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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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trump campaign may only have days to right it's ship. sources speaking with cnbc say it's almost suicidal. more sources tell msnbc that reince priebus is of a proplek tick. the panic inside the top ranks of the republican party after trump spoke to the "washington post" and refused to endorse paul ryan or senator john mccain in their primaries. republicans are standing support in support of their leader. scott walker tweeted last hour, we stand with paul ryan. this comes in the wake of multiple controversies involving trump's insend area remarks to the parents of a slain u.s. soldier, his flippant remarks and the sexual assault and much more. paul manafort pushed back against the idea that he can't
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control his candidate and that the campaign is unraveling. >> the candidate is in control of his campaign. that's number one. and i'm in control of doing the things that he wants me to do in the campaign. the turmoil, and this is another clinton area that you put out there, and the media is picking up on. the campaign's focussed. the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. the only thing we have to do is keep saying things that aren't true. >> let's start with katie tur who has followed the trump campaign this entire election season and she's in front of trump tower as she has been in the past. hardly nowhere to begin, katie, you've been chance checking all day. also sounds like there's a split between the candidate and a lot of his campaign staff. what can you tell us? what's going on inside there? >> reporter: i'm getting mixed messages from the campaign today. on the one hand people like jace miller are saying all is well in the campaign. this is all a bunch of media
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hoopla that hillary clinton is the one that's having a bad week and this is donald trump being true to his nature. he's always been anti-establishment. that's the same thing you heard paul manafort say, behind the scenes though, speaking to those that are close to donald trump and those that have been working with the campaign, there is some tension. there is a number of people in the campaign and outside of the campaign and those that are close to him are going and saying, you've got to back off and talk about your strengths, job creation, national security, the economy, not going on the attack even against hillary clinton. back off from that, back off from the counterpunching for the khan family. stay away from headlines. and let hillary clinton sink herself. that's what i'm hearing from some people that are closest to donald trump, others say, let's just focus entirely on hillary clinton. let's back away from the controversies. the consensus though is that donald trump needs to find a way to stay on message. they need to push him to find a way to stay on message.
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there's an intervention that we're reporting that is in the works at the moment. they're trying to find a time and a place and a number of other people to come in and say listen, you've got to back off from this stuff and you've got to try and reset this campaign. so far we are told that reince priebus is involved. rudy giuliani and newt gingrich is involved. newt gingrich e-mailed the new york times that he knows nothing about an intervention, paul manafort says the same, but i have other sources who are confident that that is what's going to happen down the line. that donald trump needs a group of people that he trusts to come to him and say this is what you have to do in order to win. i am assured by someone very close to donald trump, just a moment ago that he does actually want to win. he wantings the president, they believe that is why he will start to listen. but so far chris, he has not taken an opportunity to back off. he has taken every chance he could to counterpunch against those who've spoken ill of him or those that have criticized
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him. so it is a tall order right now to see donald trump coming out and becoming an entirely new candidate starting tomorrow. >> the thing about the back and forth that he has had with the family of a fallen soldier though is different, i would argue, katie, than almost anything we've seen before. we have never seen so many people from so many different walks of life, from both parties, being so very specific in their criticism of him and their standing with the family. so, what is it that makes some people inside his camp think that he's suddenly going to just start focussing on hillary clinton? >> reporter: they say because he wants to win. but i push back on that, i said why does he need to go after a gold star family? how does it behoove him that may be okay with his base of supporters, but what about the independents and what about the republicans who aren't sure about his temperament, how does that help? and i basically gotten shrugs from people in the campaign.
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they don't know how to answer that. they don't want him to do that. this is universal condemnation going out and attacking this family. it's similar to what we saw after the judge comments. people saying that he doesn't need to do this. this is working against him. it's only going to hurt him. he can't win this argument. the difference between the judge comments and this though is that he couldn't go out and defend himself. he's overseeing this case still, he has a federal judge, the khans can talk on every talk show and lay their case out and go on the attack against donald trump. they can keep their faces and their son in the news and donald trump's reaction to that. that is why you're hearing so many people say, enough is enough. we need to move on from this. donald trump you need to stop talking about this. there is some hope that he will not mention it, or that he will avoid the subject. i'm told if he's asked about it, he's been advised to move away, to foift hillary clinton immediately instead of going on the attack against the khans.
