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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  August 3, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that is it for tonight. every once in a while we have to let "with all due respect" start on time. >> with all due respect to donald trump's claim that everything in his campaign is hunky dory, there is someone he might want to call. >> reince priebus is not happy right now. >> incredibly upset. >> absolutely furious. >> apoplectic. >> a lot of things bother me. this day many presidential
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politics began with profound anxious with the leader, strategist and toners all ringing the five-alarm fire bell over the possibility donald trump has shifted from being the chaos candidates to the kamikaze candidate with his campaign spiraling out of control. reince priebus in particular was purportedly furious with the interview yesterday when he refused to endorse paul ryan and john mccain. even some of trump's closest allies admitted today, a dramatic change of course was now imperative. >> trump is still behaving as though it was the primaries and there were 17 candidates. he has not made the transition to being the potential president of the united states, which is much tougher. they will take everything out of context and he is not performing at the level that you need. to i'm reminded, joe montana
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went through a stretch during his career when he kept throwing interceptions. for about half a season, it looked like he wasn't joe montana anymore. then he figured out what he was doing and he changed. >> gingrich told the "washington post," quote, he, meaning trump, cannot win the presidency operating the way he is now. she, meaning hillary clinton can't be bad enough to elect him if he is determined to make this many mistakes. compounding the widespread panic is the rebellion within trump's team. is that true? >> first of all, a candidate is in control of his campaign. that's number one. and i'm in control of doing the things that he wants me to do in the campaign. this is another clinton error that is being put out there. the campaign is in very good shape. we are organized. we are moving forward. and the clinton machine may not like it but we're prepared for the fight.
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>> some are saying they would like to have an intervention with his family but two of his children, don jr. and eric left for a hunting trip in the yukon. none have lashed out at him in the way that would escalate the threat level and mike against a smoothing interview on fox news, embracing trump and endorsing paul ryan. we've learned that he will make a policy address on monday. so after all the self-inflicted damage of the last several days, leading up to and culminating with the "washington post," at this hour, is trump any closer to getting his campaign back on track? >> given what happened 24 hours ago, today could have been a lot worse. trump had something to talk about with his new report about iran and the united states sending money to iran. trump was more focused in his event this afternoon. you didn't see john mccain who
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has a history of popping off or paul ryan or kelly ayotte come back at him in a news making way. speaker gingrich has been bad for him despite being an ally. but make no mistake. while it could be worse, below the scenes, there is panic in the republican party. they know they can't abandon him yet but they know that he is headed currently in a direction they do not want to follow. >> it is the case today, any number of people could have withdrawn their endorsement of paul ryan and reannounced him today. i feel like right now the republican party is on tinterhooks. and what are we going to do? no one believes a good day means anything anymore for donald trump.
