighborhood. at the same time, the efforts are continuing to try to control the spread of zika. you can see behind me this rather large vacuum cleaner. they're using the vacuum system to get the standing water not
6:14 am
only off the streets and the gutters but also down in the sewers. moer mosquitos breed in standing water and they want to get rid of the possibility of more mosquitos breeding. in some cases mosquitos that lay eggs, if those mosquitos have zika they may pass it onto the eggs. and these mosquitos lay more than 100 eggs. so you could imagine the fear of the exponential growth there. they did have a plane fly over and mist a 10 square mile area. >> is that spray whether they use a plane or not, is it working? are there concerns that the mosquitos are stronger than the toxins that they're using to spray them? >> reporter: exactly.
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they use a biological agent. people don't need to worry about chemicals hitting them if they're outside and breathing it in. it's all epa approved. federal officials say they are surprised that these mosquitos appear to be more resistant. and the amount of rain that's dropping here -- in fact, we had a record here last night. we had 3.79 inches in two hours. so there is water everywhere. it's really hard to get rid of the standing water as much as we see the efforts here. in addition to trying to use the biological agents and using all the insecticides they're also encouraging people to go and their house and literally tip over a plant or something that might have some water collected. that's where the mosquitos are also growing. >> thank you. be safe down there. go inside. >> thank you. coming up we're going to have a lot more on the zika threat.
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we're going to be speaking to dr. anthony fauci. plus, donald trump's son says his sister ivanka is too strong to be sexually harassed at work. wait until you hear what ivanka now says. tina brown joins me next to weigh in on the controversy. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at see what the power of points can do for your business. he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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6:20 am
that was the case. when his son eric weighed in right here. >> ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be subjected to that. i think that's the point he was making and i think he did so well. >> joining me now to break this down is the founder and ceo of tina brown live media, tee ina brown. welcome. >> thank you. >> what do you make of this? >> it's classic relegation of a woman who's harassed being, you know, a person who should therefore leave. it's completely, you know, prehistoric in its outlook. the fact is that ivanka trump is a powerful, rich, beautiful woman who is the daughter of a very beautiful rich man for whom she works.
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>> i have to say i think that donald trump was truly rattled by the democratic convention as witnessed the fact that he fired one of the teams that put this together. he knows stars when he sees them and he knows he doesn't have any. i think he's been very rattled. the problem is his base seems to have made up their mind very early to the point that nothing seems to dislodge it. what i find fascinating is that in 2008 sarah palin who was really the opening bell for this kind of absolutely uninformed over the top candidate.
6:22 am
she went on the katie couric show and talked about she couldn't say which magazines or papers she read. she couldn't remember. and she was absolutely crucified for that. it became like this massive joke. sarah palin from that moment was really toast. she was labeled as an idiot. when you compare eight years later to what donald trump has said, he is not being taken as an idiot. he is not losing his base for that. are we simply even less informed eight years ago that people don't care if you know anything, if you don't care that russia has gone into ukraine because you don't know where ukraine is and you don't care, or has he made such a bond with that base that they're just simply not going to be moved. >> is one of the reasons that base doesn't care is because they're so disheartened by washington? if you take the political elite, they can answer all those
6:23 am
questions and they are informed but they're not doing anything. they've said i'm done with political correctness, i just want change. >> absolutely. that is the dominating factor of this year's election. people are hungry for change, but they also i think fear the change donald trump will bring. do they go with hillary clinton who does not represent change. that's why bill clinton kept saying she's a change-maker. i think that the question is america very rarely goes backwards. it likes to go into the future. it does prefer change and risk to the status quo. i think it's a very dangerous question as to whether or not the change will still elect donald trump. i think people are scared and he is becoming a very scary figure. the question is are people focused? have they made up their mind and
6:24 am
it's done? he is losing in the polls. she has opened up a very healthy lead. it's possible that his last go-round with the khans -- >> we've seen more prominent republicans call him unfit. yesterday the president called him unfit. how heavy is that? do you think we could start to see paul ryan not just say i don't like what he's said but officially say i've got to pull out. >> the question is whwhat happe they pull out? i wonder if donald trump won't decide that he's pulling out rather than lose. when you think about it, if he thinks he cannot win over the polls in the end, what does losing do for his brand? his brand is only about winning. he has no brand if he loses. for him losing is a massive crisis. he cannot lose.