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instead of mentioning the khans again. we'll see if that happens. >> reporter: it'll be fascinating to watch. thank you. halle jackson comes to us on the phone. she's on the road to jacksonville, florida, where tonight trump will hold the second rally of the day in that all important battleground state. now, as you can see, that's just one of the many battleground states the candidates are hitting today. so halle, you've been reporting that it's the trump's children that hold to key to how donald trump does or does not recover from this. tell us a little bit about what you know about the intense pressure on him and your reporting that he needs to get his act together. >> and one of the takeaways chris from the conversations that we've been having with people in and around donald trump's orbit is just that. it is going to be --
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>> we have lost, obviously halle jackson on the phone. so because she is traveling. do we have john harwood? okay. so let's, let's move on. where are we going now? despite his campaign being in a state of chaos, donald trump is plotting ahead, he's hitting the trail, you saw that. up next -- we're going to talk to one of trump's congressional supporters from the sunshine state. but for now, math caputo with good to talk to you, how are you doing? >> i'm great, how are you? >> let's talk about the fact that he's going to jacksonville, florida, it's a state where you can. it's a state you know well. what are you expecting to see and hear from him tonight? what are you hearing and what is your -- yeah, and what is your experience tell you? >> my experience right now tells me that you cannot expect whatever donald trump is going to do. he had this conflict with the khan family you were just talking about and then yesterday, we had a baby ejected
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from one of his rallies. so it's, it's never, it's never not a surprise for donald trump. he is going to the places he needs to go in to in florida. daytona beach and jacksonville. these are daytona beach is kind of a swing area, the swing state, jacksonville is more of a maefly republican area. these are places where he needs that big turnout in order to carry the state. generally speaking if donald trump loses florida, he probably will lose the white house. he is following the footsteps of tim kaine who was here just yesterday. kaine called out donald trump for among other things an issue that's important to us here in florida, which is the zika virus. donald trump has been rather quiet about it. now earlier today, senator marco rubio had a press conference ae got a chance to ask him about the zika virus and why donald trump has been mum and rubio said he didn't know but hopefully donald trump will begin speaking about this. and it's kind of an interesting point that donald trump is spending his time, you know, three, four, almost five days in a fight with a war hero's father, and not talking about issues that are important to
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americans or at least in our case, floridians in this case, the spread of the zika virus. >> mark, stand by. we have halle jackson back, when we were cut off, you were talking about the fact that there is this intense pressure on donald trump. what can you tell us? >> apologizes for that earlier. let me say off quickly what you and mark were talking about, the zika issue. i am told by a senior source within the campaign that question expect to hear about zika from donald trump at one of his rallies today in florida. it's not a sure thing, auz you know, things rarely are with donald trump, but he is addressing the campaign about what the campaign is. i think when trump is in daytona and here in jacksonville. we will hear about this from him. talking about the takeaway now from the campaign, chris. will you look at some takeaways from republican officials, from people that are close to the campaign, people that are close to the candidate and aren't his orbit.
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his children, ivanka, donnell jr., eric, will hold one of the keys to seeing how and whether and when he recovers over the next few days from what has been frankly a difficult 48 hours for him. as you note, a different feeling 48 hours given his attacks on this gold star family and given the totality of the events that have happened for him and last friday since the end of the democratic national convention. his kids are one of the few groums that holds sway over donald trump. this is a candidate where even the campaign strategist aknowledged just again this morning that donald trump controls his own campaign. this is a campaign that is popped down, he doesn't take complication from advisors, but he does listen to his family. so how the children, how his family decides to get involved here, and how much to get involved and what advice they will give him is going to be significant in these next 72 hours or so. i will tell you that our reporter indicating as katie tur mentioned just moments ago that the campaign internally, sources
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inside the campaign will say hey listen, everything's fine. we're good. we get it. we're fine. talk about hillary clinton instead. but, folks close to the campaign pushed back hard on that talking about this idea that i've heard the word panic, crazy town that there is a real concern that things are beginning to spiral out of control. so trump, again, is at a point in his campaign, chris, where he needs to prove to those in his party that he can frankly lock it up, get it together, and move on. i feel as you and i have sat here and talked about that for months of a different points of the campaign, but yet here we are, 97 days to go, having this discussion again. >> yeah, and day five of a controversy over the khan family and we'll see in a few hours. thank you so much, halle jackson. john harwood broke news on this story. he's the correspondent for cnbc. so john, you caught the political pearl's attention, no doubt about it with your tweet about the trump's staff feeling,
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you just heard what halle had to say, she heard words like crazy town and panic, you said staff suicidal, give us the inside scoop on what you found out. >> well, as we watched these events unfold over the last couple of day us, the extended conversation with the khan family, needless, unproductive, the dissing of paul ryan and john mccain, kelly ayotte, it raises the question of what's going on in the campaign? what why are they not able to get control? i got in touch be a long time ally of paul manafort, the campaign chair and said what's going on? is he not controlling things? and the answer i got was he's giving up challenging traump, the staff is suicidal. that was reflecting the disrespondent si and the i did array within the campaign. interestingly paul manafort went on fox midday today and didn't exactly offer a ringing endorsement of his ability to control the campaign. i'm in control of the things the campaign wants many toe control.