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he has pushed the party right to the edge. of widespread defections of people abandoning him. they're right at the edge. it didn't happen today. but it is a very, veriuoy tenuo situation. >> and people say in the next few days we need to fix this. no. the fact that his two sons are away and not particularly reachable is a real problem. they are amongst the only people on planet earth who can persuade him to do something different. >> i think they're the only people on meant earth. >> and his son-in-law and his daughter also. >> i mean his family. i don't think paul manford has any ability to change his behavior. >> mike pence today, listen to the vice presidential nominee thread the needle between his
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loyalty to donald trump and showing the rest of his anxious party that the ship can be righted. h the enthusiasm out there for donald trump's message and his vision is just overwhelming. i think what donald trump said. he is not there yet. these two men building a good relationship and i'm very confident. after donald trump is elected president and paul ryan is reelected to congress and is speaker of the house, these two men will do great things on restore this country at home and abroad. i strongly endorse his re-election. as he long time friend. a strong conservative leader. i believe we need paul ryan in leadership in the conscience of the united states. i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan. our long time friendship. he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan in next tuesday's primary. >> yesterday, pence met with john mccain. the same day trump suggested to the "washington post" that mccain has not been good enough
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to veterans. so what is your sense of pence's role? >> if you're on a low plane and you're going through turbulence and you're rattling around, the guy grabbing the stick. the co-pilot has grabbed the stick away from the facilitierifacility eri faltering pilot. he's doing it quite well given the extremeness he's operating. but people looking at this think it is pretty weird that there is this division on so many issues. increasingly where mike pence is having to be in a different place than donald trump. >> welcome to trump world. you talk about the conversations below the radar that are problematic. pence is calming down donors, republican members of congress, people in the media. >> more than anyone else. >> and he is doing it, people will say he has cashiered his credibility. he is doing it being true to himself. he can say trump urged him out to endorse ryan but it is clear
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that pence is trying on keep the peace in the party ask to get to where trump is back winning news cycles. you think about the hilarity. if the running mate were newt gingrich or chris christie. the kerosene they would be pouring on. but pence is out there, not in the spotlight, but he is calming people down and giving the ticket a chance to try on regain its footing. >> gingrich and christie are pouring gasoline on it no matter what. as we both know, if trump wants to drive this bus off the cliff, in the end, pence will not be able to keep it from going off the cliff. it all goes back to this. god bless mike pence. it is a situation i would not want to be in. last night after we went off the air, "the new york times" reported that meg whitman became the latest member of the
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billionaires against trump movement. that is still a pretty small club of republicans but there is growing speck place more defections are in the offing. meanwhile, relatively late trump endorser scott walker says he will not appear with his party's standard bear order friday when trump rose into green bay. clearly there will be more republicans backing clinton in the coming weeks. we know that's true. at what point does there get to be a critical mass that has an impact on this race? >> i think underrated in this is some people at the state level. yes, the national people like meg whitman will get a fair amount of attention skflt there may be more members of congress. but it is people at the state level that can really impact the race. respected state officials, the clinton campaign will be sure to highlight them. they have a huge operation to promote news within battle ground states. i think we're nowhere near tipping point but we may get on one if trump has a bad first
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debate. i don't think there will be a huge tipping point before that. >> i would bet a lot of money that between now and november we are going to see an event orchestrate by the clinton campaign that will have a dozen or more republican, die hard republican military people, former military people, general level, a bunch of them. who will stand up on stage and not just endorse her or vote for her but say this man cannot have his this finger on the nuclear button. >> here's the dirty little secret about why paul ryan did what he has done. 70% of the base, maybe higher, they want donald trump. you abandon trump. there is no formula for winning a general election if 70% of the space with angry at you. >> like the military people. >> this is so interesting. when we come back we'll talk about the cargo of cash that the
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. the obama administration secretly sent $400 million to tehran. officials say there's no link between dough and the prisoner exchange. they say it is coincidental and it was after a failed arms deal four years ago. the republicans have hands on this including trump, john mccain, many more. trump was unrelenting of his criticism. john, can republicans use this effectively? >> republicans can make this an effective issue about the iran deal which is a controversial deal and divides a lot of people
3:14 pm
think it is a bad deal. we knew they were sending them a lot of money and this is part of that big chunk of money. you don't like the deal? they can make some head way on that. this $400 million? will this affect anybody on election day? i don't think so. >> whenever trump or anyone talks about sending money to iran and just sending money. it fires them up. i don't know that this will cut across undecided voters but width the base, this is a great talking point for them for the duration. >> and it gives them a way in to criticizing the iran deal in general. if he opens the door, it gives them a hook on it. >> i said the deal was four years ago. it is four decades ago. and the iranians wanted to tie up the loose ends at once. the timing looks ridiculous but this is the way it works. i will say foreign policy in general, critiquing foreign policy is something they will
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need to do a lot better. trump has scrambled so many of these issues. >> the other money store that team trump is trying to capitalize on today are the new fundraising numbers shows his campaign raised $80 million in the month of july. most of it from low dollar donors, ending with a trove of $37 million on hand in his campaign. that closes much of his fundraising gap with hillary clinton who has with $58 million on hand. do these numbers suggest to you that we should be thinking anew about whether the trump campaign can compete in terms of dollars with the clinton juggernaut? >> very encouraging numbers because of the low dollar thing. and trump can get in a rhythm as bernie sanders did, as barack obama did. to keep giving over and over and it solves at least partially the fear of republicans being badly outspent. on the other hand, they still need to decide how to spend it. >> you said you thought trump would be a good online
3:16 pm
fund-raiser. if they can't keep one the clinton campaign in terms of money, all their other problems will be compounded. this at least suggests there is a possibility they can do it. we know the clinton campaign will raise a ton of money. >> what trump knows, his low dollar donors get invested in the campaign. not only keep giving but they volunteer. >> you don't max out. >> but they're also activists. they turn out to vote. they get their friends to vote. >> it is the obama list. >> they had a very successful this month. >> you get the people to go out and do stuff. they don't have it yet. >> raising is half of it. then they have to figure out how to spent well. soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade.