6:25 am
what his psyche would do that with that, i don't know. >> you know media better than anyone. we were shocked by brexit. but should we have been? it was the media elite saying never, not going to happen. and we are saying the same thing here. >> it was a very similar situation. the entire establishment, every pop star, all of the major figures in the u.k. came out on television and said you are going to regret this. and everybody said, you know what, you're the establishment. we don't care. we want change. and the same thing could happen here. it could be that the base is going to say we're tired of everybody piling on donald trump. they're the establishment. of course they hate him. we're voting for trump. i think it could absolutely happen. >> extraordinary. thrilled that you're here. moving on, a veteran hand donald trump his purple heart at a campaign rally and donald trump accepts it with a bad joke. is this the final nail in the
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and free wi-fi. book at for a guaranteed discount. welcome back. it is time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to start your day. we're going to start with the incredible pictures from dubai where an emirates air flight crash landed and exploded. everyone escaped unharmed. the "wall street journal" citing u.s. and european officials is reporting that the obama administration secretly organized an air lift of $400 million in cash to iran that coincided with the release of four u.s. detainees and finalizing the nuclear deal. the state department and white house deny any connection between the payment and prisoner release. payment was said to be part of a alarmer larger settlement. north korea launched a
6:30 am
ballistic missile that is believed to have fallen into the sea within japan's exclusive economic zone for the first time ever. here in the u.s. a 15th home grown zika case has been found in the state of florida. the newest coming outside of the area the cdc warned about yesterday. the director for the national institute of health's allergy and infectious disease will join me in a few minutes. president obama hosted a state dinner if tfor the prime minister of singapore. donald trump says his campaign is unified, but the republican party not so much. mr. trump may have triggered a civil war many are calling it, by refusing to endorse paul ryan, john mccain or kelly iyach ayotte. even former president bush is hitting trump criticizing his
6:31 am
policies at a private fund raiser in ohio. jacob rascon is joining us. >> reporter: first we should realize that nobody should be too surprised of what we're seeing now. trump has always been a counter puncher. when you have senator mccain going after him in that statement, it's not surprising to see him say that he's not endorsed john mccain. the only thing is that only a couple of months ago donald trump said he did not need the republican party. he said it would be nice to unify the party but he did not believe he needed that. what he said about paul ryan echoing what paul ryan said about him. going forward i think what does the american voter think about what's happening will be a real teller. i'll give you a couple of examples. on twitter a couple of prominent trump sport upporters replied t
6:32 am
news with simply lies, lies, lies. they distrust the media so much they believe it's all fabricated. any of the controversies about trump are fabricated. i just had a conversation with a man named de d dale. he became emotional talking about how he is praying that donald trump gets back on the issues. he said there's too much at stake for his children. he believes hillary clinton's presidency would simply not work. and he became emotional talking about how he hopes donald trump gets back on the issues. he's disappointed in him. >> something that's definitely not fabricated are mr. trump's own words. i want to play a moment from his rally yesterday. it's gotten a lot of attention. he got a gift from a veteran. take a look. >> something very nice just happened to me. a man came up to me and he handed me his purple heart.