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he's in control overall. it is not an easy situation if you are a professional campaign operative used to run the kind of campaigns we've all become accustomed to over the last generation and trying to watch donald trump then do his reality tv stick which worked in the primary, may not work in the general. >> i want to the go back if i can for just a moment to mark, and i wonder because obviously florida is so critical. do off sense on the ground what these last few days have meant for donald trump and for his campaign? >> we don't have any real polling, but your phrase on the ground is interesting. we don't really see a donald trump campaign on the ground in florida. normally around this time, you're seeing field office openings and definitely seen it with hillary clinton. she seems to have operatives and spayed staff in florida. donald trump really doesn't. now florida generally tracks the nation when you look at polling and right now, if you look at the polling, hillary clinton is starting to open up a bit of a lead. certainly got a convention bounce. it's probably good bet though,
10:14 am
not certain that you're going to see the same thing reflected in florida polling, we're going to see new numbers floebl two or three days, if not sooner. >> mark caputo at cnbc's john harwood, thank you both so much. despite his campaign being in a state of chaos, donald trump is plotting ahead, getting the trail in the battleground state today, florida. up next we'll talk to one of trump's congressional supporters from the sunshine state. his view of the campaign and whether trump still has any shot at winning that critical swing state. but first microsoft pulse question, with 97 days, do you think it's too late to replace donald trump? go to to cast your vote. let your voice be heard. been making dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her
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donald trump says he has no
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regrets over his remarks about the gold star parents who spoke at the democratic convention. one of just many controversies he's ignited in the past few days. >> i'm afraid the election's going to be rigged. i have to be honest. i don't regret anything. i was hit hard from the stage and it's just one of those things. man came up to me and he handed me his purple heart. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. don't worry about that baby, i love babies. i love babies. i hear that baby crying. actually i was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. >> republican congressman ted of florida endorsed trump back in june, thanks for joining us. >> sure, glad to be on. >> well, we just had breaking news here that mike pence has endorsed paul ryan, something that donald trump refused to do, was that the right thing? >> well, you know, they've got to work out their own private politics between themselves and,
10:19 am
you know, i'm sure they both supported the person they thought best. >> he is someone you have endorsed, donald trump, between his remarks about the khans, what many people thought were his callous remarks about the purple heart, his comments about a woman should lee a job if she is sexually harassed. his refusal to endorse the leader of your party, are you having second thoughts about your endorsement of donald trump? >> no, not at all. when you look at the polling of the american people, 74% of our people in the country feel our country's on the wrong track. to elect hillary clinton to the president of the united states is going to continue down the wrong path. so, donald trump is our option, and he's the one that will take us out of this -- >> is he a good option? someone that would go after a gold star family a good option in your mind? especially coming from a state where there are so many military? >> you know, i don't see it as him going after a gold star family. did he say what i would have said, probably not, but donald, he's a fighter, he's a scrapper,
10:20 am
and when he's, you know, confronted, he fights back. and that's a personality, that's why he's where he is. not just in the financial world, but he beat 16 seasoned, polished career politicians, seasoned politicians and the american people handed him the spot. so i'm standing 100% behind him. >> and i understand and agree that a lot of what got him to this point and got him the nomination was that he has rejected political correctness, he has spoken his mind, but does he owe captain khan's mother an apology to suggest that somehow she was less than, that she was being dictated to by her religion or her husband because she was standing there behind this huge picture of her son, very emotional, should he have gone after her? >> well, you know, again, i'm going to have you take that up with mr. trump. what i want to focus is on our country is approaching $20
10:21 am