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3:20 pm
fair enough. we thought this day compared to hoyt could have gone has not gone that badly for the trump campaign. what is your sense of the threat level there at trump tower? >> well, he did go have a campaign rally in jackson -- not jacksonville. in florida today. and he did not come out and trash paul ryan. so that is a positive note for the campaign. i can tell you that behind the scenes, they're trying to tamp down on this idea that there is any campaign infighting. they're saying trump has been the anti-establishment candidate. why would he support paul ryan if he is not supporting him? why would he support john mccain if john mccain isn't supporting him? why would that come as a surprise? this idea that there's infighting in the campaign. they're trying to pump the brakes on that. at least the sources that i've been speaking to, it is not as large as it has been during past controversies.
3:21 pm
there are aides saying, that it is time to, enough with the controversies. it is time to focus on his message winning the races will become harder and harder. >> we know that part of messaging from obama is donald trump is not normal. don't vote for him. he is not a normal candidate. how do they do with the endorsements of meg whitman? >> i would call at this time normalization of voting for hillary. they're trying to make it so long time republicans like ohio feel like voting for hillary clinton is a perfectly normal
3:22 pm
thing to do. even though they may have been members of the republican party for many years. you're not seeing that. you're seeing a distinct separation. they're trying to put trump off on this island by himself as very separate and different with this goal in mind. >> i was told. i was intrigued and told that you've went somewhere naughty in colorado. i found out it was the naughty tie company. >> i put that in there just for you. >> tell us what that whole event was designed to drive. what is the message with donald trump's ties and outsourcing and all the rest? >> it is the knotty tie company them make american made neck ties which of course, hillary clinton's campaign would like to you remember that trump's neck ties are not made the america. and this is all aimed at one group.
3:23 pm
pollsters call them noncollege whites. that's what this is with. yes, we are in colorado which is a much more diverse state. it has been a swing state in the past with you the clinton campaign doesn't have a dedicated the here. they're not on the air in virginia. they are up on the air in pennsylvania. that should tell you a lot about what this is focused on. she is here talking about things made in america. tomorrow in las vegas talking about apresent it isship program. bits people who don't have college degrees. if they can make inroads between now and november, he can then sure that they're able to win the election. the one number, we talked a lot about the top line poll numbers out of that cnn poll showed her with the post convention bounce. one number they're paying close attention to, she was up 2 points on the economy. and he had been up 11 points. if they can nail that part of this down they feel they can coast in a way they wouldn't have been able to otherwise.