6:33 am
i said, man, that's like -- that's like big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> listen, i know there's been a lot of reaction to this. what are people saying. >> so the fact that he got the purple heart, nobody's really upset about that. what he did, he pinned it to himself. we heard about mr. khan, of course, the controversy. he said he should have given it back to the person. we've had other responses. as you might imagine, a lot of people including republicans upset at what happened. i want to now bring in a republican strategist and columnist for the hill. also amy holmes, conservative political analyst. john, i want to start with you and this purple heart. is this just another snippet that the media likes to use and run with? or is this an actual issue that could affect the election? >> i think what it shows is that
6:34 am
donald trump is tone deaf on military issues. i know he's been out there supporting veterans. that's part of his campaign. but when it comes to these types of issues, he doesn't understand the emotional heft of something like a purple heart. you don't really joke about it. it's not a laughing matter or something that you make light of. if you get something like that as a gift, you have to treat it with some reverance. >> donald trump seems to have this new political math, which seems to be about subtraction instead of addiction. he needs to be gr -- addition. military voters are typically republican voters. donald trump needs them. he needs paul ryan. he needs all these folks not
6:35 am
just for the votes but for the get out the vote efforts. he needs the apparatus of the republican party if he's going to try to win in november. i would say to mr. trump you can't just win this election on tv and media coverage. >> do you think john mccain and paul ryan will pull their endorsements. >> i don't know. it's not so much about donald trump and more about the trump voters. especially for john mccain he needs those trump voters not only in the primary but more importantly in the general election to push him over the top. he's got a tough election. he's got to be very careful about alienating those voters. donald trump is nuts sometimes. he's crazy but he's also crazy like a fox. all these establishment guys are trying to treat him with kid gloves. >> crazy like a fox making me think donald trump had some comments back in march about paul ryan and paul's support.
6:36 am
take a look. >> paul ryan, i don't know him well but i'm sure i'm going to get along great with him. and if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? >> if paul ryan doesn't get on board, he has to pay a big price. while you're saying donald needs to expand the tent, does he? that doesn't seem to be his approach. >> donald trump makes these threats. he's a loose cannon. paul ryan was at the convention, he did give his endorsement. but he also gives a speak to the koch brothers and says donald trump's trade policy is not going to get through the house of representatives. yes, there is a divide in the gop, but the gop wants to win in november. as john says there are also members like john mccain who need trump supporters so they're trying to thread that needle. with donald trump it's not easy. >> does threading the needle hurt their credibility? as president obama said yesterday, how do you denounce trump's comments and still
6:37 am
support him? trump has been relatively clear from the beginning. it's my way or the highway. these other members of the republican party are sort of going back and forth and walking this line. >> that's a problem. the party is divided. i think that some members of the republican coalition are at odds with other members of the coalition. trump understands that the coalition is unpopular with the trump voters. trump is trying to expand the tent but he's trying to expand the tent in a way that excludes many members of the republican establishment. and he seems to be fine with that. we're going to see how this all works out. for the establishment itself, this is a real roller coaster. >> couldn't that be donald trump staying on message, staying on brand? when you speak to donald trump supporters they don't like the media, they don't like the washington elite. doesn't this stay on message where he's saying i'm the change agent, we're sick of it?
6:38 am
>> agree with that. you saw how that worked on the democratic side with bernie sanders. he didn't get the nomination. donald trump supporters are very passionate. we know that. he's speaking in a way that the establishment didn't. but that's not enough to get you over the finish line and put you in the white house. he needs to do a little bit more. >> here's the good news for the two of you and me. all of these people are giving us a whole lot of stuff to cover. we've got to turn and give you at home a quick check of the weather. bi >> let's start with the great stuff. one of the best summer days is underway of the entire season throughout new england and new york, 80s and low humidity. now let's go to the stuff that's not so ideal. heat advisories for almost 15.5 million people. also watch out for severe storms
6:39 am
late today, even isolated tornados. about 1 million people are in a slight risk today. the monsoon season still ongoing in the west. over 4 million people are in flash flood watches in albuquerque and
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if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. now back to the zika viruvi.
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there's big concern another case has been quite fied in south florida, but outside the zone where the cluster have been discovered. joining me is dr. anthony fauci. we've got another case of zika in south florida, but this case is outside the zone. when you actually take a look at the map designated by the cdc of states where mosquitos potentially carrying the zika virus could be, that's a whole lot of states ranging from the midwest to the northeast. you've got my home state of new jersey in there. should we all be concerned? >> well, first of all, obviously we take this seriously about the possibility of local cases. people need to understand the reason you get local cases is we do have now more than 1600 travel-related cases in the united states, many of them concentrated along the area of the gulf coast.