trillion in debt. we have a failure of national security that's led to the advent of isis, we don't have secure borders. we have all of these problems that we need to fix here. i'm going to stay out of the reality ring and, you know, those things will work it's way out. you'll see mr. trump be more refined and more concise, i feel, in the future as we get closer to the election. >> so congressman, let's talk about national security because there've been a lot of conversation over the last 24 hours or so about donald trump's understanding of nuclear weapons. and i want to play for you what the former nsa director mike hayden and joe scarborough had to say this morning, take a listen. >> who amongst your peers that you respect greatly, think like you or not think like you that's advising mr. trump? >> no one. >> that's a good answer. >> i have to follow-up with that, and i'll be very careful here. several months ago a foreign
10:22 am
policy expert, on international level went to advise donald trump, and three times he asked about the use of nuclear weapons. three times he asked at one point if we had them, why can't we use them? >> trump, trump asked three times -- >> three times in an hour briefing, why can't we use nuclear weapons? >> i should say paul manafort denied that meeting ever happened, but does that concern you as it does mike hayden who is no fan of hillary clintons? >> well, you know again, i'm hearing bits and pieces as we are in the media. and i don't know what the whole context is. and if they prove that meeting happened, i think this is a discussion, it's a hypothetical. you know, i would hope anybody going to seek the president of the united states would sit down with people and find out when to
10:23 am
use nuclear weapons, when do you not use them, what are they for as a deterrent? how do we keep them ready to go? you know, and this administration, they have let the readiness of our military drop so slow that we're in a terrible shape and they know this around the world. and we have got to get somebody that'll put what's best for americans in place, and work to make america strong. militarily and kpikly. >> so are you confident -- >> and mr. trump is the one to do that. >> based on conversations you've had and including comments on ukraine and crimea, you're confident about his ability to serve as commander in chief? >> absolutely. you if you look at why we're at you brought up crimea and ukraine. we have that is because american's fallen off the world stage as a superpower. there's been a void created, and when that void happens, people like mr. putin out of russia goes in there, china takes over the south china sea, north korea doing what they're doing, cuba is rattling, and when america
10:24 am
falls behind, the world becomes less stable. and that is direct result of the obama administration and the hillary clinton policies and she was the one that pushed for the no-fly zones in libya. if you go back to robert gate's book, duty, they talk about how she was the one that was pushing for the no-fly zone, that led to the fall of gaddafi that led to the failed state that led to the rise of isis in recruiting and training areas in isis. or in libya. and this is something the obama administration put on the back burner and i said on foreign affairs, i could give you a chronological order of when they finally picked up the baton and started doing something with isis, but it hasn't been over six months to a year where they really got serious about this. and unfortunately, it allowed isis to grow to where they're at today. >> congressman, a republican, and trump supporter, thank you for coming on the program. >> you bet, take care. i think harassment in
10:25 am
general, regardless, sexual or otherwise is totally inexcusable. >> ivanka trump in damage control mode amid more fallout from her fathers and brothers comments about sexual harassment in the workplace. we'll talk to a lawyer who sued donald trump for sexual harassment in the '90s, trump calls that meritless, we'll be back on msnbc. then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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every day is a chance to dop, something great.. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical i think sexual harassment is inexcusable in any setting. i think harassment in general regardless, sexual or otherwise is totally inexcusable and if it transpires and it needs to be reported and it it needs to be dealt with. >> donald trump's daughter ivanka weighing in on the comments on sexual harassment. the nominee told usa "today" if his daughter was sexually harassed, quote, i would like to think she'd find another career
10:29 am
or company if that was the case. when asked why the victim should leave, trump told the washington post if she's being harsed, why would you want to stay? i'm joined now by legal analyst lisa bloom, she represents jill harp who sued donald trump for sexual assault in donald trump. lisa, good to see you this afternoon. >> good afternoon. they could stay or go, they could stay and they could fight or they could leave and they could fight. i wonder what you make of his comments and whether ivanka's helped to diffuse the situation. >> well, ivanka's not running for president. and what she said was that sexual harassment is a bad thing. i don't think anybody disagrees with that. donald trump said though that women should just find another career or another company. and, you know, i don't know why my sexual harassment client hadn't thought of just asking their billionaire dad i do help them find another career. in my case, i went to law school