3:24 pm
>> katy, trump normally does not brook anyone on his team contradicting him. yet he is allowing pence to go out. pence said he was encouraged to say i support paul ryan. why does pence get a special place that he is allowed to do stuff like that? >> sources say that donald trump called pence this morning and said, hey, if you want to endorse paul ryan and that's how you feel, go ahead. i know you've been long time friends and colleagues and that's fine. why he is allowing governor pence to do it, i'm not entirely sure. maybe it is because it puts pence into a pretty hairy situation. given his ties to washington. it also allows him to have his cake and eat it too. he can be the tough guy on the campaign and governor pence can be the good cop. trying to get the republican establishment more in line or more trumping at the moment. the party is really having the biggest party with donald trump right now.
3:25 pm
we're told that the not endorsing paul ryan, not endorsing john mccain is the last straw. there is been controversy after controversy. the khan attacks, the not giving the veteran is purple heart back and pinning on it himself and fighting with the baby at the rally. even though that was a joke. they see these things as unnecessary. i was speaking to a swing state gop operative. he said that donald trump has a psychological problem. that a psychiatrist would diagnose him with a personality disorder. that right now the conversations behind the scenes aren't when we are going to pull the cord but at what point do we have to pull the cord because donald trump has become -- what does that look like? does that mean the rnc starts directing funds away from donald trump's campaign to senate races? they start directing staff away from the campaign to senate races? and how much support do they lend to donald trump? there is a feeling if they completely cut him loose and he
3:26 pm
tanks in the polls, that they're going to be giving out the majority of both the house and the senate and that is something they don't want to think about. >> casey, donald trump is trying to make hey with this iran ransom story. does the clinton campaign think there's any risk or danger politically? >> look. i think they're very much aware of it. this is something they're treading carefully around. she is very tied into this but they feel like it is yet another example of a story that's getting overshadowed with the trump campaign. they've been pretty lucky over the last couple of days. she had that misstep in her fox news sunday interview where she talked about comey saying that she was truthful in all of her statements about her e-mails. that was something that got buried underneath everything that has gone on with the khan family and i think there's some similarities here with that. we'll see if she gets asked about it. she is doing a couple of local interviews. i would be interested to know
3:27 pm
how she responds. we haven't had a chance to put it to her directly. >> all right. kasie hunt, always an extraordinarily large pleasure to have you on the show. thanks for being here. come back soon. when we come back, anxious republicans and the political xanax they're starting to pop. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a romantic rodent. [rickie] a romantic what? [squeaking noises] i'm a sucker for proposals. and we covered it, april twenty-sixth, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ that's all i crave.e that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives
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3:31 pm
humpty dumpty can't be put back together. >> mr. duncan was chair of the party from 2007 to 2009. he joins us now from our washington bureau. another rnc chairman. mark joins us by phone are big sky country. governor, thank you for joining us. i want to start off. you hoped the republican convention would not make donald trump the nominee. now that he's the nominee, what do you think the republican party's posture should be toward him? >> well, the party, of course, is an association of people changes constantly. when you refer to the party, it really is kind of an anomaly. my great hope is, when i took a lot at the race and tried to think for myself, naturally, i
3:32 pm
want to be a team member. i want to support team loyalty. but there are some tran scending principles that go with running for the highest office in the land and i think the most powerful person in the world occupying that office has to meet those principle tests. program tests, frankly. his program, his policy proposals just simply don't match up with the platform of the republican party, the conservative principles. and secondly, most importantly, there is no exhibition of any kind of characteristics that go into decision making at the presidential level that suggest to you, even though you may disagree, that there is a sound basis in fact ask in good standing and honest judgment. i find none of those things present ask available with mr. trump. as a consequence, my hope is they would do something different at the convention. today, what i can say for myself is that i cannot and will not support mr. trump for president of the united states. >> does that mean many chairman
3:33 pm
you man to vote for hillary clinton? >> no. it doesn't. to be very honest with you, to bare my soul, i don't know what i'll do but i won't be casting a ballot for the nominee. >> what is your message to the republicans wrestling with this? should they just be free on vote their conscience? supporting trump, not supporting trump or going all the way and supporting hillary clinton in. >> i think they should do the first right thing. in my view it is to make a judgment about the quality and character and content of the character of the candidate. if that doesn't match one what you think are transcendant values that the head of the party has to embrace, you should act accordingly and not cast your ballot. winston churchill once that, feeding the alligator hoping you were the last one the alligator ate. i'm not accusing people of being appeasers but there is a transcendant set of values throughout our history that we
3:34 pm
subscribe to above party. that's what i believe i'm focused on and that's what i would urge my fellow republicans to voeks on as well. >> what have the events of the last week done if anything to impact your view of donald trump as your party's nominee? >> well, obviously, we're not off to the tart that we could have had. we got a bump out of the convention which is one of the things i talked to the last time which was important. we've squandered that. the kickoff has occurred. it is game time. we're within that 100-day period of time. 96, 97 days out. it is time to be on offense and we're playing defense. we're letting the other team move the ball down the field and we've had the opportunity to take that ball back. we have other self-inflicted wounds. i'm disappointed with where we are. i'm please that had the olympics are coming up.