6:44 am
for example, florida has between 300 and 400 case of travel-related. when you have the mosquito, the aedes aegypti mosquito, the same transmitting it in south america and puerto rico, copious mosquitos in that area, there is the possibility that sooner or later you will get a local transmitted case or cases or, nick as we've seen in florida north of miami, there's a cluster. the way you address that, because there is the potential, and it is likely we will see an occasional individual case cropping up, you address it by very aggressive mosquito control, by cleaning up the environment, killing the larvae and killing the adults. that's what's going on right now in a very aggressive way in florida. we need to do that wherever there is that threat. >> how strong are these mosquitos, though? does the spray really work? >> well, the spray might work, but they're very resilient
6:45 am
mosquitos. it's a combination of, they are so resilient of being able to breed in the most strain jent conditions. we say clean up water in pots, pans, tires, little pools or what have you, but these mosquitos can breed in the smallest amount of water, even a bottle cap. even though you try very hard to clean up the environment and get rid of the breeding lands, the breeding places, often there's little bits of water caught between leaves or in branches or in trunks of trees that is very difficult to get rid of. the bottom line answer is these are very resilient mosquitos. >> before we go, given how resilient they are, dr. fauci, if you had a pregnant wife in florida, if you were an olympic athlete, would o you stay in miami? would you go to rio? >> you're talking about two different things there. pregnant women who are obviously quite vulnerable to this issue of having a baby that might have
6:46 am
a congenital defect, i certainly would not travel to the olympics if i were a pregnant woman. the cdc has already made that guideline. the cdc has also said very clearly, if you're a pregnant co-man, you should avoid this particular area in south florida. that is a travel guide that's very clear. >> thank you so much for all of that necessary information dr. fauci. we're going to take a break. an emirates airline plane crashes an explodes. remarkably, no one was injured. how could something like this happen? be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as:
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breaking news out of dubai. flights are set to resume at the international airport after an emirates airline jumbo jet caught fire and exploded. the boeing 777 made an emergency landing this morning and was carrying 300 people including six americans. incredibly authorities say no one was hurt. i want to bring in commercial
6:50 am
pilot and former flight instructor tony roman. tony, welcome. witnesses say the plane -- we have it next to us -- skidded across the runway before it burst. what does that tell us? >> that simply means the plane hit the runway very hard, its rate of descent was excessive and beyond what the landing gear carriage could handle. it actually collapsed. >> so something happened in the air to cause that speed landing. then it burst almost like a fireball. why would we see that? >> it's not unusual for aircrafts that have crash landings to suffer a fireball. their fuel tanks get penetrated. the engines are designed to break off. fuel spills and at tommizes, and then the sparks on the runway ignite it. >> beyond just the extraordinary image, 300 people were on this plane and they all got off. how does that happen? >> that's incredible crew coordination and training. they have 90 seconds to get off
6:51 am
that aircraft safely. >> 90. >> 90 seconds. the aircraft has ten exits, five sets, two on each side, and the crew did an impeccable job. >> now what happens? for the investigators they've got this scorched incinerated plane. what do they do now? >> now it becomes a basic investigation. they leave the plane where it is. photographs are taken. the metal ur gy is examined. the cockpit data recorder are moved and examined. that will tell us what happened in this particular case, whether it's pilot error, whether someone interfered with the crew actions in the cockpit or whether or not, for example, they had some malfunction or fire on board. >> how lucky are those passengers? seeing you spent years as a commercial pilot, are you surprised to look at these images and know that everyone got off that plane? >> i'm remarkably relieved. it's not often that a plane suffered that kind of fire where
6:52 am
everyone, 300, 350 passengers get off safely. remarkable. >> remarkable. tony, thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure. guess what else we are? we are two days away from the opening ceremonies of the rio olympics, but the olympic kicking off tonight with women's soccer. we'll be speaking with briana scurry about the team's chances scurry about the team's chances and the conditions down in rio. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
6:53 am
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the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. always good to have katy perry in the show. breaking olympic news, michael phelps, the most decorated olympic athlete of all time will be the flag bearer for team usa at friday's ceremony in rio. some games will be played before that opening ceremony. today the u.s. women's soccer team takes on new zealand as they look to make it a fourth olympic gold medal in a row.