10:30 am
for three years, i practiced law for 30 years and if i'm sexually harassed, i should just go into fashion or street sweeping. it's a completely ridiculous concept. even as one option. the best option for somebody who's sexually harassed is to complain in writing, keep a copy, preserve evidence and contact a attorney. if the company doesn't handle it properly, enforce our rights. that's not an option that donald trump wants to endorse, he has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault multiple times. >> eric trump who is an executive tried to clarify his father's remarks yesterday, that also got a strong reaction. let me play that. >> saying that ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be youbz, you know, objected to it. >> saying someone's a strong and powerful woman and she could walk away doesn't afly most women in a workplace. >> lisa, what are the rights of
10:31 am
women when they find themselves in these situations? >> so, everyone in america under title vii of the civil rights act and similar state laws has right to workplace free of sexual harassment. you have the right to complain about it and you should complain about it in writing if it happens to you and you have the right not to be subjected to any job-based retaliation. you can't be promoted, you can't be transferred, and you certainly can't be fire upped as a result of your complaint. i represent many people who were sexually harassed, they did complain and then were fired. they now have two claims, the harassment and the retaliation claim. attorneys like me will tell you is usually the stronger one. >> usa "today" also reported that two female employees, one was the supervisor the trump kids club, another was a server at 16 chicago a restaurant inside the trump hotel and tower. they both allege they were fired in recent years after complaining of sexual harassment there. nbc news has not independently
10:32 am
confirmed that report, but trump's assistant general council, jill mart whon handles labor issues told usa today quote, the trump organization does not tolerate harassment of any kind. we prompt ligate any claims and discipline upon substanuation of those claims and have an open door policy to encourage reporting of any discrimination. in your experience, lisa, what's the range of how companies handle these things? >> well first of all, let's be clear about what the attorney is saying is their legal obligation. they're not being terrific in terms of sexual harassment. that's exactly what companies are required to do. and in terms what have companies are required to do, they need to do a prompt, thorough investigation when they get a complaint, and they have to protect the victim and punish the perpetrator. but let's remember, in the case of donald trump, all of this arose because he decided to sort of cast his lot with roger ailes. when everyone's talking about the reportedly 25-plus women who
10:33 am
have accused roger ailes of sexual harassment, donald trump went on the record and took the side of roger ailes. he's not just talking about his daughter, he's casting his lot with somebody whose been accused a very serious wrong doing in terms of sexual harassment. >> lisa bloom, always good is to have you on the program, thank you. >> thanks. breaking point, donald trump's campaign in turmoil. sources tell us there's a rift between key staffers and donald trump. all of this as he holds a town hall in daytona beach a little more than an hour from now. what are his supporters making of this mess? i'm anne howard and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012. it actually evolved into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life. the touch, combined with the screen resolution... a mac doesn't have that. we wanted to help more people get out there and see the world. once you take that leap, that's where the magic happens.
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10:37 am
this series of missteps. and just moments ago, his running mate, mike pence, did something trump has not done, endorsed paul ryan. >> i'm strongly supporting paul ryan. strongly endorse his reelection. he's a long-time friend, he's a strong conservative leader. i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan, long time friendship, he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan. and i'm prileased to do it. >> trump will be holding a town hall event in florida more than an hour from now. we're watching from for tim kaine who's holding a rally in greensboro, north carolina. we are live in daytona beach, jacob, how are trump supporters reacting to these reports about the campaign that seems to be going off the rails? >> so we expect him on stage about 3:00 and as you might imagine, a lot of the trump support ers we've talked to are still sticking by him, they do agree that they wish he would get back to the issues.