3:35 pm
i think you will see an opportunity for retooling. i think you will see more fundraising going. on i think you'll see more consolidation of the republican vote. so the next they have weeks will give us that opportunity that we need to get into that sprint that occurs after labor day. >> do you think it is acceptable for your party's nominee on attack a gold star family? >> no. i think the gold star family should be off limits. my grandmother was a gold star mother. i understand that. i resent politicians using familiar let's and shane military leaders as pawns in their game. i think we don't need to be talking about that. i think it was a huge mistake for trump to talk about the gold star family. >> how do you feel about the notion of your party's nominee refusing to endorse the highest ranking republican in the land? >> there are always disagreements. sometimes you don't see that. i think we'll come together. i was pleased to see that governor pence came out with his
3:36 pm
endorsement today and i think donald trump encouraged him to do that. i think at the end of the day, donald trump will support the nominee. the speaker. and i think they'll work together. it is part of that pushing and shoving that is not often on the stage. it is usually behind the scenes. >> you sound pretty optimistic given the events of the last week. i'm wondering what would you say -- >> don't let the dog days of august get you down. we're only down 4 1/2 points after they had a technically superior convention and they were able to get a big bump out of that. this is a lot that can happen in the next 97 days. we have a candidate who understands what's going on in america. and what's going on is people want change. donald trump represents that change for the american people. >> you're talking about politics now and whether or not trump can win and the political damage. a lot of people in your party think what's been exposed is a fundamental character flaw and a
3:37 pm
set of fundamental flaws. what republicans think, that make him unfit to be president of the united states. do you be share those views? >> i believe we have the most inexperienced candidate in my time and he's making mistakes experienced candidates would not make. when i look at the two candidates and i weigh the philosophy ask the morals of hillary clinton, i'm going to go with donald trump. i know who donald trump will appoint to the supreme court. which is really important to me philosophically. >> you don't have any concerns about his temperament and character related to his service as president of the united states? >> obviously i have concerns about who he will appoint around him in making the decisions in the cabinets. who will be advising him on a daily basis. i think all of this is very important to the temperament and the tone of the new administration. >> mr. chairman, thank you. mike duncan, former chairman of the party. when we come back we'll talk on
3:38 pm
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3:41 pm
we'll talk about the campaign momentarily and then outsourcing push the campaign is putting on. i want to ask you about president obama yesterday who made a really full throated argument for why tpp is still in america's interests. what's your view? are you now in disagreement with your proceeds this issue? >> it is always hard when you're the child and mom and dad disagree. i think president obama, everything he does, he is directed toward helping workers. that's what he believes. on this issue, i think that hillary clinton is in the right place. which is that we have to put our full focus as a party of progressives on uniting behind clear job creating measures. like manufacturers, like insuring we don't have a tax code that encourages incursions.