6:56 am
joining me now is briana scurry, a retired goalie for team usa. good morning, briana. the pressure is on for these ladies, going for their fourth goal, and it's a very young squad. do you think they can pull it off? >> i definitely think they can. it's a very young squad, but a very talented squad. i think they're ready to go. jill ellis will have that team fired up. they're ready to make history. >> they don't have amy wambach who not only was a leader to the team but a big scorer. do you feel like they've got the maturity to do it? >> i do think they have the mamma tourity. they have young players but they're very dynamic, very educated in the game. they'll have one of the fachtest front lines of any team in this competition. you're going to look forward to players like mallory pew who is a new player, crystal dunne. these are the players to work for and i think they'll get the job done along with alex morgan and carli lloyd.
6:57 am
>> if we see these ladies take gold again, they'll likely be one of the most be loved stories of the games. when the games are over and we come back home, why is it that they can't sell out stadiums? why hasn't women's soccer caught fire in terms of what these athletes make and the fan base? >> in terms of the equal pay for equal play, i completely agree with you. it's unfortunate the women can go on a huge stage like the olympic games and the world come and come home and not make the same that the men do. it's going to be a battle, same battle that was happening when i was playing many years ago, and the women are going to have to continue to fight for those dollars and that recognition. >> there's another battle or concern going on in rio. these are young women of child bearing age. how concerned should they be for the potential risk of zika? >> i think there's concern especially for women's soccer.
6:58 am
they play in remote cities, not necessarily in rio where all the concentration of the zika virus prevention is. hope solo has been very vocal about her concern. i think organizations will be in there trying to protect them as best they k. as olympic athletes, they'll have to maintain their focus on one thing, which is their play on the pitch. >> what is your one piece of advice for the ladies? >> go out and be free. enjoy it. soak it in. the olympic experience isn't like any other experience in the world you can possibly have. there's a lot of new players that have never been to the olympics before. soak it in, play your game and everything will work out fine. >> briana, do you wish you were there? >> i have to say, when i heard the theme song by katy rememberry, i was a little emotional. i think the women will do fantastically well. >> me, too. when i heard katy perry just a moment ago, i was feeling it. i will be watching it and so
6:59 am
will you. thanks for joining me this morning. all of you can catch the u.s. women's first game tonight as they take on new zealand at 6:00 p.m. eastern on nbc sports network. that will wrap us up form the hour. i'm stephanie ruhle, more news now with thomas roberts. >> i'll have that katy perry song in my head all day. >> it's a good one. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters in new york. this morning, all indicators demonstrate a donald trump campaign in chaos. how true is that description? sources telling nbc news that top aides are growing increasingly frustrated about the candidate's behavior. those at the highest levels at the campaign now worry the time for a course correction has come and gone. the head of the rnc, reince priebus, reportedly making frantic calls to trump staffers to express his anger. while there's no indication of trump dropping out as the gop nominee, the rnc has rules to
7:00 am
fill the vacancy if that would happen with just over three months left until the presidential election. just in the past 24 hours, trump has continued to fight with a gold star family, caused outrage by accepting a vet's purple heart and prompted president obama to make his harshest comments yet against his would-be successor. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. >> he's been one of the worst presidents in the history of our country, and for him to be calling me out is almost an honor. >> why are you still endorsing him? >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. >> you had your chance. you escaped. you dodged the draft. >> this was much easier. >> you should have pinned that back to that veteran's chest and should have hugged him and thanked him. >> all this controversy causing some prominent republicans to exit the trump train


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