10:38 am
i'm joined now be carol and larry and gus, trump supporters, you were telling me earlier that you appreciate how trump is a counterpuncher, tough in your words and as your shirt says, but, perhaps he needs to stay focussed now on the issues. >> yes. i believe he does. look straight ahead with tunnel vision. stop being pulled aside by the democratic ways of pulling him aside in order to make him look bad. i think that's an important thing. and besides, let me say this, 12 years ago, the son died of mr. khan, right? 12 years ago -- >> mr. khan -- >> mr. khan's son. and he came over as a muslim and came into this country, how many years ago? do you know? >> i don't know, no. >> well, it was a long time ago. and had his son over here. so his son was very american. right. he volunteered, military, and that's a wonderful thing, but,
10:39 am
trump was not after mr. khan, he was defending himself because mr. khan kept pointing his finger on television is like me hitting your chest issue. >> you understand why he hit back, he wanted to be a counterpuncher, but you agree on the policy. i'm sorry, that's all we have time for. we were saying thank you so much if for your time. and they were telling me as well, i'll end with this since i know we're out of time that i do believe that he needs to get back on the issues, but that they aren't offended that paul ryan and others are condemning some of what trump said. they said we don't know that party leadership. this is a movement by the people, that's the sense you get from a lot of trump voters. >> nbc's jacob rascon in florida. charlie sykes, radio host, probably the most unfly, and shl host in wisconsin. good to see you both.
10:40 am
let me start with you, rory, any surprise on your part that mike pence came out to endorse paul ryan? >> well, no. i'm not surprised by that. you know, pence was in congress serving with paul ryan for a long time. they're friends. i expected him to do that. frankly, you know, every republican is endorsing paul ryan. he's been an excellent speaker within excellent budget chairman, vice presidential nominee, the fact that donald trump won't come around to it is just another indication that donald trump has never been really a part of the republican party and the republican party frankly really should cut, cuts their ties with him as soon as possible if they want to look at long-term health of the party -- >> you're suggesting he drop out. which i mean -- >> no, no, no, i think that's peak wishful thinking. i think we're going to have donald trump in this race through november. but i do think that republican leaders better, better late than never to come around and recognize that this person shouldn't be the standard bearer for the party or movement and
10:41 am
that now is better than sending, you know, every three hours and responding to the latest, you know, frankly crazy thing that comes out of donald trump's mouth. >> during the wisconsin primary fight, you did a pretty famous interview with donald trump where he came on your show and seemed to be about the only person in the state who didn't know back then already a never trump supporter. and i'm so curious what your take is on where his campaign is right now. a little over four months later. >> well, i'm still never trump, and i'm trying to resist the temptation to say look, i warned you this is what it was going to be like if you embraced donald trump, but you know, what i think is interesting the way this is playing out here in wisconsin. paul ryan is going to win overwhelming next tuesday. so donald trump's refusal to support does not hurt paul ryan. it drew a hand grenade in republican hopes to win here in the state of wisconsin. this was a real personal and political humiliation for not just for reince priebus, but also scott walker and mike pence
10:42 am
and as early as last night, i was hearing that priebus and pence were going to come out and support paul ryan. but again, you have this absolutely undisciplined candidate who is blowing up all of the attempts to build support in southeastern wisconsin. mike pence was basically a sign to be a bridge to conservatives here in southeastern wisconsin for the trump campaign. and what donald trump did yesterday was basically blow up that bridge. >> so, the idea that somehow there could be this intervention that a rudy giuliani or the former speaker, newt gingrich could somehow, charlie, make him switch gears, you don't buy that? >> no. and look, this is the reality, he's not going to change. he's not going to grow. he's not going to pivot. and i think that what you've seen in the last 24 hours is this recognition that all of those hopeful, you know, optimistic projections that he was going to become more
10:43 am
presidential or become responsible or a team player, that was all illusory. and that's one of the reasons you're seeing talk of this intervention. donald trump is 70 years old. he's not listening to anybody right now. he's not going to pivot. and i think that, you know, that's where rory is right, at some point, republicans have to decide are they going to spend the next three months rationalizing, tap dancing around every single one of the things that donald trump does because he's not going to get any better. this is who he is. >> well, charlie, always good to see you, charlie sykes, rory cooper, thanks to both of you. we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. police officer with the metro transit system charge bid providing support to isis. we'll have details on the officers arrest ahead. you're watching msnbc live. americans...