3:42 pm
she wants to put tpp in the rear view mirror and be focusing. these are two great people who i'm honored to have worked. with they disagree. i think trade is always a very difficult issue. but as we say, i'm with her. >> does secretary clinton think globalization is good for american workers? >> i think what she thinks is that one of the great challenges of our time is to insure that globalization and technology are being shaped by our policies in a way that strengthens the middle which is a, as opposed to hollow out the movie class. she feels, that president obama came into office wanting to deal with those issues but had to focus so much on saving the country from a possible great depression. i think she has the ability to come in now with a focus that has a sine focus. yes, globalization technology, automation, these are realities, but they don't have to be things are having the kind of impact on
3:43 pm
creating an equality. hurting the middle classes wages. and that's why she will have the a plan on infrastructure, higher education, people who want four year colleges and apprenticeships or credentials. i think if you talk to her you would say she thinks the single focus we have to have is to make sure these forces are being used in a way they strengthen the movie which is a. unfortunately, that's what we've seen over the last 15, 16 years. >> you had a pretty important role. i could if you need me to, to describe what he thought about the economy, putting people first would be the first words out of my mouth. do that for hillary clinton.
3:44 pm
don't spend more than 30 seconds but tell me, what's her theory of the case on the global economy and where we are now. >> the theory of the case is that we need focus all of our catch trade, manufacturing and skill policies on the bottom line of whether they are creating good high wage jobs in the united states. we can't assume that just because something might be good for the profit bottom line of a company or an individual, it is necessary they best for middle class workers and people striving to be in the middle which is a. and that's the lens she will put all of her policies through. what are the things that are not just good for gdp or not just good for the productivity of one company. what are the things good for creating the strong, middle which is a jobs, strengthening the middle which is a and providing greater security in a challenging economy. that chus theks like health care, pensions, paid family leave. things that are critical to whether a family feels they're
3:45 pm
raising their children with dignity and security. >> should the united states move toward more of a service economy? >> she believes that we can and we should have more manufacturing jobs. and she has a make in it america man. the understanding, is that manufacturing is like research and develop many. it has benefits to the economy. we have to have a modern man. that strength is not just in the big manufacturing factories but the supply chain. what we saw in saving the automobile company. it wasn't just saving the big companies. it was saving all the small businesses and suppliers. that creates a web of strength and makes people want to stay in the united states, not leave. and makes more people want to come and locate in the united states. because of the benefits, the connections, the suppliers. one area you'll hear a lot from her is about making the tax code more patrioteck. right now there is lots of
3:46 pm
advantage to moving profits overseas. you will see her shape the tax code to reward the people who are helping our hard hit communities, that will pay good pay. that will be the single lens. >> all right. speaking with extraordinary and unusual brevity and concision here. i approve this message.
3:47 pm
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
3:48 pm
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welcome back. joined by two people who they today? rhode island are wicked smart. from the think tank third way for bill clinton's campaign in
3:50 pm
2004 and with us from dallas, the republican strategist, former press secretary, mindy tucker. you first. what have you learned about donald trump in the last week that you didn't know before, if anything? >> do you mean how much worse hat has it gotten? i think we've seen a lot more of the same. we might have learned a few things at convention that made us more interested or showed a different side of him. he came out of convention the same old trump. saying the same things. disappointing. >> we should say, you're in never trump land. >> i am. >> is donald trump doing anything now despite all the horrible stuff that's happening to the campaign? is he doing anything that makes you think he is formidable? >> not in the last couple days. the last week has been, if we had gotten into a room with a
3:51 pm
bunch of democrats and drawn up on a white board and wanted trump to do, this would pretty much be it. that said, anyone who thinks this race is over is crazy. there's no question that he carries broad appeal. things can change. there can be big surprises. nobody should take anything for granted. >> you run a group called third way. it is like the least third way convention i've ever seen on the democratic side. hillary clinton pulled way to the lowest a ton of issues. are you not worried about where she now is on policy? >> i'm not. a couple things. for one thing, the party has changed dramaticfully national security. you've pointed it out. flags, usa, generals, toughness, internationalism is pretty new to my party and we're very encouraged by that. the party is totally unified on social issues so there's no concern there. on the economy, talk to gene
3:52 pm
about that. she has gone a little further left. democrats, the campaign is protectionist. bill clinton did, barack obama did. when she gets in there, she will face almost certainly republican congress should be the first democrat to take office without controlling both houses of congress since grover cleveland. >> so you think she's lying about tpp? she will come into office and be a free trader? >> i do not think she is lying. she is completely honest. the demands of being president, particularly if you're an internationalist as she is, it is very difficult to be a protectionist president. >> mindy, if you were sitting in paul ryan's office, and you got the word of what donald trump did yesterday in the "washington post" and you understood all the political problems that ryan is facing, what would you advise him to do? >> he is in a tough spot. that contingent in congress and
3:53 pm
any state legislate that you are is that trump angry, i'm not taking it anymore, no one hears me group is really hard to deal with. i think the primary objective right now for all republicans, special they never trumpers, needs to be the senate and the house. nobody wants to make a choice between these two candidates. you don't like trump. you're not going to vote for hillary. i think we need to take everything we've got and put it into these other races. if i were paul ryan, i would be campaigning for everybody i could be campaigning for. i would be working when hillary likesly gets there, we have a front mounted to deal with it. >> you're saying she maintain endorsing trump all the way? >> i don't think why he endorsed him in the first place. i think if hillary wins, he is worried someone will blame him. i think he needs to not do the back and forth. the kids on the may grounds.
3:54 pm
i think he needs to focus his job, do what he has to do. not focus on the trump campaign. get into the races and do what he needs to do to make sure that republican congress is this no matter what happens. >> do you have a question? >> sure. don't you think it is incumbent of the rank and file in congress. if you see a guy who is manifestly unfit to be commander in chief, isn't it their job to say so? if your job is to protect the country, how can you say you're protecting the country if this guy is unfit to be president? >> i agree. i think that's why so many republicans are saying not a chance. i think the important thing for everyone to understand in both parties, is why trump is where it is. i've been here in dallas with my family this week. i have a full understanding of the people are angry. they feel like they haven't been listened to. they feel like washington hasn't done their job and donald trump
3:55 pm
is the only person that halfway spoke to them. and i think we need to understand that if we're going to move forward and elect people in this country. it is fine to say he is not fit to be commander in chief. he is not fit to be president. but i think we need to understand if it we're going to get someone elected. >> some said not enrepublicans to switch but to make it impossible to switch. to keep them all married up and wedded to donald trump. how do you see that? >> you know, it is an interesting theory. >> he had just come out of a meeting with a foreign leader. everyone has said, what's going on with donald trump? he has been confront with the same thing we have. just unbelievable set of mistakes that trump has made and i think he was speaking his mind. i think he was saying the same thing i was saying. if he is unfit to be commander
3:56 pm
in chief, it is incumbent on republicans to say and it to protect the country and try on keep them out of the oval office. >> thank you for joining us. mindy, nice to see you off the california beaches and back with people in texas so you actually understand what's going on in america. >> i think your california bias is showing up. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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so we have this big new fox news poll. the first big poll after the conventions. hillary, 49-39. what do you think about that? >> i think it will be interesting to see how donald trump handles it. he's not been happy with news organizations. >> he is underperforming mitt romney and you have 12% of republicans in this poll
4:00 pm
supporting hillary clinton. >> and she is winning big even though people don't trust her still. >> you can read more about it on the website. until tomorrow, we say to you, sayonara. coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. rogue elephant. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. time to panic? look at the republican leaders as they watch opportunity ralphing of support for trump. his campaign seems to be imploding like some decrepit piece of real estate. reports are out there now campaign staffers are suicidal. that they are planning some sort of intervention. standing amidst the tumult like baghdad bob, trump at a rally


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