10:44 am
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10:47 am
36-year-old nicholas young who worked with d.c. transit since 2003 had been monitored for several years according to law enforcement officials. this is the first time a law enforcement officer has been accused of aiding the terror group. young is scheduled to appear in court in about 20 minutes. in a statement, the chief of metro transit police said it began with concerns reported by the department. adding, quote it reinforces that as citizens we have a duty to support suspicious activity, whenever and wherever it occurs. and other breaking news, the obama administration denying reports describing a negotiated cash transaction with the iranian government as ransom. connected to the release of detained americans. that story first reported by the wall street journal. here's white house press secretary josh ernest response just a short time ago. >> the facts of this are quite clear and again, i think it's an indication of just how badly opponents of the iran deal are
10:48 am
struggling to justify their opposition to a successful deal that has prevented and continues to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> was this money ransom for the folks released? >> no, it was not. this all came to a head at the same time. because we are addressing and resolving long standing concerns with iranian behavior. >> nbc's ron allen is live at the white house for us. how much money are we talking about here and what's been the political backlash so far? >> reporter: $400 million at least and to put this in context and a situation that was going on. we had several things, the iran nuclear deal, four americans being released by the iranians and there was the negotiation of this long standing dispute, iran wanted money it paid to the united states back in the 1980s for military implement, a deal that never went through because of the iranian revolution. the administration position is that that deal, that separate,
10:49 am
that negotiation, that settlement was separate from the discussions about the releers of the americans held. although the money for some $400 million arrived reportedly the same day that the americans were released. so they're saying, the administration is that all of this was just a coincidence. so you can imagine what the critics are saying. paul ryan, mike pence, other republicans, are saying it's a sign of how the administration has been appeasing iran. how they've been weak and how this is a sign that they put a price tag on the heads of americans being held prisoner. language of course the administration pushes back at hard. so, how will this all be resolved? it'll be more foughter as we head to election day, but the administration is being adamant that they did not do a deal that involved paying for the release of these americans, although this is quite clearly one incredible coincidence that all of these things were happening at the same time. which the administration says it
10:50 am
explains why they would happen at the same time or why these things would be resolved is because they were working several tracks. because there was a diplomatic opening with iran. that's their what critics are saying is a really very odd coincidence happening. >> ron allen, thank you so much. we just got word from the white house that president obama has shortened the sentences for 214 federal prisoners, almost all of them were drug cases. 67 of them life sentences for non-violent drug offenses. it's the most in a single day in more than a century. donald trump doubling down on his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> i don't think -- you could say it's an expansion. i'm looking at territories. >> our legal correspondent joins
10:51 am
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as donald trump faces backlash over his dispute with the parents of a muslim american army captain, he continues to defend his proposal to ban muslims. he described his position many ways, but never withdrawn the muslim ban proposal. chuck todd asked him about it on "meet the press." >> you could say it's an expansion. ooum looking now at territories. people were so upset when i use the word muslim.
10:55 am
>> could a muslim ban be administered. ari melber talked to 20 security officials, what did you find out? >> we spoke to people in both parties about how this could work. here's why. when you look at our immigration system, you have 189 million admissions to the u.s. every year annually. that all totals up to a lot of vet figure you're looking at people's religious believes. we currently spend about $21 billion on the immigration system and that would jump up to several multiples. here are the top ten muslim countries. only one pakistan has that religious information on a passport. so you'd have to have security officials vetting everyone who comes in. that would be pricey. we asked people about how this would work. eliminating the visa waiver
10:56 am
program would be chaos. another asked how much revenue will we lose because people are offended around the world. we can ballpark this as well. $84 billion in european tourism comes into this country and all of those people come in visa way. they don't have tight vetting. if you're looking at their religion, that would cost a lot. also $18 billion in muslim tourists. >> all the money that goes into the economy would be jeopardized if you had anything like this level of a plan. >> thank you so much. the olympic torch arrived in rio. the excitement of the summer games. i'll be headed there at the end of the week. the competition kicks off tonight with the first round of women's soccer beginning their jour e knee toward four gold medals in a row.
10:57 am
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messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real ice cream, without that annoying lactose. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc. donald trump will have a rally in portland, maine, this time tomorrow. right now, more news with thomas roberts. trump has a couple things in florida today. >> florida to maine, he has the east coast covered. chris jansing, thank you so much. hi, everybody. staging an intervention, republican heavy hitters prepping to step in after a brutal 48 hours for their party's nominee. we are about an hour away from e seeing donald trump for the first time after a day of news about trouble in his campaign, including moments ago his running mate breaking ranks to publicly endorse paul ryan. >> i'm


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